Walking through the bunker was a harrowing experience for Fedorian. With the Exception of the top 2 levels, everyone was dead, already being pilled up by the same Jet Black Humans. The whole ordeal topside confused him. How did such a large human force get inside of the bunker while the 1000 man strong garrison was still protecting the only bunker entrance?

More things to think about as he will rot in a cell somewhere in human space, he guessed.

As a Jet Black LAAT swung in with its doors open to pick him and the humans guarding him from the base as regular LAATs landed to disarm his troops.

Flying towards the Human base the pilot kept the side doors open allowing Fedorian to look at the remnants of the city.

It was like a scene from every hell of every species of every religion combined into one gruesome picture. Cipritine used to be called a city of Silver. Its beauty rivaled even Thessia.

Now nothing of that remained. Its largest skyscrapers were left in ruin. He could see the remnants of a human cruiser covered by a collapsed tower. The engines of a Turian frigate poking out of a building, the rest of the ship presumably in the building.

Streets blocked by rubble and destroyed buildings, with both human and turian corpses strewn around and as he looked to the horizon his heart stopped. It looked as if the whole capital was engulfed in flames, almost the entire south suburbs of the capital were on fire. Just behind it a Human Venator lay broken in two on the ground, if he recalled correctly, shot down during the opening hours of the invasion by a ground-space gun, unfortunately for the turian side its remnants crashed on a district killing almost 2000.

Sparing him the heartache, less he dies of a heart attack and sorrow, the pilot finally closed the doors and the LAAT continued on its way.

Opening the door, Hannah quietly walked into the house, taking off her officers boots and coat she continued inwards to try and make as little sound as possible. Arriving at the Living Room she saw the reason she came. Her 2 children sitting under a blanket with her mother, looking at the family album. Turning on the ceiling light all 3 of them turned to look at her. Surprise and Happines intermixed on their faces, both John and Jane sprung up from their spots and ran to her both yelling out "Mom!"

Taking a knee she spread her arms as they ran into her embrace crying tears of joy and she cried too. After 8 years the war was over, she survived and she returned home to her children, Her husband not far behind her with only 2 days delay. She could stay here finally.

She didn't have to worry about having to leave in a week, being deployed somewhere so far away she couldn't communicate with them or dying on her next deployment, she was finally back.

As all 3 of them cried she looked up at her mother, also crying and smiling, happy for the war not taking away her daughter like it did Hannah's father and brother.

His hands shook as he looked at the document they were holding. The Letters "Artemis Peace Treaty" written boldly at the top both in Human English and in Turian dominant.

His spirit was trying to leave the body as he reread the treaty over and over again and while it could be a lot worse it was also asking a lot.

The colony of Magna and Artemis were to be annexed by the Humans, Their Turian population expelled.

Turian space 25 Light Years around Artemis were ceded to the Humans

Turian space additional 10 Light years from the Ceeded Space was supposed to be turned into a Demilitarized zone with the security provided by the Human Military.

A ludicrous amount of 260 Quadrillion[1] Credits were supposed to be paid to the Human Systems Alliance as War Reperations.

The Turian Navy was to be gutted with it being allowed only 50% of the pre war tonnage, 5 Dreadnoughts and 5 carriers.

The Vol protectorat was to be completely demilitarized and released from being a client state to the turians. Its protection was up in the air.

The Vol Protectorat was to pay 500 Trillion[1] in Reperations

And most importantly of all the exit from the Citadel Council. While in previous peace talks Humans dropped this clause, since they won and he surrendered unconditionally they put it back in.

He put the document down and looked at the Human wearing a suit standing next to him, giving him a pen to sign. Off in the distance he could see various diplomats from all across the galaxy and reporters with their cameras taking pictures and transmitting this humiliation galaxy wide.

Slowly taking the pen Fedorian tried to breath as calmly as he could.

This was it, not only the end of his rule but the end of the Turian Hierarchy as it was known. He was uncertain what would follow from this day onwards but he prayed to the spirits for the best for his species and the worst for the traitors that were the Asari.

While the Salarians supplied them with Intelligence the Asari just stood by and grew richer from the war selling Eezo and minerals to him.

Closing his eyes he signed the paper and the flashes intensified as it was retrieved from the table by a minor human diplomat.

As the cammeras rolled, reporters spoke into their microphones the Galaxy watched as a new, uncertain era was beginning in the galaxy.

Alright a few things to start off. The Jet-black soldiers are wearing death trooper armor and are part of Alliance Intelligence just like the SW death troopers

[1] Now to talk about the numbers. Since some of you may say that 500 Trillion and 260 Quadrillion is not an astronomical amount for space empires. In my country Germany we use the LS system when it comes to numbers, between million and billion we have milliard so while for Americans a Trillion is 1012 for me and a lot of Europe it is 1018 the difference really becomes apparent when you take quadrillion into account, in the USA and UK its is 1015 for me it is 1024

Alright that is the end of the story so far, I am undecided if I want to continue into the post war years or not so I cam to you with a compromise.

I received a few DMs asking for more battles and to properly show the war since everything from the war was just a timeline so I give you these options, pick one and I will write a few chapters on the battle.

Battle for Artemis III, "Meatgrinder of the Goddess of Hunt"


First battle of Atlantis, "Hell on Atlantis"