So… yeah. I ended making another story. But in my defense, I felt that it would be better to get it down before I forgot what it was. And considering how I have a pretty crappy short-term memory (as in I can forget whether I did something literally seconds after doing it), it just gave me another reason to write it down while I still remembered it.

A bit of a warning, though. Unlike many fics where you only need basic knowledge of the franchises at most to understand, this fic actually does need some knowledge of Touhou characters and lore. Well, to best understand some of the stuff, I mean. Kinda like the Jashin-chan Dropkick anime/manga relationship, now that I think about it.

Anyways, while I don't think it needs to be said, there will be some fanon implemented into the Touhou stuff, as well as some creative liberty that is allowed due to how flexible Touhou lore can be in certain areas.

Disclaimer: I don't own Touhou Project or GATE

Hardy, goddess of the underworld, giggled to herself as she planned to open the next Gate. Though she had already chosen a random world for one, something there had caught her eye – another land, hidden away by a powerful barrier. Of course, though it was extremely powerful, she was able to get past it with a small amount of effort. After a few moments, she found an area with enough space to place another Gate, and much to her delight, it was close to a large group of residents. Setting her plan into action and opening the Gates, she prepared herself for an entertaining show. "Now, then," she said to herself, "let the fun begin." Hardy was unaware of just what she had unleashed into Falmart from the other side of both Gates.

The army of the Saderan Empire stared in confusion. As stated by the ancient prophecies, the Gate had appeared at Alnus Hill once more, but there was only supposed to one. Yet at the peak of Betula Hill, not even half a league away from Alnus Hill, a second Gate stood for all to see. Awkwardly, a centurion asked, "Sir, what should we do? It is known that the Gates are unpredictable, but I do not believe this is what was meant."

The Legatus pursed his lips at the logical question. After a few seconds, he came to a decision. Turning to the soldiers, he announced, "We'll be going into both of the Gates! One legion accompanied by an auxilia of monsters shall go through the Gate on Betula Hill to secure a foothold, while the rest shall go through the Gate on Alnus Hill and claim the lands beyond. Now march onwards, and show the primitive barbarians on the other side of the Gates the might of the Saderan Empire!" The legions cheered, and split into two groups as they marched towards the Gates, ready to take prisoners and plunder all they saw. Those who went through the Gate on Alnus Hill would step into a world of modern technology and advancement, while those who went through the Gate on Betula Hill would cross into the hidden land of fantasy.

"Oh, for the love of…" Reimu sighed as she took in the sight in front of her. The Hakurei Shrine was her home, a place meant for humans to pray and make offerings, yet the massive parties on the shrine grounds proved otherwise, and it certainly didn't help that nearly all the parties happened without her permission, or that nearly all the guests were youkai, which drove away most humans. For this very reason, she had decided to take a quick break and head to the Misty Lake to clear her mind. Unfortunately for her, the one time the party took place somewhere else other than the Hakurei Shrine, it was at the place she wanted to relax at.

Marisa, Alice, Suika, Cirno and her friends, Mokou and her (surprisingly real) yakitori stand, Mystia and her grilled lamprey stand, Aya snapping photos for the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, nearly everyone she could name was there. And even worse, since the party was practically right next to the ridge where the Scarlet Devil Mansion resided, its residents were there too, albeit relaxing in the shade of the trees.

The final nail in the coffin, though, was Yuyuko, Youmu, the Eientei residents, the Komeiji sisters, Utsuho, and Rin enjoying tea, acting as though nothing was out of the ordinary. Even Byakuren and a few of her monks-in-training were there, serving the partygoers with vegetarian meals. The woman being there was certainly a shocker, considering that her religious practices forbade the consumption of alcohol. And of course, Nitori was there trying to mooch all the cucumber salad from the woman.

As the young shrine maiden attempted to make her way through the crowd, she rubbed her forehead in frustration. "Reimu-chan! Come on, join the fun!" Reimu was tackled from behind by a blonde girl her age, wearing what looked like a typical witch outfit. The scent of mushrooms filled her nose, making it even more obvious who her assailant was.

"Get off me, Marisa," grumbled Reimu as she attempted to break free from the drunk Ordinary Magician. A few seconds later, she managed to free herself from Marisa's grip, trying to get away and find an open area. However, after taking several steps, she bumped into another girl.

"Heeey, Raymoo! Dream… beep… shrink wiff ush!" slurred Suika, practically breathing into the girl's face. Without waiting for a response, the diminutive oni quickly shoved her sake gourd into Reimu's mouth, forcing her to drink the alcohol within.

