Finn sat on the beach with his sunglasses still on people watching. People thought he wore them so often because of his dislike of the sun but that wasn't actually true, he learnt at a young age that people didn't know where you was looking if you had the right kind of sunglasses and it stuck. The group had been on the beach the last few hours and although it was private other people could still see them, he had no doubt that they looked like a bunch of college kids letting lose because in reality that's what they were. Colin had barely left Stephanie's side and when the pair had held hands there was an uproar of claps and cheers from the rest of the brigade, everyone was just waiting for the penny to drop with the pair and couldn't wait to see how it unfolded. Although Finn couldn't hear what was being said he noticed Colin tighten his grip on Steph when Duncan approached the pair and Finn chuckled. Duncan was no threat! Steph merely drove to the airport with him and Duncan knew that as well as everyone else! Finn was guessing that he offered his congratulations to the pair on finally starting to date because Colin immediately relaxed and patted him on the back. Finn let a smug smile spread across his face, he wasn't sure why he hadn't thought of a good old drinking game sooner to call out the pair but he had a sneaky suspicion the addition of Rory had made the difference.

His gaze slid over to Rory and Logan and it reminded him of a pair of teenagers. Logan couldn't keep his hands off her. They were constantly touching making sure the other was within reaching distance. He didn't know for a fact what had happened last night in their room but whatever it was had broken the tension between the pair. They looked happy and when the girls had been getting ready this morning the boys set to planning the perfect date. Finn was of course in his element and helped set everything up, with the help of the staff at the hotel and some of the older LDB members everything was set. They would clear the beach tonight and make sure no one would disturb the two couples and then they would set up two separate gazebos with a table in the middle of each. Finn had gone all out and made sure there would be candles lighting the path to each table and the couple could order and eat. Finn hoped they would finish the night off with a stroll down the beach. He felt like he had every right to sit there smug. A loud air horn sounding drew his attention back to the water, looks like the obstacle course was about to begin!

Rory and Steph had just ventured off to the bar to get a drink when they heard the air horn sound indicating the games where about to begin, it wasn't an official LDB event more of just the group getting together and having fun. Although it was going to be timed and a king and queen would be announced and receive a crown and a mystery prize! As far as she could guess Finn was in charge of the prizes so it was anyone's guess what the prize would be. The girls had caught up on the previous night when they had been getting ready and Steph had been hanging off every word that Rory had to her. Stephanie thought it was a great thing that the pair now knew for sure that they both felt the same and said she thought it was a good thing to break the sexual tension between them and Rory had to agree. It was like the pair were connected on a different level now, it didn't escape her notice that Logan couldn't keep his hands off her but it wasn't sexual it was intimate, it was like now he knew he could touch her he couldn't get enough of touching her. It was nice. She had never had that with anyone before and a part of her was giddy about it, he hadn't asked her to be his girlfriend but she had a feeling that it was only a matter of time. The boys had been vague when telling the girls it was date night tonight and they had been speculating what they had planned, it brought her and Steph closer, it was like they were entering this new chapter together and it was amazing having another girl to talk to about all these things, it was different with lane and Paris. She felt so comfortable with Steph even sharing intimate details and Steph had no problems sharing! The pair quickly grabbed their drinks and headed back to Colin and Logan.

"It's nice that ace and Steph seem to be getting on so well isn't it? I've never really known Steph get close to any other girl before"

"No me neither, I think its just reporter girl in general she has the air about her that makes it easy, she's one of us but so unjaded towards everything which I have never come across"

Logan stood staring at his ace, a smile on his face as she approached with a drink in her hand, he knew he was lucky that she was even giving him the time of day especially with his reputation but he would do anything to prove to her he could be the man he wanted to be and the one she deserved.

"she's definitely one of a kind"

With that parting sentiment he left Colin behind and jogged over to the two girls, he was excited and anxious at the same time about their date tonight but they had known each other quite a while now so that was calming his nerves, as well as the fact he knew she felt the same as he did, maybe not to the extent he currently felt things but he hoped in time she would.

"ready to get in the water ace?"

"am I up already? I didn't want to go first"

Logan laughed at her, she had a pout on her lips that he had no choice but to kiss but withdrew before things got too heated.

"No ace your not up first didn't you listen to the rules?"

When she just shrugged he laughed again, for someone who liked to follow rules so much he was surprised she hadn't known every last detail. He decided to fill her in.

