Jade groaned. She was standing in the middle of Sikowitz's office. "I don't see why I can't do this play all by myself. I've done one woman shows before."

Sikowitz, who was sitting at his desk, shook his head. "I have no doubt that you could do this all by yourself. But we need to see how you'll do as a director."

"And there are plenty of directors who star in their own projects," said Jade.

Sikowitz sighed. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out a coconut. He stuck a straw in it. After taking a sip, he spoke. "Look, cards on the table, you don't work well with others."

"I don't work well with others?" said Jade.

"Yes," said Sikowitz. "It's not just me saying this. It's your other teachers, your classmates, even the janitors. The fact is you have issues when it comes to working with other people. Now this project will be your chance to prove them wrong. That is if you care what they think. Obviously you don't. The great Jade West just tunes out whatever those mere mortals have to say about her."

"But I wrote the main role for me specifically," said Jade.

"Well now you get to see what someone else will do with the role," said Sikowitz.

Jade stared at the floor for a while. She eventually looked up at Sikowitz. "I'm going to have to do some rewrites."

"Okay," said Sikowitz. "When can I expect to see the new script?"

"Before lunch tomorrow," said Jade.

"Alright," said Sikowitz. "I look forward to reading it."

Jade stomped out of Sikowitz's office. Really, the rewrites wouldn't be too hard. She could even finish it by tonight. Still, she'd had a vision for her play and now she was going to have to throw it away to prove she could work with others, as if it were something that was in doubt. She could work with people. She'd done it plenty of times before. Jade was a natural born leader. Everyone did what she said without question. They even seemed scared to disappoint her. If that wasn't a good leader, she didn't know what was. Well she would show Sikowitz she could work with people. She would show him she could let other actors play out her vision. In the end, no one would doubt her skills as a director ever again.

She turned a corner and headed to the library. There, she would do the rewrites to the script. She could even see herself finishing it in a few hours. She would then rush back to Sikowitz's office and hand it to him. Well, he was probably going to head home soon. But she would slide the script under the door so that it would be the first thing he read in the morning.

As she reached the library, Jade noticed a little girl standing in the hallway out of the corner of her eye. She seemed to be staring at Jade. No doubt she was with one of the junior acting programs. They got to use the Blackbox theatre every Tuesday afternoon. Jade turned to the girl. She had brown hair and dressed in all black. The girl had a sullen look on her face. "Hey kid, what do you want?"

The girl continued to glare at Jade. "Do you need something?"

The girl said nothing. "Are you lost? Do you need me to call your mommy?"

Still no answer. "Stop staring at me. You're creepy me out."

The girl just stood there. Jade opened the library door and went inside. "Whatever."

Tori, Cat, Robbie, Andre, and Beck were all sitting at a table near the asphalt cafe. Tori was chewing on a French fry. "Hey, where's Jade?"

"She had to see Sikowitz," said Beck. "Something about a script."

"Oh yeah," said Cat. "She's doing a one woman show."

"How do you know?" said Beck.

"Because she's been asking me to get costumes together for it," said Cat.

"Did she not tell you she was doing a play?" said Andre.

"Well, I know she's working on a script," said Beck. "But she didn't tell me what it's about."

"She didn't?" said Andre.

"She wants it to be a surprise," said Beck.

"Uh oh," said Rex.

"Hey, be nice," said Robbie.

"I am," said Rex. "I'm expressing sympathy to our friend, who clearly is in the doghouse."

"Rex!" Robbie shoved his puppet in his backpack.

"Anyway, I look forward to watching her one woman show," said Beck. "I'm sure it'll be as good as the last one."

"Sure," said everyone else at the table.

"I'm just curious what it's about," said Beck.

"Well see for yourself." Everyone turned to see Jade standing near the table. In her hand were several wads of paper.

"Hey Jade," said Beck. "How did your meeting with Sikowitz go?"

"It went well," said Jade as she placed the wads of paper on the table. They were bound versions of her script, which was titled "The Golden Trap".

Beck picked up a copy. "So this is your one woman show."

"No," said Jade. "I'm not doing a one woman show."

"I thought you told me it was going to be a one woman show?" said Cat.

"It was going to be originally," said Jade. "But after reading it over, I realized it was too complex for one actor to portray. I talked it over with Sikowitz and he agreed. So, I'm going to hold auditions. You guys are all welcome to try out."

"Okay," said Tori. She picked up a script. "What's this about anyway?"

"You can see for yourself," said Jade.

"Alright." Tori thumbed through her copy of the script. After reading a few pages, she put it down. "I kind of like this Janet character. I might try out for her."

"Don't," said Jade.

"Why not?" said Tori.

Jade's face contorted as if she was going to say something mean, but she squeezed her hands together. "You can audition for Janet's role if you want, but I don't think you'd be right for it."

"I'm not right for Janet?" said Tori.

"That's right," said Jade. "Janet's all rebellious and angst-ridden. That kind of part isn't really in your wheelhouse."

"I don't know," said Tori. "I think I can play rebellious and angst-ridden."

"Maybe," said Jade. "But I think you're better suited for another part. Like the mother. That's something right up your wheelhouse. You're very maternal."

"I suppose," said Tori. She flipped through the script until she found some of the mother character's dialogue. "Yeah, I guess this is more familiar."

"Great," said Jade. "And good luck with your audition."

"Are you okay Jade?" said Beck.

"I'm fine," said Jade. "Why?"

"Because it looks like you're going to have an aneurysm," said Beck.