Reimu coughed as she gasped for breath. She hiccupped, then turned back to the two girls. Her face bright red, she sputtered, "How many times do I have to tell you not to shove oni sake down my throat?"

Laughing, Suika ignored the outburst and shoved a cup of sake in the girl's face. "Come on, haff shum!" she pressed on. But before she could continue, a gap opened, causing everyone to stop to see why Yukari was showing up when she tended to keep to herself. The Gap Youkai hurried out, a disturbed expression on her face, causing all the partygoers to go silent and sober up, even the fairies. Yukari was infamous for her playful and cunning smile. On the rare occasions where she had a serious expression, they knew there was trouble. And with the expression she was currently displaying, they knew that something was wrong.

Stiffening as she cleared her mind, Reimu quickly asked, "What's the incident?"

She was promptly ignored as the woman stepped in front of everyone and made an announcement. "Listen up! I sensed a being break into Gensokyo to make some sort of path that allows whoever goes in it to bypass the barrier. Somehow, it stopped me from blocking it. The path they made will appear any moment, so get ready to fight whatever comes out!" There was a mad scramble as everyone got up, shaking their heads and getting into defensive positions, though a bit sluggishly, partly from the alcohol and mostly in shock from how serious Yukari was.

As if on cue, a Gate appeared right next to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, phasing into existence like an illusion being lifted. Frowning, Reimu commented, "Normally, I'd think that Okina did this, but it's all wrong. Her doors don't look like that." Sadly, she was right. The secret god, responsible for the Four Seasons Incident, created traditional Japanese doors, not giant Greco-Roman architectural structures.

The ground began to slightly rumble, and the sound of beings approaching could be heard. Seconds later, a large horde of monstrous creatures, followed by an army of soldiers clad in armor and wielding swords and shields burst out, ready to attack. They slightly faltered, before setting their eyes on the Gensokyo inhabitants. Grinning maliciously, they pointed their weapons at the girls and charged, shouting something in an indiscernible language.

Quickly, Yukari shouted, "Get ready to fight!" Everyone got into position, ready to fight back against the invaders.

Not a moment later, the small group of fairies abruptly attacked first, led by Cirno. "Take this!" She shouted as she held her hands together and fired a barrage of icicles. To everyone's surprise, the ice tore through the invaders' armor and shields, skewering roughly a dozen monsters and quite a few men, but it didn't end there. The fairies' attacks tore through the invading army, leaving trails of destruction. The battle came to a quick stop as everyone tried to process what happened.

Quickly glancing at Cirno's back, Yukari's eyebrows furrowed when she saw the lack of a door, further eliminating the possibility of Okina's involvement. The ice fairy's attack had torn through iron armor with ease, something that should not have been possible, considering that Cirno had not put enough power into it to have done so.

Glancing at Satori, she was about to open her mouth when the girl immediately answered, "I read their minds already. Where they're from, magic is real, and they both fear and hate non-humans." A moment later, her usually calm visage twisted into one of disgusted rage, surprising the Gap Youkai. "Disgusting. Nearly all of them came here to kill, rape, pillage, and enslave, and they're proud of it," she spat.

Scowling, Yukari took a deep breath and came to a decision with a heavy heart. "Just this once," she announced, causing everyone to pay attention to her once more, "you are permitted to use lethal action. While all monsters must be killed due to being feral, the same does not apply to the humans. Kill them if you must, but please spare them otherwise so that they may be taken prisoner and interrogated. While you do so, I will attempt to analyze this… Gate." Everyone stiffened at the controversial announcement, then focused on the fight again.

A huge smile on her face, Suika shouted, "You don't have to tell me twice!" She cheered as she charged ahead, pulverizing every monster in her way and leaping into the unprepared army. Throwing punches about wildly, she sent soldiers flying around, laughing all the while. Not even bothering to use her abilities, she continued to thrash the soldiers, mercilessly tossing them about.

Sighing as she put down her tea, Remilia softly said, "Sakuya, go prepare the dungeons." The maid silently nodded and disappeared, off to expand the dungeons for any prisoners taken. Getting up, the Scarlet Devil used her spell card, Divine Spear: Spear the Gungnir, and threw it at the army without looking. Right after, her sister Flandre followed with her own spell card, Taboo: Laevateinn, sending a wave of fire bullets in the wake of the thrown attack. Everyone followed their example, rapidly firing swarms of danmaku bullets, this time ignoring the spell card rules and not leaving any openings to avoid being hit. The shore of the Misty Lake erupted into chaos as the soldiers and monsters lost all composure and started panicking, unable to defend themselves from the attacks.

