Title: Sanctuary
Author: Trista Groulx aka dustytiger
Rating: T like the show to be safe
Disclaimer: I don't own Prodigal Son. It belongs to its network, creators, writers, actors, and actresses who bring it to life each week. I am just a poor gal on disability who plays with these characters to pass my time. I also don't own the lyrics at the beginning they belong to Serena Ryder.
Summary: A little look at the life Malcolm and Dani could have with their daughter with a side of dinner with Gil and Jessica.
Notes: The title comes from a Serena Ryder song a few of the lyrics are featured below in italics you should take this out. I guess this is a bit AU cause I don't mention the finale. This is just fluff I think we all need that right now. Let me know what you think.

You're completely for me
The love I carry
You are all that I need
My sanctuary

"One more slide and then we're going home," Dani Powell told her now three year old daughter.

"No Momma," whined Coralie Jane Bright.

Coralie was the image of her mother other than her soulful eyes which were just like her father's. Dani couldn't believe how big she was getting. It felt like only yesterday she was telling Malcolm about her.

"Daddy's going to be home soon," promised as encouragement.

She thought for a moment and climbed up to the slide. "Okay."

She had been home sick from daycare the last few days and Dani thought some fresh air would do her some good. She had perked up some being outside playing but she didn't want her to over do it.

"Do you want to walk home or go in the stroller?"

She didn't answer but climbed into the stroller. Dani buckled her in and started home. She didn't even get to the sidewalk and Coralie was asleep. As she walked up her block she saw Jessica Whitly's car and Jessica at the door.

Dani got up to the house, "Jessica," she greeted.

"Dani, I heard Coralie was sick. I brought some soup, Martha makes amazing soups."

"Thank you, she's out cold, do you mind helping me get the stoller up the steps?"

"Of course dear," Jessica assured her.

There were three steps up to the townhome they now lived in and when she was alone she'd ask their neighbour for help but he had a gift for gabbing and she sometimes just wanted quiet while Coralie slept. They lifted the stroller up the stairs and went inside. There was no longer a wall of antique weapons in the living room; it was now filled with toys for the toddler.

"I've told you before you can use the car whenever you want," Jessica told her looking at Dani's expanded belly

"Callum loves to walk and the park is only a few blocks away," Dani assured her.

"Callum? I love it! My grandson has a name!"

"He does Callum James Bright we thought it up last night "

"It's perfect!" exclaimed Jessica then looked over at her sleeping granddaughter glad she hadn't woken her. "Is Malcolm going to be home soon?"

"He should be, he called while we were at the park saying he was on his way."

Just then the door opened and Malcolm Bright walked in along with Gil Arroyo. The two of them looked exhausted and Dani knew they had a rough case. She didn't want to ask them about it in front of Jessica

"Where's Coralie?" asked Malcolm she usually came running out to greet him when he got home.

"She fell asleep after we went to the park. I want her to sleep a little longer, she didn't nap today," Dani explained,

"All right." He went over and hugged his mother. "What brings you by Mother?"

"I brought some soup for Coralie and I thought I might visit with my son and his family at the same time."

"Thank you and we're always happy to have you."

"So I hear my grandson has a name, have you told Gil?"

"He does and I haven't had a chance to."

"Now I'm curious, what did you choose for my grandson?" Gil asked, breaking his silence.

"Callum," both Dani and Malcolm responded at the same time.

"I like it," said Gil. "Is Coralie getting excited about becoming a big sister?"

"A little bit," Dani replied. "I don't think she fully understands yet it's going to be an adjustment but I think we're ready for him. I think she'd prefer to be getting a little sister but she doesn't really have that option."

"Having one of each is perfect," Jessica assured her. "Even though mine came in the opposite order. Malcolm didn't want anything to do with being a big brother. When he met her it was worse since she couldn't play with him right away but look at them now."

Dani laughed. "You never told me that."

"I'm supposed to remember something that happened when I was two?" defended Malcolm.

