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An Aura Monster

Raven proved a woman of her word, surprisingly.

Truth be told, Naruto half-expected her to cut and run after the thrashing he'd given Team STRQ. A cowardly huntress might have. But she wasn't afraid of him yet, and she hadn't. Raven had honored her promise in the teeth of her team's argument and unlocked his aura without so much as a word of complaint. She'd proven downright cooperative.

Almost suspiciously so, really. Still, her bargain was kept.

Even now fresh Aura flowed through his veins at a breakneck pace, hot and heady, a rich current that simultaneously quickened his heartbeat and set his spirit soaring. He'd plenty strong beforehand, but now he felt damn near invincible. Was this what a Huntsman felt like every day of their life? Aura was a grand thing indeed. He might even gain a semblance of his own by her reckoning. Who knew?

Better yet, she'd taught him how to unlock the aura of others. That had won her some goodwill from the people of Menagerie and more than a few protests from her teammates.

If he didn't know better, he could've sworn Raven was enjoying the chaos she stirred up.

Perspective, as they say, was a funny thing. He'd hadn't realized how useful Aura was until he had it himself. For the average civilian it was like night and day. Likewise, unlocking the aura of someone else was a tricky bit of business; one had to do it proper, properly, or there were all sorts of painful side effects. Then you also had to know the right words for it.



...the right words, huh?

He still hadn't found the right words to describe Raven.

In all honestly, little miss Beacon student was...complicated.

She wasn't an ally, but he certainly couldn't classify her as an enemy, not after what she'd done for Menagerie. She'd been quite happy to open a portal and heave Ozpin right through after her dazed teammates. It was a little alarming really, how quickly she turned her coat and offered to help him.

Honestly, he wasn't sure if she was going to stay or not, or even if he wanted her to.

Didn't stop her from mooching off his food, though.

Especially the apples!

"Not a bad gig you got here." She sank her teeth into another, took a hearty bite, and grinned his way. "Umph, sorry." she swallowed quickly at his quelling glare. "Good food."

"How long are you going to lurk in my office.?"

"Long as I like." Another bite came and went. "You know, you've got a good thing going. You could go pirate, raid up and down the coast, live like a king."

"Har, har, har." he rolled his eyes, still focused on the task at hand. "Lemme guess, you'd be my first mate?"

"Nah," she laughed. "I'd handle boarding parties and executions."

He looked up from his papers. "I'm not killing people."

"You will be soon." she cracked open a bottle -and why not? Most of Menagerie was celebrating after he'd summarily trounced Ozpin- and took a long, languid sip, followed by a pleased sigh. "You'll have to. Won't have much of a choice. You've pissed off too many people, see. There's bound to be trouble, and you're standing right in the thick of it. What're you gonna do, humiliate them all to high heaven and send them packing?"

A blond brow rose in response.

"Heh." Her grin grew. "You are, aren't you?"

"I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of that statement."

"Whatever you say, whiskers. Its funny, though." she took another great big bite of her apple and flung herself down on his desk, trying to distract him again. She did not succeed. "The old man kept muttering something about fifty years before I sent him back to Vale." a finger swiped out, stroking his cheek, trying to get a rise out of him, to no avail. "I think you broke him."

Said brow climbed yet higher still. "Fifty years?"

"Dunno much about it." she shrugged. He wouldn't stop repeating it. "Something about preparing...

"You're serious." he shuffled aside his paperwork -the bane of every ruler!- stamped two more documents with his sigil and shot her a baleful glare. "That's an absurd amount of time." He couldn't think that far ahead-no, he could, but he didn't want to. Still, it was something worth remembering. "And also none of my concern What will you do now?"

"Probably head back to Beacon." she knocked back the last of her bottle and sat up with a decidedly unladylike burp. "Summer's gonna bitch at me regardless, but she'll be extra pissy if I stay here much longer."

"So why stick around at all?"

"Forging a bond." she waved her sword at him and swayed a little. "Saves me a trip."

His brow drew down now, furrowing in a frown. "Its only been a day. I don't recall us having bonded over anything."

"Maybe you haven't, but I have." she leered back at him, eyes half-lidded. "Besides, I don't feel like flying all the way out here next time."

"You mean a bullhead, right?"

Raven swiped another bottle, drained it, and granted him a tipsy grin. "Nope. Gotta get going."

Kurama shook an unseen fist at her. "And good riddance!"

