Title: Risk

Author: laysean87

Fandom/Continuity: DC Universe, DC Animated Universe, Batman Beyond

Character(s): Terry McGinnis

Rating: T

Summary: Based on the 2-part pilot episode "Rebirth." A short story of how Terry sneaks back into the Batcave and steals the Batsuit.

Additional Author's Note: My first attempt at writing Batman Beyond. An early draft of an unfinished short story. Tell me what you think of it so far, and if you think there is something that needs to be added, feel free to tell me. I'll see if I can add it to this short story.

As the young punk haired teenage boy slowly and quietly made his way to the grandfather clock, he considered himself more fortunate than anything else that he had made it this far without being detected sneaking back into Wayne Manor. After vaulting over the dividing wall of the ancient mansion, he'd manage to hogtie the old man's dog to the front entrance gates successfully without waking him. Once inside the foyer, he crept past the snoring owner as he slept peacefully in his armchair. Pulling the handle to reveal a secret entrance, he turned his head around to see if that would wake the man. When all was good, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Now as he carefully made his way down the hidden staircase to the cavernous Batcave, Terry McGinnis focused his attention towards the more pressing matter at the present time. Just minutes before, the young teen had a rough run-in with Derek Powers and his men over the disc which had incriminating evidence of what the co-owner of Wayne-Powers Enterprises was making: secret production of illegal chemical weapons. With Powers having reclaim the evidence, after nearly being killed by his guards for it, and especially after Bruce refused to do anything about it himself, Terry decided to take matters into his own hands.

Staring directly at the futuristic Batsuit as he went up to the glass display case, the young man already knew what he was going to do, what he had to do. No way was he going to the police for help, seeing how they were too cozy in bed with Powers, even if he still had that disc with him. He knew the risks of what he was doing, including suffering the wrath of a cranky old former vigilante. The thought of the old guy whacking his ass with that hard cane of his wasn't an idea he relished in any way. But Terry didn't care. Somebody had to do something to stop Powers, and if Bruce Wayne wasn't going to do anything, then he was.

Taking a huge breath, the dark haired teen opened the case, purposely grabbing the Kevlar covered suit from its mannequin stand. Momentarily hesitating as the thought of an angry old man reprimanding him for stealing his suit danced in his head, he shook those thoughts away as he looked down at the suit in his hands. "Sorry, Mr. Wayne," he said with the utmost conviction in tone and inflection, "but you know the old cliché: desperate times, desperate measures."

With that conviction, he quickly shed himself of his clothes and put on the Batsuit.

The End