GKEA: The Lads

Chapter 1: Another Side, Another Story

The alarm beeped on the bedside table, ruining the young man's peaceful slumber. He groggily turned it off and got out of bed. His attention was then turned towards the calendar on his wall with today's date circled in red with the word "TEST" written on top of that.
His name was Henry Hawk, a standard 19-year-0ld with dirty blonde hair and dull blue eyes. People sometimes joke that his name should've been "John Doe" with how plain he looked. He was one of the first students at the Hearthome Coordinator Trainer's School. Coming from a well-off family it was quite easy for him to enroll, though he was nowhere near as rich as the Wainwrights. The Hawks also earned their fortune the old-fashioned way, with both of Hank's parents working high-paying jobs.
Henry dressed in his usual dark green jacket and navy dress pants as he sat to eat a healthy bowl of sugar frosted corn flakes. However, his breakfast would be interrupted by a loud engine and an even louder car horn. He opened the door to find a red convertible with two other young men in the front seat right in front of his lawn.
"Yo, Hens!" The driver shouted. "Get in, we're gonna get some ice cream before the test!" Ecstatic at seeing his friends he downed his milk, grabbed his stuff, and jumped into the backseat of the sports car. The blonde driver sped off, not caring for the residents around him.

"Get enough sleep last night?" The front passenger asked Henry. This man was Adam Wolfgang, a lanky 20-year-old with wavy, jet-black hair and deep brown eyes. Being the oldest and most mature he became the de facto "mom" of the group. He had the best sense of style in the group, with a slick red leather jacket and tight jeans that flare out at the bottom.
"Quit babying him," The driver interjected. "He probably gets enough from his parents already." The driver and owner of the sports car was Charlie Dancer, a punky kid about the same age as Henry. However, he insisted on being called "Warou", which means "bad man" or something. His long, blonde hair was put in a ponytail that never stayed thin. Despite the spiked bracelets, rings, and chain on the belt loops, he was quite the nerd, with the most obvious clue being his large, rectangular glasses and baby blue dress shirt, which was tucked in.

Despite all their differences, they were united by two things, being in the same schools since they were children and having common interests not shown by their appearance, and they were all pokephilliacs.

Adam was quite the gifted tech genius, so he was able to build them a private VPN so they could browse for pirated games and other software. However, it wasn't long before the three of them stumbled upon "The Pokémon Porn League", and were instantly hooked.

"So, you see that new Red Ebony video?" Adam asked the group.
"Hell yeah!" Charlie exclaimed. "God she's so hot."
"Her fur pattern's quite interesting." Henry commented. "It's almost splotchy, but in an artistic way?"
"I wonder if it's dyed." Adam wondered. "Wouldn't put it past a pornstar."
"Hey, Hens," Charlie spoke up. "You gonna make some porn with your new starter?"
"Are you?" Henry teased. "Either way, we'd need to pass first." The group nods.

The gang arrives just in time for school. They scarf down the last of their ice cream and head into class. The three of them arrive just in time to see a kid with shaved, ginger hair and a tacky maroon sweatshirt attempting to balance a book on his nose.
"Is Jack still trying to impress Juliet?" Charlie whispered to the rest of them.

"It's not impressing anyone." Adam replied as they sat down. Rather suddenly, a student behind them laughed rather awkwardly. Henry had seen them hanging out with Jack, but never caught his name.
"What's his deal?" Henry snarked.
"Probably struck out with that girl he's next to." Charlie remarked. Before any of them could say anything else about him their teacher, Ms. Marcel, walked in. She muttered something about a broken alarm clock and out came a stack of papers in a brown paper bag, the tests.
"Back to your seat, Mr. Wainwright." She scolded Jack.
"Yeah, yeah." he reluctantly slid back into his seat by the window.

"Mr. Higgs, why don't you pass around the papers?" The teacher addressed the one who had laughed earlier. With a simple "Sure" he began to pass the tests out. As he did, Henry noticed Juliet stick her foot out just as Higgs walks by, causing him to trip. He didn't say anything, as frankly he had better things to do.

Before Henry had started, however, he noticed Higgs look at his Pokétech and tense up.

Wonder what that was all about.

Henry was never good at tests. Despite feeling good about his results he was stressed the entire time he was taking it, finishing just as Ms. Marcel told them to stop.
"You good, Henry?" Adam asked once they were allowed to talk.
"Yeah, just tests, y'know?" Henry chuckled.
"Dude, that test was piss-easy." Charlie, the nerd, scoffed. "Even someone like you could pass it."
"Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence." Henry rolled his eyes and they left the classroom.

"I still think that coming to school just for an hour-long test seems ridiculous." Adam said once they were outside.
"Hey, just be glad that we won't have to come back until the ceremony." Charlie put his arm around the two of him. "Chin up! Let's head to Arcade Street and have some fun." The other two cheer and pile into the car.

Arcade Street is part of Hearthome's historical district, with the street itself being there since the town's conception. The streets are blocked off from normal traffic to preserve the stone roads, and it's where "mom and pop" stores thrive. Adam himself works at one, a junk/electronics store run by an old family friend. However, the second story has been converted into a sort of clubhouse for the gang, in which they spent a lot of time away from home.

Today, however, Adam had a surprise for them.

"Ta-da!" He handed them what looked like wrist-mounted clamshell pokédexes.

"You finished them already?" Charlie asked, putting his, a black one, on.

"Yep! Cannibalizing the techs and dexes was easier than I thought. It seems they run on the same tech." Adam put his white one on. Henry already had his classic red one on and was looking through it.

"Seriously, these are really good!" Henry exclaimed. "You should start selling these!"

"Heh, you really think so?" Adam said, a bit embarrassed from the praise. "Maybe I should."

"Now people know not to mess with us! We've got matching dexes and everything." Charlie did a small fist pump. The other two cheered and they settled in for more fun.

It was just past midnight when they decided it was time to go home. Henry himself was already half-asleep, nearly falling completely into slumber in the back of Charlie's car.

"Good Night, Hens." Charlie said as Henry stepped out. "Tomorrow, we'll all be trainers and we can finally get away from this place." Henry just nodded, too tired to speak.

His parents were already home and asleep, just how he liked it. He stumbles into bed, still fully clothed, already dreaming of the adventures to come.