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The White Dragon of Dragonstone

267 AC

The crown prince, Rhaegar Targaryen, approached his mother's chambers as the birth of another dragon intrigued him, or so his father would say. The words spread like wildfire across the Seven Kingdoms about a baby girl being born a fortnight ago. A girl, people say, was the most beautiful baby ever. A child that would grow to be the most stunning woman in the history of Westeros, more beautiful than and graceful than Shiera Seastar. Or elegant and lovely than Rhaenys Targaryen. And of course, Rhaegar was curious to see it too. He was soon to be eight, and he wanted to meet his younger sister.

His father was over the moon for the birth of another child, and even at his age, Rhaegar knew about the miscarriages of his mother. Of the siblings that never had a chance to live past birth. The birth of a healthy girl was a good thing, no doubt, but something was bothering him. And well, everyone. First was his father, King Aerys. The man seemed to whisper about a unique gift given to him. A blessing for the Targaryen rule.

I can feel it. My child is unique. She is a true dragon. I saw it in my dreams. She will bring a Targaryen rule to places no one has ever seen! The Targaryen legacy will continue for a thousand years and more!

What does it mean? Rhaegar wasn't sure.

Yet his father made sure to always keep guards surrounded her young sister's room, and not only his mother could get in without proper vigilance. The king was slowly losing his faculties. How long would it last for the last remnants of his sanity to leave his mind? It was a scary question no one wanted to answer.

But Rhaegar wasn't sure of wanting to think about it now. He just wanted to meet her sister. So, with care, he approached Maidenvault. A place no person could enter. Or at least, no one who was not allowed by the king himself. Only the queen with some servant girls, like maids, septas, and wet-nurses. The kingsguard would stay watching outside, and it would be always like that. The newborn princess would live there, perhaps for the rest of her life.

Rhaegar walked to the great door. It looked capable of holding a battery ram with minor problems. The room itself was located deep in the Maegor's Holdfast. A place already hard to enter, and the room of the princess seemed to be one of the most secluded rooms of them all. There, he saw it. The door was open, just slightly as two kingsguard were watching like hawks at the young crown prince approaching them. Rhaegar stared at them and smiled politely.

"Ser Barristan, Ser Gwayne, is my mother there?" Rhaegar asked.

"She is, my prince, attending the princess who seemed too quiet for a newborn. The queen is worry," Ser Gwayne said, with a rather somber tone.

"A quiet child she is, but I doubt there is danger," Ser Barristan said softly. The gentle nature of the kingsguard made Rhaegar relax.

"I have permission for my father to see her. Can I go in?"

Both kingsguard only nodded politely. And while they were sworn to obey the king's orders, they would have allowed the prince to enter, regardless. He was the future of Westeros. And with any hope, he would reign in prosperity.

Rhaegar entered, and he saw the vast and large room filled with everything a child would want. A princess should have not less, but even then, Rhaegar wondered if those toys and comfortable pillows would give her the freedom she deserved. Only time would tell. Yet, it didn't deter his mind from the sight he was seeing. His mother was holding a beautiful child, a baby with white hair in her embrace. As if snow landed on top of her head. No cloud could be as white as the princess's hair. Her chubby face was already showing signs of elegance and delicate beauty. But what was more important, or rather, shocking, were the two eyes of deep golden color. No purple like the Targaryen would have normally. It stunned young Rhaegar, as he could only stare.

The baby was also now staring at him, but with an expression of distrust, or wondering. Rhaegar felt those golden eyes scrutinizing his every step. Rhaegar wondered if he had bothered his sister, but after he started to walk up to her. The princess seemed to tilt her head. And looked at him.

The crown prince stopped for a moment, thinking of allowing his sister to accept his presence, a rather unusual thought, but he believed the princess was smarter than people realize. So, he just stood there, and the little girl kind of nodded. Perhaps it was more of an acceptance gaze than anything else, but that was what Rhaegar believed.

"Mother?" Rhaegar asked as he walk next to the queen who smiled at him.

"My son, has the king finally give you permission to meet your sister?" Rhaella said as she held a tired smile on her face. Rhaegar noticed the nasty mark on her neck and cheeks. But they seemed rather old, meaning that his father hadn't touched her since the birth of the princess.

"Yes, mother… is she alright? Ser Gwayne told me she doesn't cry too much," Rhaegar said.

"Indeed, that's true. It seems as if you sister only whines when it's time to feed her or clean her. But besides that, she is silent."

Rhaegar saw the expression of worry on her face, but the small hand of the princess quickly stopped it, by touching gently her mother's face. Rhaella smiled at her first daughter, her only daughter, and hugged her tightly, gently kissing her child in those chubby red cheeks.

"But she is a healthy baby girl. Full of life and love," Rhaella said.

Rhaegar nodded and smiled at the scene. It's been a while since he saw his mother smile.

"Do you want to hold her?" Rhaella asked, surprising Rhaegar.

"I don't know…"

"Please, my son… it's your sister," Rhaella said, giggling at the sight of Rhaegar, not knowing how to hold his sister. There was also the face of her daughter, who seemed annoyed at the way he was handling her. As if she was saying, I am not a ragdoll!

Rhaegar held the baby, as he saw the staring of the girl in his arms. The golden eyes locked on his purple ones. It made him a bit nervous. The light on those golden eyes was mesmerizing and intimidating if he dares to stare longer.

