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Chapter 19 Memorial Weekend Wedding

The last couple of months had been a whirlwind of excitement. First, Rose and Emmett found out they would be welcoming a baby boy into the family in just under six months; they had rung in the New Year in a big way.

Everything for Edward & Bella's May wedding was coming together nicely. Even with the final fitting for dresses and Rose's near-meltdown at them having to let her dress out a bit, it had been funny to everyone but Rose. Nevertheless, the wedding preparations were complete, and Bella anxiously awaited the appointed time to meet at the chapel to become Mrs. Edward Cullen.

They decided to get married on Memorial Day weekend so that everyone could enjoy three days off work. Even Renee and Charlie took some time off work to hang out in Seattle for another week after the wedding. They would stay with Ziggy while Edward and Bella enjoyed a honeymoon in Hawaii.

Bella, along with all the women, had stayed at Bella's house the night before the wedding, with all the men staying at Rose's house with Emmett. No crazy parties this time, just pizza and romantic movies.

Esme arranged for the girls to have a morning at the local spa and salon to receive pampering before the ceremony. Bella was a ball of nerves the entire morning. Anticipation of the upcoming ceremony, coupled with the fact that it had been almost two weeks since making a bet with Edward, that they could hold off on any sexy time until the wedding night. Bella regretted making that bet since there had been plenty of teasing in the last two weeks without any release.


After enjoying massages and plenty of grooming at the salon, the girls arrived at the chapel for the ceremony. They chatted while everyone changed into their dresses.

Renee adjusted the hairpin in Bella's hair after she helped her into her dress. "I can't believe my baby is getting married today."

Bella smiled at her mother in the mirror. "I know. I honestly never really imagined this day would come. I never really saw myself getting married."

Renee smiled and squeezed Bella's shoulders before she laughed. "Everyone has to kiss a few frogs before they find their prince."


Shortly before the service began, Charlie joined the girls in the room where they had been getting ready. Renee had already been escorted to the front of the chapel to her seat. The girls left as Charlie came in to take their places on the altar.

"You look beautiful, Bells," Charlie said smiling.

"Thanks, dad. You clean up pretty good yourself," Bella responded, hugging closely to Charlie's side.

Charlie opened the door and stepped into the hall. After taking a deep breath, Bella followed. The butterflies were threatening to burst out of her stomach. She wasn't nervous about marrying Edward; she was more nervous she would trip over her feet in front of the guests.

Stepping to Charlie's side and sliding her arm around his, she whispered, "don't let me fall, dad."

"Never," Charlie whispered back, placing a light kiss to the side of her head.

When the music started playing, they made their way up the aisle. At first, Bella looked down at her feet, focusing on her steps. But, when she finally looked up and made eye contact with a smiling Edward, all the nervousness disappeared.

Focused on getting to Edward, she sped up her steps a little, causing Charlie to tighten his grip on her arm while speaking softly, "slow down. He's not going anywhere. Trust me."

Feeling her cheeks flush, Bella smiled softly and slowed her pace. Charlie placed her hand in Edward's; everything around her disappeared as if she and Edward were standing there alone.

The entire service felt like a dream. Bella paid enough attention to repeat her vows, but her eyes never left Edward's.

When the officiant spoke the words, "you may kiss your bride," Edward stepped forward, placing his hands on either side of her face, and bent down, kissing her softly. Bella tried to deepen the kiss, but Edward pulled back with a smirk knowing how carried away they could get.

Once the ceremony concluded, they led their bridal party back down the aisle to meet outside for pictures. Bella secretly wished this part was over. She wanted to get her new husband alone as soon as possible.


Climbing into the limo to take them to the reception hall about 15 minutes away, Bella immediately hit the button to roll the glass up behind the driver after telling him to take his time. They planned to arrive after the other guests and the bridal party anyway.

"Take his time, huh? Why, Mrs. Cullen, are you planning something?" Edward inquired while leaning in for a kiss.

Just from hearing him call her Mrs. Cullen, she could feel herself becoming wetter than she had been from the sight of him in his suit. "I don't think I can wait much longer to feel you inside me," Bella admitted.

"Hmmm, so you want my cock in the back of a limo?" Edward teased.

"I think I do, Mr. Cullen." Bella grinned, squeezing her thighs together.

"You want it?" Edward stroked his thick length over his pants with a slow pace and a smirk on his face. "Take it. It's yours."

That was all the permission she needed. She quickly hiked her dress up to pull off her thong. But, before she could toss it, Edward snatched it from her hand and stuffed it into his pocket. "I think I'll hang onto these," he said with a smirk.

