Logan and the Princess

Part One

Logan parked the car that shield had given to him when he had agreed to be an agent. With the car parked at the edge of the forest he climbed out of the car. The information he had been given a few hours ago said the warehouse was on the other side of the forest. Part of him had assumed that it would not be an easy place to find and a larger part of him was not sure he wanted to go back to a place he knew would bring him more nightmares.

He had been personally asked by Nick Fury to check out the place and bring back all documents that he found. As always, he had not been told very much about his reasons for going to the warehouse or even the importance of the documents. Normally this would have bothered him but taking this mission gave him a reason to get away from shield and not have anyone worrying about him. It had been many years since anyone had really cared about him and most of those people who had cared were either dead or a memory he could not quite remember.

As he got closer to the warehouse, he felt like he could hear a tapping. It was faint and even with his advance hearing he could only just hear the tapping. Once inside the warehouse the tapping was like a pounding in his ears, so he moved towards the sound and came face to face with a girl who looked so incredible like a child trapped in a glass tube. He ran his hand along the side of the tube trying to find the catch but only found rusted metal.

Knowing that he needed to get the girl out he tried to tell her to back away. First, he tried shouting but no matter how much he raised his voice she just did not seem to hear him. It was at this point that he got out his claws and used them to break the lock and hinges removing the front of the tube. He placed the front of the tube in an empty corner before going back to help the girl only to find her already free.

"I am not going to hurt you. In my bag I have a jumper and some food. It is freezing outside, and I am sure you would like something to eat. I need to check the other tubes see if anyone else is alive and if they aren't then I am going to give them a burial." Wolverine said, keeping a distance between himself and the child.

"I am Freya of Asgard. Who exactly are you?" Freya asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Wolverine of Earth, I guess. Just stay there while I check on the others. We can figure out how to get you home in a few."

"I am the princess of Asgard. You do not get to tell me what to do creature of earth."

Wolverine shrugged and began to check the other tubes to see if there were any other survivors. He was distressed though he showed no actual sign of emotions when he found that no one else had survived. Slowly he took each body out of the tube they had been trapped in. After they were out, he covered each body in a blanket after he had first written down the name of each victim. Once he had the names of all the victims, he slowly began to bury them noticing that the princess was wearing an old jumper of his while glaring.

After burying all the bodies, he came back into the warehouse. "Princess, I just need to pick up a few things so get ready to leave. You might want to put this on." He said, handing his jacket to her before going in search of the office. The whole reason he had come to the warehouse was to find the files on several missing mutants and Inhumans.

Freya took the jacket and put it on despite complaining about the smell. She was aware that it was really her only choice, but it was not going to stop her complaining. As a princess she was not used to anyone giving her orders. Even being stuck in a glass tube for who knows how long had not really changed her attitude.

Logan walked back into the room carrying a large bag. "If you're ready we should really get going."

"What's the hurry? Don't you have more complaining to do?"

"I can complain in the car. In ten minutes, this place will burn to the ground."

"Did you get permission from your king or queen?"

"This country doesn't have a king or queen. There is a president, but he does not tell me what to do. Blowing up this building is part of my job; my boss won't be happy but then he is never happy." Logan said, leading the way out of the building and helping Freya into the car. When she struggled with the seatbelt, he also helped her with this without saying a word.

An entire hour passed in silence before Freya chose to speak. "Tell me where exactly are we going? My parents will want me to return home and I am sure they will pay you in gold. Once you have bathed that is. It will not work in your favour if you look and act like a wild man with no manners."

"I have a friend who can help you return to your home in Asgard." Logan replied, taking his eyes from the road to turn on the radio.

After some crackling and static the radio began to play music from the 50s. As the words became clear Logan could not help but smile though it was so fast that if she had blinked, she would have missed it.

"Do you not plan to take me to Asgard? How do you expect to claim your reward?"

"Asgard is not my home and I don't know how to get there. You will be safe with my friend and if she wants to claim a reward that is up to her. Though she won't ask for money or a husband."

"Can you not come with us? You are the one who saved me not your friend. I barely trust you, so why should I trust this friend of yours?"

"I don't think either of your parents would want me on Asgard. As you have pointed out several times, I am but a wild man. Not exactly someone who should be associated with a princess. Especially one as loved as you."

"How can you possible know if I am loved or not? You do not even know me. From what I can tell you didn't even give me your real name."

"Why would you think that I lied about my name?"

She fell silent as she took in a deep breath and breathed in the scent of the jacket. It no longer made her felt sick or alone. Instead, it made her feel warm and smelt of stale beer and cigars. They were the smells that made her think about the taverns on Asgard and the tales that the men would tell. For a few seconds she felt safe and almost like she was back home on Asgard.

Logan watched the girl sitting next to him. She had fallen silent on him after accusing him of lying, which he knew in a way he had. Telling her too much was just too dangerous and soon enough she would be home among her equals. He was not too worried by the silence as she was smiling and did not smell as though she was worried or injured. After several minutes of just watching her, he slowly began to speak "my actual name is not Wolverine. It is the code name that almost everyone uses for me. Though I might suggest to the boss that the princess of Asgard wishes for me to go by the name wild man." He said, doing his best to make the girl smile at him rather than just the smell of his old bomber jacket.

"What is your actual name? I plan to tell my father about the man who rescued me. He will find it very odd that you are not looking for glory. The men of Asgard do not save people to be kind but for the glory it will gain them and sometimes even the bed of the one they have saved. Thor doesn't even have to save women to be invited into their bed."

"My name as far as I can remember is Logan though if I was born with that name I might never know. Like you I have been to hell and back. We do not though need to talk about it. Are you hungry? In a few miles there is a cafe, we can stop and get something to eat."

"You aren't going to ask what happened to me or the others?" She asked, her voice only slightly above a whisper.

"No, it is private and none of my business. I did find your folder, but I swear I did nothing more than read your name. One of the others was also called Freya. I did not want to mix up the files. So, would you like some earth food? Have you ever eaten earth food?" He asked, hesitating just slightly over the last question. It was a question he felt needed to be ask but one that could anger the girl beside him, something he wished to avoid if it was at all possible.

She pulled the jacket tighter around herself as though trying to hide inside it. It felt strange that this man who had rescued her and then destroyed her prison was not demanding answers. He did not seem curious at all about what had happened to him and was only interested if she had eaten earth food. There had also been a hint that he had suffered and was not going to share his experience any more than she was. "I have eaten earth food before. It is not so different to the food we eat on Asgard, just prepared in a different way. I am not sure when those things put me in the glass tube, but I was not captured straight away."

"Should I take that to mean, that you would like some food?" Logan asked, almost laughing when he saw the look of annoyance cross her face before she turned her back to him. It was something that despite his memory loss felt incredible familiar as though he was always pissing off women.

"I have been in a bloody glass tube for thirty years! I am bloody starving! Is your human brain that tiny that you have only just thought about offering me food?" Freya shouted, her anger boiling over as she guessed about how long she had been captured for. While in the glass tube she had lost track of the days.

"Then we will stop for some food." Logan said, shrugging his shoulders refusing to become angry as well. Getting into an argument would not help anyone and he needed to concentrate on the road. There were still lots of people who hated him and that included his fellow agents. It was never nice to be hated, but it was a feeling that he had just become used to.

"Thank you." Freya mumbled, as she looked out the window. It was not easy for her to say this out loud.

"It is no problem Freya. I am also starting to feel hungry and I need to be filled up soon enough." Logan said, trying to ease the tension in the car.

The car came to a stop in front of a small roadside cafe. It was not very fancy and attached to the cafe was a petrol station. Before climbing out of the car Logan hovered his hand over Freya's not sure how she would respond to being touched. "Before we sit down to eat, you might want to think about changing your outfit. There is nothing wrong with it, but it does have a lot of holes. Keep the jacket if you would like to." He leans into the back of the car and pulls out a pair of trousers a top and jumper. "The trousers and top belong to my friend. You are both around the same size and the jumper used to be mine. I can buy you more clothes if need be. It might not be possible to take you to Asgard straight away."

"Won't your lover be annoyed with you for giving away her clothes?" Freya asked, even as she pulled the clothes close. She had not wanted to admit that her clothes were filthy and not much more than rags. It was strange to her that Logan had not offered the clothes earlier but back in the warehouse there had been little to no privacy if she had wished to change.

"She's just a friend. More like a very annoying sister that I never asked for. I know her very well and she would want to help. Don't worry she will take you to Asgard as soon as possible."

"So, she is just your friend. I was not aware that men could just be friends with women. At least not men like you."

"Thank you for the insult if you are done, I would like something to eat." Logan says, as he climbs out of the car.

Freya followed without saying anything. She headed straight for the female toilets and changed into the clothes the grumpy man had given to her. The trousers seemed to fit her perfectly but the top and jumper were a just a tiny bit too big. It crossed her mind to complain but she realised that Logan had warned her about not everything fitting her correctly. Still, she was curious about who used to own the trousers and why Logan still had not said the person's name. Once she was dressed, she left the restroom and joined Logan at a table surprised when she found a large glass of water on her side of the table. "Logan, I didn't order this glass of water."

"No, I ordered it for you. I was not sure what you would want to drink so I decided on water. I also didn't pick out any food in case you are allergic to anything or don't eat meat."

"I eat meat. Is that not allowed or something?" Freya asked, looking around the cafe and noticing several people eating burgers.

"It is not against the law but there are lots of people who just don't believe in eating meat. It is something I don't understand as I have always eaten meat." He says, as he passes her the menu.

She nods and takes her time reading the menu and then orders five burgers several drinks and French-fries on the side, when the waiter comes to take their order.

Logan only orders two burgers and two large drinks along with a beer.

The waiter writes the order down looking between them mumbling under his breath about fathers and daughters before walking off.

"That child thinks I am your daughter. I am thousands of years older than you if anything you would be my child. I doubt you've been on this planet for longer than thirty-five years." Freya said, as she finished her glass of water in one gulp.

"I am a lot older than I look." Was Logan's only reply as he thanked the waiter when he carried over their drinks.

"Are you not from earth then? My parents always told me that humans have truly short lives. Though by your age should you be married with several children?"

"How do you know I am not a father with several wives?"

"No wedding rings."

"Not many men wear wedding rings."

"If I had a husband, I would expect him to wear a ring. It shows other women that he is indeed taken and to back the hell off."

"Would you also wear a ring?"

"It would depend how I felt about my husband. If I loved him then I would but if I didn't then well I would either run away from the wedding or refuse to wear it"

The two of them continued to speak about little things neither asking anything too personal. Every time the waiter brings food or more drink, they pause the conversation. Neither wanting anyone to overhear such a private conversation. After almost two hours Logan stands up and heads off to pay the bill telling Freya not to go too far. Once he had paid the bill, he came back to collect Freya from the table and the two of them left ignoring the looks the staff of the cafe were giving them.

It was just half an hour into the second part of the journey that Freya fell asleep. Her head rested against the window of the car and every so often she mumbled under her breath "daddy, where are you?"

Logan tried not to listen, but it was not easy. He could hear as her heart began to speed up and when she started to struggle, he pulled the car over and very carefully woke her up, dodging as she tried to punch him.

"I am sorry," Freya said as she began to wake "please don't leave me in the snow. The frost giants will come and eat me."

"Don't worry about its Freya, you didn't actually manage to hit me. Are you alright? You seemed to be having a nightmare."

"It is nothing to worry about. They can fix me on Asgard. Make me forget what I saw. Those people they did not once take me into that lab, kept saying I was not to be harmed. I... I don't understand." Freya said, as she began to cry.

Carefully he pulled her into a hug and let her cry. He knew that anything he said would not actually help so he stayed silent and simple held her close. She continued to cry for almost an hour until she was so exhausted that she fell asleep again. This time she was silent as she slept, and Logan carefully rested her head back against the window covering her with an old blanket. Only once he was sure she was fast asleep did he keep driving knowing that they still had eight hours if not more left of the journey.

After just over eight hours on the road with several stops to eat, the car finally came to a stop outside a small house. It was the house that Shield had given to him to keep him within the agency. Over the years he had gained several roommates and while some had stayed many had moved on. As far as he knew before he left for the mission a teenager had moved and there was of course still his friend who was the only roommate who had not moved on.

Logan parked the car and gently nudged Freya until she began to wake. "Freya, we have arrived. Do your best not to make too much noise as It is exceedingly early. My roommate will be asleep, and I am not sure how many are currently staying."

"You have roommates?" Freya asked, still very much half asleep.

"Yes, Sif who has been my roommate for almost thirteen years and potentially a teenager who has started his training. Don't worry I have more than enough room for you to stay for a few days."

"Sif? You have a roommate named Sif? It doesn't sound like a very human name."

"You will meet her later this morning. If you want to ask her about the name your more than welcome to." Logan said, climbing out of the car and moving to the back of the car to pull out bags.

Freya climbed out of the car slowly her eyes still heavy with sleep. She had managed to get some sleep but sleeping in a car was not wonderfully comfortable. Falling into a bed and sleeping deeply sounded wonderful. She allowed Logan to lead her to an empty bedroom and climbed onto the bed falling asleep straight away.

Logan removed her shoes before covering her with the blanket. As he left the room, he made sure to leave the door just slightly ajar. He understood that after years trapped in a tiny space that most preferred to have doors left at least slightly open. Instead of going to his own room to rest he walked into the kitchen and made himself a large strong cup of coffee. It was important to write up the reports about the victims who had not survived. He had decided not to mention Freya the princess of Asgard.

Twenty minutes into starting on the reports Sif appeared in the doorway and poured herself some coffee. "Logan, what time did you get home?" She asked, as she sat down at the table grateful that she always dressed sensible.

"About twenty minutes ago and before you ask, I am aware that it is three in the morning. I found a survivor. She is from Asgard just like you." Logan said, as he sipped on his coffee.

"You have someone from Asgard? Where are they? Who is it?" Sif asked, fear slipping into her voice as she spoke.

"Asleep in one of the empty rooms. Princess Freya. Will you be able to get her back to Asgard?"

"Freya? Her parents allowed her to leave the palace. When I knew her, she was never a fan of the common people." Sif said, before adding "did they hurt her? I barely knew her, but no one deserves to go through hell."

"I am not sure if she had permission or just wanted to explore earth. It is possible that she is changed since you would have known her or at least heard stories about her. From what I can tell they hurt the others to get a response from her. I am though just guessing as I didn't ask her anything about her time in that place."

"So, princess Freya of Asgard is upstairs. I can get her to Asgard, but it can't happen for a few days."

"A few days?"

"Yes, and no It is not a mission."

"Then can it not wait a few days. She has been away from her home for an exceptionally long time. Her parents will want to see her."

"I get that Logan, honestly I do. It is not just her parents who will have missed her. I am sure Thor is desperate to see his big sister again and Loki will finally be old enough for Freya to find him interesting. However, I cannot just go back to Asgard straight away. Please just give me a few days."

"If you can tell me the reason you need to delay helping Freya."

"I might have a lead on where my son is."

"Alright, then I can give you a week. Just be careful Sif. I don't want you to get your hopes up too high." Logan said, squeezing her hand to offer comfort. He knew how important her son was to her and while helping Freya was important, it would not be fair to ask her to pick Freya over finding her son.

"Thank you, Logan. I will explain to Freya why she cannot go home straight away. Will you come with us? King Odin will reward you with gold or a glimpse into your future. Queen Frigga will also reward you with almost anything." Sif said, almost sounded jealous. She did not mind helping Freya and it had nothing to do with getting a reward. A small part of her though did wish to be rewarded with the chance of seeing her son again.

"I don't wish to get a reward Sif but if they will not take no, as an answer then I will ask them to reward you." Logan said, as he stood up to make them both more coffee.

Sif found that she could not say anything in response. She had been living with Logan for at least ten years and knew him reasonably well and yet he still surprised her. It was not a surprise that he was willing to give up the reward as he did things for the right reason and not because he could get a reward. What surprised her was that he was willing to give the reward to her. It was true that he knew how important it was to her to find her son but that did not mean he had to offer her the reward.

Logan came back to the kitchen table, "It is alright Sif I know what finding your son means to you. When Freya wakes up, I will let the two of you speak. How many are in the house now?"

"Clint is away for training for at least two weeks. Fury does not trust him, but Coulson is sure that he will make a brilliant agent. No one has told me about more arriving so Freya will be safe. I will talk to Freya in the garden, Thor always said his sister had a strong convection to nature. It will also give you a chance to hide in the study to read the files."

"You know me very well Sif."

"Not as well as your lovers but as with every other agent I have seen you naked. I keep buying you towels, and you never use them."

Logan grins, "I've spent too many years on my own and you are the only one who complains."

They fall into a comfortable silence. Logan reading the files and writing key information down to go into the report. Sif keeps herself busy by cleaning the kitchen and then every room in the house except for Logan's room and the one Freya is currently using. Hours pass and eventually Sif notices that is It is passed six in the evening. While she starts on supper Logan heads into the office to complete the reports.

When Freya walks into the kitchen she is wearing the clothes that Sif left outside her room. Along with the borrowed clothes she is still wearing Logan's jacket.

Sif notices the jacket and smiles, "Freya please take a seat I've almost finished preparing the meal."

"Does that mean you went hunting and slaughtered the meat?" Freya asked sitting down at the table.

"No, I went out and bought a meal. Logan is in his study working. Would you like a coffee or something else to drink?"

"Would it be possible to have a cup of tea?" Freya asked, looking around the kitchen as if Logan would just appear. She recognised the women in the kitchen, but it was not a strong memory.

"Sure, a cup of tea and Logan will join us in a while." Sif says making a cup of tea and handing it to Freya along with a jug of milk and some sugar. She sits down at the table, "before you ask yes, we do know each other, and I am the lady Sif who was banished from Asgard for cheating on prince Thor her fiancé. I can though help you get home to Asgard."

"How exactly you've been kicked out for being a whore? You cheated on my brother and my parents punished you?" Freya asked, annoyance skipping into her voice. She could not believe her rescuer was friends with someone like the lady Sif. It was not possible she told herself and tried to convince herself that Logan was using the lady Sif as a servant.

Sif watched Freya noticing that the other girl had not touched her tea. "I haven't poisoned your tea but if you'd rather speak with Logan I can go and get him. In a week I will help you get back to Asgard. There is no need to give me a reward or even tell anyone that I helped you. Logan is the one who saved you after all."

Freya slowly sipped on the tea. "Thank you for the tea Sif. May I ask you questions, or do you need permission from your master?"

"I have no master or husband. I live my own life and obey no one. Ask any question you wish to ask?"

"You were thrown to earth at least a hundred earth years ago."

"Yes, it was my punishment."

"How long have I been gone for."

"In earth years no more than seven years. By Asgardian years seven hundred."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I read the files of those who were not lucky enough to live. You are only mentioned in the last seven years of the file. The people who took you are pure bastards, but they do have incredible record keeping skills."

"You sound like you admire them?" Freya asked, the anger and hatred clear in her voice.

"No, I hate them. They took me as well for well I am not actually sure how long. I hope that they are soon wiped from the earth and that I never have to see any of them again. Logan why do not you keep princess Freya company. The food will be ready in an hour and I will be back in a week. Try to keep on her good side those who do not... we'll let us just say they suffer a lot." Sif said, standing up from the table and leaving the room as Logan walked in.

Freya instantly sat up just a bit straighter and pushed a stand of hair back behind her ear. She smiled as Logan joined her at the table "may I ask how Sif became your wife and why she is alright with me being alone with you? On Asgard no one would dare leave me alone with their husband. As the princess I have every right to bed their husband if I wish."

"First Sif is not my wife and has no plans to become my wife. We see each other as family but she is like a sister to me. Have you never had a male friend who was just your friend no bedding involved?" Logan said, as he joined Freya at the table. He was grinning as he spoke as though the thought of Sif being his wife was hilarious. Many had seen him with Sif and not one of them assumed that she was his wife, if anything they guessed that she was his younger sister especially after they saw her hit him in the arm.

Freya frowned, "I am not really sure what is so funny? You live with her and the only reason for that is if the two of you are married. So is Sif married?"

"It is funny that you think that Sif and I could ever be a couple. We live together because we also work together." Logan said, with a shrug of his shoulders not bothering to even acknowledge that he had heard the question about if Sif was married. He liked Freya and she did not seem like a bad person, but he was not about to betray Sif.

"How is it funny? On Asgard she was considered to be incredibly beautiful and an amazing fighter. Some even said she was better than my dope of a brother. My parents said I was not allowed to learn to fight that it was not proper for a princess and yet..."

Logan looks at the princess slightly shocked at her willingness to speak of her life on Asgard. They had spoken in the cafes on the drive to his home but mentioning a brother somehow seemed very personal. With her frowning at him for he guessed daring to laugh he had to force himself to put the mask back on to hide away his emotions. "I am sorry for laughing Freya and offending you. Sif is beautiful and without a doubt an incredible fighter. She is though and will always be my sister. I also do not believe she is looking for a husband at least not now. Maybe one day she will learn to trust another but not for a while. So, you have a dope of a brother, is that his actual name of just something you like to call him?"

"You think that Sif is beautiful?" Freya asked, annoyed with herself for letting her emotions show. She was not used to anyone calling Sif beautiful except for her childhood best friend. With this man that she barely knew and kept referring to as wild man in her head it was different. When he had saved her, she had felt something. It was a feeling that she could not understand or even give a name.

"You also called her beautiful. Freya, I must assume that you are alright with me calling you Freya rather than princess. There is no need for you to be jealous as you are also beautiful. So is your brother called dope?" Logan asked, deliberately repeating his question about Freya's brother. He was hopeful that she would be too embarrassed to even ask about him calling her beautiful. For the next seven days he simply planned to make her feel safe and he was not he told himself going to become this lost girl's friend or saviour. Either option would only end in disaster because he was not a hero and she was leaving in seven days and never coming back.

"Sif is beautiful compared to any mortal. Does my beauty outshine her?" Freya asked, looking up at Logan while fluttering her eyelids.

"You are both incredibly beautiful and I will not say who I think is more beautiful. I am exhausted from work, but I am no fool. So, do you feel like telling me about your family. Don't feel you have to or anything." Logan said as he got up to put the food onto plates.

"Didn't Sif tell you all about the royal family?" Freya asked, moving to help him with the food.

"Sif told me extraordinarily little about her life on Asgard. The only thing she did tell me was that on Asgard she had someone she loved a lot and then was betrayed. Do your parents not like your brother if they called him Dope?"

"Who was Sif in love with? She never told me she had some epic love. No, my parents adore both of my brothers It is incredibly annoying. I was born before Thor and yet he will gain the crown because he is male. As for Loki I guess he will be a royal advisor. So, go on tell me all about the guy desperate enough to be with Sif."

"I am not spilling any of my sister's secrets. Your brother might be a huge dope but trust me I am no dope. So, which of your brothers is Dope?"

"Thor is the one that I call dope. Loki was still very much a tiny child when I left Asgard. He must be a slightly older child by now and will not even remember me. Thor would have enjoyed me being away. He's a lot closer in age to Loki but well I was always stuck with Thor." Freya said, a smile on her face despite her eye glinting in the light from the tears that had yet to fall.

"Would you like to change the subject? Talking about your family seems to be upsetting you and that is not my intention. I want you to feel safe while you are stuck here." Logan said, pausing in eating his meal.

"No, I am alright really. I have not been able to speak with anyone for years and I am not complaining at least not in the way you are thinking. Before they put me in that tube I was living in a cell. I could hear that there were others, but I could not see them, and they could not see me." Freya paused as she finished eating. "If I tell you about my family would you tell me about yours. This house is rather large for a brother and sister."

Logan smiles picking up the plates and putting them into the dishwasher. He turned to face Freya, "my family history won't be remarkably interesting, but we can still talk. Would you like to sit in the living room as it will be more comfortable?"

Freya smiles, "yes thank you that would be nice actually. I haven't really been able to explore your home only the room you have been kind enough to lend me." She said while pulling the coat tighter around herself as though not wanting to take the risk that he would ask for it back.

Logan noticed but did not mention anything about the coat. "Tomorrow I can give you a tour of the house and show you around the neighbourhood. If you would like to that is. While you are here feeling free to read any of the books in the library." He said, as he led the way into the living room and took a seat in one of the armchairs.

She frowned when she noticed how he sat in an armchair rather than on the sofa so that they could sit together. She had hoped that if the two of them were going to discuss family that he would at least sit next to her. Instead, he had chosen to keep a distance between the two of them. It was something that she found offensive but saying anything out loud could give him the wrong impression about how she was feeling. She had misjudged feelings before, and the outcome had not been very pleasant.

"So, Freya why don't you go first. Tell me about your parents and brothers." Logan said, doing his best to start the conversation on a neutral note. He had noticed her frowning but refused to move from the armchair. In seven days, she'd be gone and the chances of seeing her again were incredibly slim. He did not want to seem rude, but he could not see a reason to get too close to her especially as she was royalty and he had no idea about his heritage.

"Umm sure. As you know my full title is princess Freya of Asgard second daughter of king Odin and queen Frigga. What you do not know is that I hate being a princess my life is just so boring. Nothing of interest has ever happened to me at least not while I was on Asgard. Every day was the same learning about the history of Asgard and then going to royal balls. Even when Thor and then Loki came along extraordinarily little changed. With the exception that Thor learnt to fight, and Loki enjoyed studying. Neither really wanted to be stuck with me. I was the daughter and they were the darling princes. Though Loki was no darling in any sense of the word, he was born a troublemaker and I hope he hasn't changed too much." She paused to catch her breath and wipe a tear that had started to fall.

"Brothers can be wonderful, or they can be terrible. So, do you have another sibling? It is just you mentioned you were the second daughter of the king and queen. If you do not want to tell me, please don't feel that you have to." Logan said, giving her a chance to pull herself together.

"So, you have a brother then?"

"A half-brother who I have not seen for many years. We do not get along and so find it best to stay away from each other. Families can be incredible messed up and so I decided a long time ago to pick my own family. It helps that most of my family is dead." Logan answered with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Does your half-brother have a name?" Freya asked, clearly incredibly happy that the subject had moved to Logan a man who was such a mystery.

"Yes, he has a name."

"Well, are you going to tell me?"

"Maybe later in the week."

"That's not fair.

He began to laugh.

"What the hell is so bloody funny?"

"Nothing. I am sorry you just reminded me that you are incredibly young."

"I am not young! In fact, I am an old woman, and you are basically a new born baby. I may not have spent a lot of time on earth, but I have seen the wars that have raged and watched the generations come and go. You have been around for what fifty years." Freya said, her anger starting to get the better of her as her eyes turned jet black.

Logan showed no outward sign of being afraid. He continued to smile at her, "I was not trying to offend you Freya. For most women being called young is not an insult but if you wish me to, I will think of you as incredible old. As for me being fifty well It is a good guess, but I am probably at least triple that. My age like most of my life is a mystery. Thank you though for the compliment."

"I was not giving you a compliment wild man I was insulting you." Freya snapped, even as her eyes returned to their more natural colour of earthy green. Without thinking she began to fiddle with her long dark red hair.

"So, I am wild man now? That is a new name. Normally when I insult women and I have this feeling that I do that a lot, my new name is not wild man." Logan responded with a chuckle. Even as he was chuckling out loud in his head, he was calling himself an idiot. It was fine to get along with the princess of Asgard and even find her attractive, but he refused to let it become anything.

"Why wouldn't they call you wild man? You are clearly a man and very wild. You also still smell does this home does not have a bath. If you do not know how to bathe, I could perhaps bathe you." Freya said, as she pulled her hair behind her ears. He was not in any way the ugliest man she had ever invited to her bed and she had a feeling that he was going to become something more than just a bed warmer. All she needed to do was convince him to come to Asgard and be her personal guard. She was even willing to lie and tell him that she would pardon Sif and allow her to return as well.

"Mostly because they are calling me a bastard and have no idea about my name or personality. There are two baths in the house one in the room next to yours along with a shower sink and toilet. The second bath is next to Sifs room and I stay out of her room and bathroom. I am also a human not a dog so I can bathe myself and I showered this morning. Maybe what you are smelling is yourself because you are still wearing my old smelling jacket." Logan said, pretending as though he had not understood the hidden meaning behind her words.

"You are correct about your jacket being old and smelly. I suggest you tell one of the servants to clean it or clean it yourself. No women will marry you if you smell so foul. Thank you for the meal I think I will have a bath before retiring for the night." Freya said, removing the jacket and dropping it to the floor before leaving the room and heading straight to her own bedroom.

Logan picked it up gave it a sniff and walked to the storeroom that held the washing machine. He shoved the jacket inside setting the machine to the right settings before also heading off to bed himself. The following morning, he sprayed the jacket with a more floral scent like Freya and left the jacket outside her room with a note telling her she was welcomed to keep the jacket as it looked better on her.

The rest of the week past by in a blur. Logan showed Freya around the house only avoiding his own bedroom and Sif's. To save them both from embarrassment he did not mention that she had offered to bathe him. Before either of them realised the seven days had come and gone and they were still strangers. She had never explained about being a second daughter and he had never mentioned his half-brother again. She hugged him tightly thanking him again for saving her and gifting his jacket to her. With one final hug she followed Sif into a cave.

Part Two

Asgard was just as she remembered, it was as though time had stood still just waiting for her return. Freya moved towards the palace and barely heard Sif say her goodbyes telling Freya to stay safe and thank you. By the time Freya turned round to ask why Sif was thanking her the other women was long gone. Shrugging her shoulders and trying to act as though she did not care she walked through the palace door and instantly chaos erupted all around her. Soldiers and servants began racing about no one sure what they should do.

Eventually a higher up guard went up to Freya and bowed, "princess Freya I beg your forgiveness for the chaos. There is no plan in place for your return. If you would follow me, I would like to take you to the throne room. King Odin is there with Queen Frigga along with Prince Thor and Prince Loki." The guard said, starting to walk to the throne room if the princess would follow.

Freya mumbles several swear words that she had heard Logan use a lot before following. She was terrified at the idea of seeing her family again and yet she could not wait to be hugged by her father even as her mother told her off. At least she assumed this is what would happen.

The door of the throne room opened, and the guard announced that princess Freya had returned before quickly leaving.

Odin turned, "Freya, you've finally come home. Where have you been?"

Frigga though rushed past her husband and pulled her daughter into a hug. "My daughter you have finally returned home. I've missed you so much." Was all the queen managed to say before bursting into tears.

"Mother, please don't cry. I am home now and unharmed. The wild man saved me and gave me his jacket. He was brilliant and amazing." Freya said, trying to focus on all the good things in her life rather than her crying mother. If she listens to her mother crying for too long, she knew that she'd also start crying.

