Lorelei was extremely proud of herself! She made it all the way to the front door before cracking up! Granted she wasn't quite out of the front door but Lukes extremely loud coughing should have covered it up. Mostly. That went better than she even expected. No sooner had the front door shut and the kids had left the claws came out. She was secretly hoping to get in on the action but Emily Gilmore had it covered. Francine for all her faults backed Rory like she had known her her full life! Of course Lorelei couldn't stay mute, but Luke shocked her most! She knew he saw Rory as his own daughter and his rage at the things that had been insinuated about her just tipped him over the edge.

"come on lor let's get in the truck it's been a long night"

She couldn't agree more! It had been a long night and her mother for all her faults knew all the gossip, knew all the insecurities people had and put Shira well and truly in her place. She explained how all the DAR knew why Shiras weight never stayed stable, told her she understood why her husband was always away on business alone and even went as far as to tell her that she also understood why he had the affairs he did. Francine then took over and added salt to the wound and said to Emily what choice did Shira really have... she came from nothing and would be going back to nothing. Everyone knew that the prenuptial agreement the couple had was air tight and she wouldn't be getting a penny if she left. Some would say the women took it too far but Lorelei didn't agree, the way in which Rory had been treated was inexcusable and it was about time that Shira got put in her place.

Luke had stepped in defending Lorelei stating that she may have been a single mother but Rory had more family in their community than Shira could have ever hoped to have, they never needed to pay people to being up their kid they did it themselves with help from people who wanted to not for a job! Mitchum barely engaged, he often nodded his head and just kept sighing. He knew how society worked and knew all these things needed to be said. Richard was much the same but when he offered to transfer all the Huntzburger insurances over to another company even Elias stepped in practically begging things not to get blown out of proportion. But as Richard said if his granddaughter wasn't good enough just being a Gilmore why would they want the Gilmore name anywhere near their assets!

Eventually the shots started to slow down and eventually a cease fire was agreed. They had aired out what needed to be said. The families were by no means friends but they would act civil. Provided nothing like this ever happened again. Mitchum assured them that would not be the case. He even went as far to once again repeat how he truly only wanted Logan happy. He didn't care who brought his son that but the fact Rory was from 2 such prominent families did work out better as wealth should never be an issue! He liked the fact Rory wanted to work! It would be such a waste of talent if she didn't. That settled, Lorelei and Luke left and she went home feeling quite content. The last few months had brought a lot of revelations to light but she felt like things were finally on the up. She would fill Rory in once she got home, she wanted the kids to enough their time away and forget all about society and just be kids.

Rory was roused by Logan letting her know she had to get back in her seat. It was that time again, landing. She didn't hate it as much with Logan by her side but that didn't mean she liked it. She lazily slumped in her seat and did her seatbelt, 10 minutes later they were back on solid ground. Soon the group were bundled into cars and once again Finn was driving. It wasn't long before they got to the resort and she looked on amazed. She had never been skiing but loved the snow! There was log cabins all around, all quite quaint and homely, she could imagine having a roaring fire and a fluffy rug inside. Finn pulled up on the drive of what she assumed was their cabin and soon the bags were unloaded and the boys were taking them in.

Once inside Rory knew she could get used to this! The log cabins were all log inside as well, there was a fire burning with a rug in front. The downstairs was all open plan. A large corner sofa with a foot stool and the rug and fire perfectly in front. There was a TV in the corner of the room and as she kept going she saw a wooden dining set with six seats, a u shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar and what she thought was a large arga on the back wall. Double doors led to a private patio that she thought looked like the perfect spot for a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

She ventured further in and there was a bedroom off the rear of the kitchen. It was a small double with its own ensuite with a window over looking the forest behind them. She walked back through and headed upstairs, the upstairs was a lot smaller housing 2 bedrooms both doubles that were a similar size to the one downstairs and a jack and Gill bathroom between. By the time she went back down all the luggage had been brought in and Finn was adding more logs to the fire.

"what do you think ace?"

She turned around and smiled at Logan, it was perfect. He moved behind her with his chest to her back and wrapped her in his arms. Like this she felt all her tension leave her body. It was still so strange to her that having Logan's presence relaxed her so much. It was like he washed all her thoughts and troubles away.

"It's beautiful Logan, and so perfect! Which room is ours?"