"Your not up first, in true life and death brigade style it wouldn't be fun just watching people complete the course so everyone else is there making it harder, there's water guns and balloons already set up for us to throw, there's people waiting with soap and washing up liquid and even someone on a jet ski ready to spray them! Finn had a say in most of it so it's pretty fitting, if you fall into the water at anytime your out and basically if no one can finish it whoever got the furthest on the quickest time wins"

He watched Rory's face go through her emotions, to begin with she has an evil little glint in her eye at the thought and then there was the reality moment knowing that she would also being having to do that. He simply slung an arm around her shoulder and led her where Colin was stood so she and Steph could get into their swim stuff. Both girls had playsuits over their bikinis and when they both stripped them off and headed towards the water the boys shared a look. This was going to be a long afternoon.

The afternoon went down like a storm, everyone was in hysterics and how they all managed to make it through with no one getting injured was nothing short of a miracle! No one held back and in the end only 3 boys completed the course and with there only being 5 girls in the brigade none of them managed to get right the way through. Rory did the worse by far but she gave it a good go, Steph didn't fare much better but the pair agreed they much preferred being the ones on the attack. Logan fell right near the end when the jet ski full on soaked him and the pressure of the water sent him flying and poor Colin ended up going face first down the slide getting soap in his eyes! It was fair to say he didn't stand much of a chance after that! Not being able to see and all. Robert was on soap duty and it just so happened that when any of the girls where on the course the soap seemed to be never ending! He wasn't stupid enough to take it too far with Rory and Steph after some fierce warnings from Logan and Colin, and even Finn had intervened to warn the guys off making comments. Juliet had managed to get quite far the quickest but as she came off the last slide it was so soapy she fell straight into the water before landing on the last float so she was crowned the queen and Duncan had managed to complete the course the fasted and was crowned king. Both did a celebration lap which just ended with everyone playing in the water for the next few hours and when Finn finally announced the prize everyone groaned. It was a Finn approved wardrobe. Everything had Finns face on from t-shirts to underwear and at some point during every life and death brigade trip this year one item of clothing must be worn. Everyone saw the funny side and admitted it wasn't much of a prize but it was an amazing keepsake to remind them of their trip to Miami. He had also gotten lots of extras made up and most members grabbed a hoody or a t-shirt just to join in the fun! The group were all heading to a nightclub tonight that had been booked to party the night away but the for Rory, Steph, Colin and Logan it would be getting their glad rags on ready for their first official dates.

Nearly 2 hours later the girls emerged from the master suite dressed to impress! They had gone all out making the effort and it seemed the boys had as well, it was too warm even on a night time for jackets but the boys had trousers and shirts on and both girls had on dresses. Rory's was a pale blue satin dress, form fitted on top and a flared out knee length skirt, she had her hair down in soft waves and a little make up but still looked completely natural. She opted for flat shoes knowing heels wasn't hugely her thing and didn't bother with a bag, she had decided to leave her phone in the room and give Logan her full attention. Steph had decided on a figure hugging pink dress, like Rory she was nicely proportioned and didn't have a huge chest but opted for a good push up bra to give her some extra lift. She wore some white heels and had her blonde curls pinned up. Like Rory she had on minimal make up and didn't take a bag, the girls had discussed leaving their phones in the room and Stephanie thought it was a great idea. Steph had put on a necklace that she explained to Rory Colin had bought her for her sweet sixteenth birthday, he had saved up his own money to buy it for her and Stephanie had worn it everyday until she discovered him under the bleachers making out with Melissa Fallon. She had never worn it since but always kept it in her make up bag and decided tonight was the right occasion to put it on. She had no doubt that Colin would notice it and remember, it had been a special moment for them and with him making such an effort it was only fair she did the same.

The boys greeted the two girls and told then multiple times on the way downstairs how beautiful they looked and when they finally headed towards the private beach the four of them took in the scene in amazement. No one would have ever guessed that only a few hours ago the whole brigade had been out there playing volley ball and lounging about watching the water obstacle course. Finn had truly outdone himself. Lit candles lined the sides of a white rolled out carpet leading them on to the beach, about halfway down it split into two and each couple took their own trail to the table set up. They had a wooden gazebo over the table with fairy lights lighting the roof and curtains tied to each post. They were all opened at present but could be closed for privacy if they wanted. The small table had a small vase of flowers and some more candles lined the outside of the gazebo. It was perfect. A waiter soon came out to take their orders and the time seemed to fly by. They laughed and talked about everything and anything. Logan held Rory's hand over the table and to anyone walking past it would appear that two lovers were out on a romantic date. After they had finished dessert the waiter returned and Logan tipped him generously for his time when he handed him over a note and laid a basket on the floor. Logan thanked him and opened the note.