"What do you mean by saved you? Your father has sent the warriors three and Thor to every realm. Loki even used his magic to try and track you. They could not find you anywhere. I knew in my heart that you could not possible be dead because I would feel it. A mother will always feel the death of their children. Your father was starting to believe that you had hidden yourself away to get out of your marriage to Lord Odd. I said you'd never be so selfish." Frigga said, between sobs while refusing to release her grip on her daughter.

"It no longer matters if our daughter left to get out of her marriage to Odd. The fool is dead and has been for a long time. Freya do you have an explanation for why you have been gone for so long. I have your permission to spend fifty Asgardian years on earth and you've been gone twice as long." Odin said, the only notable emotion in his voice being anger.

Freya turned or tried to turn as her mother was still holding her incredible tightly. "My fiancé is dead? Did you execute him father? I never wanted him to die even if I found him more annoying that Loki and dumber than Thor."

Thor grumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "I am not dumb miss perfect."

While Loki smirked "no one is more annoying than me."

Odin glared at both his sons, "if you two wishes to say neither of you will say another word. Do I make myself clear?!"

"Yes father." Thor answered, moving to sit on one of the smaller thrones.

Loki rolled his eyes and slumped against one of the walls to the room.

Odin ignored both of his sons and turned his full attention to his daughter. "I did not execute the fool. We were attacked and he decided to fight alongside the soldiers and guards. He never stood a chance and was cut down in seconds, his wife and child died moments later. When it was clear that you would not be back, I allowed him to choose another wife. Eventually we will discuss you finding a new husband. For now, though I need an explanation for why you've been gone so long."

Frigga released her daughter, "we will find you a good husband this time. One who can defend you against an enemy. Fandral has still not found himself a bride and you have always been fond of him. Please do not worry too much about its daughter, there is plenty of time for you to find a husband and have children."

"What if I don't wish to marry an Asgardian?" Freya asked, anger slipping into her voice. She had not planned to become angry but all this talk of finding her a husband was just infuriating.

Frigga gave her daughter a look that her children had always called a mother queen look. She had learnt of the name through her son who seemed to lie about the smallest of things but never to her. With her, he had always been honest a habit he had blamed on her. "Freya you are the princess of Asgard. Marrying someone from another realm has never been done before. Your children would not be pure Asgardian. They would never have a true title."

"Frigga we can discuss her new attitude of marry a non-Asgardian later. First, I need to know where she has been and why she felt the need to be away for so long. No engagement can last more than seventy Asgardian years. A law she was taught when still a child. Freya, please explain where you have been." Odin said, interrupting his wife's attempt at trying to be kind to their daughter.

Freya looked at her father her eyes still an earthy green, taking a deep breath to calm herself she spoke," I have been in a prison on Midgard for seven human years and a hundred Asgardian years. They did not get me straight away and I do not really remember them taking me. What I remember is waking in a cell and hearing crying all around. After they put me in a tube and while the others would be taken to rooms or beaten and worse in front of me, they never once touched me. I begged them to hurt me and not the youngest of the group, but they didn't listen. A week in human terms I was rescued by a wild man. He gave me clothes and food. Better than that he never asked what had happened. I am sure he was curious, but he would not wish to upset me. In your own way father, I am sure you aren't trying to upset me and simply need to know but it was hell father. That is how Logan described it to his female friend." After she had finished speaking tears were streaming down her face and once again Frigga pulled her into a hug whispering that it would be alright. Freya wanted to believe her mother but when Logan had hugged her, she'd felt completely safe with her mother she felt rather empty. With the feeling of being empty despite being in the safety of her mother's arm the feeling of guilt soon followed.

"Daughter, who was the man who rescued you? Did he bring you home to Asgard? What does he wish as a reward?" Odin asked, switching from father mode back into king mode.

"I told you he was a wild man. He could not bring me to Asgard as he's not from here, but his sister was able to find a way though she didn't stay. Neither asked for a reward even though his sister... I would have granted her something I am sure she'd have been grateful for and then you and mother could also have given her a reward." Freya explain, a bright smile appearing on her face as she mentioned Logan even without using his name.

Frigga smiled when she noticed her daughters smile. It was a smile that told her, her daughter had finally found her match and an equal. There would be problems with him not being from Asgard but there were ways around that issue if you knew how to make the rules work for you. "Are you wearing his clothes Freya? I have to say that's rather odd."

"Only his jacket mother, the rest of the clothes belonged to his sister. Later may we speak in private I have a few... personal questions that I don't wish to ask in front of father and my brothers." Freya answered, begging her mother with her eyes to just let the subject drop and that she would explain later.

"Yes, we may speak later." Frigga said, moving to stand next to her husband to calm him. It was a gift she had told her daughter that she would also gain when she found the love of her life.

Odin could not stop himself from rolling his eyes. His wife and daughter for years were always sharing secrets and leaving him out. All three of his remaining children seemed to share a much closer bond with their mother that with him. Something he had never been jealous about he had simply found it incredible rude. "Does the wild man or his sister have a name? I cannot reward the people who saved my daughter if I do not know who they are."

Freya looked at her father, "you will really reward both of them?"

"They saved you and kept you safe. It is my duty to reward them both even if they are not from Asgard. Do you want the man's reward to be your husband? It seems as though you are rather taken with him and you are wearing his jacket still despite Asgard never being cold unless the frost giants attack." Odin said, proving that he still knew his daughter very well.

"I am not sure if I want him as my husband. We have a connection, but he is still a stranger to me. I know nothing about his family not really and his sister... at first, I thought she was still this horrible bitch. I mean..." Freya said, doing her best to cover for the mistake that she'd made.

"Freya, have you met the wild man and his sister before?" Frigga asked, concern and a mild amount of anger in her voice. She did not want to think that her daughter was keeping secrets but with Freya there was always that chance.

"No before the wild man who is named Logan rescued me, I had never met him before. His sister who is not actually his blood sister, well I do know her. Not very well but I used to know her, here on Asgard. Thor and the warriors three knew her a lot better." Freya said, wanting to be honest with her parents but at the same time not wanting to betray Sif. The chances of them becoming friends seemed incredible thin but if she wished to be Logan's friend or something more then she would have to put up with Sif in her life. That meant not betraying her especially in front of Thor and her father. They had both been furious with Sif for daring to cheat on Thor.

Thor sat up in his throne, "Freya the only girl aside from you that I was ever close with was Sif. She though must have died on earth years ago or from the fall. If your wild man and she are acting like brother and sister, I don't want to hurt you Freya, but they were probably lying to you." He said, not sounding in anyway as though he was sorry.

"Logan only sees Sif as a sister. I trust him and I trust that she did not lie to me. She risked everything to get me home to Asgard and did not even ask for a reward. Thor I am sorry she hurt you but let us face it you had a different girl in your bed every night. Why was she expected to be loyal when you wouldn't?" Freya said, her anger getting the better of her as she revealed exactly who had helped her.

Odin was the first to react "Loki go to your room now! Thor go and find the warriors three. You and your friends are going to find Sif and bring her back to Asgard. Frigga, I need to speak with our daughter privately. After you can speak to her as a mother but right now, I need to speak with her as her king."

"Odin, she needs her father not a king." Frigga argued, as their sons quickly left the room.

"She was helped into Asgard by an enemy. Before I speak to her as her father, I must speak to her as king. You and I both know that Sif is incredibly dangerous. As for this wild man he could be even more dangerous than Sif." Odin said, doing his best to calm his wife even as Freya slumped to the floor from exhaustion.

"Odin, you can speak to her once she has rested." Frigga said, as she picked up her daughter and carried her to Freya's room. She placed her daughter on the bed and whispered to her, "we should have said this straight away but we are happy you are back. Rest for now and we will speak later. I will not let your father harm Sif or this Logan. They are the reason you were able to come back to us."

Life on Earth returns almost back to normal for Logan after the princess is gone. He returns to work and as always, he takes the more dangerous missions. In his down time, he helps Sif in her search for her son. Only in the privacy of his own mind did he allow himself to think about the princess who he assumed had to be enjoying royal life. The week she had spent with him must have been incredibly dull. He was in the middle of one of his daydreams when he heard the front door slam.

"Sif, we've talked about this. There is no need to slam the front door." Logan called out, as he exited the living room to go in search of Sif. Whenever his sister slammed the front door nothing good ever came of it. This always led to him becoming incredible worried and Sif hiding away for days on end not talking to anyone.

"Sorry Logan. I just..." Sif said, sliding down the wall.

"What's happened? Tell me you did not see Victor. Did Clint act like a jerk or has Fury done something?" Logan asked, joining her on the floor.

"Clint isn't a jerk he's a teenager. They are never pleasant, and Victor is with Magneto. Fury is sending me on a special mission. He also wants to see you about something."

Logan sighs, "I was in the office an hour ago and Coulson told me to go home. Said he was fed up with me daydreaming about a better life."

"It is been three weeks Logan; shouldn't you be over her by now. Most of your bedwarmers do not last longer than a few hours. So why you are still obsessed with Freya is beyond me because I know you did not bed her. I know you made sure to keep your distance."

"How exactly do you know that Sif? I know that I never told you anything after you returned. All I asked was if you were alright being back there."

"Freya complained the whole way to Asgard that you didn't find her more beautiful than me. If she hadn't repeated herself several time it might have been funny." Sif said, a grin appearing on her face.

"She told you about her offer to teach me to bathe?" Logan asked, the shock clear in his voice.

Sif began to laugh, "no she told me that you'd called me beautiful and how you'd also called her beautiful. Most on Asgard would never have dared to compare the two of us. I was born to be a soldier and die for the cause; she was born to be a great beauty and break the hearts of thousands of men. When Asgard would go to war, the men would do so for the chance that princess Freya might gift them with a rose. She hated the idea of violence and yet she was never afraid to argue with the king and many a time he'd give in to her demand."

"So, her father favoured her over her other siblings?" Logan asked, curious about the princess despite knowing he would never see her again.

"You realised I lied to you when I said I barely knew her or the royal family."

"I did but I figured you had your reasons to lie. On the few occasions you have lied to me it is to keep me from knowing something personal and often painful to yourself. Outing the lie would have been pointless and I did not see any reason to upset you. If you don't wish to talk about it, we don't have to." Logan said, putting his arm around Sif to give her a one-armed hug as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"No wonder Freya believed us to be a couple." Sif exclaimed, even as she kept her head firmly on his shoulder. "Freya is loved by both her parents, but her father always seemed to favour her over her sister and Loki. She was always equal to Thor in many ways though Thor would tell me that his father preferred Freya. Her gifts were about life and love while he tended to cause destruction. The people of Asgard loved her as a child though many wives kept closer eyes on their husband as she grew up. Before I was thrown from the bridge, she was in human years only a twenty-one-year-old. Many men of Asgard had been taken to her bed and then tossed aside. All of them were strong brave and even handsome but none were the man she was looking for. Maybe Odin will allow you to go to Asgard to see if you can take her."

"I don't think she needs to be tamed. What is her sister like? She called Thor a dope and Loki a troublemaker but there was no mention of her sister."

"Her sister is in every way her opposite. While Freya bring light, life, and love to the world her sister brought chaos, darkness, and death. They were born to be each other's opposite in every way. I even heard a story from someone with the sight that Freya would have a daughter of great beauty who would help light Asgard in its darkest moment while her sister would have a son who would bring about the fall of Asgard. Those with the sight do not get everything right and I was but a child when I heard the story."

"So, it might not be true?" Logan asked, watching Sif to check that talking of her original home was not causing her distress. He was curious about Asgard and what the princess had been like before they had met but he would rather not know than harm Sif.

"The sight is something that is not simply. Even those who have studied the sight for thousands of years do not completely understand the sight. Not everything they see comes true but at the same time it doesn't always mean that what they saw was false."

"So, like you said It is complicated."

"Very and I've never studied the sight. I was also never friends with anyone who had the sight. And no before you ask Freya never had the sight. Her sister always claimed to have the sight. It is not really something one can prove unless they go into a trance with others around and most with the sight do not like to be watched. So, go on ask me questions about the royals before I have to leave and you as well. Fury is giving this house to some new agents and your being moved."

"You know why Fury wants to see me. How exactly do you know?"

"I asked Clint."

"Not sure I need to know how he found out, but I am guessing Coulson."

Sif only grinned.

"So, it was Coulson then. I do not need to know any details. We can chat later about the princess. If Fury is waiting, I should probably not make him wait too long. Last time that happened he sent in people to drag me to his office. Left the house in a terrible mess." Logan said, with a chuckle as he stood up.

For three months Freya rested on Asgard and slowly got to know her parents and Loki all over again. She was disappointed and angered to know that Thor was on earth with his friends looking for her wild man. She dressed in her royal outfit making sure to also put-on Logan's jacket before leaving her room.

"Why are you still wearing that?" Loki asked, appearing at her side in a puff of smoke.

"It is a nice jacket and I look good in it. All the girls of the court are very jealous of me. Loki why did father not let me go with Thor to earth? I know Logan and where he lives. It is just stupid of father to send that dope and his friends." Freya said, clearly very annoyed and upset but happy to still have Logan's jacket.

"Father does not plan to reward Sif for helping you return to Asgard. As for Logan you only have one name for him. On Midgard most have a first and a second name. You have given father extraordinarily little to go on. Do not worry though I am sure that Logan your wild man will be rewarded by father. Maybe he will even come here to Asgard so you can be happy again. Not sure what your fiancé will think though." Loki said, as always being annoying logical rather than emotional like his sister.

"Surely Sif will be forgiven for betraying Thor. I would like to reward her for helping me despite her hatred of me. Could I not pardon her for the betrayal?" Freya asked, ignoring Loki's comment about her fiancé. It was something that she wanted to forget about. After only a few days on Asgard her father had arranged for her to marry Fandral it was one of the reasons she was not speaking with her father.

"Unless you and Sif were secretly lovers then no you can't pardon her." Loki said, the only one of the royal children who had ever listened during their lessons.

"Sif and I have never even been friends. So why you would think that we could ever have been lovers is beyond me. Anyway, I think she has a dead husband or an ex, before I left earth with her well, I heard Logan ask something odd."

"Define odd, because when I come to you dear sister you find many things to be odd."

"He asked if she had found her son. It just makes no sense. I know she cheated on Thor but if she had been with child then I am sure mother would have just had her locked away and given the child to a proper family. It is not as though Sif would have been able to keep her child without a husband." Freya said, grinning that she had remembered something from her private lessons with mother.

"Freya she's been away from Asgard for a long time she could have had several children. Did you ask Logan or Sif what they were discussing?" Loki asked, coming to a stop in front of the royal library.

"No, I didn't ask because it just seemed as though it was a secret. At the very least I was not meant to hear what they were saying so I pretended I hadn't heard." Freya said, her voice going from incredible proud to slightly worried. "Loki" she said, grabbing his arm and stopping him from entering the library.

"Yes Freya." Loki said, halfway into the library. He was meant to be having a lesson with the high warlock of Asgard.

"Please don't tell anyone that Sif might be a mother. I still don't really like her, but It is her secret to say." Freya said, begging Loki with her eyes.

"I won't tell anyone. Even if I did, let us face it no one is going to believe the king of lies." Loki told, his sister before entering the library and closing the door in her face.

Freya grumbled and muttered something about stupid brother before making her way to her mother's private study.

"Logan, I realise you find the topic to be terrible dull but It is important that you pay attention. In a few hours, you're going on your first mission with the x-men." Charles Xavier said, pausing in his discussion about the mission to tell Logan off.

"I've told you before Chuck, stay out of my head." Logan snapped; he'd been with the x-men for several months. During that time, he'd heard nothing from Sif or any other member of shield. There was nothing wrong with the x-men, but he had yet to form any kind of actual bond with them.

"I was not in your head Logan. You were snoring and so everyone could tell that I was boring you."

"Sorry. I didn't sleep very well last night."

"You dreamt that a man with an eye patch and a crown came to speak to you again. Let me finish the meeting and we can talk." Charles said, trying to hide the worry that he was beginning to feel.

"Do I dare ask how you know about my dream?" Logan grumbled, even as he sat up and pretended to pay attention.

"You project your dreams incredible loudly. I prefer those to your other dreams."

"What's wrong with my regular dreams? I enjoy them personally." Logan asked, sounding rather annoyed.

"Well considering what they are about no wonder you enjoy them." Eric said, sounding just as unamused as Logan.

"Is the great Eric jealous?"

"You are dreaming of some red head princess who you barely knew. So, no not jealous and this is not a meeting to discuss your sex dreams. We have an important mission to discuss. If you need to discuss your wet dreams, then go and chat with the teenage boys of the school. Charles continued with the mission briefing." Eric said, turning to Charles while ignoring Logan and the others at the meeting.

Jean smiled at Logan "if you'd like to make your dream a reality, all you have to do is ask me on a date. Unlike Emma I require an actual relationship."

Logan shrugged, "sure jean how about after the mission I take you on a date."

Jean grinned, "that would be genuinely nice Logan. Just remember I am not some cheap whore, so I need more than a date to a bar."

Charles coughed, "Jean and Logan if you could leave the personal stuff at the door. Now let us get back to the meeting before Raven attempts to attack Eric again for whatever is going wrong with the two of them."

Soon after this the meeting gets back on track.

Freya looks up from her needle work when her father walks into her bedroom.

"Freya, you are going to have to speak with me eventually." Odin says, taking a seat on his daughter's bed.

Freya sitting on the only chair in the room watches him for a few seconds before going back to her needle work.

"What would you say if I told you that we may have found your wild man?"

"You found Logan? Is he coming to Asgard? Please let him at least visit. When I stayed with him, I never really managed to explain just how beautiful Asgard really is."

"At least I know you can speak and the key to making you speak is that wild man. When we find him, he can come to Asgard and be your personal guard. Your fiancé spends a lot of time in other realms, so I need to know your safe and apparently you feel safe with this wild man. However, if you bed him then your wild man will die."

"Father, I am an adult and free to bed whoever I wish." Freya said, unable to keep the anger out of her voice.

"You are an engaged woman and your fiancé is not the wild man."

"Why am I not engaged to Logan? He is kind and decent. I care about him and believe he would make a decent husband. For our wedding gift I would design a bath that would be big enough for both of us. That way he could learn to bathe."

"You are not engaged to him daughter because he's not from Asgard and I believe that Fandral will make a better husband for you."

"Fandral? Father he has bedded nearly as many women as Thor. In what way would he make a good husband."

"He's loyal to the crown and would never cheat on you."

"All of that is true and he's handsome I grant you, but I don't love him. Logan would also never cheat or hurt me. He's incredible loyal, especially to his sister." Freya said, a smile appearing on her face every time she or anyone else mentioned Logan.

"Your wild man's sister is an enemy of Asgard. Keep behaving and your wild man may just appear in a few days or weeks." Odin said, standing and walking over to his daughter. He kissed her forehead before leaving the room and closing her bedroom door.

Part Three

Just as Odin had promised a few days later when Freya awoke, she found Logan sitting at the end of her bed.

"Morning princess. You ready to start the day or do you need to sleep a bit later?" Logan asked, not sounding at all happy to be in such a wonderful place as Asgard.

"Princess? I thought you felt happier calling me Freya. Why am I suddenly princess?" Freya asked, climbing out of the bed, and storming up to him forgetting that she had fallen asleep in just her underwear.

"I was given instructions to only address you as princess or princess Freya. Decided I would simple call you princess."

"Who instructed you because my instructions are for you to call me Freya."

"The king told me that I was to obey his orders. Also told me you would get into a mood but to remind you to put on some clothes. Apparently, you are showing the court your granny panties are no longer funny as you're not a ten-year-old. His words not mine. I kind of like the huge panties It is very Bridget Jones."

Freya frowned pulling the blanket off the bed and wrapping it around her. "Who the hell is Bridget Jones? Why are you looking at my underwear? As for my father you can ignore him, you are here as my guest."

"No, I am here to be your personal guard. Why don't you get dressed princess and then you can shout at your parents?" Logan said, walking to the door and leaving the room.

Freya turned almost as red as her hair. Never had any man who had woken up on her bedroom been so rude to her. They had also always obeyed her wish to be called Freya and not princess. For whatever reason Logan was refusing to behave like her normal lovers though she had to remind herself that he was not yet one of her lovers. Shaking her head, she decided to focus on the positive that Logan was on Asgard. It did not cross her mind to think to ask where Sif might be.

Logan waited outside for the princess to get ready. Earlier that morning he had been running around the grounds owned by Xavier. He'd been minding his own business when this blond wearing a skirt had hit him over the head with a hammer, when he woke up, he was being told he had a new job. Before he could think about it more Freya appeared in a beautiful dress along with his jacket.

"Nice jacket. Are you the trend setter of Asgard?" Logan asked, moving aside so that Freya could lead the way.

"Wild man, how do you know we are on Asgard? I barely told you anything about my home." Freya asked, ignore the comment about the jacket.

"This place is clearly not earth and the king told me I was on Asgard. Then he told me I would be your personal guard. By the way congratulations."


"Your engaged and to be married in two months."

"Right my arranged marriage to Fandral. Father has already told me that I do not need to marry him if a better fighter comes along. Maybe you could fight for my hand." Freya said, not bothering to correcting him that the marriage was to take place in two years not two months.

"I was hired to be your bodyguard not your husband. Anyway, my life is on earth I have people on earth who count on me." Logan said, following Freya through some large double doors that lead into the throne room.

Frigga smiled as her daughter and the wild man walked in. They looked particularly good together and her husband had promised that Logan wanted to be on Asgard. After speaking with Logan and Freya she planned to visit Sif.

Odin frowned when he noticed that Freya was still wearing that bloody jacket. He had told her several times that she was to stop wearing the jacket. "Good morning daughter I hope you approve of your personal guard. He was not easy to find and Thor was forced to hit him on the head."

"I thought I might have killed him." Thor said, from his seat at the royal table. "He went down and Fandral was sure he wouldn't get back up, but he healed. Sister you never mentioned that he was not fully human."

"He is human you dope! Wild man lives on earth and only humans live on earth. Father he is a guest not my personal guard. I want him treated like a guest." Freya said, joining her mother at the table and frowning when she saw Logan sit opposite rather than next to her. She also noticed that Loki was nowhere to be seen.

"Don't call me dope! Do not even understand why I had to drag him to Asgard. His house was huge, and I heard the sound of several children." Thor growled, as he helped himself to a large glass of mead.

Logan laughs "so you're the dope and the troublemaker are in the library avoiding this breakfast. Maybe princess his new name should be the sensible one. Dope I lived in the mansion yes, but it doesn't belong to me."

Freya frowned, "I am not sure how Loki avoiding breakfast makes him sensible? Thor apologise to Logan for being so rude."

"Was not rude and he didn't deny the existence of the children. He is probably married to several women."

"You were incredible rude to Logan. So, apologise."

"Sister you are not in charge."

"Actually, Dope I am. I am older than you so I can tell you what to do."

"Rules change sister dear and I am next in line to the throne."

"No, you are not! I was born before you the throne belongs to me."

Logan watched as brother and sister argued neither sounding like adults. "Queen Frigga how long am I to stay on Asgard. I do appreciate the chance to babysit your daughter, but your son just took me. I neither have wives or my own children waiting for me. I did though have a job and was part of my team. I would also like to know when I can see my sister."

"You will be here for two Asgardian months. Once princess Freya is married you will return to Earth. After all, once she's married, she will have her husband to warm her bed. About two years will have passed on earth. If the doctor loves you then she will wait and if not, then I am sure you won't struggle to find another. As for Sif she is not your blood sister and so you will not be seeing her." Odin said, answering for his wife while his children continued to argue.

"Two years? Alright I guess no one on earth will miss me too much. There are many though who will miss Sif." Logan began only to be interrupted by Thor.

"Who the hell would miss her?"

"Her son and those she has come to see as family." Logan said, still not touching the food.

"Wild man why is you not eating?" Freya asked, pausing mid bite.

"I ate with the other servants. Please keep eating princess." Logan said, turning to watch Freya.

Thor frowned, "Sif has a son? That isn't possible."

"Thor It is perfectly possible or did you not listen when father gave you the talk." Freya said, half laughing at Thor's stupidity.

"Freya it is not possible because of her punishment." Thor said, the colour draining from his face. Suddenly he was on his feet and left the room in a hurry not looking back even as Odin commanded him to return.

"Father why is Thor so upset and the wild man does not warm the bed of males. Whoever the doctor is you have the wrong information. Freya said, looking from her father to Logan.

"I think when your father mentions a doctor, he means Jean. Women can be doctor on earth and have been able to for a long time. As for Jean she isn't yet a doctor though I believe she will make a bloody good one." Logan answered, keeping his focus on Freya rather than Odin who looked ready to explode.

Frigga put a hand on her husband's arm to calm him. "Freya darling daughter why don't you show Logan the royal gardens."

"I would rather find out why Thor is upset about Sif having a child. It is not as though he is the father of the bastard." Freya said, even as she stood up and indicated with her hands that Logan needed to do the same.

Logan stood up slowly. "Princess I really think you should show me the royal gardens. You can quiz me about Jean and why Sif's son is not a bastard," he said walking out of the room.

Freya screamed and grumbled before following him.

In the deepest part of the dungeon Sif sat in the furthest part of her cell. To her right was a young girl with bright red hair. She clung to Sif mumbling to herself as Sif comforted her. On her left was a boy around the same age as the girl. He was not clinging to Sif, but he stayed awfully close to her side. Sif had an arm round each child and was speaking to them softly when she heard footsteps. Slowly she looked up praying that it was not Odin or one of the rougher guards.

"Sif, would it be alright if we spoke?" Thor asked, from his side of the cell.

"I can't actually stop you from speaking Thor. Confused as to why you wish to speak with me of all people." Sif said, as she slowly got to her feet telling the girl to stay with her brother.

"Are they your children Sif? When you fell were you carrying them?"

"I didn't fall Thor I was pushed." Sif said, refusing to look at Thor.

The girl growled and moved in front of Sif snarling at Thor.

"You were being punished Sif. Is your daughter feral?" Thor asked, slowly opening the door of the cell.

"Thor please don't open the door. My children see you as a threat and will attack you. I don't want your parents to harm either of my children." Sif said, pulling the girl behind her as the boy came to hug her.

"I really don't think your children are a threat. After all they are just children and neither seem capable of speaking."

"They are both incredible deadly. Thor, I know you despise me but I don't wish for you to be harmed. If you must enter the cell, then keep your distance. My children will protect me It is an instinct."

Thor sighed but did as he was asked keeping his distance. "I don't despise you Sif even if you cheated on me. I am just... when you were thrown from Asgard you were not with child."

"I was with child It is why I was found guilty Thor of treason. My punishment was banishment from Asgard and to never have more children. The fall should have killed me or at the very least caused me to lose the baby. It did neither. They will be my only children and I will defend them until my last breath." Sif said, staying close to the children and barely looking at Thor.

"Mother would never have been so cruel. She was the one who begged father not to punish you. Kept saying that you'd not cheated on me, but you admitted that you cheated. Everything you did made it seem like you could not care less."

"I was never asked if I had cheated just if you were the father. Thor, where is Logan? I need to speak with my brother. I will take any punishment, but I do need to speak with him in private."

"Sif, I am not sure that my father will allow that. I will try and have Logan come and see you, but it won't be alone." Thor said, taking a step towards Sif only to take three back when the girl moved forward growling.

Sif picked the girl up and moved her to the back of the cell. She whispered to her and slowly the girl calmed down. While she was busy calming down the girl and telling her that they were safe, the boy moved towards Thor his nails slowly growing.

Thor watched the boy and slowly approached him with his hands up to show he was not a threat. "Hey, umm my name is Thor and I am a friend of your mothers. I apologise if I upset you or your sister. Do you think maybe we could start again?"

The boy growled but did not move any closer to Thor.

"Cain come and sit with your sister please." Sif said, stopping the boy from moving any closer to Thor.

The boy looked at Thor snarled and then walked over to his sister and joining her on the floor.

"Can your children even speak?" Thor asked, watching the children as they used hand signals. It was something he had never seen before and he found it strange. He had not been around many children but those he had met were hyper and did not seem to stop talking. Those two were quite unless someone went near their mother.

"It is complicated Thor." Sif answered, not willing to give the real answer. At some point she assumed that it would be discovered who the children were. If she could stop that then she would even if it meant giving up her life. There was nothing she would not do to keep the children safe. First though she needed to speak with Logan. "So, may I speak to Logan? He is after all now my brother. Which is also complicated but I will explain if you can arrange for me to talk with Logan alone."

"Logan is here on Asgard to protect Freya. It is a present from father to her for her wedding. I will try and speak with him and get him to see you but we both know my sister will insist on coming. Do you mind if I ask a question?"

"Ask away Thor you have been honest with me."

"Why does your daughter look so much like Freya?"

"That is a question I am unsure how to answer. At least I am unsure while the children can hear. If you can promise that neither Cain nor Laura will not be harmed, then I will tell you everything."

"That seems fair. I will speak with mother about sitting with them. She's never harmed a child in her life and won't start with your son and daughter."

"I guess she is my best option. Just tell her that Cain and Laura are dangerous and need to be approached carefully. If she is willing to speak with me, I can introduce her to the children. They do not respond well to strangers."

"I will see what I can do. Sif if it means anything, I am happy that you are alive. Maybe one day we can be friends again because I have missed you."

"Maybe." Sif said, going back to the children and pulling them close.

The royal gardens were massive and stretched out further than an average eye could see. To Logan it seemed like an organised forest or wood and he had spent plenty of time in both. For him, a tree was just a tree, but he could both smell and feel the happiness coming off the princess. Before entering the gardens, she had been grumbling and complaining very loudly. He did not need to use his enhanced hearing to be able to tell that she was pissed. All of that changed though when she took a step outside. Her anger had just seemed to disappear and was replaced by joy at he assumed being free.

"I am glad you have cheered up princess." Logan muttered, as Freya moved from tree to tree and began talking to it.

"How can I be angry in such a beautiful place? I spent a lot of my childhood here instead of in my lessons and Thor spent his in the training grounds. Are you not happy to be on Asgard among your own people?" Freya asked, confusion slipping into her voice and showing on her face for half a second before she went back to talking to a tree.

"I've told you princess I am not from Asgard. I am from earth and It is got its problems, but it is my home. This place is lovely, but It is not home."

