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"Meet at my cottage" said Evangeline into her communicator.

Rose and Evangeline went to her cottage and waited for everyone to show up while Rose changed back. When they were all there, Konoka asked "What did Grandpa want?"

"He wants me to test the brat and have the 'final battle' during the blackout," said Evangeline.

"You are going to join the maintenance crew working on the generators Chao," said Harry.

"He wanted to end the blackout early and cut off Evangeline's power to see what the brat would do" he explained.

"I will keep an eye on them" said Chao nodding her head.

"Haruna, start spreading rumors about vampire attacks," said Evangeline.

"Who should they be about" asked Haruna?

"He wants us to limit it to just us," said Harry.

"Understood" said Haruna.

"Once the brat starts investigating, Nodoka you will act as bait for the first battle," said Evangeline.

"Ok" said Nodoka nodding her head.

Haruna started spreading rumors that a vampire will attack anyone who walks down Sakura Lane at night. But they didn't bear fruit until after the class's medical exam.

"Don't wait up for me," said Negi.

"There is something I need to look into" he said as he left.

"Make sure that you eat," said Asuna.

"He is doing it tonight" whispered Konoka into her communicator.

"Excellent" said Evangeline.

Once class was over for the day, Nodoka separated from her classmates saying, "I have to go pick up a package."

"He sent you something" asked Yue?

"Yes" said Nodoka running away.

"She got a boyfriend" asked Asuna?

"Yep" said Haruna.

"I am going to check on Neji" said Asuna leaving.

"What a nice big sister you are" said Konoka.

"It's not like that," shouted Asuna.

"Asuna may interfere" said Konoka into her communicator.

"It won't matter," said Evangeline.

Nodoka was walking back to the dorms when she saw Evangeline standing on a light pole wearing her cloak and hat.

"Nodoka Miyazaki" said Evangeline.

"Your blood is mine" she exclaimed jumping down.

Nodoka jumped back and brought out her blaster. Only to realize what she did and hid it away.

"Really" said Evangeline glaring.

"Sorry, reflex" said Nodoka.

"At least you didn't fire it," said Evangeline.

"Hold it right there" shouted Negi jumping in front of Nodoka.

"I won't let you hurt my students" he said.

"You finally showed up," said Evangeline.

"I have been waiting for this" she said smirking.

She sent an ice lance at Negi who blocked it with a wind barrier. While Nodoka sneaked off to watch the battle.

"Why are you doing this," cried Negi.

"What a naïve kid you are," said Evangeline.

"I'm evil" she laughed.

She stomped the ground sending a wave of ice towards Negi. He got on his staff and took off into the sky.

"That will not help you," said Evangeline.

She sent multiple ice lances at Negi before taking off into the sky. He blocked them with a barrier and lost track of her.

"Where did they go" asked Negi looking around?

"Right here" said Evangeline behind him.

She grabbed his staff and threw it away causing him to crash into the ground. She sent another wave of ice at him, freezing him to the ground.

"All too easy" said Evangeline smirking.

"Now your blood is mine" she said as she landed.

But before she could approach him, she saw Asuna running up to them.

"Leave him alone," shouted Asuna.

Evangeline put up a barrier to block Asuna's kick only for her eyes to widen when Asuna bypassed like it wasn't even there and kicked her in the face. She was knocked back causing her hat to fall off and skidded across the ground.

"She actually hit me" thought Evangeline shocked.

"There is more to her than I thought" she thought.

She started laughing as she got up and got her hat before putting it back on.

"Did I knock her silly" asked Asuna?

"This just got more interesting," said Evangeline.

"Until we meet again" she said.

She disappeared with a swirl of her cloak. Nodoka soon chased after her. When she caught up with her, she asked "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," said Evangeline.

"I was more shocked than anything else" she said.

"I take it that wasn't part of the act" said Nodoka.

"It wasn't," said Evangeline shaking her head.

"We may have a problem" she said into her communicator.

"Are you ok" asked Rose?

"I'm fine," said Evangeline.