"He was so cute he asked to live with his grandmother, he was so out of sorts about Ainsley," laughed Jessica.

"That's adorable. Are you staying for dinner Jessica?" asked Dani.

"If you don't mind."

"Not at all, what about you Gil?"


"I've been craving pizza if everyone is good with that."

"What strange combination do you want today?" asked Malcolm.

"Pineapple, green olives, and tomatoes."

"Does pepperoni and bacon work for everyone else?"

"Of course darling," replied Jessica. "Who do you think you got that combination from?"

"That works for me kid," Gil assured him.

Malcolm excused himself to call in the pizza order. When he got back everyone was sitting in the living room. Coralie's stroller was tucked in the corner and she was still asleep in it.

"It'll be about forty five minutes," Malcolm told them, sitting next to Dani.

They all chatted while they waited for their food to arrive.

Dani looked at her watch. "Why don't you wake Coralie Gil?" suggested Dani.

"I hope she won't be mad at me," Gil laughed getting up.

"She could never be mad at you. She adores you."

He went to the stoller and unclipped her before saying, "Coralie, it's time to get up."

Her eyes fluttered open and for a moment he was sure she was going to start screaming but instead she jumped into his arms exclaiming, "Papa!" He gladly picked her up. "I missed you too kiddo," he laughed. "How are you feeling?"

"Okay, I guess. I'm hungry."

"The pizza will be here soon," Dani assured her.

"Glamma you're here too!"

"I brought you some of Martha's soup to help you feel better," explained Jessica.

"But we're having pizza," Coralie reasoned Gil put her down so she could hug her grandmother.

"You can have it tomorrow."

"I hope I'm no sick 'amorrow. I wanna see my friends."

Jessica laughed, "I hope you feel better too. You can have Martha's soup just because it's good then."


The doorbell rang and Malcolm went and got the pizza. Everyone went into the kitchen. He put out Coralie's first a small piece of pizza and a piece of garlic bread, while everyone else took what they wanted from the boxes.

"So has pizza been your main craving this time around?" asked Jessica.

"Yeah, I can't even eat cheeseburgers with him," laughed Dani.

"I don't remember what I craved with Malcolm and Ainsley, pity."

"I bet it was sushi with the way Malcolm eats it."

"It's the only thing he eats," laughed Gil.

"I'm right here eating pizza," said Malcolm.

"Your eating habits have improved since you've lived with Dani," Jessica assured him.

Malcolm just shook his head. "I guess so."

"Daddy eats a lot of licorice and I'm not allowed to," Coralie interjected, making everyone laugh.

"He does eat a lot of licorice and that's not good for him," Gil told her.

"That's what Momma says. I eat a lot of watermelon!"

"Well that's something good to snack on," Jessica said.

"Daddy says Imma turn into a watermelon."

Jessica laughed. "He would have turned into peanut butter if that happened."

"Malcolm hates peanut butter," Dani said.

"He ate too much of it. He used to eat it right out of the jar."

"The truth comes out. I love these little Malcolm tidbits."

"Just wait 'til your mother visits," Malcolm warned her.

"I was a perfect angel."

"Just like me!" exclaimed Coralie.

"Yes you are darling," laughed Jessica.

"I remember Malcolm eating straight peanut butter," Gil reminsed. "Jackie hated when he'd do it when he was with us."

"I remember that," laughed Malcolm. "I did it just to bug her sometimes."

"I knew it."

"She also didn't like it when I ate peanut butter and celery, but that I ate because I loved it."

"You're the reason we had peanut butter in the house, Jackie hated it."

"Now I feel bad about bugging her."

"I think a part of her loved it and knew you played it up."

"She was pretty smart."

"Is it time for dessert?" asked Coralie "Momma and me made brownies!"

"That sounds lovely," Jessica said.

"I'll go get them from the kitchen," Dani told everyone she came out of the kitchen a little while later with clean plates and forks and the brownies.