"Logan you don't have to lie anymore. I have seen your claws and if Thor really did hit you with a hammer then that means you heal faster than a human would. The only thing you could possibly be is an Asgardian. You can trust me Logan I promise. If you tell me the truth, then I am sure we can find your parents and brother. When we were on Earth you did mention a brother. I will even speak to my father about Sif and have her punishment reduced." Freya said, smiling at Logan happy with the idea that her wild man had come home. She even planned to speak with Odin about giving Sif the right to visit her child and of course find a home for the boy. She soon became lost in her plans for how she was going to make Logan's life so much better.

Logan watched her and hated the idea of causing her any pain. In two months, she would be married, and he would be sent home. He told himself that he could last two months watching over a princess especially one as beautiful as Freya. After promising to not hurt Freya's feelings he made a second promise to find Sif and gain her freedom even if he lost hers. She was not his sister by blood, but she was the closest thing he had to family and her son was his nephew. He refused to let them be prisoners on Asgard for something that was not even Sifs fault. He sighed when he noticed that Freya was now frowning at him. "That's exceedingly kind of you princess but my parents are dead and I've no wish to see my brother again. I would be grateful if you would speak with the king and prince Thor about Sif. All the years I have known her she is never betrayed anyone. I also know... never mind. Why don't you tell me about the royal gardens?"

"First I would like to know more about you. How can you be sure your parents are dead? Sif did betray Thor, she admitted to being with other men while engaged to him. Only the royal member of the couple can have other lovers. Why wouldn't you want to see your brother again? My brothers are both incredible annoying, but I did miss them."

"My parents are definitely dead. I have been alive a long time and I doubt normal humans would have lasted half if I have. I am not Asgardian, but I am a mutant."

"Wait? What is a mutant? Is that what the others were in the tubes? The doctors who would conduct experiments I heard them refer to the prisoners as mutant freaks. One of them even said that mutants were science experiments that had gone wrong." Freya asked, taking a step away from Logan. She did not mean to but the idea of Logan being a science experiment gone wrong scared her. Not that she really understood what science was or how it could go wrong.

"A mutant is an evolved human. Chuck told me many years ago that basically a mutant is a human with an extra gene. Chuck would like you princess you want to help, and you seem willing to learn. So, who is your fiancé?" Logan asked, wanting to change the subject to anything other than mutants and his family. Both these topics were the ones he always tried to avoid whenever he could. Changing the subject with the princess he just knew would not be easy. He had only known Freya for just over a week and yet even in that short amount of time he'd been able to tell that she was incredibly stubborn. He had a feeling that Freya was not going to just let the subject drop without trying to dig.

"So, you have an extra gene that meant you were born with metal claws? I am sorry Logan but that does not really make sense. It also makes no sense about your parents being dead and why you will not tell me about your brother. You are my personal guard and I have a right to know." Freya said, take a small step towards Logan before adding under her breath. "I also thought that we were friends. You saved me from a terrible and slow death. For that..."

"My parents are dead because I was born an exceptionally long time ago. They probably died of an illness or someone killed them. I remember nothing about them. How I got the claws is none of your business princess. My mutation isn't really any of your business either and my brother is of no concern to you."

"I am the princess of Asgard!" Freya shouted, causing several servants to quickly leave the garden.

"Why don't we find something else to do princess? I don't wish to talk about my family, and you can scream and shout at me all you want. Still not going to give in even if you give me orders."

Freya screamed and hit Logan several times in the chest before growling and storming off away from Logan.

Logan waited a few minutes before following her. Although he could not see her, he chose to trust his sense of smell and use his nose to find a very grumpy princess.

In the throne room, the king and queen of Asgard had been left completely alone. Not even the guards had been given permission to stay in the room.

"Frigga my love. Why did you have everyone leave the room? You were there when we punished that whore Sif. She cheated on our son who she was engaged to. I didn't hear you trying to stop the punishment." Odin said, turning to look at his wife.

"I made them leave my loving husband so that we could have a real conversation. I did not stop the punishment because I believed you planned to lock her up for a few weeks. It never crossed my mind that you were going to throw her of the bridge. She cheated on Thor, but he was never faithful to her. He was not even happy about the potential marriage, something that you arranged despite me telling you not to. Odin you told me that you would not harm her or her child. That child did nothing wrong. Tell me that you did not harm the child. Please Odin tell me that when she was pushed that she was not still pregnant?" Frigga said, becoming more agitated the longer she spoke. Her husband had many faults, and she was aware of all of them, but she'd always believe that he could be merciful. To think that he could have killed an unborn child for no actual reason. It was heart breaking and if her daughter found out then it would destroy the relationship that was just beginning to repair itself.

"Frigga you know that if she'd hidden the pregnancy then that child would have had a right to the throne. Tell me who would have taken the child if she'd been allowed to give birth."

"She did give birth."

"Not possible."

"The fall clearly didn't kill her or her twins. Her children need a family not a cell." Frigga said, getting to her feet and leaving the room refusing to look at her husband.

Part Four

A few days later still feeling furious with Logan for only calling her princess, Freya came up with a plan. She assumed that Logan wouldn't think of Asgard as home until he could see Sif and realise, they were better off in Asgard.

Freya got up just before dawn and slowly left her room. Despite her many arguments Logan had refused to share her room with her.

At the time she'd been furious but as she made her way towards the dungeons, she was actually grateful. He had still not told her any more about his family or the mysterious brother.

The hallways of the palace were deserted at this hour in the morning and even if she was late getting back to her room, she felt Logan would assume she'd got to have fun with her fiancé.

Thinking about her fiancé caused her blood to boil and her beautiful earth green eyes to turn black. Shaking her head, she told herself that she wouldn't let the anger control her. There were far worse men than Fandral that she could be being forced to marry.

She did not believe she could ever fall in love with him but loving him would not be a problem. It would not be a problem to love him as she already loved him but as a brother and friend.

When she finally reached the cell, she knew to be holding Sif she was shocked by what she saw. Thor had told her that when he'd spoken to Sif, she was looking healthy, not exactly happy with being back on Asgard but healthy. As she stepped closer to the cell, she realised that Sif looked half-starved and was covered in bruises and cuts.

"Good morning Freya. May I ask why you are up so early?" Sif said, sitting up and the slowly standing up and limping to the door of the cell.

"I came to speak to you. First though I want to know why you look starved. All prisoners are fed. Even the ones who are to be executed. There is no reason why you should be refusing food or why you have injuries."

"My children come first. Many of my bruises are old and the new ones are part of my punishment. The law states that I am to hand my children over and I've refused." Sif said, trying to keep Freya's focus on her and not the children.

"Sif, you are going to be in prison a long time. Do you not think that your children deserve a family? Maybe my parents could take them in. Father can be very loving, and mother truly is a wonderful mother. If not my parents, then maybe their father."

"No one is taking my children from me. If I die, then Logan will take them both back to earth. We both know that no Asgardian family would want them. They are not pure Asgardian and I pray their father is dead." Sif said, the venom when she mentioned their father clear in her voice.

"Sif, it is the law of Asgard. As for Logan going back to Earth, I don't think he ever plans to return. Why would he? Here on Asgard he is loved and respected and has been rewarded with a beautiful home. Many women of the court want to marry him and have many children with him. What exactly did he have on earth except for some female doctor?"

"So, he actually agreed to date Jean. Hope he used protection because she won't let him go if she is carrying his spawn."

"She won't really have a choice seeing as he's not going back to earth."

"He leaves once you are married. Logan will never see Asgard as his home just another bloody prison. Maybe you should go back to your room before they notice your missing" Sif said, starting to limp back to the sleeping children.

"Hey! I am not done yet! You haven't even told me who fathered the children or even how you survived the fall." Freya shouted, noticing that the female child was starting to wake up.

The child that could only be described as a mini version of herself was suddenly on her feet. Within seconds she was by the cell door snarling, "stop upsetting her!"

Freya looked at the child standing in front of her and had to pinch herself. It did not seem possible that she was looking at a younger version of herself and yet this girl looked so like her. Without getting a closer look she did not think she would be able to see any differences. "Umm hello. My name is princess Freya of Asgard. You can just call me Freya if you would like. What's your name?" Freya asked, noticing the string that would be invisible to everyone else that connected her to the child. Many years before she'd gone to earth and been taken, she'd gained the gift to tell when people were linked. It was a gift she had mostly ignored and was not sure what this golden thread could mean as to her link with the girl.

The girl tilted her head to the right watching Freya with curious eyes. "So, you're the princess. In the lab..."

"Laura that is enough! Please come and sit with Cain." Sif said, stopping the conversation in its tracks.

The girl Laura turned to look at Sif and then at Cain who was shivering. "I wouldn't have told her. Won't let them separate us I promise."

"Laura is that your name? When I was a child my mother told me stories of one of her friends. She was called Laura and well I always thought I would name my daughter Laura. Not that I am telling your mother off for choosing the name." Freya said, starting to ramble as she allowed her nerves to take over.

"Yes, I was named Laura. After a lady who was close to my grandmother."

"Mother had two best friends Laura and Aurora. Mother and Aurora were not happy when I did not become best friends with your mother. Can I ask why you weren't named after your grandmother Aurora?"

"Umm." Laura turned to Sif.

"Why are you asking such personal questions Freya? You had Logan dragged here against his will and then I end up here in a cell. Have your fun with Logan but leave me out of it." Sif said, as she pulled Laura into her arms. She knew exactly why Laura had not been named after her grandmother. It was though something that she did not want to discuss.

"Sif, no one is going to have their fun with me. Princess is getting married in less than two months. I am glad you found your son." Logan said, appearing from the shadows and walking towards the cell.

"I am not going to marrying Fandral. Once father sees sense then the wedding will be off. The two of us can explore the nine realms and have an actual adventure. Father will allow it once I explain that you will keep me safe." Freya said, a smile appearing on her face when she saw Logan. It did not matter that Logan had denied their connection she could see that they were connected by a red thread and then she noticed the golden thread connecting Logan to Laura.

Sif smiled at Logan, "I found both my children. We need to speak in private. It is especially important Wolverine. If you behave then the king will be more willing to grant you something. Don't worry about me but the children."

"They shouldn't be in a cell and you want me to become their guardian for a bit."

"Yes, something like that Logan."

Freya watched as Logan and Sif continued to ignore her and have a private conversation. Normally she would have been furious and part of her was angry that Logan especially would ignore her. The more logical side of her brain though told her this was probably her only chance to speak with the girl. She wanted to speak with the boy as well but so far, the boy hadn't moved from his spot at the back of the cell.

"Why are your jealous princess?" The girl asked, moving closer to the door of the cell, and watching Freya.

"Laura I am not jealous. Sif... well she is a mother of two and has no husband. No self-respecting man would take her on and her children. Logan is a respectable man who works for my family. She is a sister to him, but I am sure he will drop her and see sense." Freya said, shoving her hand in front of her mouth to try and silence herself. What she had said was what she had been thinking but had no plan to say it out loud.

"You sound incredible jealous of a brother and sister."

"They are not related by blood."

"You are unused to men ignoring you."

"How old are you exactly? Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

"Sif. I mean umm." Laura said, backing away from the door of the cell.

While Freya tried to get Laura to talk Logan and Sif has a more personal conversation.

"Sif, why have you got two children? You told me you only had a son, even told me the name of the father. Have you put spell or something on the girl?" Logan asked, doing his best to keep any happiness in his voice. He was incredible happy that Sif was safe and had found her son, but he was also incredible confused.

"I told you Logan It is complicated." Sif said, not meeting Logan's eyes.

"You can trust me Sif."

"It is not about trust Logan. I want to tell you but there are far too."

"Freya I was not expecting my daughter to be in the dungeon with the prisoner. Please go upstairs with your guard. Don't even try and do the I am the sweet child because I am not your father and you're also a grownup." Frigga said, pointing with her hand for Freya and Logan to leave.

Logan bowed to Frigga before escorting Freya out of the dungeon.

"I want to stay and find out what's going to happen." Freya complained, as Logan picked her up and carried her out of the dungeon.

Sif watched Frigga not sure what exactly was going to happen. Her mother and Frigga had been the best of friends, but she'd always believed that Frigga didn't like her in anyway. Slowly she began to back away praying that the queen would simply ignore her and go back upstairs.

"Good morning Sif. I believe that the two of us need to have a long talk." Frigga said, as she opened the door of the cell.

"I can't leave the children and king Odin told me if I left this cell I would be killed along with the children. If the king needs to kill me then I am willing to die but the children have done nothing wrong." Sif said, as she hugged the children close to her.

"Odin will not harm you or the children. They are guilty of no crime and Sif you have already been punished. I am deciding for you and the children to be moved to proper rooms. First though I believe we should talk. I have already asked someone you would trust to stay with the children. Thor explained you wouldn't want to leave them alone but at the same time would not want them to hear our conversation."

"It is true I asked to speak with you but to be honest I didn't think you'd agree."

"You requested to speak with me and made it clear your children came first. I believe that you are putting them first is enough for you to be forgiven. Thor will speak with his father in a few hours once Odin has woken up." Frigga said, unlocking the door of the cell and moving aside so Sif could leave.

"Wait who is staying with Laura and Cain?" Sif asked, moving towards the door but not leaving the cell.

"Aurora your mother. A woman that you trust. She is missed you a lot. If it will make you feel better Fandral will also be helping to look after the children."

"My mother?"

"Yes, she's missed her only daughter."

"Adopted daughter and my brothers are... well they are soldiers."

"I am aware that one of them fell in love with the wrong kind of woman."

"He could not help who he fell in love with. Love can make you do crazy things." Sif said, looking down at the floor rather than the queen.

"I am aware that he could not help who he loved any more than you could help not being in love with Thor. My son did not help himself by always teasing you and breaking promise after promise. We are going to talk in the gardens, it is still exceedingly early and so no one will be awake. Don't worry Freya will be in her room for a while complaining and unless she needs to know your secrets are your own." Frigga said, a smile on her face though it did not quiet reach her eyes.

After Sif had spoken to her children and introduced them to Aurora and Fandral she followed the queen out of the dungeon.

Part Five

"Put me down right now!" Freya shouted, as Logan carried her all the way back to her bedroom.

"I will princess, but you need to let the queen and Sif speak." Logan said, dropping her on the bed and laughing when she squealed in annoyance.

Frey glared, "I need to be there with them. Sif is clearly hiding something, and I will find out what. How are you not curious about what she's hiding?"

"Princess, you and Sif are not friends. From what she has told me you've never been friends. She is going to tell your mother everything and anything that you need to know I am sure your mother will share. You were in a tube for seven years and it was shot awful but princess her life hasn't been pleasant."

Freya stared at him not sure what to say. The week she had spent with Logan had been bloody wonderful. She had been given more freedom than she had ever known even as a princess. It was true she had to stick close to Logan but that was for her safety and something she had not really minded about. As far as she was aware Sif had been given even more freedom than her and was a mother to a boy and girl. As she thought back to earlier that morning, she started to remember that Logan had been shocked to see her with two children. She was sure that the boy and girl were the same age and yet Logan had said he was glad she had found her son.

Logan sighed, and sat down in the window seat. "What is it you'd like to ask me princess? I will only tell you what I can and nothing that's personal to Sif."

"Why were you shocked to see two children? Did she lie and say that she only had a son? On earth is it better to have a son than a daughter?"

"She only ever spoke of her son, but I don't think for a second that she lied, it is always easy to tell when someone is lying. With Sif it is even easier as she is got several tells. It is only because she had only mentioned her son that I was shocked."

"Yet you are still shocked. How can a mother only mention one child? It just does not make sense unless she is lying. What I can't understand is why she'd lie."

"It is possible that she could not remember that she had two children."

"How do you forget that you have two children?"

"It is complicated."

"I need an explanation Logan. Saying that it is complicated is not enough." Freya said, joining Logan on the window seat. She took his hand forcing him to look her in the eye, "Logan, you can trust me with anything. It is true that Sif and I are not close, but her children are innocent."

"She didn't willingly cheat on your brother. Those children were not created through an act of love. Maybe you should speak with your parents about what I am talking about." Logan said, not looking at Freya.

"Are you saying that she was raped? How is it even possible for a human to overpower an Asgardian?"

Logan gave her what could only be described as incredible unamused. If she'd been anyone else, he would probably have just walked away.

"While I was on earth I was not at full power. My parents did not think it would be a good idea if I got too much attention. Especially as humans are rather weak. If I had been at full power I never would have been captured. Sif came to earth before me with her powers intact."

"It is not always about strength and she has never given me the full details. I have also never asked because it is her story to tell. What I do know is that those on Asgard treated her like a whore and threw her off the bridge in the hope of killing her. She survived and had a child or two. As I have explained not my story to tell. If you need to know more then you will have to speak with Sif."

"She admitted to cheating on Thor. If she had explained to anyone... I could have been kinder to her and I promise to turn over a new leaf. The person I was on Asgard before I was taken is someone I do not want to be again. She was horrible to everyone including her brothers. Will you help me be a better person?" Freya asked, taking Logan's hand and by the end of her speech she was determined to change.

Queen Frigga took a seat on one of the benches in her private garden. It was not large like the rest of the royal garden, but it was private, and no one would enter without calling out first. She had thought about putting a fence around her part of the garden, but things were always coming up and so the fence had never been built.

Sif watched Frigga and began to pace. She wrapped her arms around her waist and did her best to not just make a run for it. If she ran, she was aware that the soldiers and guards would be given the order to kill but the children would be safe. There was a chance the children would be better off without her; Logan would look after her son. It did not even cross her mind to think that Logan would abandon her son.

"Sif, no one will harm you."

"Freya hates me, and I am sure she wants me dead. If I tell you the truth about the children, you will hate me just as much. My mother will never forgive me and will wish I had died when I was punished."

"She doesn't hate you Sif. I believe that she is jealous. While they were growing up Thor was always telling Freya that she was just a silly girl. He was though willing to hang out with you and listened. When Thor was born Freya believed her little brother would listen to her and in her own words find her awesome and amazing. Instead, he wanted to hang out with you and drag Loki along for the ride." Frigga began to explain, moving slightly so Sif could join her on the bench.

"It is not my fault that Thor chose to listen to me. Fandral obeyed any command that Freya would give to him. I am sure Thor only paid me any attention because of my brothers. They were all brilliant soldiers and despite us all being adopted they were loyal. It did not matter to them who my birth parents had been. Did not matter that one of them was a light elf and the other a dark elf. Our mother loved all of us." Sif said, watching the grass under her socked feet. She was still in the same clothes from her abduction back to Asgard. The only thing the guards had taken from her were her shoes.

"All your brothers who are still living miss their baby sister. When they heard of your punishment every one of them offered to take your place. I have never blamed you for Freya being jealous it is an emotion that everyone has at some point in their life. Freya did not understand how to respond to feeling jealous and so she chose anger. Eventually she got over that jealousy and then she met her wild man."

"Some of my brothers are still alive. They weren't executed after my punishment?"

"No despite them having tried to rescue you, though you swore they had no hand in that. I told Odin they acted like brothers and were not to be punished. I also told Odin that your punishment was to be three months in the dungeon or in one of our many rooms."

"The guards who helped me jump, they told me, that my brothers would burn and were... they called them terrible things. Thor never seemed to care that my brothers were not from Asgard. Does she really call Logan her wild man?"

"Those guards were punished a few months after your own banishment." Frigga said, like Sif doing everything in her power not to mention what the punishment was as it was so awful. "Yes, she still calls him her wild man." Frigga added with a smile.

"Logan doesn't belong to anyone. He is a good person but making him a prisoner will not go down well. He has been imprisoned before and it was not a nice experience. Not that he remembers a lot and he's told me things, but I won't betray him. Telling you about his memory loss is probably a betrayal." Sif said, still only looking at the grass before adding, "please don't tell anyone about his memory loss. If he wants to tell people, then that should be his decision."

"I promise not to tell anyone Sif. As you said it is his decision to make to share private information. My daughter adores her wild man, but It is up to him to tell her about his past."

"Thank you for understanding."

"It is alright. So, Logan he became a brother to you?"

"Yes. Logan helped me at my lowest moment, and we became family. Freya has nothing to be jealous of."

"You think she's jealous of how close you and Logan have become?"

"She fancies him, and no man has ever turned her down, but Logan did. He did not do it out of some loyalty to me because Freya and I are not friends. If he worked like that he'd never have slept with Jean or numerous other women who haven't liked me."

"So why did he turn her down?"

"I think in his own way to be kind."

"I am not sure that I understand. Like Freya has he not had many lovers."

"He has but with Freya he felt this connection and she wanted to come home. I am not saying that the week she spent with Logan that she did not enjoy. She loved spending time with him, and I am sure she would have stayed on earth just to be with him."

"So why did you bring her back?"

"She spent seven years away from her family. Logan has his many faults, but he'd never have asked her to pick. Especially when the two of them do not know anything about each other. Truth is if he'd kept her on earth, she'd have grown to hate him. Sending her home was the kind thing to do even if she thinks it was him being a jerk. My son is in every single way my world but that doesn't stop me from missing my family." Sif said, the last part of her speech barely above a mumble.

"You wanted to give her a chance to spend time with her family. If Logan and Freya are meant for each other then they will find their way back to each other." Frigga said, putting an arm around Sif and smiling at the younger woman.

"Something like that yes. I also had information about where my son was being kept. If I hadn't learnt anything about my son then she'd have been home sooner and might not feel such a connection to Logan a non-Asgardian and definitely not of royal blood."

"Ah yes your children or child. I noticed that the girl could be a clone of my daughter if a lot younger. Are you able to explain why that is?"

Part Six

Sif slowly took a deep breath to calm herself. What she was about to reveal would she was sure cause so many problems. She did though want to tell the truth. While on earth she had heard the phrase that the truth would set you free. It was a phrase she believed to be a load of bollocks, but not telling anyone would not be fair to Logan or Freya or Laura. She needed to tell the truth, but it wouldn't be easy.

"It is alright Sif; you can take your time. There is no rush and the children are perfectly safe. Your mother was incredible excited to spend time with her grandchildren."

"Grandson" Sif mumbled.

Frigga watched Sif and smiled in encouragement. She knew better than to rush Sif, but it didn't stop her be curious. The way that Sif had corrected her was just strange. When Sif didn't speak straight away, she chose to say something. "Please continue Sif."

Sif nodded and took another deep breath. "How I ended up with Laura and Cain is in no way a simply or even happy story." She had to pause to stop herself from shivering to much before continuing. "Let me try and start from the beginning."

"So, I am not even sure how many years ago it was, but I was sent to earth. I think it might have been Thor's idea so he could enjoy the last few weeks he had of freedom. So anyway, I went to earth alone as I didn't exactly have any female friends. Earth was and is so different from Asgard. I had to learn the many rules of earth so that I could fit in."

"Yes, I remember Thor asking for permission for you to be sent to earth. Freya was furious that she was not allowed to go with you and Hela..." Frigga said, not saying any more about her two daughters.

Sif nods not turning to look at Frigga even once, "so anyway I spent a number of days on earth learning the rules. On one of those days, I met Logan and he did flirt and act like I was easy. After I beat the crap out of him and explained I was engaged he apologised, and we became friends. His... his half... his half-brother Victor though was not someone who took no for an answer. One night he slipped something into my drink and when I woke up... Victor was pulling on his trousers and thanked me for a memorable night." She wiped away a tear and forced herself to stop shaking.

Frigga slowly puts an arm around Sif and pulls her close. "It is alright you don't have to tell me exactly what happened. So, this Victor is the father of Cain and Laura."

"Just Cain. Laura was created in a lab."

"A lab?"

"It is a place that humans do experiments. They created Laura by combining Logan and Freya's DNA."

"How did they have Freya's DNA before she was taken?"

"She was sent to collect me and wanted a drink first. The glass she was drinking from broke and when she tried to pick it up, well she managed to cut her hand. At the time I did not know that anyone had taken her DNA. I swear I only found out when I finally found Cain. There was a file on him, and Laura It is how I discovered who her parents are."

"Were you ever going to tell Logan or my daughter?"

"I wanted to tell Logan first. He is more likely to listen as I explain. Laura knows that I am not her mother, but I didn't..."

"You thought my husband would take them both away from you. How long were you looking after them before Thor and his friends found you."

Sif look Frigga straight in the eye, "I am not sure of the exact amount of time. It took me a long time to find them. The person who told me about Cain, mentioned that another child was being held. I had no reason to believe that she was related to Cain, but I was determined to save them both. I tried to get in touch with Logan, but he was on a mission for Xavier and I didn't know members of his team."

"It is alright. You saved Laura and I trust that you planned to get her home to Asgard. You've been brave telling me all of this, but I have one last question."

"You're the Queen. I may have been banished from Asgard, but I will still obey you unless It is to abandon my son or Laura. I know she isn't my daughter, but I would like to explain to her who her blood family is."

"I would never ask you to abandon your family. You've explained how you became pregnant with Cain and how Laura was created but how were you separated from your son?"

Sif frowns and turns her head away so she can look anywhere else. "I was injured in my fall from Asgard. Men found me and said they would take me to hospital. Instead, they put me in a cage and conducted tests. After Cain was born, they gave me an operation to make sure I could not have more children. Then they had some fun with me. Once I was no longer of interest, they left me on the side of the road to die. Logan found me and helped me."

"He knows all of your story?"

"No just some of it and most of it he was able to guess. I did not know where I had been kept but I knew I had to find my son. I was abandoned many years before they took Freya and I swear I did not even know she was on earth. I think she blames me though for being taken."

"Why do you think that Sif?"

"It is just a feeling I have. May I please return to my cell?" Sif asked, as a servant walked into the queen's private garden.

"My queen the rooms you requested for lady Sif and her children is ready."

Frigga smiles thank you.

An hour later Sif found herself in a lovely bedroom watching as Cain and Laura slept. In half an hour she would be speaking with Logan and Freya. For now, all she wanted to do was try and be happy with the feeling of being safe.

In one of the many royal libraries Loki the youngest member of the royal family sat by himself. Thor was off training with his friends while Freya was with her wild man. That as always meant that Loki was alone. He did not have friends and his siblings assumed that he was lonely and eventually would try and make some. Loki though liked being on his own but recently he had been suffering from some very strange visions to do with earth and a boy with red eyes. None of the visions on their own made sense but Loki had never been one to just give up.

Part Seven

Just three days later Sif was escorted into the throne room with Laura and Cain at her side. She had spent the previous three days explaining to the children what was going on. Laura had hugged her and called her aunt excited by the idea of having parents, but Cain has barely said a word since he had been told. She had not told him everything just why she had not been part of his life but that she wanted to try and be his mother if he would let her. She was not going to force him into accepting that she was his mother, if Cain was happy that was really all that mattered.

Waiting in the throne room was Odin sitting on his throne looking none too pleased that Sif was not in chains. Queen Frigga smiling at Sif in encouragement while deliberately ignoring her husband. A confused Thor who was leaning against the wall throwing his hammer in the air before catching it. Logan and Freya were sitting next to each other on high back chairs Freya glaring at Sif while Logan tried not to laugh.

"Would someone tell me what the hell is going on? I understand that Thor has forgiven Sif, but why is she still allowed her children?" Freya asked, turning to look at her father rather than Sif.

"Freya, you don't need to be so hostile to Sif. I realise that you are jealous." Frigga began, trying to keep her voice calm.

"I am not jealous of her. I feel sorry that she had to sleep with Thor." Freya grumbled.

"She never slept with me Freya. Unlike you and your wild man we were made to wait till our wedding." Thor said, pulling out a chair so Sif could sit.

"I am not sleeping with your sister prince Thor. I am her personal guard not her personal whore." Logan said, watching the children as they sat down on either side of Sif.

"Logan please don't use that word in front of the children. They are only six years of age and if you keep saying things like that they will repeat. Also, Freya I didn't sleep with Thor." Sif said, holding Cain's hand.

"Silence!" Odin shouted, causing everyone to jump. "Freya you are jealous that your wild man is close to Sif. Friendships can form between people you wish to bed and members of their family. Now Sif is going to explain why she is here and daughter you need to listen."

Sif began to explain about the children only stopping to catch her breath or dry her eyes. She told them everything that they needed to know only leaving out anything she felt was too personal. In total her story took nearly two hours to tell and by the end of it even Freya was crying and watching Laura very closely.

Laura slowly walked up to her after some encouragement from Sif and placed her hand on Freya's knee. "It is alright princess Freya you don't need to cry. The people who looked after me didn't harm me too badly because I behave."

Freya looked at the little girl and her crying became hysterical as she moved off the chair and pulled the girl into her arms. "They will never hard you again. I will hunt them all down and soak the earth with their blood. From this day on you will be my daughter and a princess of Asgard. Fandral will be a good step-father to you." She managed to get out between sobs.

"Fandral? Isn't the wolverine my father? The man who gave me my claws used to speak about weapon X and how I am x23. Aunt Sif believes there is a reason why I am number twenty-three, but she won't say." Laura says, smiling the entire time before noticing Frigga and half frowning, "why did you make Aunt Sif cry?"

Freya watched her daughter and instantly felt strange even calling Laura daughter in her head. She had no idea who weapon X was or what they had to do with her wild man. Back when they'd first met, he'd introduced himself as wolverine of earth but later he'd been Logan. The strange name he had used was something she had never questioned or even asked about. Now though she wished she had kept asking question after question until he had given her an answer. "Logan who or what is weapon X? Sif did not mention them in her story. She promised not to lie, and I can't see why she would." Freya said, her voice rising as she became more and more distress by the topic.

"I am weapon X. It is the name I was given when I worked with a man named Stryker. Victor my brother also worked for him. He was a terrible person and I do not remember most of my time with him. Sif didn't say anything about weapon X because she would see it as my story to tell and not hers." Logan answered, watching Freya and then Laura while avoiding eye contact with Sif. He was not angry with her, but he was upset she'd not told him about the rumours but as always taken a solo mission while he had gained a team and family.

"Laura the Queen didn't make me cry." Sif said, trying and failing to sound strict.

"It is alright Sif. My granddaughter can ask questions it makes me feel young. She is so like Freya and Laura I apologise if I made your aunt cry. From what she told me in private she kept you safe and didn't lie to you about who she was." Frigga said, a smile on her face.

"Is that all you're going to tell me wild man that you were given the name weapon X and nothing else? How is it that you don't remember your time with this man?" Freya asked, forcing Logan to look her in the eye rather than anywhere else.

"Memory loss princess. I have lost most of my memories and no I do not know how. What I want to know is why your telling Laura that Fandral will be a great stepfather. I get your engaged but she's not just your daughter." Logan said, the last part coming out in a snarl.

