*smut warning*

"Good morning, today is Saturday the twenty third, it is eleven am, and it is seventy eight degrees outside," Jarvis spoke, waking Bree from her slumber. She sat up in the overly large bed she remembered sleeping in, to realize she was very much alone. Figures. Bree pulled the sheet around her naked body and stood to look out of the floor to ceiling windows at the ocean. So much for him being intrigued by me.

After Bree found a random shirt on the floor of the bedroom to wear, along with her discarded underwear, she began to walk around the overly large home. She walked downstairs and smiled at the grand living room, when she turned at the sound of a woman's voice.

"I have had your clothes dry cleaned, so you may change back into them," Pepper said stiffly as she held out Bree's clothes, on a hanger.

"Thank you," Bree replied as she took the clothes from the red headed woman. "I assume you are Pepper?" she asked.

Pepper narrowed her eyes. "Tony has requested for you to have his cell number, but has said to only await his call and not to bother him," Pepper said, ignoring Bree's question, as she held out a piece of paper, which Bree took. "Please proceed to get dressed, there's a taxi waiting outside to take you wherever you wish to go."

Snobby much? Bree smiled and nodded. "Thank you." She turned away from Pepper, quickly found the bathroom that was just off the kitchen and got dressed.

Before she left the large Miami home, Bree found a notepad and pen and left a note she hoped Tony would find and read before Pepper would toss it.


I had a wonderful time last night and I hope we can see each other again. I will be seeing you at the next banquet for Stark Enterprise on the fifteenth of next month. I hope to see you then.

-Briana Woodrough (Bree)

The following month, Bree stood at the bar, wearing a floor length purple gown, during the Floyd Gala. She looked down at her phone, hoping that she would get the email she needed to make her next PR interview, when she noticed the bartender placed a cosmopolitan in front of her. "I didn't order anything," Bree told him.

The bartender shook his head. "It's from the gentleman at the end of the bar," he replied, then pointed, causing Bree to look down to the end of the bar and smile.

"Tony Stark."

"Briana Woodrough." Tony said, walking closer to join her. "I saw the work you did on my European energy campaign. It was impressive."

"Did you?" Bree asked happily. "What do you think about it?"

Tony took a sip of his drink before answering. "I like your way with words. How you can tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip." He chuckled. "There's only one point I disagreed with."

"What did you disagree with? Did I do something wrong?" Bree asked, then took a sip of her drink.

"You mentioned me exactly three times. You aren't selling my weapons, you're selling me. How does that work when you hardly mention me?" Tony asked, then sipped his drink again.

"I thought the presentation went quite well. We gained eight contracts that afternoon." Bree perched herself on the nearest barstool and took a sip of her cocktail. "Is that not a good thing?"

"I already said your work on that project was impressive. I just want to make sure you remember what you're really selling." Tony said. He lifted his drink to his lips and finished it.

"Oh, I remember. Just like I remember our night together a bit over a month ago," Bree answered coyly.

Another night couldn't hurt. Tony smirked and looked towards the main doors. "My car is waiting outside. Are you joining me?" he asked, sitting his cup down and walked away to leave without another word.

It took Bree all of two seconds to decide to down her drink and follow Tony. Once she reached his side, she looked over at him with a sweet smile. "Wouldn't miss it."

"Smart choice." Tony affirmed as he led the way to his car. He opened her door, then walked around to the driver side. Opening his door, he slid into his sleek silver Audi.

"This is a new model. A fan of the Audi, Mr. Stark?" Bree asked as she shut the passenger door and buckled her seatbelt.

"I like the look of it and how it feels on the road." Tony replied as he started the car, hearing the engine roar.

"It's very sleek," Bree agreed. "I assume we're going back to yours?" She asked.

"I never discuss business in public, so yes." Tony said. He turned the car onto the highway and hit the gas.

"Business? What kind of business?" Bree asked. "Is it another PR event?"

"It's the promotion I mentioned. If you are interested, you will need to have a higher level of clearance." Tony vaguely explained.

Bree furrowed her brow. Promotion? She sat back in her seat and looked over at Tony while he expertly drove the car. "I don't remember talk of a promotion."

"I mentioned it at the bar." He reminded her as he pulled off of the highway. It was only another few minutes before they arrived at his Miami home. "We will talk over a drink."

