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Overlord and Game of Thrones. What if?

The Pack

Arya grunted, annoyed, as she could only smell the disgusting stench of her clothes and skin after so many days without washing. One of her many lesser worries in the last hours. Arya was anxious and fearful. The reminders of the war and how it started lingered in her mind at every hour of the day. Never leaving her, not even in her dreams. The head of her father, hitting the ground as she could only watch the people cheering for the death of a traitor. A few words she knew were lies. Since everyone knew that Lord Eddard Stark was not a liar. Yet it wasn't something that matter anymore. He was dead. An honest man killed by telling the truth, a hard lesson for Arya to learn. But one that she would always remember.

My enemies will kill me the moment they see my face. They will not allow me to have my revenge, for that, I must always think ahead.

Arya thought while she was riding with her companion, Sandor Clegane. The Hound. A man she never considered being friends with. But that destiny and whatever god was out there wished for her to travel with him. There more time I spend with him, the more I think the gods are cruel and their sense of humor is appalling. Arya sighed, feeling sore and tired after days of riding.

"Stop with those annoying sighs of you. Don't you think I don't hear you," the hound said while sneering at her. Arya glared at him like many times before and sighed one more time, just to spite him more. "That? Does it annoy you? Good, thank you for telling me. Now I know what I will do the next few hours." Arya said with the same sneer.

"No reward was worth this trouble."

"No reward is ever worth it, if you can't be free."

Arya replied to the Hound as both of them remain silent for a short while. The night was setting itself, and more they traveled to their destination. Eventually, they would arrive at the Twins, where Arya hoped she would finally meet her family. Her heartache at the thought of finally meeting them. After so long. But she must remain vigilant. The war was still going on. And victory was not close at all.

"You are sneering again," the hound said.

"I'm not sneering at anything," Arya replied.

"Of course, you're, don't you think I know the face of someone who wishes to kill someone? There see, is in your face, and eyes. Are you still on that, list of yours? Killing the queen mother and the king?"

Arya wished he were lying, but there was no other way to say it. It was true. There was not a day she wasn't thinking about it. Dreaming about it. Not for one moment.

"Yes, you have a problem with it?" Arya asked in an almost bittersweet tone.

The hound looked over his shoulder and he could see those eyes empty of all emotion. No, it was not. Those eyes of the girl were filled with ill intent. The girl has become detached from any pain or worry for herself. Sandor truly believed that, if the opportunity arises, she would do what she says. And with her bare hands, she would paint the entire Red Keep with the blood of the Lannister.

"I will take you to your brother. After that, you can do whatever you want. Kill the queen and her bastard son and eat their livers for all I care."

Strangely, Arya laughed at the thought of it.

"I won't eat them… just kill them. I doubt Lannister meat tastes good at all. Especially the queen. She is more wine than meat, I think."

Now it was Sandor's turn to let a small smile. "I believe that as well."

For a few more minutes, they went quiet. Arya was still trying to figure out what to make of the Hound. He killed her friend, yes, but something was telling her that, perhaps. And only maybe Sandor Clegane was not entirely evil. At least not to her. However, she won't take him out of her list. But maybe lowered him.

"Hey, what would you do after? After you get your reward?" Arya asked.

The Hound thought about it. Honestly, his options were limited. There was a bounty on his head, and he knew the Lannisters would pay whatever the cost for his head. He was sure he could make his way down to Gulltown, or Maidenpool, and take a boat to Essos. Perhaps he could stay around and see how far could he go. Maybe he would sell his abilities to the King of the North. He was good at killing, and killing Lannisters was always something he wanted to do. It was worth shooting.

"I don't know yet, I'm still thinking about it."

Arya said nothing else, and once again, they traveled in silence.

"How far are we?" Arya asked after another hour of peace.

"We are at the Hag's Mire… very close to the Twins maybe another hour."

Arya nodded, and as the time went by and the road became clearer. Soon enough, they arrived at a checkpoint of sorts. Arya saw Frey's soldiers standing next to a carriage. A very elegant carriage. The hound frowned but kept on riding, getting near to the checkpoint. However, something was wrong. Sandor could feel it. Those Frey soldiers were sketchy. And while he was sure he could take them out easily enough. It was better just to stay behind for now. And so he did. Yet Arya wasn't sharing the same line of thought as him.

"What is going on?" Arya asked.

"Be quiet girl, this is not a normal place for guards to be."

"What? What are you talking about?"

The hound approached slowly, and close enough to hear what was going on in front of him. There, he saw an older man standing in a strange outfit. His hair and beard were white, only showing up how old he was. But the body of the old man showed something else. Sandor saw pure muscle. Not only that, but he was also as tall as him, and that was something. There was that strange aura around him, like he was stronger than he appeared. Nevertheless, even if he was strong like he looked. They outnumbered him at least five to one. Also, he was unarmed. A rather stupid action to be without protection in Westeros, or elsewhere for that matter. Sandor could almost feel where it was going to end.

"Maybe they need help?" Arya asked. "I don't trust those men."

"Hey! Girl come back!"

Sandor groaned as he saw the small girl jumping out of his horse and walking to the group of armed men.

No reward was ever this complicated.

Sandor thought as he followed the small Stark girl, already preparing himself for what could be a messy ordeal.

"If you could please allow us to see what you got there, it would make things easier for us."