She gave everyone a piece of brownie before sitting back down.

"These are divine," Jessica gushed after taking her first bite.

"Thank you," said Dani. "Does anyone want coffee or tea?"

"I think we're fine you sit down dear."

"I'm good," Gil assured her. "These are amazing."

"I"ve been baking since I was Coralie's age. I'll have to do it more often."

"Maybe get some meat on Malcolm's bones, we all know how much he loves sweets," laughed Jessica.

"I'm happy the way I am Mother," Malcolm assured her.

Jessica and Gil visited a little longer before leaving in Gil's car. Dani put Paw Patrol on for Coralei for a little bit as she cleaned up with help from Malcolm.

"All right Angel, it's time for bed," Dani told Coralie.

"Okay," she sighed. "Daddy, are you gonna read me my book?"

"Of course I will."

They went into her room that was painted purple with a princess and the frog theme to it. She went to her bookshelf, took out a book, and handed it to Malcolm. He smiled at her choice, she chose it often. The Monster at the end of This Book. He would read it with his best Grover voice and make like the pages were hard to turn. Dani listened at the door loving every minute of how he put their daughter to bed. She couldn't wait until he was doing the same for their son. He came out of her bedroom.

"She's out," he told her, closing the door part way.

"Good she had a big day. I hope that this doesn't make her feel worse tomorrow," she said.

"Me too but how can we deny her her grandparents?"

"We can't, they love her so much. I think we should make pizza night a regular thing with your mother and Gil."

"That's a good idea," he agreed. "Maybe Corelie will ask to live with Mother after Callum is born."

"That would be adorable, but she'd ask Gil."

"You're probably right. Wanna watch a movie?"


He flipped through the steaming services flix and put on Men in Black. Dani curled up next to him and she smiled. He liked quiet evenings like this. They watched the movie and moved into the bedroom Coralie was up with the sun so they usually went to bed early.

"You're lucky you missed this one," Malcolm sighed, picking up Dani's foot and massaging it.

"Rough one?" she asked, her hand on her belly.

"The victim was a five year old boy, we caught the guy but seeing a kid like that is something I could have lived without seeing."

"I'm sorry Malcolm, it's never easy when a child is involved. How about if she has a fever tomorrow you stay home?"

"I'd like that. You know Mother would let you use the car if you wanted."

"I know but Callum loves moving around," she told him. "And we're not having the maternity leave talk again."

He picked up her other foot. "All right, all right, but we worry about you."

"I'll know when it's time and it isn't yet we're still good."

"Okay," he agreed.

"You're still a million miles away."

"Sorry I don't think I'll ever be over this case. I don't know what else to say," he sighed putting her foot down.

She moved so she could kiss him softly. "All right."

A few tears fell down his cheeks and she pulled him into a tight hug. "Thank you," he whispered.

"I've got you Malcolm Bright, always," she assured him, getting up and getting into bed after he calmed down.

He got into the other side of the bed, no longer needing restraints since they lived together. "I've got you too," he assured her.

"Good," she yawned.

They were just getting comfortable when a tiny voice said, "Daddy?"

"Angel what's wrong?" Malcolm asked.

"I had a bad dream. Can I sleep in your room?"

"Hop on up. Do you want to tell me about it?"


"All right, that's fine." He suspected she didn't really have a bad dream but didn't care.

Coralie crawled into the bed between her parents. Malcolm smiled, the whole family was there and there was something that felt right about that after the day he'd had. He wasn't able to fall asleep but it didn't bother him having them by his side. There was a time he thought he could never have this and now that he did he cherished every moment of it. Home was now the place he wanted it to be it was his sanctuary.

The End

Notes: So that was that I hope you liked it. The part about him asking to live with his grandmother comes from my sister asking my grandmother if she could live with her cause "that baby cries too much" haha.. Anyway thanks for any support on this hearts and hugs it's staying a stand alone I'm shocked my muse gave me this honestly.