"You mentioned selling yourself," Bree clarified. "But a drink sounds lovely."

When they arrived at his home and pulled into his garage, Tony opened the door and got out of the car, then walked around and opened Bree's door for her. "After you."

Bree climbed out of the car and looked around. "I've never been in your lab before."

"Do you want me to show you around my lab?" Tony asked, leading her further into his home.

"Sure. What have you been working on? A new classic car?" Bree asked.

"I have my eye on a new classic for the collection, but I haven't closed the deal yet. I am working on a new weapon. It's missile class. If you think you're up for the job, you're going to sell it for me." Tony told her.

Bree followed Tony around his various worktops and robots as he spoke. "You want me to sell one of your weapons?"

"If you are successful with the first one, you will be promoted. You would then be my direct spokesperson. The travel is good, as is the pay." Tony replied.

"Would I be paying for travel?" Bree asked as she spotted a large cd case on one of Tony's countertops and began to look through it.

"No, the travel would be paid for and pay is good. You would come with me to the weapons demonstrations and to finalize the deals." Tony clarified.

Bree smiled as she flipped through Tony's CDs. "That sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me."

Tony walked over to stand by Bree, leaning his back against the counter. "I will send you everything you need. I leave soon for the next deal, but you will join me after that."

"I can do that. I'm a free agent after all," Bree said, looking up at Tony with a grin.

"This is going to be interesting." Tony smirked. "Do you want to get that drink now?"

"A drink sounds good." Bree lightly touched his elbow and smiled. "Have you eaten?"

"That depends on the context of the question." Tony slyly replied.

Bree chuckled as she followed Tony out of his lab and upstairs, to his living room. She smirked as she ran a hand from one of Tony's shoulders to the other as she walked past him. "I think either context is valid."

"That would be a no to both. I have Chinese on the way though." Tony replied. He walked past Bree and went into the kitchen. When he returned a minute later, he had a beer for each of them.

"Chinese sounds great. I'm always up for fried rice." Bree took the beer Tony offered her then sat on the couch as she opened it and took a drink. "Sometimes you just need a good beer," she smiled.

Tony opened his beer and sat next to Bree. "That is very true. As I mentioned earlier, I'm leaving soon for the next weapons demonstration soon. What would you say to an enjoyable night for good luck?"

Bree turned towards Tony and grinned. "What do you mean Mr. Stark?" She asked seductively. She rest her hand on his knee then gave it a gentle squeeze. "I'm always up for fun if it's with you. I just wish you stuck around last time."

"You know I'm a very busy man." Tony responded, looking down at her hand. "You have been busy yourself."

"Yes, I have," Bree said softly in return. She ran her thumb back and forth on Tony's knee as she took a drink of her beer. "I really enjoyed last time though."

Tony took a long drink of his beer. "Are we getting started now, or after Chinese?"

Bree brought a hand up to her chin in thought and ended up biting on her thumb. She looked over at Tony and noticed how his eyes had locked into her mouth, making her chuckle and remove her thumb from her mouth. "We could have a little foreplay before food gets here?" She suggested.

"You have made a convincing argument." Tony acknowledged, then took Bree's beer and sat it on the coffee table before he leaned over and captured her lips in a slow kiss. A gasp left Bree's lips as she returned Tony's kiss, one hand instantly moving to cup the side of his face. The feeling of his stubble only turned Bree on further as she felt it against her face and hand. Tony clumsily set his beer on the coffee table, then shifted to lay Bree down on the couch. "I've missed you." He said breathlessly.

"Me?" Bree questioned as she tilted her head back to let Tony kiss and nip along her neck. "You could have anyone."

"Yes, but you give the best head." Tony muttered, then kissed her lips again before she could reply. Bree eagerly kissed Tony back as she wrapped her legs around his hips while her hands moved to untuck his dress shirt and run her hands underneath to feel his heated skin. Tony broke the kiss and eagerly moved his lips to explore the soft skin of Bree's chest not covered by the 'V' neck of her dress. "You smell so good," he murmured, taking a deep breath to inhale the scent of vanilla and strawberry.

"So do you," Bree murmured while she moved one hand to run it through his thick dark hair. "You smell of mint and scotch from the event, I like it."