One of the Frey soldiers said as he tried to peer inside the carriage. However, it wasn't as simple. The curtains made it impossible for them to see. And if they were honest, the old man before them seemed rather unaware of the dangers lay ahead of him. They outnumber him. And currently, they could do whatever they wanted with the smallfolk. The Frey knew about what was about to take place in the Twins, and while they were not there to take part in the killing of the Stark soldiers. They could at least have some fun with the poor people trying to cross the bridge.

"It is really that necessary? We just want to reach the Kingsroad," the old man said politely, holding his smile.

"Oh, the Kingsroad? Mm, is that so… a strange request. Do you know there is a war going on? Our liege lord is trying to keep the peace in this place. We must make sure you aren't transporting anything dangerous. You understand."

The Frey soldier told him, as he flashed his horrendous smile. However, the old man was unfazed by it.

"Indeed, we know about the war, that's why we want to avoid the south of the of the Riverlands. We desire to cross; would that be a problem?"

The Frey soldier sneered when the old man clearly ignored his words. It was as if he was ignoring him or perhaps looking down on him, whatever it was the case. It brought anger to the weasel-looking soldier, like the rest of them, too. They moved around him, and slowly they got into a stance that would surely make anyone feel threatened. Yet the man before them showed no sign of being afraid of them.

"It would be better if you show us what is inside the carriage before we do it ourselves."

"I will advise that you don't," the old man replied.

The soldiers would have continued with their attempts to see inside the carriage one way or another. They were already thinking of just killing the old man and get done with it. It was not like they hadn't done it before, but they were still trying to make it easier. The old man was just none of it and the Frey soldiers were just losing their patience. And just reaching near them, Arya, the young Stark girl, was trembling. She was afraid. Why? She couldn't tell. There was something odd about the old man. She could feel it. Yet her mind was about to help. Arya should have known better, but the world hasn't punched her humanity out of her. Not yet.

But Arya had Needle with her, ready to use it. She has killed before. She could do it again.

"Well, it seems as if you won't do as you are told, old man," the Frey soldier said.

"Mm, is a bit problematic, isn't?" The old man said, as he then glanced at Arya, who was surprised to be seen in the night. She hid and walk slowly behind some brushes. It shouldn't be possible to be seen, or so she thought. However, the man saw her and gently smiled at her.

"I would have liked to avoid any conflict, but it seems as if not possible."

"Eh, what are you talking about?" One Frey soldier asked.

"Nothing you should worry about."

The old man had a serene look on his face still.

It confused Arya to no end. That smile was comfortable, just like her father's. Soft and gently. A part of her mind was still grieving her father's death, yet Arya pushed away those thoughts. It won't do her good thinking about it. Suddenly, the door of the carriage opened.

"Ara~ Sebas, are you still wasting your time with those humans?"

Arya had her mouth open as she was watching a small girl, not taller than her, with long silver hair. Pale dead skin, almost as if she was a lifeless body. Two sets of red eyes and a gown of red colors. Not a dress she was familiar with. However, the girl was a doll. A lovely doll.

The small girl slowly stepped down from the carriage with a strange smirk on her face. Ignoring the looks of the Frey soldiers.

"Ah, I apologize, lady Shalltear, but it seemed as if things are more complicated than we thought," Sebas said.

"Mm~ Solution, I believe our little chat can wait."

Another woman came down from the carriage, and now Arya could feel her cheeks go red. As she could see a woman with curves, any man would love to have. Arya once thought queen Cersei was the most stunning woman she has ever seen. It didn't matter that she hated her guts. But it was the truth. However, the woman now before her could easily take that title from her with little problem. Those curves, and expose cleavage, brought the Frey soldiers closer to those girls. Their low minds were only thinking of one thing. Yet there weren't aware of the dangers at all.

"I would love to hear more about, lady Bukubukuchagama," Solution said, smiling as she stepped out of the carriage too.

"But I will wait."

Solution said as she stared at the group of soldiers before her. Her smile twisted, as she couldn't hide her excitement for fresh meat. A sentiment that was shared with Shalltear, but the True Vampire saw the tiny figure of Arya behind the Frey soldiers. She wondered what was that girl doing, but shrugged it off.

"We are lucky! Look at these beauties!" A Frey soldier said, ignoring the imminent danger.

"I think we know what to do now, don't we?"

Their lack of intelligence did not impress Sebas, as he considered them nothing more than a pest. He could see in their eyes what they were planning on doing. Their faces were an open book for the butler of Nazarick. Lowly men trying to take advantage of what they perceive to be smallfolk. Even amid a war, they would gladly take gain of the innocent life's purse. Sebas was not pleased with that line of thought.

"We will allow you to cross the Twins, if you allow us to have some fun with these ladies. A fair trade, don't you think? After all is a very dangerous route. We want nothing to happen to any of you."

Sebas raised an eyebrow at the suggestion. If he was a man with a crude sense of humor, he would laugh at the idea. But Sebas was not that type of person. However, there was no need for him to worry about what was about to happen. It would be gruesome, yes, but unavoidable. He felt bad for those men, almost. Still, his mind was on the small girl who was watching all unfold. She was trembling, but her gaze was still on the Frey soldiers. A small sword, not too big or long to be considered a deadly weapon, hanged from her waist, ready to be used by her. An interesting sight, to be sure.

Yet he wondered what was she doing there. Sebas also noticed a man behind her, on a horse not too far away. His half-burned face showed no distinction between good or evil. A man with a stoic looked at life itself. Perhaps not a bad person, but not a moral one either. Nevertheless, from what Sebas could see, the girl and the man were traveling together. What an odd pair of travelers. Were the thoughts of Sebas as he stared at the duo a few meters away from the Frey soldiers.