Bella smiled and shook her head at his antics while simultaneously reaching over to undo his belt and pants. Edward lifted his hips so she could pull his pants down to his ankles.

Not wasting another moment, Bella fluffed and hiked her dress before climbing into his lap. Lining herself up and sinking slowly, his hard cock met the heat of wet pussy as they both groaned. Keeping a slow pace, they moved together, foreheads touching and mouths open. Bella could feel her orgasm building and angled her body, causing his cock to hit her in all the right places.

"I'm so close," she breathed, "come with me."

The low moans escaping Bella brought Edward closer to his climax, but he knew how loud his girl could get. He knew he was just as close as she was. Sensing her desperation for release, Edward wrapped his arms around her, bringing her down harder while thrusting up at a faster pace. "You have to be quiet, love. That glass isn't soundproof." Then, feeling her walls starting to clamp around him, he whispered into her ear, "I'm right there with you, baby. Let it go. Come for me."

With his words, Bella came hard. She could feel Edward pulsing inside her as she rode out her orgasm.

"Oh, and I win," Edward chuckled.

Bella laughed in response, pulling back enough to wiggle her eyebrows at him. "Pretty sure we both won."

Edward laughed and helped Bella off his lap. "Fair point. Good thing we already took all the fancy pictures. Because you, my dear, look ravaged."

"Shit," Bella muttered as she adjusted her dress back down and tried to look at the reflection in the tiny silver trim of the door. "I didn't think this through. Everyone is going to know."

Still laughing, Edward pulled his pants up and tucked his shirt just as the driver announced they had arrived.

"Probably, but I'm not worried." He shrugged, adjusting his tie. "Besides, now that we're married, antics like this are expected."

Bella adjusted her dress and attempted to look presentable as the limo came to a stop. She took a deep breath waiting for the door to open. No matter how many jokes Rose or Emmett threw at them, she knew it wouldn't matter because nothing could spoil tonight.


The following day they slid into their first-class seats—thank you, Carlisle—and Edward handed Bella a pamphlet of the beach house they would be staying at in Hawaii. To say Bella was excited was an understatement.

"Well, what do you think?" Edward asked, buckling his seatbelt for takeoff.

"Private beach? Hmm, that could be fun," Bella teased, waggling her eyebrows when Edward turned to face her.

Leaning over, Edward whispered against her hair, "very fun. It will be nighttime when we arrive; maybe we can go for a swim."

"I'm taking a nap then, Mr. Cullen, because last night you wore me out," Bella laughed.

"Yes, rest up, Mrs. Cullen because the things I have planned for you will not involve a lot of rest," Edward admitted with a wink.

Goosebumps raised on her skin at his words. Then, when the plane began to move, Bella snuggled into Edward, preparing to rest as much as possible, knowing once they arrived in Hawaii, she planned to take him up on the swim. Luckily they were able to book a direct flight. Not having a layover anywhere would make for a better nap. The torture of two weeks without any sex was remedied the entirety of their wedding night, and she wasn't sure how Edward was still awake at this point.


The sound of the captain's voice woke Bella from her peaceful slumber. Raising her arms above her head, she stretched and looked over to find Edward looking at her intently.

"Did you sleep at all?" Bella asked, eyeing her new husband suspiciously.

"I napped for a little while. You were out like a light and looked too comfortable against me for me to move," Edward stated as he stretched his arms above his head.

"You should have moved me or woke me up. You need your sleep too. You're not a vampire, you know," Bella said, pointing her finger at him in an attempt to be stern.

Edward chuckled, "you love it when I bite, though."

Bella gasped, pretending to be shocked at his words before shaking her head and chuckling as the flight attendant came by to check that everyone was buckled in for landing. Edward pretended to look innocent, much to Bella's amusement.

While the captain ran through his welcome to Honolulu speech, Bella gazed out the window noticing the sun was starting to set. "I thought it would be darker when we arrived?"

"We have a short layover and will get on another plane to take us to Kona Island," Edward shared.

"How long is the second flight?" Bella asked.

"About 50 minutes, I think. The layover is about an hour, so in 2 hours, we will be in Kona and another 20 minutes to the beach house." Edward responded.

After landing and grabbing their carry-on bags, they made their way to baggage claim before going to the gate to board the next flight. Not really wanting to eat a lot of food since the condo would have food there waiting for them, they grabbed a quick snack from the gift shop.

While waiting for the next plane to board, they took the opportunity to text their family to let them know they had made it to Hawaii.

B: We made it to Honolulu. We're waiting to board the plane to Kona now.

R: Yay! Mile high club or nah?

B: Nah, honestly, that's gross!

R: That's why they make hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.

B: I'm assuming you're a member, then?

