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Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress.

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Overlord and Game of Thrones. What if?

The Day of Infamy

King's Landing, the city in which the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms lived, has never been a place where someone could say, life is perfect. Many have died in the city, from lowborn to high nobles of great birth. But none of them could compare to the rulers and the family whose has brought forth the great Game of Thrones, where everyone was playing to sit in the awful chair of thousand swords. Fathers against son, brother against brother, family against family. The Targaryen family, in the last two hundred years, have done every single sin humanly possible.

But it was never enough. The dragon ruled above all and would kill its own kin to prevail. However, that type of rhetoric could only last for so much before it cracked. Before the dragon fall from the pedestal of its own family bones. The days of the Targaryen family were numbered. But oddly enough, although it was true that eventually, they would have met their demise. This time, it would not be because of their own doing.

Maybe, and just maybe. It was for the best. Perhaps the realm would be better if the Targaryen rule no more.

Deep in the Red Keep, the castle of the king, loud noises could be heard from within the chambers of the Iron Throne. There, nobles and ladies seemed to gather around, plotting about their next moves. They were watching the proclamations of the king as he dealt with another noble trying to get to his good side. A failure, like always. The king was not an idiot, neither a meek individual who allowed himself to be ruled by fear or intimidation.

Aegon V Targaryen, King of the Andals, the Rhonyar, and the First Men sighed deeply as he sat on his throne, wondering about what could he do. For almost a year, he has been hearing whispers of yet another Blackfyre rebellion coming to Westeros. Bittersteel once again crowned a pretender by the name of Daemon III Blackfyre, in Tyrosh, just after Haegon I Blackfyre died in the Third Blackfyre Rebellion. This is a never-ending battle. How many more have to die for this madness to end? It tired him greatly, but he understood that sometimes duty does not sleep.

"For once I wish for peace, but I don't believe it would come to pass. Not now, perhaps never."

Aegon V whispered as he looked down at his hands. But a voice brought him from the solitude of his mind.

"Your grace, if I may be so blunt. You don't look at all well today. Would not be better if you take the day off?" Ser Duncan said.

Aegon V watched the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard and his old friend with a tender smile. Truth be told, there wasn't anything he would desire more than take a long break. Perhaps a few months in Summerhall, away from the stank of King's Landing, would relieve him from his pain and worries. Ah, the fields and the warmth of the sun would do me well. The cruel winter has brought down any energy left in me. But I don't think it would be possible. What a shame.

"I wish for it, my old friend, but duty calls."

"We aren't that old," Ser Duncan said with an amusing smile.

"True, but sometimes it feels that way. However, I must do my duty and take care of my business for today. Before it stacks up again. Remember, no one expected me to be the king, not even me… I was last in line, and my coronation was out of necessity. I want to do my best as a king."

Duncan nodded. People still wanted him to be unsuccessful, or perhaps they wanted to take advantage of him. Duncan knows that, so because of that he made sure to always be ready to defend him, whatever the cost. Especially now, more than ever. Since the war was looming on the horizon, bearing the flag of a red dragon with three heads.

"The nobles are still waiting for you, that's true. The last decades have been very troublesome for Westeros, and with the winter around for the last six years. Well, they aren't happy about it. The farmers and nobles really hate winter."

Aegon V saw the throne chamber and was bursting with nobles and highborn ladies and lords, all of them trying to win the game. Alliances and treacheries, all before him as he sat on the ultimate price. The Iron Throne. Just another day in King's Landing, surrounded by schemers and whores with fancy dresses. I truly need a break. He thought with disdain as he looked down at Duncan. So many steps below him, and smiled.

"Everyone hates winter, Duncan. But the icy winds and long nights are behind us. Archmaester Ellendor has told me that winter is over, and summer is finally upon us. It would do us good to ride once again."

Duncan beamed at his king. "Are you sure about it, my king? Riding after such a long time, could do you harm. I do not wish to inform the queen about any harm done upon you by a horse."

Aegon V scoffed but smirked at his friend, at the thought of his beloved wife scolding him for his reckless behavior.

"My queen does not scare me, Ser Duncan."

"As you say, your grace. Perhaps we could take the princes for a stroll in the Kingswood? Surely, they would abide? They seemed rather boring here."

"It's an interesting idea, but that's for the future, however, as of now what bothers me is what lays ahead of us."

Aegon V told Duncan as he sighed deeply one more time. "There is Bittersteel and the Blackfyre heir. They are soon to arrive if my Spymaster is telling the true. A fortnight from now, perhaps even sooner, I don't know," Aegon V said.

"Bittersteel… he learns nothing from the previous defeats. How many do have to die for his goals? For the goals of dead men?" Duncan said, with a grim look on his face.

"It doesn't matter, truly it doesn't. We must be ready for when they arrive… and for what we are exploring and assuming, Bittersteel would land his forces closer to the Crowlands as he can. He won't risk landing directly in King's Landing, but perhaps somewhere else. Where he can retreat if things don't go as planned. We are thinking perhaps in the Stormlands, or at the edge of Massey's Hook."

"A risky move regardless, but Bittersteel knows these lands. He would make do with what he has."

Duncan replied, but he felt that soon the Blackfyre attempts on taking the Iron Throne would end. There was no doubt in his mind about it. The Blackfyre has no loyal allies anymore. The last houses that supported them had lost so much, and it brought a sense of danger to anyone who dared to support the Blackfyre again. So no, Duncan had on his mind, no doubt that they would easily wipe the floor with Bittersteel army and end whatever the Blackfyre pretender wanted to do.

Just one more battle. Duncan thought.

"We will end them, your grace. Once and for all. Our armies are getting ready."

"Mm, House Lannister is marching and will arrive soon. The other houses in the Crowlands and some in the Reach are also soon to arrive."

"The Golden Company has around 21.000 men if I'm not mistaken. Adding up a few more houses here and there who wished to gain more power after the pretender gains his throne. No, that would ever happen, but we must be ready."

"Don't preoccupy yourself with the number, your grace. We will outnumber them."

"That's now what I'm worried about, honestly."

"Then what is it, your grace?"

Before Aegon could reply to his Kingsguard words. The sound of a loud horn interrupted the chamber. Everyone inside the throne chamber looked around in confusion at the sound of such an unusual trumpet. Then, out of nowhere, an icy feeling emerged from the air, as if something was bringing the temperature down. Aegon V and Duncan looked around at both, got tense at the sense of danger they mutually felt. Duncan, an experienced knight, got his sword out, and so did every other Kingsguard.

The strange sensation wasn't one they were used to. Never in their life of battles and war they had felt something like this.

