Mastery over an Element is Quite difficult Subject, The only known wizards to master Elements were Merlin who mastered Fire and Earth as well as Morgana The fey who Had Great Mastery over Water Magic and not Even Godric was a master, The Founders were Great but those Two were The Best, Ever, The one Who had undoubtedly the Greatest Talent was merlin but Morgana was not that far off because of Her prodigious intelligence, She was the Best Healer and Dark Arts practitioner at that time not to mention Her Mastery over Water, I had started to work my mastery and it was Hard, imagine having to not lift I finger and be able to control fire in a hundred Feet, that's True Mastery and As For Earth? Imagine spawning Earth Golem after another and Have them Fight For You, I Had My Site on The Vault of Ice, I knew where it's location as well thanks to Helga Hufflepuff, it laid behind the Vanishing Stairs on the Fifth floor and Required substantial Effort to Find The Entrance to, The Vault of Ice one Opened would spread a Cursed Ice across the school that was not easily handled, This ice can't be Evaporated by Normal Fire spells and would Require Quite the power to Fight Back so the moment I set foot in I had a cyclone of fires all around preventing the ice spreading around, I had started the bombardment of fire on the lock on the door which kept blasting Freezing Hexes of all kind at me and I would Evade or jump around to Dodge the attacks while keeping Fire Bombardment and after a minute of that a lone Armor with a Great sword Advanced at my direction to which is started to fire blast it as well as the door, I was multitasking at the time and after Evading slash after slash from the knight that would produce Ice attacks as well as the lock's Freezing Spells, Finally the knight armor gave in and slumped at the ground after losing the sword, I looked at the lock Melting after I used more power on it which caused it to end in that state I strode forward and within the Room The design looked Rather similar to that of the Fear Vault, The Room was Being Illuminated By The Ice Blue giant Cylinder in the Middle of the Room, all around are suits of Armor, When I Enter the Freezing cold I chilling, so much so that even the Suits of Armor had icicles going Down on them, I look around the room and there is nothing to mention about but the armors, I started using Fire Magic to blow the cold In the vault or Lessen it, I notice that no matter what I do or where the only place not Effected is always the Cylindrical Part, The armors are now ice Free and attacking me while I keep sending fire at them I take all Seven Armors Down and concentrated on the Vault to which it kept buffing my efforts and I got real on them and used Advanced Fire Magic and the ice and cold in the Vault ceased to Existing, I had trailed the Runes on the now open Vault and translated into Ice in Gaelic, I push my magic into the Vault deeper and the upper part Rises and within it is a shield that's Emanating the cold, another Artifact, This one was also Belonged to Mordred and with he can even cause ice to Entrap His enemies Feet or just send a concentrated ice on them and Freeze them to death, This was supposed to counter Excalibur Fire Generation ability, as well as protection for the Holder against Dragon Fire, it had so much power I can say without a doubt that the only sword in the world capable of passing said Enchantments is Godric's and only because it Had the Basilisk Venom, this is a Great Artifact, The Only reason it Never Made it to the air of the public is Because it was Made by Morgana at the Very End and there was no one to hold it Ever as Mordred was killed before she finished it, That's a powerful Artifact Made of Leviathan Bones and Basilisk's, It had a Ritual added after the Making which sacrificed Seven Wizards to Strengthen it, No wonder it held a dark and tainted Feel to it, I took The Nameless Shield in my Inventory as it would Benfit me Greatly in the Future and Closed it behind me, The Entire Adventure took only one Hour, I returned to The Room of Requirements and proceeded to Train Fire Magic and shaping It, I have been looking at the Records of Saint Mungo and it appeared They had one or Two Who Escaped the punishment according to Voldemort's Memories and who used to work for him, thankfully They managed to Get them and now they had them in Custody, I also have 3 times Usurp The Gentle Version, So I took the chances to look through the Muggle Network on The Most accomplished Female Dr. In the Country, I had to know The Four most accomplished Females in the UK one is , Dr. Layla Worthington, a General Dr. That is Currently Single Had alot of success in Her job, I had Used an Observe on Her once and found that she would go out to Vent in a Club and drink, I had Her Stalked and once in the club approached and Had her in my Grasp, to which we later went to Her apartment and did THE deed, Later she would wake up after The best Night of her life Quite refreshed, I also learned that magicals have much more stamina and lower virility than muggles, otherwise we would have run the earth with population alone , I had Gained massive information about Human Body and its ailments, So much so I can be considered a Doctor myself Even without Magic and with my mind and observation skills I would have a 5% Error chance in all my work, Next time I went For a Mathematics Professor in Uni, This one is the Youngest in the UK to Get masters Degree and is considering a PhD in this specialization, I had found that She is a Loner and would go For Coffee Some times as it is Her favorite drink, in a cafe I managed to woe her so much she invited me to Her apartment and we done the deed and I gained knowledge of Mathematics, I let the last one as I had more urgent Business, I had uncovered that the more power I gain the lower Virility I have and this can only be fought by a full blown system and not this Primitive Version I have, So my Goal to Enhance and absorb systems Have Tripled as none likes to be Impotent.