"She is pretty," Rhaegar said, as the baby seemed to huff at those words, making the queen laugh gently.

"She is the prettiest princess in the Seven Kingdoms."

"What's her name?" Rhaegar asked.

"Her name is Galadriel Targaryen."

"Galadriel?" Rhaegar asked, as the name was new to him. "I thought you wanted to name her Shaena."

Rhaella nodded and if she was honest. Shaena was the name she was about to use, but something inside her brought the strange name Galadriel. It was as if someone whispered it to her ears. Galadriel, a name I have never heard in my life. It is not a Valyrian name at all. Or at least, I don't believe there is any record of it. But I like it… and for some reason, Aerys did as well. Rhaella shivered at the twisted smile of Aerys when he saw his daughter. He was expecting something from her, and the queen did not like it at all. Her heart clenched at the sight of both of the children, and the worst fear came to light again.

Aerys would not doubt force both of them to marry each other. I won't allow it! I don't know what I am going to do yet, but there is no way such a disgusting act should fall upon my children.

Rhaella thought as she stares at both of her children. Galadriel had her hands on Rhaegar's face, touching and inspecting her older brother. Or maybe she was just trying to annoy her brother, it was hard to say, but Rhaegar was only smiling at her. Rhaella didn't know if she would have more children. And a part of her wanted more, but another one did not. The act of it was repulsive and painful. Aerys was slowly losing his marbles, and it was reflected in the act of sex. He was more violent. He spat on her, bit and scratch her. He would humiliate her with nasty words. Aerys held no love for her, and it showed.

So, if the gods closed her womb now. Rhaella would not find remorse in her soul.

Yet there was something else that worried her.

Aerys has ordered to keep his daughter locked in the Maidenvault. She will live here from now on, just like Daena, Rhaena, and Elaena. He wants to keep his daughter as his personal secret. I must do something about it.

Rhaella swore to protect her daughter from the horrible future that waits for her.

"Rhaegar… listen to me."

Rhaella kneeled down and stared at her son. Rhaegar, nervous at the way his mother was looking at him, stopped playing with his sister. And listened to the words the queen was about to say.

"Your sister will need you in the future. The king, your father, will lock her up here for the rest of her life if possible. And we need to be there for her. You will be king one day. The Seven Kingdoms will look up to you. And your sister will need you too, do you understand?" Rhaella said softly.

Rhaegar stared at his mother, as he felt the weight on his shoulders. He knew about it. The destiny on his mind, since the day he has born in the middle of that tragedy at Summerhall. Rhaegar, even at his age, knew about the precarious situation the Targaryen family was in. They were the last of the line, and with the madness growing inside his father's head. The king would do something horrible, and stupid, risking their dynasty.

Rhaegar still couldn't deny one fact, and it was his younger sister. The baby girl was currently staring at both of them, listening carefully to each word. He felt the need to protect her, to cherish her. Maybe it was his duty as the older brother, or something else. Regardless, he would do as such.

My dear sister, I am so sorry for you to be born into a family such as this. Rhaegar thought somberly.

"I swear it, mother. I will protect her," Rhaegar said.

"We will."

Rhaella would also do her duty as a mother. She was afraid not for her life, but for the life of her newborn. Whatever Aerys wishes from her. He will not have it! Rhaella thought fervently. And while both queen and prince swore to protect the princess. The newborn stared at her newfound family with a bag of mixed feelings, but one was a clear one.

Shit, this is depressing.

272 AC

The Maidenvault could be a somber place for anyone who heard about it. The history of such a place was a depressing one, after all. They all knew about the history of the sisters, who were confined in such a place by Baelor the Blessed. And while it has been a long time since someone lived there, the worst has come to pass. As of now, the princess and only daughter of the king lived there, alone.

The people of Westeros did not believe she existed at all. After all, there hasn't been another born from the Queen, and it was not as if the king did not try. But there was something mysterious about the princess. It was something people talked about a lot. There were rumors about her being born with a disfigured face, or as a monster, just like previous Targaryen in the past. Some others told a history about a girl with no eyes or ears. Another few speaks about a girl who was born simple, in no so nasty words.

But of course, no one would dare to say it in public, or near the king. The last person who spoke about the princess being born without legs and arms lost both. Not even the crown prince would tolerate such behavior in his presence. And even the soft-spoken queen would demand punishment from anyone who dared to insult her daughter.

It was a bizarre sight. It was known that the king and queen share no love, and while it was true. They seemed to only agree that anyone who dared to disrespect their daughter should be killed. Perhaps, queen Rhaella had a bit of the Targaryen madness in her after all. Nevertheless, the question remains.

Who is the princess? And why the royal family seemed so overprotective?

Those questions were in everyone's mind, and in the last year, another rumor emerged. It was that the princess was a magical being. That she was a perfect being of beauty and magic. That the gods themselves blessed her with such a gift.

Nonsense, you are speaking nonsenses! Magic does not exist!

I am telling the truth! Some of the servants have seen lights coming from the Maidenvault. My sister is a servant, and she would take food to the princess. She told me the princess could breathe fire and hold sparks of lights on her hand! And that she was one of the most beautiful things in the world. She told me the princess has golden eyes!

You speak lies!