She turned slightly in his arms and peered up at him. He couldn't resist and he lent down and captured her mouth. It was an intense kiss but short. When she looked at him over her shoulder like that, her big blue eyes felt like they were peering into his soul and he just couldn't resist her! He knew in that moment that for him she was it. He wouldn't say anything yet feeling it was too soon. But he knew.

"any room you want ace, I don't think anyone has a preference"

He spoke loud enough for the others to hear and Stephanie smiled and shrugged her shoulders, Colin was still trying to bang snow off his shoes and jacket and Finn seemed more concerned with prodding the fire!

"shall we take one upstairs then with Steph and Colin and leave Finn down here? It's got a jack and Gill bathroom so me and Steph can keep all out girlie bits in there?"

Stephanie quickly agreed and all too quickly his girl had moved out of his hold and the girls were heading upstairs, Logan and Colin got to the tasks and getting the bags up there, the girls had tried to help but being the perfect gentleman the 2 men told them it was fine. Rory and Logan would be staying in the room furthest from the stairs and when Rory opened the curtains she realised that they had a wooden balcony that ran the full length of the cabin and joined with Colin and Steph's room. There were 2 small tables either side with a pair of chairs and a wood burner in the middle! It was going to be a great week.

The next hour flew by, the girls were unpacking and the boys were downstairs doing whatever it was boys did. The girls were having a good catch up and when Colin had brought them both a cup of coffee Rory suggested they sit on the balcony with blanket and pair did just that.

"I'm so glad we are right at the back, sitting here and just looking out at the trees it feels like we are the only people here"

"Yeah it is nice, don't get me wrong I love the heat but this is a nice change. my family was never big on skiing we always went somewhere hot so it was only as I got older and came with the boys that I'd ever been anywhere like this, but enough about this how's it going with you and Logan? Managed anymore alone time yet?"

Steph was wagging her eyebrows at Rory and she had to laugh! She would usually be mortified by this conversation but with Steph she just wasn't. Rory knew every detail about what went on in Stephanie's sex life and when she said every detail she really meant it! Steph wasn't one for girlfriends and finally having someone she trusted was nice. The girls were so open, maybe unusually so but they both liked it! It was nice having someone you could speak to so freely who really understood.

"nope! Non at all! Literally the only thing we've done since Miami is kiss, we've had the odd touch but we always seem to get interrupted! At first I didn't want to jump straight into sex but I've got to admit Steph sometimes it feels like the air between us is electric and I just don't know how we haven't got down to the deed!"

Steph chuckled, she couldn't agree with Rory's statement more! The air around them was electric, they had so much chemistry hopefully on this trip they would get some time! Steph would make sure of it!

"I'm sure you'll get some time this trip ror! Get rid of all that pent up energy and I guarantee when you both start you'll be at it like rabbits!"

It was Rory's turn to laugh now! A part of her hoped so, it was a hard concept because she had only ever had sex once! 3 years ago!

"Maybe so, but experience wise me and Logan are poles apart Steph! I've had sex once which you know! I swear it will be like being a virgin all over again! And with me and Trish it was so spare of the moment we didn't do everything so there's still things I've never even done!"

"What do you mean like different positions?"

Steph was genuinely curious, she knew Rory had only had sex the once, she knew her and Logan had 'relieved' the tension and she knew how, but Rory had never gone into how many people she had been intimate with apart from sex.

"No Steph, well... that as well I guess, let me just lay it all out there so you know what i mean, before Tristan I had only ever kissed a boy, then that night when we had been kissing, one thing lead to another and he started to use his fingers, from there we had sex. Nothing in-between. Then until Logan I had only ever kissed a boy again, then you know what happened with me and mac, I'd never even touched a boy before that, let alone been up close and personal! I haven't even seen Logan naked and he hasn't me... I'm not nervous about it, I don't feel like he will compare me to other people I get that it's different but I also don't have a clue what I'm doing Steph! For me it's going to be like learning what I like what he likes, I don't know am I making any sense at all?"

Steph understood! She knew Rory didn't have a vast amount if experience but she didn't realise it was quite so limited. Steph had been so open and she was willing to talk Rory through anything she wanted to know! She wished she had had someone to do that for her.

"I get it! And trust me when I say ror that's not a bad thing! If anything I think Logan will love that! You know how possessive boys get but anything you want to know I will tell you! There is nothing you can ask me that will make me blush! So... on that note what do you want to talk through first?"

