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Alright here we go, shoutout to Lawrence H. Bain who talked with me and helped me lay the groundwork for this story.

2047 April 2nd: The first manned mission to Mars lands on Mars with Sebastian Williams being the first Human to walk on the surface of another planet. Staying for 3 days on Mars the 3 man team prepare the landing site for further missions and eventually a base.

2054 August 8th: The first research base on another planet officially begins service. Gagarin Base, named after the first man in space, houses a international Team of 6 people. The research team begins testing Martian soil and the feasibility of colonization in the far future.

2064 September 9th: The Gagarin International Research Base is expanded to accommodate additional 4 members and better equipment. Research is expanded to also include the research of Martian Magnetic Sphere as some Anomalies are detected ever since the Base was build.

2065 June 1st: Liquid Water is discovered on Mars at a depth of 53 meters under the surface. This allows a further expansion to be planned without worrying if the water treatment plant can accommodate further personnel.

2066 February: Despite the International community working together on Mars the situation on Earth is rising as more and more valuable resources are discovered. Among them Oil, Uranium, Tungsten and Platinum is discovered putting the international Research base on mars on the sidelines as each great power attempts to get a hold on those resources.

2075: Luna is colonized by the European Republic, USA, China, Japan, Russia and Brazil

2083 January: The Americans open their own Research Base on mars near the Northern Pole.

2083 October: The Chinese open their Research Base near the equator on a large deposite of Uranium

2084 April: The European Republic[1] open their own Research base on the south pole where the magnetic anomaly are at their strongest.

2090 August: European researches at the south pole locate the reason for the magnetic anomalies in the form of large storage of Titanium and Steel. That storage is revealed to be an Alien Construct.

2090 September: Tensions on Earth reach an all time high, Higher than during the cold war as all Nation states on earth demand that the European Republic allow their researchers to examine the Alien Construct that now has been identified as a Research base used to observe Humanity. The Great Powers of earth, USA, China, Russia and Europe all prepare for War. European Forces move to defensive Positions wile the Navy and Airforce are on the lookout for any Russian or American Forces in the air and sea.

2090 October: The European Republic agrees to allow foreign researchers to examine the Alien outpost but only after the European teams have done it. While a very unpopular opinion by all nations ,except the ER of course, they are forced to accept as the ER is holding the site hostage and threatening to blow it up.

2091 February: The ER allows other nations to examine the base and also releases its own findings. They call for the Unification of the Human race as a whole stating that the owners of the base were wiped out by something. The Internation teams confirm the statement once they arrive at the place the ER called the Martian Archives. Inside finding a Warning of a great danger and blueprints for things ranging from ships, FTL drives to personal armor and weapons. Mass Panic erupts on earth, the colonies of Luna and Mars.

2099 April 6th: Following the unrest and panic of 2091 the demands for unification were too large to ignore. Faced with the prospect of extinction at the hands of Aliens the Human Systems Alliance treaty is drafted, uniting the human race in a singular goal. Survival.

2100 August: Still facing the turmoil from Unification, Humanity prevails as it builds its first FTL capable ship from the Mars archives. Equipped with a Hyperspace drive the SSV Sebastian Williams embarks on the journey to the Alpha Centauri System and back. The crew of the Williams is put in History books as the crew returns after 3 days of travel bringing news that the FTL drive works and that the potential colonization candidate Alpha Centauri IV has a close enough biosphere to allow human colonization.

2234 April 2nd: First contact.

2234 April 2nd, Shanxi System, Unknown construct

"What exactly are we looking at" asked the Captain of the SSV Glacier, the Arquitens-class Light cruiser assigned to defend them

"We don't fully know but it is generating massive gravitational anomalies. By all means it should have ripped itself apart" Replied Doctor Anders, the Scientific mind assigned to investigate the Strange construct discovered not long after Shanxi was colonized. However due to it doing nothing the expedition was put off and off due to financial reasons until after almost 100 years it was decided enough was enough.

"Does it pose any danger to our ships, or Shanxi for that matter?" asked the Captain.

"Not unless it can move away from its orbit, which by the looks of the past 100 years it cant, to our knowledge at least. If we stay at our current distance, we should be okay. What I am more curious about captain is what purpose this thing serves" said the Doctor as he raised his right arm up to his Chin.

"Whatever it is, it so far remained dormant and I would love for it to stay that way" Replied the captain right after his attention was taken to the klaxons blaring on his bridge

"We have 3 Unknown Ships approaching. They don't match any known signatures. Unknown IFF signals, they aren't Pirates Sir!" reported the Sensor officer of the Light Cruiser.

"Doctor Pull behind us, by the looks of it we got a first fucking contact situation and I rather you not block my line of fire incase things turn hot" said the captain as the SSV Glacier powered up its shields and weapons. "Send over first contact package" ordered the captain and the communications officer followed.