The rumors have gained traction in the last year, to the point in which everyone inside the castle was now aware of such a thing. But unbeknown to the people outside. That was all planned by the princess. All of it.

And there, in the Maidenvault, the biggest mystery in Westeros was resting lazily reading an enormous book while eating grapes. The princess was on a mattress on the ground, surrounded by a dozen of soft pillows. It all looked made out of the best cloth Westeros has to offer. In fact, if someone stared at the vast room where the princess live, it wasn't a prison at all. Books were lying all over the place, large windows, one which offered the view to the Blackwater Bay. A large bed with elegant golden curtains, and way bigger for someone as small as the princess. There was even a small balcony that led to a small garden that only the princess could enter. Overall, it was perhaps a room that exceed the king's own bedroom.

The princess Maidenvault was a luxurious place to be. And there, the princess looked rather comfortable. And she was, truly, she was.

"Pff, Aerion Targaryen, also known as Aerion Brightflame, died while drinking Wildfire, believing it would transform him into a dragon. Ha! Classic! This family is priceless!" Princess Galadriel Targaryen said, laughing at the stupidity of one of her ancestors. She kept reading the enormous book with a smile on her face, as if she was reading a sort of novel or comic book. The truth was that, since she was born, or well, reborn, in this strange world. She has made sure to learn everything she could about where she was, and the family she was born with. And well, to say she was having the time of her life would be an understatement.

Galadriel kept on smiling as she read the history of the House of Dragons. Her family.

"I never thought I would be born into a royal family… this is cool!"

Galadriel exclaimed, as she enjoyed the flavor of grapes in her mouth. At first when she was born, or reborn. Galadriel was completed terrified about everything. There she was, on the last day of Yggdrasil, before suddenly she was transported to another world as a baby. It was truly an insane thing, but there she was. At first, as a sane person would react, she was panicking. Then she slowly gathered her wits back and thought about the implications of her being there. After that, she wanted to see if she was normal. And with that, she meant that all her stats of Yggdrasil came with her, in the new bodies of her. Well, it was her avatar, her character, but only a child's version of it. Regardless, Galadriel quickly finds out she had everything prior to the shutdown of Yggdrasil, with the one thing she wanted more, the guild. Ainz Ooal Gown.

"It has to be somewhere else… the world is big and still unexplored. Nazarick has to be somewhere," Galadriel whispered."

Galadriel knew it was a possibility that Nazarick could arrive in the future. It was a theory of hers. She didn't know if it would come to pass, but at this point, she was hopeful. Yet, her mind then started to focus on the next step and was her protection. Galadriel was paranoid and cautious by nature. That's why she was thankful for her confinement. The room was perfectly located, and she had all the privacy she wanted. It was a rather funny thing to think about, while the entire world believed she was imprisoned. It was, in fact; she was safely secured in a fortress within a fortress. Galadriel pulled many items and Gasha Items to secure the room, and the entire floor. She believed there was no safer place in the world than her room. And as the years went by, she started to realize one thing.

A sad and a good one.

I am alone.

While Galadriel always has protections set in place and backup plans for the many scenarios that could unfold. It was a high possibility that there were no Players like herself in the world. In fact, magic itself seemed as if was a thing from the past. And there is no evidence of anything remotely close to Yggdrasil magic.

I have wasted a lot of time researching for magic and nothing has come close to what I have. Even the so-called dragons are nothing but wyverns. Everything looks so weak and tame compare to Yggdrasil.

Galadriel thought as she ate her grapes.

Her plan currently was to research more of the world and to wait for Nazarick. There was nothing else to do, and well, she started to rumor of her doing magic just as a form of bait and to see if anyone from Nazarick would find her. It was a good thing her name was still the same, so if her friends, or anyone, heard about her. They would defiantly come to find her. And if there was a hostile enemy, well, she was prepared for them. But besides that, there was not much for her to do.

And well, she also discovered the joys of being royalty.

"I can eat, sleep and read all I want… without being bothered. This is such an amazing life!" Galadriel said with a big smile as she sighed contently on her comfortable mattress.

"I don't need to work. I can eat all I want with no one stopping me. I can sleep and relax all day. This is the best thing ever," Galadriel said happily.

Was her life perfect besides that? No.

Her family was a mess, and truthfully, it was only her father who brings up the worst of her. The King was one of the vilest people she had the pleasure of knowing, and the list wasn't that long. The only reason she hadn't killed him yet was that she needed him. And by that, she meant that, as long as he was alive, and doing all those awful things and causing problems. She could do whatever she wanted and slowly rise from the bottom. It was a back-up plan of her if she ever needed to take the crown or put someone on the throne, like her brother. The people needed to rely on them.

They needed to look at the saviors of the realm, and whatnot. And also add the fact that some nobles were trying to get to her father's good side by adding fuel to the fire and reaction with joy and fake happiness every time the king executed someone for something. Galadriel has taken the name of many of them, and the more time it goes by, the more appeared in the court. So, when in the future she decided to take the king down, she would also eliminate those nobles. A full cleansing.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

Galadriel would have to play the role of the innocent little princess, who was a victim of her circumstances, and whatever, while behind closed doors. She would slowly put seeds of loyalty and fear. She wasn't sure of becoming queen, because truthfully. Galadriel kind of like her brother. The crown prince's Rhaegar. He was a gentleman with soft spoke nature and a dreaming look. Rhaegar was always trying to comfort her, sing to her, or make her happy in any way he could, and she enjoyed it. Having an older brother was neat. Yet, she also noticed how much of a troubled person he was.