Colt Formal, holding the title of Count Formal, spun his head around wildly, taking in his surroundings. He had been ordered to take part in the expedition charge into the Gates to claim all they saw as property of the Empire. He had never liked such a thing, being quite the pacifist compared to his fellow army members. Seeing a small opening, he managed to dive through it and scramble to an open area, which admittedly was literally just to the side of the Gate. Catching his breath, he glanced at the disarrayed army legions once more, this time taking in the details of what was happening.

A small girl with large horns protruding out the sides of her head laughed as she effortlessly beat ogres many times her size to death and sent men flying through the air. Next to her, a red-haired woman clad in a strange green dress fought just as viciously, striking down soldiers left and right in what almost looked like an elaborate dance. Young girls with wings – some sort of spirits, no doubt – turned nature itself against the imperial army, causing chaos wherever they went. A silver-haired girl wearing a white shirt and strange red pants covered in strange paper tags sent flames dancing in the air with a series of kicks, scorching all who got close to her.

What truly scared Colt was that all this barely described a fraction of what was happening in front of him. Gulping, he realized that the Empire was heavily outmatched. When a white-haired girl wielding two swords turned her attention to him, he shook in trepidation before taking a deep breath. Slowly, he placed his weapons on the ground and took off his helmet. Kneeling on the ground, he raised his hands in the universal sign of surrender.

The silver-haired maid he saw earlier reappeared and approached him, grabbing his arms and holding them behind his back. The next thing he knew, he was standing in front of a cell. Looking around after he was pushed in, he noted it was roughly the size of a storage room, consisting of a cot with a pillow and blanket, a desk and chair on the other side of the cell, and a lavatory in the back corner.

Sitting down on the cot, Colt took a deep breath and sighed, relieved that his imprisonment was not as bad as he thought it would be, though he questioned just how he got there. Perhaps it was a sleep spell? Shaking his head, he immediately dismissed the theory; he knew the effects from firsthand experience, and he certainly had not felt them when he ended up in the cell.

Feeling his stomach growl, reminding him that he had not eaten much that day, Colt turned to look outside his cell and saw a red-haired woman in a black dress with white sleeves sitting at a table and reading a book. Awkwardly, he called out to her. "Excuse me, miss, but…" As the girl approached, he realized something – she wasn't human. As she got closer, he noticed the pair of batlike wings on her back, and the smaller pair in her hair.

Curiously, she asked something, though he didn't understand her words. Colt sighed, "I should have expected this…" Turning his attention back to the girl, he repeated, "Excuse me, but could I perhaps have something to eat or drink?" He moved his arms about, gesturing to his throat and stomach, then raising a hand to his mouth as though eating or drinking something.

The girl's eyes widened before she quickly nodded and grabbed a bell, ringing it. As if on cue, a maid, resembling the winged girls outside but appearing as a young woman instead of a child, entered the room. There was a short exchange between the two, before the maid nodded and left the room.

Colt didn't have much time to ponder what the girls were when the silver-haired maid showed up again, holding more soldiers. Straining his neck, he watched as they were placed in a large cell meant for multiple prisoners, though they were treated more roughly than he was. Before long, the winged maid returned with a tray and passed it to him though the small opening in the cell door. Gratefully taking it, Colt sat at the desk and looked at the provided meal, which consisted of a bun the size of his fist with a slice of meat and cheese in it, a small bowl of grapes, and a cup of water.

Taking a bite out of the bun, Colt was pleasantly surprised at its taste. As he ate, he silently watched as more soldiers were placed in cells, before seeing a familiar face being placed into the single cell across his own. Surprised, he called out, "Pompey, is that you?"

The slightly pudgy man reacted and let out a sigh of relief. "Formal, I'm so glad to see you're alive too!" He leaned against the cell bars, taking a look at his friend. "I see they gave you something to eat. How did that happen?"

Slightly smiling, Colt replied, "Though the language here is different, I was able to express that I would like something to eat or drink. However, I suspect that they complied to my request only because I surrendered peacefully. It may be why I am in a single cell as well."

Chuckling, Pompey lamented, "Lucky you. One of my own men tried to use me as a shield against the horned child, and she didn't take it well. Julius didn't even have time to realize his plan failed when she struck him so hard his head came off. After that, I threw down my sword and ended up in here. The last thing I saw was the legions running back through the Gate."