"I like mint and scotch. By morning, you will smell like me and sex." Tony growled, a smirk on his face.

Bree bit her bottom lip and looked at Tony with lidded eyes. "I like the sound of that," she murmured.

"You'll like the feel of it more." Tony whispered. He pushed the fabric of her dress off of one of her breasts and placed a kiss just above her nipple. "Do you work tomorrow?"

"Do you want me to work tomorrow?" Bree retorted. She sighed at the feeling of Tony's lips and stubble on her skin.

"Jarvis will call off for you tomorrow. I don't leave until noon and you aren't leaving my sight until then." Tony stated, then pulled her nipple into his mouth, causing Bree to moan.

"Mmm I love that tongue of yours," Bree breathed as she clutched onto a handful of Tony's hair. Her free hand began attempting to remove his suit jacket and dress shirt when the doorbell rang.

"Mr. Stark, your food has arrived," Jarvis stated.

Tony groaned softly. "I guess we will have to finish this after dinner." He pouted after he unlatched from her breast.

"We can eat fast... unless you wanna wait to eat," Bree replied.

"Or I could eat it off of your naked body." Tony suggested with a smirk.

Bree raised an eyebrow at Tony and chuckled. "Maybe if it was whipped cream and not fried rice."

"You have no sense of adventure." Tony chuckled. "Alright then, we'll have a quick dinner, then I will eat dessert off of you."

"Then I think you need to retrieve the food from the front door," Bree said, then left a lingering kiss to his lips, daring to lick at his bottom lip. I want to keep you going Mr. Stark. I don't want you to forget me this time.

Tony looked in the direction of the door and groaned. He climbed off of Bree and the couch then walked over to the door. Opening it, he retrieved the food that had been left there. He brought it in and set in on the coffee table. "I think the food can wait." He declared, looking over Bree from head to toe.

Bree had sat up on the couch, her dress now pooled around her waist to reveal her black lace bra. She smiled up at him as she looked him up and down in return, ogling his fit figure. "Like what you see, Mr. Stark?"

"I do like what I see. Let's move this to the bedroom." Tony replied as he removed his suit jacket and let it pool on the wood floor.

"How are you going to tempt me to do that?" Bree questioned, playing hard to get, although she stared at the bit of bare chest she could see because of his partially unbuttoned dress shirt.

Tony pulled his shirt over his head, leaving his top half bare. "If this isn't enough to tempt you, nothing will." He chuckled.

Bree bit her bottom lip before she stood and let her purple dress pool to the floor, leaving her in matching lace underwear. She slowly walked up to Tony, her heels clicking on the wood floor, to stand before him and slowly run her hands up his chest. "You are so handsome," she murmured.

"Have I tempted you yet? My backup plan is to drop my pants." Tony chuckled with a smirk. Before Bree could respond, he pulled her against his bare chest and kissed her deeply, letting his hands wander to the back of her bra, searching for the clip to release it.

A chuckle left Bree's lips as she eagerly kissed Tony back, letting her arms snake around his neck. "If I remember correctly," she breathed in between kisses, "I will be highly impressed to have you throbbing in my hand again."

"If I remember correctly, that was the result of your teasing." Tony chuckled. He picked Bree up and helped her wrap her legs around his waist, then he carried her upstairs to his bedroom.

Bree looked around at the lavish furniture in Tony's room once they entered and smiled as she met his eyes once more. "I like teasing you," she murmured. "It feels good to be wanted."

"You are always wanted here." Tony assured, then lightly tossed her on the bed, making Bree laugh. "Are you still on the pill?" He asked as he unbuttoned his jeans.

"I've never stopped taking it," Bree answered. She sat up in the middle of the bed and reached behind her to unclip her bra then toss it to the floor.

"I don't like that bra, the clip is too complicated." Tony complained to Bree. He unzipped his jeans, then pushed them and his boxers down. When they pooled around his ankles, he stepped out of them and kicked them aside.

Bree watched Tony with lust filled eyes. "You've been working out," she commented, noticing his toned sides and abs.

