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The White Lion of the Red Keep

Will the king and I have children?

Oh, aye. Six-and-ten for him and… four for you. Three will wear crowns and gold their shrouds, but one… will have the eyes of pure gold and this one crown would be the brightest of all.

Eyes of gold? What does it mean?

Little one, I have seen things on the edges of the world, from Asshai to the Wall, but never in my whole life. I have seen such things in the ashes and flames. These old bones feel fear… your child is not from this world. The Old Gods, and new ones, would come to fear her.

You are not making sense anymore. You seem to jeer at me, and these dreams of yours? Pure mockery!

Child, I may have been doing that before your questions. But now, I can only hope to be wrong.

It seems you wish to keep mocking me, so be it. Let's see what my father has to say about this, witch.

My little lady, do as you will, but remember my words. When the child with sun eyes is born, she would not be a princess, but an empress, and when her kingdom come, the world will quiver under her. Never forget it, and maybe your death would be avoided.

All the individuals of the Red Keep could hear a shrieking sound of a woman in pain, as the queen was ready to give birth to yet another child. Cersei Baratheon, although few people, if anyone, would refer her as such. She was still Cersei Lannister, and people would always call her like that. However, it was not the point as of now. The queen was in pain, but it was a warmth of the feeling of a child coming out of her. The joy of having a child was one of the few things she allowed herself to relish. A sensation of knowing to whom it belongs also made her feel more at peace, and more controlling. Cersei smiled at the image of her first child, the one who lived.

Joffrey was only a year old. It was a surprise she ended up pregnant so fast. Honestly, Cersei wasn't sure of why she felt different. Perhaps it was because this child was her second one, or something else.

Robert believed it was his, just like Joffrey, and Cersei smiled secretly, knowing the truth. A sort of revenge and sadistic thought came to her. She would sometimes dream about killing Robert, and while the last breaths were leaving his body, Cersei would whisper to him. None of them are yours, Robert. They all belong to me and Jaime. He is the actual father, the one whose seed planted a fruit inside me. Not yours. Never yours. Only mine.

Cersei would wake up with a smile on her face all the time. The feeling of waking up next to Robert, only to make him think they were his, was disgusting and only filled her with rage and bitterness. However, it was all worth it in the end. A Stag would not rule, but a lion. It was not something Cersei planned, but it just happened. Still, she would smile every day, knowing the truth of it all. Another pain came to her, as she clutched her hands and force the scream down.

"Almost there, your grace!"

Pycell, the old fool said, as Cersei felt rage feeling those hands upon her skin.

"Where is Jaime?! Where is he?!"

Cersei yelled, wanting her brother and lover to be with her during these times. It took not much before her twin opened the door, leaving his guard duty behind. There wasn't a need to be guarding, after all. There was only him, and another nameless kingsguard with him. The rest were with the King on a hunting trip in the Kingswood. A strange way to celebrate the birth of another child of his. Yet, it didn't matter to the twins, who were thankful to be alone.

"I'm here, Cersei," Jaime said.

Cersei took her brother's hand, looking for comfort and strength to keep going. And looking at those green eyes of his, the same as her. She smiled, but then again, another pain struck her, to which she hissed.

"Alright, everything would be fine… think of the child. Of our child," Jaime said, whispering the last words so no one could hear them.

Cersei did just that, and with one last push, a sudden relief came to her. The sudden cry of a child brought a smile to her, as she couldn't wait to hold her child. Another lion cub. Cersei couldn't help but think that her life would only get better.

"Congratulations, your grace, is a girl… and, oh."

Pycell stop suddenly, and Cersei and Jaime both looked at him, and the moment they saw the head of the baby. They couldn't help themselves but gasp. The white hair was visible, and although it wasn't as silver as the Targaryen, there was only one explanation to them, and it was that the child was not Jaime's own. Cersei felt something inside of her, a knot of sorts. It can't be! Not! I made sure that it wasn't his! No! I refuse to believe is his! A child with golden hair and green eyes is what I wanted! Another lion! My lion! She screamed internally, as she could take her eyes off the child's hair.

"The only person with Targaryen blood in the castle is Robert."

Jaime softly whispered, trying to look away, hurt by what lays before him. Cersei was holding his hand as if he was going to disappear from her sight.

"Jaime, I swear it… I swear it! I thought it was yours… I made sure of it! I'm sorry!"

Cersei muttered softly, on his arms, crying deeply.

"Hey, is alright. Everything is going to be… alright."

Jaime only said, pushing down the anger and disappointment in his mind and soul. Yet, something was missing, and it was the crying of the child. And it only took a few moments before Cersei realized it.

"What is happening? What is my baby not crying?!"

Cersei yelled, as her mind quickly pushed aside all pain and humiliation of the possibility of being Robert's child. The mind of the queen only focused on her baby girl. Her first daughter. Her body was in pain, yet it didn't matter to her. Cersei was ready to jump down and run to her child, yet it seemed as if was unnecessary. As Pycell, the old maester, couldn't stop gawking at the baby in his hand. It was something, Jaime noticed quickly.

"Archmaester? What is it? The baby?"

Pycell snapped back to reality, as he slowly cleaned the child and gave it to the queen. The moment he did such that, both Cersei and Jaime had the same reaction as the old man and stared in shock at the bright golden eyes staring back at them. The queen just stood there, watching, to the child with golden eyes. It was unreal.

"Cersei, those eyes… I have never seen those eyes of that color," Jaime said.

"No one has."

Cersei replied, as she couldn't take her eyes off her child. The baby girl was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen in her life. Nothing could compare to her. The soft and perfectly made red lips, adding that beautiful little nose with big cheeks, in a round face. The long eyelashes, and the big round eyes. And you have one gorgeous baby girl. Cersei fell in love. Any doubt she had before, any pain of sorrow, vanished, as she could only stare at her daughter with nothing but happiness. Even Jaime couldn't shake the feeling of unusual joy. It was a strange sensation of adoration both of them were having. Those golden eyes were hypnotizing them.