"Should we start with you? You have a nice body for a little girl."

The man with a long nose and horrible yellow teeth approached Shalltear with a nasty grin on his face. He reached out his arm, intending to grope those big breasts.Arya, who was watching it all happen, pulled out his sword, aiming to help that girl, but before she, or Sandor, who was already pulling his sword out to attack the Frey soldiers as well, could do something. The eerie sound of flesh being cut down and hitting the floor surrounded the place. As they could all see, the hand of the Frey soldier was on the ground. It took a few moments for any of them to realize what just took place, even the soldier whose hand was no longer attached to his arm.

"Please keep your filthy human hands away from me. My body belongs to my beloved lady only," Shalltear said in a rather disgusted tone. The soldier then screamed in pain, and annoyed by the loud screeching, Shalltear finished the job and with one quick motion, she decapitated the man by only using her pinky. Arya and Sandor stared, dumbfounded, at the scene. There they were, standing before a small girl who just killed a man with her fingernails.

Sandor expected a jester to come out of the shadows to tell an awful joke. He expected to wake up from whatever dream he was having. But it never happened. No, whatever was happening now was real.

"Mm, we already lost enough time here… You two, clean up the mess."

From within the carriage, two vampire brides came out.

"Lady Shalltear, could I have one for myself? I'm rather hungry."

"Oh, of course, Solution… And, ah, I forgot about those two."

Arya was frozen on her spot as she stared at the silver-haired girl. One moment was a meter away from her, and the next was in front of her. Arya let out a small scream of surprise as she fell on her butt on the ground. Sandor, who reacted the only way he could, attacked the small girl and as the sword was about to hit its target. It stopped. The nails of the girl, who held the edge of the blade-like it was nothing, defeated the blade. The grip was strong, Sandor was not capable of moving his sword at all.

Sandor was not a man who easily doubted the reality of things. Ghost, demons, or gods were all the same for him. He doesn't believe in them. Never had, and never will. However, now that he was staring at a girl holding his sword with just her finger, while behind her. The vampire brides were practically devouring the poor Frey soldiers, and that woman with golden hair was absorbing a man with her skin. It led little room to comprehend what was happening. They were monsters, real ones. And Sandor was afraid.

"Now, now~ What are you two doing here? Mm?"

Shalltear asked as she licked her lips at the sight of such a young girl. Nothing like fresh virgin meat.

Arya panicked as those red eyes glared at her. Almost devouring her. She turned around and saw Sandor froze in place as well. But he looked different. Frightened.

"We… we were trying to help," Arya said quickly.

"Help?" Shalltear asked, tilting her head.

"Yes… we… were trying to help," Arya said, trembling in fear.

"Well, it doesn't matter, now does it~? But since you were a good girl, I will allow some mercy. I will kill you fast with no pain," Shalltear said, smiling.

Arya's body went rigid at those words, as she could feel Shalltear licking her cheeks with that long tongue of hers. Arya wondered if that was it. The moment she dies. What do we say to the god of death? Not today. The words that she has said so many times felt meaningless right now. Those red eyes swallowed all hope to see her family once again.

Sandor gathered some of his courage back and obsessively thought of an idea that could save the girl's life. He, for a moment, couldn't careless about his own. Sandor wanted to help her. At least one decent act in his repulsive life. Thankfully for Sandor and Arya both, Sebas stepped forward.

"Lady Shalltear, wouldn't be wise to have a better use of those who tried to risk their life for our protection?" Sebas said with a calm voice, of course, it was hiding his real intentions, something that Shalltear wasn't capable of figuring out.

However, Solution was aware of the intentions of Sebas. She kept silent since it was not her place, however. She glared at Sebas.

"Ah, what do you mean?" Shalltear asked.

"It will look more normal for us to travel with more than just the three of us. Having a small companionship would allow us to blend in easily in this land. Don't you think it would be better for our mission?" Sebas said.

Shalltear stared at him, trying hard to understand the butler's words.

"Better for our mission? I guess…"

Sebas pushed harder as he wanted nothing more than to spare the life of a young, innocent girl.

"Our lady told us to use every advantage we can for our mission. And I think this is a wonderful benefit for us."

"Ah, well, that's true. Our lady told us that blending in was important."

Shalltear muttered as she felt as if her brain was melting down at the idea of allowing some humans to travel with them. Argh! I mean, is a good idea, right? Ah, should I ask my lady for advice? Shalltear wondered as she stared at the girl before her.

Arya did not know what they were talking about. If they were on a secret mission of sorts, they were doing a poor job keeping it a secret. Or perhaps, they weren't even bothering of keeping it a secret, and if that was the case, for what Arya has seen, was more terrifying. Yet she couldn't shake the feeling that she had to say something. Then she thought about it. If she told them that who she was, maybe they could come to an agreement of sorts. Arya's time with Tywin thought her that words were powerful, and alliances more so. Arya was new to all of that. Still, she would try to gather her wits and seek help or something, for the sake of her family.

Would they accept whatever she says? She wasn't sure. After all, Arya had no clue what these people were even doing here. Or what they were. Nevertheless, at this point, there was nothing she could lose.

"Wait! He is speaking the truth!" Arya yelled.

"Oh? And what could that be, little girl?" Shalltear asked.

"There is a war going on, and if you take me with you… It could serve you in the long run."

Arya said as Shalltear kept on staring at her, truthfully. The true vampire couldn't care less about the tiny human. In the Guardian's mind of the first three floors of Nazarick, she should have just killed them already. But she knew that adapting was the thing her lady told her she has to learn. However, Shalltear wasn't sure of how to do it.

