Rory caught up with a tired looking Tristan at his car. She noticed earlier how tired he had looked recently. She didn't think other people would have noticed the small subtle signs but she had, it wasn't that she disliked him, quite the opposite actually. What she felt with Tristan was unknown, she never knew when he was being serious and when he wasn't. She wanted to believe the words he said to her, that they could be friends. The word tasted sour on her tongue. Whenever she was this close to him her memories of that night at the piano bench were at the forefront of her mind. It must be her hormones she often convinced herself. She would mentally scald herself for the memory, there was no denying that Tristan was gorgeous, and no denying he also knew that fact! She needed Tristan back inside for this play to work, she wanted the grade of course but deep down she often felt slightly guilty after their confrontations lately. It was the looks she caught him giving her out the corner of her eye, sometimes it felt like disappointment. She just didn't know why. She shook off the feeling as she grew nearer to Tristan, the last thing she needed was for him to see the look she was almost positive was currently on her face.

To the outside world Tristan had it all, the money, looks and any girl of his choice, well nearly any girl. His life was set up for him, he always had people to fall back on to get him out of most situations and he had a large group of friends. The king of Chilton! He liked the money, image and the girls. But sometimes it got tiresome. He knew like most people who attended Chilton that his life had a map, a final destination and it didn't matter how off course he went he would end up at that same spot at the right time. In reality he didn't have to work for anything but he wanted to prove himself. He wasn't just money and good looks, it might be hard for people to grasp but he did have feelings (somewhere deep, deep down) yes he never showed them, always had his mask on making jokes, messing about and being carefree but sometimes he wished people could just see him. Not the presumptions and expectations. Well not people, a certain brown haired blue eyed person would do just fine! He was too fed up today, he didn't need the lecture or the comments so he did what he did best, escaped. Out to his car ready to drive off to bowman's house and do whatever the pair had planned.

He was so lost in thought he nearly startled when he felt a small warm hand on his shoulder. He knew without even looking who it was. He could always sense her. It was strange, and one of the reasons he was so fascinated with Rory Gilmore. Without turning around he began to speak

"Look mare I've had a long day, I really can't be doing with listening to anymore things that are wrong with me or what a prick I am, so if you've come out here to start again save yourself the breathe. I'm going anyways, I won't mess up the play and loose you marks even I'm not that bad, we will catch up and everything and I'll make sure I know all my lines"

Shocked. That was the only word that Rory could think of, she wasn't expecting that. Things are always so up and down with the pair she never knew what to make of the situation, she felt like she knew him so well but then not at all. He was right, she had come out here to tell him how selfish he was and it was effecting everyone else, but as he turned to look into her eyes she knew now wasn't the time. She suddenly had the feeling that maybe whatever she did next could change the course of things to come.

"where are you going?"

Her voice was so soft, barely above a whisper, on the tip of Tristan tongue was a smart comment back, telling her it was non of her business but he had been honest so far why not just for one night keep it as civil as can be

"don't know, anywhere, will probably end up at bowman's with him and Duncan, let's see where the night takes me"

He shrugged his shoulders as he finished, he knew he'd drive off this mood, grab some food and end up with the guys, nothing else to do. His parents were once again out of state, maybe even the country he lost track, the staff wouldn't be at the house or the few that where would be out of sight. May as well have company, sometimes anything is better than your own thoughts.

"Tell you what I'll make a deal with you Tristan, as you have no concrete plans and I can't go back inside without you or I'll never hear the end of it from Paris, how about you take me with you, one night we be civil, have fun and try this 'friends' thing again, what you do say?"

"you want to willingly spend time with me?

He raised at sceptical eyebrow at the girl across from him, why would she willing want to come with him, as a friend! God it sucked being friend zoned but hopefully the pair could make it at least an hour without being at one another's throats.

" I don't get it Rory, I really don't but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth, you want to come sure, why not! jump in"

Tristan was laughing to himself, he must have bobbed off to sleep in the dance studio, this couldn't be reality. His Mary would never offer such a thing, but as he climbed into the car Rory did the same, she clipped in her seat belt and got comfy. He started the engine and gave her one last glance and set off down the road, maybe tonight would turn out better than he could of ever expected.

Rory was warring with herself in her mind, the way Tristan had been so honest shifted something inside of her, had lane spoken like that she would have gave her a hug and talked, she definitely wasn't in that place with Tristan and before she could stop herself the words were spilling from her mouth. Next thing she was in his car, buckled in and driving down the road. She looked around as they got closer to the town limits and a spark of excitement hit her. She knew Paris would be furious with the pair, anyone could have seen her getting into Tristan's car, this town never missed a trick and her mom was at work all night so she didn't need to be home, only in time for breakfast. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins, she was excited, giddy even. She never took risks or did things on a whim. Well not before. Maybe she was right, the things that happened tonight might just change the course both of their lives were heading in. Everyone always told her how sheltered she was, and Tristan was the complete opposite! Maybe tonight the pair could find a happy middle ground, together.

One night, it would either bring good times or bad decisions. Maybe if the pair were lucky it would bring both.