When the child with sun eyes is born, she would not be a princess, but an empress, and when her kingdom come, the world will quiver under her. Never forget it, and maybe your death would be avoided.

Cersei recalled those words long ignored. That prophecy lingering in her mind, and what could it mean for her and the future. Golden eyes, this is my child. Could it be that the prophecy was real? Or are just the gods mocking me once again? Cersei thought. She put those thoughts away for now as she focused on another problem.

It was the hair, the feature of it worried them more. It wasn't the same as the dragons, but they just kept on believing she had Targaryen blood. Well, they were wrong. A mistake, of sorts. And it didn't matter.

"She is beautiful, Cersei," Jaime said.

Cersei only smiled as she kept on looking at her daughter, who seemed to only stare back. A strange thing for a baby to do, yet it was what was she was doing. Only there, looking at them with the mouth open. Yet, the fact remains, that in her eyes. And the eyes of everyone else. The girl was a Targaryen. A funny thing, since if put next to each other, the girl's white hair wasn't really like the Targaryen silver hair. Still, only the previous rulers of Westeros had any hair like that, and it wasn't unusual for the previous dragon lords to have different shades of silver. Perhaps the child's hair would become more like the Targaryen as she grows older. Maybe it was just the shade she was born with. It didn't matter; she was a half-Targaryen in their eyes, or at least, that was what Cersei and Jaime thought.

But the golden eyes were out of place. Still, Cersei was mesmerized by them. She wanted to look at them forever.

"Cersei, if Robert sees her."

Jaime whispered, and Cersei only nodded, knowing full well what those words meant. Robert hated everything, Targaryen. All of it. There was no doubt in her mind that Robert would not react kindly to his newborn. If anything, Robert would try to do something if he gets mad. I will not allow him to hurt my daughter. He would have to kill me before anything. Cersei thought as she brought her child closer to her embrace.

"I will protect her. She is my daughter, Jaime. My child."

Jaime's jaw clenched, as he now remembered that he was not the father of the child. Yet, he loved his sister too much to care. The girl had her sister's blood. Their blood. A Lannister. Jaime looked down and felt as if the baby girl was staring at him, like if she was inspecting him in some way. A rather ridiculous assumption, but he couldn't deny the intelligence behind those golden eyes.

"I understand."

Jaime replied softly.

"I will protect her, no matter what."

My little child… my sun child. My princess and empress.

"How will you name her?" Jaime asked.

Cersei thought for a while until a strange image attacked her mind. A cry, a scream, a name. Galadriel. The name came to her mind, and for she was sure it was a sign.

"Galadriel… her name will be Galadriel."

"A beautiful name, but where did it come from? I have never heard that name before."

"A unique name for a unique girl. I don't know where… it just felt right. Don't you think?" Cersei said.

"It is a very special name."

Cersei hugged her daughter, as she couldn't shake the feeling of joy but it was not because of having a healthy little girl, but something else, something more. What it was? Only the queen would know, but perhaps it would forever change how things were in the Red Keep. And maybe the world. As the baby with golden eyes stared at them, afraid, baffled, and in shock. Yes, the world would change soon enough.

The days went by, and the arrival of the king could only bring more pressure to Cersei, and when it did. The entire world stopped, as the screams and rage of the Baratheon king couldn't be quenched, as he saw the hair of his daughter. Once again, he was lost in his hatred of everything Targaryen, that truthfully, he couldn't see the differences between his daughter's hair and the Targaryen. But once again, he did not care.

The king did not want to see her, to know her, to acknowledge her as his own. He wanted her dead.

She is not mine!

You're the only one with Targaryen blood in the Red Keep. No matter how much you deny it. She is yours.

She is a dragonspawn, that's what she is! Nothing more… I want her gone!

You will not lay a finger on her! And if you do, I swear it by all gods, nothing will stop my vengeance! You will have another war in your hands! And, let me tell you, we are not the Targaryens! We are Lannisters!

The screaming and yelling between the king and queen were unprecedented since the lioness would not allow any harm to fall upon her cub, while the stag wanted to destroy anything resembling his mortal enemy. The tension in King's Landing was at an all-time high, as the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, was doing his best to keep the peace. The tension reached an all-time high, when the lord of the Westerlands himself ride to King's Landing, with the small vanguard of the Lannister forces. It was clear that the Old Lion of the Rock was sending a message to them. Hurt my daughter or her child, and I will rain fire upon you. Tywin was a pragmatic man. That was clear. And while he was not sharing joy to hear how much Targaryen blood was in her granddaughter, the baby was still his blood.

Besides, when he met her and saw those golden eyes, that he believed to be an exaggeration from his daughter. Tywin couldn't shake the feeling of wonder. He saw it as something worth having, in a twisted sense. A golden lion should have golden eyes. Those were his words. It was hard to tell if he was already planning to wed her to someone in the family in the future to expand the Lannister influence, since she was, after all, a half Targaryen. Tywin knew that his first granddaughter would appease the Targaryen loyalist in the future. So, with that in mind, he decided to keep an eye on her. He knew if words get out, things could become complicated in the future.

The last thing Tywin needed was someone poisoning the girl's mind with Targaryen dreams of old glory. The last children of the failed dynasty were out of reach for now, but Tywin believed eventually they would try to reclaim their throne. So, for him, it was a necessity to avoid it. He doesn't trust anyone in King's Landing to deal with her. They could turn her against them. The loyalist could push her to ally with her Targaryen brethren and cause a lot of harm to the realm. It was huge if. And it may not happen, but Tywin would kill such an idea in its crib. That's why the Old Lion wanted to shape her and make sure she would prove useful to them in the future. To have the loyalist follow her instead of the Targaryen invaders. There was more to it, of course. The plan has a few holes, and it was a maybe down the line. But it was what Tywin thought.