I should defiantly ask for advice because I don't know what to do. Should I just kill them? Is not like we really needed them at the end of things. Perhaps Sebas is overestimating the usefulness of humans. This is too much of a hassle to bother to deal with.

Shalltear thought as she then looked at the girl with an annoyed gaze.

"Perhaps, but as of now, I don't see any point in doing it."

Those words brought panic to the girl. Arya also thought that she had to push further if she desired to live another day. Telling these people who she was maybe was the only way to secure her safety.

"My name is Arya Stark, daughter of Eddard Stark. Sister of Robb Stark, the King in the North."

Arya told them, and well, she expected a reaction of sorts. A gasp, or something, yet nothing of sorts happened. Instead, Shalltear only nodded, as she turned to Sebas and muttered, who? Nervously. Sebas sighed, as he realized Shalltear paid no attention to Demiurge's words during the brief meeting the guardians had. But it was perhaps something food for them. Yet he also thought that asking their lady for advice would be an excellent thing. If the girl was telling the truth, and Sebas believe she was. Then, things could change.

"If you allow me to live, and help me reach my brother at the Twins… maybe we could come to an agreement?" Arya said.

Shalltear tilted her head and started to muttered alone. She knew her beloved lady was still testing the waters in the new world they arrived. It's been only a few months, so they were still on the edge, being extra careful with things. Well, now, Shalltear realized that perhaps she should have paid more attention to Demiurge's words. But her mind was, at that moment, reliving the night prior. The night her lady took Shalltear to bed. The true vampire decided not to dwell on her lady's wonderful thighs and put her mind to work.

"Mm, I guess we could find yourself useful… but what about you half-burned friend?" Shalltear asked.

"He is with me… he is my… bodyguard. Kind of."

Arya was having a hard time believing her words or actions. But it was too late to stop it. Sandor stared at the girl and while his face was stoic, as it could be in the current circumstances. Yet he could at the very least be thankful for such words. As he was not dumb enough to deny it. Sandor wanted to live, and while dying was not something he was necessarily afraid of, dying the same way as those bastards did was not a good way to go.

"Uh, I see… Mm, I think we can do something; however, I must first do a call. Sebas, keep an eye out."

Shalltear sighed as she walked to the dark forest, disappearing immediately. Arya could finally exhale deeply, as her legs were still trembling. And as she was about to stand up, a hand helped her on the way up.

"Are you alright, young lady?" Sebas asked gently.

Arya blushed at that gentle smile but internally groaned as she was called a miss. I cut my hair and dressed up like a boy despite that, some people can see pass through. Arya thought, annoyed.

"I'm not a lady," Arya muttered, standing up.

"Oh, are you not?"

"Well, kind of, maybe?"

"While we are waiting, would you like to tell me how did a princess ended up here? Wearing such clothes in the company of this gentleman?" Sebas asked.

"Ah, that's a long history."

"I have time."

Arya felt now surreal, as she could only wonder what was going to happen next. Yet, for an odd reason, she felt safe next to the strange old man. Maybe she has gone mad, and the stress of the last months has gotten to her. Who knows? But Arya believes that maybe this meeting would change her luck.

Somewhere between the light and darkness, or well, just in the middle of a tiring day. A powerful being of incredible beauty and authority sat down tiredly before a chair. Next to a table where the meal and desserts were waiting for her to enjoying. And she was doing just that since after a long day of work there was nothing, her excellence would like to do more than rest. She sighed and stared at the sky, watching the peaceful night and the stars. A view she was not tired of seeing.

"Such a beautiful view," she whispered.

"My lady?"

Galadriel Melkor, the Supreme Being and ruler of the Great Tomb of Nazarick and guild-master of Ainz Ooal Gown, looked over her shoulder and smiled at one of the Pleiades.

"Don't worry, Yuri, just enjoying the silent night," Galadriel said.

Galadriel spoke the truth as for her, watching the stars was a new concept. Back in her old world, it was impossible to see the stars. The toxic fog was the killer of the natural sky. Yet here in this strange new world, there were no such things. That's why she enjoyed taking meals in the open field. It's been a few months since she arrived here, in the middle of an island. Still, a lot was going on in her mind. So much that she needed to make sure before anything else that they did not compromise the security of Nazarick. And for what the information she currently has now, tells her. It may be not necessarily at all. Well, Galadriel would still keep her guard up, no matter what. However, now she must think about what her next step would be.

Mm, with Shalltear, Sebas, and Solution traveling and gathering more information about the surrounding kingdoms. I must now try to find a way to detect if any players are lurking in the shadows. But how? Ah, then there is the war going on. What should I do?

Galadriel thought as she took a bite of her favorite Oreo cheesecake.

So far, my goals are to protect Nazarick and to gather information. But I can't keep ongoing blindly towards danger. I need to think of something to do.

Galadriel wondered, as a sudden message then surprised her.

"{My lady, sorry for disturbing you, but I'm at a loss about what should I do.}"

Galadriel raised her eyebrow at the voice of Shalltear. But it brought joy to her, that one of her guardians was actually seeking advice. After such a long talk with them, it was good that they understood the need to always think about themselves.

