Elsa's heart twisted in a way she was far too used to. She watched her boyfriend of one year walk off with his hand dangerously low on another girl's back. They were heading to who knows where for some unknown amount of time. The blonde tried hard not to imagine what they could be doing.

It really wasn't Hans' fault. He was allowed to have other female friends, even Cori. After all, Elsa knew she wouldn't even be getting upset if she wasn't female. Why did that have to matter? She needed to stop being so jealous.

She was a terrible girlfriend. Honestly, she had no idea how Hans even put up with her, especially with girls like Cori walking around. That girl always had her hair styled perfectly while Elsa rarely wore hers in more than a simple braid or ponytail.

Not to mention, Elsa was far too obsessive. It was like she focused on every detail of Hans' life, trying to find issues where there were none. Why must she always create problems? Even Hans was starting to get tired of her being paranoid.

"Permission to comment on what I just witnessed," Jack suddenly asked, snapping Elsa from her thoughts. Her friend was smiling playfully; however, there was anger in his eyes that he was unable to hide, at least from her. After spending nearly 10 years as friends, she could read him like a book. Unfortunately, that also meant he could read her.

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Permission denied. He is allowed to have other females in his life, just like I have other males in mine." It really was logical.

Jack groaned, his fist clenching. However, his face quickly changed to a smirk, his eyes lighting up. This would not be okay. "You're right, Els. I should treat you the same way that Hans treats Cori, right?" Bitterness made his way to his tone as he placed his hand on her lower back. "This is what friends do, huh?"

The college freshman felt extremely uncomfortable knowing if anyone saw where Jack's hand was placed they would get the wrong idea. That really had been what Hans had done though, right? Perhaps Jack had a point. Hans surely wasn't meaning to do anything inappropriate but maybe he could try and keep his hand a bit higher.

She shook his hand off her back, scooting away slightly. Elsa didn't have to tell Jack she understood, not when he could clearly see the turmoil in her head. He smiled sadly at the girl. However, Jack said no more on the topic, instead beginning to talk about something that happened in his class.

For a moment, Elsa forgot about how much her heart burned, the image of Hans with Cori fading a bit.

Hans' eyes hardened as he stared at Elsa with what almost seemed like hatred. It was by far her least favorite look of his, especially when it was directed at her. His gaze was cold, almost lacking emotion, almost. There was disgust mixed in though, as if looking at the blonde was a personal insult to his eyes.

She squirmed under his gaze, averting her eyes. "I didn't mean it badly. I just feel, I don't know, sad when you're that close to Cori and-"

"You don't trust me!" Hans groaned, his frustration more than evident. "Honestly, Elsa, it's the same thing with you every day. I wish you wouldn't take your insecurities out on me. Can I not have other friends just because you don't value yourself?"

The blonde shut her eyes, forcing back tears. She felt pathetic. No, more than pathetic; Elsa felt worthless. She claimed to trust him but had so much trouble demonstrating it. She was so fucking awful. How could anyone handle all her issues? Even she was struggling to handle them.

Her voice was soft when she spoke again. Despite her common sense, Elsa needed to get this out. "I'm sorry, Hans. I'm not trying to take anything out on you. It's just that you had your hand kind of low on her back." Hans' eyes somehow darkened more causing Elsa to quickly add a disclaimer. "Not that it's your fault! I know I'm just being stupid but Jack-"

The boy across from her threw his arms up in frustration. "Of course," he sighed, shaking his head. "This is about Jack. I should have known. You've always clung to him."

"What?" The blonde had no idea how suddenly she was the one in the hot seat. She just wanted Hans to understand that she'd feel better if he didn't touch Cori as much. Instead, he seemed upset about her friendship with Jack. "This really isn't about him."

"It isn't? You're constantly spending time with him. You text him 24/7." Her boyfriend's eyes grew sad. "You'd probably rather be with him." He rubbed his eyes slightly before making eye contact with Elsa once again.

Had she really been making Hans worry? She did spend quite a lot of time with Jack but that's only because she had been best friends with him for so long. He understood her. It wasn't supposed to be personal. "Baby, that isn't even remotely true. I love you!" Elsa tried to show how sincere her words were. "I'm sorry for making you doubt our relationship. I really hadn't thought much about how much time I spend with Jack."

"Of course not. Why would you consider my feelings? I'm just your boyfriend." He shook his head in frustration, before sighing loudly. "I'm sorry, Elsa, I just can't handle you right now. I need some time to think about everything."

Tears started falling from the blonde's eyes before she had even fully processed the words. "What? No! Baby, please. I don't want to leave it like this," She pleaded, her heart breaking. "Please! I'm sorry, Hans. I'll be more considerate!"

