"Damned Humans, damned orders. We should be up there fighting!" said the Turian engineer working on pulling out a panel from the wall.

"What would you be able to do Orentius? You are a simple maintenance engineer" replied the second Turian working with some wires

"Provide another pair of hands to hold a gun! Don't tell me you aren't angry at them! Centius" said Orentius as he finally pulled off the wall panel and started fiddling with wiring inside of the wall. "Centius, varren got your tung?" he asked turning around.

Only to stare right into a pitch black Helmet with the only think to break the black void being 2 green lights at its bottom. Before he could say another thing, a knife was plunged into his throat and he was carefully put on the ground by the soldier wearing all black.

As he lay there, bleeding out and choking on his blood, his last moments were spend on watching his friend Centius, bleed out, and 5 soldiers in all void black armor making their way away from them, towards the command center.

"The 314th Legion is advancing along the Porto District, the human forces are in a staggered retreat, if we can break through it before they regroup or are reinforced, we may get in range to fire on their landing zone." Said General Oraka

"While I agree with General Oraka, I say we turn the 314th push into a diversionary attack and gather up forces from the 315th and 401st into a spearhead right through their lines. They will likely reinforce the 314th front in order to not lose the landing zone, they will weaken their line and once we break through it the 314th can resume their proper assault. We will destroy their landing zone and cut off all human forces in the capital" proposed General Nihlus

"hmm, that will expose the flank of the 44th Legion but I believe they can handle it for some time. I would recommend switching the 401st with the 213th instead. 401st is still recovering from the near wipeout encirclement in the Padox District" replied Oraka.

The two generals turned to the Primarch who was looking at the Holotable that was feeding live information from the various fronts. "What are the chances of this being successful?"

"We estimate the Humans will be caught off guard with it if we execute it within the next 5 hours" responded Nihlus.

"Do it then, once you breach through and get in range I want every Artillery piece we have to reduce their landing zone to glass once that is done I want-" the primarch was interrupted by the door to the command center opening "This better be important" he said turning around with the two generals to the now open door.

They saw a Human standing in the door, a knife in one hand, dripping blue blood from its Tip. The other holding a handgun, behind him 2 more humans wearing black armor emerged with their weapons raised.

The one with the knife spoke "Primarch Fedorian. This would be a very good time to surrender"

Fedorian looked coldly at the black visor of the soldier "And what if I don't?"

"Then the Capital will be reduced to glass" responded the soldier.

Thinking about the demand for a minute, Fedorian asked "Demands?"

"Unconditional Surrender" Replied the soldier as 4 more Humans filled the room

Looking at the 2 generals at his side, Fedorian sighed. "Oraka open a battle net connection"

The general in question looked at Fedorian with an open mouth "Primarch you cant possible-"

"This has gone on long enough General, it is time to accept we were bested" replied Fedorian as he leaned on the Holotable. He watched as Oraka input a few commands and with a heavy heart Fedorian spoke "To all Hierarchy soldiers and sailors. This is Primarch Fedorian speaking. As of this moment all fighting is to cease, all previous orders are canceled and your new ones are to surrender your weapons and ships to the nearest Human force. Authorization code POP3821-221. May the spirits have mercy on us all"

Looking at the human, Fedorian spoke "Lead the way"

Every Living Thing on every civilized world was currently looking at the same 4 words.

"Turian Hierarchy Surrenders Unconditionally" was being broadcaster on every channel and site on the Extranet, even those that never dealt with news.

4 simple words caused the whole galactic community to stop what they were doing and take in the full scope of what they meant.

The War was over.

The Turians have lost.

The Humans have won.

The 9 Year Conflict has come to an end just like that.

What would happen now?

What had the future in store for them?

And more importantly, what demands would the Humans have for the Turians now that the war has ended?