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Prologue (1) : Samhain 1981

October 31st, 1981, Godric's Hollow

"James! Hurry up or we'll be late for the meeting!" yelled Lily Potter.

"Coming!" was the answering yell. Lily sighed in exasperation and smiled down at her twin children who were playing in their room.

Lily and James had never been so happy as when their twins had been born. Twins were rare among wand wizards and the fact that they were both magically powerful despite Lily being a Muggleborn was a big slap in the face for those "I'm better than you" Purebloods. Lily couldn't help but be smug that she had given birth to twins while the so-called Purebloods could barely have one due to inbreeding. To top it off, both were powerful for their age. That just goes to show that blood had nothing to do with magical power.

Jasmine was the eldest and had black hair that was a shade darker than both James and Nathan's, but had her bright emerald eyes. She also had her father's face shape and a gleam of intelligence in her eyes. Sometimes, Lily would swear she actually understood what was happening around her and suspected she had an eidetic memory. From what little she had read about it, babies with an eidetic memory learned faster since they never forgot anything and so learned from their mistakes faster than other children. That certainly fit with Jasmine's rapid growth.

Nathan on the other hand looked like a clone of his father with both his black hair and hazel eyes. However, he had her face shape which was a little bit rounder than Jasmine's. Nathan was the more adventurous of the two and was eternally getting into trouble as he tried to touch everything. Jasmine wasn't much better since she was eternally trying to push the boundaries of where she could go. They promised to cause many headaches in the future.

The sound of a baby's protests brought Lily back to reality and she saw a sight that made her almost squeal at the cuteness of it.

Jasmine was currently trying to build a tower of some sort out of some children Legos and Nathan was helping. Nathan seemed to be making the base of the tower while Jasmine just kept adding more blocks to the top to make it go higher. Jasmine was protesting because she was no longer tall enough to make it go higher and so had to abandon her hopes of making it tall enough to reach the ceiling.

Lily chuckled at Jasmine's cute face of annoyance. Out of the twins, it was obvious that Jasmine was the smarter one despite Lily not wanting to take sides. Jasmine had already spoken her first word at 4 months. The fact that her first word was "Mommy" had nothing to do with her favoritism at all. To add humor to the situation, Nathan spoke his first word 2 months before their first birthday and his first word was "Fly". That had convinced James that Nathan was born to be a Quidditch player and had promptly taken every chance to let him fly on his toy broomstick, much to Lily's terror.

Jasmine, on the other hand, seemed born to be a Ravenclaw. She always seemed to analyze everything she looked at and her green eyes stared at you as if looking into your soul. Sirius had called it "creepy" how she looked at you, but Lily simply laughed and said it was because Jasmine knew he was lying when he said he was late for her birthday because he was stopping a Death Eater raid. In reality, he had been trying to crawl his way out of bed from a particularly clingy one-night-stand.

Lily turned to look down the hallway toward the master bedroom and therefore missed Jasmine levitating a Lego block onto the top of the tower to Nathan's cheers of delight. Jasmine giggled at her success and Nathan smiled toothily.

James walked out of their room and entered the twins' room with a smile as he took in the sight of his children playing. It was sights like this that reminded him of why he fought against Voldemort so fiercely. It was so they wouldn't have to grow up afraid to leave the house because some madman would kill them due to some stupid prophecy.

The day their children were born was the happiest of their lives. However, the day after was currently ranked as the worst. Dumbledore came to them and explained that their children were possible subjects for a prophecy about one of them being destined to defeat Voldemort. They had fought and screamed and pleaded but nothing they could do could make Dumbledore take it back. Thankfully, Dumbledore had given them a chance to protect their children in the form of the Fidelius Charm.

The Fidelius is a complex bit of magic created by Merlin himself. It literally imbues a secret within a person's soul and unless that person willingly and under no duress reveals that secret, no one can discover or even attack the location or secret being kept. The magic was so powerful that even if Voldemort knew the general area where the house was located and unleashed Fiendfyre on the village, the house would be untouched.

Due to Sirius's persuasion, they had made Peter into their Secret Keeper. They agreed that it would be the ultimate "made-you-look" due to no one even suspecting Peter of being the Secret Keeper. Everyone would automatically assume it was Sirius, therefore leaving Peter in the clear.

James looked at his wife and gave her his famous Potter grin. "Well, Mrs. Potter, don't you look simply ravishing today?"

Lily rolled her eyes but was inwardly happy at his compliment. "Please, these bulky wizard robes are so unflattering. Years wearing them and I still miss good old Muggle pants."

James smirked. "Maybe but you totally manage to make wearing robes look hot."

Lily chuckled and gave James a gently kiss. "Such a charmer. I hope our son doesn't take after you when it comes to your history with women."

James just grinned. "Hey, I got the best woman in the end so that has to mean something. Plus, Potters always fall for red-heads."

Lily smirked. "Then we should probably set up a contract for Nathan to marry Molly's daughter, don't you think? First female Weasley in generations and a red-head to boot."

James grimaced. "I don't think I could stomach the idea of being related to Molly. Don't get me wrong, she's a good person but she's sometimes... overbearing."

