The New Year came into a comfortable pace, I had wrote a history book about the first Wizarding war in Britain, The Truths of the attacks, Names and accomplices, Goals and achievements, I highlighted The Idiocy of the Concept of the Pureblood movement and pointed that how all Powerful wizards of this century were Half-bloods, Merlin was a Half-blood as well as Morgana, this brought a huge schism in the pureblood supremacy Theory, I also wrote about Merlinan Era, The Founders and accounts for powerful Wizards, The year Started with students Getting lost in the castle as always or being unable to keep up with pace of the study, I had all but shirked teaching as I finished my Mastery studies but was still In to finish making the trials of the Founders, as well as small Trial for Morgana Hidden within the Sunken Vault to which I Hid under heavy Wards that was locked to all but those who came with a Raven Pendant, I have set my attention on the Forest Vault and I consider it one of the most Dangerous ones if not the MOST dangerous, The Vault is Under a Giant tree within The Roots of said Tree, The problem is This area is till swarmed by spiders, so I went there curses blazing, Those Not dead would wish they died and those of benfit were put in a box and thrown in inventory, I had them in mind to be used as sacrifices as well as ingredients, The Door was pushed and within I am surprised by a strong call from within, something foreign yet close to me like a missing piece calling to my subconscious, The Room is like the rest and with statues of Knights buy those had roots going around and strangling some of the statues, The Color Brown was prevalent in this one, The Cylinder of the Vault had a sequence and said sequence would require a Hogwarts student and only a student to Solve, it acts as an age line as characteristics analysis, it was Ingenious really, I solved the sequence and passed with flying colors as well as the characteristics test , I waited for a second before the true Vault opened and a stair leading Down was revealed as if not Existing before and I went down, Inside I saw The Biggest amounts of parchment in My life, I carried one and read, 'Druid Ritualistic Sermons' this is a parchment about Druid Magic, one that supposedly Completely Extinct, par one offcourse,Merlin Emrys Ambrosios, These Writings are old and amazingly preserved, The Things within are Hard and easy, Some read about sacrifices For the Fertility of the land, One to Curse Land and One To reconnect a Leyline to the rest if close but the most precious is to Heal Leylines and cut the ties of wards from the leylines,This is amazing,No Beyond that, These are some of the most sophisticated yet easy to preform forms of Magic, in here records on Foci wood that would make Oliviander climax in Joy, Care of different Types of wood as well characteristics reading according wand wood type, I Quickly got to storing these Treasures from this place when finishing up I looked at the corner to find a case with a staff within, it was ordinary looking and unimpressive but I was driven to claim it but I looked around first to have Place cleaned of the rest of things, Some were Treasures like Gold and silver while others were lead and Arsenic and the like, it was like an Alchemy set, there were swords in a wooden box, Enchanted ones, I took them as well then looked at the staff at last, I opened the display and took hold of the staff and it started shooting Fire around, it was a bless, this is the Staff of Merlin, like his mentor Salazar, this man didn't trust a wand maker and decided to make his, it was Made of heartstrings of Dragons slayed by Merlin, The wood came from branches of three trees planted in a triangle and one branch each was Entangleing another branch of another, He created his Staff over the period of 9 years, Starting from third month and Ending with it, He employed powerful numbers for a semi Ritual process, Even the year of the start was picked wisely for this, I am speechless, this is... just amazing.