"Buuuuuut I might come back later if you ask nicely."

The fist shaking intensified. "Boo, hiss! Nay!"

Bloody blasted birdie..."Why?"

"Why not?" She was enjoying herself far too much for his liking. It made him want to smack the smile off her face. "You're gearing up to fight the entire world. I'm kinda curious to see what comes of it." her head tilted a little and her smile shifted into something dangerous. "You gonna make yourself emperor or something?

"Or something." He said it mostly to pawn her off.

Raven's smile became a shit-eating grin.

"See you around, whiskers."

Omen flicked out and cut a crimson swathe in the air, parting reality itself. A scarlet portal bloomed between them. He heard voices emanating from within, muffled and indistinct. Huh. That really was a handy semblance to have. Fast travel at its finest.

Raven stepped toward it. Paused now, cocking her again as she considered him. He didn't like that look in her eye.

"Eh," she shrugged one shoulder. "Screw it."

"Don't you dare-

She absolutely did. In a single fluid movement she stepped to him, stood on the tips of her toes, and kissed him soundly on the lips.

Blue eyes bulged. None of that! Four was quite enough!

Naruto reacted instantly; even as Raven made contact his hands swept out on either side of her, palms open, fingers splayed to crack across her flank on either cheek. She jolted with a gasp. Good. He'd meant to dissuade her; a good hard smack to snap her back to reality before she did something stupid.

Any sane person would've taken the hint.

"OW! That stung!" Much to his chagrin, Raven danced away with a laugh, rubbing her hindquarters, wearing a rueful smile...and was that a blush?! "A little fight in ya. I like that! Bye~!"

She kicked backwards and vanished the portal before he could give her a real fight again.

Naruto launched his mug after her. The yelp that followed was music to his ears.

Served her right, the cheeky girl.

He shook his head, tutting softly as the portal sealed itself shut. "Is it just me, or is every Huntress we meet batshit crazy?

"Not a huntress." Kurama scoffed. "She's still a student, remember?"

"Then I never want to meet an actual huntress!

He rubbed his cheek, shook his head.

No point fretting over her now. There was work to be done.

He paced back to his desk and regarded the papers there with a baleful eye.

Maybe he ought to hire someone to do this for him. Leader or no, tactical thinking had never been his strong suit outside of battle; he needed people for that. He didn't know how the first thing about crop rotation, tuning an economy, heck, he barely knew how to fish! He'd revitalized Meangerie's desert and worked to expand its landmass to be sure, but the act of building was beyond him. He was good for breaking things, rallying people in a pinch, and healing. Not much else. Leading? Him?! Not so much!

"You know that's not true."

"Isn't it?" He scoffed a little at Kurama's naivete, blessed though it be. "Tell me what else I can do."

"You can protect and defend as well as fight. And you've saved others. I've seen you do it before."

"Fair." he pulled out a chair and sank into it, not trusting himself to leave the safety of his office at the moment. "You know, there was a time when I might've trusted that Ozpin guy."

"And do you?"

"Maybe. Fifty years or not, we'll be ready for whatever comes our way."

Now there were things to do. First and foremost, he wanted to track down that baby-poisoning psycho, unlock aura for others...and well, he'd take the rest as it came.

Someone knocked on his door.

He craned his neck.

"She's long gone, Kali. You can come in, now."

She needed no further provocation; she swept in quickly, bottle in one hand, another tucked under her arm. He nearly groaned at the sight of it. Was everyone drinking today?! He'd have to keep an eye out for that; most might not be well-enough for tomorrow's muster. Thoughts for later, he supposed.

"She's a bitch." Kali offered him one bottle with a grimace. "I don't know why you put up with her."

This again?

"Don't you see?" he cracked it open and sipped gingerly. Huh. Surprisingly sweet. And here he'd expected a bitter aftertaste. Hopefully this conversation would remain as sweet. "No one this island knows how to properly unlock Aura. Not even Anna; she got hers through a near death experience. Raven taught me how to unlock it naturally."

"Which means...?"

He explained it to her.

Slowly, patiently, taking several minutes. He explained it all.


Naruto explained it all.

Kali opened her mouth to retort.

Closed it now, as she realized the implications. That absolute bitch; ho wonder he'd agreed to her terms.

