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In A white space a soul was reeling from the shock of finding out about his death, He was shaking in Rage at the smirking Being standing Before Him, said Being also Grinning maniacally as if taunting him to do anything...

" so You Mean to tell me that you just plucked me out of my life because you were feeling Bored?!" said the soul barely managing to utter words from his clenching teeth.

" Yes, Exactly, you were just a randomly picked idiot out of the many mortals on that Dirt ball, Rejoice because you got to experience the dreams that many have wished for before you! " Said the Being as if not seeing the soul's expression or not caring for it ...

" Tell me, I at least get to have something Helpful or wishes, or at least give me some arcane knowledge " asked the soul resigned to it's fate.

" Why, offcourse, you will have a wish My dear , otherwise it wouldn't be as amusing, right?!, But let me warn you nothing Overpowered, Nothing Omni, No Gamer System or any powerful systems for that matter or I throw you directly into the fray without one " answered the Being as if cooing a child before turning serious the last part.

" Oooooookkeyy, I wish for a system ... Just hear me out... that have the skill that allows me to absorb systems, knowledge, experience, magics , ki, Chakra, soul power , powers, life force, energy etc... for any person I want, it should be a simple one with a observation skill, Inventory that Can be upgraded with me, knowledge and skill panel , I think that's easy for you as you aren't giving me poweres it's me whose with a simple shop and ..." started the soul rambling before being interrupted.

" No shop in the system Nor will give you a Instant Dungeons of any kind" Said the being with Glee .

" Fine, Though you would have to allow me to travel to any Fiction universe I want.. " said the soul to be interrupted again ." Only Once a year you get to use the Usurpation skill and for the multiversal your only allowed to travel from Home Universe once a decade unless you gain an upgrade to your system by Usurping a system User and you can uplift your limits abit, then you can travel once every 5 years and so on and and Usurp 2 individuals a year and so on and so forth " replies the entity furthering the agreement.

" But you will allow me to cancel any Negative effect, status like lycanthropy, vampirism, Blood curses Etc... on my person or others I choose and for my observe skill to be upgraded to showing loyalty, thoughts, secrets , skills Etc..." Bargains the soul further," Fine, it's a deal ,though now we have to find out whom are we Going to Reincarnate you as, whether Be it a SI into or OC and with it whatever universe would be your home one " with that a huge screen showed up and started showing names, Eragon of inheritance cycle, Geralt of Witcherverse, Xander of Buffyverse, Orochimaru of Naruto, and so on and so forth ,it kept spinning names and universe till it landed on GOT ASOIAF mixed verse and the name of the poor life I would live is... scratch that cause the name is :

Rhaegar Targaryen ; son of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen, The Bard Prince, The last Dragon, The simp, The Bigesst Fool Or to me self important Idiot that caused the fall of a dynasty.

I can handle that, yes sir I can, I am the crown prince and with the observe skill I can round up those with True loyalty to me .

" it appears luck haven't completely forsaken you, That's a lucky start, now off you go." .

The soul of was immediately devoured by myriad of kaleidoscope and disappeared, though in another place, practically the stormlands, Near summerHall, Located in or near the foothills of theRed Mountains, Summerhall is close to the stormlands' border with theReach, east of theCockleswhentand southeast of theBlueburn. TheBonewayruns south from Summerhall through theDornish MarchestoYronwoodinDorne.a lightly fortified castle used byHouse Targaryenas a summer castle and royal residence, it is being currently destroyedin a great fire. The fire left the castle ruined and resulted in the deaths of KingAegon V Targaryen, his eldest son and heir, PrinceDuncan the Small, and theLord Commanderof the Kingsguard, SerDuncan the would be later blamed on one of the many Targaryen attempts to bring dragons back by hatching ancientdragon eggs, but that was only half of the true story, an event is happening at the moment of tragedy which would mark the change of pace for House Targaryen, The Birth of the Silver Prince, Rhaegar, While the fires were burning Ever Green illuminating the Night sky a woman's screams could be heard, said woman have beautiful silver hair and purple beautiful eyes, She is Rhaella Targaryen, she is in labor while her family is burning alive, The Royal retinue is weeping and in despair at the latest development, king Aegon V was a benevolent and a great king, his Era was marred only by The Blackfyr war known as The Nine penny Kings war, as the fire raged on the waiting ladies for the princess kept urging her to push and amidst the screams and tears she did and the world welcomed the new Heir amidst fire and salt of tears, Summerhall is but ruins and the Targaryen dynasty reduced Greatly in Number , the soul that was promised here opened his eyes and observed the Bright Eerie Green Fire then closed it and Dazed off to sleep...