He is a melancholy person, so damn depressing. He is like me, but my depression comes from my life and all I have to endure without end. But he is like he was born with it. He often talks about destiny. And how he felt as if he had to do something.

Still, she cares enough for him to not kill outright, or take his crown. She believed that once their father was dead and Rhaegar was king, she would could then focus on searching for Nazarick. The world was big, and there was a lot for her to do. So, pushing the responsibility of leading a nation to her brother could be a wonderful opportunity for her to do her own thing.

Exploring the world, eh? Sounds fun.

Her presence was an open secret until later today. It was her older brother's birthday or names' day. A day she would be finally introduced to the people of Westeros.

"Mm, I need to make sure my mother is not put in danger by the king's stupidity."

Of course, while she needed the king to be the evil of history. Galadriel would not put her mother at risk, so she has been poisoning her father's mind with other things. Mostly making him focus on other things and practically ignoring the queen.

"She is so much like my mom… they are too alike for me to let anything bad happen to them."

Galadriel softly whispered as she stared at the ceiling.

"Maybe I should just kill the king… it would make things so much easier. Ugh, but then, Rhaegar would have to deal with all the bullshit of Kingslanding and the plots. They would like to take advantage of him, especially since he is so young. Mm, ah, I don't know what should I do."

Galadriel thought that if the king lives a bit longer, she could use it to her advantage. Aerys was already causing problems, and while many of those complications were because of his cruelty. It was against those he considered criminals. But Galadriel could see the madness in his eyes and in a few years more. It could become more unstable. So, with that in mind, perhaps she would have to kill him in the near future. Perhaps when Rhaegar grew more.

"Ah, well, I should just wait and see," Galadriel said.

The princess continued to eat her grapes and read the book, but then she heard someone arriving. She smiled at the shadow of a spider near the window. It looked like a big black widow.

"Mm, I see, mother is coming," Galadriel said, as the whispers of the spider continue.

Galadriel did not bother to stand up as she kept on lazily eating grapes with a smile. The door opened, and Galadriel saw her mother, the Queen, Rhaella Targaryen. The queen's mother sighed as she saw her only daughter on the floor, just on her mattress. The princess was wearing almost nothing, just her big pajama gown. Rhaella saw the small smile on her daughter, a cheeky queen turned around, as the servant girls entered the room with many other types of gowns the princess must try for the evening. It was, after all, her first public appearance.

"My dear, what have I told you about being on the ground like that?" Rhaella said.

"It's comfortable, I can't help it."

"And you are still eating way too much for someone of your age."

"I am a growing girl!"

Rhaella saw her young child smiling brightly at her. Those golden eyes were hard to hate. So, she could only sigh. Galadriel stood up, and the queen embraced her daughter's little five-year-old body.

She always smells so nice.

Galadriel thought with a smile, as she rejoiced in her mother's embrace.

She is the only good thing about this life. She is so wonderful.

"Yes, yes, you are a growing girl. I forget that," Rhaella said, softly.

Rhaella could always admit that her daughter was one of her feelings of pride and joy.

She has spent all her life within these walls, and she still smiles and is filled with joy and happiness. Such a rare flower.

Rhaella thought, feeling as if she has failed in something. She has tried her hardest to accommodate her daughter's happiness. Yet, it was hard since Aerys has been more paranoid about his daughter's safety. The rumors of her doing magic were nonsense, but Aerys took them to heart. He truly believed the princess could do magic. And it brought worry to Rhaella. However, the child was there with her. Her daughter, no matter what took place, would do whatever she can to protect her.

"This is your first night outside… this place. The first time meeting new people. Aren't you nervous?" Rhaella asked, softly.

Galadriel understood why her mother asked it. They all believed she did not know the world outside. And well, it was far from true. Galadriel has taken small trips outside the walls of her room. She visited King's Landing and another small fortress in the Crowlands. And she was already thinking about traveling more. Of course, no one would ever know. So, she kept up the act.

"Just a little… but I want to meet new people! Do you think I can make a friend?!" Galadriel said, all excited.

Having to fake innocence was harder than Galadriel thought, but she must keep her act up. For now, at least.

"Do you think people would like me?" Galadriel said with a big smile.

Rhaella could only smile at the pure innocence of her daughter. "They will love you."

Galadriel allow a small squeal to go out, as a normal child of her age would. And well, she cringed internally. It's just to avoid suspicion. It's just to avoid suspicion. Galadriel repeated in her mind.

"Well, then, it's time for you to get ready."

Rhaella said as the servants' girls started to unpack the many gowns for her to try on. Galadriel groaned, but went on and put them on. It was going to be a long day for her. But, an interesting one.

The lords and ladies of Westeros had come to the Red Keep in order to celebrate the name-day of the crown prince, and while it was true that many of them were highly happy to meet the prince for the time. Others were already planning their future plots. However, there was something else going on. And it was that today, finally. They were all going to meet the princess. The mysterious girl, whose name was shrouded with many histories. And who, the king, kept locked away since she was born.