"My king…"

"Duncan, what is going? Could it be that our information about Bittersteel is wrong?"

"I don't think so, your grace."

Duncan whispered, as he could not explain the feeling of panic in his soul. The rest of the highborn ladies and lords stared around, confused by the sudden feeling. However, all the dread came to a halt as the giant doors of the throne room opened. Or well, they were taken down in a blast. What?! Where are the guards guarding the door?! What is going on?! Duncan thought as he steps down the stairs of the Iron Throne and next to his brothers in arms prepared himself for what could be a battle.

Every single person in the chamber got quiet as they watched a woman. A woman with long dark hair and golden eyes. A strange combination, sure, but it was not what brought people to their knees. It was the beauty of such a woman. Not a single lord or lady has seen such elegance, such exquisiteness. They could say that the gods themselves sculptured her body, as the curves were too perfect for it to be normal. Men there, and even some women could only stare with their mouths open as such a gorgeous woman walked through the halls of the chambers. However, it looked unnatural. It was since it only took a few seconds for everyone to realize something terrifying about such a woman. Two horns lay upon her head and a set of dark wings around her waist.

Her face hid a fake smile and in her eyes. The look of someone who has been waiting for this moment for a long time for an odd reason. It was more of a sadistic smirk than an actual smile. Such a grin brought a sense of danger to Aegon V. And well, everyone there.

A devil in disguise. The most beautiful devil in disguise.

Still, if it wasn't enough, walking next to her. Two giant monsters walked side by side. They were armored, horrendous, and unstoppable. The humans there cowered in fear. Some even tried to run away, but couldn't move. Death was all they could think of, as they wondered if they were dreaming. Nothing made sense to those watching unfold what was happening there. Duncan got a hold of his body, as even though the rest of the Kingsguard seemed in shock or frozen in place, he was still the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, in charge of protecting the king at all costs, against all foes. No matter the cost. So, trembling, he got his sword up and with a strong and defiant voice yelled at the intruder to stop walking. If time is kind to him, they would remember Ser Duncan, the Tall as a brave man, or perhaps a stupid one, since he was now talking to a being of immense power. A being with no love for worms.

"Holt there, in the king's name!" Duncan said, doing a great job of hiding his fear in his voice.

"Who are you?! Respond now!"

Duncan, just like the rest of the people there, waited, filled with trouble. But then, just a small giggle came from the woman.

"My, my, such a nasty smell this place has," the woman said with a disgusted face. "But is a good representation of all of you. Stinking, useless and disgusting."

"Who are you?!" Duncan yelled one more time.

The woman stared at him with a condescending look, but kept her face up.

"My name is, Albedo, and I am, an emissary of the Supreme Being and Ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Galadriel Melkor. And as of now, I'm here to announce to all of you, to every single human living in Westeros, that my lady has come down from her throne, to lead and rule over all of you. Congratulation!"

Albedo took her time to look around the chamber, allowing her words to sink in. Then she looked at the man on top of the throne room and sneered at him. What was the reason for such a reaction? Well, Albedo hated the fact she has to stare up to see him. The Iron Throne was a grotesque thing, asymmetrical and big. She felt insulted that a low form was looking down on her. The Throne itself it's not really that ugly. I believe Demiurge said that such a thing was an interesting piece of art. Mm, I wonder why he felt such a thing is such an ugly throne. Albedo scoffed. But she had a job to do.

Aegon V could only stare in shock at the words of the woman with golden eyes. "What?" He asked. "What is the meaning of this? Who are you? Who has sent you?"

"I hate repeating myself, especially to a human…" Albedo sneered at him.

Albedo once again only stared at him with a sneer on her face. But kept her cool. She smiled again.

"My lady, in her infinity compassion for your lowlife, has offered you, king Aegon V. A chance to give away your crown and all your titles. As well to have all the noble houses to swear loyalty to her. In return, she would name you, warden of Blackwater Bay and the Crowlands. A fitting title, I suppose."

Aegon V went from being fearful for his life to anger beyond belief. Thought those creatures next to the woman terrified him to no end. He was still the king. Showing weakness was out of the question. Besides, the Targaryen family had magic in their blood. They were part of the greatest civilization that the world has ever or would ever exist. So, he stood up from his throne, afraid but not overwhelmed by the sight before him. He held his head high, and sounding strong for the first time in minutes, he spoke.

"I do not know, who this Galadriel Melkor is, nor where she came from, my lady. But I would not sit idle as threat are made in my presence. For over two hundred years the Targaryen have ruled over the Seven Kingdoms, and that would not come to an end. Not now, not in a thousand years."

Aegon V said, with the most confident voice he could muster. Those creatures weren't moving at all. Only stood there. Something is telling me, this is just magic, an illusion of some sort! Perhaps something from the far East. From Asshai or anything like that. We lost the art of magic to use in the current time, but I doubt they are more powerful than a dragon. There is nothing more powerful than a dragon. And while we don't have them anymore, we still know how to use fire. Wildfire. Aegon V thought that whatever the so-called Supreme Being was, must be a loony or a want to be God. Like those crazy, he has met before from Essos.

They are perhaps slaves that were submitted to horrendous torture and were transformed into those vile things. But we can kill everything, even those things. Aegon thought.

"Mm, is that so?" Albedo only said unbothered by him.

"Lady Albedo, as an emissary, I will allow you to return to your master. Tell to this Supreme Being, that she is not welcome here. Tell her to return to whatever hole she is from. And if she desires to test the strength of a dragon, we will meet her with Fire and Blood."

His words reached the people there, and while the fear was still lingering in the air. The nobles and ladies stood behind their king. Some of them dared to even speak up against the Supreme Being in an insulting way that made Albedo furious. However, she again, remain calm. After all, it was as her lady planned.

My lady was right. They won't listen to reason, and I was hoping they would not do so. We have been preparing for a long time now. Conquering this land without a fight would have been really disappointing. Mm, they don't look so afraid of the lesser demons next to me anymore. Good, it would give them a false sense of hope. Fufufu! My lady has predicted everything so far! As expected from my love! Still, I will make sure this worm pays for what he said about my love.

Albedo laughed loudly, as she remembered the words of the king.

"What could be so funny, my lady?" King Aegon V asked, behind Duncan who was ready to attack at any sign of threat.

"Fire and Blood? Words made of nothing. They are no threat to us. But so be it, king Aegon V," Albedo said, as she then turned around to watch the people around her for one last time.

"Let people here remember we offered an opportunity for peace. Let the realm know, that it was Aegon V Targaryen who threw away this opportunity. And it was all for his pride."