"I'm glad you noticed. It's mostly just from working on my cars though." Tony admitted. He walked up to the bed then climbed on it to lay beside Bree. Then he leaned down and pecked her lips while one hand wandered down her stomach and rubbed over the fabric of her underwear.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Bree replied softly. She reached up and ran a hand through his thick hair and nipped at his bottom lip before licking the bite. "Is it odd to say I've missed you?"

"Why would it be odd? I would miss me too." Tony smirked. He helped Bree remove her underwear, then he climbed on top of her and captured her lips in a deep kiss.

Bree sighed into the kiss and gripped tightly onto Tony's shoulders. Smug ass. She wrapped one leg around his hips, feeling the smooth skin of his ass as she tried to bring him down closer to her.

Tony positioned himself between Bree's legs then reached his hand between them to guide himself slowly into her heat. "You are still so tight." He sighed in approval.

"That feels so good," Bree sighed as she lifted her hips to ease Tony's length in further. She leaned up to kiss his shoulder and ran one hand down his back to rest on his hip. Tony's lips found Bree's neck and he kissed and licked her warm skin while thrusting his hips, sinking himself to the hilt. Bree moaned as she dug her nails into Tony's hip. "Ugh, shit."

"We need to get together more often." Tony grunted, moving his hips to a quick pace.

"Yes... we should..." Bree tightened her hold on Tony and tilted her head back in a loud moan. "Don't... don't stop."

"Am I hitting the right spot?" Tony teased, keeping the angle of his hips steady.

Bree tilted her hips a tad and did her best to meet each of Tony's thrusts. "Yes!" she moaned, then moved to capture his lips in a searing kiss.

Tony returned her kiss, pressing his tongue against her lips to ask for entrance. He moaned into her mouth once Bree gave him permission, then swirled his tongue along hers. Keeping his pace steady, he rolled them over to make Bree straddle his hips as he pulled away from the kiss, breathless. "Ride me," he gasped.

"With pleasure," Bree breathed. She placed her hands on Tony's chest before she began her own fast pace, thrusting as quick as she could, making her head fall back in pleasure.

Tony dug his fingers into Bree's hips, throwing his own head back into the pillows. "Faster." He moaned, encouraging her.

Bree moved to lay down on top of Tony so she could piston her hips quicker, loving at the moan she got in response from him. "So... good," she gasped, burying her face against his neck.

Tony met her thrusts, burying himself to the hilt inside her each time. "I can never get enough of you."

"I'm the same about you," Bree replied. She wrapped her arms around Tony's neck and kissed his cheek then his jaw. "I'm close Tony."

"I'm nowhere near ready for this to be over." Tony panted, holding off as long as he could.

Bree smiled and captured Tony's lips. "We can always go... again... later."

"I know." Tony moaned, then flipped them over again so he was now on top. His new pace was harder and faster, wanting to bring them both an intense release.

"Oh! Tony... almost... almost." Bree could feel that her body was on the edge of falling off the cliff, causing her to dig her nails into his shoulders.

"I love... the way you... say my name." Tony grunted out. He could feel himself throbbing inside of her, on the brink of his own release.

Bree grinned against Tony's shoulder then pressed open mouthed kisses to his skin just as her climax hit her. "Tony! Oh, Tony..."

Tony felt his legs begin to shake as his climax washed over him. His pace became more erratic as he let Bree's muscles squeeze every drop out of him, causing him to moan loudly before he partially collapsed on top of her.

"Your heartbeat is so fast," Bree panted, knowing that her own matched Tony's. She slowly kissed any amount of skin she could reach, feeling him tremble above her.

Tony turned his head and kissed Bree's neck, then licked a trail along her collarbone. "You give me the best workouts." He chuckled breathlessly.

"I should feel special then," Bree chuckled. She watched as Tony moved to prop himself up on his elbows above her and met her eyes. I love those deep brown eyes of yours.

"You should feel special. As you said, I could be with anyone. I had Jarvis find you tonight so I could see you at the bar." Tony admitted.

Bree's eyes widened. "You searched me out?" She asked. "I thought I wouldn't ever see you again. Not like this anyway."

"You have been on my mind for a while but I couldn't find an excuse to contact you." Tony replied.

"You don't need an excuse Tony," Bree assured. "I know you're a casual sex guy and you're not big on solid relationships, but I'm okay with it. If you want to see me, just call me, and if you ever change your mind and want something solid and I'm single, feel free to reach out to me."