Most of Menagerie didn't have aura; likewise, they had no academy to speak of. What Grimm they did encounter, they were forced to fend off with their militia, and even then that was sometimes a near thing. Now, quite suddenly, they had a protector, and one who ready and willing to defend them, but also able how to unlock the Aura of every man, woman and child on the isle. They in turn, could be taught to unlock it for others, so on and so forth.

This would strengthen Menagerie for years to come.

"Meaning you can unlock all of ours." she ventured warily.

Naruto grinned, a bit of life coming back to his tired blue eyes. "Sure can. I'll get to that in the morning."

Her ears twitched. He looked so terribly tired...


Sienna was busy organizing tomorrow's muster, a task that would take her the better part of the day, if not night. Alesia had withdrawn into her study with her notes. Anna was off...doing Anna things, she presumed. She hadn't seen her for hours now.

Which meant!

She had Naruto.

All to herself. No interference.

Steeling herself, she took a deep breath, smoothed out her gown, and sat down beside him. Her hip brushed his as she patted her lap. "Here. Rest a little."

Naruto eyed her warily. "I don't think that's a good idea right now, Kali."

"Relax." she giggled nervously."I don't bite...much."


Naruto leaned back, regarding her as a wary fox might a dangerous cat. His expression that made Kali's spirit wither and die inside. Noooo! Stupid tongue! Why did I say that! So cringe!

She'd absolutely had too much to drink. She was going to make an arse of herself at this rate.

"Joking!" she flung up her hands, forcing a smile she didn't feel. "I was only joking. Really, there was something I wanted to ask you."

He waved a hand. "Ask, then."

She did just that, and Naruto's smile made a reluctant appearance once more. "You want me to train you...?"

Kali clasped her hands before her face, pleading with him. "Pleeeaaase? I'll be your best student!"

"I don't have any students, Kali."

"Then I'll be your first!"

Naruto comprehended the unspoken innuendo of those words a split-second before Kali could, judging by his blush. Hers was worse. She could feel her entire body burning now, from the tips of her toes to the very edges of her ears. She tried to speak and her tongue failed her once more.

"Maybe...we should talk about something else?" She squeaked out.

He coughed into a fist and looked away, studiously avoiding her eyes. "That might be best...

Alright. New topic. She could do this. She wasn't that drunk.

"I know!" She clapped her hands, startling him briefly. "You said you were looking for advice earlier, didn't you?"

"I may have said such a thing."

"Great!" She chirruped, warming to the new topic. Anything to keep her from looking like a fool in front of him. "If its advice you need, there's someone you should meet." at his questing expression she barreled on. "She's a bit strange, and she only ever comes out of her cave late at night, but she's very wise! Many a Faunus has sought her wisdom before. I'm sure she could help you."

Her soon-to-be-mentor quirked a blond brow. "So, she's nocturnal or something? What's her name?"


"Hmm." Naruto thumbed his chin, "Strange name. Sounds familiar. If what you say is true-

"It is!"

-then its too early for that now, but we can try later."

"Okay." she nodded. Good."


Silence stretched between them. Neither was keen to break it.

Kali pinched her arm furiously to center herself.

No! No cowardice! Find your courage!

Kali licked her lips. "I was wondering, would you like to go on a-

Someone knocked on the door. Again!

In an instant, Kali lost her nerve.

She bolted.


Did she just dive out the window...?!

Naruto poked his head out after Kali, watching the agile Faunus all but fling herself down the street in a tangled blur of motion. She booked it like the hounds of hell were at her heels. In an instant she was gone, tearing round a corner, lost from sight. He had a very good idea why she'd lost her nerve and fled just now. He found himself sad to see her go...and also strangely grateful.


Too close.

He'd nearly lost control.

Today was just full of surprises it seemed.

"And you know what they say. Good things come in threes."

'Not another word from you!'

Someone knocked at his door. Again.

"Enter!" He snapped, his patience at its limits.

Anna stepped in with nary a sound, her face pensive. "May I have a word?"

Of all the rotten timing. He had a feeling this was coming. "We're having one right now, aren't we?"

The stubborn swordswoman stared at him for a long moment, her gaze cutting through every pretense and preamble.

He sighed and waved the door shut behind her Anna locked it for good measure. All the while, he watched her like a hawk. She'd discarded her traditional leathers for once, in favor of a simple black robe. The color was rather becoming for her. Her horns seemed to gleam blood red in the low light, much like her hair.

"You're concerned."

"I am," he hazarded warily.