As the 3 unknown ships got closer and closer the atmosphere got so tense you could cut it with a knife. That is until all hell broke lose and one of the unknowns opened fire. SSV Glacier taking the shot unto its shield retaliated as its Turbolasers opened fire. "Doctor Hightail it out of here, warn Shanxi and have them send a message to FLEETCOM, Hostile First contact!"

"What About you captain?!" Asked the Doctor

"Me? Me and my crew will buy you as much time as we can before we follow you. Get out of here!" ordered the Captain before cutting the connection. As his ship burned their way to Shanxi at full power he watched as the Glacier battelled it out with the 3 unknowns. Blowing up 1 of them and concentrating fire on another before also blowing up allowing the other 2 alien ships to pursuit him.

"Connect me to Shanxi. Emergency Message!" he yelled out while his bridge crew worked frantically.

"Shanxi Command we have hostile alien forces inbound SSV Glacier destroyed, I repeat, SSV Glacier Destroyed!"

Shanxi surface, Capital City of New Peking

Air Raid sirens blared on the whole colony world signaling the civilian Population to move to emergency Bunkers. Usually, a colony had these kinds of drills once a year. This time everyone knew it wasn't a drill, Reservists were called in, active army Personnel was ordered to move to prepared positions and utter chaos ruled the streets. After an hour of the evacuation order going out it began, Civilians felt it in the bunkers and the soldiers felt it too close for comfort, Orbital bombardment of Defensive Positions

Combat Plastoid Armor Mk2. Was a major upgrade to the Mk.1 now you could actually move in it without it being a massive problem, it came at the cost of not being as protective as Mk.1 but the best way of surviving a fight is not being hit in the first place. That's what Sergeant Shepard thought anyway and he made sure everyone under his command thought the same thing. "Listen up men" he began and he and his squad recovered from the bombardment "I know how this looks, we have all been in basic, if the enemy has orbital we lose ground. I say fuck all that. They want this colony, they didn't bomb the city itself so it must be what they want and we aren't going to let them take it without going past us now are we?!" his men responded with a loud "NO!" and he allowed himself a small smile to appear "General Williams knows this aswell. He picked us for this position because he knows we can do it. We will not allow them to take this colony unless they kill each and every one of us. We will wait for the Navy to get its fat ass moving here and help us kick those damned aliens out of Shanxi!" His men responded with loud Cheers and Shepard smiled as he put his Helmet on, the HUD powering up relaying important information to him.

The first dropships started arriving so he together with his men ran to the ruble that was previously their defensive position. "Jackson get on the E-Web and wait for me to fire first before opening Fire" Raising his DC-15A connecting it to his HUD he took careful aim at the Enemy.

Bipedal in Nature Wearing Dark Armor with Red Lines. He Noticed one of them with Silver Lines and aimed at him. When they passed the 500 meter mark he opened fire hitting the alien in the Helmet with a well placed shot and all Hell broke lose. Blaster bolts flew to the aliens who immediately dropped down for cover. Both sides exchanged fire with eachother but shepard knew he wasn't going to last long here, they would have to retreat to a position further back eventually if this kept up. And it would as more and more dropships arrived Spilling out fresh Troops and armored Support.

Seeing the tank fire and thankfully miss Shepard gave the order, fall back to the other Defensive position "Overlord this is Specter-1-actual. We are falling back to line Alpha, we are at risk of being overwhelmed by enemy forces, over"

"Copy that Specter-1 Our fighter wings are doing the best they can but expect further forces landing in a short time, over" came the reply and Shepard felt a lump growing inside of his throat.

"Jackson, Dimitri, dismantle the E-Web and move it back, we will cover you!" he said as a bullet grazed the top of his helmet.

"How are the casualties?" asked Desolas.

His officer replied "Above what we expected but still withing acceptable parameters, they have proven to be disciplined fighters. Retreating when close to being overrun while covering each other"

"hm, they are well defended so a attack on the Whole line would end badly for us. Focus our forces on these 2 positions. This will force them to divert reinforcements to either of them and allow us to punch through the rest of the line soon. What is the ETA on the Subjugation Fleet?" he turned to another officer

"5 Days until it arrives General"

"What about the Enemy soldiers?"

The officer pulled up a photo of the enemy soldier on his omnii-tool and moved it to the bigger holotable in the middle "Armor Painted in green camouflage, made out of some synthetic material resembling plastic but sturdy enough to take a few hits from our weapons. Their weapons are proving a very large problem. By the looks of it they are energy in Nature as they overload our shields and then burn through our Armor either killing the soldier or burning him severely"

Pulling up a picture of 2 black weapons he continued "The Large one is very powerful as we have seen it blasting holes in concrete walls and taking out our light armored vehicles. The smaller one is slightly less powerful but still deadly, it also fires faster than the other one. The Enemy himself is a Bipedal Asari Like creature. Skin colors ranging from light pink to black and fur on their heads. Unlike the Asari they aren't monogendered."