They were all wanting to see her finally. It was in their mind. The expectations and intrigue. Yet, one of them seemed to not be such a fan of having the princess around such a large amount of people. The snakes were going to be all over her.

Rhaegar Targaryen looked at the crown from his chair, looking down from the table towering over the courtyard. It was his name-day, yet he wasn't happy at all.

My sister is too fragile and innocent to be around these kinds of people.

Rhaegar thought, as he gave a brief look at his father, who was sneering at all of them. At all the lords and what not. Aerys was looking worse each day. His bear was longer, and his attitude was more arrogant and unstable.

"Sheep, none of them are worthy. All of them, nothing but maggots."

Aerys whispered as he drank from his wine. Rhaegar sighed, softly, as he wondered when was the night going to end. Then, he saw the hand of the king, Tywin Lannister with his wife, Joanna Lannister, and two children approaching them. Aerys scoffed in jealousy as he saw the beautiful lady of the Rock. And how good she looked even after having twin babies.

"Your grace, my prince, in the name of the Lannister family, we congratulate you on your namesday. Please accept this gift," Tywin said, bowing. As he presented a chest with gold, jewelry, and other precious things.

Aerys sneered at him but said nothing, as he then turned to Rhaegar and those nasty purple eyes met his.

"Thank you, lord Tywin. Thank you for your visit. You too, lady Joanna," Rhaegar said.

Joanna smiled, as she could feel safe that Rhaella's oldest son was much more like her than Aerys. The lady of the Rock felt shivers at the way Aerys was looking at her. Those lustful eyes, the ones she hated so much. They were undressing her, and a horrible memory came to her. The night of the bedding, when Aerys grope her when they took her clothes off. It was such disgusting to think of, but at the same time. She felt rage.

"Thank you, my prince. I am happy about your good health. As well, I would like to present to you, our children."

Joanna gave a slight push to the twins. A boy and a girl.

"Jaime Lannister, and Cersei Lannister," Joanna said.

Rhaegar saw the bright smile of the girl, as she blushed deeply while looking at him. And as well, the cocky smile of the boy. They bowed to him and Rhaegar only smiled.

"A pleasure to meet you, my prince," the girl said with a blush on her face.

"My prince," the boy only replied, as his eyes darted to the kingsguard next to the king.

And while everything seemed to go smoothly, Aerys' jealousy, for the type of respect they were giving to his son, and heir, got the best of him.

"So, the lioness of the Rock hasn't lost her charm? I do wonder if those glorious tits of you are still holding on after nursing your children?"

Those words came out of Aerys mouth as it was nothing, and the nobles who were always on Aerys side smirked and snickered. Tywin's face went red, as Joanna could only grip her husband's hand tightly. Rhaegar cursed internally as he could not believe his father having the gall to anger his most powerful vassal and hand.

Tywin gave a slight bow, but it looked as if he was about to spit in the king's face but hold it in as the Lannister went away and sat at the nearest table next to them. Aerys cackled at his own joke, but the rest of the table was silent.

I hope the day goes without further problems.

Rhaegar thought as he was relieved to see one of his friends just a few rows before him. The Dayne family was there with the Martell. And Rhaegar gave a small wave to his friend, Arthur Dayne, who smiled back at him. He also saw his younger sister, who was only a year older than his sister. Ashara Dayne, the girl, was pretty and had purple eyes, just like her brother. Rhaegar was planning to have Ashara Dayne as his sister lady-in-waiting in the near future as well as her friend. He could trust the Dayne's for this.

But he also saw the Martell, and especially the little girl who seemed to be very close to Ashara, the princess Elia Martell.

Mm, perhaps?

He pondered, as soon enough he saw the Master of Whispers, Varys, whispering some words to the king. Rhaegar has kept a close eye on the spymaster. He didn't know if he could trust him yet, but he would see. The king smiled brightly as he stood up, and soon the music stopped.

"All of you!" Aerys yelled as the courtyard went silent. "For weeks and months, I have heard many murmurs surrounding my daughter. Many rumors about her, and some of them were insulting. If I knew who started such an insulting campaign to slander my family. I would have him torture and execute it right here, now."

The courtyard looked like a tomb, as no one wanted to even breathe. Rhaegar was getting worried about what was his father thinking with such a public announcement. But he could see some people whispering way back, scared of people finding them.

"But that would wait. As for now, I want to present my daughter… the one all of you have been whispering about. The one who will restore the Targaryen line!"

Rhaegar was starting to hate such a thing. He was worried about what those words could mean, about what was his father planning to do with his sister. Then, from within the shadows of the Red Keep doors, Rhaella walked holding the hand of the princess. The queen looked different, as she was stoic, and held a sense of arrogance on her face. And it was not true, not really. She wanted to look strong and confident.

Let it be clear that I am the queen. And those who disrespect me, or worse, who insult my daughter would pay.

Those were the unspoken words from Rhaella. And she looked as such. Since Aerys hasn't touched her in a while now. Almost a year. And the secretly healing abilities from Galadriel, who has been there to procure her mother with health and good fortune. The queen appeared to be as healthy as any other person in the courtyard. Her Targaryen beauty was shining, and it was clear that she was still a gorgeous woman, fit to be queen.