The New Year Started and with it came the second Year of Harry Potter and his year mates, This Year would be Rather slow because There is no beast of Slytherin anymore, also no diary so it was a Rather Silent Year beside me gaining a bit of Electromancy Spells From the Americans,

I had a special Exchange of Knowledge With Illvermorny and Salem institutions, They offered Quite the Haul to catch up on the Dark Arts, I Gave them Middle level Dark Arts, potions and Charms books to which They Exchanged all the books and research they have, Britain is Old and Have been Collecting Magic from across the Globe, offcourse I never gave anything on the level of Founders but they were pleased nonetheless.

These days I was Lighter on my feet and stronger as I have Done Exercises and been doing so for a hour daily, another Ritual is on this horizon and this one is more General power up than the Rest, anything to Get to Merlin's Level of power, this year I had Lower classes so they had me help in History of Magic though I have No interest whatsoever in the subject," our subject Today is why Salazar Slytherin hates Muggle Borns, on A request from one of your colleagues who wanted me to research Him and find out why he hates muggles, so , I did and that is what we are having Today, a question if the previous statement is true, Why have Slytherin taught a Muggle Born that is Merlin then?! Did he see the talent before the boy even learned Magic or was he forced to acknowledge the boy as he Grew up? The answer is none of that, He hated those who had reluctance to be taught magic and those Came from places where the Church is strong, stronger than Even the lords of these lands!, So why did he hate them?!,The answer is one student of Hufflepuff was caught practicing magic in a Village in summer , mind you he was a second year, and after a bout of Torturing they managed to pry the location of the school from Him,The church preacher at the time wanted to be Elevated to be the one in charge of all the subjects in Scotland so he strong armed the local lord to send an army of men to the and I Quote 'witch school and Eradicate the Evils within!', as you might have guessed, it didn't Go well for the Muggles, especially with an enraged Slytherin on their backs, in one Night when the army was nearing the school Salazar decided to Bring out the big Guns as the muggles say, The big Gun Being a 50 Ft Tall snake with a killing Gaze, a Basilisk, one that was Boosted by the magic of Rituals and the land and was linked later to the School to become its greatest line of defense in case Ever muggle armies thought to invade, It was a massacre for the muggles, Hundreds of deaths in a second, all bore witness to the terror that the beast of Slytherin have done that day, The Next day the lord that agreed to the preacher's demands was found dead and hanged from the top of his house, This also caused a fear within the school because the student who gave the school location was a Muggle Born, Salazar threatened anyone to dare and Bring an army on Hogwarts Grounds that he shall annihilate them as well as stating that any who divulge the location shall be Expelled, This was one of many accidents that happened at the time and it soured the man to the Muggle Borns, He suggested that they be taken from their Muggle parents permanently and stay near the school or in it, He was an avid believer that if it happened once it will happen again, This was disagreed upon by Helga Hufflepuff, The Founder with the most Kindness in her heart as she was the one who cared for the students the most, she was doing the jobs of teaching and feeding the Entire school all on her own as well as nursing the sick, Salazar's Best Friend Godric Gryffindor whom saw this tactic would bring the scorn and hatred of the Muggle Born students upon them instead of Gratitude, So Salazar Relented but years later they