Putting the bun down, Colt turned to look at Pompey. "I pray they don't try to attack again," he commented, "we're clearly outmatched, and I doubt we stand a chance against these people. More fighting would only lead to more losses on our part."

Pompey groaned, "Though I loathe to admit it, you're right. While you earned your fame from how peaceful and successful Italica is, I earned my fame from my battlefield prowess. I saw how they fought, and I can say with certainty that the Saderan Empire's might is nothing compared to the warriors of this land." Seeing that he had been given a tray with a similar meal to Colt's, he added, "But at least I know we won't be treated too harshly while we are prisoners. Then again, it could be an attempt to lower our guard and gain our trust."

The two ate in silence, taking their time while mulling over what could happen next. Idly keeping an eye on how many more soldiers were placed into cells, Colt and Pompey noted that after the distant sound of combat had ceased, only about 250 men, including them, were taken prisoner, meaning that the rest were either killed or escaped back through the gate. And considering what they saw when the battle began, it was clear that every monster was killed. After a couple hours of waiting, in which Colt and Pompey tried to rest while the other prisoners shouted in anger and repeatedly tried and failed to break down the cell bars, someone entered the dungeon.

The person was a tall blonde woman wearing a long purple dress and carrying a strange contraption that held a large round cloth curved into a bowl-like shape above her head. Coming to a stop at the cells, she drew the attention of everyone in the room.

The blonde woman looked around at the soldiers, and Colt gulped. When she looked at him, he felt something wrong. No, it was more that he didn't feel it. It was more as if she wasn't looking at him, but through him. He was so lost in thought that he almost didn't notice the slight shift in the air. Surprised, Colt managed to ask, "What did you do?"

Smiling thinly, the woman replied, "I'm impressed you noticed. It was a simple manipulation of the language barrier in place. Now then," she said as she turned to glare at the rest of the prisoners. "Care to explain why you stormed into my land and attempt to destroy and steal everything, and kill, rape, and enslave my people?"

A particularly rash soldier Colt and Pompey idly recognized as Caligula rabidly snarled, "You primitive savages are nothing but lowly filth that should be honored to be serving as slaves of the Saderan Empire! When I get out of here, I'll slaughter your men, enslave your children, break your women, and make you dependent on my-" He was cut off as he fell to his knees, clutching his chest and gasping in pain. A second later, he collapsed to the ground, unmoving.

Colt and Pompey quickly glanced at the woman, who put her arm in a strange dark opening in the air. Pulling it back out, everyone was horrified to see a still-beating heart oozing blood, slowly stopping as it had been removed. Looking at the woman and back at Caligula's dead body, they realized what had happened – she ripped his heart out of his body.

Clapping her hands, the blonde woman called everyone's attention to her once more. "Does anyone else wish to cause trouble?" When nobody spoke, she smiled and said, "Now then, let's get to business. I am Yakumo Yukari, the one who made the land of Gensokyo what it is today. And I will not ask again. Why did you come into Gensokyo with the intent to kill, enslave, rape, and pillage?" Her glare was so cold it was as though it threatened to send them to Hardy.

Deep down, Colt and Pompey silently hoped that they would be able to resolve the conflict, and hopefully prevent more violence. There was one thing they knew for sure – the future of the Saderan Empire would be strongly affected by the land of Gensokyo.

Though it took a bit of internet surfing, I was able to come up with a name for the hill the Gensokyo Gate is on. Most fics where another Gate shows up on another hill name the other hill Dalnus Hill or the like, but I decided to get more original. Alnus is the name of the genus alder plants are from, and Betula is the name of the genus birch plants are from. And since the alder and birch are from the same family, the connection makes sense both in naming and the Gates appearing.

The reason why only one legion and auxilia went through the Gate on Betula Hill is because, as we know, the Empire practically has it in their tradition/culture/whatever that they go through the Gate on Alnus Hill when it shows up. A second Gate showing up won't stop them from prioritizing the Alnus Gate. The Legatus planned for the legion and auxilia to establish a stronghold on the other side of the Betula Hill Gate so that they would have some progress to continue on after they finished conquering what was on the other side of the Alnus Hill Gate.

And since a legion typically consists of four to six thousand soldiers and an auxilia typically consists of five hundred, the Legatus had confidence that it would be enough to secure some territory. Of course, since we know what happens in GATE, we know that doesn't happen, so that's two ruined conquests.

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