Hans just shook his head, slamming the door behind him as he left.

Elsa couldn't help the tears that fell, nor could she control how violent they became. She wasn't sure exactly what Hans had meant but, either way, she felt sick with herself. Guilt and regret overwhelmed the girl as she struggled to piece together where she went wrong.

Before their talk, Elsa had felt so sure what she was saying to Hans made sense. It wasn't completely ridiculous of her to prefer he not touch other girls, right? Still, somehow it had all gone wrong and the blonde just felt lost and unbearably sad.

It was pathetic that a guy could make her feel so awful. Elsa couldn't even begin to explain the pain though of knowing she was the one ruining the best thing that ever happened to her. Was she self-sabotaging; Hans had mentioned that she did that. She hated that she could never even tell she was doing it.

Stupid. Worthless. Pathetic. Elsa was fucking disgusting and she didn't even deserve Hans to begin with. He deserved someone more like Cori. Someone smart and pretty. Someone who wouldn't make him angry. He had never looked at Cori the way he looked at her, after all.

Why would he though? The brunette was an angel. She was adorable and funny. She was absolutely everything that Elsa was not. She was the kind of girl that could make anyone happy, the kind of girl that boys chased and girls envied. Elsa sure envied her.

Perhaps that was why it hurt so much when Hans posted a picture with Cori about an hour after storming out of Elsa's house. They were on a couch sitting closer than Elsa liked, though she tried hard to push the jealousy down. Still, the aching in her heart made that impossible.

Why did they have to be so fucking close to each other? And why did Hans look so happy with her when he had seemed so miserable with Elsa? It hurt far too much that it seemed Cori was the one with the ability to make him smile. Was it selfish how desperately Elsa wished to be the one making him happy? Why wasn't she just happy that he was happy?

The thing that hurt the most though was the caption: Movie night with my favorite person. Elsa reread the words a thousand times, each time hurting just as much as the last, if not more. She screenshotted the post for no conscious reason. She just needed to save it, as if there was even a chance of her forgetting the words.

Elsa was so fucking selfish, she decided. The girl craved desperately to be his favorite person and she hated herself for it. Her breathing was deep and painful, her lungs contracting in a way she knew was dangerous.

Still, she kept staring at the picture, finding more things to hurt herself with. Cori was wearing an orange sweater, for one. That hurt for two reasons. One, Hans had told Elsa she looked awful in orange. Two, the hoodie belonged to Hans.

The blonde threw her phone to the floor, her sobs overpowering her. She hated every inch of herself.

It was normal to feel resentment towards the guy dating the girl you're in love with. In fact, Jack would bet even hatred was common. However, that didn't even scratch the surface when it came to reasons why Jack Frost hated Hans with every fiber of his being.

Jack hated him because Elsa didn't wear crop tops anymore after Hans bluntly explained she was trying to get other guys with her body.

He hated Hans for encouraging his model-thin friend to stop eating burgers, ignoring the fact she loved them.

Jack hated him because his badass best friend had been reduced to Han's fucking puppet.

God though, what Jack really hated was that Hans made him feel so powerless. Every part of him burned as he took in the sight in front of him.

Elsa Winters, the girl he loved more than anything in the world, the girl he had been in love with for years, was laying on her bedroom floor. She had fallen asleep next to her partially broken phone, mascara staining her beautiful face. He wasn't surprised to see the post that Hans had made when he unlocked the phone. Fucking asshole.

He clenched his fist, forcing the anger inside of him to still. As soon as he had seen that post he had headed towards his friend. The fact Hans would actually post a picture of him all over that girl was disgusting, not to mention the terrible caption. What Elsa saw in him, Jack would never know. She claimed they had their ups and downs but all Jack saw was a whole bunch of downs.

"Hey, Els." He gently shook her, smiling softly as she opened her eyes. He knew his smile probably looked sad though but it was hard to be cheerful when looking at the brokenness in Elsa's beautiful eyes. Hans didn't have the right to hurt someone so precious; somehow though, Jack knew the boy had convinced Elsa he was the one dating below him.

The girl blinked a couple of times before stretching slightly. "Oh, hey Jack. What are you doing here?"

He debated lying but, honestly, he was tired of beating around the bush even if Elsa always defended Hans. "I saw his post," Jack decided to say, almost regretting it when hurt flashed across her face. A reminder wasn't what the blonde had needed.

"I know what you're going to say but save it. It's my own fault. I made him upset last night and that's why-" Her voice cut off, tears already starting to fall. "That's why I'm not his favorite. She makes him so much happier." Elsa shook slightly, cradling her knees.