Mostly toward her, but he wasn't about to say that.

She planted a fist on her hip. "I wanted to ask what your plans were, going forward."

Was that all? He had a ready answer for this." Recruit, unlock aura, prepare our defenses. Been thinking about building that academy." he looked back to the window. "The mountain seems a good place for it. We can flatten the terrain there and build a campus."

That seemed to please her well enough. "Have you thought of a name for it?"

He hadn't, no. "Does it need one?"

A nod. "Every academy does."

...still don't have one."

"I suppose there's time to figure it out." Oddly enough, his reluctance made her smile. "You don't intend to take the fight to the rest of Remnant, then?

"Menagerie can't handle a full blown conflict right now. Maybe in a few years."

"We have you." she pointed out.

He shrugged. "Sure, you have me, but what would you have me do? Destroy mountains? Flatten cities?"

...no." Anna shook her head, baffling him again. "Doing so would only make us more enemies than we already have. And if I had to choose between war, or you, I'd rather have you."


"That's very flattering." he rasped a laugh at Kurama's remark more than her words, "You're funny."

The smile vanished. "I did not speak in jest."

Anna dropped her robe.

And he saw.

Wow. His brain fizzled and his throat closed. Black lace suits her after all...

"Well, well", Kurama rumbled softly. "Wonder if the curtains match the-"

BAD! Shunting his irascible counterpart aside, he shook his head. "Clothes back on, please."

"I meant what I said earlier. She stepped to him, uncaring of her state of undress, pressed the full of her body against his. "It feels nice, doesn't it? She laid a hand against his chest, fingers tracing his skin.

It was a struggle to keep his eyes on hers. "I don't think this is a good idea.

"Then stop thinking."

Her undergarments fell to the floor.

Naruto gulped. "You make a compelling argument."

"Do I?" she tilted her head, granting him a good long loose at the creamy expanse of her slender neck, and the bountiful treasure beneath. "I happen to think it an excellent idea. Shall I sweeten the deal for you?" quick as a flash she darted behind him. Warm lips brushed the outer lobe of his ear as she spoke. "Would you like a son?"

His imagination went wild.

In an instant he saw everything she offered and more; a little rascal of a redhead in black getting into all sorts of trouble under his watch. He would have his blue eyes alongside Anna's flaming red hair and dark horns. He would be the best of both of them and want for nothing. He would change the world for the better.

A son. His son. Their son.

Never in his life had he wanted something so badly and never known until he was offered it. The idea of being a father was intensely appealing to him. Any child of his would be raised right; they wouldn't suffer the same pain he had nor would they be set aside and neglected. And they would be strong. By the log they would be strong. Chakra and aura, the best of both words, trained by a true sage. A swordsman beyond compare. The world would be their oyster.

A sea of endless possibilities spun out before him, deep and true as the ocean blue.

Anna must've seen the glimmer of glee in his smile, because her own grew.

"Do I have your attention now?"

She could have pounced on him then and there; he would've gladly let her have her way with him in that moment. Instead she danced out of arms reach, fingers trailing his, and dangled yet another possibility before him like so much bait on a hook. His gaze followed her, raking across her backside.

"I've even thought of names." the sway of her hips as she walked away was downright hypnotic. "Would you like to hear them?" She turned, pulling the blinds down over the windows, then sealing the shutters over them for good measure. "Adam for a boy, Eve for a Girl. I wouldn't be opposed to twins...

A rusty laugh burst from him. "Isn't that a little on the nose?"

She turned back to him, one arm over her breasts. "That's half the fun."

Kurama was painfully silent. For all his quips, he'd retreated to give them privacy. Damnit.

Adam. He considered the name for a long moment, rolling it over in his mind, on his tongue, yet afraid to speak, for doing so would give it life, and once he did that, there would be no taking it back. Anna wasn't wrong; it would be a good name for a son. A strong name. Many would remember it. But he knew what her game was. She wasn't satisfied with the idea of jumping him here and now, oh no; she was a warrior; she wanted him to come to her, of his own accord. To that end she'd decided to seduce him, and she was doing a frightfully good job of it.

"Can you feel my heart?" She took his hand and pressed it to her bosom. "We're alive. Here, now, the two of us. Nothing could be better."


"I won't make you do anything you don't want to do; honestly, I wouldn't be able to. But allow me to say this." She took her hand from his and spread her arms, baring herself to him, beautiful body and simple soul in their entirety. "Take me now or never at all. I've grown weary of dancing around this, and won't offer myself to you again."