So, he came with a solution to bring the tension down. The girl would live in Casterly Rock for short periods of time. At first, Cersei was against such an idea. She wanted to keep her close to her, at all costs, but Robert, in a moment of clarity of thought it would be best if both of them avoided seeing each other for now. The war was still fresh in his mind and even though he would not kill her. He was still resentful and filled with hate. Tywin had to compromise with Cersei, making sure that she could come with her during those times. Also, he wanted to make sure that Cersei would understand the dangers her child would deal with if she stays in King's Landing all the time. Cersei, at that point, knew those dangers were true. So begrudgingly, she accepted with few conditions, and they were all about her daughter's protection, and her not leaving her side. Tywin accepted them.

It took not long before the Seven Kingdoms heard about the birth of a Targaryen disguised as a Baratheon. The irony of the Usurper child being a dragonspawn was not lost to his old enemies. Yet, deep in the shadows, the Game of Thrones was beginning once more. And one of the main objectives for all of them, enemies or allies, was the princess, Galadriel Baratheon, and how her presence would shape the future decades. And while many of them were going to try to control her, none would succeed.

After all, the Seven Kingdoms didn't know that she was not a dragon, or a stag, or a lion. But a demon. A Demon Empress.

291 AC

The sounds of a soft hummingbird and the gentle sound of a river relaxed the young girl, who seemed to read without bothering to pay attention to what was around. There she was, Galadriel Baratheon, the princess of the Seven Kingdoms, and granddaughter of Tywin Lannister. And while the Old Lion would never say out loud or admit she was his favorite grandchildren, Tywin showed with his actions. He would make sure she wore the best gowns. The best gifts, and more. A surprise yes, but one that was not taken out of context. The girl was an enigma.

At an early age, the girl surprised everyone by how quick she was too. Not only she learned to move on her own but to speak and understand what was going on around her. Galadriel was a quiet girl most of the time, but she would always look as if she knew more than others. She was a genius, as the old Archmaester would say, and would add how if she was a man, the princess could be a maester without a problem, something it made the girl scoff at. However, everyone could see the truth behind those words. Galadriel would understand everything they put before her. She would read, write, and solve problems without difficulties.

Cersei brought everything to her. All the people, from the Citadel, or outside, to make sure her child would have the best education possible. And while it brought new information that Galadriel desperately needed; their teaching proved to be insufficient. And would always lead to the princess, to learn all by herself.

At the age of three, she proved to be a unique person. However, while it was true. Something was going on that no people knew about. And it was the thoughts and actions of the girl while no one was looking.

This world sucks.

Galadriel thought as she kept on reading another book regarding the history of the Westerlands. Another year has gone by for her, sitting there, reading, researching, and preparing for whatever may come. And truthfully, she was getting annoyed and desperate. The world was a strange one, and putting aside her status and highly dysfunctional family. Galadriel has wasted her time doing the same thing all the time. She would investigate a problem, try to find a solution, and wait for results. And since she could use every single thing from Yggdrasil, she had a large quantity of summons that helped all the way.

In secret, of course. She was the princess, an innocent little girl who was smart and only that. Galadriel wanted to keep such an image for as long as she could. Until she was 100% sure there was no danger out there.

" Almost, eight years, eight long years since I was reborn in this world. Despite that, there are not sights of Nazarick," Galadriel said, with a long sigh, as she closed the books.

"What am I doing?"

Galadriel asked no one but herself, as she wondered about what she felt like doing in this strange world. Her goals were, for now, to learn more of the world, look for Nazarick and secure herself. But besides that, nothing really came to her mind. Not really. At least for now.

"Well, I tried to make things better in King's Landing… but my dear father is wasting his time and gold, whoring and drinking. The rest of the small council is so useless or have their own agenda. Like holy shit! They are completely corrupt!"

Galadriel groaned as she allowed herself to lean back, resting her head on the rather comfortable ground. Enjoying the feeling of her feet in the cold water.

"At least, Jon Arryn is trying his best… but is not enough. Also, the eunuch, Varys, is playing many cards. Mm, what should I do about it?" Galadriel muttered.

Galadriel's own spies have been able to gather a lot of useful information in the last few years. The double-dealing, backstabbing, and game they were all playing were rather amusing for her. They all wanted to be close to the king, or be the next king, or bring a new king. A complete mess of a country. Not too different from her previous one. Yet, Galadriel wanted to keep watching from the sides line for now.

"Should I take the crown for myself? Mm, doing it right now would be quite problematic. A lot of people would die and there are so many problems. Ah, perhaps I could just let everyone kill each other for now. I don't want to end up killing my siblings, well, at least not all of them," Galadriel said softly.

While her relationship with her father was not the best, it was a lot better than her previous one. Robert Baratheon, the king, would at least ignore her most of the time. The few times they held a conversation, it would be as a ruler and whatnot. It took time for her to understand the complexity of their relations. The Targaryen really did a good number on his mind. Mm, I think I see where he is coming from, to have a child who just looks like your previous enemies could be hard to accept. Galadriel thought while feeling the pure and clear air touch her cheeks as she rests near the riverbank.

That was how their interaction was, most of the time. Simple, dry, and nothing more. Galadriel had zero connection with him, and would not shed a tear if he dies, or if she kills him. Regardless, it was different with her other siblings and mother. Her mother, Cersei, was something so strange for Galadriel to express. The queen loves her, there was no doubt. And, honestly, Galadriel kind of likes her too. There was a weird dynamic between them. The queen would always want to be by her side, just to be next to her. Her mother would always look at her with pride in her eyes, and love, and worshipped the floor she walked on. And that was the problem. Galadriel's mother would literally worship her. It was a sense of adoration, of obsession, that confused Galadriel. The white-haired girl could see the nasty side of the queen as well. The queen could be cruel when needed. She could be an evil person, arrogant, and highly stupid sometimes. Yet, she was Galadriel's mother in here. So, for the sake and love the queen showed her, and for bringing to life, both Tommen and Myrcella, who were Galadriel's favorite people in the world. Galadriel would allow her safety if things force her to act.