"Okay well..."

Logan and Colin picked that exact moment to make their presence known. They wasn't intentionally listening, well not to begin with but when they heard what the conversation was about neither could help themselves but to have a little listen. Logan was shocked by what he heard. Rory had been honest with him but he naturally assumed she had been more intimate with Tristan and possibly other people. That made his stomach twist just the thought that someone else had touched her before him! He wouldn't say anything but didn't stop the feeling, so when he heard how limited her experience was a part of him was relieved! He liked that he would be the one to show Rory what it was all about and he understood that this would be new to her. It just made it more special to him.

"It's getting cold out here ladies and late you about ready to come in?"

Logan and Colin appeared in the doorway, both girls jumped but agreed they would get inside. Rory and Steph hugged and vowed to speak in the morning. Colin and Logan shared a nod, an understanding between the 2 that they wouldn't speak about what they heard and next thing Colin and Steph had disappeared into their bedroom and shut the bathroom door. Rory did the same and moved over to Logan and hugged him around his waist. She was so small her arms barely made their way around him making him chuckle, he hugged her tight, and as usual inhaled her scent. He just couldn't get enough.

"ready for bed ace?"

He felt her nod and she released him and walked over to their clothes and pulled open a drawer. Logan had stripped down to his boxers and was pulling the quilt back when Rory turned around pjs in her hand and had a slight frown on her face, before he could ask what was wrong she began to speak.

" do you usually sleep in boxers?"

He furrowed his brow at her before he responded, him and Rory had shared a bed numerous times and each time he had stripped to his boxers to go to sleep... it seemed like a strange question.

"well its not the first time we've shared a bed ace... I've slept in boxers every other time..."

"ummm okay, strange"

Logan chuckled, he wasn't sure what she found so strange, curiosity had the better of him, he had to ask

"what's so strange about that ace?"

It was at that moment that Rory casually wiggled out of her jeans and pulled on her pyjama shorts, she looked over at him and started to take off her top as she spoke.

"just something Finn showed me earlier that's all... I assumed you and Col always slept naked... unless that's only when your in bed together?"

Of course it was Finn! Rory was laughing now and so was he, she pulled her top over her head and it was at that moment that Logan decided to pounce. In a few short steps he grabbed Rory and put her over his shoulder and carried her to the bed. Her laughter got louder and so did his! Next thing was tickling her sides whilst asking her if she found it funny. The pair were laughing so hard now that it took Logan a minute to realise the position they were in. Rory was beneath him on the bed, in only her bra and shorts, she was beautiful. As if she sensed the change in the atmosphere she bit her lower lip unconsciously and made Logan groan! If only she knew what she did to him! It was at that point he learnt down and kissed her.

It started off slow but soon heated up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down on top of her. Her hands were everywhere and so were his. He was like a man starved! He began kissing down her neck and she was moaning encouraging him. With no t-shirt on he carried on working his way down to the swell of her chest. When she arched up he took the opportunity to reach behind her and unclasp her bra. He moved up staring into her eyes as he began to slowly pull the straps down her arms. Asking permission. She was chewing on her lip again but gave him a nod. He pulled the offending article of clothing off and dropped it to the floor. He moved back to get a proper look at her and groaned.

"Your so beautiful ace, perfect"

The way Logan was looking at her made her moan, this was the first time he had seen her like this and when his mouth went to her nipple she felt like her whole body was on fire! She was trying to keep the noise down but the moans that she was emitted couldn't be controlled! He cupped her other breast and soon enough gave that one the same attention. She knew she was going to have love bites but she didn't care. I'm fact she loved the thought. When he started kissing down her belly she couldn't help but squirm. She had an idea were this was going and when he looked up at her as he got to her waistband she bit her lip again and nodded. She chewed he lip so hard she tasted a small amount of blood. It wasn't nerves, it was anticipation.

"Logan, I've never... no one's ever..."

Before she couldn't finish trying to say what she wanted to he spoke. His eyes dark with desire sending jolts through her.

"I've got you ace"

Next thing she knew all rational thought was erased from her mind! His mouth was clearly magic! She found herself gripping his head and practically grinding into his face. And when he slipped a finger inside her she saw stars. It was so intense and seemed like wave after wave took over her, just when she was about to pull Logan up the bed he began laying lazy kisses up her tummy till he got back to her neck.