would do duel as Salazar's only son was killed by a Muggle lord in a hunting accident, Salazar's son would Go on the wild and research Herbology the most and an Errant arrow ended his life, Salazar was going to slaughter the man and his entire household in retaliation and the only one to stop him at the time was Godric, because Helga was heartbroken by the Boy's Death while Rowena was in Her own library absent from all that happened, Godric managed to make Slytherin vent his anger in the duel but the man's wrath was Eternal because he Cursed the man and his line to die out by a blood curse, That family's name was Greengrass, They had connections with Squip cousins and one marriage brought the curse to the magical line, Salazar's only daughter would later be married to a Nobles of the magical house Gaunt and those would Gain the Parseltongue Trait and they would have branches all over the Albion, The most notable are the Irish branch due it's last famous member Isolt Sayer, a Descendant of both Morgana Le fey and Salazar Slytherin, The Founder of Illvermorny the American school of witchcraft and Wizardry, While the Scottish line is most known for Merope Gaunt, The Mother of Tom Marvolo Riddle Also known as Lord Voldemort , So tell me students Does the man truly hates Muggle Borns?, you will write a Seven inch of parchment on your opinion on today's lesson, Mind you all those stories were From Godric Gryffindor.

Next lesson will be Salazar's last line in thus School, 'Keep the blood pure' and what's the true meaning behind it. Class dismissed." I finished my lecture on one of the Founders at last, I hate history as I have to research it before classes so I decided to teach on stories I heard and no one knew of, it was a smashing success and got all the students enthralled, History became one of the 'cool' classes in school, I was Now being paid to write a book on all that, 'Hogwarts Founders Lives' I call it and it has stories of Both Merlin's school years and adventures as well as Morgana's, I have been researching things faster than Ever as well as reading on all books I have from the potter-Black library, I had yet to finish Rowena's Library but was close to.

My Next Target was The sunken Vault because it's the closest of the remaining Three, I had warded off the entries to them all till I am good Enough, The Sunken Vault Arithmancy calculation Told me that should wait till the new year and to bring with me Rowena's Diadem as well The Resurrection stone, the Fourth Ritual , this one was happening on all Hallows Eve or to the masses as Halloween, I have already prepared the Material as well as trade for the ingredients and they were Quite Common except The Ash of Phoenix to which I had to ask Dumbledore for some as he sure as hell he had plenty but the fucker refused till I take him to meet the founder he appreciate the most and so I took him to Godric, They got along well and once I had given Both of them the idea of Rewarding Students they were Reluctant of people gaining strength without checking till I had them know my plan of Enacting a secret ward that will Secretly Record and tell on all Misdeeds By all Those who put on The Sorting Hat by enacting a silent contract to record all their misdeeds, I had already Enchanted a Tome to record those, it would allow only the Headmaster and the founder to Veiw it and with the Founder's clearance being higher than the Headmaster and both Agreed, The second part of the plan is to link the first to a death Tome that would End any and all Names that are forwarded, offcourse, The First Tome would color the name of the students in different colors for each crime, Red for murder, Yellow for rape, Green for theft and so on Godric was with me but Albus was reluctant, Till I pointed that death can only agreed upon by the Headmaster and Founder till that happens because we don't want kill Aurors.