Then there was Joffrey, who was, for the lack of a better word. A nasty and cruel little boy. Nothing more.

"Ugh, and to think we share a name… well, not really."

Galadriel said as she cringes remembering how her siblings were conceived. Learning that her mother and uncle were having an affair was a hard thing to swallow. It was a bit of information; she wishes to erase from her memory.

"Incest seems pretty common in this world," Galadriel said, making a disgusted face. "Despite that, this truly makes me the only true heir of the king. Ha, what a twist!"

"Well, this information would eventually be expose… I wonder, what should I do then? War seems unavoidable. Perhaps… maybe, it will be a good idea to let it happen?"

Galadriel wondered if she should bring her grandfather to her side in order to secure the crown if it reached that point. Well, there were a lot of things she could do, and honestly, some were simple things to do. It was one reason; she doesn't kill Joffrey yet, or her father, for that matter. They were good baits and brought the attention away from her, allowing her to do whatever she wanted. Many of the plots currently going on around Westeros involved Joffrey, or Robert, to a degree. The last remnants of the Targaryen loyalists were trying to get her to marry Viserys Targaryen, who was exiled with her sister in Essos. Or Rhaegar son, Aegon. Others wanted to secure a marriage with her, only to get closer to the crown. And a few other small plots involved her to a degree. From what Galadriel saw, they wanted to control her.

"Ah, what should I do?" Galadriel said as she rolled on the ground.

"If only there was someone who would do things for me! Ah, if there was someone who would tell me what to do! Argh! I don't know what should I do!"

Galadriel yelled, as she was getting tired of always thinking and not knowing exactly what to do. Perhaps she could try to think about the possibilities of her taking the crown. And plan better. It was worth thinking about it.

"Well, whatever, let's see what happens."

Galadriel moaned, as she then noticed someone approaching her. The defense skills and summons she had and were hidden away would have to kill anyone with harmful intentions. That's why she knew the person approaching was not hostile. And hearing the small steps and grunting, she smiled. As her uncle, move toward her.

"My dear niece, speaking alone again?"

"Uncle, I see you hear my ramblings once again. Do you still think I am insane?" Galadriel said as she was still lying on the ground, swinging her legs and splashing the water.

"Insane? No, my beloved niece, just crazy enough to argue with my father about his administration skills. And to see him agree with you, I can honestly say, I have seen it all."

"I was not arguing, just advising him."

Tyrion Lannister laughed at the knowing smile from his niece. If there was something, he knew, and everyone else in the Seven Kingdoms was that Tywin Lannister was a man hard to please, if any. And he knows that. Tyrion, for his entire life, has been trying to please that man in any way possible. Even Jaime, who was the golden child, was having a hard time sensing the pride in Tywin when talking to him. And it was nothing when Cersei tried to show her intelligence to her father. The Lion of the Rock showed no affection to them. However, the only person who has accomplished it was none other than the girl before him. The princess, or as they call her. The White Lion.

The girl was capable of not only speak freely to the lord of the Westerlands with no repercussion on her tone. Tyrion even saw, one time, a smile from his father. It was just after the princess caught someone stealing gold. It was not like she stopped a thief on the street, but a young acolyte from the Citadel, who was helping to administrate at Casterly Rock. After the failed Greyjoy's Rebellion, the port of the Westerlands. Lannisport had to be restored, and a new fleet had to be re-built. It would take years and gold to do so, and the work was too much for one person. So, the maester of Casterly Rock asked for help, Tywin, who was too busy with many other things, accepted and so a young man arrived there to help. At first, it seemed everything was fine, but Galadriel, who was living on the rock at the time, found something odd.

Her spies brought a copy of the sheets used to gather the taxes and reparations cost, and it took not only an hour for her to find a hole in the finances. Someone was stealing gold; it wasn't much of course. The thief was smart enough to not steal large quantities of gold at one time. He was also good at covering his tracks, but the young acolyte was nothing against Galadriel, who had years of experience in a Risk Department in a large company, and a Ph.D. in Administration and accounting management. So, she found out not only the stealing of gold but the high inefficiency in the management by the maester. And when she brought those concerns to her grandfather, at first, the Old Lion met them in disbelief, but after a long and detailed explanation, not even Tywin could deny the facts. And after a rather short interrogation on his part, the truth was that his granddaughter was speaking the truth.

Tywin executed the thief and the maester for taking the thief from the citadel. And, with time and another maester arrived, Galadriel took upon herself to aid in that department, making sure no one steals again and putting forth her ideas to make the Westerlands great. And it a few years, her reputation grew more. And having the Old Lion behind her, well, it showed everyone she was not someone they could insult or underestimate. Not that they would, of course.

After that, their relationship only improved, as they would spend hours talking about how to upgrade the Westerlands. And in so, the young princess becomes perhaps the only person who Tywin trusted to secure his legacy, and secretly, someone who he enjoyed talking to. The world is upside down, as I saw my father smile for the first time… ever. I must learn her secrets! Tyrion thought as he approached his niece.

"Are you ready to go back to King's Landing?" Tyrion asked.

"Ugh, yeah… a bit. Truthfully, I enjoy being here more. The sun, clean rivers. The peace and quiet, well, compare to the capital."

"Don't you miss the capital?"

"No… it stinks, there is no river where or green grass where I could just lay peacefully."