"Enough of this, please escort this woman outside of my castle!" Aegon yelled.

However, Albedo only glared at him with a nasty and sadistic smile.

"We will crush the mountains under our feet and leave nothing but dust behind. We will paint the rivers with the blood of your people, fill every field with the bodies of anyone who dares to stop us. The sky will not shine for you, king Aegon, and darkness not seen even in the deepest night of winter will bring powers you will never understand. And once it's all over, you will have nothing left to fight for. They will forever remember you as King Aegon V Targaryen, the fool who thought he could defeat a Supreme Being."

And with that, Albedo gave a mocking bow as then a circle of darkness appeared behind her and everyone lost their mind at what they were watching. Some could now run away, but the king and his Kingsguard stood still, watching that strange thing appearing out of thin air. Albedo walked to it, but before she went crossed the portal, she looked back one more time and smiled.

"Ah, please send your ravens to every single lord in Westeros, about the upcoming conflict. We will give your time to gather your forces, of course. And don't worry yourself about the so-called Golden Company and the Blackfyre. We have already dealt with them, after all we don't want annoying pest around."

Aegon V stood there, still trying to process what just happened. While the rest were running or screaming about what took place, the king only looked at Duncan, his old friend. And feeling as if he had done a horrible thing.

"Duncan… what did I do?"

Duncan could not answer his king, because he, too, felt as if the world was slowly ending. And it would only take a few days before things change entirely in King's Landing, and in a few months, the rest of Westeros. Since strange happenings occurred from the icy lands of the North to the deserts of Dorne. Earthquakes, sudden sounds of trumpets in the sky, and the most important one. The sudden mist surrounding the Isle of Faces. The towns of Whitewalls, Lake Town, Crossed Elms were attacked by what the survivors claim was a giant made of rock. And in Harrenhal, whispers of the enemy stirred. Now, at the very least, everyone knew where their enemy was. But how? How could they be there? They didn't know.

Yet, the more time went by, the more people died at the hands of those earthquakes. Then some towns were disappearing, leaving nothing behind.

More and more, the small folk lost their minds. At the things they were hearing and seeing. Talks about demons, and other unnatural monsters appearing around small towns, terrorizing the population, were hard to ignore. But it was only the beginning.

Albedo smiled as she walked to the room where her lady was sitting, looking at the map of Westeros surrounded by the guardians. All of them were ready for what was to come, and more than anyone, it was her lady. Galadriel Melkor was scratching her chin deep in thought. Albedo, like the guardians, wondered what was going on inside her lady mind. But they knew they could never comprehend the mind of the supreme one. Still, it won't matter, since their lady always knows best.

"My lady, I have finished our preparations," Albedo said with the biggest smile on her face.

Galadriel seemed to come down from her dreamland and beam at her. "Ah, thank you, Albedo. You have done an excellent job of keeping God's eye under our control. Of course, that goes to all of you too," Galadriel said.

"Ah, my lady, please don't thank us! We were doing only our duty!" Demiurge said.

"Is that so? Still, I wish to reward each one of you for your hard work the last past months."

"My lady! We can't accept a reward for our work! It's only natural for us to give our 100 percent… no, our 200 percent in each task you give upon us!"

Demiurge exclaimed fervently as soon as the rest of the guardians followed through.

"That's right!"

"W-we love working!" Aura and Mare both said.

"Serving the supreme one is what they made us for. We live to serve you!" Cocytus added.

"It's part of what we are, my beloved one!" Shalltear said, although she and Albedo looked irritated at each other. "I will always serve you in anything you want, my beloved!"

Well, they were also a bit annoyed by each other, but now one reason was that Galadriel has brought both of them to her bed. Multiple times now. It's been around a year and a half since they arrived in this strange world, and figuring out where she was. The Demon Empress was now dealing with the perks and shenanigans of being a high demon. Something she discovered was how horny she would get sometimes. It was like going in the heat for Galadriel and she wasn't sure of why, but, well, been surrounded by beautiful women and feeling entitled to do whatever she wanted because of her title of Demon Empress. Honestly made her remove any doubt of regret of sleeping around with the homunculus maids, the Pleiades, Albedo, and Shalltear.

However, that was not what Galadriel was thinking of as of now.

They are all workaholics! Truly, they don't want to take a break?! Not even if I ordered them to do so. They believe this is a punishment or something. Argh! This is so infuriating!

"Sebas, do you think the same?" Galadriel asked, to her loyal butler who was standing behind her with Solution and Yuri, ready for anything.

"Of course, my lady. We live to serve you," he said, as both Pleiades nodded enthusiastically.

"And what about you, Pandora's?" Galadriel asked, with a hint of desperation in her voice. Her creation stared at her, and although you couldn't see any expression on his face. He was clear it was smiling.

"We should be able to do what we love, and we love serving you. However, I do believe you wish us to take a break once in a while, don't you, my lady?" Pandora's Actor said, knowing full well what his creator wanted to get across.

Galadriel wanted to jump in joy at the words of Pandora's Actor. Among all the Guardians, he was the only one who could read her like an open book. And how could he not? She created him, and only he knows how her mind operates. He was also the sole being in all Nazarick who in which Galadriel confide in it. All her secrets, the good and bad ones. The insecurities and worries. Albedo gazed at Pandora's Actor and she would admit that, just like many in Nazarick, was jealous of him. He knows our lady better than us. Pandora's Actor is perhaps the only person who understands her… it makes me feel alone. That I can have the same connection as him. Albedo thought, hiding her sorrow behind a stoic face.

"Exactly. I wish for all of you to have a healthy lifestyle. Working without a pause would do none of you good. I worry for all of you."

The guardians stared at their lady with an expression fill with joy. To have the supreme one, worried about their health. It showed how compassionate their lady was, how much she loved them, and it was true. Nazarick and all the people living there were Galadriel's biggest treasures. Nothing was more important than them.

"To have the supreme own worry about us in such a manner…" Cocytus muttered, not betraying his feelings.

Aura and Mare both were sobbing, and even Shalltear was using a handkerchief to clean her nose. Sebas and the Pleiades were showing the same expression of happiness as the rest.

"My lady, Demiurge, and I will create a rotation calendar for us in order to have free days," Albedo said, smiling.

"I will help if you want, my lady Albedo," Pandora's Actor said.

"Thank you… Pandora's Actor," Albedo replied.

"I would like to hear more about it later, but now, let's focus on what we have in hand," Galadriel said, as she then looked at the map before her.