"{Alright, Shalltear, tell me what is going on?}"

"{As we were going to do our secret job to gather more information about the kingdoms and the war. A group of lowly humans tried to stop us. We dealt with them easily enough, my dear. They used no magic.}"

Galadriel nodded, fearing as much. The world they were in seemed to have nothing of sorts. No magic, no special abilities. A mortal world. There were rumors of dragons, but they were long dead. And even so, from what Aura has research. They were not the same type of dragon Yggdrasil has. Besides, they were hearing the stories of how magic was nothing but a fairy tale or how it was long gone from the world. A thought that brought questions to Galadriel, as if the idea of complete isolation came to her. Maybe there were no players around. Perhaps there were the only ones here. At least for the foreseeable future. But she would still have her guard up.

"{I see, still don't let your guard down, Shalltear we don't know what else could be lingering.}"

"{I will my lady!}"

"{Now what else, is happening?}" Galadriel asked.

"{Yes, as we were dealing with the lowlife form, a girl was approaching us with an ugly human next to her. For what she told us, she thought we needed help. I thought about killing them, but then Sebas told me it should be better to have them on our side since it would be beneficial for our mission.}"

Galadriel listened carefully, and it took her not much time to realize the intentions of Sebas. He was Touch-Me creation, and killing an innocent girl would defiantly be against his creed. A sentiment that Galadriel could understand, to some degree. However, if in the future, the security of the Nazarick or the Guardians was compromised. Galadriel would stop at nothing to make sure to save them. And not even an innocent child would stop her from doing so. But she would allow this little mercy to go by for now. Only because it was Sebas, the creation of her past secret love and friend.

"{What else can you tell me of this girl?}" Galadriel asked.

"{Well, it turns out that she is Arya Stark, the sister of Robb Stark king in the North. And she was traveling in disguise, I believe, to meet her brother at the Twins. And well, I don't know what should we do with this new bit of information. So, I now ask for advice, my lady.}"

Galadriel heard the shy voice of Shalltear and could understand why she was asking for advice. And honestly, she wasn't sure of what to do either. When the news of a war going on reached her desk, she couldn't careless about it. Let the humans kill each other. She thought at the time. But now that she thought about it. Perhaps this was a golden opportunity for them.

Maybe I could use this to gain some advantage? They could become good baits for us. Mm, I wonder.

It was a gamble worth taking. They could use them as a proxy for their own plans in the future, even if, as of now, she had no idea of what her plans would be. If they could come to a compromise with the king of the north, they could use him for something along the line. They didn't have to join the war themselves, just to assist in something. If they show a bit of their power, they could change the landscape of the world, and that would defiantly bring the attention of people and players if they were hidden somewhere. They would pay attention to that then and move accordingly. And if the players in question were enemies, it would allow them to move freely without jeopardizing Nazarick. Since they would use the king as the target, they would be able to measure up any upcoming danger without putting themselves in danger.

Mm, I wonder… I need to speak with Albedo and Demiurge about this. But I think it can be a good plan.

"{I see, Shalltear is a good thing you called for me since we can use this little coincidence in our advantage.}"

"{How, my lady?}" Shalltear asked.

"{A plan I will prepare shortly with Demiurge and Albedo. For now, I want you to travel with this girl and meet with the king in the North. Try to come with an agreement or an alliance that will be beneficial to us. If they doubt our intentions or power, just show a bit of your strength to them. Understand?}"

"{Yes, my lady!}" Shalltear replied.

"{Good, contact me when you reach the Twins. I will now speak with Demiurge and Albedo. Keep me updated.}"

After the message ended, Galadriel stared at her meal. Well, is time to get back to work. She thought sadly. As she stood up from the chair. There was a lot she must now prepare. Hopefully, the gamble Galadriel was taking on would be worth it by the end.

The carriage that held the opportunity for the North as a whole seemed to be reaching the Twins. The old man holding the reins of the horses gracefully smiles at the girl sitting next to him.

Arya sat awkwardly next to the old man, called Sebas as they were riding to the Twins to meet their brother. And while she was finally pleased to see her finally. She couldn't hide away her fear. Sebas was a kind person for what she could see so far. But the other two, that woman with blonde hair and the person who seemed to be a demon in disguise, were anything but cordial to them. It was like they were below them, or something like that. And it was not like how the typical high-born person sees the lowborn. It was more like how an elephant sees an ant. Truly, Arya's life has the biggest twist and turns in the world. And from what she was watching, Sandor, who was riding next to them, perhaps thought the same.

"So, they executed you father for telling the truth?" Sebas said.

"Yes… they did, and people cheered."

Sebas saw the eyes of the girl and felt understanding. "I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like an honorable man." He spoke.

Arya felt a stung in her heart, the same pain that brought the worst of her so long ago. There were no moments for her to cry for her beloved father. They didn't allow it. Arya held Needle close to her, thinking about the people responsible for her misfortune. The long list of names would not leave her mind. A sense of hatred and desire for revenge would be her goal forever. And she would not rest until she succeeds.

"Yes, he was an honorable man, and died because of it. This world in not kind to them, it will never be."

Arya's voice sounded bitter, and no one could blame her. Sebas only nodded, but kept quiet as he allowed the girl to calm her thoughts.

"An honorable man does wonders in the world, even if death takes him away. It's very easy to forget their actions when is surrounded by misery. But never forget the man he was, young lady."

Sebas told Arya and the girl couldn't stop staring at her, feeling better for an odd reason. Calmer, knowing that for good or worse. Her father died believing he was doing the right thing. He reminds me of my father a bit. Makes me feel better. Arya thought as she sighed while looking at the sky.

"I guess… but I just wish he was here with me."

Sebas smiled at her. "As long you remember him, he will never leave." This time, Arya returned the smile.