"Well, if you stay on Asgard I am sure that you can see Laura every other weekend." Freya said, becoming angry that Logan was only telling her half the truth.

"My home is on earth princess. I doubt Sif is planning on staying here on Asgard. Her family will protect her, but she'd be safer on earth and so would Cain. You can marry Fandral if that's what you want to do but he also knows how to bathe himself." Logan said, also becoming angry with Freya.

"Wait you want me to marry Fandral?"

"Who you marry has little to do with me. I saved you from a terrible place and for that I get dragged here against my will and forced to be your personal guard. Asgard is a lovely place but princess Laura isn't just from here." Logan said, slowly starting to calm down when Laura touched his knee and smiled up at him.

"It has everything to do with you." Freya mumbled, even as her face turned red and her eyes black.

Frigga sighed, "Loki stop messing around with truth spells! You are already grounded for trying to time travel. Now end the spell or trust me you will be grounded for five centuries and I will give Freya permission to lecture you."

Loki appeared grumbled and ended the spell before disappearing again.

"Princess, while we share a child that is all we share. I know basically nothing about you except you're a princess with two brothers and maybe another sibling. No relationship can have a chance when the people are strangers. You also happen to be engaged and Fandral is an idiot, but he is not a horrible person. Normally I do not care if the girl is engaged or even married but I am trying to be a better person. Also, the last time I slept with a married woman well Sif stabbed me." Logan said, trying to make Freya feel better and make him the bad guy.

"Sif, stabbed you and yet you are still friends with her?" Freya asked.

"She stabbed me because I was being an arse. I heal and slapping me apparently didn't work."

"I also hit him in the nuts with a steel bat." Sif said, covering Cain's ears with her hands.

Freya burst into laughter "I remember when you did that to Fandral and Thor. That was a good week. Still not sure why you attacked them."

"It is not important Freya. Queen Frigga King Odin do I have permission to spend some alone time with my son. Freya maybe you and Logan should spend time with Laura." Sif suggested, standing up.

Frigga nodded "Sif spend time with your son. Thor go with them and keep them safe. Freya and wild man spend time with Laura."

Part Eight

Freya, Logan, and Laura walked out of the throne room towards the garden.

Freya wanted to be somewhere neutral when she got to know her wild man and daughter. For her the garden was a safe place and there was part of her that hoped Laura would also feel safe in the garden. She found her favourite spot and sat down under one of the largest of the oak trees. Her great grandfather had planted the seed in the ground thousands of years ago.

She looked up as Logan leaned against the tree and Laura sat on the swing. It was something that she had not really been expecting.

Laura slowly started to swing back and forth on the swing. She smiled down at Freya and grinned at Logan. "So, are you really my parents?" She asked, trying to make the swing go faster.

"That is what Sif told us. Though she could have been lying." Freya said, swiping her hand over the grass and watching as the flowers began to bloom.

"How did you do that princess Freya?" Laura asked, jumping off the swing and joining Freya on the ground.

"It is part of my gift child. Maybe you can also control nature. Do you have wild man's healing?"

Laura smiled, "if I could not heal, I wouldn't be alive. My claws are metal like the wolverines."

"Not sure that's a good thing little wolf." Logan said, allowing his claws to appear ignoring the pain.

Laura grins, "I like my claws. Even have them in my feet."

Freya try is her best to smile but It is clear even to the six year that It is fake.

Laura frowns before hugging Freya. "You don't have to be upset princess lady. Aunt Sif got us out and then crazy man with hammer put us in a cell. He was wearing a skirt like a girl."

Freya smiles, "the man with the hammer is your uncle."


"Well..." Freya began not actually sure how to explain.

"Laura do you remember what your aunt Sif explained about who we are?" Logan asked, keeping his voice calm and kind

"She said that you're my mummy and daddy." Laura said, looking at him.

"Yes, well the man with the hammer is the brother of the princess. For that reason, he is your uncle. Does that make sense?" Logan asked, looking to Freya to join in the conversation.

"Do I have to like him? Aunt Sif told me that family can be complicated."

"Yeah, kid family can be bloody complicated. Family though does not have to be linked by blood. You call Sif aunt Sif because she's my family, right?"

Laura nodded, "she said that you saved her and kept the bad man away from her. When I called her aunt Sif... she became incredibly happy. Is Cain my cousin? He's not bad honest just umm wild like you wild man."

"Cain isn't your cousin via your aunt Sif." Freya said, doing her best to sound kind but coming off as strict.

"I... I don't understand."

"You are linked to Cain via the wild man's brother. I believe he is called Victor, a man that I would like to meet."

"He's my half-brother and princes you don't want to meet him. Personally, I hope he's dead or dying a very painful and slow death. Laura do not think of Cain as part victor because that man does not have the right to even be thought of as a father. Sif is the mother of Cain and that is how you are linked. Even if Cain was not Victors son, I would still think of him as my nephew and I hope you'd see him as family." Logan said, cancelling out everything that Freya had just said.

Freya frowned, "wild man I have the right to meet your family."

"You met my sister and nephew. Victor is nothing to me. I get you hate Sif because your brother used to like her, but Victor is a terrible person and did..." he paused and looked at Laura.

"Oh, I am aware what he did to Sif and I plan to end his life." Freya said, the anger clears in her voice.

"It is not up to you to end him. Sif is the only one who has that right. Now we are meant to be getting to know our daughter not arguing about some worthless piece of scum." Logan growled, his claws coming out and Laura backing away.

"Wild man! What the hell is wrong with you?" Freya shouted, as she jumped to her feet creating vines to try and wrap around Logan and pin him to the ground.

Logan slashes them, "what is wrong with me? Princess there is no reason for you to meet my family who live on earth. We are not a couple. In all honesty we are not even friends. We are strangers who spent a week together."

"I... I... how the hell are you so close to Sif. She married your brother. A brother you seem to hate. Sif has always been drawn to dangerous people. My twin is my opposite in every way." Freya said, slowly sitting back down against the tree.

Logan watched Freya before turning to Laura, "I am sorry that I scared you little wolf. I didn't mean to, but my brother makes me very emotional and not in a good way. If you need to be angry with me that is alright, I scared and upset you. Again, I apologise for that. Discovering you have a child makes you feel a lot of things. Confusion is one of them and Laura I am happy to be your father and that you have a decent mother, but I am not perfect. I am going to make lots of mistakes. It is true that I am not human but does not stop me making mistakes even your mother who is an alien has made mistakes and will make more. You can call me wolverine or wild man but please do not call me weapon x. I have few memories of my time with that man but not one of them is a memory I want to remember."

"That's alright. I will not call you weapon X as it upsets you. Would it be alright for me to call you dad?" Laura asked, slowly moving towards Logan noticing that his claws had once again gone back into the skin.

Logan smiles, "that would make me very happy but only call me dad if that is what you want."

"I've always wanted parents. Aunt Sif is wonderful but she..." Laura said trying to explain without being cruel to her aunt.

Logan nodded, "It is alright. Sif has done her best but now you have your parents. Sif will continue to be part of your life and so will Cain. At some point I hope that you will come to earth and meet my friends."

"I would still like my question answered wild man. You claim to hate your brother but care about his wife and child." Freya said, her voice becoming incredible strict. Suddenly she turned to Laura "you may spend time on earth with wild man. What do you wish to call me Laura?"

Laura shrugged, "as I told dad I've always wanted parents. Prin... I mean mummy you do not have to be jealous. Aunt Sif is not my mother and she is never tried to be. I would like to point out I have only known her four weeks. She looked after us and kept us safe so please just thank her."

Freya did her best again to smile, "I will thank her for looking after you. Her reward can be going back to Earth with her son. I assume that is what she wants."

"Instead of guessing princess maybe you should ask her what she wants." Logan suggested. "Little wolf would you mind if your mother and I spent some time alone. I am sure that your grandmother would like to spend time with you. If that is alright with you?"

Laura starts jumping up and down in excitement. "Do I really have a grandmother? Are you going to do something yuk like kiss?"

"No, your mother is engaged to another." Logan said, trying and failing to hide the large grin on his face.

"I wouldn't kiss you if you were the last man on earth." Freya grumbled, watching as Laura skipped away singing some song about blind mice.

Part Nine

Thor followed Sif to an empty room watching the boy very closely. He did not feel that the boy could be trusted especially considering who had fathered the boy. Although Sif had not said it out loud, he could tell from the way she skipped over the falling pregnant part of her story that the man was evil. If his father would allow it then he would go to earth and separate the man's head from his body.

He would also give the head to Sif as an engagement present. Now that he knew the truth, he was willing to marry her and if he had to even look after her strange son.

Sif sat down on the sofa smiling when Cain joined her and curled up against her. Slowly she began to stroke his back singing to him softly.

"What is it that you are singing and why?" Thor asked, taking a seat in one of the high back chairs.

"It is a song from earth, and I am singing it because it calms him. He's not used to being around so many... well I would say strangers, but he's always been among strangers. It is more that you and your family have shown him kindness." Sif said, in between continuing to stroke her sons back.

"What do you mean? The girl said that they weren't that cruel to her." Thor said, still confused by why Cain should be distressed by having people show him kindness.

"Exactly they were not that cruel to her unless you count the experiments. With Cain it was testing his ability to fight. Thor what do you really want? I am more than capable of keeping myself and Cain safe."

"I don't doubt that you are capable to keep the boy safe. However, I wanted to keep you company. You've been on your own for an awfully long time and figured you'd enjoy the company." Thor said, attempting to sit down next to Sif only to have the boy growl at him with teeth bared.

Sif laughed. "I am not on my own Thor, as you can see, I have my son and while I was on earth, I had Logan. It was my son who was forced to spend time on his own."

"Are you sure he is your son?

"Excuse me? You think I wouldn't recognise my own flesh and blood."

"Well, you've never known your true parents and the boy doesn't even look like you. Laura is almost the spitting image of Freya and I can see traces of Logan in her. So far I have seen nothing of you in this boy."

Cain looked up snarling at Thor, "I have a name and It is not boy."

Sif pulled Cain closer until the snarling had calmed down. "Thor, I would like you to apologise to my son. If you don't then you can leave."

"Sif, I want to keep you safe and for that I will put up with... Cain. He sighs I am sorry Cain, but your mother is important to me and you need to stop snarling. If Sif hopes to stay on Asgard and see her mother and brothers, then you must learn to behave. Do you think you can do that?" Thor asked, generally sounding as though he meant it. Sif really was particularly important to him and Cain snarling and growling at everyone was not making him trust the boy.

Cain snarls at him.

Sif sighs, "Cain please say something more than a growl. I know you don't understand who Thor is but as a favour to me."

Cain sits up and makes room for Thor to sit on the sofa, "mama trusts you, so I guess you're not too bad."

"He already calls you mama?" Thor asks, turning to Sif.

"Actually, that's the first time. I have only known him and Laura a short time. Would not you rather spend time with Laura. She's your family and Cain and I are nothing to you." Sif said, the last part barely above a whisper.

"We have been best friends since we were tiny. You are one of the few people that I listen to. When you went to earth to, I guess enjoy yourself before being stuck as my wife... I missed my friend. You were so angry when father decided we were to marry and well I never understood. Then when you came back well everything had changed." Thor said, wanting to find out what happened to ruin their friendship.

"Thor you know what happened while I was on earth." Sif said, indicating with her head that while Cain was in the room, she was not going to say the word.

"Yes, I am aware of what happened on earth. Do not worry I will not use the word. I was asking why you were so angry to have me as a potential husband."

"Thor, you've never been faithful to any woman you've spent more than a night with. If we had married it would have meant a life of knowing I was not your only one. I know that we would never be in love with each other, but Thor I would end up being the joke of the court. Most of the women of the court already hate me and becoming your wife would make them hate me even more."

"They don't all hate you Sif. I think they are just jealous."

"Come off if Thor. What exactly do they have to be jealous about? Basically, all of them have been with you in one way or another. Freya has slept with half of their husbands and none of them hate her. Say we got married, would you have remained faithful to me?" Sif asked, and was going to say more when the door opened and Fandral walked in.

Cain looked at Fandral and tilted his to the right. "Are you here to take us back to our room?" He asked, moving closer to Sif, and trying to hide behind her.

"No, I... I heard that Sif had been allowed to leave her cell and that she was a mother." Fandral said, slowly stepping into the room while watching Sif for a reaction while almost completely ignoring Thor. This was something he had never done even when trying to get the attention of a beautiful woman.

Thor could not understand why one of his best friends was ignoring him for Sif. When they were growing up all Sif and Fandral did was argue. After Sif had started to date the arguments had become worse and Fandral got into fights with anyone who wanted to date Sif. It had never made any kind of sense to him and more importantly Fandral had never ignored him.

Sif smiles at Fandral, "hi Fandral and yes I am out of my cell and yes I am a mother. Would you like to meet my son?" She asked, her focus remaining on Fandral the entire time. Until he spoke, she almost forgot that Thor was even in the room.

"He has your eyes and your growl." Fandral said, as he stepped closer and heard the boy growling.

"Fandral what are you talking about? Sif does not growl, and her eyes are not that colour." Thor said, sounding incredible annoyed with his friend.

"Sif, growls whenever she's angry and she's got hazel eyes and her son has remarkably similar eyes. How did you not notice that they look like each other?" Fandral asked, sitting down on one of the chairs watching as Thor took Sif's hand.

Sif allowed Thor to take her hand but kept watching Fandral while Cain made disgusted faces.

For the next four or so hours Fandral and Thor competed over who knew Sif better. During these hours Sif got to know her son and mostly ignored her two old friends.

Part Ten

Over the next few weeks. Logan and Freya spent a lot of time together talking about their childhoods. Well Freya did most of the talking as Logan was not able to remember his childhood. They also spent time with Laura who insisted on calling them mummy and daddy. It did not take long before they were the talk of the court, but not in a bad way as everyone called them the perfect family.

There was only one thing in the way of them becoming an actual family. That problem was the fact that Freya was to marry Fandral and Logan was to return to Earth and be with his friends.

Sif had also spent several weeks with her son and every other day with either Thor or Fandral.

The two families were incredibly happy, and they were even happier when Odin cancelled the wedding. He did not let them return to Earth straight away and so a year passed on Asgard and nearly ten passed on earth. After a year and an incident on Earth that involved Loki the two families headed to earth. Thor had wanted to go with them, but his father had told him that it was his job to keep an eye on Loki.

Sif looked at the mansion they had landed on the lawn of, her grip on Cain tightened when he attempted to walk to the door. "Cain, she whispered we need to be careful. I do not recognise this house. Logan, you asked the king to send us to a man named Xavier. Is this his home?"

Logan took in a deep breath; he recognised a number of smells but there were many that were different. "It is his home, but things have changed. I believe we have been gone longer than two years. Chuck I am sure will still help in any way that he can. He's a good person and a mutant but he's vastly different from me."

"Daddy, what do you mean that he's different? Don't all mutants have a healing ability? Grandfather said that all mutants are the same." Laura said, looking up at her father with wide eyes. She was holding hands with both of her parents. It was something that they had insisted upon and she'd decided it was not worth an argument, even if Cain didn't have to hold his mother's hand.

"Every mutant is different Laura. There will be others who have a healing ability and maybe something else. With me it was bone claws until I was enhanced, just like you. For others though it is being able to control the weather and the ability to fly. Some though only have one mutation." Logan said, trying to explain. He only knew the basics of mutants and how many one mutant could be born with.

"Did I get my healing from you or mummy?" Laura asked, turning from her father to look at her mother.

"You would have gotten the healing and the claws from your father. My ability is to do with nature, and it used to be seeing if people were a match." Freya said, doing her best to sound like a princess and not sound terrified. She was not sure why she was feeling nervous as the people who had taken her had to be long dead and this mansion looked lived in.

"So, if you give me a brother or sister, they will have the exact same gift as me?" Laura asked.

"Yes." Freya said.

While Logan said "no."

Sif smiles, "Laura, may I ask why you want siblings? I have many older brothers and I love them, but they can be a pain. Freya is in a way luckier than me because her brothers are younger."

"Does that mean she gets to boss them around?" Laura asked, sounding overly excited.

"You need to ask your mother that. My brothers didn't boss me around, but they did have lots of handsome friends. That though is something not useful until you are much older. For now, why you don't enjoy spending time with your parents. Also, you've got Cain. I know he's your cousin rather than a brother, but you could think of it as a trial run." Sif said, smiling at Laura.

"Cain refuses to listen to me. I am older than him, right? So that means he has to listen to me." Laura said, while grinning at Cain.

"I don't have to listen to you. Mama never listens to the princess and Logan doesn't listen to anyone." Cain said, his focus on the front door of the mansion.

The door of the mansion opened and a woman with red hair stepped outside. Her eyes seemed to focus on Logan before her lips turned from a smile into a snarl. "Logan, I see you've finally returned and with children. Will your children be enrolling in my school?" She asked, walking towards him.

"Only Laura is mine. Cain is my nephew and I have been gone two years. Chuck was aware I would be gone for a while. This is his school, not yours." Logan said, as he pulled Laura behind him and put an arm around Cain who was starting to snarl.

"Logan you've been gone for ten years and I am married, and the school, belongs to me. Charles has not owned the school, for seven years. He disappeared about eight years ago and we still have not found him. Are you going to introduce me to your wives?" She asked, coming to a halt at the bottom of the steps.

"Ten years?" Logan asked looking between Sif and Freya to tell her that she was wrong. It just could not be possible; the king had promised that he would be gone for no more than two earth years. After discovering he had a daughter thing had changed and he didn't blame Laura or even the princess for time going by. He had wanted and needed to have time to get to know his little wolf and by default that meant getting to know the princess as well. He had made sure not to get too close to the princess even though she was now no longer engaged he still felt that he a wild man would never be good enough for her.

"Yes, Logan you've been gone for ten years and it seems in that time you've had two wives and two children. Though I feel like I know the grumpier one."

"Logan who is this woman and why does she think I am grumpy. Once you've explained that I would like to know how she knows me because I've never met her." Freya said, crossing her arms over her chest and stomping her foot.

"That would be Jean and she is calling me the grumpy one not you. If she even slightly recognises you it will be because she has been in Logan's head. That would be one of her many tricks to get into a man's bed." Sif said, glaring at Jean and then rolling her eyes when she noticed that Fandral was staring at Jean with a stupid look on his face.

"Hello Sif, did you finally give in and marry Logan?" Jean asked, a grin on her face.

"Logan as I keep telling everyone is like a brother to me. I will never see him as anything but a brother. Freya is also not married to Logan they've only known each other for on Asgardian year." Sif said, doing her best to explain without giving too much away.

"I am Fandral by the way and not engaged to Sif or Freya. May I ask who you are as Sif hasn't told us anything of value." Fandral said with a grin.

"Dr Jean Grey the headmistress and owner of the school. I am also a married woman and a mother. Why don't we all go inside and talk?" Jean said leading them all into the house.

Part Eleven

Jean led the way into the house and then into one of the empty classrooms. "Normally I would take you into my office, but I have a student in there. She does not handle meeting strangers very well. It is genuinely nice that you are back Logan, but I am not going to risk upsetting a student." She said, as she sat down behind the desk at the front of the classroom and indicated for her guests to sit at the desks.

"You seem to think the student will react more to me than anyone else?" Logan muttered, leaning against one of the desks smiling that Laura took a seat at a desk.

"You left a child on their own. My teachers never left me on my own. Why exactly would you leave a child on their own?" Freya asked, the anger clear in her voice. The moment she had noticed Jean she had not liked her and wanted her gone.

"Teachers didn't leave you alone because you hated lessons. If they didn't watch you then you were always sneaking off to find a boy." Sif mumbled, under her breath though it was loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Considering she's the daughter of magneto. Her father told her many stories about you, and none made you seem like a decent person. She also inherited her father's gift and is incredible powerful despite her age. I do not want her hurting you because you scare her. I did not leave her on her own princess. Marie one of the older students is sitting with her." Jean explained, a smile gracing her lips.

"Magneto had more children. Marie is still here then even though Chuck has left. I am glad she's safe and I hope happy." Logan said, ignoring the weird look that Freya was giving him and the smile on Sif's lips.

"Yes, he could have many more than the three Charles was aware of. Don't mention her siblings to her as It is not a good topic. I will explain to you later why It is a topic to avoid. I am sure Marie would be happy to see you once we've spoken." Jean said, the smile never leaving her lips.

"Who is magneto and who is Marie?" Freya asked, not enjoying the fact that Logan and this woman were ignoring her. For a full Asgardian year, she had Logan almost completely to herself. It had been wonderful to have his attention almost always on just her. She had loved getting to know her daughter, but it had still been weird to even think of herself as a mother. The more she looked at this Jean women the more nervous she became. There was something off about the woman and the way she spoke to Logan like they were old lovers annoyed her more than she could put into words.

"Marie is a girl I rescued many years ago and she became a student. She has grown up since I have been away. It will be nice to catch up with her and she would be genuinely nice to Laura. As for magneto he used to work here and is a close friend of Chuck." Logan said, as always not going into a lot of detail. To him it was not actually lying it was simply not saying everything that he knew.

"How is it that you've never mentioned this child? We have a child together and that means sharing things. I am betting that you've told Sif all about this girl and magneto." Freya said, glaring at Logan as though he had cheated on her.

"You've never asked princess and yes we have a child, but we are not a couple. Sif is aware of Marie because she has spent time with her. As for magneto I would assume that most of the world is aware of him. He is not always a man who makes the right choices in life. I am sure his daughter is much nicer than him."

"Also, you two aren't even together. So, Jean why don't you tell us everything that we have missed over ten years." Sif asked, trying to change the subject and move on from whatever was making Freya act like a jealous girlfriend.

"Well, he isn't with Jean either." Freya shot back.

"No, he isn't with her anymore. They just had one night together, and I am sure it was very forgettable." Sif responded.

"Actually, we had a week together and then he left. Did not leave a note or any type of explanation. All Charles would tell me was that the king of Asgard wanted Logan to be the personal guard of his daughter." Jean said, a glare gracing her face as she turned to look at Logan.

"I didn't exactly get a chance to say goodbye to anyone. Thor and his friends are not brilliant at asking for things nicely. I am sorry that I was unable to say goodbye but you and I both know that I am not somebody who stays around. I helped Chuck because he's an old friend and shield asked me to keep tabs on the x-men." Logan said, he was going to say a lot more, but Freya and Jean interrupted him.

"You were spying on us?" Jean asked, her glare intensifying and if you looked closely you could see a fire coming to life in her eyes. Something that ten years ago had not been possible.

"Who is the X-men? Who is shield? When the hell did you date this woman?" Freya demanded, forgetting for a moment that her daughter was in the room.

"Shield is the organisation that I worked for. They are mostly decent people and It is their job to keep earth safe from all kinds of threats. No Jean I was not spying on you or the others. Chuck knew that Fury had sent me, and Fury is the only one I've met who is willing to give mutants a chance. Fury asked me to keep an eye on the X-men and give him a heads up if there was any trouble. Magneto was a wanted criminal who lived here, and I never said a word." Logan said, not explaining anything about the X-men. He did not feel that Freya needed to know and that it was also not his secret to tell. It appears it was up to Jean if she wished to spill secrets.

"You still haven't explained to me who shield is. You also have not explained why you worked for them. Did Sif also work for them?" Freya asked, turning to Fandral "why don't you take the children for a walk around the school. I am sure miss Jean will not mind. The adults need to speak, and I am not sure the children should be here for the conversation."

Fandral stood up and held out his hand for Laura to take. "Why don't we go exploring? I am sure that there are plenty of new things to learn."

Laura looked at Fandral, "Are you not going to take Cain as well? Mother asked you to take both of us out of the room. Don't you have to obey her because she's like a princess and you're not."

"Sif didn't ask me to take her son out of the room. If she does then Cain is more than welcome to join us. It is true your mother is a princess and I am in no way royal. However, your mother is not in charge when it comes to Cain. Come on I am sure Cain will follow us if his mother gives him permission." Fandral explained, looking to Logan to check he had his permission as well.

"Laura please go with Fandral. Do not go into any of the classrooms. It is not fair to interrupt their education. Maybe go into the kitchen rather than explore without a guide." Logan said, smiling at the grin on his daughter's face.

"I think the kitchen would be a good idea." Fandral agreed holding out his hand for Laura who eagerly took the hand.

Sif turned to Cain, "would you like to go with Fandral and Laura or stay here? I will not ask you to leave if you would rather stay. It is completely up to you Cain."

Cain looked at his mother and then at Fandral. He could tell that his mother and this man had a connection, but he still could not figure out exactly what the connection was. They seemed to like each other which made sense as they had once been friends. What made no sense to the seven-year-old was the way that Fandral would look at his mother. "Do you trust him?" Cain asked, looking at Fandral as he spoke.

"Yes, I trust him to look after you. Does that mean that you'd like to go with him?" Sif asked, as always incredible patient with her young son.

"If that's alright mama. I think the princess is going to start lecturing Uncle Logan." Cain said, standing up and following Fandral and Laura. When Fandral held out his hand though Cain simply ignored it.

Fandral sighed but did not actually voice his hurt out loud. He knew the boy was still not brilliant at anyone but his mother touching him. If he said something, then it would only lead to Sif becoming angry with him. That was something he did not want to risk especially as she had only just started to trust him.

The three of them left the room and headed off in the direction of the kitchen.

Jean waited until Fandral and the children had left the room before deciding to speak. "Just so we are clear I am Dr Grey, though one day I might use my married name. The kitchen is fully stocked and once the school, day is finished, I will have Marie or Kitty show everyone around."

"You got married?" Logan asked.

"How are you a doctor? I thought women were unable to have a medical degree." Freya asked, the confusion clear in her voice when she looked at Jean.

"I worked incredible hard and earned my medical degree. Women have been able to become doctors for a long time. Yes, Logan I got married. In fact, I am currently living with my second husband and would love to forget my first marriage. Well, most of it anyway, my son I do not regret, most of the time he is a well behaved little. Sometimes though he is far too much like his arse of a father." Jean said, with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Two husbands? Did your first husband die? Where is your son? How old is your son? Who was your first husband?" Freya asked, and was going to ask several more but Logan grabs her hand.

"Princess, I think that's enough with the questions. You do not actually know Jean and who she has married does not really matter. I've been out of her life for ten bloody years and even if I hadn't been, I wouldn't still be with her. I am not someone who sticks around and when I knew Jean, she was not someone who wanted to get married and have children. From what I've been told about you princess you are not looking to settle down with a husband either." Logan said, starting off calm and ending up almost sounding as if his feelings had been hurt.

"I have a child. Granted I didn't give birth to her, but she is as much mine as she's yours. Sif has told me several time that you're not really someone who is looking to start your own family. She did though say that..." Freya trailed off, not wanting to have the conversation in front of Jean.

"I am sure Sif told you many things about Logan and nothing about me. She always did hate me for getting him to take my side in an argument. It was probably because she was not willing to sleep with him to get her way. So, Logan why don't you tell me who the princess actually is and why another member of the Asgardian royal family has come to earth?" Jean asked, deciding to find out why they were here. At the same time, she was not telling them anything about what had happened in the last ten years. If Logan wanted to know then she'd tell him, and he could tell his women if he chose to. That would be his decision to make.

"This is princess Freya of Asgard and the older sister of Thor. She is here to spend time with her daughter and learn a bit more about earth. Her parents have given her permission to stay for two months. After that she is to return to Asgard with our daughter Laura. Due to us not being a couple, her parents have decided we each deserve alone time with Laura.

"So, you have a child together and yet you're not dating? That is interesting. Though I get why her parents would not want you near her. If I had a daughter, I would ban you from going near her. Marie thankfully is dating someone and completely over her crush of you." Jean said, with a smirk at Logan while ignoring Freya.

"My parents have nothing to do with why we are not dating as you put it. I do though wear one of his favourite jackets. On Asgard that would make us engaged though he would still have to ask me. We spent an entire year getting to know each other though I did most of the talking. He will not tell me anything about his half-brother Victor. What do you know about Victor?" Freya asked, cutting Logan off before he could say anything. As she spoke, she pulled the jacketed tighter around herself. It had become exceedingly rare for her to take the jacket off.

"Victor... I know a lot about him and his troubled relationship with Logan. While Logan does not remember most of his life due to having the metal claws. Victor remembers all of it. Well, he might not remember all that happened during Logan becoming enhanced as he was not there for all of it. I am sure he'd be willing to answer any questions that Logan might have for him." Jean said, turning to look directly at Freya and seemed to notice the jacket for the first time.

"I am the one with the questions not Logan." Freya growled, surprising herself that she would growl at this woman.

"No, I figured that out princess of Asgard. However, it is Logan's life and not yours. As you are not his lover or wife It is up to Logan to share. There are things about Logan's life I am sure he does not want to share, just as I am sure that you have secrets you have kept from him. My first husband barely knew me at all, it is my second husband that I share things with. I don't though tell him everything and he doesn't tell me everything either." Jean explained with a shrug.

Sif rolled her eyes and whispered to Logan, "I think they've forgotten you are even here. For once I am actually feeling sorry for your big brother."

"Why would that be Sif?" Logan asked, a small amount of humour still clear in his voice though the way he was sitting told another story.

"Well, your new love is meeting your ex-love. As a man that is something you really should worry about. Girls tell each other everything and yeah Freya and Jean hate each other but it will not stop them talking. After all we girl tell each other every little detail about our men." Sif said, a large grin on her face as Logan growled.

"I don't have anything to be worried about. My ex's have never complained about anything. Maybe you should be worried about Thor and Fandral talking. Men tell each other things as well." Logan said, trying to change the subject.

"I've never slept with Thor or Fandral. Also, they don't share things like that and I know this because I've been their friend for a long time. Any relationship with a girl that they have shared has only lasted one night. Neither of them shares things because they might not really care about the girl but they are mostly decent and know that the girl can do far more damage to their reputation that they can do to theirs." Sif said, her smirk never fading.

"They both want to sleep with you Sif. That's obvious to anyone who pays attention." Logan said, and he wanted to say more but was interrupted by Jean and Freya.

Jean coughed to get his attention.

Freya turned to Sif, "why are you lying to Logan? You've slept with both Fandral and Thor."

"I have shared a bed with but the only thing we did was sleep. We both know that Thor has a thing for the ladies and enjoys their company, however he would never force a woman to sleep with him even if she had lost morals. I shared a bed with Thor the night my father died and all he did was hold me as I cried." Sif said, admitting something she had never told anyone.

"Thor told me you and him." Freya said, not wanting to use the word sex as she was talking about her brother and her almost friend.