I got my Ash and was able to do the ritual, I was Now nearly twice as strong as albus and the feeling was that of total bless,

The New Year came and with it I asked for the items I divined I would Need to attack the sunken Vault, I had already pointed the Hideout under the lake a hidden cave with a broken Trident near the Entrance and had previously cleared and repaired the broken halls of the Vault due to the Water pressure and time, The insides of the watery halls had me believe I was in Atlantis, The Green Moss covered Rock shaped like and octopus tentacles running through the sides and the ceiling of the vault gave it a Kraken lair Vibe, there sculptures of Knights Holding Tridents all around though one notable place was the hallway that lead to the Room further in, The cave Supplied with breathable Air Helped and it also Helped that Illumination came from the End of the Hall, The obstacle to Get here were the magical Aquatic life forms that lived in the lake and the depth of water which are both easily fixed for an adept in the four Elements, With water being my second Element to learn I was surprised by how much I have come through in my control, I can practically control all within a 100Ft and any action that happened in water, so any Grindylows that showed up were smacked harshly away as i swum for the Entrance, the halls Had Tentacles of stone Running Through and once you advance to the center a mind spells activates, one that would make relive your worst Nightmare over and over again, I broke Through the spell thanks to my Powerful Occlumensy and proceeded to Exam the Entire Chamber, this one had a Cylinder in the Middle that would contain a magical Artifact of great power as well, Hopefully, As I come upon the Cylinder and Touch it I feel a powerful intrusion upon my Mind But too Bad I had much more powerful mind and Thanks to Usurping Many I Had enhanced Mentally Faculties That would put on Bar with the best of Minds but it was strong I have to confess, After fighting off the curse of Nightmares, I had Started checking out Cylinder and The room, I had the Diadem on and The Stone on My Finger, The Cylindrical Vault Just won't open, I had to try Many solutions and retry again, I was about to Give when I had an Idea, I put on the Helmet and Retrieved the Shield and started to Encase the Room in Ice, especially the Vault as it was the very center and it worked, The Cylinder Opened to Reveal a Tombstone, That said 'Here Lies Morgana Pendragon, Named The Fey, Healer, Dark Arts practitioner, Mistress of Rivers and Seas, a sister and a lover.', It was Morgana Freaking Pendragon, I started to unravel the spells cast on Her and take out the Casket, It was Made of English Oak, Within It Held a Freshly Deceased Body of Morgana, It Had Stasis on Her Body, She looked dead 5 minutes ago and not a millennia, She had a dark Raven Straight Hair Consisting of small braids Going Down the side while the rest pulled straight down her back, She had a slim petite figure, white marble skin that can be considered pale, Sharp Aristocrat Features with a hint the she gives of that a dangerous beauty, My observe says she died at 37 though she looked mid- twenty to me, I started chanting and Doing Diagnostic Spells on Her, I was able to determine the cause of death was a heart rupture Curse, I had casted the healing spells I knew and started to Guide the Magic inorder Repair The damage, it was repairing one part at a time but it was going, I had already put the rest of the body on stasis bar the area I worked on, I had a goal and it was right infront of me, Morgana was second but second only to Merlin , in under less than thirty minutes I was able to make a quick work of her deadliest wounds and was able to close them and start a Ritual I studied in the library of Rowena, it required a sacrifice of life for life, one I was more than willing to give to bind a strong Witch to my Side as for how I would have her loyalty, that was why I have left Her half way there, if she doesn't do as I bid I drain her, so one way or another I win, I have Finished The preparation and prepared the sacrifice, a lethifold, These creatures were dumped on me and I kept because of How entertaining it is would be if I dump this thing on my enemy and scurry away and leave them to death, the Ritual Circle Finished and the representations of the Four Elements around I start to chant in Gaelic,This Ritual can Be Used on a person once only and isn't Exactly a public Knowledge, I continued the chant after silently undoing the stasis out of fear it would Ruin the Ritual, I was nearing the End and the lethifold was attacked by the Four Elements in the room, it started screeching and was burnt out of Existence and the four Elements representations with in the room were Glowing, then they crept onto the dead body of the Witch and started to bring her onto life, I Quickly Conjured the shade of the woman Before me by the stone as I think it was meant for this same Ritual, the body might have only been dead under an Hour but the soul Isn't and this is the Hurdle which can only be solved by the stone, I have already set my mind to conjure the souls of the Brothers