"Lord Sebas…" Sebas laughed gently. "Only Sebas, I'm not lord."

Arya blushed and felt more relaxed than a few minutes ago.

"Sebas, could I ask about your lady? You seem fond of her."

Sebas nodded as his face couldn't bright enough at the mention of his lady. "Of course, what you want to know?"

"Ah, well, is your lady… like you? I mean, can she do the things you do? Like that, girl, Shalltear?" Arya asked, and Sebas was thankful that Shalltear opted to use [Fly] Instead of going back to the carriage, otherwise she would be angry at being called a girl, in such a way. The girl spoke her mind out, of that Sebas was sure of.

"My lady is so much more than either me, or lady Shalltear."

"Is she a nice person?" Arya asked.

Sebas thought about it for a second, since it was in truth a hard question to explain.

"She can be, especially to those who she cares about. You see, my lady holds hate and love in the same hand. But do not let it intimidate you. If you come with respect, she will treat you with respect. If you come with intentions of doing harm upon her, well, she will destroy you."

"She does sound scary," Arya replied nervously.

Sebas laughed slightly, thinking of the face of his lady when she was eating her favorite dessert. Or when she talks with the twins, Mare and Aura.

"Like I say, when she wants to. But she is mostly calm person filled with love," Sebas said.

"However, if she wants to intimidate you, she will. However, she is not violent only because. My lady has a big heart and has always cared for all of us. There is no day that goes by that she doesn't show concern for our wellbeing. And we know she would do whatever she can to be with us."

"That's nice. I mean, I understand it. She sounds like someone who fiercely protects everyone dear to her with all her strength," Arya said.

Sebas smiled. "Yes, it is."

"So, she is strong?" Arya asked, turning to watch Sebas in the eyes.

"More than just strong," Sebas said.

Arya wasn't sure of what more than just strong was supposed to mean, still she would try to not disrespect their lady. Although that brought more questions.

"What… what are you?" Arya asked softly.

Sebas looked at her, and smile. "I'm just a butler."

Arya was about to ask more, but then as they reached outsides of the Twins, she could smell smoke. And she saw a large camp, with many Bannerman on both sides of the Green Fork. Then the screams and fighting were heard. Arya knew all too well the sounds of men dying. And she knew right then and there that something horrible was happening.

"Your brother should have known to never trust Walder Frey," Sandor said as he sneered at the scene before him.

"What does that mean?!" Arya asked.

"That, someone betrays the Stark king. And I think we both know who was behind this. The Frey are cowards. They would never do something like this if there wasn't someone behind this securing them something," Sandor replied.

"This is troublesome," Sebas said.

"My brother! My mother!" Arya yelled as she jumped down off the horse before being stopped by Sebas.

"I don't think that would be wise, young lady," Sebas said.

"Leave me! I have to save my family!" Arya yelled.

"You will get yourself kill girl," Sandor said.

"I don't care!" She replied.

As they continue talking, Shalltear came down from the skies, a view that Sandor was not used to seeing, and neither does Arya, but she was more worried about her family than anything else.

"Sebas, Solution get ready… Our lady plans require the King of the North alive."

Shalltear said as both Solution and Sebas nodded.

"What about the Stark soldiers?" Sebas asked.

"Mm, I guess the army needs to be save… Ah! I should ask Demiurge for more information." Shalltear muttered. "Alright, Sebas locate and save the king, Solution assist him. I will take care of the enemies of the Stark army."


Arya had no time thinking as she followed Sebas to the Twins. Hoping that whatever was the case, that her family was safe. Otherwise, heads would roll. And she was right on that. Heads would roll on the ground.

Catelyn Stark stared with fear in her eyes, as the Rains of Castamere finished playing the hall. Death lurked that night, and she could feel it in her bones.

"Your grace… I feel I've been remiss in my duties. I giving you, my meat and wine. But I haven't showed you the hospitality you deserve. My king has married and I ow my new queen a wedding gift," Walder Frey said with an unusually gentle voice. Or if that horrendous sound that came out of his mouth could be compared to a voice.

Catelyn saw the face of Roose Bolton next to her. Those eyes. The face. It wasn't normal. Fearing for her life, she was able to see the chain-mail under Roose Bolton's clothes. Then she knew exactly what was about to take place there. Filled with anguish and fear. She slapped Roose Bolton and quickly stood up from the chair.


Robb turned around to see his mother standing there, with a horrific face but the sound of stabbing, of flesh being cut open. His eyes glared at his wife, being stabbed by a Frey soldier repeatedly. The pregnant woman's stomach was now a pool of blood with open wounds, where his child was growing up. Robb couldn't understand what was going on. Or perhaps he didn't want to think about it. But the lifeless body of Jeyne on the ground brought shocked the king in the north body. And if it wasn't enough, the arrows hitting his chest brought him to his knees. Then every single Stark soldier in the hall was killed. Leaving only Catelyn, who hid underneath the table, Robb, alive.

Robb crawled to Jeyne, as her life was leaving her slowly. He wasn't even paying attention to the arrows on his chest. He only hugged the dead body of his wife.

Catelyn Stark couldn't hope to do anything else, but to grab a knife and hold Walder Frey's wife by the hair.

"My first son! Let him go and I swear I will forget this! I swear it by the old gods we will not take no vengeance on you!" Catelyn yelled.

"You already swore an oath in this castle, in front of me! You swore by all the god's you son would marry my daughter!"

"Take me for a hostage instead!"