"Thor has a reputation and it was better for people to think that then know the truth." Sif said, with a shrug of her shoulders.

"So, you are saying my brother lied about the two of you being together. I do not understand Sif, my brother trusts you and more than that he cares about you and he respects you. Why would he lie about how close the two of you were just for his reputation? I know he has this image to uphold about being a man whore but I thought you'd be the exception to all of his lies." Freya said, her voice slightly breaking from the thought that Thor had lied to her. They were not incredible close, but they had always shared things when it came to who they were dating.

"I don't think he lied Freya; he just didn't correct you when you assumed that we had slept together." Sif said, not willing to say anymore on the subject.

Freya sighed but did not ask more questions deciding that they could wait a few hours.

Logan turned to Jean, "maybe we should go for a walk? I think the princess and Sif need to have a conversation. You also don't seem willing to share much with them, but I need to know what has happened in the ten years that I've been gone."

"Logan you are not going anywhere alone with this woman." Freya shouted, jumping to her feet, and glaring at Jean.

"Relax princess of Asgard I am a married woman and I don't plan to sleep with Logan. I love my husband and I am nearly six months pregnant." Jean said, calmly getting to her feet and heading towards the door.

"Princess you and Sif need to talk so talk. Also, since we are no longer on Asgard you are not allowed to boss me around. Now I am going to talk to Jean I suggest you talk with Sif but if you'd rather you are free to sulk like our seven-year-old daughter." Logan said, as he followed Jean out of the room.

Part Twelve

In the kitchen Fandral was sitting with Cain and Laura watching as they ate the sandwiches, he'd made for them. Most of what was in the kitchen was strange and he did not want to even attempt to press any buttons.

While he was watching them eat a blue fuzzy beast entered the room and Fandral first instinct was to defend. He pulled out a sword and held it up to the beast's neck while making sure to stand in front of the children.

"Would you mind removing the sword please sir? We are a school, and I would rather the children not see anything violent. My name is Hank McCoy and you would be?" The beast said, smiling at Cain and Laura who were still busy eating.

"Sorry." Fandral muttered as he lowered the sword. "Logan said that mutants were all different, but I was not expecting"

"Someone with blue fur. It is alright. Several parents have believed me to be dangerous. Are your children going to be coming to Dr Greys school, for mutants?" Hank asked, smiling at Laura who smiled back.

"They are not my children. It is complicated. Laura is the daughter of Logan and princess Freya of Asgard. I believe they are having a conversation with Dr Grey now."

"Does the boy then belong to you?"

"No, he's the son of my best friend. I am sorry about the sword I promised to keep them safe. I am Fandral by the way. I hope you do not mind that I made sandwiches for the kids. They were becoming hungry." Fandral tried to explain.

"It is alright I understand. As for the food trust me we have plenty of older students who make their own food. Would they like something more than a sandwich? I can cook them something if you'd like." Hand asked, smiling at Fandral.

"That would be genuinely nice. I am not used to kitchens. At least not the ones on Midgard." Fandral sighed, "I am not sure that I am making much sense."

Hank laughed, "don't worry I am not offended. Would you like a tea or coffee? In the fridge we have apple, orange, and pineapple juice. The children are welcome to a glass and you can have a juice if you'd rather."

"Thank you. You are truly kind." Fandral said, watching as Hank began to make food and put the kettle on for tea.

The two of them were soon talking about earth and Asgard.

In the private study of Dr, Jean Grey, Marie the little girl who had been rescued now a young lady watched over Lana. She had been given the task mostly because Kitty was teaching a class and Bobby and John were hopeless at saying no to Lana. There was part of her that felt sorry for the girl especially as all the other pupils except for Adam avoided the girl and all because of her father. As she watched Lana, she realised the younger girl was not writing the essay she had been set by Dr Grey.

"Lana why are you not doing the work you've been given. I understand that you are not really a fan of Dr Grey. She can be a real bitch when in a mood. However, Professor Xavier gave you a chance by letting you come here." Marie said, not willing to pretend to care about Jean. She did not want the older woman harmed but she was not going to fake a friendship.

"My father was best friends with Xavier. It was a strange friendship. However, father must have liked him enough not to kill him even when they argued." Lana answered with a shrug of her shoulders.

"I believe your step-mother says that they had a bromance. It is just like Bobby and John they have a friendship that makes no sense to anyone else. If you are struggling, I can help you. The essay you are writing is not for an exam and the other pupils will be getting help."

"Raven enjoys using modern words. She is my stepmother, but father has no clue who my mother might have been. Whoever she was died when I was only a few hours old and somehow father learnt about me. Did you know he checked to see if I was his daughter before taking me out of the orphanage?"

"No, I was not aware of that Lana, but I am only eleven years older than you. When you were born, I was eleven and just a pupil here."

"Aren't you still a pupil here? It is just that now you are a member of the X-Men and soon your being trained by shield." Lana said, a grin on her face even as she kept her eyes on the paper on her desk.

"I graduate in a few weeks and with the lack of teachers, the older pupils are helping out. How exactly do you know about the X-Men? None of the students under the age of sixteen are meant to be aware of them. You are only seven and spend most of your time in detention. None of those who enjoy gossiping tend to spend time with you." Marie said, as she climbed off the table and moved towards the young girl.

"No one comes near the daughter of a monster. Everyone is afraid of me and all because they find my father scary. Being ignored by everyone even staff makes me basically invisible and so I hear things."

"I am not afraid of you Lana. Your father does not always do the right thing when it comes to non-mutants, but it does not make him a monster. Lots of people felt that wolverine was an animal, but he is the reason that I am alive. Come on tell me how you really found out and I promise that I will not tell Jean. If you want, you can even have a game of chess with Adam."

"Are you trying to bribe me?"

"Would playing chess with Adam be seen as a bribe?"

"Dr Grey says I am not to taint Adam with my evilness. She says that Adam needs to have better friends. I am basically banned from spending any time with him despite the fact she's not his guardian or mine."

"Lana did she actually use the word evil?" Marie asked, the concern clear in the tone of her voice.

"Does it matter? She is not in charge of me and cannot tell me how to act or feel. When I turn sixteen, I am sure father will come and get me."

"Lana you need to tell me what Jean said to you."

"That the professor made a mistake by allowing me to become a member of his school. It doesn't bother me; I am used to people hating me because my father is a criminal."

"No one made a mistake by letting you come to this school. This school is about giving mutant children a chance to learn about their gift. It does not matter who your parents happen to be. After all Raven is my mother in a weird way and no one hates me or Kurt."

Lana looks up at Marie and wipes away the tears that are starting to form. "Adam told me about the X-Men. Seems his father told him all about them."

"That makes sense for the professor to tell Adam. Why though did he tell you? If you have been banned from speaking and spending time with him. When exactly did you have the time to chat?"

"I am his best friend and probably his only friend. No one wants to be friends with the child of the teacher even though that bitch is not his mother. She only got the school because wolverine is dead or something." Lana answered, ignoring the bit about when they had time to chat.

"Please Lana tells me. Also, Logan is not dead he had to help the royal family on Asgard. The daughter is always getting herself into trouble and Logan is incredible hard to kill."

"So, he didn't leave because of Jean and the fact that he got her pregnant."

"No. Logan might have abandoned the bitch who thinks she's better than everyone but if she was carrying his child. He never said it out loud, but I really think he wanted children."

"Well now he's got two children."

"Excuse me? Logan is on Asgard. How would you know if he had children or not?"

"Why do you think I was made to work in the wonder bitches' room?"

"Because last night you were caught sneaking out."

"Well yes that is one of the reasons. The other is I saw new people appear and I heard bitch called one of the men Logan. Marie, I think he is back and there were two children with him and two women. Maybe on Asgard you are allowed more than one wife and even a husband" Lana said, a grin on her face.

"Are you saying that Logan is back and married with two children along with two wives and a husband."

"That's what it looked like. I did not hear anymore after that as her friend Frost dragged me here. I am sure Logan will come and see you Marie as his friend. Right now, he's with Jean and his wives are in one of the empty classrooms."

"Thank you for tell me Lana. I think It is time that you finished off your work. Tonight, I will give you some ice cream." Marie said with a smile as she moved back to the desk. She was not going to risk Jean walking in and getting pissing. Tonight, at dinner she planned to speak to Logan and find out exactly where he had been and why he had been gone for ten long years.

Logan followed Jean out into the back garden of the school. He assumed they would stop at a bench, but Jean continued walking until they came upon a small cottage. She opened the door and walked in and after a moment of hesitation he followed. "Why exactly did you bring me to a cottage? If you want to talk, there are plenty of benches outside. Why exactly did we need to come inside? I am sure your husband, whoever the ins would not approve of you bringing an ex-lover into a cottage."

"Actually, Logan this is my home. The house belongs to Charles's son and when he is old enough, I will hand him back the school. Right now, he's too young and I am his legal guardian though he refuses to stay in the cottage." Jean said, taking a seat at the kitchen table.

"Chuck has a son. You moved into a cottage over one of the larger houses on the estate. Who exactly did you marry?" Logan asked, leaning against the wall rather than sitting down.

"Yes, Charles has a son. He is not a very well-behaved young man but then I've been told that Charles used to be rather wild. My husband and I moved into the cottage as it give us more privacy than a larger house. It has three bedrooms a kitchen, living room, study, and dining area. As far as my husband and I are concerned it is the perfect home to start a family. When my son from my first marriage visits, he has his own room. Though for some reason he prefers living in the city with his arse of a father." Jean said, the smile never leaving her face, whenever she mentioned her second husband.

"We can discus that you are a mother and expecting another in a minute. First, I need you to answer my question. Who is your second husband?"

"My first husband was Dr, Stephan Strange. One of the best surgeons in the world and a reasonable decent lover. As a husband though he is simply an arse. I feel sorry for his latest bimbo. They never last and when he's got a bimbo, he ignores our son!"


She grinned, "You almost sound jealous. I got over you a long time ago. My husband Victor is a good man and he is willing to fight for the mutant cause. I am not saying that shield is bad because they are not, and the X-Men work with them. In a few weeks Marie, Kitty, John, and Bobby will be going to a shield training facility. Before you start growling and saying that this cannot happen, I would like to remind you that this is my school. Marie and the others are not children, and all agreed to go to the shield training facility."

"When you say that you married a man named Victor, do you mean to tell me that you married sabretooth?"

"Yes, I married your half-brother. He is a decent man and he loves me just as much as I love him. In about six months he's going to be a father and he's overjoyed."

"Are you insane? Victor is more animal than human, and he will tire of you and any children you have with him. I strongly suggest you get as far away from him as you possibly can and don't let him near the child you already have." Logan pleaded, moving from the wall to the table and taking her hand in his. He no longer wanted Jean the way he once had but he did not want to see her hurt in anyway.

All around them windows began to shake and then smash as Jeans eyes turned black and then red as though on fire. "Do not disrespect my husband! You left earth for some tart ten years ago and Victor has kept this school, safe. You've no right to tell me what to do or question my choice in marriage. Either apologise or get the hell off my property!"

"Jean, I know Victor and he's a monster. I did not have a choice in leaving earth. Chuck decided to say that yes, I would go to Asgard and no one asked me. On Asgard only a year has passed, and I was only meant to be gone for two years. Freya is not a tart she's a princess and I am not seeing her. There is no point Jean, I am a nothing and she is a princess. Are you willing to tell me about what has been going on, while I've been away?" Logan asked, keeping his voice calm despite a feeling of dread creeping into his bones. He had known Jean a long time and while he knew she as powerful he had never had cause to be afraid of her.

"You are not going to apologise, are you?" Jean asked, watching as Logan backed away but instead of running joined her at the table.

"Have you ever known me to say sorry?"

"No, you're a stubborn arse like my first husband. He has never apologised to me even though It is because of him that our marriage dissolved. Though saying it dissolved is putting it very politely."

"Well, I am sorry that your first marriage ended badly. You mentioned that he was a doctor like yourself." Logan said, trying his best to keep her calm.

"Yes, he's a doctor but he is a surgeon while I am more of a general doctor. Being a doctor for this school, you need a lot of different skills when it comes to medicine. For the last five years or so I've been trying to find a shrink."

"Why are you looking for a shrink? Also, this is a school, that used to be run by Charles Xavier, shouldn't people be lining up in the street to get a job here?"

"Mutants have been exposed and hardly anyone wants to work here. It is why the older students help when they can. The last ten years Logan have not exactly been a piece of cake." Jean said, her voice raising from frustration and fear.

"Please explain Jean. I've missed a lot and turns out I really should have tried harder to get back."

"Alright I will do my best to get you up to date of all you've missed." Jean said, standing up and putting the kettle on mostly for herself. It was one of the few things she felt would help calm her and drinking alcohol was not an option while pregnant and at such an early hour. She glanced over at Logan "Would you like a beer or something? I can make you coffee if you'd like?"

"A coffee would be lovely Jean, but I can make it myself. If it will help, I can also pour the tea, while you tell me what I have missed over the last ten years." Logan said, his voice becoming kinder with each word that he spoke.

"A few weeks after you left Eric was away with Raven on mission. Or It is possible they were having time away from Charles. I never asked and honestly, I really didn't want to know. So anyway, Eric and Raven were away and Eric has left his twins here with Charles."

"I remember them. Pietro and Wanda, right? They were what about four last time I saw them."

"Yes, those two. Both incredible powerful despite their age and advanced thanks to Eric. May I finish the story please?"

"Sure, and sorry." Logan said, handing Jean her cup of tea while he sipped his coffee.

"Anyway, Emma was looking after the twins. I was teaching Marie and several others at the time. While Emma was in the garden watching the twins, army men broken into the grounds. We still do not know who they were working for. Emma picked up the twins and ran into the house which we put on lock down." Jean paused to catch her breath. "We followed all the rules of what to do if the school, is attacked, what we didn't expect was for the men to set the school, on fire. Getting the children down into the basement just was not possible with a fire. We were forced to take everyone outside. Logan it was horrible and bloody. They attacked and we were forced to fight back, during the battle the twins were taken."

"Did anyone go after the bastards? Who the hell takes four-year-old children?"

"Eric has a lot of enemies and yes people went after them. I do not think he's ever given up hope of finding them alive. Charles continued to look for them up until he went missing. I still have people listening out for information on them but Logan they've been gone ten years."

"So, you believe that they are dead?"

"Whoever took them, I highly doubt they kept them alive. Even if they were not meant to die if they put them through experiments. What are the chances that they would have been able to survive? Eric now only communicates any progress through his seven-year-old daughter. Sometimes Raven will come to the school, but that is mostly to see Marie or Kurt."

"Why would Raven come to visit Kurt and Marie?"

"Kurt is her son and Marie is potentially her daughter. Again, I don't know all the details as Raven doesn't like or trust me. She did used to trust Emma but then she discovered that Emma was working for me." Jean explains, smiling at Logan.

"Emma is working with you. I thought she hated you."

"She works at the school, and we decided fighting over you was stupid. Especially as you used to sleep with Emma's sister and we only slept with each other twice. Stephan is an arse, but he was good in the sack. You on the other hand. Anyway, what else do you need to know?"

"Please just tell me as much as you'd like to tell me. Maybe explain Eric's other child the one you left in your office with Marie. I am curious as to why the child would hate me." Logan asked, his voice calm and kind.

"First the girl is named Lana and her reasons for fearing you should be rather obvious."

"Her father has never feared me in anyway. Any time I pissed him off, he would simply throw me around. It is a miracle he didn't kill me after I flirted with Raven. To be fair she started it and I was just board."

"You slept with Raven because you were board. I am sure that will make Kurt feel better upon hearing that."

"No need to be sarcastic. Also, I never slept with her Jean I just flirted. Even I have some morals. Come on explain why the daughter of magneto would be afraid of me?"

"Well to start with she's seven and has only been here a few months. Before that she lived with Eric and he told stories of the wolverine monster. Whoever Eric hates his darling daughter copies. Lana might be seven, but she's got his powers and her older sister's temper. I think it would be best if you stayed away."

Logan sighed; it was clear Jean was not planning to give her any more information. At least not for a while. He could understand that the last ten years had clearly not been brilliant. Instead of leaving he sipped at his coffee and asked her general questions avoiding the subject of his brother.

Princess Freya and Sif were still in the empty classroom. Neither woman had said a word since Logan had left with Jean almost five minutes ago. While the princess glared and mumbled to herself Sif seemed to be smiling at a private joke.

"What the hell do you find so bloody amusing? Logan has gone off alone with an ex-lover. That woman is up to something and he's too busy thinking with his dick to notice?!" Freya shouted, at Sif when the other lady laughed.

"Logan is a grownup and has been around plenty of ex-lovers. Jean is always up to something but as she pointed out she is married and expecting a child. Even she would not be foolish enough to cheat on whoever was desperate enough to marry her. Also, he's been on Asgard for two years, do you honestly believe he hasn't had any women warming his bed in that time?" Sif asked, not once looking at Freya as she spoke.

"Excuse me. Logan has been alone for the last two years, in regard to women sharing his bed. I would know if the father of my child was enjoying himself. As for Jean I don't like him being alone with her and if he was my husband, he would obey me."

"No, you wouldn't Freya because you don't spend every hour with him. Logan is the father of Laura, but he isn't your lover or soon to be husband. He does not have to obey you and never will. Freya you are not in charge of Logan because he isn't from Asgard."

"My gift lets me know when couples have got together. I can sense even when it comes to couples on earth. So, if Logan has been enjoying himself, I would be able to tell." Freya argues, certain that Sif was lying to her.

"Your gift of tell when someone is in love hasn't worked for years."

"It works I just haven't used it for a while. That bitch wants Logan."

"That bitch has already slept with Logan several times. I don't like her either Freya, but she's married and pregnant. Ten years can change someone, and you forget she's also a mother. Just admit that you are jealous that Logan is paying attention to Jean."

"I don't get jealous Sif. No man has ever turned me down. I am Freya of Asgard and all males love and want to bed me."

"Yes, and all women hate you for bedding their husbands or sons. I realise that you have a way of enchanting men into doing whatever you want. Not every man though is going to drop everything for you."

"Women love me as well."

"No, they really don't. Plenty of men have not fallen for your charm. Just admit that you are jealous."

Freya growled, "Logan is meant to be with me. I can't explain why Sif, but he does. It is just like you belong with Fandral. We are going to talk about why you didn't sleep with him."

Sif stands up, "no Freya we are not going to talk. We might not be enemies anymore, but we are not friends."

Freya was about to say something when the door opened, and they were called to eat lunch.

Part Thirteen

The plan had been to stay at the school, for only a few days. Freya was anxious to see Thor and find out just exactly what Loki had been accused of doing. She had heard stories but did not believe any of them to be true. Though she would not admit it, she also wanted to find out who exactly her younger brother was hanging around with and decide if she approved of them.

Instead of the two or three days though they spent nearly two weeks at the school. Logan wanted to catch up with his old friends. In theory it had been a nice idea but then Victor had come back and recognised Cain as his son. This has caused all types of problems and had ended up being the main reason they were finally making their way to avengers, tower.

The incident was something that Logan would not discuss, and Freya had tried all her tricks. No matter how much she begged or demanded, Logan would not explain or apologise for getting them all banned from the school. Privately Freya believed that she could do a much better job of running the school and keeping the X-Men away.

With a smile on her face, she climbed into the drivers, seat.

"Freya, you are in the wrong seat." Sif said, as she opened the car door.

"No, I am not. Someone needs to drive us all to this tower thing."

"That would be Logan for part of the journey and myself for the second half. Both of us know how to get there."

"I am an adult Sif. I have seen that Marie girl drive and the bitch. If they can drive, then so can I."

"Freya that isn't how the law works. To drive someone needs to teach you and then you must get a licence. To do any of that you need proof that tells people who you are. Just sit in the back with Fandral. The children are sitting in the boot. It is perfectly safe and Logan is a decent driver."

"I am a princess of Asgard."

"True but this is earth not Asgard. You tell people that and they will either laugh or think you are here to do them harm." "Why would I... What exactly is Loki accused of? Sif I honestly do not believe that Loki is the one who attacked earth

He's never been to earth and never wanted to come."

"Loki didn't just attack earth Freya. He caused the death of thousands of people. Many of those people were civilians who had nothing to do with the fighting. Thor captured Loki with his new friends and then took Loki to Asgard to be punished. I don't believe Odin plans to execute him, but he will be locked away for a long time." Sif explained, doing her absolute best not to sound too, happy about Loki's fate. It was not a secret that Sif had never been close to Loki.

"Loki doesn't even know how to fight. He is still a child and wouldn't hurt mortals. Who told you all of these lies?"

"Thor told me, and Loki is one of Asgardians best killers. Loki has a hatred for mortals and even Asgardians. Speak with Thor when we see him at the tower."

Freya glared but climbed into the back of the car curious as to where Logan was and why he was taking so long. Logan appeared in the doorway of the mansion talking with Marie. He said something that made her smile before walking to the car and climbing into the driver's seat.

"Where have you been Logan? What exactly did you tell Marie? When are we finally leaving this place?" Freya question as soon as Logan had closed the car door. Barely giving him a chance to put on his seatbelt.

"I've been catching up with old friends. We might be banned from the school, but it seems as though shield employs several of them. I simply told Marie that I would see her soon. We will be leaving as soon as Fandral gets into the car." Logan answered, watching Freya through the mirror.

"That doesn't explain why the child laughed."

"Marie is an adult and I told her a joke. I have also asked her to keep an eye on Adam and Lana. Magnetos daughter might hate me as I am an enemy to her father, but she is just a child. No matter my feelings for Eric I wouldn't harm his daughter or have someone else hurt her on my orders."

"I hope you also advised her to stay away from Victor." Sif mumbled, almost to herself though both Freya and Logan were able to hear.

"Marie knows that victor is incredibly dangerous. It is one of the reasons that she is joining shield. Do not worry Sif you don't need to worry Marie is sensible. As for Eric's daughter I doubt Victor is dumb enough to hurt her. However, I've asked Marie to have a conversation with her." Logan said, in a voice that he kept as calm as possible.

Sif turned to look at him her body stiffening "let's not have this conversation with Cain and Laura in the car." "Wild man how many jokes can you possible know?" Freya asked, going back to his old nickname.

"I know hundreds of jokes. It is just I've never told you one of my jokes." Logan argued, looking at Sif for some type of backup.

Before Sif was able to say anything Fandral climbed into the car slamming the door. "I think it might be a good idea for us to leave."

"What did you do Fandral? We were guests in that school. I do not like that bitch Jean, but she did let us stay in her home. That means we need to respect her husband." Freya said, turning to look at Fandral with pure anger in her eyes.

"Sif, I really think we should leave." Fandral repeated.

Logan nods, "let's leave before Jean proves why she became the leader of the x-men."

"Because she was screwing the guy in charge." Freya mumbled under her breath as the car pulls away from the school.

"Xavier was like her father and she got the position by beating the others." Logan tried to explain as Lara started singing under her breath about how Jean was a witch who had an itch and got called a bitch.

"Lara, we don't use that type of language." Freya said, trying to use her stern voice.

"But mummy you are always calling her a bitch and that daddy is her itch." Lara argued, her voice becoming a whine.

"Lara don't whine It is something little children do. Did you not tell me this morning that you were a big girl?" Logan asked, changing lanes as he spoke.

"Sorry daddy." Lara says, hanging her head.

An hour into the journey Logan turns on the radio to have noise. Sif in the passenger's seat has fallen asleep as have the children but Freya and Fandral keep whispering to each other. Logan can hear bits of the conversation but decides he really cannot be bothered to properly pay attention.

Part Fourteen

It is evening by the time Logan pulls the car into a parking space near the tower. He phoned when they were about an hour away to remind Tony and the others that they were still coming. He knew from experience that Tony had a habit of forgetting important things and being distracted by his work. A trait that was both good and bad depending who you asked.

"Logan are you sure this is the correct address. It doesn't look like a house." Freya said, leaning forward in her seat to speak with Logan more directly.

"This is avengers tower home of the avengers. It is not going to be a permanent thing. Thor though is here, and you need to speak with him about Loki and what exactly he did to make all of Earth hate him." Logan replies.

"I am sure the whole of Earth doesn't hate him. Loki has such a sweet nature once you get to know him."

"He killed civilians Freya. Men women and children who had done nothing wrong. You don't have to hate your brother, but you need to understand he isn't perfect and this time he really fucked up." Sif says, as she unstraps herself and climbs out of the car to stretch her legs.

Freya is quick to climb out of the car as well, "If you could be forgiven Sif, I don't see why Loki can't. A long time ago you used to care about him. How has that changed so quickly?"

"Freya you said it yourself a long time ago I cared about him but that was in the past. I need to look forward especially if I am going to be a decent mother to Cain."

"Sif, you are an incredible decent mother to Cain. He adores you and doesn't need anyone else." Fandral says, climbing out of the car and trying to hug Sif before remembering that she hated being touched. After remembering this he backed away and moved to get Cain and Laura out of the back seat of the car. He smiled at the children telling them to stay on the pavement next to Sif. They did as they were instructed Cain even holding his mother's hand and Laura staying close.

Freya climbed out of the car as well pulling Laura into a hug. It was a habit she had picked up while on Asgard when others did not just agree with her straight away. "Laura, you just need to stay awake for a bit longer so you can meet these avengers." Freya said, trying to smile and sound enthusiastic which was difficult when she was exhausted.

Laura mumbled something looking up at her father to help.

Logan smiles down at his daughter before lifting her up into his arms. "Don't worry if you fall asleep. I know It is been an exceptionally long day and you've spent a long time in the car. The avengers though are looking forward to meeting you and

Cain. Would it be alright to stay up just a little longer?"

"Yes daddy." Laura mumbled snuggling up against her father.

Once everyone was ready and the luggage out of the car the four adults and two children made their way towards the tower. Cain stayed as close to Sif as possible causing Fandral to walk behind and Logan to take the lean. Avengers tower did not look vastly different to all the other tall building scattered around New York. From the outside it was not easy to say how many floors were inside or even if the tower was a business or a place to live. The one feature that stood out was the large capital A at the top of the building on the side.

The front door of the tower opened, and Thor stepped out. He smiled at his sister and niece before his attention turned to Sif and Cain. Sif was having a word with Cain about something that Thor was unable to hear.

"Brother, I am sorry that we are so late. Logan wouldn't listen when I tried to give him directions." Freya said, as a way of greeting and insulting Logan at the same time.

"Sister, I don't believe that you are late. Tony has only just gone to collect the food. He has ordered a lot of it as Logan

I've heard eats a lot."

"I doubt he eats as much as you." Freya said, smiling at the banter. She had been very worried that the bond between herself and Thor had faded.

"That's probably true sister but I am not the only member of the avengers who can eat a lot. How long will you Logan and Laura be staying at the tower?" Thor asked, changing the subject.

"Shouldn't you be asking Sif the same question?" Freya asked, glaring at her brother.

"I don't need to ask Sif as she's planning to join the avengers and stay on Earth. Your situation is vastly different to hers. Sif is a single mother with full custody of her son. You and Logan are not a couple and so you share custody of your daughter. Logan lives on earth and will either go to Xavier's school, to work or he may join the avengers. To be honest I really am not sure. Freya you will be returning to Asgard as it is your home. For these reasons, the two of you must figure things out." Thor said, being incredibly logical. A trait that he very rarely showed to the world.

"Since when is Sif staying on earth? Her home is on Asgard not on earth. Surely both you and Fandral want Sif to come home with Cain." Freya said, ignoring the part of the conversation that had involved her.

"I made the decision when we were on Asgard. It has been an exceptionally long time since Asgard has been my home. I enjoy living on earth and Cain wants to stay on earth. Soon he will start school, and I will need a job to pay for everything." Sif said, deciding to become part of the conversation. Her staying on earth had nothing to do with Freya or Thor. It was a private decision and only really concerned Cain her son.

"Sif, don't you want to spend time with your family. I am sure cain would like to meet his grandparents and uncles." Freya asked, looking to Cain expecting the boy to agree with her.

"My uncle is Logan. I see him a lot and he's promised that he will teach me how to ride a bike and play catch." Cain said, grinning at Logan who smiled back down at him.

"I will teach you to ride a bike if you'd like me to. Lara I will also teach you if you would like me to?" Logan asked his daughter.

"That would be really nice daddy." Lara said, smiling at her father.

"Excuse me but I am capable of teaching my daughter to ride a bike. Whatever the hell a bike is." Freya said, becoming angry.

Thor coughed, "why don't we go inside so the team can meet the children and their new teammate."

Sif smiled at Thor "thank you Thor. I am looking forward to seeing Clint and Natasha again."

Thor smiles back ignoring his sister and completely unaware that Fandral is frowning.

Part Fifteen

Thor leads them into the tower and begins explaining a few basic things when Clint appears next to Sif. "It is very unfair that you have not aged a day. I am glad you were able to find your son." Clint said as Sif pulled him into a hug.

Thor and Fandral both shared an annoyed look. They both assumed that Clint was remarkably close to Sif and so a rival for her hand.

Sif smiles "you are still as charming as ever. Thank you for being my friend. I didn't just find my son but Logan's daughter as well."

"Logan has a daughter?" Clint asked and would probably have said something rude if he had not noticed the children.

Logan smiles "yes Clint I have a daughter. Would you like to meet her? Laura I would like you to meet Clint. He lived with me and Aunt Sif a number of years ago." He said introducing Laura to Clint grinning as Laura began to blush. Clint bows to Laura shaking her hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you Laura. Thankfully, you got your mothers looks rather than your father." He turns to look at Freya "I am right in thinking that you are Logan's girlfriend and the mother of this beautiful young lady."

Laura giggles and then hides behind Logan clinging to his leg.

"I am Laura's mother, but I am not dating Logan. For that to happen he would have to ask me out. We also decided before travelling to earth that it would be less complicated for Laura if Logan and I are just friends. Did you used to date Sif?" Freya asks, still believing that being direct was the best way to get an answer.

Clint did his best not to start laughing, "why would you think that I used to date Sif? She is my friend and somebody that I respect and like. None of those qualities match someone I might date. Anyway, she's like a sister to me."

Sif smiles "I am also not really his type, and neither are you Freya."

"I am the type of every male." Freya argues, not certain why she is arguing as she doesn't want Clint.

"No, you really aren't. My son will never bed you. Neither will Clint. Though for Clint It is mostly because you are female."

Sif responds, not rising to the bait of an actual fight.

"What do you mean because I am female? No man has ever turned me down and your son could do worse than me." Freya grumbles.

"Cain will be a nephew to you Freya once Sif agrees to marry me." Thor said, trying to calm the situation down.