"That's true. Nevertheless, is very dangerous for you to be alone. I pray for no one to take advantage of you," Tyrion said, with a serious tone.

"Please, uncle, who would hurt little me? I am adorable."

Tyrion scoffed playfully as he saw the beautiful smile of his niece. He knew, just like everyone else, that she would grow up to be a gorgeous woman. More beautiful than Cersei was. More charming than Shiera Seastar. An enchantress without a doubt. She would forever remember as the most stunning and graceful woman in the world. Tyrion thought.

"Are you coming with me, uncle?" Galadriel asked, smiling from the ground.

"Ah, yes, I am. Your dear mother wanted to make sure you arrive safely. And father, well, he also says the same," Tyrion said, with an exasperated sigh.

"Wait? My mother asked you for a favor? The queen? Are we talking about the same person? Did things change so much in a year?" Galadriel asked, amused, as she knew that there was no love between them.

"What can I say? I can't deny my dear sister a favor."

"Sure, you do," Galadriel replied, with a small mocking tone. "But think of this, you will finally meet, Tommen."

Tyrion's face lightens up at those words. "Aye, I would love to meet him."

Galadriel slowly stood up; at her young age, she was at the same height as her uncle. She smiled gently. He is one of the most interesting people I have met here. He is cunning and wicked smart. The façade he wears around people is easy to see to someone who has been pushed down all the time. Like me. Yet, there he is. Still pushing up, no matter what. Someone who doesn't let his dwarfism stop him from looking for his worth. I respect that. Besides, I enjoy him a great deal. He has taught me a lot here. Galadriel would make sure to always have him by her side.

"Now, milord, would you take this fair lady back to the castle?" Galadriel said, in an exaggerated voice and curtsey. As she couldn't look funnier to Tyrion. He acted the same as his niece.

"It would be my pleasure, my little lady!"

"Little? I'm taller than you!"

"But I can go to bed wherever I want to. And you do not."

"Alright, point taken."

Tyrion laughed as both retreated to the castle, where soon they would depart to the capital.

Galadriel sighed as she entered Casterly Rock. There, her carriage was getting ready, and some soldiers were just waiting to leave.

Ah, grandfather seems to always go overboard with my security. Not that I need it, of course. So far, I have seen no trail trails of a player in this world. I know magic existed at one point, and that dragons used to roam the skies, but from what I saw back in the Red Keep. They looked more like wyverns than the dragons I know from Yggdrasil.

Galadriel wondered how much difference the magic used to be there. However, what she was believing was that, perhaps, she was the first and only player there. It was something that relieved her and allowed her to relax more, but at the same time. It terrified her. Alone? All by myself? It was not something she wanted to think about. Not one bit.

"That's a lot of soldiers, don't you think?" Galadriel asked her uncle.

"Indeed, but you know, the lord of the Rock. You're his favorite person in the world, your security is important to him."

"Favorite person? Really? And here I thought, you were his most beloved son."

"Now, don't go around saying things like that. People would find out," Tyrion said jokingly.

Galadriel smiled, but remain silent for a while, as they kept on walking. She wasn't a fool. The relationship between Tyrion and his father was one of the vilest things she has seen. It was brutal. And she started to think that, maybe, it wasn't because Tyrion was a dwarf, well, not in its entirety. Joanna Lannister was Tywin's wife, and from what her uncles and mother told her a while ago. She was the woman; Tywin loved the most. No person would make Tywin smile or laugh but her. The death of his wife took everything from him. All the good, the smallest part of him and left behind a rotten corpse. He was never the same. That's what I've been told all my life. I don't remember too much of her. Those were the words, her uncle Jaime told her. And she heard many more things from other family members who knew her grandfather before Joanna's death.

Losing the love of his life while giving birth to a dwarf. A proud man in these times would have just killed his dwarf son without a shadow of a doubt. But he didn't. Why? I guess I will never know. Nevertheless, it's not an excuse for what he has done to Tyrion. If my grandfather could see how much they are alike. Ah, this is such a complicated family.

Then, both saw Tywin waiting for them in the courtyard. His face was as usual. Stoic, with no show of affection.

"Ah, beloved father, here I bring you, the princess. She was in her usual spot, near the river, just outside Lannisport," Tyrion said.

Tywin nodded as he was now staring down at his granddaughter.

"So, you have arrived. It seems that you keep ongoing out of the castle, notifying no one, even though it's highly dangerous for you to be alone. And that I have forbid you to do so. Tell me, why is that?" Tywin asked, with his usual brittle voice. Tyrion turned around to see his niece reply.

Uwah, he is so scary-looking!

"Mmh, I could try to come up with an excuse, but I won't."


"Ah, well, I just… like resting in near the riverbank. I don't have the opportunity to do so back at the capital. And mother really hates me going away, so when I come here, I enjoy doing just that," Galadriel said softly, trying her hardest to use her abnormal aura to enchant the surrounding people. It was a passive of sorts, she thinks. But it worked, most of the time. Otherwise, she would have to do things, like actually using skills to do so.

"Please, grandfather, it was my last day here… don't act so cold. It's not like I was getting into trouble."

Tywin only stared at her with mild amusement, but his statement remained.

"You disobey me, even though I clearly forbid you to leave the castle unguarded. And you went and lay on the ground like a commoner. What kind of princess behaves like that?" Tywin said, looking at Galadriel, who seemed rather amused by it. She felt like messing around with her stern grandfather, because, why not.

"Please, my lord… let your cute granddaughter rest. Haven't I done you a great service before? Or maybe you just want to spend more time with me?! Well, well, you only need to say it! I would love to spend more time with my favorite granddad!"