and see if I can be trained by them but then turned my focus back on the task ahead , As a Catalyst for revival I Quickly Conjured a Vial of the Elixir of life and dumped it down her throat she started to move, first her fingers spasmed then her Eyes Fluttered and then opened, It was the Most Mesmerizing shade of Green, Dare I say they looked like Emeralds, " Welcome back to life, Morgana Daughter of Uther, I am Your Savior, Rhaegar Targaryen, you will swear Eternal Fealty on your life and magic that you would serve me, Refuse and you will be sent to the after life again and this time there would be no way back to the living, Now Choose!" I told her Quickly and with my wand aimed at her, I feel her try to call on the water to which I Quickly wrestle the control out of her to which she widens her eyes and look at me," You are a Master of water Magic?" She asked, " No I managed to inscribe Restriction Seals on you, you are much weaker Right now, your are barely an adept let alone a master." I answered her, The Restriction and sealing form is used by Ministery of Magic on Azkaban Prisoners, it is a foolish notion to think that they are only Forbidden from wands but they don't completely suppress it as if that was true Sirius Black in the CANON Sirius would Never have to turn to An animagus at all, so that's why she is still able to use Magic, though I had taken Her wand as well the ring that felt like it was a weaker Version kind of Foci, She sent me a Hateful Glare but I don't give a shit, I only have a year and half before I leave this World, She Better have a Decision Right Now, To which I point my wand, " Time out, what is Your Decision Morgana and Knowledge that I'm Extremely capable of Killing You, For your Good its Better to comply." I said , " And be your slave? I am Morgana Pendragon, The Strongest Witch In My Time!, I was the one To defeat Ravenclaw!, I was the One To Go Against Merlin!, your went me to submit to someone weaker than Me?! You will .." She ranted but didn't get to finish as I had my hand on her neck and lift her as I started showing memories of all the people I Usurped, She widened Her eyes in fear and look terrified as she should, the current she is no match to me at all, so with great reluctance she Did a magic oath and the circumstances changed, she will now be my slave, I inscribed a Roman Slavery seal on her left breast as she helplessly watch, Then started to heal her muscles and inner injuries, I had a set of potions for Emergencies like these, I had Her lungs cleared of residual Dark magic as well as her Uterus, There was a Curse on her that would set her to madness, apparently Rowena Hated the fact that she was outshined by Morgana so using abit of Her blood she cast a madness Ritual on her as well as low Fertility Ritual done on her, The famous Dark witch was wrath filled but I decided to Help my slave by ridden her of all negative effects, she could feel it that her Magic was now more powerful, She was now near peak level but needed two weeks to recover, I Escorted Her to Hogsmede where I had a secret Entrance to Hogwarts and there I informed Albus of the New Developments as well as Godric, Albus was angry at me but I didn't Give a shit while Godric was Disturbed by how much Rowena was willing to go for a legacy, Reminds me of a certain Lion in my world, We Agreed to have her Teach The First Years Defense as non is more capable I also told albus that now he is the third strongest magical in the castle to which he flew to his office to try and regain his standing, either by researching Rituals or practicing Magic as he now had alot of time to be a half decent Headmaster.

The rest of the year Had Gone on Quickly and The student who Got the Most House points this year to my surprise was Harry, He really took it Seriously and surprisingly He asked for Rowena's Library, I offcourse wouldn't Let them get to the real library I took it all but left some copies of Filtered Books in different subjects, Rowena's was famous for Occlumensy and Harry Excelled at the practice and i may have slipped that reading Rowena's practice would lead him to mastery and beyond, The Trial would take place on the Hols and the student would remain here under the watchful Eyes of the Headmaster, I Had Left The Books of Ravenclaw Trial in the Ice Vault, Harry Asked for the Map of which I just gave him the original back and Made a better Version for myself that allows me to look for a specific person by voice command, also given Albus a Copy of the Original, he was thankful for the Extra security insurance I provided the school and put the map on a pedestal in the office, I asked for few Vials of Elixir of life to which he promised would give in the Beginning of the new year, I Visited Azkaban and This time I made an Experiment, I had the Two Death Eater Healers procured to me and used Usurp on them, I used one hand on each and funny thing is I got complete Benfits beside the jumbled memories which I will Quickly sort by Occulmency later, I went in another cell that had abit of Enchanters again down the same thing,This year's Haul was Magnificent, I also had previously Used the Gentle Usurp on my slave.

