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It's your Burr-thday

Aaron Burr strolled into the bar on his birthday afternoon, trying to find Alexander. he was annoying as heck, but at least-


Aaron found himself being crushed by Hercules in a big hug.

"HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY, BURR!" He yelled, as Burr turned Blue.

"Thanks- Herc-." he managed, weakly.

"C'mon! We got a surprise for you!" He yelled, dragging him outside.

"Wait! Can i buy a drink first?"


As they stopped outside Herc's tailors, the tailor's apprentice himself put a blindfold on Aaron.

"Did you knit this yourself?" Asked Burr.

"Yep!" Cried Hercules, as they went in.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" came the yells of Herc, Alex, Laurens, and Lafayette..

"Hey, guys." Smiled Burr, a little exasperated but grateful nonetheless.

"I called in a few favours from my relatives in France..." Lafayette explained, motioning to a humongous tall layer cake on a table in the middle of the room. "And got this shipped here!"

"Woah! Birthday cake! I could never afford that!" Cried Burr.

"Yeah... properly made cake is expensive." Said Hamilton.

"Let's eat!" yelled Laurens.

Hamilton grabbed the knife, but burr stopped him.

"We're not trusting you to do it." he told him.

"awwww..." groaned Alex, shying away.

Laurens grabbed the knife and started hacking at the cake in an excited frenzy.

"I wouldn't have trusted you either." grumbled Burr, as Laurens made a surprisingly good cut of the cake.

As they all took a slice, Alex toasted; "To the revolution!"

"To the revolution!" Everyone cried.


After everyone had finished eating, all that was left of the cake was a few crumbs.

Alex, Hercules, John, and Lafayette were rubbing their poor stomachs.

"I told you not to eat it all." Burr sighed.

"it tasted so good and it's my first time having cake!" Groaned Alesxander.

"me too." groaned Laurens.

"Me three" grumbled herc.

"I haven't had cake since I left France!" Snapped Lafayette, defensively.

Burr sighed, and they all sat down.

They sat in silence for a few seconds.

"Hey, what do you think the effect of the revolution's gonna be on the rest of the world if we win?" Asked Alex.

Everyone pondered this for a moment.

"It'll be big." Said Lafayette "Might even spread to Britain and France."

"Whatever happens will decide the fate of the world." Said Alex "So raise a glass to freedom!"

"Something you will never see again!" Everyone chanted. Just for once, Burr joined in.

"C'mon, it's getting late." Hercules told them "My Boss isn't gonna let me let you guys use this place much longer."

"Okay, okay. I think I'd like an early night for once anyway." Said Aaron.

"okay! Happy birthday!" Said Laurens, as everyone left.

As Alex walked home, he decided to take a shortcut through an alley.

A few seconds after he went in, three young women walked past the alley,

"C'mon,, you two, we should get home." Said Angelica to Peggy and Eliza "Dad will be home soon."

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