"A step nephew not a true nephew. Just like he is not a real nephew to Logan. You do agree with me Logan, don't you?"

Freya asked, turning to Logan believing that he would agree with her.

"Cain is my nephew through his father, and I think of Sif as a sister. The boys my family just like Clint and eventually maybe other member of the Avengers as well. Not all men will agree with you Freya and they don't have to." Logan said, wishing that someone would change the bloody subject.

Thor steps between them, "sister it is late and there is no need to keep arguing with Logan. Not all men are going to obey you I never have and neither has Loki."

Freya frowns, "Cain is your nephew via a brother that you don't even like. Laura though is your flesh and blood. I do not expect all men to agree with me but Logan you are the father of my child. Maybe Sif will marry Thor and have her agree with every stupid choice that he makes. Logan do not you see that you need to agree with me. I know what is best for our daughter."

"Cain is my flesh and blood just like Laura. I do not need to agree with you Freya just because of our daughter. Why do you believe that it is my duty to obey you? As for Sif obeying Thor that is never going to happen. She doesn't obey idiotic orders from men or women." Logan said, walking further into the tower.

Freya follows, "can someone explain why Clint will not be trying to bed me?"

Sif sighs, "does it really matter? Are you planning on trying to sleep with every male in the tower? Is this because Logan still won't sleep with you?"

"Shut up Sif!" Freya growled lunging at Sif only to be grabbed by Logan and Thor.

"Freya, you need to calm down! Laura and Cain are watching. They don't need to see you like this." Thor said, hugging his sister close to his chest until she stopped shouting and struggling.

Clint turned to Sif "maybe you and the others should meet the team in the morning. That way everyone will have had a chance to rest and calm down."

"That seems like a very sensible idea. I will want a private catch up with you tomorrow though. I think of you as my brother and that means I get to vet whoever you are dating." Sif said, a grin appearing on her face when she noticed Clint blushing.

It was decided that the avengers would meet their guests in the morning to give everyone a chance to sleep. The following morning when everyone was feeling a bit more relaxed, the residents of the tower along with their guests were asked to meet in meeting room A. As they walked to the room Freya kept Laura close not allowing her to run ahead as Cain was doing.

"Freya, our daughter is perfectly safe, and Cain isn't doing anything wrong." Logan said, keeping his voice low but not low enough that only the two of them could hear the conversation.

"I didn't say anything Logan. If Sif wants to let her son run wild that's up to her but I would rather keep Laura at my side." Freya responded, doing her best not to allow anger to slip into her voice.

"You didn't have to say anything. I saw you frowning, and he is not running wild he's just excited. The boy deserves to be happy just as much as our daughter." Logan answered through gritted teeth.

"He's going to be the stepson of the future king that means walking and behaving like a royal." Freya hissed back.

"If Sif marries your brother then he can learn how to behave. For now, let him be a boy and have some fun. It is not as though you enjoyed being a princess."

"I didn't enjoy being a princess, but I was never going to get the throne. My father wanted a son to take over from him and that is why he's hand Thor and Loki. After all you need an heir and a spare."

"Can you two please stop arguing?" Laura asked, looking first at her father and then at her mother.

"We are not arguing." They both said, at the same time.

Before anything else could be said Tony appeared in the doorway of the meeting room. "Come on you three everyone else is waiting for the meeting to start."

"Stark I didn't realise you'd called a meeting. Have the avengers been called on a mission?" Logan asked, moving faster towards the meeting room.

"It is not an official meeting but cap what's us all to get to know our new members and their family. So why aren't the two of you dating?" Tony asked, looking between Freya and Logan who were now glaring at each other. "Ask him not me." Freya said, walking into the meeting room with Laura at her side.

"So why aren't you dating?" Tony asks turning to look at Logan.

"She's a princess who lives on Asgard. In a few days she will be going home, and I will be staying here. It is true that she is the mother of my daughter, but we are basically strangers." Logan said, thinking of several different reasons for why he is not going to ask Freya on a date. All the reasons made perfect sense to him. He walks into the meeting room ending any further conversation that Tony might try to have with him.

The Avengers and their guests talk for several hours getting to know each other. They discuss little things like how long Freya and her daughter will be staying and when Sif and Logan can start their training. It surprises everyone when Tony takes an interest in both Laura and Cain promising to take them to a huge toy store and spoil them rotten. Something both Freya and Sif are very against.

Freya decides to stay on earth for three months to give Logan time with his daughter. Finally, on the day Freya is to leave she notices her daughter crying and hugging her father. Part of her wants to give them more time but she knows her parents are waiting for her and she wants to visit Loki. Finally, she pulls Laura away from her father and they disappear back to Asgard.

Part Sixteen

As soon as Freya and Laura have gone back to Asgard all eyes turn to Logan expecting emotional response to his daughter being taken. Instead, he stands there for a few seconds before walking back to his room.

"Do you think someone should say something to him?" Tony asks, aware that he barely knows the man and has no idea what to say.

"For now, I think we should give him some space. He agreed that Laura would only be safe on Asgard with her mother." Sif said as she pulls Cain close and silently starts to cry.


Frigga watched her daughter and granddaughter in the royal gardens. It was clear that neither were happy to be back. She knew that part of the reason was leaving the wild man behind especially for her granddaughter, but for Freya it was also being refused permission to see Loki in the cells. There were a lot of things that she wanted to say to make her daughter feel better but understood that there was extraordinarily little she could say.

"Mummy, why did we have to leave daddy behind? Don't you love him anymore?" Laura asked, looking up at her mother. At seven-years-old she was very curious and tended to ask lots of questions.

"I've explained Laura your father is not an Asgardian and for now cannot live with us. I promise that you will still be able to talk to him and in a few years maybe we can visit Earth again." Freya said, sure that she was not completely lying to her darling daughter. It still felt strange to think of Laura as her daughter. She had known her daughter for over a year but there were still times when it still took her by surprise.

"Are you going to marry Fandral? Cain likes him but he also likes Uncle Thor. Will I ever see Aunt Sif and Cain again?"

"I am sure that Sif will want to visit Asgard even if It is just to see her brothers and mother and introduce you to them. Family has always been especially important to Sif mostly because her true parents didn't want her."

"Why do you hate Sif?" Laura asked, unaware that her grandmother had entered the royal garden.

"Freya, Laura It is getting late and the guests will be arriving soon." Frigga said, giving her daughter a chance to get out of the conversation that she very clearly wanted to avoid.

"Guests?" Laura questioned. Looking first at her mother and then her grandmother.

"Mother, why will guests be arriving soon?" Freya asked, pulling her daughter close to her side.

"The guests for tonight's royal diner. Everyone wishes to officially meet your daughter Freya and accept her into Asgardian society. It is a good thing Freya and with Thor on earth and Loki locked up you are the face of the Royal Family. This does not mean you will be taking the throne, that still belongs to Thor." Frigga explained, the smile never leaving her face.

"I am the first born and should be fathers' heir."

"You are the first born but in the history of Asgard it is rare for a daughter to take the throne. You are also unmarried and have a child out of marriage. It is not as though you want the throne."

"Laura please go to your room and start getting ready I will come and help you in a bit." Freya said, wanting her daughter far away so she could get an honest answer from her mother.

"Yes mother." Laura said, walking away mumbling that she wanted to see her daddy.

Freya did her best to pretend that she did not hear what her daughter had said. It hurt that her daughter wanted her father rather than her mother. She waited until Laura was back inside the palace before turning to her mother. "I do not want the throne mother, but it should be my birth right. More importantly Laura is your first grandchild and has a right to the throne."

"Unfortunately, Laura doesn't have any right to the throne. She is not a full Asgardian and the laws of Asgard are extremely strict. Only a member of the royal family and most importantly an Asgardian can take the throne. It is the law and your father does not have any plans to change it. When Thor becomes king, it will be possible for him to change things. It will be a long time until Thor is king and that's something, we should be grateful for." Frigga said, not once looking her daughter in the eyes.

"To be fair I don't really want Laura to turn into a spoiled princess. Before my trip to earth I was not always the nicest daughter. Do you know if Fandral is planning to return to Asgard or will he fight for Sif's hand?"

"I do not know what Fandral plans but at some point, he will have to return to Asgard. Who he marries is down to your father?"

"Should it not be down to him?"

"For a normal family yes but he works for the royal family and is friends with the crowned prince. Due to this the king can choose his wife." Frigga explains, leading her daughter back into the palace and ending the conversation.

Later that evening

The dinner in her honour is hugely different to what Laura is expecting. On earth while she ate with the avengers and her family it was never a very organised meal. Everyone seemed to do their own thing. Here on Asgard when the royal family were hosting the dinner everything was so strict. There were over a hundred servants and Laura soon found she was not even able to pour her own drink.

It was about an hour into the meal that anything of interest really happened. Laura was sitting with her mother and grandparents when a Duke came up to the table and bowed to the king and queen before turning to look at Freya.

"Princess Freya I am glad that you have chosen to return to Asgard. The people of Earth are not very tolerant of those who are different."

Freya glared but could not say anything as the Duke continued to speak.

"Does your daughter have a fiancé yet? My son is ten years old and excels at his school, work and fighting. Most children have their marriages arranged when they are incredibly young but my son's original fiancé died when the frost giants attacked."

"My daughter does not have a fiancé and I have no intention of arranging her marriage. Her father and I agreed that she would be able to marry whomever she wishes."

"Her father. I believed that your husband and the father of the young princess was dead." The Duke asked, clearly confused and not aware that Freya was angry.

"I have never been married Sir and her father is extremely healthy on earth which is not a bad place. The Lady Sif lives there with my brother the crowned prince Thor. They are the protectors of earth and do an exceptionally good job."

"Your child was born out of wedlock. Come on we will find you a better choice for a wife." The Duke said, grabbing his son and starting to walk away.

"What the hell is wrong with my daughter?!" Freya shouted, getting to her feet, and causing everyone to look at her.

"She is not pure Asgardian." The Duke answered.

"No, you, stupid butt face I am part mutant. I don't want to marry your stupid son!" Laura shouted throwing her mother's glass of wine in the man's face.

Part Seventeen

Seven Asgardian years go by for Freya and her daughter but on Earth only three and a half years have gone by.

Freya is in the library trying to find some books for Laura's education when she overhears her father and mother discussing the wedding of Logan and Jean Grey. It is something that she did not expect to hear as she believed that Logan would never marry. Despite having some very mixed emotions about the situation she believes Laura should be part of the big day. With this decided she goes in search of her daughter so they can travel to earth. Before they leave for earth, they learn that the Avengers are no longer living in the tower but rather in a place known as the avengers' base.

Mother and daughter appear in a flash of lightning in the middle of the main living area. Fourteen-year-old Laura notices the young boy on the sofa and starts walking carefully towards him. The boy seems to notice them both and falls off the sofa and running into a corner.

"It is alright I won't hurt you. My names Laura and this is my mother Freya, we were going to wait by the front door, but my mother enjoys being dramatic." Laura says, smiling at the boy but not attempting to get any closer to him. At fourteen she could act grown up around young children but with other fourteen-year-old girls she was still rather young.

"Laura, I do not like being dramatic. Child why are you in the avenger's base. I was under the impression that only members of the avengers lived here." Freya says, not wanting to upset the young boy but still wanting answers.

"Mr Stark says that this is my new home." The boy answers not daring to get any closer to the lady and her daughter.

Freya looks at the boy and then notices the avengers all looking ready for a fight including Logan, Sif, and Thor. "Hello brother It is been a while since we last saw each other. Sif you are looking very well. Is Cain a well-behaved teenager? Logan, I hear congratulations are in order."

Logan looks at Freya before turning his attention to Laura. "Hello Laura, I am sorry It is been so long since I have been able to video message you or even visit." Logan starts only to pause when Laura rushes to him and hugs him. He hugs her back just as tightly watching from the corner of his eye as Tony moves to calm the boy down.

Thor looks at his sister, "as Logan explained the avengers have been remarkably busy recently. You saw me when I came to ask advice from father."

Sif does her best to smile despite the early hour. "Cain is not yet a teenager. Laura is becoming a beautiful young lady just like her mother. If you are staying, then Laura can see Cain when he returns from his sleepover."

Laura notices her aunt Sif and rushes to her. "Does this mean I am older than Cain and get to tell him what to do?" She asks as she hugs her aunt.

"Well, he's ten and a half and you are a teenager so you can try and tell him what to do. I can't promise that he will listen." Sif says, hugging her niece close to her chest.

"Mum please tell me we are staying for longer than dads wedding. I have not seen any of them properly for seven years. Clearly though only three and a half years have passed on earth. If you need to return to Asgard I am sure daddy can look after me and I will have to get to know my new stepmother. While on Asgard I got to know your boyfriend and he would have been my stepfather if you had said yes when he asked for your hand." Laura said, in a rush of words.

Tony clears his throat, "Freya I am delighted that you have come to visit earth. We have all missed you and of course your daughter. Would it perhaps be possible to have this discussion in a few hours as It is only four in the morning? Scott needs his rest and don't worry Freya we have enough room for you and your daughter to stay for as long as you want."

Freya frowned, "It is four in the morning? Why then is Steve dressed and who is Scott?"

Steve grins, "I normally go for my morning run about this time. No one tends to bother you at such an early hour."

"Scott is my son." Tony says, clearly unwilling to say more.

Part Eighteen

Later that morning after everyone has been able to rest for a bit longer and Steve has returned from his run, Freya walks into the kitchen and is surprised to find Logan awake and cooking.

"Take a seat Freya I won't be long." Logan says his back to her the whole time.

"Who are you cooking for? I noticed your future wife did not get up with the other Avengers. Are you planning on quitting the hero life and having a normal one instead?"

"I am cooking for the team, though the first plate will be for Scott. The kid keeps odd hours and needs to try and learn a schedule. I still do not know what you mean by future wife. I am not engaged to anyone and I am also not dating. Quitting the avengers is not really an option now and I doubt I will ever get to have a normal life. How is Laura? She's looking very well, seems that Asgard was the right place for her."

"I am still confused as to who Scott actually is wild man." Freya said, under the impression that Logan was lying to her to spare her feelings. It was almost a nice feeling to have that Logan cared enough to lie.

"He is Tony's son. Didn't you listen this morning at five?"

"I did listen Logan. Tony said that the boy was his son but three and a half years ago there was no boy."

"Scott has been alive for six years It is just that he was not living with the avengers."

"He was living with his mother correct."

"No, he was not. Freya, I adore Scott he's an incredible sweet little boy but I would like to know about Laura. If you plan to stay for a few weeks or months, then you have time to get to know Scott. Just be aware that he is very shy." Logan said, as he handed a plate to Freya and told her to sit at the table.

Freya grumbles as she takes her seat and begins to eat the food. "You remembered that I am not a fan of eggs. It is been almost four years for you and seven years for me. Why would you remember something like that? I am not your girlfriend nor your fiancé. It is seems a bit strange."

"I don't have a girlfriend or fiancé and It is really not a big deal. Laura also is not a huge fan of eggs. Now will you tell me about Laura. She's my daughter as well and I've missed a lot of her life."

"Logan please don't lie to me; I am happy that you have found someone. All I ask is that I get to meet them properly and explain that Laura is part of your life. By default, that means that I am also part of your life. Not many women will be happy with the idea that you are still so close to an ex." Freya said, as she stole some mushrooms off Logan's plate.

Logan noticed but chose to ignore that Freya had stollen from him. "I am not sure how many times I need to say it princess but I am not dating anyone nor am I engaged."

"If you are going to call me princess then at least address me by my full title. I assume you and your future wife plan to have children." Freya said, unaware that their daughter had entered the room along with Sif and several of the avengers.

"Mother, you shouldn't be asking daddy those type of questions." Laura says, she rushes to her father's side and throws her arms around Logan.

Logan hugs her back, "Laura what do you say to the two of us having a day bonding. We can go shopping or watch movies. I am unsure exactly what fourteen-year-old girls actually enjoy doing. Would you be kind enough to tell me."

"Of course, daddy. I can tell you all about Asgard and how mother visits Loki every other day. He never really tells her anything and I think it upsets mother." Laura said, grinning that she would be spending the whole day with her daddy.

"Laura, before we left Asgard what did you promise me?" Freya asks, her tone becoming almost identical to her own mothers.

"That I would not allow my studies to suffer." Laura answers, lowering her head in shame.

"It is one day Freya. Let the child have some fun. She can work on her studies tomorrow. I am sure there is time for her to spend time with her father and cousin without it effecting her studies." Logan argues, pulling his daughter close.

"Won't your fiancé Jean Grey be annoyed if you ignore her?"

Sif starts laughing as she and the other avengers help themselves to food. Tony handing Scott a plate and giving him permission to eat in a different room.

"What exactly is so funny?" Freya asks, turning to glare at Sif.

"The fact that you think Jean Grey is Logan's fiancé. She is still married to Victor and they lead the X-Men though previous members have joined the Avengers. Whoever told you that Logan was marrying Jean was clearly lying." Sif answers, checking her phone as she is speaking.

"My parents, the king and queen of Asgard were having a conversation about the wedding of Logan and Jean Grey. Neither of them is liars. They have no reason to lie." Freya responds, trying to read any message that came through on Sif's phone.

"Maybe they were discussing the wedding that never happened or wanted to give you a reason to come back to Earth." Sif says, moving her phone away and out of Freya's sight and reach.

With Freya still glaring at her Sif pockets her phone and turns to Laura. "Would you like to come with me to collect Cain? We can even stop and get a hot chocolate if that's alright with both your parents."

"I would like to see Cain. I have missed him a lot. Does he have a girlfriend yet?" Laura asks as she moves to stand at Sif's side.

"He's a bit young to have a girlfriend but he's got a number of female friends. I promise you can still have the day with your father once Cain is back. He will probably want to spend time with Thor. The two of them have become close since Fandral left earth and returned to Asgard."

"Laura, I think It is better if you stay here until Cain returns." Freya says, not liking the idea of her daughter being away from her.

"Laura if you'd like to go and help your aunt Sif, I think that's very kind of you." Logan says, just after Freya has told Laura no.

"So, umm am I allowed to go?" Laura asks, looking first at Freya and then at Logan.

"No Laura."

"Of course, you are."

Thor sighed, "how about I go with her Freya. You know that Sif can be trusted with your daughter and it gives you a chance to speak with Logan. Maybe it will give you a chance to ask Logan questions and for him to ask you some as well."

"Brother, I don't normally allow Laura to go anywhere without me. She is still noticeably young and needs her mother." Freya said, hating the idea of being away from her only daughter.

"Sister, she will not be with a stranger but with her aunt Sif. Someone that your daughter trusts completely. I would hope someone that you also trust. Maybe this is your second chance to have a friendship with Sif. It would mean a lot to me as she's especially important to me."

"Well of course she's important to you Thor, Sif is one of your oldest friends." Freya says with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Actually, sister she is my girlfriend and we've been dating for nearly two years. I spend time with her and Cain as family and I also spend time with Cain. They are my family Freya, just as they are your family as well."

"You are dating Sif again. Didn't you try dating her before and it well went to hell."

"That was my fault sister and Laura and Sif have left to collect Cain."

"Shit!" Freya shouts running out of the room to try and catch up with Sif and Laura before they leave.

Sif has just started the car when Freya appears and climbs into the front passenger's seat. "I am coming with you. It seems that Cain is to be my step nephew and you will be my sister-in-law."

"Thor and I haven't discussed marriage, but you are welcome to come with us. Please though don't use the term step nephew in front of my son."

"You've been dating for how long? If Logan of all people is planning to marry." Freya starts only to be interrupted by Sif.

"Logan isn't engaged and as far as I am aware, he is not even dating anyone. Being a member of the avengers keeps him busy and he also helps at the school." Sif says as she parks the car outside a building that Freya does not recognise.

"Where exactly are we? I thought cain was at a sleepover."

"He is at a sleepover; it is just that the sleepover is being held at his school. He is one of the few pupils who doesn't board. It is also the holidays so he doesn't have lessons for a few more weeks." Sif explains as she climbs out of the car.

"Could he not have hosted the sleepover?" Freya asks also climbing out.

"Thor and I were on a date last night and until Scott is actually settled Tony has asked that Cain doesn't bring too many friends home. Cain is very understanding and really only has one friend that he's actually closes to."

"Do you live in the Avengers base then? I thought the plan was for you to rent or buy a place once you had the money."

"Yes, I live in the avengers base and so does Cain. It is not always perfect but we make do and the avengers are exceedingly kind."

"So, Logan works in a school. This doesn't look like Jean Greys school."

"That's because it isn't. Jean has closed her school, as there were not enough pupils. Talk to Logan if you want to know more. Who he dates is none of my business?" Sif says as she rings the doorbell.

The front door opened, and Freya is surprised to see an adult Marie standing there. "Hi Sif, please come in Cain is out the back with Pietro. Do not worry they did get a few hours' sleep. Good morning princess Freya of Asgard It is nice to see you again. Hello Laura, it is nice to see you again."

"Hi Marie." Laura said, from behind her mother while trying to spot her now younger cousin.

"Let's all step inside and Laura you are welcome to go and find your cousin." Marie said, clearly wanting everyone to get inside.

"I made sure that we were not followed, but if you want us inside then we will come inside." Sif said, following Marie inside.

Freya frowns but follows keeping Laura even closer. She also refuses to let go of her daughter's hand.

"Mother, can I please go and find Cain?" Laura begged.

"No, I think you are safer next to me."

"The children in this school, are safe. Kitty, John, Bobby, and I do everything we can to make sure they stay safe. Logan plays a big part in making sure that everyone is safe." Marie says, annoyance clear in her voice.

"Sif has to make sure that she was not followed. How exactly is this a safe building?" Freya questioned.

"This is a school, for mutants and one of our pupils is the daughter of magneto. I do not need the press to find out her location and put it in the newspaper. If that happens then nobody in this school, will be safe. That is something that I cannot risk. Princess Freya you might not like me or believe my school, is safe, but I don't endanger the lives of children." Marie said as she began to make a cup of tea for both Sif and Freya.

Sif smiles, "I know you would never endanger a child be them mutant or human. Freya knows this as well she's just in mother mode now."

While the adults sat down to drink some tea and coffee, Laura saw her chance to find Cain. She knew her mother would not be incredibly happy, but she hadn't seen Cain for seven full years. When they'd been in the lab, he had been her absolute best friend. She quickly left the kitchen and walked out into the garden.

Cain is in the middle of a fake battle with his friend Pietro when Laura appears in the garden. When she sees Pietro push Cain to the ground she reacts before she has time to think. What she is not expecting is for Cain to snarl and protect the boy who seemed to be hurting him. It was something that did not make any sense to her.

"Who are you and why did you attack my friend?" Cain growls, his nails starting to grow.

"Cain It is me Laura. Don't you remember me?"

"Laura is on Asgard with her mother and doesn't want to come back to Earth."

"Time moves differently on Asgard It is me. I am fourteen and your ten. I am sorry if I hurt your friend, I thought he was a threat."

"Pietro and I were just having a fake fight. All training has to take part in the training room." Cain explains, lowering his hands and looking apologetic.

"Your mother allows you to train? Mother will not allow me to fight. Instead, she has been teaching me how to help heal the sick and injured. What's it like to train?" Laura asks, watching her younger cousin with curiosity.

Before Cain can answer the question, the children are being called inside by Marie. Not one of the children argue despite it being a sunny and beautiful day.

Avengers Base

Logan starts clearing the plates once everyone has finished eating. "Tony do you want me to collect Scott's plate or will you?" He asks as he stacks the plates next to the sink.

"I can collect his plate. So, were you really engaged to Dr Grey?" Tony asks, from the door of the kitchen.

"Plate first and if you help me dry them then I might just tell you." Logan grumbles.

"You have yourself a deal." Tony responds with a grin before adding, "Laura won't be upset that Scott sometimes uses her room to work on his assignments. He knows he has a room, but he likes her desk. I promise he hasn't really moved anything."

"It is fine Tony. Laura will be fine with a member of her family finding her room to be somewhere he feels safe."

"If it is a problem please just make sure she doesn't shout."

"I will speak with her once she gets back. Hell, I promised her that I would take her shopping and spend time with her. Trust me when I say I am not sure what she will want but I am going to try."

"She will be happy enough just to spend some time with you."

"I hope so Tony I really do. Go and gets Scott's plate and if he wants to sit in here, he's welcomed to listen to the story. It won't be remarkably interesting to him, but I won't stop him listening."

Tony grins and finally leaves the kitchen to find his son. He's known the boy less than a week and yet every time he tells someone that Scott is his son, he is just filled with nothing but pride. The boys different to him in personality but in looks It is noticeably clear that Scott shares his features. He checks Scott's bedroom first and then Laura's just in case and the last place he checks is the living room where he finds Scott talking to himself. This has happened a couple of times and for the moment Tony has chosen to ignore this behaviour. Bruce, Steve, and Clint have offered advise but it was Logan who had told him to just talk to his son and find a way to work out a solution without making a fuss about it.

Scott turned away from his friend that only he could see upon hearing footsteps. He had expected the person behind him to be the Asgardian prince or even captain Rogers, instead it was Mr Stark. "Did I do something wrong Mr Stark? You said I did not have to eat my breakfast with everyone. I didn't eat my food in here I promise."

"Don't worry you aren't in trouble Scott and if you wish to eat in here you can. When we have movie nights, we all eat in here, I know you haven't been to a movie night yet and that isn't a bad thing. We all want you to feel safe here in the Avengers base and if you need more time that's not a bother." Tony says. As he approaches the young boy carefully.

"What's a movie night?"

"That's when the team spend time together watching a movie. We take it in turns to pick a movie. One night if you'd like to join us, we would all be incredibly happy to see you there and you can pick a movie if you want to."

"Isn't it just for the team? I am not a member of the Avengers." Scott says, so quietly that It is almost impossible to hear him.

"When I say team, I am talking about everyone who lives in the base. We are a family and that means we spend time together and help each other out." Tony says sitting down on the arm of the sofa.

"So, master Cain is allowed to pick films even though he's not an avenger?"

"That is right, but Scott you can call him Cain. I know you are always polite to us, but no one will be angry if you just call us by our names."

"Won't Dr Banner make the green one eats me if I am rude?"

"No Bruce is far too nice to ever do that and Hulk won't harm you. He tends to always be angry, but he doesn't hurt children and I can introduce you to him if you'd like."

"I don't want to be hurt."

"It is ok Scott. Before you meet Hulk, I will speak with him and you won't be alone with him. Miss Natasha will keep you safe. You like her, don't you?"

"She's pretty and has red hair but her ledger is soaked in blood."

"Why would you say something like that?" Tony asks, worry slipping into his voice at the idea his little boy saying such things.

"Dr Banner called her pretty. Is that a bad thing to say?" Scott asks looking up at Tony with big eyes.

"No, it is not bad to call Natasha pretty because she is a very pretty woman. I was wondering more about what you meant about her ledger. Did someone tell you this or did you hear it from someone?"

"My friend told me about her ledger, but I don't know what he meant."

"Which of your friends told you about the ledger?" Tony asks, curious as to who Scott considered to be a friend.

"He's asked me not to tell you his name. If you know who he is then you will be angry. He said if you become angry that you will lock me away as that's what adults do when children are bad." Scott mumbles though he no longer seems to be speaking to Tony but rather to someone hidden.

Tony searched the room with his eyes to try and figure out who Scott could be speaking to. He could not see anyone in the room except for himself and Scott. More than anything he wanted to ask Scott who he was talking to but was not sure how to word his question. Before he is able to even try and ask his question Logan enters the room with a smile on his face.

"Tony, I guess you got out of drying the plates."

"Sorry Logan I got a bit distracted. You are still willing to tell me the story of your almost marriage." Tony asks, moving to sit on the sofa next to Scott but making sure not to touch him.

"Yes, Tony I am still willing to tell the story. I am just going to wait for the team and my daughter and her mother to return." Logan says, as he sits down in one of the comfy armchairs.

"We have to wait for Freya to get back why? Shouldn't she know all about your almost marriage to Jean Grey."

"If we had dated then yeah, she probably would know but we never dated. I am telling her about the almost wedding so she will stop thinking that I am engaged." Logan says from his armchair doing his best not to raise his voice or allow any anger to enter his voice.

Tony nodded not sure what he could say in response when Logan was being so bloody reasonable.

Part Nineteen

An hour goes by before the team and Freya enter the sitting room. Laura is speaking to Cain about Asgard and notices how silent he becomes the second they enter the living room.

"Cain, what's wrong? Why are you no longer asking me questions? I thought you wanted to learn all about Asgard. Your grandmother is an amazing person and I am sure she wants to meet her amazing grandson." Laura asks, looking down at her younger cousin unaware that there are others in the room.

"Scott's not very good with loud noises or too many people." Cain tries to explain.

"I am not being that noisy and isn't it just you and me in the room?" Laura asks, her voice raising in volume.

"No Laura it isn't. I know that you are excited, and no one wants to stop you being excited but please use your inside voice. Scott's still becoming used to everything that happens in the base on a daily basis." Sif tries to explain aware that It is not really her job to tell her niece off.

"Is he the one who used my room while I was on Asgard? Why was he in my room?" Laura shouts her angry growing with each word. "Daddy, why did you let him in my room? Doesn't he understand the concept of It is not his room"

"Laura please calm down." Logan starts only to be interrupted by Freya.

"Wild man there is no need to tell Laura to calm down. She has the right to be upset. It is bad enough you moved all her things out of the tower and into this base. Shouldn't you have your own home by now?"

"Freya, I have the right to tell my daughter to calm down. Laura, I allowed Scott into your room so he could see what he wanted in his room. Right now, all he has is a bed and a wardrobe. Tony did not want to pick out all of Scott's furniture as he believes Scott can pick somethings out himself. He didn't remove anything from your room, if he did anything Laura, I am sure it was simply putting the books into alphabetical order." Logan answers ignoring Freya completely.

"I have books in my room?" Laura asks clearly confused.

"Yes, I know you took many of your books and your favourite toys with you when you left for Asgard. In case you were able to visit I bought you the same books and every year I have added to your collection. You might not like all the books I have chosen but I've done my best. In your cupboard there should also be birthday and Christmas present from the team. After we return from shopping you can take a proper look around your room. This morning I am sure you were simply too tired to notice. Now would you please apologise to Scott."

"You kept buying me books. Only books?" Laura asks, a full smile on her face and all the anger gone.

"I also bought you toys, and Natasha helped to pick out clothes for you. As you are fourteen you won't like many of the toys but there should be a number of puzzles and some DVDs of movies and shows I thought you might enjoy."