I returned to Hogwarts after the surprise and with bigger rewards than thought, I set my site on the last Vault completely as i was sure it was also connected to Merlin as well, The Buried Vault was located beneath Hogsmede and the Only way in is through a Portrait of it in there as well, but I was Easily a master of Earth Magic Now and one of My spells allowed me to have a complete Map within a 100Ft of My location, My luck proved great as Merlin Built it at 100Ft beneath the earth as well, I was able to reach and apparate within after I was able to pass the ward lines of the Vault Keeping Room, This Room was in Mess due to a dragon rampaging Here, I started to Cast Repair Charms all over the place, The Vials and there contents are lost for me but the books and parchments and the like are still Good, There are subjects from all over Europe, these books worth 10 Times their weight in Gold but last when the Brats came they were after the Vault and not the Books lieing around, on each stack I also undid a Spell that would make you avoid-if not ignore- whatever it was cast upon, so a more powerful Variation of the Notice me not, Good for me, I ransacked the Room and Came upon a Portrait of a burning city, This one had a door and I had to knock on it, from within The Portrait came an actual Dragon, The poor Horntail was in bad shape, it was Malnourished and scarred so I threw a spider it's way to which it devoured then threw 10 more and after that it looked satisfied I made it sleep by a powerful sleeping Charm from the Druids magics, I had him stored in my inventory and looked at the Door, I tried to pry it open, checking charms and nearly Everything, should have mind raped those guys abit more for details, I used my senses to find that this item has a reverse charm of what the sorting hat did, that one casted to reverse and as a recipient of Mind Arts Probe so I sent my most Powerful attack and the Door opens to Vault room but this one unlike the rest is filled with frames of portraits of people whom Many I don't Even know who, I touch the Cylinder and this time I send a powerful Mind Probe all around and am surprised that These portrait and the people within are alive but in some magic induced Coma They all came here seeking treasures and became part of it, a magical charm capable of trapping people for Centuries and they still be living, that was a scary thought, I had scanned their lives and memories, some were important peopele knights Even but some were nobodies, as I kept plundering their memories and knowledge and retain for later, I find they were at one point or another enemies of Merlin, Nobodies true but Enemies nonetheless which bring the point that he have managed to create a true hell on earth like prison, I carefully checked Every last one of them, then went to the Cylinder and started thinking then an idea came to me as I took Merlin's staff and touched the Cylinder and this time a book was Ejected from one of the paintings and I caught it, behind one of the prisoners a man that wasn't there before was standing there he looked at me and started to battle me with Legilmency to which I let him in the moment he knew what I done all this for he Nodded at me and then the book on the floor started glowing and turned from blood red to Royal Purple, this Tome contains the All Encompassing knowledge of Merlin in charms, I was happy, Merlin Have chosen Imprisonment on the hope he would one day help the Wizarding world at it's most Dire need, likely why the Vault is so untouched , it is the Resurrection point of Merlin so I would leave it alone.

The Two European schools arrived in with great fanfare as in the story, Beauxbaton came aboard Their Abraxens Pulled Carriage, There is certain Novelty to standing Along Elephant Sized Winged Horses,The school's representatives came from multiple European Nationalities including but not limited to France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and most West European countries as the Eastern Countries mostly applied to Drumstrang, The second School came through the Whirlpool Gates of the Black lake by there submerged Ship, both These transports are Expanded on the inside and both brought 50 students for fifth to seventh Years, while us we barely had 34 students for all classes in all Four Houses, Both these schools doesn't Have Houses as in Hogwarts and encourages individual progress, it have many positive points for that as it's helps building personality and doesn't make them dependent and have closed off mentality as in Hogwarts been doing, it literally created the sheep mentality prevailing society, Man is Smart but People are Dumb, it makes it easily handled by the Government and authority Figures, I should know as I am one of those people, after the Welcome and the introduction at the great feast, The Drumstrang students sat with the Raven and snakes while the Beauxbatons sat with lions and Badgers, I can see that both school Headmasters were sitting around Albus and were probing about the Trials to which he denied any knowledge, The Trial Vaults as I liked to call them are set for different Sets, One would Reward a Hogwarts student, another for the trials of the Tournament, any Hogwarts student Wins would be Rewarded with acces to a trial of their choosing, so it's double Rewarding for Hogwarts Students, Their are Three stages for the 5th, 6th and 7th grade students of all schools, They would pick a champion each year, those would compete in Different subjects and would Show the superiority of each school teachings, I had made a system of Complicated Rules that would insure the survival and Rewarding to all winners, The New Cameras were Given Snitch like Flying wings and would Record and display it all, offcourse the Entrances would be put under Fidelius Charm so No Matter what they won't Be Discussed or have the Information shared and the secret keeper is Offcourse None Other Than Dumbles, that's why he is Excited.

The Seventh Years representative were:

Hogwarts ,Slytherin, Randolph Burke .

Beauxbaton, Armando Dubois.

Drumstrang, Anton Rasputin.

The Sixth Years representatives were :

Hogwarts, Cedric Diggory of Hufflepuff.

Beauxbaton, Fleur Delacour.

Drumstrang, Victor Krum.

The Fifth Years Representatives were:

Hogwarts, Gryffindor's Fred and George Weasley(How? I have my doubts but nothing specific.)

Beauxbaton, Esmeralda Martinez.

Drumstrang, Maria Davis.