The people in the courtyard could only stare at the princess, toying with the old lion tails. It was something they have seen before. Yet, it was surreal. The way the princess would tease the lord of Casterly Rock, and how much she would smile and laugh. A mischievous girl, no doubt. Tyrion wondered what magic of sorts his niece had since she was the only one who could get away with such an attitude. No one can say no to her. No matter what, she could ask anything from me, or my father, and we would give it to her. She is dangerous indeed. Tyrion thought, amused by the scene before him.

Tywin wasn't someone to show any emotion, but he sighed silently, as he stared at those golden eyes, who had hypnotized. There was something different from the girl. He saw it a while ago. She was smart, cunning, patient and there was a sense of grandeur around her. Tywin was not a man who believed in gods, or anything like that. Not anymore. But the girl had something around her. It was hard to explain but, there was no way he could deny her something. And why she was the only one who talked with him in such a fashion. His granddaughter was the only other person who he allowed such lay back attitude with him nearby. The other person was Joanna. Why? Tywin couldn't put a finger on it. He just knew that she would be someone of great importance soon. A person who would lead the Lannister name to a new age.

Galadriel did something no one has ever done. She hugged Tywin. It was the first time since, ever, someone dared to do something like that. And Galadriel knew it, but because she could practically do whatever she wanted. Well, she did so. A nasty feeling of supremacy, as Galadriel wanted not only to play more with her grandfather's head, but also to bring him to her side. More and more. Also, it was a good way to show everyone that she was just an innocent girl who was beloved by the most powerful man in all Westeros. It would surely bring more attention to her. Unwanted attention, but Galadriel just felt naughty. It was her demon side, who was trapped in a body of a child that make her feel relief from the misery of others. They need to play with their food, like a cat and a mouse. A sadistic tendency. It was innocent for now, but Galadriel felt as if it would only grow more.

Perhaps acting as the perfect little princes, loved by everyone and seen as an angel, only to end up as the true villain would be fun to play.

Galadriel smirked. "I will miss you a lot, grandfather." I wonder if my aura is doing all of this.

Tywin shifted awkwardly as he patted her head gently. Tyrion would make sure to tell what he saw to his brother and sister. At this point, I think I can ask her to convince my father to make me lord of Casterly rock. The imp thought, amazed.

"Take care," Tywin whispered.

"I will."

Galadriel replied as she got ready to leave Casterly Rock and travel to King's Landing once again. It was going to be quite the trip.

Galadriel looked at the window, as she was arriving at King's Landing. For weeks they were traveling, and while she truly enjoyed the peace and quiet and the beautiful countryside. She could get bored. Especially since her agents told her there was nothing really important going on King's Landing. It was usual, as always. Her father whoring and drinking. Her mother and uncle having sex. Joffrey refusing to study and being an ungrateful little thing. Spies and plots from low nobles. Nothing out of ordinary.

"Not much to do so far," Galadriel whispered.

"You're talking alone again."

Tyrion said, as he was reading one of his many books. He looked tired and hungover. And he was.

"I apologize, uncle. But sometimes is hard to find someone to talk to."

"You wound me, my dear. What am I? A doll of sorts? A painting? Why don't you talk to your beloved uncle?"

"Well, the hangover you are experiencing right doesn't make you an ideal person to hold a conversation," Galadriel said, as Tyrion looked insulted.

"Let me tell you something, my dear niece. I can hold the wine in my belly perfectly fine."

"You puke two times in the last thirty minutes."

"Alright, I concede my defeat."

Tyrion then turned serious as he stared at his niece.

"The last talk you had with father turned rather somber."

Galadriel looked at him and sighed, knowing what he meant by that.

"You were there. You tell me what type of reaction you would have made in that news reached your desk."

Tyrion nodded, remembering the last meeting with his father. The gold mines were running dry faster than anyone expected. He didn't know about the state of the mines. Well now he does, and only a few people know about the state of affairs in the Westerlands. We have less than a decade of gold left in the mines. Perhaps our mines would run dry in five years. And the debt of the Iron Throne is only going up. If we don't do something, we will end up owing the bloody steps of the Red Keep to the Iron Bank. Tyrion thought with a troublesome expression.

It was at those moments when he could only think about the mind of his niece. She was the one who came up with the imminent problem. And how problematic it could be for them in the next decade. If people realized the Lannister had no more gold. They would become an easy target. The Targaryens were out there, waiting for a moment. And Tyrion knew the long list of enemies who were waiting for them to show weakness. And if they weren't capable of paying the debt back, well, the Iron Bank would make sure to have his due.

It was the reason why he came to King's Landing, not only to be with his niece while traveling, but also to speak personally to his sister about it. They don't trust any raven or rider for such delicate news.

"With any hope, we would be able to do something about it," Tyrion said.

"Mm, yeah… and hopefully, mother would listen to you. If not, don't worry, I will be there."

"Thank you for your support."

Galadriel giggled at the exasperated expression of his uncle. And she laughed, even more, when the stink of the city reached the carriage. Ah, the glorious smell of corruption and piss.

"Incredible smell," Tyrion said with a disgusted face.

"And you would not believe, when I say that it was far worse a few years ago."

The capital of the Seven Kingdoms was, for the lack of a better word, everything wrong with the monarchy. And Galadriel has tried her best to make it better. Or at least just more bearable. She would have to find a way for her to find her own source of gold if she wanted to reshape the city to something better. Or perhaps, do something more. Regardless, the city really needed a better ruler, just like the entirety of Westeros.

A better ruler, eh?

Galadriel thought as the city entry welcome them.

The moment they arrived at the Red Keep, Galadriel noticed her mother already waiting for her, next to her uncle and younger siblings. Mm, Varys must have told her. She wondered while walking out of the carriage. The little screams of Myrcella and Tommen brought an enormous smile to her.

"Gali!" they screamed as they rushed to hug her.

"Hey there!"

Galadriel kneeled and brought both of her siblings to her embrace. Truly, being an older sister felt amazing. Myrcella and Tommen were just too adorable.