( Pov Morgana Two weeks after enslavement-R18 scene)

Morgana had healed from all her injuries in A week and a Half after she was Revived then enslaved right after, she had no choice in the matter what so Ever, though she got to find new things about her Traitorous Teacher, She wasn't the First to break trust as Morgana thought before her death but Rowena herself when she was Younger, perhaps if she hadn't descended to madness she wouldn't have killed the woman, so her Misdeeds became her undoing or as Her 'Owner' said "Karma is a bitch ." Whatever that means, She was to meet him in the sunken Vault as he named it or her Grave as she came to know it, he haven't said why but she had to comply to live, so far he only had her teach first years, not a bad punishment in her eyes, she was worried they would string her Or flay pieces of her and heal her and back again, she was truly mad back then to have that practice as light sentence while those she judged to be dead would be tortured to it, Even after being released of that curse she still had to live with memories and the Deeds and it Changed her into something more Ruthless than she would have been without the curse, Once she Emerged from the water she was surprised to find him waiting in the Middle with a big bed in the middle of the Vault Entrance, she understood what's she is to do, she is his slave after all and only Hogwarts could stop what's to happen now, that's why he chose this place so nothing could stop what he would do to her, " Strip." He commanded and her hands complied as started peeling clothes of her body, Her Robes came first followed by her dress and then her garments, she was no Maiden but she haven't Experienced the bed as much as all had said, after she birthed mordred she had completely focused on the throne and never even considered to Deign a man with her attention which means she hadn't slept with anyone in 18 years, he also took off his clothes, he Then Had her on Her knees with His Manhood straight infront of her, it was honestly the biggest she seen, she laid with three different Knights to conceive mordred because her brother was Cursed to be childless by Her, her son would have been another reason why she deserved the throne over him but all that is in the past now, she was ordered to stroke it Gently and fondle it, Then once hardened Enough was told to Start moisture the tip, she tilted in confusion only to had it be shoved forcefully in her mouth, It hadn't all gone in but her jaw hurt, He continued to move her head without any concerns about her or her ability to breath which was Hindered by the member going passed her throat, he Gone like this for a minute then dislodge from her mouth and carry her from the ground and onto over his right shoulder like she heard of Bandit claiming his Victim or the barbarians treating their looted woman as rewards, then he threw her over The bed and opened Her legs forcefully and was staring at the tufts of hair between and with an incantation he had her be Hairless and another, She felt cleansing feeling down her Womanhood, he brought her closer to the bed and set his big tip against her red lips and started pushing and claiming what haven't been breached for nearly Two Decades, she was not a Maiden but that much Time with no man might as well Made her one, he started spreading her Velvety Entrance and with each thrust his ram Cleared the entrance even more till he was fully buried in and she felt like if she was a Maiden again, at least when he heard her pain he stopped and let her have reprieve then once the pain subsided he started thrusting with reckless abandon like a savage, He wasn't Gentle with her at all, He almost seemed like he was claiming her by Conquest, she had Vowed her Magic and Mind to His service and Now he is Claiming the Body as well, He was Thrusting with all his might like a beast in heat as his body towering over hers, she was said to be short by him but he is not to be measured like the rest, the only man the school towering above her owner was the half Giant, he was very tall for a 15 years old with a hight of 6 Ft Tall while she was 5Ft 7, He lift her leg and then turned her by it , she was now on all fours, hands and knees he went over the bed with her then begin taking her like a Whore, she felt degraded but there was something that's popping it's presence in her mind,something she never felt after she finished Hogwarts it was like how she felt when she accomplished a feat in magic, was that love? She used love preforming magic of all kind, as he lifted her rear and forced her head on the sheats, she KNEW she loved it, whether be it the man raping her Currently or being raped and dominated by the strong man, as thought Flashed in her head she knew she was Now broken and conquered by the man, he was going frantically fast and the sounds of colliding flesh rebounds across the halls then she felt him empty his seed in her center, she felt whole at the moment and then she drifted to sleep only to wake later with sore legs and weak knees to which she would heal herself as much as she can, The weeks later he would frequent her within her chambers or classroom, he would Either force her to a wall and take her then and there or surprise her in bed while asleep... not that she minded that.