But it was the small princess who everyone was staring at. It silenced all the noble lords and ladies who believed she was deformed or had a sort of problem crippling form. Princess Galadriel Targaryen was nothing but perfect, in the eyes of men and God.

Instead of silver hair, she had white snow hair. The softness of it, and how beautiful it looked on her, made it looked as if the princess came from the heavens themselves. Her perfect face showed details never seen in the world. A divine face, impeccable of any distortion of ugliness. All of her yelled to the world that she was above any woman that has or would live. But the eyes, those golden eyes, captivated all of them. They were like small suns on her eyes or stars.

Both mother and daughter walked elegantly, as the princess showed up her gown matching perfectly the Targaryen colors.

And as they reached the top table, Galadriel smiled at Rhaegar and immediately sat down between his mother and older brother. The courtyard was still shocked by her. And Galadriel couldn't help but giggle at their faces.

Uf, they all looked like fish out of water. Of course, I know it was my beauty! Oh, there is so much food!

Galadriel quickly thought of the food before her, as the king smiled at the audience before him. The king smirked at his hand, as Tywin and Joanna had the same face as everyone else. It felt like an ego boost to him.

"My daughter will be the most beautiful woman in all Seven Kingdoms. And it would be my line that will outlive yours," Aerys said, while holding the arrogant smile of his.

The night was going to be long.

Galadriel smiled happily as she stared at the party and dance around her. It was her first royal party, and she was enjoying herself. Especially at the way some of the nobles were looking at her. She knows what they were all saying and thinking. Galadriel's smile twisted for a brief moment, as she could already see where they were trying to go with her.

Fools, all of them. I know what they are going to do. And I know how they will all go away. Painful and eternal. Galadriel thought with a cruel look on her face.

"Galadriel, would you like to meet some friends of mine?" Rhaegar asked, holding his sister's hand. Galadriel looked at him and wondered what type of people would she meet soon.

"What about father?" Galadriel asked innocently. As she could see him now, only sneering and drinking his wine, muttering about dragons and some other rubbish. Rhaella looked tired of dealing with him. But she found some enjoyment in talking with her long-time friend, Joanna. Galadriel knew exactly who the golden-haired woman was.

Mm, she is Tywin's wife and the only person to who he listens.

Galadriel thought, as she knew that the Iron Throne was doing well, economically wise because of the Lion of the Rock. But, as usual, her father was making things worse by condescending to him.

Such an idiot this king is, truly. Having a servant who is smart and capable should be rewarded. And Tywin Lannister is one of the best servants my fath-no, the king has. And he would surely be one of Rhaegar's greatest allies in the future. I must keep him close and alive. Also, having lady Lannister having a good relationship with my mother serves her well. My mother needs friends and people to talk to.

Galadriel thought as she made a mental note to send some spies and agents to Casterly Rock, as well as some other kingdoms in Westeros. It was time for her to learn more and to keep an eye out.

"As long as we have two kingsguard, he would allow it. Only for today," Rhaegar said, as he pointed to Ser Barristan and Ser Gwayne next to him. Galadriel smiled at both of them, especially Ser Barristan. The knight was such a resemblance to one old friend of hers. She liked him a lot.

"Thank you, Ser Barristan, Ser Gwayne," Galadriel said happily.

Both knights smiled gently at the young princess as they followed them throughout the courtyard. They approached the table where the Dayne family sat, and quickly, Galadriel saw two girls hushing each other nervously as they stared at her. She tilted her head at the sight of those cute girls, as she wondered why they were all nervous. Rhaegar smiled at them.

"Lord Dayne, lady Dayne, is a pleasure to see you all here."

Lord Dayne seemed nervous, and for the looks of it, his wife was also anxious. "Uh, mm, yes… of course! We would not miss your namesday, my prince."

Galadriel was amused by the way they acted, and she wondered if they acted in such a way because of her.

"Please to meet you all!" Galadriel said with a happy innocent voice, as she rejoiced internally at the sight of the nobles before her. She noticed the reason for their nervousness was because of the king's gaze upon them. After such declaration early, every lord was careful with the words, and for some sadistic reason. Galadriel enjoyed it a great deal. Mm, perhaps it is just part of me? This sadistic tendency? I am a demon, after all.

The lords relaxed after a few minutes of talking with them, and Galadriel noticed how close was Arthur Dayne, the eldest son of the Dayne family to her brother. And it was weird too. Arthur differed greatly from Rhaegar. He was quite the joker and lively boy. However, she also noticed how those penetrating purple eyes of the Dayne boy looked at her. He was confused, perhaps? By her? Galadriel wasn't sure.

Galadriel talked with both girls, named Ashara Dayne and Elia Martell, for just a bit. And while for her, they were just some other girls. If it comes down to use them, she would. And just like many things, she would learn how to use every single thing in the future. But that was for the future. Yet, her brother seemed to think of something else. And as they walked back to their table, Rhaegar talked.

"Galadriel, would you like to have a lady-in-waiting?" Rhaegar asked, which surprised Galadriel.

"A lady-in-waiting? Mm, I don't know," Galadriel replied with honesty for the first time. "Maybe?"

Rhaegar only nodded with a smile. "Let me take care of it."

"Uh, alright."

Galadriel only said, wondering where it came from, yet she shrugged it off.