"We miss you!" Myrcella said.

"And I miss you both," Galadriel replied. "Look at you, Tommen. You're already so big! You'll be so handsome!" Tommen blushed.

It was the only thing she didn't outright fake. Her love for her siblings was real. And why she was taking care of nothing bad happen to them.

"Gali, can we play later?! Can we?!" Myrcella was practically jumping around, and little Tommen only nodded happily.

"Of course! But first let you sister rest, and also… here is someone wanting to meet you."

Tyrion stepped out of the carriage and looked at those green eyes staring at him. No, Baratheon eyes. Mm. He thought as he ignored his concerns for now.

"Are those my nephew and niece?" He asked.

"Uncle Tyrion!" Myrcella said, hugging him while Tommen only stared, confused. Galadriel gave a small nudge at him. She smiled at him, knowing how shy he was.

"Go and say hi to uncle," Galadriel said softly.

Galadriel laughed at the way Tyrion picked little Tommen. It was a beautiful scene, yet she knew someone wanted to see her. So, slowly, she approached her mother. The queen.

"Mother, is good to see you," she said.

Cersei, for a brief moment, show no affection, but then she just brought her to her arms. Hugging her tightly.

"I miss you so much," Cersei said, making Galadriel sigh. She often wonders what was going on inside her mother's head.

"I miss you too, mother," Galadriel said, kissing her mother's cheeks.

"Princess," Jaime said.

"Woah, uncle… please don't act so cold towards me!" Galadriel teased, making Jaime laugh.

Their relationship was strange. He would sometimes try to be a father to her, and other times. He would just be another kingsguard, who just happen to be her uncle. Galadriel had a few theories about why he acted in such a way. Perhaps the truth that she was not her daughter hurt him, or something else. Maybe, it was the whole she looked like a Targaryen stuff that bothers him. Galadriel didn't know, yet she believed how different her uncle could be, even behind that smug of his face. And how he would act as they did not bother him when people call him Kingslayer. Galadriel could see a man that not even her mother knew about.A strange man, without a doubt.

Still, for an odd reason, she felt as she could trust him.

"Never, my princess," he said.

"Mm, it seems as if Joffrey isn't here," Galadriel said, making Cersei uncomfortable.

"He is busy," she lied.

"Uh, sure," Galadriel said, not believing it for a second.

"My sister, beautiful as ever!" Tyrion said as Tommen and Myrcella dragged Galadriel away.

"Play with us!" They spoke.

"Children, allow your sister to rest," Cersei said.

"Don't worry, mother. I will play just a while with them," Galadriel said, as they giggled while walking away.

Tyrion waited until the children left to look at Cersei and Jaime. "My beloved siblings, I missed you all," he said.

"You look hangover," Jaime pointed out.

"Was, not anymore!"

"I hope you did not expose my daughter to your whores and drinking," Cersei hissed.

"My sister, you wound me. I would never put my dear niece in harmful ways," Tyrion said.

"I don't trust you with the life of my child... the fact you smell of wine is enough indication of your lie."

"Well, I am not lying at all... you could ask her."

"You little imp-"

"Now, Cersei, Tyrion would never put Galadriel in danger," Jaime said, trying to defuse the tension.

"And like always, you choose his side," Cersei growled, making Jaime sigh.

"I swear by all gods, old and new, that I did not whore my way here. I drank, only that," Tyrion said. Cersei, however, did not believe it. No matter if it was true. And she knows it. She had Varys practically telling her where were they. And if her brother was doing something along those lines. And all the reports said the same thing. That he was, in fact, saying the truth. Still, she hissed at him.

"And when are you going away?" Cersei asked.

"My sister, I have only arrived… do you want me to go away so fast?"

"You are no longer needed."

"And I have someone saying the opposite," Tyrion said, pulling a letter. He gave it to Cersei, and her jaw clenched when she started to read it. Jaime tilted his head, getting a glimpse of what the letter says. It was clear that it was from their father.

"Why didn't father send a raven?" Cersei hissed.

"Father raised you better than this, Cersei," Tyrion mocked. "We cannot send this information in a raven or rider."

"He could have Pycell- "

"Pycell is a stuttering fool who balls are hitting the ground. He is deep in our father's pocket, yet he is not to be trusted," Tyrion pointed out.

"No one should know this, besides us, of course, and the princess," Tyrion said.

"Why?" Jaime asked.

"Well, she was the one who discovered our prerogative. Still, that's the reason I am staying. Father needs someone who tells him what is going on with the debt, and what is the king's plan of action, if any."

"Robert will not accept you as a member of the small council," Cersei said, as she was no longer angry. Yet there was a sense of worry in her voice.

"Well, lucky for me. I am not to become a member of the small council, just an advisor to the queen!" Tyrion said, bowing contemptuously.

"This is not a laughing matter!" Cersei susurrated.

"And I know that, yet there is nothing we could do about it. Not now, at least. Look, Cersei, these are father's words. We need to do something before things go to shit. I offer a truce for now. If words get out in some way about the state of our treasury. It could put in danger the royal family and our family. It could put your children in danger," Tyrion whispered, and Cersei clenched her fist, knowing it was true.

"We would talk about this in a more private setting," Cersei hissed, walking away.

Jaime sighed while looking at Cersei going away.

"Well, this was a nice family meeting," the Kingslayer said.

"That's our dear sister, and in any case, there is something I need to do," Tyrion said as he walked away.

"What?" Jaime asked.


Galadriel leaned on the balcony of her room. The night arrived faster than she thought, but then again. The day has been filled with many things for her to do. Between playing with her siblings and having a small tea with her mother, there were many things she had to deal with. Meeting with [Phantasmagoria] and [Elise the Spider Queen] and having a small conversation with them took more time than she realized.

"Just another day in this world."