Pov End

Some fun times happened to me this year , Morgana was coming along, I am Now a master of Fire and Water Magics as well as Started on My Mastery with Earth and its coming along splendidly, I can now Move the Elements like I am the avatar, All Of Rowena's Collection Had been studied and documented by Me, All that's left are the 2 Cursed Vaults and the Black and Potter Extended Library or at least some part of it, I have been Going over Alchemy books, Hell I have Found Another Great Doctor To use Gentle Usurp on, I may have Finished this world bar my curiosity over somethings, I have Used the stone to Contact the Peverell brothers and Have them Recite all Their knowledge on WandLore,Enchantment,Dark Arts,soul Magic and Warding, I had been taught for sessions of about an hour, Wand or any focus making required magical sensitivity, something I sorely lacked due to my greater power, Only years of wand Making can hone this sensitivity but I preserved and managed to Make a wand of Contradictory components, a wand wood Excellent for dark arts and a core that doesn't tolerate said arts, The wand was a Joke only I Got, but to my surprise it got an owner in the person who I Expected the least, Ronald Bilius Weasley, why am I not surprised?!, The Boy was happy for the New wand but only I knew the truth, joke is on him, He was extremely annoying and I had to fail him the second Year due to me catching him multiple times stealing homework from other students and presenting it as his!,One time he didn't Even to change the Name, Once I pointed this out he was suspended and lost the chance to take the Exams, his whole family shamed as even the troll Twins Crabbe and Goyle passed ! And these two are trolls, Not as trolling smartasses but as the dumb and stupid creatures, that says alot about Weasley, He was reprimanded and Got a Howler from the Shrieking Molly and it was annoying, woman can break Glass with that voice, I had Finished all My Mastery lessons and started to take lessons in Alchemy as with how much I practiced I can be considered an advanced practitioner but not a master, Even Dumbledore is but a practitioner, this shows how great Nicholas Flamel was as Wizard, I have put a Trial in His Name in Hogwarts in a Hidden Room Down the basement, previously named room of Mischief is Now Room of Glory and in it you find Accomplishments of all the Greatest wizards of all time as well as Portraits of Them, They were Normal Portraits Offcourse but this gained the respect of my peers for Managing that, It got names like Albus,Nicholas Flamel, Merlin, Morgana, The Founders and the like, No Ministers were to Be added Here, This is a place to immortalize those who contributed to Magic, I was Finally Credited for Bringing Down Voldemort and was awarded the first, second and third order of Merlin, The Chocolate Frog Company Contacted me to write something but I told them to wait a bit for it, I had managed to revive the Triwizard Tournament and a year Early, Hogwarts offcourse was Hosting it and was sponsored by Sirius, The Trials were Nothing like the trials they had to Endure in the Canon, The New Year Started with the release of Wizarding Transmitter, or The WT which is Magical TV, it transfers all that Is Recorded in Small Camera and will Transfer picture and Audio in 3D to the Veiwers, The last year Started with a rush as I got what asked Dumbledore for and students were coming in droves to study with news of Harry succeeding In The Ravenclaw Trial to which He chose a book on occulmency as well as sign The contract that states that he will Never share the contents of the book and that he will never teaches it to anyone, He was training his occulmency the last Two months once I did a passive Probe I saw him furrow his brows and look around till he saw me to which I winked and Toasted him with my cup, The Boy was good, great even though not as great as me as that was normal Probe as I showed when I sent a mental note for him that says 'Don't be Cocky, You're Just a beginner and you still got alot to learn' to which he Nodded To me and went back to his friends, The New Year many students were pumped up to find a Founder's knowledge till they were told that I locked all but the Headmaster's chosen from any trial, also there was an announcement about the chamber of Glory, it Had the paintings I done previously, also some were paintings of Dark Lords, this Room commemorates achievements in Magic, The Top Most places were Me,Morgana and Merlin.