Plus a last Minute participant is Harry Potter of the Marauders School of Magical Mischief, This one Caused the Twins to Bow down to Harry and start to worshiping him and saying 'we are not worthy!', That brought a smile to my face, the Second one Being to my surprise is Neville Longbottom, Many Demanded they kick one of the Weasley's participants but I declined, as any student Smart enough to bewitch the cup after a small hint is more than worthy of joining in.

The First Trial was Duelling, The champions were given amble time to research the rules and traditions and would be Given a mock Duel between me and Dumbledore, on the day of trial The Quidditch Stadium had a stage and in it would house all duels, Suddenly A Giant Fire ball Gushed in the middle of the Ring and it appeared to be Dumbledore in all his lilac splendor, he was standing at the blue side, We already discussed How our appearances would boost school mentality and prove superiority, as the fire calmed down albus appears to stroke his beard while his Phoenix started making laps around the stadium causing spectators to Go Wild, My Announcement came Next and a Rawr was heard that caused terror within the hearts and from the sky a dragon lunges at the stage and people are Frightened and started screaming only to be calmed as my Dragon, Blackfyr, lands on the red Corner, There was Awe at seeing a dragon 2 times the size of the largest IronBelly Obeying Orders from a Wizard, I Come down and Banners representing me and albus are spread, Him his Phoenix and Me the Three headed Dragon, The people were still Dazed but with the Dragon Roar the People regain Combosure and started Going Wild with clapping and Encouragement, we started the Duel with a small dancing leg spell which was returned by a tickling charm, the crowd was not impressed by our childish display till we Changed posture and I sent a fire wave at him From all corners, albus incurred a protego then sent the Remaining Fire at me Only for me to banish them and summon water and shape it as snakes and have them attack him while making earth Golems Go at him as well as send a Fire Wave, He Made a steel Knight and have it defend against the Golems Untransfigure the snakes and then use the water to shield himself, I had the earth spout man sized Fists and have them go at him only to be transformed into a horde of Butterflies which I then turn to Rocks and have it turned into projectiles that was sent at him, All this was Chantless, The feats Shown Today are Being Aired to all EUROPEAN COUNTRIES and would go down as the duel of the century, I Quickly started fire spell after spell as enforce them by Transfiguration of all Grades, Especially Master,I had a Flock of Birds attack him and he freeze them and turn them on me Only to be turned into snakes and I ordered them since I'm Parseltongue to attack him, We Go at it trading Spells at high speed and precision and After 13 minutes I was able to Disarm albus, much to the surprise of all, I bow in respect and he back and this gives life to thunderous cheers and clapping, I make the earth lift us to the podium of the judging committee to take our place, Karkarov was scared as he should be while The Half Giantess was Awed, after knowing my age karkarov didn't dare to meet my eyes, The Duels gone to prove Hogwarts superiority over the Two in all but the seventh Year, The Duel between the Twins was a funny affair, Even I broke in laughter, The winners of the Seventh Years was Dubois, He was better than the Rest but that's it, The sixth Years Ended with Diggory as winner, While The fifth is tie between the Twins, The plus Division was won by Harry after an intense duel and this promted him to challenge the fifth years of the other schools and he managed to defeat them all and climb to the sixth where he Ties with both Fleur and Krum while losing to Diggory, To prove school spirit the two shook hands after which turned into a bro hug, this concluded The first Trials.

The Second Had all participant rush to 9 boxes, Each one Had a Riddle, Solving the Riddle Enabled them to find the hidden trial they have pulled of the boxes chosen, The seventh Years all failed to find the trials while the Sixth were the same, the fifth had the Twins win after picking Hufflepuff and Were Rewarded with a joke charm book, Harry chose Slytherin trials and won gaining a book on Parseltongue Magics, The Biggest Winner in my eyes was Neville as he Chose the Green Trial and won a Rudimentary Guide on Basic Druid Magic, this set him to tears as well as had the Veiwers Surprised by that, it was named an Extinct magic for a reason, All participants who lost were Salty at the loss but Three(Four?) Winners.

The Third Trial was Have them Enter The Forest and Do small Quests to please the Centaurs tribe to Gain an Arrow from them, The seventh Years Stole the arrows and they were failed, all of them, The sixth years all finished the last trial as well as the Weasley Twins and the plus participants all won and Gained a Space in the Room of Remembrance that I Created in one Empty classroom.

This is How my last days in this world Went I didn't know if I should Go to another or Go back but now I have determined I am...