"But Asuna was able to bypass my barrier like it wasn't there and kicked me" she said.

"I thought you said you were fine" accused Rose.

"I was more shocked than anything else," said Evangeline.

"How is this bad" asked Yue?

"There was rumor that someone born in Mundus Magicus was immune to magic cast on them and could destroy any magic they touched" explained Evangeline.

"If she really from there, then that means her memories were sealed" said Kaede.

"But why" asked Konoka?

"Probably for the same stupid reason you weren't told about magic," said Rose.

"I can check" said Konoka.

"Wait until they go to sleep," said Rose.

"Ok" said Konoka.

Konoka waited for Negi and Asuna to come back. Soon, Asuna came into their dorm carrying Negi.

"I thought you like Takahata-sensei" said Konoka.

"It's not like that" exclaimed Asuna.

"He just got tired on the way back" she said.

"What a nice big sister you are" said Konoka.

"I saved you both some food" she said.

Once both Negi and Asuna went to sleep, Konoka dove into Asuna's mind. Her eyes widened when she saw all her memories from when Asuna was younger were sealed away. Asuna's first memory was when she first joined their class.

Following a nudge from the Force, Konoka found Asuna's feelings for Takahata-sensei. She saw they came from her sealed memories.

"She already knew him" thought Konoka shocked.

The next morning before class she contacted everyone.

"I think it would be best to meet up after class to talk about it" said Konoka.

"Is it that bad" asked Nodoka?

"It's more what I found that is connected to it" said Konoka.

"Great, I won't be able to focus on class today," said Yue.

"Thanks for that" she said.

"Sorry" said Konoka.

"I just think this is bigger than we thought" she said.

"You are making it worse" said Haruna.

As Negi came in to begin class, he froze when he saw Evangeline sitting at her desk.

"So, he did recognize me when my hat was knocked off" thought Evangeline smirking.

He looked like he wanted to run away but he turned around and started class while shaking and stuttering.

"Are you ok Negi-sensei" asked Ayaka?

"I'm fine" said Negi stuttering.

Once class was over for the day, Negi ran out of the classroom with most of the class following him.

"He actually made it through class," said Evangeline.

"I thought he would run out at lunch" she said.

"What did you find out" asked Yue?

"Let's head to Eva-chan's cottage first" said Konoka.

"Fine" said Yue sighing.

Once they were sitting down in Evangeline's cottage, Konoka told them what she found.

"All her memories from when she was younger are sealed away" explained Konoka.

"Her first memory was the first day she joined our class" she continued.

"That doesn't seem that bad" said Haruna.

"It's what I found next" said Konoka.

"Her feelings for Takahata-sensei come from her sealed memories" she said.

"She was with His group," said Evangeline.

"Why seal all her memories then" asked Nodoka?

Chao started shivering as she thought of something.

"What is it Chao" asked Harry?

"What if her power is the reason for Mundus Magicus being unstable," said Chao.

"They wanted to erase it" she said.

"His group must have rescued her and thought they stopped it in time," said Mana.

"But it must have just started which is why they didn't sense it," said Chao.

"They must have done a lot of testing to see if it could be done," said Harry.

"Who knows what they forced her to erase" he said.

"I would not want to remember that" said Konoka shivering.

"We have no way of confirming this," said Yue.

"I know of a way," said Evangeline.

"One of his companions lives in the library but is annoying to deal with" she said.

"But not as annoying as you" she said glaring at Harry.

"Someone actually lives there" exclaimed Haruna.

"Why hasn't anyone found them" asked Nodoka?

"They are probably hidden by magic," said Harry.

"Oh yeah" said Nodoka sheepishly.

Harry and Konoka both froze before turning their heads in the direction of the bathhouse.

"What is it" asked Setsuna?

"Something is happening at the bathhouse" said Konoka.

"Joy and excitement have changed to shock, anger, and embarrassment," said Harry.

"Konoka take everyone to go check it out" he ordered.

"Me and Evangeline will got see this companion" he said.

They all nodded their heads at that, and they all left Evangeline's cottage.