Jack wrapped Elsa up in his arms, wanting desperately to let her see herself the way he did. "That's ridiculous, Els! Absolutely ridiculous! You shouldn't have to walk on eggshells with your own boyfriend, and you shouldn't have to worry about him making petty posts the second you say something he doesn't like." Fuck, why didn't she see how much more she deserved? It didn't even have to be Jack, just someone who understood that Elsa should be cherished.

Elsa shook her head sadly. "No, it is my fault. I should-" The blonde's phone vibrated, surprising them both. She grabbed it and held it in front of her, giving Jack a view as he comforted her from behind. Cori had sent her a message on Instagram.

It seemed strange but not necessarily bad. Jack knew Cori a bit and she really was a sweet girl. Why so many nice girls were all over Hans was beyond Jack though. Cori, too, could do better than a guy who used her as a backup option.

The blonde tapped on the message and Jack was surprised to see the length of it. His eyes immediately began scanning the content.

Elsa, there isn't a good way to say this but I think you deserve to know. Last night Hans came over and said he had broken up with you. He's always telling how you just don't understand him and yesterday he said he finally ended it. He said he wanted me. Honestly, I've been waiting for him to break up with you for about a month even though that sounds awful. I think we've both been blind. I slept with Hans last night. He left while I was asleep and left a note saying he hadn't fully ended things with you and that he wanted to try and save your relationship. I'm so sorry, Elsa. I never would have slept with him if I had known he was cheating. I'm so fucking sorry for letting it go this far. Please believe that.

The phone fell from Elsa's hand, her breathing suddenly heavy. She stood up from their position on the floor, her fist clenching and unclenching. Then, without any warning, anger took over her and she punched her body mirror, the glass shattering as blood left her hand.

Sobs escaped his best friend, her breaths so constricted he worried she couldn't breathe at all. Elsa just fell to the floor as if her body suddenly lacked the ability to stay upright. She kneeled in the glass, blood beginning to leave her legs as well as she shook around on the floor.

Never before had Jack seen her break like this. Yes, Jack had many reasons to hate Hans but breaking his best friend was the most important. The white-haired boy wanted Hans to feel every bit of pain that Elsa did and then some.

Now wasn't the time to think about that though. Jack sat beside his friend, earning a few cuts of his own. He hardly noticed though as he worked on calming her down. It was over forty minutes before she stopped crying and it was only because Jack had offered to buy her ice cream.

Then, just like in every cliche movie, the pair ate ice cream while yelling at romantic comedies for being unrealistic. He could see the sadness and betrayal so plainly on Elsa's face. Still, she was smiling a bit and that was a start.

The blonde felt emotionally unstable, like she had been a bomb counting down to this moment. She didn't know she had it in her to be so psychotic and suddenly she felt afraid by her own reaction. It was just a miracle Jack had managed to stay so calm.

Elsa, however, was anything but calm. She burned and whether with fury or pain she had no clue. Part of her wanted to make him suffer, wanted Hans to hurt just like her. Part of her wanted to tell the world what trash he really was.

A bigger part of her just wanted him to hold her though, wanted him to whisper sweet nothings into her ear. Hans cheated and yet she felt like begging him to stay with her; the blonde was sure it was meant to be the other way around. Still, Elsa wanted to become so good he would never think about cheating on her again, and that fucking hurt.

It hurt to know she wasn't good enough all on her own, that he had needed more. She wasn't enough for Hans. She made him angry. She hurt him and he had gone and gotten someone who didn't. She couldn't even blame Cori, especially since the brunette had been the one to inform her of the truth.

Therefore, the blonde could only blame herself for not being a good enough girlfriend. Could anyone ever be satisfied with her alone or was history bound to repeat itself? She gave Hans all of her love and it wasn't enough.

Jack had run to the store to get more ice cream, leaving her alone. God, she couldn't handle being alone. She felt so many emotions that her body felt like it would combust from the weight of them all. Her entire body hurt in a way she hadn't known was possible. Every look he had ever given Cori played over in her mind and she wondered why she hadn't noticed the desire in Hans' gaze earlier.

Elsa felt disgusting. Before their fight Hans had kissed her and then he had gone off and had sex with Cori; the thought made her want to puke. She had never felt so repulsed by her existence, never wanted to purify herself this badly. He had touched them on the same fucking day.

That didn't even hurt the most. As much as she hated it, the thing that hurt the most is that he had touched her more. Elsa screamed, surprised by how it felt like the emotions were pouring out of her. She didn't stop screaming until Jack came running in the door, asking if she was okay.