Lily huffed. "Tell me about it. One more 'helpful tip' about how to raise my children and I'll strangle her."

James chuckled and pulled Lily into a gentle hug. "Plus, I would never force either of them to marry someone they don't love. No matter what, I'll let them choose who to love and marry. After all, isn't our right to choose and live our lives the way we want the reason we're fighting?"

Lily smiled softly as she looked down on her children. "That's true and I wouldn't want it any other way."

James smiled as he turned to the twins who were now in the fun process of tearing down their built tower. Nathan was tossing the blocks all over the place while Jasmine was carefully separating them into individual blocks. Just then, the sound of people apparating was heard and James looked out the window to see his three oldest friends standing outside. James grinned and walked out of the twins' room and into the foyer. He opened the door with a grin.

"Padfoot!... Did you pee before coming over? I don't want a repeat of your last visit."

Remus almost fell down laughing at the memory while Peter just chuckled nervously. On their last visit a week ago, Sirius had needed to go to the bathroom badly but it had been occupied by Lily at the time. Thinking that Lily would never know, he had transformed into a dog and gone outside to pee in a bush. Unfortunately, Jasmine and Nathan had seen him and sold him out the moment Lily appeared by saying "Doggie pee!" in unison. Needless to say, Lily had not been happy. Especially since that bush had been her favorite rose bush.

Sirius scowled as James and the others laughed while he gave them a mock glare. "It's not my fault! I was close to exploding and your wife wouldn't get out of the bathroom! Plus, it was your kids that sold me out!"

That just caused them to laugh harder as they entered and walked into the twins' room where Lily was watching the twins continue to play. Jasmine and Nathan saw them enter and Jasmine giggled before pointing at Sirius. "Doggie pee!"

At that, James fell down on the floor laughing and Remus was only holding himself up by holding onto Peter while Sirius turned red from embarrassment. Even Lily was chuckling at his humiliation. No one noticed Peter looking around nervously and chuckling weakly.

Eventually, Peter cleared his throat and spoke quietly. "Shouldn't you guys get going? The Order meeting is in five minutes."

James and the others slowly stopped laughing while Lily started to fuss over the twins. James smiled lovingly at the sight of his children before nodding his agreement with Peter's statement. "You're right. We should get going." He walked up to the twins and kissed each on the top of the head before sighing. "It's not fair. It's Halloween and they should be out there trick-or-treating with the other children. Not only can they not due to Voldemort but now we have to attend that emergency Order meeting."

Peter shuffled before forcing a smile. "Don't worry, I'll watch over them. Nothing will happen to them on my watch."

James smiled at his friend. "I know. Thanks, Peter."

Lily said her goodbyes to the twins before the group moved out of the room and into the living room where everyone except Peter Flooed to Hogwarts where the meeting was going to take place.

Peter watched them go with nervousness and let out a shuddering breath he didn't know he was holding when the fire turned back to its normal orange color. He quickly placed a ward to keep anyone from flooing in so that they wouldn't appear in an inopportune moment. Peter then turned and went up the stairs to the twins' room to make sure they were still there before calling his Master. Though the moment he entered the room, Peter gaped as he took in the sight before him.

Nathan was clapping his hands and giggling as Jasmine had blocks floating around her. They seemed to be creating several shapes such as a pyramid, a giant block and others. Nothing too complicated but the fact that she was doing it using pure magic was incredible.

Peter almost fainted when Nathan tried to copy his sister and levitated a single block only to lose concentration and it fell to the floor. Jasmine giggled and then allowed all the blocks to drop on the floor which caused Nathan to cheer in babyish joy.

Peter could only stand there with his mouth agape at the sight and only came back to himself a few minutes later. 'There's no doubt. That one must truly be the child of prophecy. Who else could have the power to match the Dark Lord?' thought Peter fearfully.

The clock rang 10 o'clock and Peter took a deep breath before walking out of the room and into the hallway. Sure that neither of the children could see him, Peter rolled up his left sleeve, revealing his Dark Mark. After a moment of hesitation, Peter pressed it with his wand, causing him to hiss in pain as it burned black as he called his Master.

There was a moment of silence before a crack of apparition was heard outside of the house. Peter fearfully walked down the stairs and out of the house where Voldemort stood waiting for Peter to come and tell him the secret. They couldn't risk Peter telling him beforehand in case Dumbledore sensed a change in the wards showing they were broken. Peter whimpered at the sight of his Master but gathered what little courage he had and stood before him.

Voldemort's eyes glowed red as he looked down in contempt at the wreck of a man before him. "Well? Tell me the secret, Wormtail!"

Peter a.k.a. Wormtail hesitated before speaking. "The Potters live in Godric's Hollow."

Voldemort's eyes glowed in unholy glee as he could finally see the Potter's home in all its soon to be destroyed glory. He stretched out his magical senses and felt the Potter twins on the second floor. His eyes widened momentarily as he felt the children's auras. One was quite powerful and promised to birth a wizard of Dumbledore's strength when he was fully grown. However, the other sent chills down even Voldemort's spine.