Galadriel has been preparing for this for more than a year. Since she arrived, the idea of the unknown disturbed her and intrigue her. They arrived in the middle of a small island on the continent. Luckily enough it was a deserted piece of land with only strange trees with faces on them. However, it was the perfect place to hide the entrance of the tomb, and it allowed them to learn more of where they currently were, with little difficulty. But as time went by, and more information came in, Galadriel soon realizes how big the world was, and yet there was no sign of another player.

Honestly, Galadriel was not the one who brought up the idea of conquering Westeros. It was Demiurge and Albedo, who thought it would be the best in the long run. If there was a slight chance that another player was around, they would most defiantly try to contact them. Or at least, make themselves known. Yet that also brought another question, and it was, what if they are hostile to them? That was not a good thing.

Galadriel was very well known back at Yggdrasil, and the guild, Ainz Ooal Gown, was very popular and very hated. So, she was cautious about the whole thing, but there was still no sign of a player. Perhaps there are not players here.

"So, no sign of another Player?" Galadriel asked.

"None, my lady. Our spies around the Seven Kingdoms have to find nothing at all. Even in the Citadel, the records of magic and the users of it are quite disingenuous. And it seemed as if all recollection of magic has been lost, they believed it is extinct now," Demiurge said.

"What about the dragons? Are there any left?" Galadriel asked.

Aura jumped in and for the looks of it, she had a very disappointed expression on her face.

"They aren't dragons, my lady, but Wyverns. I have inspected the skull Demiurge brought, and they do not share any comparison to the one in Yggdrasil. They look rather weak, to be honest," Aura said with a huff.

"Ah, I'm sorry, Cocytus, I know you wanted to fight them," Aura said with a rather sad face.

"Don't worry, Aura," Cocytus replied.

"Mm, I see…" Galadriel whispered.

"My lady?" Albedo asked with a worried look on her face. Galadriel sighed, but only smiled back at her.

"Ah, is nothing, but I thought that perhaps, that no player is here. We have made quite a show in the last months," Galadriel said.

"We transformed a part of Dorne desert into ice, that's true. But nothing," Albedo said.

"Well, it's not like it matter, we would have been able to defeat whoever tried to defy our lady," Shalltear said.

"It was fun to scare them off too!" Aura said.

"Well, it doesn't matter. What matters now is that now all the nobles and great house of Westeros are ready to attack us. It took them such a long time to gather their forces, truly, these humans are slow," Demiurge said.

"It took them months!" Aura exclaimed.

"Almost a year, in fact," Albedo muttered, annoyed.

"Now, now, don't forget how important it is for all of them to be together in one place. Our lady conquest must be swift, and glorious," Pandoras' Actor said.

"Indeed, as of now the king is marching to Sow's Horn with around 120,000 soldiers. The combine strength of the Reach, Stormlands, Westerlands, Dorne and Crowlands. They will soon meet, the Riverlands, the Vale and North a few kilometers of the town of Whitewalls. Adding another 40,000 soldiers. They took the bait and seemed to believe that Harrenhal is our fortress."

"That's quite the number of humans in one place," Albedo said, amused.

"So many of them! ~" Shalltear drawled, thirsting over the bloodshed that was about to happen.

Galadriel only nodded at the words of Demiurge. She still wanted to make sure many would survive the upcoming conflict. They have attacked small towns and make a big show around Westeros, to make sure they all answer the king's call. To bring them together, to face the great unknown evil threatening their existence, a rather fantasy look on her current plans, but it was as they wanted. Humans marching together, facing the enemy, terrorizing their land only to face their true insignificance. What twist. Galadriel thought.

Harrenhal was an abandoned piece of rock, but we have brought it back to life, and now is going to be where we change the world. Where I conquer this land.

"Now that the humans are marching, we must make sure to show them the power of Nazarick. To make them realize, how foolish they were. But remember, they also need to understand, that, I am going to rule over them. That's why I would like to spare the head of the houses, well, only the great houses."

"What about the king and his sons?" Albedo asked.

"Ah, mm… that's a good question. I was thinking of killing them but… Demiurge, didn't you say that the Targaryen family is very proud?" Galadriel asked.

"Indeed, my lady. They are incredible proud of their lineage," Demiurge said, as he seemed to know what his lady was thinking of.

"Mm, yes… I think I know what to do with them. Nothing better than having the king on his knees begging for forgiveness. I don't want to destroy the Targaryen, no, no. That would be too easy and cliché. When, Aegon the Conqueror took Westeros, he made his throne out of the swords of his defeated enemies. I, will do something better."

Galadriel said as she gazed to smirk maliciously. She has read a lot of history from Westeros, and she knows how like any other monarchy around, their rule has been filled with problems. Civil war, betrayal, corruption, and more. What better punishment for them? Then living under her feet? Watching as she destroys and rebuilt their empire in her image. Making all the people love her and worshipped her instead of them? Galadriel knows that history was written by the one who wins. And it was they who would be remembered.

"It's a plan for the long run, but I believe it will be the best punishment for them. To live with the regret."

Galadriel, once again, smiled.

"I want everyone to be ready. This is a day that will live forever. A day of infamy for Westeros, but a day of glory for us."

The guardians looked at her with complete devotion and loyalty. The Demon Empress smirked and, spreading her long dark wings, she gave the order that would change the Seven Kingdoms.

"Bring chaos to them… make them remember this day."

"As your said, my lady!" They all replied at the same time.

Westeros was doomed.

King Aegon V Targaryen marched with the entire force of Westeros behind his back. Never in the history of the Seven Kingdoms, not even in the Age of Heroes, a united Westeros marched at the drums of war, against an enemy that all hated and feared. For almost a year, each kingdom has faced something out of a nightmare. Disappearing of small towns, smallfolk running from demons, earthquakes, deserts transformed into ice and sky that seemed to be alive with the sound of those awful trumpets. It was like the announcement of the end of times. And perhaps it was.

Aegon V looked at the sky and saw the red clouds following them. A red day, we will spill blood today.

The Starks, Tully, and Arryn had joined him and the rest of Westeros, and with them, they had enough forces to face whatever the so-called Supreme Being has. Still, Aegon V couldn't comprehend where they came from. The Redwyne fleet with the Iron Born and the royal fleet has taken the task to patrol every corner of Westeros for an invasion. But nothing. Their spies were also reporting that the Free Cities were unaware of what was going on in Westeros.

Now that was unsettling.

"Am I doing the right thing?" Aegon V whispered.

"My king?" Ser Duncan asked.

Aegon V sighed as he stared at his friend, who was riding next to him in the vanguard of the great army.

"Duncan, my old friend… do you think am I doing the right thing now?"

Ser Duncan could understand what the king meant with that, yet he must remain strong for him.