Tony gave her a look of disbelief. "You are really okay with it if I call you just for sex?"

"I know who you are Tony. I'm not going to pressure you into a relationship. If you want something casual, I'm here," Bree answered. "I'm also here if you change your mind. I like you Tony. A lot."

Tony rolled to lay next to Bree. "Not many are open to a recurring casual arrangement. Now that I know you are, I will definitely reach out more often."

Bree turned and propped her head in her hand. "I'm not like most women." She snuggled up against Tony's chest and placed a kiss to his sternum. "Do you want to eat up here? Watch a movie?"

"I haven't watched a movie in ages. I will let you pick what we watch." Tony replied. He wrapped his arm around Bree and played with her hair.

"We can stay up here then, but someone needs to go and heat the food," Bree replied, then looked up at the ceiling. "Jarvis? Could you play a movie for us?"

"I will go get the food." Tony said. He stole a quick kiss before climbing out of bed and leaving the room naked as the day he was born.

"What movie would you like?" Jarvis asked Bree.

Bree chuckled as she stared openly at Tony's ass as he left. "I was thinking something sensual. Do you think Tony would mind a chick flick Jarvis?"

"Mr. Stark will agree with whatever you choose." Jarvis replied a moment later.

"Dirty Dancing it is," Bree decided. She turned and propped up the pillows against the headboard of the bed, then covered up with the comforter, not caring about her nakedness.

The huge flat screen TV turned on with the movie ready to play upon Tony's return. He didn't keep Bree waiting long before he carried in the food and another beer for each of them. "What did you pick?" He asked curiously

Bree blushed and bit her bottom lip. "Dirty Dancing. I hope you don't mind."

"Is that a movie or are you putting on a show for me?" Tony asked teasingly. He set the food and beers on the bedside table before climbing into bed. Once he was comfortable and under the blankets, he set the food containers between then and handed Bree a fork.

"It's a movie," Bree chuckled. "Believe me, if I could dance like Patrick Swayze, I would put on a show for you." She made sure that she was touching Tony in some way, before she took a bite of her food straight from the box.

"I can have Jarvis find dance lessons for you." Tony said, being completely .

"Only me?" Bree asked. She ate another couple bites of rice as the movie began playing on the tv.

"Are you suggesting I learn to dance?" Tony chuckled. He took the container of chow mein and took a bite.

Bree shrugged as she slurped a noodle into her mouth. "We could learn the dances from the movie?"

"There's that we again." Tony teased. "We can learn the dances, but only if we can dance nude."

"Should I not say that?" Bree asked. "I don't mean to speak out of turn Tony."

"I was referring to you including me in the dance lessons." Tony clarified.

"What's wrong with including you?" Bree asked. "It was just an idea. It's not anything we have to do."

"It was a joke Bree, just a joke." Tony sighed.

Bree smiled and took another bite of her food. "Sorry. That went a bit over my head." She looked back at the movie in time to see Baby carrying a watermelon into the employee lounge where everyone was grinding against each other to music.

Tony looked back at the screen as well, then ate some more noodles. "Is that how you want us to dance?"

"Dirty dancing is fun," Bree said chipperly. "Although there's choreographed dancing too," she added and pointed at Johnny as he walked in the room and started to dance with his partner.

Tony watched the scene in silence. "I think I like the choreographed dancing better."

Bree grinned and sat her empty food container to the side. "I like both, but the other dancing is really pretty. It can be quite seductive too,"

"We can try both and see what we like better." Tony agreed.

"Maybe when you get back from the demonstration?" Bree suggested.

"I will have Jarvis book the lessons." Tony promised.

Bree turned back to the movie and snuggled into Tony's side. "No offense, but this is a lot better than mingling at the gala."

"I enjoy both. I do like events that are all about me." Tony chuckled and wrapped his arm around Bree. He set the chow mein down and picked up a different container.

"I know you do." Bree turned and kissed Tony's cheek then his jaw before she turned towards the tv to see Baby knocking on Johnny's cabin door.

Tony popped a piece of meat into his mouth while watching the movie to see what would happen next.

Bree smiled when Baby admitted her feelings to Johnny, then blushed as he began to show her just how he felt about her. "Patrick is one of the first celebrity crushes I ever had as a kid," she commented.