The other's magical aura was far stronger and if she continued to grow normally, the child would far surpass even Voldemort himself. Voldemort felt a wave of fury pass through him at the very thought. He was the Heir of Slytherin! How could some half-blood bastard daughter of a mudblood whore be able to surpass him?! There was no doubt now. The one of prophecy was one of the twins.

Peter was whimpering at the feel of his master's aura and could barely speak. "C-Can... can I go now, master? Surely my job is done?"

Voldemort turned to Wormtail with a disdainful sneer but nodded. "Go then, Wormtail. You have no business here anymore."

Peter didn't think twice before apparating out of there. Voldemort sneered at the man's cowardice. The man was supposed to be a Gryffindor, the house of the brave and noble! Yet in one night he showed himself to be a coward and betrayed his closest friends. So much for the house of lions!

Voldemort made a mental note to kill Wormtail at the soonest opportunity. He had no use for a man like that no matter how useful his animagus form was. A man like that would betray him the moment he thought he was losing, and he couldn't risk it. The only reason he didn't kill him now was because doing so would instantly alert Dumbledore to what was going on and he was too close to screw it all up due to his eagerness to kill. No, patience was key for now and once the one of prophecy was dead, then he could kill at his leisure since his immortality was assured. Never would he enter Death's realm.

Voldemort couldn't help the shiver that went up his spine at the thought of Death as he walked up the stairs. In his youth, he had met Death herself once. Foolishly thinking he could best her as the Sorcerer Supreme is rumored to have had and assure his immortality. She had smacked him around as if he was a child. Worse still were the words she had imbued into his brain.

"You are not the one who will become my Master. You are nothing more than a child running from what is inevitable. In the end, everything and everyone enters my realm."

Since then, he had feverishly tried to prove her wrong by becoming immortal and therefore, never entering her realm. He thought his horcruxes would work up until he heard the prophecy. Since then, he had stepped up the attacks on anyone connected to the Order of the Phoenix in the hopes of killing everyone who could possibly birth the prophecy child. However, he had failed, and both the Longbottom boy and the Potter twins had been born. However, tonight he would correct that mistake personally.

Voldemort entered the room only to stand a bit shocked at the sight of the eldest levitating a block onto the top of the 5-foot tower while the youngest was trying to stop it from falling. Both babies let out cries of frustration when it fell in Voldemort's direction. Both babies fell silent at the sight of the strange man that made them uneasy.

Voldemort used his magical senses and confirmed that the eldest child, the one with emerald eyes, was the more powerful of the two. It wasn't strange that Dumbledore hadn't noticed. Despite all his knowledge, the ability to see a baby's potential was not one he used since it was considered dark magic. In order to see a baby's potential, one had to literally send one's magical aura into a baby's core to measure the potential inside. However, there was a risk of influencing the baby's core with one's aura when one did this and so it was considered dark magic due to the risks. There was also a chance of giving the baby a unique trait you held if you stayed inside the baby's core for too long. However, Voldemort neither cared nor worried about future ramifications since he planned to kill them both tonight.

Unknown to him, his aura had left a special trait within the eldest's core.

Voldemort took out his wand and pointed it at the eldest first, since she was the bigger threat. Voldemort momentarily wondered if he should start the ritual to create another Horcrux but dismissed the idea. He had nothing to place the Horcrux inside and he wouldn't give anything that belonged to the Potters the honor of housing an anchor for his soul.

Jasmine seemed to sense danger because she had crawled in front of her brother as if to protect him. Voldemort smiled evilly at the sight.

"You can't protect him, girl. Especially since you can't even protect yourself! Avada Kedavra!" yelled out Voldemort gleefully.

A thick beam of green energy leaped eagerly from his wand as it had done many times before. It quickly traversed the distance between him and the eldest Potter child and struck the child on the forehead.

Voldemort smiled but the smile quickly fell when he noticed that the green energy of the Killing Curse hadn't killed the girl. In fact, it seemed as if some kind shield had formed in front of the girl's head and the energy of the Killing Curse was battling against the shield. A thin streak of green energy went around the shield and struck the youngest across his left cheek down to his neck, forming a scar with a shape similar to flames burning up the left side of his face.

The shield seemed to crack, and the Killing Curse continued to the child and struck her forehead. Voldemort was ready call victory until he saw the green energy seem to sink into the child's body. There was a beat of silence before a literal wave of Killing Curse energy flew from the eldest and hit Voldemort before he could react, disintegrating his body instantly and leaving nothing but ash and a yew wand in its wake. The wave continued and blasted a hole through the corner of the room where Voldemort had stood, opening the room to the elements.

Voldemort's spirit screamed in pain as it was blasted out of the house and far into the distance. He cursed the Potter girl and swore to have his revenge. However, he was currently bodiless and could do nothing at the moment, so getting a body back was his first priority. No doubt one of his faithful servants would come and he would be back before the week was out.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had passed out from over-exertion and Nathan had stopped crying from the pain of his scar in order to walk over to his twin. He sat in front of Jasmine with his back to the hole and vainly tried to shake her awake. When she wouldn't wake, Nathan started crying for their parents, somehow knowing his sister was in pain.

Beneath the bangs of Jasmine's hair, a thin almost invisible lightning bolt scar glowed slightly before returning to normal.