"Thank you, daddy." Laura says rushing to him and throwing her arms around him knock. "Thank you, daddy, for remembering me. I am sure I will love everything you've chosen for me and if I don't like some of the books then Scott might like them or Cain."

"That's very kind of you Laura."

Laura turns and slowly walks up to Scott still smiling. "I am sorry if I upset you, that was never my intention. I hope that we can be friends. You are welcome to come to my room whenever you'd like to, just maybe knock first if I am inside please."

"I am sorry I did something wrong. Mr Stark please don't send me back I promise to be good." Scott replies clinging to Tony's arm as he starts to shake.

"No one is going to send you away I promise. They will only be able to send you back to that place after I have fought until my very last breath. Laura is no longer angry, and neither are her parents. You must remember that Laura has inherited her father's anger and her mother's emotions. This makes her teenage brain sometimes short circuit." Tony responds pulling Scott into his side.

Laura watched all of this but did not say a word as her grandmother had often said the same thing.

Freya though did not seem to feel the same way about the situation. The part of her that was a mother told her she needed to stay silent and allow Tony a chance to calm the poor boy down. The side of her that still sometimes showed itself, a part of her she tried to keep hidden as it was her royal side was angry. This boy had made a member of the royal family apologies and did not seem to have any manners. What annoyed her the most though was that Logan her wild man was avoiding answering her simple questions. "Laura there is no need for you to feel guilty. Tony simply hasn't taught his son any manners."

"Mother he has plenty of manners and Mr Stark is allowed to defend his son." Laura argues aware that her mother will not be pleased with her for arguing.

"Tony is wrong to assume that you are anything like the wild man. He might be your father Laura, but a real father would spend more time with their only daughter." Freya said her jealousy at the idea of Logan with someone else getting the better of her.

"Princess, I can't claim to be a perfect father, but I love Laura. As for Scott he has more manners than most adults. You are bloody aware that as a non-Asgardian I am not allowed on Asgard. The queen has made a few exceptions to this rule and I have spent a number of holidays with Laura." Logan growls, clearly just as angry as Freya.

"Daddy It is alright honest. I speak to you every day and thanks to that FaceTime thing I can see you. Mother is just angry that you are with that bitch Jean Grey. She still has your jacket and won't let grandfather burn it." Laura says trying to stop her parents fighting.

"It isn't alright Laura. Just three months ago he missed a phone call with you and didn't give you any kind of explanation."

"That was my fault." Cain mumbles only just loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Why was it your fault Cain?" Freya asks, sounding very annoyed. Something she did not actually want to feel towards the boy who Laura considered to be her best friend. It just angered her that Cain who had always seemed so sweet would do something so selfish.

"It was not completely Cain's fault and Freya I will remind you he isn't your son. You don't need to be angry with him." Sif said, coming to the defence of her son.

"He's the reason that my hus... I mean the father of my daughter ignored her. There is no reason for him to ignore his daughter for anyone. So, Cain explain how it is your fault that Logan would ignore his daughter."

"Freya, I didn't ignore Laura on purpose, and I was planning on telling her when I take her out shopping." Logan said, sounding tired at the need to constantly repeat himself.

"A shopping trip sounds like a wonderful idea. When should I be ready to go and where exactly will you be taking us?" Freya asks, still not ready to drop the subject.

"You miss understood Freya. I am not taking you both shopping just Laura. I want some father; daughter time and I am sure Laura wants the same."

"I don't like Laura being away from Mr wild man."

"I am her father princess and I am more than capable of looking after her. After all she's fourteen now and soon enough will find her parents dull and only want to hang out with other teenagers."

"Laura is nothing like other teenagers. She understands the meaning of the word family." Freya argues, annoyed that Laura has moved closer to her father.

"Even more reason for me to spend time with my daughter. You have had seven years with her Freya and in a month or maybe less the two of you will return to Asgard. I deserve to spend some time with my daughter. All I am doing is taking her shopping, I am not taking her to my cabin in Canada."

"You have a cabin in Canada, are you unable to afford a proper home. At some point Laura may wish to stay with you and your wife to be. Will there be enough room for Laura?" Freya asks, very aware that a cabin could be more than large enough for Logan and his new family.

"Are we sure that Logan and Freya are not married?" Natasha asks from her corner of the room.

"Very certain Natasha." Thor says, as he pulls Cain onto his lap. "Why do you question their status as a non-married couple?"

"They argue more than the only married couple that lives in the tower." Natasha says, with a cheeky grin as though she knows a secret that as of, yet the rest of the tower is not privy to.

"There is a married couple in the tower?" Freya asks before continuing, "has the wife of the relationship given up her job as an avenger to raise the children."

"As of yet Freya there are no children in the tower except for Cain and Scott." Bruce answers not actually knowing who the married couple could possibly be.

"There is also no wife in the marriage." Natasha adds, as she makes herself more comfortable next to Bruce.

"How exactly is that possible? Doesn't a marriage require both a man and a woman?" Freya asks, watching Natasha and Bruce very closely. A part of her that she had close of began to ignite itself inside of her. In the past she would have tried to figure out what the spark might mean but it was a part of her that she no longer trusted.

"In certain countries, people of the same sex are able to marry." Tony says, unsure how Freya is unaware of this bit of information. He had assumed that someone would have told her something as important as this.

"Not in every country?" Laura asks, looking first at her father and then at her mother.

"No. In some countries it is still very much against the law. There are some people who think of it as a sin, as something that is not right. None of us in the tower think this and you shouldn't either." Clint says, from his spot perching on the back of Natasha's chair.

"So, who is married?" Freya asks, directing the question at Natasha.

"At the moment he doesn't want anyone to know and I respect his privacy." Natasha answers.

"I thought the avengers were a family and knew these kinds of things about each other."

"We are a family, but all families have secrets. When he's ready for everyone to know then he will tell them."

"That seems very fair. Mum please just drop the subject. Dads going to tell us about his almost marriage to that women Jean Grey." Laura says, excited to hear a story about her father that has not been made up by her mother or grandmother. On Asgard they had not been allowed to spy on her father or the rest of the avengers. The only information she could know was that he was alive and safe.

"Logan do you think this is an appropriate story to tell with children in the room. Laura is still incredibly young and doesn't need to know certain things about your life." Freya starts, unsure if she is really saying this for Laura or for herself.

Thor laughs, "Freya you want to know the story and Laura is fourteen not four. She has the right to know that her father has been in love before. Not everything you tell her can be some made up fairy tale. It might even help you get to know Logan a man you keep calling yours."

"He is not my wild man. He's just the man who rescued me from a terrible place."

"A man whose jacket you still have. Mother tells me you wear it at every opportunity and father tells me you had a massive tantrum when he ordered the servants to wash it." Thor says, happy to annoy his sister.

"They could have ruined the jacket and Logan gave it to me."

"To keep you warm." Sif mumbles, speaking up for the first time in what felt like hours.

Freya glares but before she is able to say anything, Logan interrupts. "So, who wants to hear the story of my almost marriage to Jean."

"I do daddy." Laura says, sitting down at his feet her eyes occasionally moving to watch Scott who is once again talking to himself.

"Tony who is Scott talking to?" Freya asks, having also noticed.

"His friend and Logan were about to tell his story. Logan when you go out do you mind picking up a few things for Scott? I know you want to spend time with Laura but It is only a few things."

"I don't mind daddy. It is good to help family and Scott's your family so he is also my family. Plus, I would like to get him something myself and maybe something for Cain as well." Laura says before her parents can say something and get into yet another fight.

"Thank you, Laura, for being so understanding." Tony said, smiling at Laura.

Logan also smiles, "I promise this story won't take too long and then lots of shopping."

Laura grins, "come on dad spill it. Just remember no swearing because Scott is just a little kid. Though I think he's talking to his friend again."

Tony frowns but nods at Logan to start his story.

"You all seem very excited to hear about my humiliation." Logan starts noticing that almost everyone in the room is nodding apart from Freya who is frowning. "So anyway, a couple of years before I saved the princess, I had been dating Jean. We were members of the x-men. Teammates but also family and along the way I guess we fell in love. At least I thought it was love."

He pauses to catch his breath and study the reactions of the people in the room. Freya is still frowning and looking furious. Sif is on her phone as she knows the story. Laura has her eyes wide listening to every detail. The other Avengers are listening, but he can tell that Tony is more interested in watching his son than listening to the story.

"Anyway. Jean and I had been dating for several months. I cared for her deeply and still think of her as a friend. Even if I do not agree with all of her choices. Just before a mission I asked her to marry me and she agreed. She made all the decisions for the wedding and I was happy because she seemed happy. Day of the wedding came, and she was gone. She never explained and I moved on. Quite the x-men and joined shield." Logan finishes with a shrug.

"That's not much of a story." Clint says, not able to add anything more when Natasha hit him in the shin.

"He's not wrong." Freya says, "I was expecting some epic tale of love and one of you messing it up. Instead, she abandons you and I assume breaks your heart and yet she is still your friend. Do you at least know who she ran off with? On Asgard you would challenge the man and fight to win her back."

"Princess why would I do that? When your brother kidnapped me, Jean and I had arranged to try again. It did not happen, and she got married twice in the years that I was gone. I don't like her second husband but she's happy, that's the important thing." Logan answers with a shrug of his shoulders as he gets to his feet. "Laura gives me five minutes and then I will be ready to take you shopping."

"It is almost half past one in the afternoon. Laura needs food and will not the shops be closed. Did you not tell me that they close for lunch or something like that?" Freya asks wanting to delay her daughter spending time away from her.

"We can eat at the shopping mall. There are plenty of places to eat. Laura you can pick whatever you feel like eating. Don't worry Tony if you make me a list, I will pick up what you need for Scott." Logan explains, looking at his phone and then outside mumbling about rain.

"Uncle Logan, could you pick something up for me please?" Cain asks.

"Cain, you are doing homework for the rest of today." Sif said, not angry with her son but not about to let him forget the deal that they had made. He had been able to spend the night at the school, on the understanding that he did his homework over the weekend without complaining.

"I know mum and I am not trying to get out of doing my homework I swear. I was just wondering if Uncle Logan could pick something up so I can give it to Pietro."

"What would you like me to pick up for Pietro?" Logan asks, noticing the upset look in his nephew's eyes.

"I have the money." Cain says, before showing Logan a photo of something. "He saw it a few days ago but was not able to buy it and I thought I could get it for him."

"Yes, Cain I can pick it up for you. It is his birthday soon right." Logan says, taking the money but knowing he will somehow give it back to his nephew.

"It is in three days. It is Wanda's birthday as well but I've already got something for her." Cain mumbles, becoming very embarrassed.

Logan smiles and turns to Laura, "make sure you have a jacket with you as it looks as though It is going to rain."

Laura grins and rushes to get a jacket and a small handbag. Freya frowns but chooses not to say anything except hug her daughter and remind her to behave.

Part Twenty

Scott's bedroom

Scott entered his bedroom and quickly closed the door. "Loki are you here?" He asks searching under the bed for his only friend. It was not unusual for Loki to keep himself hidden for several minutes even when Scott was the only one in the room. For some reason it never seemed to upset the boy and he chose to think of it as a game rather than Loki being cruel.

"Master Scott can I help you with anything." Jarvis asks.

"No, I am fine thank you sir." Scott answers moving to sit on the bed. He hadn't been in the tower for exceptionally long, but Mr Stark was constantly telling him that the tower was his home. Yet he did not actually believe what he was being told. No one had ever wanted him in the past, and he could not think of a reason why Tony Stark of all people would want him now.

"Mr Stark is on his way to your bedroom to check on you." Jarvis says, just as the door of the bedroom opens.

Tony enters the bedroom and sits down next to Scott and puts an arm around him. "Scott, is there anything you would like Logan to buy for you from the store?" He asks, searching the room for signs that something is not right.

"I don't have any money and so wouldn't be able to pay him back." Scott mumbles, avoiding looking at Loki who has appeared on top of the wardrobe.

"You don't need to pay him back Scott or me either. If there are things that you would like all you need to do is, ask. What do you think about tonight to watching a film?"

"A film?"

"Yes, a film. Everyone on the team can get together and we call all enjoy a film. You can pick whatever film you'd like to watch and then we all watch it together." Tony answers not certain if he is still making any sense to the young boy.

"I don't know many films Mr Stark." Scott answers, looking at the floor in sham. Until he was found by the avengers, he had only left the room he had been staying in for the experiments and punishments. They had never allowed him to watch films though he had overhead many of the guards discussing what movie had just come out at the cinema.

"That doesn't matter Scott. I can find several that are suitable and then you can pick. Laura also will not have seen many films and she can pick after you and then Freya. We can eat popcorn and lots of different snacks."

"I've never had popcorn sir. What if I don't like it?"

"Then you can always try something else. You do not have to eat popcorn. I am going to be in my workshop, but you can come with me if you'd like."

"Won't I be in the way? I do not really know how to build anything. Could I maybe work on my assignments instead?" Scott asks, looking up at Tony with pleading eyes.

"Scott you won't be in the way I promise. You can bring a book down with you if you want to read or have a go with the workbooks." Tony says, making suggestions of things that he knows Scott enjoys. Clint and Bruce have suggested buying Scott colouring books and Tony had added it to the list he'd written for Logan.

"So, I can work on my assignments then?"

"Yes, and if you need help just ask me or Jarvis."

"Don't forget to bring a jumper with you as it can be cold in my workshop."

Scott nods but seems to hesitate his hand in his lap.

"Why don't I get the room set up for the two of us and you come and find me when you are ready." Tony says, standing up still searching the room for signs of danger. When it appears that the room is safe, he leaves the room praying that Scott won't be too long.

Thor's kitchen

Freya found herself on the floor that had been assigned to her brother Thor. With her daughter out shopping with the wild man she found herself on her own. She had investigated Cain's bedroom and found him doing his homework. A part of her had thought about helping but she realised that she would not understand and had slipped away without him noticing that she had even been there.

Somehow, she had ended up in her brother's kitchen sipping on a cup of coffee. She is onto her second cup when Thor finally enters the room. "Have you told our parents that you are dating your ex-fiancé?" Is her way of greeting her brother and getting some answers?

"I am sure Fandral would have informed them. Mother likes Sif and father will respect my decision. Why don't you tell me what's really got you in such a foul mood?" Thor says, as he joins his sister at the kitchen table.

"Why would Fandral tell mother and father? Thor did you steal Sif away from Fandral? He is one of your oldest and dearest friends. Surely no girl even Sif should come between you."

"When you left Sif and Fandral did try and date. I do not know what happened and I haven't asked. One day they were together and the next morning he was gone. Sif was furious and Cain heartbroken. He adored Fandral but it appears he didn't feel the same way."

"So once Fandral was gone she hopped into bed with you?" Freya asks, certain that Sif was the one to blame for the breakup.

"No that is not what happened. Sif and Fandral were together two months and they never shared a bed. I did not ask her out until seven months later and I made it clear that our friendship was the most important thing. Our first date was almost a disaster as Cain had to come with us. He is very protective of his mother and told me if I harmed her then no one would find my body. I promised him that I would do everything in my power to never hurt her." Thor said, a smile gracing his lips.

"You really love her, don't you?"

"I love them both Freya. Do not think for a second that I don't care about Cain as though he was my own son. Laura will be fine with Logan you don't need to worry and don't be jealous either."

I am not jealous brother. It is good for Logan to spend time with his daughter. He is missed out on so much and I know she's missed him. Will you tell me why Logan ignored his daughter and forgot their weekly phone call." Freya asks, sure that her brother would want to share with her.

"You are jealous Freya. It is an emotion that everyone experiences even those from Asgard. You are jealous that Laura wants to see her father and spend time with him. For seven Asgardian years you have been her main parent. Her wanting to spend time with her father does not stop her loving you. As for Logan well I think we both know your real reason for coming to earth." Thor questions knowing his sister very well and understanding that emotions are still not her strong point.

"We are not going to discuss my emotions Thor. I came to Earth so my daughter could attend her father's wedding. Mother and father do not get things wrong. Therefore, Logan must be marrying someone and I have the right to meet this woman. Make sure she will be a good wife and stepmother to Laura." Freya growled, her eyes flashing red for just a second.

"Freya you can make sure they will be a good stepmother when Logan marries. It is not up to you to decide if the woman is good enough for Logan. He's a grown man and can actually make his own decisions."

"Compared to us Thor he is a child and clearly can't find a decent woman. The last woman he was engaged to left him at the altar and is now married to his brother. He clearly needs help and it is my duty to help people find love. If I can find him a good and loving wife then I will no longer have to worry about him."

"Freya you only need to find love for the people of Asgard. Logan is from earth and linked to you so you can not interfere in his love life. You would also miss out on the chance of dating him." Thor says, trying not to seem cruel or heartless.

"I have no plans to ever date someone like Logan."

Part Twenty-One

"Freya what exactly is wrong with Logan? He is the father of your child and treats you with a lot of respect. I was unaware that you were waiting for a prince to sweep you off your feet." Thor responds unamused with his sister's attitude.

"There is nothing exactly wrong with him Thor, but his manners are horrible. I also won't date someone who is in love with somebody else." Freya explains.

"Who exactly is Logan meant to be in love with? The only woman that Logan spends any real time with are Natasha and Sif, neither of which he is attracted to. Sif is a sister to him, and Natasha is a teammate nothing more."

"I no longer wish to discuss this Thor. Why don't you explain to me how Tony has a six-year-old son?" Freya asked, changing the subject not caring that she had already asked the question. She wanted answers and if anyone were going to give in and tell her what she wanted to know then it would be Thor. After all she was his big sister, and they had a reasonably close relationship. Loki would have been easier to win to her side or he had been when they spoke.

"The same way that most couples end up with a child. If you wish to learn about Scott, then you need to speak with Tony. Wait until tomorrow though because he is spending time with his son today. It is not fair to interrupt especially as they don't spend a lot of time together."

"Does Tony not like his son? I understand that the boy has some issues but that is not a reason to stay away from your child. It is important to spend time with one's children. I mean you even spend time with Cain I assume." Freya asks, watching her brother very closely.

"Freya you are a guest in this tower and need to behave yourself. Just because you are in a mood does not give you the right to be such a bitch. I strongly suggest you go to your floor and calm down." Thor growled, lightening lighting up the sky. He stands and quickly leaves the room.

Freya watches as her brother leaves the room not understanding what she is said wrong. She had assumed it was obvious to everyone that the boy had some issues, especially the talking to himself bit. If it was meant to be a normal stage, then it was something Laura had never gone through. She had done everything in her power to raise to daughter to become a mature young woman. Still angry with her brother for being so strange with her she goes in search of Sif believing her old friend will be more willing to tell her what she has missed.

Shopping Mall

Logan walked back to Laura carrying the tray full of food. He smiles when he notices her texting someone. "Can I ask who you are texting and how you have a new phone?" He says as he takes a seat opposite his daughter.

"Mr Stark gave me an upgrade. That is ok isn't it. He told me both Cain and Scott have phones." Laura asks, sounding guilty.

"It is fine Laura but double check with your mother. I do not want her thinking that I am spoiling you. So, who are you texting? If you don't mind me asking?"

"Marie and Kitty. I know they are older than me, but they offered to give me advice with the clothes I'd like to get. If that is alright with you dad. As for mum I think she's just struggling with the idea that you and she are not together and I know that the two of you need to get to know each other. Maybe the two of you can have a meal together, especially now she knows you aren't marrying that whore Jean Grey." Laura says in between munching on her hamburger and occasionally grabbing a fry.

"If your mother will allow it, I would love for you to stay on earth and go to school, with Cain. Kitty and Marie are young, but they do know what they are doing when it comes to running the school. You can always go to a normal high school if you would prefer but you'd need to be incredibly careful. I will speak with your mother about going out for a meal together." Logan says, taking his time with eating his meal.

"I am sure that she will say yes. When do you think you will ask her?"

"I will ask her this evening, but the meal will be for later in the week. Tony wants us all to watch a film and you can pick a film but nothing violent."

"I get first pick?"

"Second pick. Tony's already promised Scott that he can go first. I am sure you can help Scott pick something." Logan says quickly, unsure if he is daughter was angry.

"It is alright daddy, Scott's only six and he's Tony's son. I do not mind that Scott will be picking first. Do you think I will ever get younger siblings?" Laura asks, with a grin as she drains her large coke in just a few seconds.

Logan was slower with his food but soon enough he was also finished. "Where would you like to go first? Or do you want to chat some more?"

"We can shop and chat right dad."

"Of course, and I will explain about missing your call. I know Cain said it was his fault, but I don't want you to be angry with him. He's your cousin and hasn't really done anything wrong."

"It is alright dad; I am not going to start a war with my cousin over one missed phone call. I was upset when you didn't ring me, but I do understand that you've got a job and can't always ring when you say you will. So, does Cain have a girlfriend? Mum says I am not allowed to date until I am sixteen but personally, I think I am old enough now. I kissed plenty of boys while on Asgard but none of them were the sons of lords or dukes. Grandfather says I need to have a wealthy husband to restore some honour on the family." Laura says, as she spies is a shop full of fashionable outfits.

"I don't need to know that you have kissed lots of boys. If your mother says sixteen then I am not going to argue. Trust me Laura If it were up to me you wouldn't date until you were fifty. I think sixteen is a very reasonable age. As for Cain as far as I am aware, he doesn't have a girlfriend. Sif has not mentioned it to me anyway and Thor hasn't boosted about his son having a girlfriend at ten. You should marry who you wish to marry. I know your grandfather wants you to marry someone who has a title, but Laura I just want you to marry for love." Logan says as he follows his daughter into the clothes shop. He tried not to look at the prices.

Father and daughter spend hours going from shop to shop. When they arrive home It is quarter to eight and the avengers are getting ready to watch a film. Freya notices eight large shopping bags all of which are full and is not amused.

"Logan, why did you buy Laura so many clothes? She has more than enough on Asgard." Freya asks, grabbing one of the bags and going through it.

"She needs clothes while staying on Earth and I didn't get her that much. The small bag is for Cain to give to Pietro and at least two bags are for Scott. Though nothing I got for Scott is clothing." Logan says, taking deep breaths to remain calm. He knew that getting into a fight would not help anyone.

"Did you only buy Laura clothing? She needs more than just clothing to get by. Why didn't you buy Scott any clothing? Surely he needs clothing and what did Cain get for Pietro?" Freya asks, her voice staying at a level volume but the anger clear in the tone of her voice which was directed at Logan.

"No Freya I bought her several books, some vouchers for her phone as well as some notebooks and some workbooks so we can see what she knows about Earth."

"Why does she need to learn about Earth? Her home is on Asgard."

"She might want to move back to Earth so I can spend more than a week with her. Freya, I got our daughter what she asked for and nothing more. I can buy her clothes or whatever else she might want including seven teddy bears." Logan said, his voice starting to rise in anger. He did not want to lose his temper over something that in reality was plain stupid.

"So, what did you get for Scott?" Freya asked, trying to ignore the fact that her daughter probably did want to be on Earth for longer than a week.

"Exactly what Tony asked me to get for him."

"That doesn't answer my question."

"No, I guess it doesn't but why exactly do you need to know. Tony is Scott's father."

"Then why did you need to buy the boy things. Could not Tony go out with his son."

"At the moment Scott isn't leaving the tower." Tony says half listening to the argument between Freya and Logan while also listening to Scott as he reads descriptions of different films.

Freya huffs but before she is able to say anything, Clint calls out that the films about to start.

Logan walks away from Freya and towards the sitting room effectively ending the conversation.

Part Twenty-Two

In order to let her daughter, get to know her father, Freya made the decision that they would stay on earth for at last four months. What she did not acknowledge even to herself was the fact that they were staying so she could try and get to know Logan as well.

A small part of her had assumed and silently hoped that it would be an easy task, but Logan was not like the men of Asgard who were willing to spill all their deepest darkest secrets. She would ask him questions and he would answer but never give too much away.

It was incredibly infuriating trying to get anything even slightly personal out of him and it made her want to scream and hit him. There had been times when she had come remarkably close to hitting him, but Laura always seemed to appear just before she could lose her temper.

During the four months she became friends with the Avengers. At least once a month the team would gather for movie night and find ways to bond. During the day they would play board games and card games. If the children joined in, then the games would always become just slightly more child friendly. Logan would almost always mention this but never loud enough for Scott to overhear.

Freya was reading a book one Saturday afternoon while Laura was out with friends when Logan walks in. "Logan can you not see that I am busy?"

"You are reading the same book you've been reading for the last four months. I do actually believe you are rereading it for the fifth time. This is also my floor and so my library. I came to ask if you were busy this evening. Clearly you are busy, and I am sorry to have interrupted." Logan says, still in the doorway of the library.

"You don't tell Scott off for coming into your library."

"He's six and his father owns the tower. If I am mean to him, well Tony will kick me out after setting the rest of the team on me. Only person you can send to beat me up is Thor and while he will hurt me, he won't kill me."

"He would if I asked him nicely." Freya argues.

"No, it would upset Sif and then she'd kick his butt. He might punish me and give me a good beating, but the avengers try not to kill each other."

"Logan, what do you want?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me to eat a meal. Laura would like us to try and be friends and I promised her I would try."

"Are you asking me out on a date?" Freya asked, putting the book down and moving towards Logan.

"No Freya I am not. I am asking you out to enjoy a meal with me which I will pay for. It is a chance for us to act like adults and have real conversations." Logan says, looking down at Freya's head. It was something he knew annoyed her.

"So not a date. That is good. I do not need you falling in love with me and then being miserable for years when I leave. So, a meal that sounds reasonable. What about Laura? Do you think she should come with us? We've never left her alone in the tower before."

"She won't be alone Freya. The avengers are having a small victory party and I believe that Laura is looking after Cain and Scott. Don't worry she volunteered, and Tony is going to pay her twenty dollars an hour." Logan explains, doing his best to keep his voice calm.

"That seems like a lot of money."

"Tony wants to pay her a reasonable amount for looking after two boys. Cain is not always the easiest child to look after and Scott won't be allowed to just hide in his room." Logan says, unsure if Freya has agreed to sharing a meal or not.

"When will we be having this meal and are, we going to the place together or separately. No one seems to trust me with driving a car still." Freya says, deciding that it will do Laura some good to spend time with her cousin and Scott.

"I was thinking tonight. Team parties are not my thing and as you are not part of the team you are not invited to the party. How about I pick you up at seven and I will drive us both to the restaurant. On one of my days off maybe I can teach you to drive. Laura has already asked me for lessons." Logan said, noticing the angry look that flashes across Freya's face.

"Laura is a bit young to be driving a car. I would rather she concentrate on her studies than go looking for boys in town. My. I mean our daughter will not be lose like me or you. I want her to find love not just a good roll in the hay."

"Laura is very much her own person. I will see you at seven by the front door of the tower."

"See you then Logan."

At seven on the dot Logan appeared at the front door of the tower. He stepped aside to allow Steve to leave aware that Steve was doing something stupid. He did not though feel that it was his place to stop his friend and so he said nothing.

"Where is Steve going? I thought the team were having a party to celebrate victory." Freya asked, walking down the stairs in a black strapless dress with high heels on her feet. It did not escape her notice that Logan was not wearing a suit.

"I didn't ask, he will turn up at the party later." Logan answers, not turning around to look at Freya. He was sure that she would have chosen to wear a dress flat shoes and of course his jacket. During the four months that she had been on Earth he could not think of a time when she had not worn the jacket. Tony enjoyed teasing him and Sif would just give him, and I told you so look.

Freya frowned, "why would you not ask him? I was informed that the two of you were friends. Do you not wish to know what he is doing? Especially if he is doing something stupid as you claim."

"He's an adult and nothing I say will stop him from going out. I am his friend Freya, but I am not his father and I don't intend to treat him like a child. He feels he needs to do this and if I was in his situation, I think I would do the same. Are you ready to go?" Logan asks, turning around and finally noticing the dress. Upon seeing the dress, he is reminded of nightmares he's been having since Freya left three and a half years ago. The nightmare always starts the same way with Freya in a black dress and metal creatures destroying New York. He told himself that it was just a nightmare or down to sometimes sleeping in the school, around unstable mutant children, and teenagers.

"So, you do know what he's planning on doing?"

"Yes, I know." Logan asked, still staring at the dress, and trying not to dwell on the nightmares.

"Will you tell me?" Freya asked, noticing the way he was looking at her dress. "Is there something wrong with my dress? Natasha told me that I needed to look nice for our date. I told her it was not a date, but she wouldn't believe me and then Miss Potts and Sif became involved. All three of them told me that you were taking me to a genuinely nice restaurant."

"Not here Freya. To many ears listening in on the conversation. There is nothing wrong with your dress. It is just that I've had nightmares and you were wearing the dress. You do not need to worry about it. I sometimes sleepover at the school when Marie and the others need some help." Logan explains, not wanting to go into too much detail.

"What does the school, have to do with your nightmares?"

"Adam one of the students. You met him three and a half years ago, is an extraordinarily strong telepath and when he has nightmares. He can project them onto other people. It is not something he does on purpose, but it happens and I assume I shared one of his nightmares. The poor kid has probably ended up in mine more times than he would care to admit. As I said It is nothing to worry about. And we need to leave now if we hope to make it in time for our reservation." Logan said, leading the way out of the tower and towards his car.

They arrive at the restaurant ten minutes later and are escorted to a private room in the back.

"Logan, I thought this was not a date. Why the need for such privacy?" Freya hissed as she followed Logan.

"Tony owns the place and thought it would be better for us to have privacy. The whole world knows my face but that does not mean I want my private life all over magazine. Anyway, this way we can talk and not be distracted or interrupted by the other customers."

"That does seem logical. Plus, I suppose it would be nice to have a real conversation. Did you explain to Laura why you missed her phone calls? I've asked her but she won't tell me."

"I explained the parts of the story that were mine to tell."

"So, you didn't tell her the whole story. Logan you can't lie to her she's fourteen not four."

"I didn't lie to her Freya and I explained that there were parts of the story I could not tell. Anything she wanted to know about those parts she was welcome, to ask Cain. He probably didn't tell her anything as he's not told his mother but if she asked then she asked."

"Logan what exactly happened and why is it Cain's story to tell. I know he said it was his fault, but I thought he was lying to protect you." Freya confesses, she had been assumed that Cain would lie to protect his uncle and stop any fighting between her and Logan.

"Cain only lies to protect Pietro or get out of doing more homework. I am his uncle and he care about me but not enough to lie. It was down to him that I missed my phone calls to Laura."