"Energy Weapons from primitives like this that didn't even leave their homesystem, not something you see at all in the Galaxy. When we subjugate them we will make them teach us how to make these weapons and the Batarians will finally learn their place" replied Desolas

April 4th

"Units are starting to Resort to Asymmetric Warfare it is working in slowing the Enemy down but some cant retreat any further. Lieutenant Paton and sergeant Steiner already retreated up to the first Emergency Bunkers and Refuse to retreat further. I don't know how long we can keep this up General" said Colonel Kuribayashi over the radio.

"We Keep this up for as long as the navy needs to get here Colonel. Before they destroyed all our Communication Satellites Alliance Fleet Command said the 2nd Fleet will arrive on the 9th, we need to hold Shanxi at all cost. Collapse buildings, booby trap their fallen, Fight room for room, anything that needs to be done Colonel you will do. These aren't Humans rules of war don't cover them, let your men run wild with the Bird fuckers" replied General Williams.

"I can do that for as long as I got supplied, even if a cartridge lasts for 500 shots we will eventually run out. What I am worried about is how other Cities are holding up General"

"Petrenko, B├Ącker and Korbin are reporting they are holding well. Hastings and DiFranco are saying they are being pushed back heavily while I lost contact with Hunter" replied Williams

"Suppress them while the Civis run!" yelled out Shepard as he fired his Blaster. 2 Days of almost non-stop fighting The enemy was pushing them further and further into the city by the minute. "Tomita! How are the explosives going along!?"

"Almost done Sarge! Give me a minute!" Tomita yelled back.

Shepard grunted at the response, throwing away his empty carthrige and putting a new one in he opened fire yet again before ducking behind cover. His previously camouflage green armor was now replaced with ashen grey, his filters struggling to work with all the smoke and ash in the air. Without cleaning them soon they would fail.

"Explosives Set!"

Looking over his shoulder Shepard noticed that all the Civilians were gone by now. The Bunker they were above had to evacuate as the enemy got too close. His squad abandoned their E-Web yesterday as it proved too cumbersome to hold as they retreated every hour or so. "Move it people!" ye yelled out as he and his squad started covering each other whilst retreating. Though calling it a squad was far fetched. Jackson was killed by a sniper on the first day while setting up the E-Web, Dimitri lost his leg after it was crushed due to a pillar falling on it. Shepard himself was hit in the Arm on the second day and had trouble using it properly, the adrenalin in his body was the only thing keeping him in combat.

The reservists and civilians that volunteered to join his squad were lagging behind, one was hit in the leg and Wilhelm ran to pick him up. He managed to get the volunteer to his squad only he was hit in the back, penetrating his lung. "Wilhelm!" yelled out shepard

"Get out of here Sarge! I'll hold them off!" said Wilhelm as he dragged himself to a wall breathing heavily. Raising his DC-15S he opened fire on the Advancing Aliens. Shepard and the rest of his squad did as they were told. Wilhelm chose to sacrifice himself for them and they would not squander that sacrifice.

April 9th

"General we got transmission incoming!" said his Communications officer

"Who is it from, We cant tell with the busted Signals array sir but they are using our encryption Keys"

"Patch them through"

"Shanxi command, this is Admiral Kastania Drescher of the 2nd Fleet. I heard you have an Alien problem, what is the situation on the ground?"

"Admiral Drescher, This is General Williams. You're a sight for sore eyes. The situation is getting worse by the minute, Enemy ground forces keep being delivered from the fleet parked in orbit and my men are loosing ground. We had to pull out of the souther continent and are loosing the capital ever since the enemy resorted to orbital bombardment of any areas that show resistance to advancing forces. If I may what kind of ground forces have you braught with you?"

"The 501st Legion aboard 4 Aclimators is ready to deploy groundside the moment I open them a path General. Hold out long enough and we will clear the orbit for you, Good luck Shanxi command, 2nd Fleet over and out"

[1] The European Union realizing that further co-operation is needed by its member states started to move to a full unification as a single state back in 2033 Following the close call of US and Chinese forces in the pacific relating to US forces entering Chinese claimed waters. In 2055 The European Union formed the European Republic once it unified all its member states. The new state was instantly hit with the problem of a multi-lingual multi-ethnic population. Picking French, German and Polish as its 3 governmental Languages and the Euro as its currency the new State experienced a troubled time until well into 2063 where upon ironing out most of its problems it became the 2nd largest economy on earth barely beating out USA. While all citizens of the Republic see themselves as Europeans and have a strong national sense to protect the Republic as can be seen when the mounting tensions between the USA and Russian Federation in 2066 following the discovery of resource deposits on Mars. Fearing being targeted due to American forces stationed in Europe the US armored forces were expelled from European soil and the European Military took over the role of protecting the continent from threats. The average citizen has a larger national feeling to the old member states of the now dissolved EU