Galadriel whispered as she stared at the stinky city below. She sometimes felt alone in the night. There was no reason for her to sleep or eat. Yet, she felt tired most of the time. Perhaps it was because she truly had no objective or primary goal in her life there. Yes, finding Nazarick was a priority, but then what else?

Do I want to become a ruler? Well, I feel the need to conquer and such. And there is me feeling excited about controlling everyone behind their back, like a villain. But, what do I want? I just feel like there is not a challenge. Or maybe I feel lonely.

Galadriel thought as she exhaled.

"Everyone wants something in the world."

Robert, her father, wanted to fuck his way to an early death. Renly, her uncle, wanted to rule as well. He had a plot with the Tyrell family, marrying the oldest daughter and take the throne when Robert dies. They also wanted to bring her to the Reach, so she could meet them. And maybe fell in love with the oldest son of the Tyrell family. Pff like that would ever happen. I rather have their daughter. Galadriel thought with a scoff. The reason she wasn't worried about it was that Renly was as dumb as a rock. He was charming, yes, but that was it. Also, she knew he was in bed with prince charming, Loras Tyrell. And it was not like she was against them. Gods know, she loved women more than men.

But they were going to make Renly king because people loved him. He fainted once when he saw blood. A king? Him?

And she understood the charming part, too. He was nice to be around. Galadriel would tease him about his clothes, and he would always scoff playfully and so on. She would enjoy those times with him. That's why he would only watch for now. But if he decided to hurt her little siblings, or do something stupid. Well, she would kill him.

"Such a fool, uncle Renly. You're such a fool."

Galadriel thought about two individuals she has paid attention since the beginning.

"Petyr Baelish, and Varys."

They were two of the most cunning persons; she has ever met before. But they were the complete opposite, in their way of doing things. Varys had more spies than Baelish, but Baelish was capable of physical interaction with people than Varys. Baelish was everyone's man. He would get you all the things you needed. Varys was the person just to know things, but he would never put himself in a position of danger.

"But their plots and goals… they are so different."

Varys had his fingers in everything. His plots were very confusing. Varys was playing multiple games with many people at the same time. He was trying to get the Targaryen safe while in Essos, whereas at the same time, preparing the so-called Rhaegar son, Aegon, who she believed to be a Blackfyre bastard, safe and ready to invade. Keeping stability in the Seven Kingdoms, and protecting Galadriel, since she could very well become a key figure in the future. Galadriel believed Varys sees her as another pawn, or card to play with. Regardless, it seemed that he truly wants to protect the realm. The ruler wasn't important. He wants to do what it's vital to keep the peace.

"Perhaps I could use him instead?" Galadriel wondered, as she then smiled at the irony of the so-called Varys, the spider, being spied by an actual Spider Queen.

Then there was Baelish. He was perhaps the most mysterious person of them all. The reason why the realm was getting sunk by debt was because of him. Kind of. The reality was that; he was only getting the money for her father to spend. He wasn't really doing anything else but follow the King's orders and take great loans of gold from the Iron Bank and the Lannister. Galadriel has seen his work in the treasury. He was not that bad at his job. Yet, she could see that while he was not stealing money. Baelish was cleverly moving assets from one place to another. Investments of sorts. Jon Arryn wanted to do a lot of things and asked Baelish to invest in gold here and there. And of course, many of those founds would find their way into the pocket of some nobles, who were supposed to be the ones using the gold taxes to make the life of the common folk better and increasing the economy of King's Landing with many imports and exports among many other things. But none of that happened.

The corruption in the nobility was enormous. That's why it was hard to point the finger at Baelish, who did his job like he was told. But Galadriel knew those nobles would end up going to Baelish brothels where they would waste almost all their gold there, enjoying the flesh and the many things Baelish got for them. They would pay him a substantial amount of gold, just for him to get them exactly what they wanted. No matter how disgusting, or immoral, could be. Then, they would bribe him with even more gold just to keep things quiet.

Then, the gold would go full circle, with him winning all the gains. Baelish knew exactly what he was doing. And Galadriel couldn't help herself but admire him.

No one suspected him. Baelish was a good person. The lowborn Master of Coin, who was friends with everyone and was always ready to help. Showing no goal or hidden intention. Just someone who wanted validation from them. All part of Baelish fake image. He was cunning and wickedly smart.

"If I didn't have the advantage of my skills, abilities and items, I would have never guessed. Truly, a very interesting man."

Galadriel said, smirking.

"But what is he aiming for? Does he want to be king? He has spies as well. Those whores are always whispering to him. I know Baelish has many dirty secrets from the nobles of King's Landing and abroad. But I wonder, what does he want."

"I guess in a few years, I will know."

Galadriel sighed, as she wondered what could she do now. She was bored. Perhaps it was her inner demon talking, but she wanted to play.

"Perhaps world domination can be fun," Galadriel whispered while looking at the moon. "While I wait for Nazarick. Maybe I could just do whatever I wanted. Mm, there are many people wanted to be king. Wouldn't be fun to see them all fail? While I slowly take them one by one, and see them crumble in the ground?"

Galadriel smiled slowly, as she licked her lips at the thought of making others suffer. She knew so far; none could do anything to her. If Galadriel wanted, she could take the throne tomorrow. But that would be too boring. Destroying all the fun so fast was not worth it. She wanted to see them try to defeat her, knowing it wasn't possible. Galadriel wanted to see them, lose their sanity, slowly. She wanted to see them crawl into a pool of their own blood while trying to reach her throne. Of them losing hope. It made her skin shiver with anticipation.

"Now that would be fun… very fun indeed."

Galadriel said, as her golden eyes were glowing. "I want to crush their skull, slowly… yes, world domination can be really fun!"

And as the Seven Kingdoms sleep in the Red Keep, the young princess prepared herself for what would be fun years to come.