"Who is your celebrity crush now?" Tony asked, honestly curious.

"Oh, he's really famous. He loves to tinker and has classic cars, owns a successful business," Bree said, smiling.

"He sounds very sexy. You have good taste." Tony grinned, then he leaned in and kissed Bree gently.

Bree eagerly kissed Tony back, one hand instantly winding in his hair. When she pulled away, she smiled at him. "He's beyond sexy, I think, if there's a word for that."

"He sounds like he's also great in bed." Tony said teasingly.

"Oh, he is," Bree murmured. The food forgotten, she gently took the container Tony held and put it aside before she turned and straddled his lap. She smiled at him as she ran both hands through his hair and captured his lips once more.

Tony moved his hands to cup Bree's rear, giving her cheeks a gentle squeeze.

Bree leaned down and pecked his lips. "Do you want to know his name?" She asked softly.

"Only if you are going to moan it while you ride me." Tony said in a seductive tone.

A shiver ran down Bree's spine as she slowly rolled her hips against Tony, already feeling him getting hard. "Your voice does things to me, you know that?"

"What does my voice do to you?" Tony asked, in the mood for a little bit of dirty talk.

Bree leaned down and kissed Tony's jaw. "You make me wet," she whispered in his ear. "I'm surprised you don't feel it against your skin."

"I do feel it, but I wanted to hear you say it." Tony moaned. He bucked his hips against her to encourage her.

"Your heart is already pounding," Bree murmured, having one hand on Tony's chest. "What does my voice do to you?"

"It makes me want to pound you." Tony replied, his voice turning into more of a growl.

Bree met Tony's eyes while she licked her lips. Silently, she lifted herself up and put one hand between them before she slowly lowered herself onto his erection, making her moan at the fullness she felt. "Tony... please."

Tony moaned softly at her tightness around him. He quickly rolled them so he was on top, then he started moving his hips to a fast rhythm.

"Ugh," Bree wrapped her arms tightly around Tony's neck, letting him go as fast and hard as he pleased. "God, don't stop Tony," she moaned.

Tony took her encouragement and moved faster, being a little rough with her as he gripped tightly onto her hips. "You feel... so good." He grunted.

Bree arched her back and cried out, lifting her hips to give him more room to thrust. "I... oh, Tony..." she breathed, her words becoming fuddled.

"I want you loud." Tony grunted out, turned on by her reaction causing him to grip onto her with a white knuckled grip while he stood on his knees to thrust. He looked down with eyes full of lust as Bree was practically bowed to meet his every movement.

"Tony... Tony... I'm..." Bree tilted her head back and screamed Tony's name as a shattering climax overwhelmed her body, making her body tremble with the release.

Tony gave a deep grunt as Bree's climax triggered his own intense climax. "You are so damn amazing." He panted as he let her lay flat on the bed once more, then rolled over to lay on his back.

Bree gasped for breath, feeling empty now that Tony had left her body. She turned her head to look at him and saw he was also trying to catch his breath. "You're just as amazing," she huffed.

Tony turned on his side and captured Bree's lips in a quick kiss. "I'm almost tempted to postpone my demonstration for you."

"Really?" Bree asked, her eyes wide. "I don't want to be the reason you miss out on something Tony."

"I can't actually call off, but I will be calling you as soon as I get back." Tony promised.

Bree turned and snuggled into Tony's side, laying one hand over his heart, feeling it's steady rhythm under her palm. "I would like that."

"I shouldn't be gone more than a day or two, so be ready for my call." Tony said with a grin. "I'm thinking dinner, a night of amazing sex, then we can discuss your new job over breakfast."

"That sounds wonderful," Bree agreed, then yawned, feeling herself getting tired. She looked over at the clock on the nightstand to see that it read three in the morning. "I didn't realize it was so late."

"Time flies when the sex is good." Tony chuckled. "Get some sleep, we can have a quickie before I leave in the morning."

"Does that mean you'll be here when I wake up?" Bree murmured, her eyes getting heavy.

"I will wake you in the morning. I won't just take off." Tony promised. He pulled the covers up over them so they could sleep.

Bree smiled as she let her eyes close from tiredness. "I would like that."