God Logan felt like he was in heaven, he had no doubt the other 3 people in the cabin would know what was going on in their room! He squeezed himself through his boxers and willed himself not to come. Then he slipped a finger in and Rory went flying over the edge. From where he was he could see her perfectly. He cheeks and chest were flushed. He nippers hard and her back arched high off the bed! It was the most perfect thing he had ever seen and it was all for him! He carried on lapping at her trying to prolong her organism and when he saw her coming back down he knew that was time for him to move up the bed. He was so happy that he was the only person to ever truly taste her. And now he had a taste there was no going back! When he made it up to her neck her breathing was still erratic, it made him puff his chest slightly knowing he was the reason. When she moved her hand down and squeezed him bum he moaned and when she started to try and pull his boxerd down he leaned back.

" you sure ace?"

" Logan I've never been so sure of anything. I need you"

He went to his knees on the bed and Rory's fingers slipped inside his boxers, she gently pulled them down and his hard length sprung free, he heard her small gasp at the sight of him and his ego loved it! He helped her take them fully off and went to make a move off the bed but Rory grabbed him, he looked down at her confused before she spoke

"I'm on the implant, we don't have to use a condom, I'm clean obviously and I've only had sex once and it was 3 years ago so..."

She trailed off looking nervous and he groaned, she was so perfect!

" I'm clean ror, had a check done around Christmas, haven't been with anyone since and I've never had sex with out a condom on, so this is a first for me"

He smiled down at her and she smiled back. He wasn't lying, he hadn't been with another girl bare, ever! Rory wrapped her legs back around his waist and the pair began kissing, it took all his restraint to not push straight into her but he needed to do this right. Slipped his hand between their bodies he pushed a finger back inside, and then another. She was so wet and after another minute he lined himself up. The pair locked eyes and he gently started pushing into her. God she was so tight! He worked his way in slowly until he was fully inside her. She was wiggling underneath him but he needed a minute, and he needed to make sure she was okay.

"you okay?"

" God yeah Logan but I need you to move"

He pulled inside her at her words and she moaned again, he knew he wasn't going to last long! The feeling of being inside Rory with no barrier and how tight she was, he was lucky he hadn't blown his load already! He started to moved and the pair soon found their rhythm. After a few more minutes he could feel the tell tales sign of his own release, but he wanted Rory to come as well. Instead of slipping his hand between them he flipped them over so she was now on top. The pair moaned again, it was like he had gone even deeper. He placed his hands on both hips and started guiding Rory to go back and forth. Her moans were growing louder and louder but he needed her to come and quick.

"fuck ace, your so tight I need you to come for me baby I can't last much longer"

At his words he felt her clamp around him again and he quickly latched onto one of her nipples and that was enough. He felt her orgasm tear through her. He kissed her to try and keep both their moans under control as he himself jerked inside her and it was like she sucked every last drop out of him. Coming back down to earth Rory rolled off him and he pulled her to his side whilst they caught their breathes. It was so intense. He had never experienced anything like that before!

"you okay ace?"

" god Logan that was incredible"

He looked over at her and kissed her, she was right it was incredible!

"it was ace, I'll be completely honest I've never experienced anything like that! It was just... wow"

That earned him a chuckle and he chuckled back, next thing he dragged the pair into the bathroom and turned on the shower, as they were waiting for it to get hot the pair heard the tell tales signs of what was going on next door and chuckled before jumping in. Logan helped wash her and she did the same to him. They showered got dry and got straight into bed. Rory had her head on Logan's chest as the pair got settled for sleep.



" That really was the best sex I have ever had in my life, I've never felt anything like that before, I know you think I've got all this experience and maybe to a degree I have but tonight was a complete first for me, I've never gone down on a girl and I've never has sex without a condom... I just want you to know how special this is for me too"

Rory was smiling, it was nice to know that the pair could share some firsts, it was even better to know he found it as mind blowing as what she did. In that moment she wanted to call it love making not sex. But she didn't want to ruin the moment. That time would come.

"it really was special mac, and I'm so glad I got a first with you too"

She leaned up and kissed him and he pulled her even tighter. She didn't go into what was a first for her, if Logan ever asked she would be honest but this right here was perfect and just like that sleep took the pair. They both fell sound asleep with contented smiles on their faces. It was definitely worth the wait.