R: Card-carrying pro, babe. You should try it, LOL!

B: Hard pass. Bye Ro!

R: Later B. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.


While they continued to wait, Bella called Renee and Charlie to let them know they had made it and checked on Ziggy.


Getting off the plane in Kona, Bella noticed that it was indeed pretty dark outside now, so the excitement of a nighttime swim was building again. Taking a cab to the beach house, Bella watched the scenery outside; she could make out a few landmarks and trees even in the dark. Once they arrived at the beach house, Edward located the key where the owner said it would be and opened the door.

"It's not the fanciest thing in the world, but the fact that it has a private beach is the main reason I chose this place," Edward mused, setting the bags down before sweeping Bella into his arms.

Giggling at his gesture, Bella wrapped her arms around his neck before admitting, "you know I'm not worried about fancy as long as we're together here. That's what matters to me."

After carrying her over the threshold, Edward placed Bella back on her feet before they both took a look around. The place was a tad outdated as far as decor went. The small one-bedroom, one-bathroom beach house had yellow walls, dark leather furniture, small kitchen with newer appliances but needed a new paint scheme —for sure. A small patio was located just outside a set of french doors with a table and chair along with a dimly lit pathway to the beach.

Placing their luggage in the bedroom, Edward turned to Bella and nodded his head toward the beach's patio doors. "Ready for that swim?"

"You go on and check out the beach. I will be out in a few minutes to join you," Bella responded, anticipation already building within.

"Don't take too long, Mrs. Cullen," Edward told her as he bent down, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

Bella smiled and nodded in response while watching Edward walk outside, leaving his shirt on the back of the chair outside, before stepping out of his pants leaving him in his boxers. Bella took a deep breath and scrambled to her bag to see if she could find a bathing suit. She did not want to appear too eager. Deciding to skip the bathing suit, she stripped out of her clothes and found a large fluffy towel to wrap around herself. She walked through the french doors and could see Edward had made it to the beach and was already wading into the water. Watching where she stepped, she made her way down to the beach, dropping the towel far enough from the shoreline to not end up with a wet towel.

Stepping into the warm water, Bella felt a little nervous and wasn't sure why; it wasn't like she was a virgin. But, on the other hand, maybe it was just the nerves of the honeymoon where everything felt a little more magical. Edward heard Bella enter the water and turned, taking a couple of steps toward her, wrapping his arms firmly around her waist, and moving into deeper water.

The warm water surrounding them was nothing compared to the heat between them.

"Beautiful," Edward whispered while staring into Bella's eyes.

Smiling in response, before teasing him, "you're not so bad yourself."

Bella couldn't help but think, would it always be like this? The last year together had gone by so fast, and everything had been so easy; even the minor hiccups along the way hadn't been too much. Finding her sensitive spot behind her ear, Edward's lips brought her from her inner thoughts and back to the present.

Deciding she wasn't close enough to him, she wrapped her legs around Edward's waist; she could feel his erection pressing into her inner thigh. She threw her head back, enjoying the feel of his mouth on her skin as she began to grind herself against him, searching for friction to relieve the ache building inside. Edward shifted their bodies so that he was lined up with her entrance, sinking deep into her wet heat, their lips meeting in a frantic kiss.

Being in the water was not ideal for thrusting; with his cock buried deep inside, her throbbing pussy moved with him at a slow pace. Edward gripped onto her ass and lifted her off and on his length with steady movements. The waves around them created a current with their movements. Finally, after several moments of controlled, deep, slow movements and whispers of love, they came together, gasping into each other's mouths.

Moving back to the beach, they made it out of the water laughing when they both ended up tripping into the sand.

"Shower," Bella giggled, scrambling to grab their discarded belongings.


Stumbling back into the house, they decided to shower together to wash the sand and saltwater from their bodies. The shower was about teasing as much as it was about getting clean.

"As hot as that was, I never want to have sex on the beach again unless, of course, it is a cocktail," Bella laughed, rinsing the last of the sand down the drain.

"Agreed," Edward chuckled. "I had sand in places that should never see sand." Edward grabbed two towels from the rack and wrapped one around his waist before covering the other around Bella. Then, placing a kiss on her forehead, he left the bathroom so that she could finish up.

Once Bella was dried off, she placed her wet hair into a bun and made her way into the bedroom, not bothering to get dressed. Bella went to her suitcase, deciding to pull out the strap-on she had purchased a few months back; she held it up, clearing her throat while looking at Edward with a mischievous smirk, "is it my turn yet?"

Laughing at Edward's bug-eyed expression, Bella knew they had a lifetime of new adventures to explore together, and she couldn't wait.


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