Evening mates! Hope the nights going well and you haven't fucked it up already. Yes Huntz I'm talking to you! I've had the waiter bring you over a little basket from me to you, you'll find some strawberries, champagne and of course a blanket. I suggest going for a walk down the beach and gaze at the stars. I've done the same for Col and Steph so if you want to make a double date of it by all means, if not run in the other direction now! I want all the details in the morning!

Finn x

P.S- The suite will be empty by the time you get in so have fun ;)

Logan burst out laughing and handed the note to Rory and she soon joined in on the laughter, Finn was truly amazing and they were so lucky to have a friend like him! She made a mental note to do something special for him as a thank you. They heard Colin and Stephanie's laughter as well and soon Colin was shouting asking if they were ready for go for a walk. Logan grabbed the basket and held out his other hand to Rory and interlaced their fingers and they headed down the beach ready for a champagne picnic. About 10 minutes from the hotel they settled on a spot and when the boys opened the baskets a new wave of laughter struck the four of them. Finn had clearly had the blankets made and just like earlier it was his face! One side was just a giant face the other was about 50 miniature versions of the large one. The 2 couples sat talking and laughing when Rory and Logan announced they were heading back, Steph and Colin were going to stay a little longer so they left them with both blankets just in case it got cold and headed back to the hotel.

"Tonight was amazing Logan thank you so much"

" I can't take all the credit clearly Finn helped and Colin too but I'm gad you enjoyed it ace, does that mean you'd like to do it again?"

Rory stopped walking and faced him, his eyes were glistening and she leant up onto her tiptoes and gently kissed his lips. When she turned back around he draped and arm over her shoulder and pulled her close as she moulded into his side.

"I'd love to mac! Name the time and place and I'll be there"

"good too know, because I think it would look a bit bad if my girlfriend stood me up, would make people think I was doing the boyfriend thing all wrong..."

They stopped and stared at one another only a few feet from the hotel.

"Logan are you..."

"yeah ace I'm asking, Lorelei Leigh Gilmore will you do me the honour of officially dating me and only me and become my girlfriend?"

" I can't think of anything I want to do more Logan"

The pair kissed for a long while before finally heading up to the room, it was late by the time they got washed and changed and much like the night before Logan slipped into bed with Rory and she curled into his side. Within minutes the pair were both fast asleep with contented smiles on their faces.

Steph was laid between Colin's legs on the blanket listening to the ocean and looking up at the stars. The night had been perfect. She couldn't remember a time she felt so happy.

"I see you still have the necklace"

"yeah, I couldn't get rid of it no matter how mad at you I ever was"

The pair gave a quiet chuckle as Colin run his fingers over the piece of jewellery.

"Look Steph you know I'm shit at stuff like this, but I'm gonna lay it all out there. I don't want this back and forth no more, the only thing I want is you, it has been for years, can we please just make this official and give it a proper go? If it doesn't work out so be it at least we can both say we've tried"

"Is this your way of asking me to be your girlfriend Colin?"

"you know it is, so what do you say? think you want to be stuck with me on a more permanent basic"

"I'll happily be your girlfriend Colin"

Colin tightened his hold on her and the pair stayed this way for a while longer just enjoying each others company. They didn't hugely speak just laid in a comfortable silence until they started to tire and headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

Finn patted himself on the back, he had done a good job if he did say so himself. He had forgone going out tonight and decided he would hang about around the hotel. Well okay he was going to spy on his friends and hope he didn't see anything he couldn't unsee. He had been taking photos all night and managed to capture the moments of both his friends finally finding their balls and handing them over. Or getting their first real girlfriends, which ever way you wanted to look at it. He took a leisurely stroll back to the hotel ready to head out for the night, he may be joining the party late but the LDB could go on all night! It was official, he was now the only single one in their little group so he would do the thing any best friend would do in this situation... console all the lovely ladies who would be devastated at the news of one Logan Huntzburger and Colin McCrae being off the market! He really was a great friend if he didn't say so himself.