The night went on, and truthfully, it was just another party. Not different from the ones of her old world. Well, it was, but what Galadriel saw was the same dynamic. The drinking, dancing, people who were nobles sneaking out to have some side action, and more. And besides eating, there wasn't much for her to do.

Well, I have already marked the nobles who would cause problems in the future. Elise would keep me updated about them. But it seems as if there is something missing. Mm, I wonder. I also need to think about what I am going to do soon. The Seven Kingdoms are not in the best shape, or at least it could be better. Especially King's Landing. I would have to do something about it soon.

Galadriel thought was stopped by the voice of a small girl. A girl she recognized. Cersei Lannister.

"Hello, my princess," the girl said in a soft voice.

Galadriel tilted her head, wondering why was she there, but quickly she noticed the smile of Joanna and Rhaella.

I see now. I think they want me to become friends with her, just like them. Well, whatever.

"Hello, Cersei!" Galadriel said with a fake voice. One that she was getting annoyed by.

Cersei saw those golden eyes, and the perfectly cute face of the princess, and blushed. Why is she so beautiful? My mom told me I was going to be beautiful as well. But she is so perfect! Cersei thought with jealousy and embarrassment.

"Would you like to be my friend, Cersei?" Galadriel asked.

Cersei was surprised by those words, but smiled, nevertheless.


Galadriel only smiled, as she could see the smile of her mother and the lady Lannister from far away.

Meh, well quest completed… mm, let's see what else would happen now.

Galadriel thought, as looked at the crow before her. The night would end soon and for some reason. She thought that maybe things would be different from now on.

"Mm, Cersei, would you like to make more friends?" Galadriel asked the blonde-haired girl, who looked at her, confused.


"Yep, here let me take you to them."

And as Galadriel took Cersei away, to meet the same girl she has encountered today. Tywin Lannister turned around to see Joanna talking to Rhaella. He wondered what was she thinking, but he would ask it later. For now, he was happy his daughter would become closer to the princess. It could prove useful to them later on.

It was now time to wait and see.


The years have come and go, and the first sign of madness with it. One would think of it as a part of salvation for anyone who wished for a better future, but it was not. Or perhaps it was. After all, the princess of the Seven Kingdoms was incredibly glad of the turn of events in the last years. Now a woman of fourteen years old, well, by the world's standards. Galadriel smiled as she looked at the window of her room. She was only wearing a transparent gown, showing all of her curves and nakedness without shame. She was happy, very much.

I must thank this world for the opportunity that lay before me. And also, I have to thank the fools of Duskendale for giving me the chance to push the king to the edge of madness. They did their job brilliantly. Now the idiot is causing mayhem and making Rhaegar and me look like the angels ready to rescue them.

Galadriel smiled as her plans came to play. It became easier to control Aerys now, as she would use magic to push him more and more. She has a bard as one of her minions, and the NPCs would sing to increase the madness and control of the king. And Galadriel has used it to get rid of the nobles who were corrupted. It was a straightforward thing to do.

Galadriel would use her agents to get the made-up information to Varys, who would have no option but to bring it up to the king, and the king would act like a rabid dog, burning those traitors alive before everyone. And slowly, she would clean the city. While also increasing the prestige of her name and her brother. As both Targaryen siblings have done great things to the city. Galadriel would not lie and say she wasn't using her charms to get her brother to do what she told him. She became her greatest advisor and because of that. They all believed it her word. No one dared to say otherwise, or think she was controlling them. How could they?

She was the princess everyone loved and respected. The light of King's Landing, the blessed child of Westeros. The child of the Maiden and the Father. And many other stupid titles, Galadriel found amusing.

However, the king was now the Mad King, and he has done a lot of terrible things. Well, it was Galadriel, the true architect of those horrendous crimes.

Crimes, Galadriel would not lie and say she enjoyed watching. She would rejoice to watch the poor nobles scream for life while being burned alive. It was so fun.

Yet, my dearest father, usefulness has ended. He must die now. I have no use for him any longer. Galadriel thought as she enjoyed the warmth of the feeling of the sun on her skin. She thought about just killing him in his sleep, but that was too easy, too boring.

"What we need is a civil war… it would be incredible funny to see," Galadriel said, as her smile twisted into something horrible. No one knew she was the most dangerous person in the city of the world, and it was her, the one orchestrating things behind closed doors.

The Defiance of Duskendale? All her planning. She wanted to get rid of the Duskendale port and put Aerys away from the capital while she tortures him personally while at the same time erasing his memories. All because he dared to hit and rape her mother. She made him suffer. And she would do it again very soon. Death was to kind.

The drowning of Steffon and Cassana Baratheon? Galadriel needed to get ridd of them. She needed chaos in the Stormlands so she could start pinning nobles against nobles.

The Kingswood Brotherhood and the Smiling Knight rampage? She planted the seed, so she could blame it all on the nobles who wanted to push people out of their homes in the Stormlands.

And now, she must create the perfect scenario for a civil war.

"This is going to be fun," Galadriel said with a smile on her face.

"Are you awake?"

"Yes… of course she is. She always is."

"Ugh, be quiet both of you… it's too early."

Galadriel turned around and couldn't help but to admire the naked bodies of Ashara Dayne, Elia Martell, and Cersei Lannister.

Who would have thought? That the ladies-in-waiting became the princess, mistresses. A turn out of an event, but one Galadriel enjoyed daily.