"We are fighting for Westeros, for the Iron Throne, your grace. All of us are here to fight, and we will win. Whatever this… invaders have. They can't take out our army. Look around, your grace. 160,000 soldiers of Westeros, ready to follow you and die for you."

Aegon V sighed, but felt strong by those words.

"The Lannister, Tyrell, Arryn, Tully, Martell, Stark, Baratheon and Targaryen. All of them are ready to face whatever it comes, your grace. All of them will follow you to the deepest of hell!" Ser Duncan said, although many would not entirely believe it. They were loyal, yes, but to follow the Targaryen to hell? Well, not true.

Ser Duncan said, and while he felt as if today was going to be history, he, like the other lords and soldiers, was oblivious that it won't be like the expected it would. Yes, history would change today, but not for them.

"Our scouts say that Harrenhal has been the center of many strange things. Strange lights and a mist that clouds everything. As well as strange soldiers patrolling around God's Isle. They must be there," Ser Duncan said.

"Well, will find out soon enough," Aegon V said.

As the great army marched to Harrenhal, it became apparent that their enemy was waiting for them. Crossing the river of Whitewalls, Aegon V noticed how dense the mist truly was. It was like an enormous wall of dust falling from the sky. But then the giant army stopped in their tracks at the sight before them.

"Ser Duncan, gather the commanders! Shields and spear in front, archers behind! Tell Jaehaerys to gather the knights! Get Duncan and Daeron behind the vanguard! Get lord Lannister ready to the charge! And as well, lord Tyrell!"

Aegon V ordered as he watched the enemy. He expected a vast army to face them, but no. There, in front of him, in the distance. A group of monsters stood still. A giant with four arms, grotesque and bizarre, held a giant ax with one hand and a sword in the other. A child like a girl, with long white silver hair and a strange gown, sat with an umbrella on her side. Then, besides, there were two other children, small and fragile. Other strange creatures surrounded them, but the numbers were not even a hundred. Are they mocking us? Aegon V thought, but he felt as if it was something was happening. What it was? He couldn't tell.

But what he knew then was that he had to kill them. It was almost as if his instinct told him to.

"Prepare!" King Aegon V said.

However, Aegon V would end it all today.

"My king… they are children?" A kingsguard said.

"It doesn't matter, they are monster! Archers get ready!"

Across the field, Cocytus, Shalltear, Aura, and Mare were watching at the vast army before them. They were armed with World Items each. Next to them, their strongest guards were ready to fight, too. And the reason for such preparation was that Galadriel wanted to cover all possibilities. If a player appeared out of nowhere, or a guild or something, they would be prepared to face them. Galadriel was flying above them, with Albedo in full armor, and the strongest Npc in all Nazarick, Rubedo. They were hiding behind a powerful Tier 10 camouflage spell. Waiting.

Ready to jump in if the worst comes to pass. Demiurge was also paying intense attention to the surroundings as he was with Pandora's Actor and Sebas, acting as a back-up. But it seemed that if, there weren't any players in the world after all. Well, what a bore, Galadriel thought.

Galadriel won't let her guard down, but if that was the case, she was heavily disappointed. Since she was a rather competitive person, and fighting was one of her secret joys. So, looking down at the sea of soldiers marching to meet her guardians in an open field. She thought that, perhaps, the balance of power was a bit too much in her favor.

"Well, this a is a bit overkill…" Galadriel whispered.

"My lady, is there a problem?" Albedo said behind the thick helmet.

"Ah, nothing is just that. I was actually hoping for a player to appear. But it seems as all our preparation is for naught."

Galadriel said with almost a grumpiness in her voice. Albedo giggled at her beloved reaction while Rubedo seemed sleepy by the whole thing. The small girl wearing a bright golden armor, however, lean forward and tried to put on her best cute puppy face, as she spoke to her lady. And it worked.

"My lady, would I be able to fight?" Rubedo asked.

"Mm, will see about it…"

"But I will, right? Like, I will be able to fight?"

"Rubedo, behave yourself and don't act like a child," Albedo said, scolding her younger sister.

"But! I clean my room; you like you told me too!" Rubedo answered in a childlike tone.

"It's not something I had to remind you of every day! You must always clean your room!" Albedo said.

"I do, when its dirty!"

"You room is always dirty! And stop it, don't behave in such manner in front of our lady," Albedo said with a strong mother-like tone. To which Galadriel only laughed.

"Now, now, Albedo dear, is alright. I will allow her to join the battle. I can't say no to that cute face!"

"My lady!"

"Yay! My is the best!"

Galadriel smiled at the face of Albedo. "Ah, look, they are getting ready," Galadriel said as she noticed the sea of men in formation to attack. Let's see what can they do.

I have told them to not use any high tier spell, unless a player appear, but since that won't happen. I think they will only use basic attacks of low level spells. Ah, this is going to take a while. Galadriel thought.

Down below, Shalltear watched the humans with hunger as she couldn't stop licking her lips. There were so many to choose from, and the True Vampire was excited.

"Hey, Shalltear stop drooling! It's disgusting, and remember our lady orders! You can't kill all of them," Aura said in an annoyed tone. While Shalltear closed her mouth and sneered at the Dark Elf.

"Eh?! I'm not drooling!" Shalltear tried to defend herself.

"Yes, you are! If you can't control [Blood Frenzy] our lady will have to punish you."

"Shalltear, if you lose control of yourself our lady will be angry at you. Don't you remember what happened when you went crazy while dealing with those soldiers of the Golden Company? You lost your mind," Cocytus said.

"I know, I know! I won't lose control!" Shalltear said, embarrassed.

"A-ah, they are shooting arrows at us!" Mare called, as then, the guardians there saw a cloud of arrows falling in their direction. The guardians, like the other NPC there, did no bothered to block them as they only stood still, watching the arrows break before their skin, or shields. Mare was scratching the back of his long ear while looking nervously at the rain of arrows. The arrows simply disappeared before even touching him.

"That's a lot of arrows. How long will it last?" Mare asked as he counted each arrow.

"I don't know, but is getting annoying," Aura said, as the arrows simply bounce out of her.

"Such a waste of time," Shalltear huffed while using her umbrella as a shield of sorts.

"I see… then let me get rid of it," Cocytus said, as he then brought her weapon high in the sky.

"[Cutting Wind]" Cocytus said, and his attack felt as if a wall of wind came out of nowhere, destroying the relentless rain of arrows. The win was so powerful that even faraway, across the field, the soldier fell to the ground by the sheer shock-wave of the monster attack. And even now, although they were fearful of those things. The vanguard of the great army of Westeros charged to their enemy. Perhaps it was the adrenaline or madness of it all. But the soldier of the Seven Kingdoms wanted nothing but to kill whatever those creatures were.