He tried one last vain protest. "We barely know each other!"

"What's to know?" she kissed his neck, followed by his chin, drawing s shiver from him. "I want you. You want me. Love can come later."

"Stubborn, bullheaded woman...

"I shall accept that for the compliment it was meant to be. "Anna Taurus grinned, or what passed for a grin with her. Really it was a small, taciturn smile. "We have an accord, then?"

The setting sun peeked through the shutters, caught her hair and set it afire. Naruto felt his throat close. "Against my better judgement...

He reached out and hooked his hand in hers, threading through her own. Together they shook.

Something crystallized in her gaze. Her fingers tightened in his, biting down.

Naruto yanked her forward. Had just enough time to hear her:


Then his lips were on hers and he thought no more of restraint. No more holding back. It felt frightfully good to kiss someone of his own accord; no being jumped or ambushed or any of that tripe. He yanked her to him, grabbed her, and smashed her against a wall. She growled in thinly veiled pleasure against his mouth, twisted a leg in his, pivoted, and did the same to him. Her lips trailed lower and bit his neck, biting down hard enough to draw blood; no, to mark him.

Belatedly he realized

She guided him back to the bed.


"Not sorry." She grabbed his hand, spun again -flexible woman!- and shoved him back to the bed.

Then she pounced.

He caught her halfway, uncaring as she ripped at his clothes, barely cognizant of anything but her body against his, her lips on his own, her hands threading through his hair. It felt...freeing to finally let go. He couldn't try to put it into words, and stopped bothered about it.

Abruptly, Anna pushed him down to the bed and crawled atop him, straddling him.

"Wait, what're you-

"Shhh." she crooned, licking her lips as settled herself. "Lay back. You'll enjoy this.

Before he could protest further, she began to move.

Naruto grabbed her by the hips and held on for dear life.

With that, their night descended into a pleasant, carnal haze.

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"No fair! You got a head start."

"You know what they say, first come, first serve.

Sienna took a long, smoldering drink from her mug. "You do realize of course, that this means war."

"We have a visitor.

"I swear if that's Ozpin...

"No," Sienna shook her head, setting her hair swaying. "Its a woman." he didn't miss her pensive expression. "She's been detained down by the docks. Real strange one at that. She didn't resist. If anything she seemed almost...amused when we pulled her off that boat. Like she was humoring us.

The exact antithesis of Ozpin's entry. Why did that leave him feeling oddly concerned?

Naruto found himself tilting his head. "Did she say anything?"

"That she wanted to meet you. Nothing more."

"Dear boy, did you truly think it would be so easy? This world is against you; it will always be against you...and so you must fight to claim what is yours."

"I don't need you to tell me that."

"Someone thrust a microphone in his face. "Are you planning another Faunus war?"

"Why're ya calling me a lord-and what?! No!' he batted the arm "When did I say that?!

It was implied. You've made a fool of Altas and Vale, destroyed a mountain in Mistral. Will the kingdom of Vacuo be next?"

Bloody journalists. He hated them.

He snarled.

With all the madness in this world, how did you survive? With all the innocents who died at the hands of lunatics like you, why did YOU make it?

You have a life that's been denied so many others more deserving. Where is the justice in that, I ask you? You think I'm some kind of hero because I show mercy, because I don't kill ingrates like you...but you'd be wrong.

"You don't have to do this. I know it seems unfair, doesn't mae much sense.

Much sense? Ha! It makes no sense at all. Scum like this walks around breathing while. A child abandoned, dying, can still find joy in life. Fun, even.

And yet someone like YOU gets to live. Why is this world so cruel to people who don't deserve it?!



He smashed them into the ground.

I'm going to be entirely honest with you...I hate you.


He stepped in and drove the knife into their chest.

Do you have any idea how ANNOYING it was, putting up with you?" he dug the knife into them, drawing a pained gasp from his victim. "Pretending to tolerate you, allowing you to exist, waiting for you to lower your guard?

"Didn't ask, don't need it, go f**k yourself!"

A dagger flicked his way in the dark. He caught it between two fingers.

Blue eyes slid to his right. He heard the crack of a sniper rifle.

The piercing round flattened against the back of his head.

Naruto blew out a short, sharp, angry breath.

...right, then. You asked for this."

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