Catelyn then pleaded for her son to leave, for him to run, but she noticed how the boy she raised was dead inside. The look of despair and as he held his dead wife was enough to tell her it was done for.

"Robb!" she yelled one more time.

Walder Frey only sighed, but held it back. It had to be done. He has waited a long time for an opportunity like this. He saw the look of Roose Bolton as he was prepared to end the young king's life, but before anything else could have taken place there. The giant door of the hall burst open. Piece of wood flew over the place, as everyone turned around to see what or who was capable of such a thing. But among all the things they expected, a man wearing a strange outfit was not one of them.


Catelyn dropped the knife when she heard the voice of her daughter. As she saw her little girl holding a sword. The same one the bastard gave to her such a long time ago. But besides her, the hound was holding her in place.

"Who are you?!" Walder Frey yelled at the man who seemed rather unbothered by the scene before him.

"I apologize for breaking in."

Sebas said as he approached the man holding a woman in his arms. It only took a few moments to realize that he was the king of the north. Sebas brought his hand to Robb's shoulder and stared at him gently and with remorse.

"Don't worry, young king. Everything is alright now."

"What…?" Robb's voice was losing strength, but he couldn't deny how peaceful he felt by hearing those words.

"Solution, heal him," Sebas said.

"Yes, lord Sebas… what about her?" Solution asked at the dead girl the young king was holding. She was pregnant. Solution thought with cold condescension.

"Mm, young king, is she your wife?" Sebas asked, ignoring the screaming of Lord Walder. Robb could only nod.

"I see, yes heal her too. But I think they are both deceased."

"I will have to use a scroll," Solution said.

"Do it."

No one there knew what they were talking about, not even Arya or Sandor, but they knew they were about to witness something else. Arya's eyes almost left their sockets as she saw how the hand of the beautiful woman called Solution shifted into something strange. What are they? Arya thought, amazed and horrified. Sebas only stood up and walked up.

"Attacking someone in a wedding… such a breach of protocols," Sebas said.

"What?! Who are you?! How did you get in?! Guards! Guards?!" Walder Frey yelled.

"Don't worry about it, I have dealt with them… is only you, and the people of this room."

Walder saw the eyes of Sebas, and he felt a sudden pressure on his body. He was afraid now.

"Kill him! Kill them all!"

From the balcony, a group of men shoots arrows at Sebas but not a single one penetrated his body. They all broke into million pieces when they touched his chest. Sebas, in a blink of an eye, punched the air, while aiming up. The power of the wings that was created of his fist was enough to rip apart the bodies of the Frey soldiers on the second floor. It was so fast. Sebas turned around and so a few Frey soldiers trying to attack him, but once again, he killed them all. A soldier brought his sword up and tried to cut Sebas' head, but failed as the butler of Nazarick only grabbed the sword with his hand and broke it in two. Then, with a powerful kick, the torso of the Frey soldier disappeared. Catelyn, Arya, and Sandor only stared dumbstruck at what they were witnessing.

Roose Bolton was a man who didn't scare easily. But right now, he was afraid. So afraid.

He bolted from the hall; however, it was stopped by something. His body was frozen in place. Roose turned and saw the blond woman with a nasty smile on her face. "You're not going anywhere." Solution said as she paralyzed Roose Bolton in his place. She was just finishing healing the humans, and while she hated having to deal with humans in such a manner. It was their lady's orders. Perhaps I can eat something? Solution thought as she stood up.

"What… monster! Get away from me!"

Sebas walked to lord Frey as he was trying his hardest to move away. Sebas, however, decided to just end it. But as he stared back, where king Robb was speechless. The wounds of his body were no more. But what shocked him the most was the return of his wife to the land of the living. Jeyne was gasping for air and holding her stomach, still feeling the knife going inside of her. The poor woman was holding her stomach where her child was growing. And from what everyone could see, it was nothing happened. Solution rolled her eyes at the crying woman.

"Mm, perhaps I should let you alive? I believe the young king would like a few words with you."

Walder Frey tried to run, but for time's sake, Sebas broke both legs of the old lord. "Stay here," Sebas said, as he went back to the group of people in the middle of the hall.

Catelyn hugged Arya for dear life, as she kept on saying her name repeatedly. Afraid she would disappear from thin air. Robb looked up and saw Sebas.

"What… what are you?" He asked, afraid.

Sebas only smiled. "I came here with a proposal from my lady."

"Lady? What?" Robb asked, still overwhelmed by everything.

Robb shocked his head, as he was trying to regain some sense of composure. He held his wife and could bring her up with him.

"My lady wishes for an association with you."

"Association… with me?" Robb whispered.

"Indeed, but I do hope we could talk when heads are clearer… after all, you have witnessed a great deal. And I don't want to overwhelm you more. Although, I believe you must first do something with this fellow," Sebas said, pointing to Walder Frey who was on the ground, screaming in pain. Whatever confusion Robb was feeling, it quickly transformed into rage. But he still stared at the man before him.

"I thank you, my lord… I don't know what it's going on now. But whatever proposal you have, I will listen to it."

Sebas was glad things were as bad as he thought. It certainly leaves them in a good light now, after saving them. Yet he wondered if all of this was her lady's plan. There was no way to know it yet, but he believed it. He retreated with Solution outside the hall, allowing the Stark family some privacy. There was some work to do.

"Good job, Solution."

"Thank, lord Sebas."

"What scroll did you use?"

"True resurrection. The human king wounds were not deadly, I use a minor healing ability."

