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Jess wished the human body didn't have so many organ systems. It seemed like she'd never get it to click in her brain. She kept telling herself; I'm doing this so I can become a doctor and help people. Yet her prelaw boyfriend was taking anatomy for fun and was doing better than she was! How dare he! Granted, she wouldn't have passed the last exam if it weren't for him, but it was still unfair and infuriating!

Sam had repeatedly saved her grade, but that wasn't the only upside to having him as a classmate. She also learned more about the emotional and mental anatomy of Sam Winchester. Unfortunately, a lot of what she learned would be disturbing if she didn't know how sweet he was. For instance, On the first day, he was the only one in the lab who wasn't squeamish about handling the cadavers.

She suspected that his mysterious family ran a funeral home. She could understand wanting to get out of that life. Who wanted to be surrounded by death all day? She knew Sam and his father butted heads because he didn't want to go into "the family business." The rest of his family stories were about his brother Dean, who seemingly raised him. All the stories he told her, winning the soccer championship, performing in the school play, mentioned Dean cheering him on, but not his dad. If she asked him how he learned something, the answer was either a book, a class, a website, or Dean.

Funerals being the family business would also explain why sometimes when the professor showed them something particularly gory, not only would he be the only one not grossed out, but he'd start nodding along like he knew that already. Or he'd blankly stare off into space for a few seconds. As if he was remembering the last time he saw someone's chest cavity ripped open. A Winchester family funeral home didn't explain why sometimes when she asked him why he knew some bone or organ so well, it was because of some injury to himself, his father, or Dean. She didn't know how working at a funeral home could be so dangerous given that all the customers are, you know, dead.

The only injury she heard the story for was a broken ulna. 5-year-old Sammy in a batman costume had jumped off Uncle Bobby's Shed. It was only because his 9-year-old superman clad brother had jumped first. Dean started pedaling to the ER with Sam on his handlebars until Uncle Bobby saw them and asked, "What the hell are you two idjits doing?" Uncle Bobby said something like that in all of Sam's stories.