"Ah, they are charging now… I guess this is where it begins. Hey, Shalltear, I bet you I can kill more than you!" Aura said while charging to the field on the top of one of her pets.

"Eh?! Didn't you say we can't kill all of them?!" Shalltear yelled back.

"I want to fight too!" Cocytus said, rushing to the battlefield while being followed by some of his lackeys.

"Ah?! Cocytus you too?!" Shalltear yelled. "Wait for me!"

Mare looked at the other guardians rushing to the middle of the battlefield. He sighed nervously, but decided that perhaps he should pay attention to them.

"[Razor Edge]"

"[Mass Hold]"

"[Rain Arrow]"

Mare listened to the abilities of his fellow guardians and exhaled. The battle would end faster than they expected. Perhaps he could eat something meanwhile, he was hungry.

There in the battlefield, or if it could even be called a battlefield. The Westerosi soldiers were being massacred left and right. The vanguard of the Lannister, Tyrell, and Baratheon thought that with numbers on their side, it would have been easy to overrun them. They were wrong.

The heavy calvary launched themselves at the giant with four arms, expecting to kill him. However, it wasn't the case. Cocytus, attack [Razor Edge] cut around a thousand of knights in two, with just one swing of his sword. Horse after a horse fell dead to the ground with their riders splinted in two or decapitated. The knights behind the first wave could only stare in horror at what they have witnessed.

Cocytus then again gave another swing, and the wing cut through the air like the edge of the sharpest scalpel in the skin. And again, an immense wave of knights fell to the ground, cut into pieces. Then another, and another. A dozen, a hundred, a thousand soldiers fell each time.

"[Ice land]" Cocytus loudly said, and soon around him, the land became. The horse's foot froze, and the pain of such a thing pushed the knights out of their horses, falling to the icy soil.

"A warrior's death is something I can respect. So, come now! And fight me!" Cocytus yelled as soon as the knights realized that the strange ice beneath their feet trapped them there.

"In the name of the Supreme One, I will defeat all of you!"

The knights who wanted to run suddenly saw that behind them, more death and suffering were taking place.

There were creatures, monsters with many eyes and teeth eating soldiers alive, as a child on top of one lizard of sorts was smiling.

This is hell!

Please God's saving me!

I don't want to die!

On one side of the battlefield, Shalltear was slowly waking with a pleasant smile on her face, as each of the soldiers nearby died off, one by one. Their bodies were decaying fast. [Aura of Decay] was now her main weapon. She wanted to avoid spilling blood since it could lead to a frenzy, so she was using another type of ability. However, she was still enjoying the scene before her. Pools of rotten meat and coagulated blood were surrounding her. Shalltear vampire brides were doing just fine, killing and sucking the blood of poor fools while she was on a calm rampage across the field.

Shalltear stopped when a soldier, or what she thought it was a soldier, was standing before her, just away from her [Aura of Decay].

"Monster! You're a monster!"

Shalltear tilted her head, wondering who that person was, but she saw the hair color. It was of a silver shade, and the man had two violet eyes.

"My prince! Run!" a soldier said, who was wearing golden armor.

Shalltear then realized who he was.

"Ara~ You're one of the king's son!" Shalltear said smiling.

Prince Daeron Targaryen stood still, completely terrified of what was going on before him. Surrounding her, the earth itself seemed as it was dying. He had his sword in his hand, and while the world seemed to be ending around him. He held his ground. Or so Daeron would like to believe.

"And you're right~! I'm a monster! I cute little monster at the eternal servitude of the Supreme One," Shalltear said with a giggle.

"But don't worry, I won't kill you! Although I will advise that you hide yourself, because… soon you would not be able to run away~!"

Then, as she enjoyed the look of complete horror in the young prince's face, Shalltear brought her arm up and smirking maliciously. She brought her weapon. "[Spuit Lance]" Shalltear said and, turning off [Aura of Decay], the True Vampire decided to just enjoy killing the humans the old way. The prince fell to his knees as he saw the demon laughing and dancing while his countrymen died most horribly. What is going on? This is real life? Are we being punished? Daeron thought as he saw how an army of almost 200.000 men were being reduced to nothing.

And he was not the only one. In the middle of the battlefield, King Aegon V saw things that he never thought possible. An earthquake came, and the earth splinted in two, swallowing hundreds of soldiers. A giant tree was crushing the horse left and right. A titan with four arms froze the earth beneath him while with one swing of his sword thousand dies. Beasts swallowing men whole while a child smile on top of it, and a demon with silver hair and red hairs was laughing with madness as she cut limbs and heads with little force.

They will forever remember you as King Aegon V Targaryen, the fool who thought he could defeat a Supreme Being.

The king recalled those words, and amidst the chaos, he wept.

"My king, we must retreat!" Ser Duncan said.

"We lost… we can't… it's over," Aegon V said.

"We… We can retreat and hold our forces!"

"Listen to me Duncan, look! How can we defeat them?! Look, they are crushing us! There is no hope!"

Ser Duncan wanted to speak, but the sudden noise of the earth moving stopped him. Another earthquake? Ser Duncan thought afraid, but no, it was not an earthquake. It was something far worse.

There, coming from God's Eye Lake, a giant mountain was walking towards them. The fog made it hard to distinguish, but it was massive. Those behind the vanguard, who were watching the chaos unfold before them, dropped their weapons at the sight of a giant mountain moving. They could see eyes looking down on them.

"What is that…."

"A mountain?"

"Is that an arm?"

Slowly, but surely, the giant came out of the mist and the sight of him walking to them made them realize they were facing something beyond the realm of men. A walking mountain by the name of Gargantua. Every single human there simply lost their mind. The last of their sanity left at the sight of such a monster. Gargantua's fist hit the ground, killing those poor souls who were close to him in an instant.

"Run! Run for your lives!"

A lord of a minor house yelled, and it was enough to cause the greatest army in Westeros history to break. They dropped their spears, swords, and shield and ran for their lives. Yet, not all of them. Some just stood there, wondering what was happening. Others went to their knees and prayed to any God they believed, but the silence was their answer. And if things were already bad, those who tried to run away faced a wall of fire blocking their escape route.

And waiting for them was a small child in golden armor embedded with diamonds and rocks. They could not see her face, but the giant spear, that was three times her size, was threatening enough for any of them to feel fear.

"In the name of Galadriel Melkor, the Supreme One… I sentence all of you… to death."