At first, it all started when everyone expected the crown prince and princess to marry each other. Because Targaryen incest was a thing. But Galadriel had no plan of marrying her brother, and Rhaegar had not planned on doing it as well. Besides, Galadriel told Rhaegar and her mother that she fancies no men. And oddly enough, Rhaegar and Rhaella were more than pleasing to hear that. Why? Well, she guesses they were afraid a man would woo her and take her away. As if! Galadriel told them.

And, also, Rhaegar was looking for the one. It was presumed he would then marry Elia Martell, but he declined. He was searching for his one. And Galadriel assumes it has to do with the dreams he was having.

A child of fire and ice, Galadriel. The dragon must have three heads.

Galadriel only wishes for her brother to find the woman he loves soon. Meanwhile, she would keep enjoying herself.

"I do apologize, my dears. I never wanted to wake all of you," Galadriel said huskily as she took her robe and climb on the bed. Soon enough, the girls kissed her all over the place. Ashara went for her legs, licking and kissing those inner thighs she loved so much. Elia, bite the earlobe of Galadriel and started to grope her gently. Enjoying the soft moans of the princess. And Cersei, being the greedy girl she was, wasted no time in licking the princess's private parts. Smirking at the shivers of the princess.

"Mm, perhaps you should apologize to us?" Elia whispered, squeezing the princess' glorious breast. She smiled at the reaction, and internally she thanked God for the day she met the beautiful princess. Elia knew she was one of the few three people in the entire world who could do this whenever she wanted. Oh, my poor brother… you will never be able to do this. Elia thought, smirking as she pinched Galadriel's nipples hard.

"Mm, perhaps? But I do think you should all try to make me beg for it… then I will apologize for waking you up," Galadriel replied, moaning.

"Does my love, wanted to feel better?" Ashara said, and just like Elia, both Dornishwomen attacked the lustful princess chest with lust and love. I could do this forever! Ashara thought as she then sucked Galadriel's tits.

"She seemed to feel better… maybe we should try harder?" Cersei said, as couldn't help herself but to devour Galadriel's cunt. The wetness covered Cersei's face, and the lioness of the rock loved it. I am so sorry, Jaime… but my heart now belongs to someone else. Cersei thought there was only one person in her mind, and it was Galadriel.

"Well… breakfast can wait," Galadriel whispered as she enjoyed the morning routine of having sex with the three most gorgeous women in the Seven Kingdoms. They belonged to her and no one else.

"A tourney?" Galadriel asked as she stared at her brother.

"Yes, I was thinking of a tourney… it would be the best place to gather support without being too suspicious. Don't you think?" Rhaegar said.

"Well, it certainly is a way to gather people around. But I do trust Lord Tywin will help you with it. Right?" Galadriel said, as she already knows the answer.

"He has hinted it on the letters, but… I do believe he wants me to marry Cersei," Rhaegar said with a sigh.

"He truly wants her to become queen," Galadriel said, giggling, as she was not bothered by it at all. She has a firm grip on Cersei, and the blonde-haired girl would do whatever she wanted. Besides, she knew, Rhaegar won't marry her. He wasn't interested in any of her pets.

"Aren't you angry? Cersei and you… are close," Rhaegar said, as he was also trying to not said anything about Ashara and Elia's relationship with his sister. It wasn't his business. He wasn't blind about what the girls were doing, or the way they showed affection to each other. But, in his opinion, it was better this way. As long, his sister was happy, he was happy. Besides, it wasn't as if they were going to get pregnant. It was impossible. Right?

"Rhaegar, don't worry about it. She has no intention of becoming queen. However, she does want to show her love for me in public. But I do believe her father would be… not please. But I don't think she cares, truly."

"I will trust in your words," Rhaegar said, smiling.

"Of course, it's me… your sister!"

Rhaegar laughed at the contagious laugh of the princess, but then he got serious.

"If things go as planned, hopefully… we would depose our father without bloodshed. Ser Barristan, Ser Arthur and some other kingsguard are on my side. But it would not be easy."

"You worry too much… everything will be okay."

"Your optimism is showing."

"And your pessimism as well."

Rhaegar sighed, as he felt tired all of the sudden. The last months were too much for him. There was so much to do and to prepare. And he felt as he was running out of time.

"Rhaegar," Galadriel said, as she hugged her older brother. "Everything will be okay. Alright? You'll be the greatest king in history. I know it."

Rhaegar smiled as rejoiced in the embrace. "Thank you… what would I do without you?"

"I don't know, perhaps get lost on your way back after a day of singing and drinking in the Street of Sisters," Galadriel said, teasing her brother.

"It only happens once!" Rhaegar exclaimed, embarrassed.

"And it was enough! Don't you remember Ser Barristan carrying you all the way here, and Ser Arthur just laughing his ass off when you arrive?"

Rhaegar only blushed as he quite did not remember that day.

"But don't worry, Rhaegar. I will be there for you… and I will help you."

Galadriel said, as she was already planning on how she would take the tourney event and twisted it into something else. Perhaps she would create something more. Or maybe destiny would call. But whatever it was, the case. Galadriel would make sure to eliminate all resistance in the way. And she would also make sure the king dies a very slow and painful death.

Tourney at Harrenhal? Let's see how much fun can I have?