Hello everyone! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time.
Now, I would like to say, that I'm going to the rest of the week off. A relative of mine, just passed away, so I am going to travel with family. I will see you all next week!

Now, on the big update. The Fanfic I'll choose to take over the Demon Empress in Westeros will be... The White Lion of the Red Keep!

Now, I know some of you really wanted for me to pick the White Wolf of Winterfell, yet, let me explain my pick.

The White Lion of the Red Keep offers more variety in the cast, as well as in history. Because, it will push (OC Galadriel) in the middle of everything, and she must need to learn how to play the game. The War of the Five Kings, The supposed son of Rhaegar Targaryen. The Dornish plot, Danearys on Essoss with dragons, The Night king coming south, Jon Snow, Euron Greyjoy. Ned Stark and so much more. You can see how amazing their reactions would be if you put Galadriel in the middle of it all.
And how much, Galadriel would change the game.

That's why I choose it. There are a lot of potentials there, especially watching everything on the Lannister side.

And it's not something, that the White Wolf of Winterfell really shows. It mostly, fluff and how Happy Galadriel is with her family, and how much she improves the North to become a superpower on its own. But I believed, it could get boring. There is not much to go around. And while I did enjoy writing the interactions, I just think that the other fanfic offers more. At least the stakes are not as high if you can understand.

Yet, I would like to offer something for the people who truly enjoyed the White Wolf of Winterfell. It is a nice history, and I could work with it. I had a lot of chapters written, so, I would lead you to decide if you would like to keep reading, Wizarding World Overlord, or White Wolf of Winterfell.

So, in simple terms would be something like this.

White Lion of the Red Keep will take the place of Overlord: The Demon Empress in Westeros.

And the White Wolf of Winterfell will take the place of Wizarding World Overlord.

And for the people who are worried about me writing so much, don't be. I have a schedule for something. I'm not overworking. I had chapters written already for many of my core works. For example, the next cycle will be like this.

Overlord: The Demon Empress
Boku No Overlord
Harriet Potter: The Demon Empress
Harry Potter and the Demon Empress.
The rest for a few days. Then, I may update From Thedas to Westeros.

Then, I will update the first Chapter of The White Lion of the Red Keep. And I will wait for you guys to decide if you would like to replace the Wizarding World Overlord fanfic, with the White Wolf of Winterfell.

That's how it would go down. For now. Well, I will let you guys decide, Keep writing your opinions, or if you want me to choose another fanfic to replace Wizarding World Overlord tell me!

The next update will be put in my Overlord: The Demon Empress update!

I will see you guys next week!