And with one thrust of her spear, the sky shattered and their bodies were no more.

The sky cleared slowly. There was silence on the ground. Since dead men tell no tales. The sea of bodies could be compared to the Field of Crows in Essos. But the brutality of it all was even worse than what the Dothraki ever did. The river near Whitewalls was tainted in red, and from Harrenhal to fields of the Kingsroad, anyone could see only bodies. An awful sight.

But it was not all over, from the 160.000 soldiers that marched to face the Supreme Guardians. Only 12,000 were left. It took them a while to get rid of the rest since they could not use big spells. It became something of a game. How many humans could they kill with only basic attacks? Well, it took them an hour and thirty minutes. And the reason why they took such a long time in Guardians of Nazarick standards was because Shalltear and Aura got into an argument for a while. And Mare got hungry and ask for a time out.

Galadriel smiled as she walked over the dead bodies of the poor souls who followed the king. And there, in the middle of the field, the survivors were on their knees, lost in their minds and broken. The lords of the great houses were alive, well, most of them.

Lord Tion Lannister, got a heart attack at the beginning of the battle. A rather pathetic end, but not to be troubled with. He had another brother by the name of Tytos Lannister.

Galadriel walked slowly, and her appearance made it clear who she was, as the guardians kneeled before her. She watched how the king refused to look up. His armor was a mess, just like the other lords. But the look of a broken man was lingering on his face. The smell of death was intoxicating for her. She smiled at him.

"King Aegon V Targaryen… do you know, who am I?" Galadriel asked, with a chilly tone in her voice.

King Aegon V slowly stared at her. She mesmerized him, just like everyone there. Galadriel was wearing her World Champion armor, but she was also wearing one of her world items, called [Bor Soul and Legacy] just one of three she had now. The battle against another player never happened, so right now, it only worked to make her look even more godlike. The cloak had silver bright letters that moved by their own, as if the scripture dressing the cloak was alive. Her long black wings sheltered them by how big they were. Her horns had been embedded with diadems and stones of gold. A perfect crown for the Demon Empress.

Aegon V remembered the emissary and her beauty. But the person before him. The one he was sure was the Supreme One was just beyond comprehension. Divinity came to life, and it was her.

"You're… the Supreme One," he said with a defeated voice.

"My name is Galadriel Melkor… and this land, the one filled with corpses and lost souls, will forever carry your name."

Aegon V said nothing, only stared down. His sons were hearing everything, just like every other lord there who was too afraid to even speak.

"I should have not challenged a god," Aegon V whispered, but he was met with a small laugh.

"I'm not a God, king Aegon… I am a Supreme Being. Gods are nothing but dust under my fingernails. Long ago I used to hunt them for fun. But now, they serve me."

Galadriel allowed those words to sink in.

"Time has come for me to claim what is mine. Do you know what is, king Aegon?" Galadriel asked softly.

The poor king sighed shakily, as he understood the words and claims.

"Yes, I know… But please, if I could ask for mercy. Allow my sons to live, take whatever you wish from me, but spare them!" Aegon begged.

Galadriel smirked at the sight of a king almost kissing her feet. It was truly making her feel lustful. Oh, I will celebrate tonight. Albedo and Shalltear better be ready. Galadriel thought with a grin on her face.

"I can take anything I want, whenever I want, for you're no one to dictate it. However, such is the future I will shape that I will allow your family to live to see the next century. Because, I am a generous being. And that goes to every one of you."

Galadriel spread her arms and wings, as the sun was now clear and surrounded by the death and misery of others. They realized that there was no other option.

King Aegon V gave one last look to his sons, who were as broken as him. They all were, that's why none could blame him for what he did next. Bringing his head to the mud, he swore loyalty to her. Not that Galadriel needed it, but it was a costume. The other lords, who wanted to avoid annihilation, followed through and did the same. The survivors would never forget that moment, and history wouldn't.

As the lords and king took their heads to the mud, giving away their pride and honor. Or what it was left of it and gave Westeros to a being of immeasurable power. History would forever remember them.

As the Mud Lords.

Galadriel stared at the Iron Throne with a funny face.

"This is the… throne?" Galadriel asked.

"Indeed, my lady, I must admit that, I was worry about the state of such a thing. But all my worries were baseless. This throne has quite the charm, of course, is will never be compared to the Nazarick throne. But there is an appeal to it, don't you think?" Demiurge said while Galadriel was having a hard time getting used to the cold and uncomfortable chair of swords.

"I see…" Galadriel muttered.

Wow, this is such an ugly thing!

"Well, I understand that by sitting on it, is a proof to everyone that I rule now. So, I guess is alright, although we need to do something about the awful smell of the city," Galadriel said with disgust. King's Landing reminded her of her old world. The city's smell was not as grotesque as the one back there. However, it was still bad.

"We have plans already on the move, my lady. The official date of your coronation will begin soon, as well as the rest of the pledge of allegiance from the… humans are on the move. But… would it be necessary?" Albedo asked.

"Not really. Nevertheless, I will rule over them, my dear. They need to understand that, besides I think that in the next years things are going to change."

"How so, my lady? Would the humans cause problems?" Demiurge asked, intrigued by his lady words.

"Humans are interesting creatures, Demiurge. They are capable of adjusting to their surrounding in ways few species can. Give it a decade or so, and the Seven Kingdoms will adapt to us. No matter how terrible things are now, or how afraid they are from us, or me. The humans will learn to cope with it and change perspective to survive. That's what they are, and always will be."

Galadriel said as she thought about her own experiences. Even at the edge of complete eradication, they adapted to the horrors of their world. And here, it would be the same. It was only a matter of time. Galadriel sighed, feeling how her backside was getting used to the ugly chair. Well, I can get used to this. This throne is huge and makes me feel like a show-off person. Ah, what do I feel as if things are only starting?

"Well, that's for the future… but now, let's get back to work. We have a great many things to do."

Year 281 AC

(45 years later of the Day of The Arising]

The sounds of heavy steps, and the person walking the empty corridor was not reflecting the stoic face of the person who had the insignia of the Hand of the Empress on his chest. A title he had earned for his ruthless actions, and well-obtained results. The man was known to get the job done. And nothing more.

There he was, Tywin Lannister, walking with his head high as he stood outside the throne room. A man like him was not known to show any type of emotion on his face. But he allowed himself to exhale as he ignored the two giant armored soldiers. Or well, monsters on the door.

"Your majesty, the empress has called for me," Tywin said.