She told him she was even though they both knew she was lying.

Hans' hands roamed all over her body, his body hot against her own. "You're so sexy," he smirked, leaving bite marks all across her neck. The lust in his eyes was undeniable yet something was still missing.

Elsa wondered if her boyfriend had said that same thing to Cori or maybe he had complimented her even more. Had he kissed her neck like this? Would he rather be doing this with her? Cori did have the perfect body.

Hans groaned. "You're doing it again." He pushed himself off of her, his annoyance evident. "It turns me off when you start thinking like that."

The blonde nibbled her lip. "I just can't get Cori out of my head."

"Fuck, I said I was sorry, didn't I? And you said you forgave me so why am I still begging for your forgiveness?" Was this begging, Elsa couldn't help but wonder. More than anything though, she wondered why she had even brought it up. They had been having a good moment before she ruined it.

"I do forgive you. I love you." Elsa waited, but he didn't return her sentiment. Hans hadn't said it since he slept with Cori and the blonde hated how much she craved to hear those words from him.

Instead, Hans frowned. "You don't love me." Frustration bubbled inside of Elsa. Why did it feel so hard to convince him of her feelings? "If you did you wouldn't still be talking to Jack, not when I stopped talking to Cori."

"Those aren't the same! I never slept with Jack."

His eyes were cold as he shot back, "But you want to!"

The frustration overpowered Elsa and she let out a small scream, trying so hard to control her words. Conceal don't feel, right? She just knew that anything she said would be used against her. She hated how much that reminded her of what Jack had said about walking on eggshells. Why was this relationship so hard even when she gave it everything she had?

The blonde forced herself to take a deep breath. "No, I don't. I love you." Silently, Elsa begged him to just say the same and go back to kissing her neck.

"Sure." He got up from the bed, beginning to redress. What the fuck had she done wrong now?!

As usual, Elsa began begging him to stay all while wondering why she always seemed to be the one doing the begging. However, she knew better than to ask him. He already seemed to think she was purposely starting fights as a way to punish him for cheating. As if Elsa actually enjoyed fighting; sometimes, she wished Hans understood her enough to know she wanted peace too.

"And that's why I'm never wearing a striped shirt to school again," Jack concluded his story, making Elsa giggle. Gosh, he was such a dork.

Hans glared at her, his grasp on her hand tightening. A part of her wanted to be happy that he seemed jealous. A bigger part of her was growing annoyed with the lack of trust he displayed as if she was the one who cheated.

"Why do you laugh at everything he says?"

Elsa resisted the urge to roll her eyes. "He's funny," she whispered back, glad Jack seemed distracted talking to one of their other peers.

As usual, her answer was proven to be incorrect as Hans dragged her away from everyone else. She didn't miss the way Jack glared in Hans' direction as he tugged harshly on her.

"You're flirting with him," Hans decided. It wasn't even a surprise anymore, though Elsa still didn't understand how he got that from her laughing at his joke. She wasn't even the only one who laughed. God forbid her and Hans ever go see a comedian together; well, at least a male one.

Elsa sighed slightly. "I'm not," she replied automatically, knowing he wouldn't believe her. However, to her surprise, more words slipped off her tongue; "I don't know why you're acting like I'm the one who cheated."

Surprise took over Hans' face for only a moment before it hardened into that look she would always hate. "That's it, I can't do this anymore." The blonde couldn't help the way her heart clenched at the words, afraid he was breaking up with her like he threatened to do before. "It's me or him."

Elsa blinked in surprise. "Excuse me?"

"It's me or Jack. I won't keep dating you while you're 'friends' with Jack." Hans had the audacity to actually put finger quotes around the word 'friends'.

It was funny because Elsa knew she had given up a lot to be with Hans. In fact, she would have given him the world if he asked. "I chose Jack then." Yet this was a no-brainer. The white-haired boy picked her up no matter how many times she felt, never once complaining.

With Jack, she could relax. It was never hard to be with him. She hadn't been flirting with him, had never even viewed him romantically. Unlike Hans, Elsa didn't cheat, physically or emotionally. Still, the friendship the blonde had with Jack was special to her and, at this moment, she realized she wouldn't trade it for anything.

Hans' eyes narrowed dangerously. "I'm breaking up with you."

The weaker part of Elsa wanted to beg him to reconsider, to let her have them both. She knew Jack would be proud of what she did instead. "Okay," She agreed, not trusting her voice to add more.

"You never loved me I guess."