"I see, in any case, our mission is not over yet. We must secure an alliance of sorts."

Solution only nodded.

Both of them walked to the great door and saw the courtyard. The screaming and wails of horrors made Seba's sigh. Lady Shalltear is in a frenzy… I think I should stop her before she troubles our mission. "Solution contact, lady Albedo, and update her. I will go and… assist lady Shalltear."

"Yes, lord Sebas."

Sebas exhaled once again and left. The night was far from over.

At King's Landing, Tywin Lannister sat before the small council, annoyed he has heard nothing from the Twins in days. It's been almost a fortnight, and that old fool is not even capable of sending a raven. He thought with disdain. The rest of the council could only feel the irritation emanating from the Old Lion, and one of them, in particular, found the whole thing amusing.

"Dear father, is something bothering you?" Tyrion asked, and Tywin only glared at him.

"It's strange for you to call a meeting at these hours, and keep quiet for half an hour. I just worried about it, that's all," Tyrion said.

"Archmaester Pycell, has no raven arrive from the Riverlands?" Tywin asked, ignoring Tyrion's words.

"Eh… not, my lord," Pycell said, nervously.

"What about our spies there? What about the Stark boy?" Tywin asked, as now it was Varys turn to look nervous.

"My little birds have been silent for a while."

Tywin's face went dark as he was having a hard time keeping his anger in check.

"We shouldn't worry about details. Perhaps those unwashed northerners don't know how to use ravens? It won't surprise me," Cersei said smugly, as she was trying to keep her son awake. Joffrey was bored, as the meeting reached nowhere.

"What are we doing here?" Joffrey asked, irritated.

"Waiting for news for the war I just ended," Tywin replied with a bitter voice. Everyone stared at him, wondering what he meant by that.

"What?" Joffrey asked.

"Lord Frey and Roose Bolton should have killed the Stark king by now. I'm waiting for confirmation," Tywin said, and Joffrey jumped out of his chair, ecstatic to hear such a thing.

"Where are you going?" Tyrion asked.

"To tell Sansa about her brother's death!" Joffrey said with a grin on his face.

"Tell Lord Frey to send me Robb Stark's head, I am going to serve it to Sansa as my wedding gift."

Joffrey's words disgusted everyone, even Cersei, as she could only look at her father, who seemed cold and distant.

"No. She is no longer yours to torment," Tyrion said.

"Everyone is mine to torment… you should remember that, you little monster," Joffrey replied.

Tyrion's fury could not be quenched, but before he could say something, a guard came bursting into the room carrying a box. He seemed rather confused to be there, for an odd reason.

"My lord… a box arrived," the guard said.

"What, you interrupt us for a box?" Tywin said.

"Well, my lord… it's because of this."

Everyone sat there, silently, as they saw the head of Walder Frey and Roose Bolton. Tywin's face was a mix of shock and anger. The guard had the horrible job of opening the letter that was on the bottom of the wooden box, and holding his breath, he read it.

"To lord Tywin Lannister… Winter is coming for you."

Tywin has never experienced such anger. Not for decades. But before he could react, yet another guard came rushing to the chamber.

"Sansa Stark has escaped!"

"What?!" Joffrey yelled.

And as if things were, the entire castle shook. A powerful earthquake hit King's Landing. No one there could move. And while everyone tried to hold on to something. Far away, away from the city, a young dark elf yawned as he left the city. Since his job was only to scare them a bit. But of course, the destruction was visible from the distance. And it was only the beginning.

Robb Stark sat before the map, like many times before. But this time, however, it was different. A fortnight ago, he was betrayed. Almost killed and defeated. And a fortnight ago, he watched the impossible happen with his own eyes. He could see his wife's dead eyes in his dreams. But he knew it was nothing to compare to what Jeyne felt. She had nightmares about that night. And while things were now better than a few days ago. It was going to take a long time to forget.

"Something bothering you?" Catelyn asked, while standing next to him. Both still had trouble coming to terms with things. Yet they couldn't deny how better things were now.

"Just having problems… Still remembering that night."

"Yes, it's going to be a long road," Catelyn said.

"How is Sansa?" Robb asked.

"Shaken by it all."

"Yeah, I can imagine… it's not always you see the things we have seen."

Catelyn laughed softly. "Yes, but she will recover… like we have. Thankfully, Arya is here to annoy her."

"Yes…" Robb whispered.

"Robb, are you sure about… about meeting this… person?" Catelyn asked.

"We have, mother. They save our life and are willing to lend their supports. You saw what they can do. I don't know what they are, but I want them on our side."

"Even if you have to bend the knee?" Catelyn asked once again fearfully what could it mean.

"Even so…"

Robb understood clearly what he has to do in order to win the war. He was a fool to trust easily before and made a lot of mistakes. Yet he knew there was no way to go forward with the war if things lead to the same outcome. If he had to bend the knee and give his crown away for a chance to win the war and bring justice to his family. He would. They couldn't do it by themselves anymore.

"Be careful, son."

"I will, mother."

Sebas then entered the small camp and bowed. "Are you ready, king Robb?" He asked.

"Yes, lord Sebas."

Sebas and Robb walked outside the tent and entered the portal that was waiting for him. Robb could see a throne in the distance and a being sitting there, waiting for him. He put on a brave face, and step in. Not knowing that such action would forever change not only the outcome of the war, but the world itself. But as he was walking the long corridor to his destiny. There was only something on his mind. The old wolf dies, but the pack survives.

And Robb Stark would make sure they do survive the long winter waiting for them.