The two monsters did not reply, but the door opened. Tywin took his cue and went inside, and it took not long before he reached the Iron Throne and at the top. The Supreme Being sat in her full glory. The Empress's face was not visible, as she was wearing a golden cloak. In fact, it covered all of her body. Only her long black wings, and her jaw, were visible. Yet there was this aura around her. Tywin kneeled before her. Like any sensible man would. And avoid looking at the empress directly or the woman just before him.

Only a fool would insult a being such as her.

"Your majesty, lord Tywin has arrived."

He heard the voice of Albedo, the famous black-haired mistress of the empress and the second most powerful entity in the realm, in terms of authority. And a person whose beauty enchanted everyone. However, none dared to flirt or look at her with any lust. Tywin has worked under her since he arrived at the Red Keep for years. And he could tell that she was one of the most ruthless and smartest persons he has ever met. The only person who surpasses Albedo was the empress herself. Who Tywin believed was 100 steps ahead of everyone. He sometimes wondered if the empress could see the future. It would not surprise him if she did.

"Ah, lord Tywin, sorry for disturbing you at such an hour. I hope, my sudden call did not bother your wife, lady Lannister."

The voice of the Supreme One has been always something that brought shivers to the Lion of the Rock. It was serene and soft, yet held such power. Like a calm storm, with a mind of its own. Ready to destroy everything at one movement. It was scary.

"Never, your majesty. I am always ready to serve you."

"I know, and that's why I call you here."

Tywin felt the empress's gaze upon him and used all his strength to not look afraid. Not that he needed, of course. The Supreme One, known as Galadriel Melkor, may be an entity of immense power. But she was also a ruler like no other. She could be just when justice demanded, or ruthless when needed. Under her ruler, Westeros has changed to a point it was almost different from what it was 40 years ago. She built roads across the Seven Kingdoms, public hospitals, and schools. She centralized the economy of Westeros in something called The Central Bank. And brought the Credit Bureau, where the smallfolk could ask for credit in order to start local businesses or enterprises.

She also created a Justice Systems, with law and decrees. A court house in each kingdom, and a capable penal system.

Also, a place where everyone could learn more. The Hayford College, just outside of King's Landing. A place where anyone could obtain a career. A place where the empress herself taught economics for a while. And Tywin knows that because he learned from her. In other words, in just a few decades, the Supreme Being has shaped Westeros into a superpower. From the North, where the Canal of the Moat Callin creates a path for the merchandise of the Westerlands to Braavos. To the now conquered Stepstones, where the Royal fleet has a powerful presence to stop any foolish attempt to invade Westeros.

However, not all accepted the presence of the Supreme One. The Old Citadel was one of them. They tried to scheme a way to kill her, in order to get rid of magic and all that. They fail, of course, miserably. And now the Citadel was a relic of an old time. It became a public library, and the maesters who survive the purge became teachers at Hayford College. Where they learned more than they could ever imagine.

Those fools of The Citadel should have learned to adapt. They learned nothing from the Targaryen. Imbeciles.

"Lord Tywin, it's been around 45 years since I took the throne… since I became the ruler of all Westeros. And I thought that perhaps, it was time to take a minor break."

"Oh, what is in your mind, your majesty?" Tywin asked, intrigued.

"Mm, a party… no, a great tourney, at King's Landing, in celebration of my wonders. Yes, I want every single great house here. All of them."

Tywin raised his eyes to brown, wondering what was the empress thinking but decided to watch for now.

"It will be done, your majesty."

"Mm, good… ah, there is going to be a grand announcement too."

"A great announcement?" Tywin asked.

"Yes… but, you will have to wait until then. But for now, I leave the details of the tourney to you, lord Tywin."

Tywin wanted to know more, but pushing for information would be a colossal mistake, so for now, he was going to keep an eye open for whatever came. Once he left, Galadriel sighed deeply. Albedo went immediately to her beloved one and took her hand.

"Are you alright, my lady?" Albedo asked worriedly.

Galadriel giggled as she watched the face of Albedo.

"My love, don't worry, just tire, that's all."

"Are you sure? Don't you want me to call Pestonya? Or perhaps, are you sick?! I will call them now!"

"Albedo, my dear, is nothing! Don't worry about it," Galadriel said, amused by the reaction of Albedo.

"It's normal to be a bit tired once in a while, specially when someone is pregnant. So don't worry."

Galadriel said as she rubbed her enormous belly. From down below none could see her, and since she was wearing a cloak that hides her entire body. It was quite impossible for people to know such a thing. Besides, she has spent almost all her time in Nazarick in the last past months. Leaving Albedo and Tywin all the work.

At first, she wasn't sure about having a Hand of the King, well, Hand of the Empress. But she knew that ruling an entire empire was too much work for one person. Albedo was already with her hands full, overseeing the guardians who were all in current missions across Essos, and administrating Nazarick. Leaving her to take charge of Westeros was cruel. Even back when she was not pregnant, in the early years of ruling. There was such much to do. Also, Galadriel needed someone who could take charge of the ground control. Someone who knew the houses and the land she was ruling.

So, after hearing how good of a ruler Tywin Lannister was, and how he dealt with a small revolt back on the Westerlands. She decided he was the man for the job. And it became a brilliant decision. Tywin Lannister was everything she needed. It truly made things easier for them.

Ruling an empire is hard! Such much to do!

Galadriel sighed once again as she felt a tiny kick.

"Oh!" Galadriel said, and Albedo once again went paranoid as if her beloved one was dying.

"Easy there, Albedo, is our baby… she is kicking… come, feel it."

Albedo slowly put her hand on that beautiful belly, and it only took a few seconds before she felt it. Albedo smiled at the reaction. It was such an amazing smile, full of love and tenderness. The succubus, lean forward and kissed Galadriel on her lips. A small affection of love.

"I love you."

"And I love you too, my dear Albedo."

Galadriel stood up from the ugly Iron Throne, and with the help of Albedo, slowly walked down.

"Are you sure about this, party, my lady?"

"Yes, eventually they would have realized it. Besides, I want all the empire to know that there is a princess on the way."

"Also, we have our plans too, remember?"

"Expanding the realm, yes… Demiurge and Pandora's Actor have been preparing this invasion for years now. Everyone is ready."

"I know, but let's not push it… For now, let's celebrate the upcoming birth of our child."

"The born of a dynasty…"

"And the first steps of the invasion of Essos."

The Supreme One said as she left with Albedo through the portal. Soon, the entire world would once again feel the wrath of the Guardians and the power of the Supreme One. Soon, the real would rejoice to hear the birth of a princess. And soon, the Game of Throne would start once again. Since, after all, it never left.

And while all of that was going on in the South. All the way up north, a lingering threat began to wake up. The next years were going to become very interesting.