Elsa had given him a chance to let her leave peacefully, she really had. God though, of all the things for him to say. "That's a fucking joke, right?" She shot back, her words full of venom. "I gave you all my love. I did everything you asked. I forgave you. I gave you my trust when you didn't give me a good reason to. I ditched my friends to hang out with you because you demanded all my time. I've only gone against you regarding Jack because you have no reason not to trust me with him."

She clenched her fist, taking a deep breath. "In fact, I think you're the one who's never loved me. I know this is cliche to say but if you loved me I really don't think you would make me choose between you and Jack. And you know what," Elsa began with a smile. "It wasn't even a hard decision because even if you don't love me, Jack does. He's proven that to me countless times and I can't think of one time you did."

Perhaps it was a bitter way to end their relationship. Still, Elsa walked away with a huge weight off her chest.

"I have amazing news!" Jack burst into Elsa's room in obvious excitement. He didn't even let Elsa speak before continuing. "Hans has moved hours away!"

The blonde rolled her eyes. "Why does that matter? Neither of us talk to him." Still, the college senior was a bit happy regardless. She hadn't really talked to him since they broke up freshman year, besides a couple of pathetic conversations where he tried to get her back. It was too late though. After she exploded she realized how many red flags she had let herself ignore.

"I see him around sometimes and it still takes all my willpower not to punch him." He shrugs slightly. "I know you're over him but he really hurt you. I want him as far away from you as possible."

Elsa's heart fluttered, as it had been doing a lot recently around her childhood best friend. "Aww, how sweet," She pretended to gush.

The white-haired boy laughed slightly. "Besides, I'll never forgive him for hurting the girl I love." The words he said might not have stood out as much if he hadn't immediately made a choking noise, his face flushing. "Shit, I mean-" He stopped himself with a sigh.

Of course, the blonde already knew Jack loved her as a friend. If he loved her as something else though then, well, that was news. "The girl you love or the girl you're in love with?" Elsa questioned hesitantly.

Her overly confident best friend was suddenly quite shy, averting his eyes with what Elsa swore was a blush on his cheeks. "I-in love," came his hesitant reply. Slowly, but surely, Jack's eyes found their way back to hers.

Elsa wondered how she had missed the warmth in them, the way he looked at her like no one else would ever matter as much as her. "How long?"

The boy's flushed skin suddenly paled. "6 years," he squeaked out.

Her eyes widening in surprise, Elsa chuckled slightly. "So I guess Hans was partially right-"

Jack's face twisted in disgust. "Ew, no, don't say something like that. I mean, c'mon, Els. I wouldn't actually make a move while you're in a relationship, even if it was with Hans."

"You wouldn't even make a move for the next three years after, huh?" Elsa teased with a smirk. Still, she couldn't deny how fast her heart was racing.

Jack was the boy who had shown her it wasn't her fault Hans had cheated. He had given her unconditional love and acted like it was nothing. He was always there and Elsa could honestly trust him with her life. He didn't guilt her into handing him her love. Instead, he had earned it.

"I suppose I'm being hypocritical though," Elsa admitted, chuckling to herself at how flushed her last comment had made Jack. "After all, I haven't said anything this past year. That's not quite 6 years though, is it?"

Jack's eyes were wide and full of cautious optimism making Elsa giggle slightly. "Do you mean…" He trailed off self consciously and Elsa couldn't help but find his hesitance a bit adorable.

"I've loved you since like the third grade but I've been in love with you for a year now," Elsa admitted, her own face heating up slightly. This felt more vulnerable than anything with Hans ever had. Elsa found that didn't surprise her though; this love was much purer.

A smile lit up the face of the boy she loved. Elsa realized she would never get tired of being the reason behind his happiness, nor would she ever stop trying to get him to smile. "Really?" Jack's smile grew even wider when Elsa nodded. He threw his arms around her, pulling back partially.

Their eyes locked for a moment before Elsa's gaze traveled down to his lips, lips that were on hers within seconds. It felt nothing like the kisses she had shared with Hans, though Elsa didn't realize that as her ex was the furthest thing from her mind.

The kiss with Jack was gentle and loving as if Jack wanted nothing more than to memorize the feel of her mouth on his. Maybe he really did; Afterall, that's the way the blonde felt. The sensation was practically a drug and Elsa could tell she was already addicted.

"Wow," She breathed out.

Jack chuckled softly. "That's an understatement." He stared at her like she had hung the moon before shaking his head in disbelief. "This is surreal," he admitted. "I love you so much."

Elsa knew exactly what he meant. "I love you too."

And they both continued to tell each other that often even if they both already knew. They could tell through their actions, through the little things they did for each other that showed they loved each other. Yes, they loved each other and they always would.