"There had better be a good reason Logan because she is your daughter!" Freya shouts, unaware that she had allowed her emotions to gain control.

"Freya please calm down. You are acting as though I betrayed Laura in some way. She was happy enough with the explanation and yet you are still annoyed."

"You haven't explained to me Logan."

"Mostly because you keep interrupting me." Logan argues back.

"Then just bloody tell me."

"Cain was snatched off the street. It took us months to find him. During my search for my nephew, I did not think about anything else but finding him. Sif was beside herself with worry and then the school, was attacked, and I had to ask her to stay at the school. Thor wanted to go to Asgard, but Sif told him that she didn't want Asgardian guards going after her son. She wouldn't explain herself and it was her decision."

"You could have phoned, and I would have come to help. I might not be able to fight but I could have done something. Why wouldn't you ask for help? If Laura had gone missing or been hurt, I would have called you straight away. At the very least you could have made up a lie and said you had to go away on a mission. So how long was he missing?" Freya asked, dreading the answer but needing to know. She knew that over the last four months she hadn't been exceedingly kind to him, but she would still hurt anyone who tried to harm him.

"Sif didn't want me asking the royal family for help and I had to honour her wishes. I didn't have your number and it didn't cross my mind to figure out a lie." Logan says, trying to keep the anger out of his voice. He knew that arguing would not help anyone.

"He was missing for nearly six months. We don't talk about its Freya and you are not to question him about what happened to him. He won't answer and it will only upset him which will anger and upset Sif."

"Don't you think that it would help him to discuss what happened? Cain has clearly gone through hell and needs help."

"I am very aware that Cain needs help. We are all aware that it would benefit him to talk through what happened. Right now, though Sif isn't willing to push the issue and it is her decision as his mother. You can try and talk to her, but it really won't change anything." Logan said, pausing as the waitress bring them their food and a second round of drinks.

They waited until the waitress had left before continuing the conversation.

"What does Victor say about his son's mental health? Or Thor, he is going to be Cain's stepfather and I've heard Cain call him dad. Do they not have a say in the matter? Are medical decisions not made by both parents?" Freya questioned. She was aware of what Victor had done to Sif, but the spiteful side of her did not completely believe what Sif had told them all. It was a side of her personality that caused her a lot of shame but when it came to Sif, she always became jealous.

"Victor is a monster who will never have anything to do with Cain. If you think for a second, he should then maybe you should remember what he did to Sif. He gave up his parental rights to Cain before the boy was even born. As for Thor now he agrees with Sif and just wants them both happy. Bruce is keeping an eye on Cain as is Strange." Logan answers, trying not to be too blunt with Freya. He hates the idea of her thinking that Victor is a decent man but does not want to have an argument. Discussing his family even in the back room of the restaurant is dangerous enough.

"I am sorry, you are right about Victor I am sure though he was never aggressive towards me when we were at your ex's school. He seemed almost charming if one could ignore the stink of death, he carried with him. Sif is Cain's mother and knows what is best for her son. Who though is Strange? And why is he watching my nephew?"

"Dr Strange is a master of the mythical arts or something like that. He is also a brilliant doctor who has met Cain on several occasions and speaks with him. Mostly though he looks after Scott as the boy trusts him while Cain tends to snarl at almost every doctor. They don't like being growled at and several have tried to sell their stories about Cain being dangerous."

"This Dr Strange understands magic?

Maybe he should be living on Asgard to learn more."

"He's human and I don't think he wishes to leave his son behind."

"This Doctor has a son?"

"Yup. Cute kid if you ignore how powerful he is."

"The child has a title then. Is his mother a royal?"

"Nope just a doctor like his father. He is powerful because his mother is a mutant and his father a powerful mutant. Kid inherited from both. I tried babysitting the kid once and it didn't go well at all." Logan says with a laugh as he remembers the incident.

Freya watched him laugh and could not help the smile that spread across her face. Her eyes even twinkled for a second and her heart skipped a beat.

"What's so amusing Princess?"

"The way you laugh. I do not think I've ever heard you laugh even when we watched that film with the team. Everyone else was laughing but you just watched it."

"I just didn't think it was that funny, I am glad though the children were in bed because it was not an appropriate movie for any of them."

"No, it was very rude but then it was Tony who picked it out."

Avengers Tower

Meanwhile back at Avengers tower the party was in full swing.

Tony was the centre of attention entertaining his guests with stories of the avenger's adventures. He was careful not mention the name of his son or the other children in the tower. Sif did not want the world knowing about her son in case friends used him just to meet the avengers. Logan and Freya had managed to agree that the world did not need to know of their daughter until Laura was old enough to make her own choices. His reasons for not mentioning Scott were very much to keep his son safe from those who would try and hurt him.

Turning away from his group of followers he looked around the room and noticed most of the avengers were having a good time. It had not escaped his notice that Steve had arrived late to the party. He planned to speak to him privately as soon as they both had a free moment. In the past he would have called Steve out in front of everyone just to embarrass the other guy. Now that he knew Steve and considered him a friend, he understood that it would be cruel to do such a thing. He did though decide to keep an eye on him just in case something was wrong. As soon as he could he also planned to speak with Natasha.

"Mr Stark, is there a reason that the wolverine is missing from the celebration?" A reporter asks, shoving a microphone in Tony's face.

"The wolverine is not one for parties. His reasons for not being here are his own."

"So, it is not because he's on a date. I have a source that says he's in the back room of a restaurant you own discussing a lot of things."

"If Wolfy has a date then I say good for him. Talking is normally thing that normal people do on dates right."

"The Wolverine is far from normal." A party guest mumbles.

"I heard he was a weapon." Another says.

"Created by shield and controlled by the avengers." A reporter says as they begin to take notes.

Tony frowns and is about to say something when Steve starts to speak.

"Wolverines private life is nobody's business. He fought alongside me against Nazis and Hydra scum. I think Tony will agree when I say show some respect or get the hell out of avengers tower." Steve says, his voice dangerously low as the other avengers crowded around him.

Tony nods, "you all heard the captain, show respect or you can leave. I invited you all here to be polite, but I can very easily make you all leave."

The reporters exchange looks but seem to agree that they are not going to get a story from members of the avengers. It is the guests though that are interested in who wolverine might be dating and several women even ask for his number. Tony smiles and apologies that he is unable to give out personal numbers.

Natasha is quick to start the party again whispering to Tony that Steve had moved to the balcony.

Tony steps out onto the balcony and spots Steve instantly and calls out to him.

"Hey, Tony. Shouldn't you be inside enjoying the party? It is after all your party." Steve says, looking down at the city below."

"I should be but so should you Steve. Can I ask why you were late to the party?"

"I am not really particularly good at parties. Your father invited me to several that he hosted. Bucky enjoyed them but I mostly stayed in the corner and was happy enough to be away from the fighting." Steve says, still not looking at Tony.

"Howard did enjoy parties. Think It is the one thing I have in common with him aside from the good looks. So, you going to tell me why you were late."

"I had something that I needed to do. Does it really matter? I am here now, and I came back earlier than I was expecting."

"It is important because you are the leader of the avengers. Were you looking into Hydra? We destroyed one of their bases and will continue to fight them. The thing that almost killed you will be found and punished. We are all on your side." Tony says, sure that he is saying the correct thing to cheer up his friend.

Steve though frowned, "what do you know about my fight?"

"To be honest truly little. Natasha seemed incredibly angry that you had nearly died, and your friend Sam refused to tell me anything. I even offered him money and well he was very rude." Tony answers with a grin.

"If he was rude to you then why did you invite him to the party?"

"He was rude, but he was being loyal. I respect the fact that he was being loyal to you, plus Natasha told me he helped you and could be an avenger. So, are you going to tell me exactly what happened or keep trying to change the subject, cause trust me I will eventually get it out of you? Every party I have ever thrown goes basically the same way." Tony explains, stepping closer to Steve. Their friendship he admits is strange but in his own way he does respect Steve and trusts him with the life of the most important person in his life.

"The winter soldier and I fought but I let him beat me. I told him that I was not going to hurt my friend."

"The winter soldier is your friend?" Tony asks, confusion clear in his voice. It made no sense for the winter soldier to be friends with Captain America. They were the opposite of each other in every way.

"Bucky is the winter soldier."

"As in Sargent Barnes your old best friend who died during the war. Howard didn't really discuss him, but I know he paid the man's family and they are still getting something. Don't think my old man was a huge fan of the guy but Barnes was your best friend?"

"Bucky didn't die. Hydra found him and did something to him. They controlled him Tony and made him do unspeakable things. The winter soldier is an agent of hydra, but Bucky is still my friend. He recognised me. Yeah, he beat the crap out of me, and I nearly died but Tony I think he's the one that saved me."

Steve says, in a rush of words not really caring if he is making a lot of sense. "I was late to the party because I was trying to find him. He sent me a message to meet him and so I went to meet him."

"You went to meet the guy who nearly killed you, by yourself? How stupid are you? What if he had attacked or had an army of hydra agents with him." Tony shouts grateful that his guests inside cannot hear the conversation.

"He hates hydra. I think he has been hunting hydra and taking his revenge. I did not feel that I was in any danger and if the team had come with me then he wouldn't have come at all. It was something that I just was not willing to risk. Logan had an idea what I was up to and if there had been trouble, I would have asked for help. Bucky is my best friend and if I can help him then I must try. You would do whatever you could if it was Happy or Pepper. Let us just get back to the party. We can discuss this tomorrow, even bring in the team if you feel It is necessary." Steve says, as he heads back into the party.

Tony sighs but after a few seconds he follows his friend.

While the adults were enjoying the party, Laura was trying to act as though she was in charge. When she had been asked to look after Scott and Cain, she had half expected the boys to be trouble. Instead, Scott was sitting in a corner concentrating awfully hard on a large dot-to-dot. She'd asked if he needed any help, but he said that he was alright. Laura suspected that Scott's secret friend was helping but she did not want to upset him and so had walked away.

"Cain, have you done your homework yet?" Laura asks, sitting down next to her cousin.

"It is a Friday and mother and Thor told me that I could do my homework over the weekend. Why are you being so bossy Laura?" Cain asks, barely looking away from the program on the television.

"I am trying to make sure that you behave. As your older cousin I get to set an example for you."

"You don't even go to school and used to live in a bloody palace. How are you meant to be an influence? You had servants who dressed you and one day you might even rule a whole kingdom."

"I am never going to rule the kingdom Cain. You are the stepson of the future king of Asgard. If anyone is going to get the kingdom It is, you. Please don't swear in front of Scott he's only six and barely speaks as it is." Laura says, trying to sound grownup and not at all bossy.

"Scott's not even paying attention. As you said I am going to be his stepson but never his real son. Only his real child will get the throne and I am never going to be his real throne. I am also never allowed back to Asgard because your grandfather hates me and my mother. If she is unwanted then I am not wanted either." Cain said, turning the television off to look angrily at his cousin.

Before an argument can start the alarms start blaring all over the tower.

Part Twenty-Three

A week had passed since the alarms had gone off at Avengers tower. Almost all the Avengers were away fighting something that Tony had created with the help of Bruce. The avenger currently not fighting the creation was Logan who was stuck looking after Freya, Laura, Cain, and Scott. The five of them were hidden away in a cabin he owned in Canada.

Logan's cabin

Freya awoke to the sound of Laura and Cain arguing about something. She mumbled something about it being too early when she heard the snore next to her. Looking to her left she realised that she was not in her room and that her sleeping with Logan had not been a terrible nightmare. It was she realised something that had happened and with that thought she slipped on her clothes and hurriedly left Logan's bedroom.

Twenty minutes later after showering and changing into fresh clothes she came downstairs expecting to find Laura and Cain arguing. Instead, she found Logan cooking breakfast with Laura helping and the boys at the table playing a game.

"Morning Freya. Did you sleep well?" Logan asks, as he begins to put the food onto the plates.

"Yes, thank you Logan. Laura, Cain what were you arguing about this morning?" Freya asks, avoiding all eye contact with Logan. She focussed on Cain and Laura who glanced at each other and then turn away.

"The normal mum. Nothing to worry about." Laura says, taking a seat next to Scott and handing him a plate.

"Teenagers are annoying." Cain says, taking a seat next to Logan and refusing to look at Freya.

"Scott, is that true?" Freya asks, turning her question on Scott who she is sure won't lie. At least if he says anything at all. During the last week Scott had not said a word at least to her.

Scott just shrugs and starts eating his breakfast.

"Freya, children argue It is what they do. Scott when you have finished please bring your plate to the sink. Cain, after breakfast please help Scott with his handwriting. Laura if you could help them, I would be grateful." Logan answers, trying his best to keep the peace. He tells himself that sleeping with Freya again was a mistake and that it would not happen again. She had been upset and angry and it had just happened. He decided that the best thing to do was ignore the situation and not talk about what had happened.

"Course daddy, but umm when are we allowed to go out?" Laura asks, turning to look up at her father.

"You are free to enjoy the backyard as are the boys." Logan answers, finishing up his breakfast.

"I don't mean the backyard dad. The town is not too far away. Can we not just go into town please. Don't we need to pick up supplies? Maybe you and mum can buy some protection." Laura says, glaring at her mother and then her father.

Logan coughs and looks to Freya for some help with the situation.

"Why would they need to buy protection, Logan is a weapon and I am sure if things get very bad you and your mother will go back to Asgard." Cain says, not understanding what his cousin was really trying to say to her parents.

"Not that kind of protection Cain. Also, if it gets unbelievably bad then mum will bring you back to Asgard. Grandmother would love to have a grandson." Laura says, not mentioning Scott at all.

"Thankfully, she has one." Cain grumbles.

"Yeah, Cain she does. You will be her grandson no matter what because you are my family." Laura says trying to move next to Cain, but her mother stops her.

"Laura, why do you think your father and I need protection?"

"Cause the two of you have had sex every night this week. Scott does not hear you cause he's always under a sleeping spell and Cain sneaks out at night. I hear you though mum and It is weird as fuck. You two don't even know each other and yet you are having sex."

"Thanks a lot Laura. Don't know why I tell you anything." Cain shouts as he storms from the room and heads up to his bedroom.

"Laura your mother and I do care about each other, but you are right It is not good to hop into bed with a stranger. It will not happen again and if you wish to return to Asgard I won't stop either of you. Cain though will be staying here as will Scott." Logan said, deciding to be honest with his daughter rather than lie. He was half aware that Scott was still in the room, but the younger boy tended to ignore conversations that didn't involve him.

"Laura, what do you mean Scott's under a sleeping spell. He does not know any magic and I barely know the basics. Who is putting him under a sleeping spell? And Logan I am sure Thor would allow me to bring Cain to Asgard if earth became too dangerous. He would want his stepson to be safe and gets to make the decision over you." Freya argues.

"Sif is the one who told me that Cain will not return to Asgard because Earth is his home. Thor I am sure would want Cain on Asgard, but Sif is the one who can overrule all of us as she's his mother." Logan says, not mentioning that the king of Asgard has forbidden Sif from returning to Asgard along with her son. It is something that Logan is sure that Freya is unaware of.

"Laura please don't tell them. He made you swear to keep it a secret." Scott whispers to Laura unaware that Logan and Freya can hear him.

Logan and Freya turn to look at Scott and then at Laura.

"Scott, I don't like lying and your father wouldn't want you to lie either." Laura said already feeling guilty about what she was about to do.

"I don't have a father." Scott mumbles in a voice that is barely above a whisper as he leaves the table.

"Laura, what have you been lying about? I am not angry, but I need to know. Scott don't you dare leave this room!" Freya said, sounding far angrier than she had for many years.

"Scott, please just take a seat. You are not in trouble and Freya did not mean to raise her voice. Laura, did you lie about who really saved you and the boys when the tower was attacked?" Logan questions, doing his best to keep his voice calm and steady. He is beyond angry but taking it out on the children he knows is completely unfair and with Freya ready to blow her top one of them needs to stay calm.

"What do you mean Logan? Sif saved the three of them. I got her exceptionally long text message and then the wizard appeared with bags of clothing for the five of us. He was very rude and barely explained what was happening. Not that you were any better, telling me to get into the back of the car with Laura and Cain. I told you then and I will tell you again I do not like being kept in the dark."

"Freya, I think that Sif did save Laura and Cain but someone else got Scott away. Both Cain and Laura have been very strange when we ask them questions about that night. Part of it I am sure is because they were scared and don't want to think about it too much, but something happened that they haven't told us."

"Mum, dad I don't want you to be angry or to start shouting at Scott." Laura says, trying to pull the six-year-old into her arms to calm him down.

"Neither of us are angry Laura but I think It is a good idea if you tell the truth." Freya says, pulling her daughter into a hug and watching as Scott moves to sit in a corner.

"When that thing attacked, I was sitting next to Cain. I grabbed his hand and we ran. I though Scott was behind us or had run to a different room. It was only when we went back for him that we saw someone protecting him. Mum, I do not know who he was just that he used Asgardian magic and saved Scott. Sif came in and pick Cain and me up. She... I do not think she could see Scott and so just got the two of us away. If she'd seen Scott, I know she would have helped. Anyway, she put us in a car and then suddenly Scott was just there. I saw the man and he put his fingers to his lips. He did not want me to tell but I know he's been making Scott sleep too deeply. Dad I think he's dangerous." Laura confesses in a rush of words. She hates betraying Scott but honestly believes that he is in danger.

Freya holds her daughter closer to her chest. She trusts what her daughter is saying but is not certain that Scott is in danger. Whoever this person is would not have saved him only to hurt him later.

Logan though did not seem to share her opinion. "Dam It. I knew there was something off. Has Scott said this person not to you?"

"Laura, please don't say anything more. He's my only friend." Scott pleads from his corner of the room.

"Scott I am your friend as well." Laura answers, for the time being ignoring her parent's questions.

"Logan there is no need to shout at our daughter. It is Scott who should have been honest, and we should have asked more questions." Freya says, with a sigh as she glances at Scott.

"Freya, I am not angry with any of the children. Laura and Cain, I am sure didn't say anything so as not to upset Scott. As for Scott being honest, we are still strangers to him. You have known him a few months and I've known him for just two weeks longer. No one has explained anything to him, and his friend kept him safe." Logan starts, only to be interrupted by Freya.

"A friend who is putting him under a sleeping spell. They are extremely dangerous, and you told me Scott suffers from nightmares. You also told me Cain has trouble sleeping and I guess the reason we have not heard anything is because he's sneaking off. Logan you question Scott and I will deal with Cain." Freya says, coming to a decision.

"Freya, you barely know Cain or Scott. How will screaming at them help anyone? I think before we try and trick two boys into spilling their secrets, we should try bonding first. It is possible that we are going to be stuck here for months. If that happens, we are going to need more supplies not just for us but for the children as well." Logan counters, doing his best to calm the situation down.

"Mum! Dad!" Laura shouts causing both her parents to look at her.

"What's wrong Laura?" They ask at the same time.

"There is someone at the door."

"Laura takes Scott upstairs please. Freya go with them." Logan said, trying to hear Freya and the children upstairs.

"Logan, I am not some damsel that needs saving by a big strong man." Freya argues, knowing Logan isn't being cruel but not in the mood to just do as she's told.

"If the people at the door are dangerous, I need you to get the children somewhere safe. And yes, Freya that does mean Asgard if there really is no other option." Logan growls managing to place Scott in Laura's arms and push them up the stairs.

Freya grumbles but follows the children, entering Cain's room without knocking and locking the door. They have had practice runs about what to do if they suddenly have to leave but normally Scott is asleep, and Laura and Cain just do as they are told. This time she feels will be different because Scott's left his iron man plushie downstairs and is asking for it.


Logan slowly walks to the front door and opens the door carefully. An enemy he was sure would not bother to knock but he knew that the avengers were still fighting. He had wanted to be part of the fighting but his daughter, nephew, Scott and especially Freya needed someone to help keep them safe. His first thought had been to send Freya back to Asgard with Laura and Cain, but it still left Scott unprotected. There was also the problem of Sif refusing to let Cain go to Asgard.

There was another knock at the door this time louder and more urgent.

Forcing himself to stop thinking of things that had already been decided he opens the door.

Stephan Strange stands there looking dreadful. At his side is a boy just slightly older than Scott. "Logan, I am glad I found you. I need to ask a favour and I am aware that you already have three children and a princess under your protection."

"Strange, before I let you in answer me one question is the boy yours the one you had with Jean?" Logan asks, already stepping aside to allow the doctor and boy inside.

"Yes, his mother is Jean Grey. I always forget that you haven't really spent any time with Lucas. Adam tells me that you often visit the school, and spend a few hours training with them."

"Are you also Adams father?"

"No, I am not but he's a good boy. Jean told you he was Xavier's son, yet you question that."

"He's linked to Charles, but I am sure he isn't the son of Charles." Logan agrees as he takes a seat while he watches the man and boy.

"If you have questions then ask Jean or better yet ask Hank. He might actually know who the boy's father I is just know his mother and grandfather. Will you be telling your lover that It is safe for her to bring the children down?" Stephan says, making Logan feel just as uncomfortable as he does discuss his ex.

"Freya is not my lover. Whatever has happened over the last few days will not happen again. We can talk and once you've left then she can come down. You tend to attract more trouble than I do, and I am the bloody wolverine."

Stephan grins, "please don't swear in front of my son. Do as you wish with your own daughters, but Lucas doesn't need to learn swear words. Now onto my reason for being here."

"Dad, I don't need to stay here. The house will keep me protected and I don't like the wolf man." Lucas says, not leaving his father's side and refusing to even look at Logan. His father had told him that Logan was not dangerous, but he was not completely sure.

"Kid I am not a wolf man." Logan grumbles looking at the kid.

"Logan, can we step outside to have this conversation?" Stephan asks, somehow convincing his son to take a seat.

"Sure, we can stand on the porch. Is it safe to leave your kid on his own?" Logan asks, as he leads the way back outside.

Stephan follows handing something to his son. "You are aware that the avengers are fighting a robot that they created? I need to help in this fight or things could end very badly. Fighting against a threat to the world is my duty but I must make sure my boy is safe. Your daughters are the reason that you have chosen not to fight. Would you be able to look after Lucas for a week or so?"

"Stephan, I only have one daughter and her name is Laura. Why you keep saying daughters is simply crazy." Logan grumbles.

"I have my reasons Logan. Are you able to look after Lucas or not?"

"Let me go and get Freya. It is not a decision that I can make by myself and if I do the princess will moan at me for the next six months or however long we are stuck here for." Logan says walking back inside to get Freya from upstairs.

They both come back down just a few minutes later Freya lecturing Logan about letting strangers into the house.

"First he isn't a stranger and second it's a cabin and third I own the bloody cabin. Strange needs our help or he wouldn't have come to find us." Logan answers back, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"He's a stranger to me Logan and my daughter is in this cabin. I don't want someone who is a potential threat near her. Am I understood?" Freya argues back.

"Our daughter Freya. Laura is our daughter not just yours. You don't have to like it Freya, but Laura is part me."

"Some father. You've not been part of her life for seven years. You ignore her phone calls and choose earth over your own flesh and blood."

"For seven years she's been on Asgard a place that I am not exactly welcome. On Asgard I am just the bodyguard of the spoilt princess and no one would know that I am her father."

"My father would have given you a title and found you a suitable wife. You'd have been much better off on Asgard than on earth. If Sif dies on this mission, then Thor will return to Asgard with Cain." Freya said ignoring the stranger.

"If Sif does survive the mission then I will be Cain's legal guardian.

"What are you on about Thor is Cain's stepfather. The boy will stay with his stepfather and be educated on Asgard and not be trained as a soldier."

"Thor and Sif are not married. They've barely even begun to date and Thor has his own problems."

"What the hell do you mean by that? If Thor had any problems, then he would have told me. I am his sister and we share our problems."

"He wouldn't tell you this one. As for me being a shit father to my daughter, I mean our daughter. Did you expect me to just drop everything? I have family on earth, and I made a commitment to help the avengers." Logan says, not willing to reveal Thor's secret.

"She is our daughter Logan I expected you to be her father, but you'd rather play hero. Then again you enjoy war and killing innocent people."

"Princess you know nothing about me and that's the problem. You didn't return to Earth so I could see Laura but because you thought I was getting married. Seeing as we never dated, you'd think that you could have just said congratulations but instead you told me I had chosen a shit wife. When guess what it has nothing to do with you who I marry. The only person it effects is Laura and she was excited to see me happy and can wear a pretty dress. I know this because she told me and even said she'd like a baby brother but would prefer a sister."

Stephan had listened as Freya and Logan had argued like an old married couple who knew each other incredibly well. "If you two are done with the domestic we still have the issue of if you can look after Lucas."

"Who is Lucas? Who are you and what are you doing here?" Freya asks turning to face Stephan feeling like she might recognise him just slightly.

"Lucas is my son and I am Dr, Stephan Strange. When you were on your date with Logan, I helped you escape to this cabin with Logan and the children." Stephan explains to Freya.

"It was not a bloody date! Why the hell does everyone assume that it was a date?! Wait, are you the guy who made the people in the restaurant just disappear? Before Logan could explain to me what was going on, we just appeared in a car. The children were already inside, and the car was packed. How exactly were you able to do those things so quickly." Freya asks, her voice rising in anger at the thought that this strange man was lying to her.

"Alright princess of Asgard it was not a date. Yes, I am the guy that managed to rescue the civilians and then I came back for you and the Wolverine. The children were already in the car because Happy the personal driver of Tony Stark drove the children to where he knew you would be. Stark decided that wolverine was the best person to protect you and the children. The simple answer to how I did everything so quickly is magic. Logan can tell you more if he wants to, but my only question is are you and Logan able to look after my son?" Stephan asks, keeping his attention firmly on Freya. He was annoyed that Freya seemed more interested in the non-important stuff than answering a simple question about his son.

"If you are so powerful, why do you need Logan and I to look after your son?" Freya questions.

"Captain Rogers has asked me to help in the fight against Ultron. Although they have many fighters including an old friend of the captains, they feel I would be helpful. It isn't fair to leave all the fighting to teenagers."

"Logan what is this Dr, wizard talking about? Tell me that the children of the mutant school, are not fighting!"

"Freya, not all the children of the school, are fighting. Several them are in hiding with Hank but the twins Pietro and Wanda wanted to help as did their younger sister Lana. As Lana is fighting Adam will also be fighting. I am not exactly happy about it, but I know these children and they want to help." Logan says, thinking that maybe it will calm Freya down. He is very wrong in his thinking as he learns when Freya starts shouting.

"Those twins are only a few years older than Cain. Why would anyone let children fight!? Laura is never becoming a soldier! Do you hear me Logan! Our daughter will have a better life!"

"Stephan you should say goodbye to your son. She's going to be lecturing for a while. He can share with Scott or Cain. Just announce your presence when you take him upstairs. Laura and Cain will both protect Scott." Logan warns before turning his attention back to Freya who is still ranting about children and war.

Part Twenty-Four

Stephan decided that the best thing he could do was leave Freya and Logan to their argument. He had already wasted a lot of time just by letting them argue and if he was facing anything else, he might have just left. His son though was inside waiting for him and he needed to say goodbye especially if something was to happen to him. So, he walks into the cabin and finds Lucas sitting on a chair. The moment the boy spots him he runs to him and wraps his arms around her waist.

"Dad, please don't leave me here. That man and woman are going to do nothing but argue. I can help you fight the monster; you are always telling me how powerful I am and I want to help." Lucas begs, tightening his grip around his father waist.

"Lucas we have gone over this several times already. Logan is a good man and I trust him and if he trusts the Princess then so do I. They are going to keep you safe and Lucas I need you safe so I can do my job. If I thought for even a second that you were in danger nothing would stop me coming to rescue you. Please just stay here for a few weeks and I promise that I will be back."

"What about mother?"

"What about your mother?"

"I don't want to ever have to live with her." Lucas says, as he begins to cry.

"She gave up her parental rights to you Luc and can never have custody of you." Stephan explains to his son.

"You promise that she cannot take me away from you." Lucas questions, never letting go of his father.

"I promise Lucas that she will never take you away from me. Not let's get you settled upstairs, and you can meet the other children." Stephan suggests, managing to detach his son from his waist. "Do you remember what I told you about the children that are staying here in the cabin?"

"The girl is called Laura and is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Wolverine and the Asgardian Princess. She's part mutant and part Asgardian. The older boy is Cain and is the stepson of Thor, he's one of the Avengers and Lady Sif. She is from Asgard and you find her extremely attractive though you won't admit it. He's ten years old and has a bit of a temper so I am not to annoy him. The second boy is Scott Stark and he's only six, so I have to remember not to swear. I also have to be kind to him though you won't explain why exactly." Lucas responds, repeating almost word for word exactly what his father had told him earlier.

"What are the other rules of staying in this cabin?"

"To listen to the adults and not practice my magic without you. The only exception to the rule is if we are in danger. You would though prefer that I use my mutant ability as I have more control over it."

"Good boy. Let's get you settled and then I will have to go. Don't repeat to Cain that you think I find the lady Sif to be attractive." Stephan said, as he led the way upstairs and towards the room, he knew the children would be in. He knocks on the door and waits for an answer.

"Who's there? I warn you if you try and hurt us then you are an idiot!" Laura shouts from inside the room.

"My name is Dr, Stephan Strange and I am here with my son Lucas. Logan and Freya are aware of my presence in the cabin. They are just having a discussion downstairs. Lucas is going to be staying with you for a few weeks." Stephan explains, keeping his voice nice and neutral.

"You better come in then and Lucas can share with me. Scott tends to prefer his own space. If he would like the top bunk, then I don't mind moving to the bottom." Cain says, as he opens the door and steps aside to allow Stephan and Lucas entrance into the room.

Stephan watches for almost twenty minutes as Cain and Laura got to know his son. It didn't surprise him that Scott sat in a corner and just watched what was going on. He wanted to speak with the boy and telling, that things would be alright. He also needed to warn the boy about the friend that he had made. If he had the time, then he would have taken the time to chat with the boy but he didn't have the time to waste. With one last hug to Lucas, he opened a portal and stepped inside disappearing in the blink of an eye.

A few hours later Logan, Freya and the four children are sitting in a cafe eating a small lunch. Logan is keeping a close eye on Lucas who while polite has become incredibly shy. It worries both Logan and Freya, but neither are sure what they can say that will not upset the young boy. For this reason, everyone in the booth is incredibly quiet until Laura finally breaks it.

"Mum, dad why are we here?" She asks, looking at her parents wondering if they had forgotten that mornings conversation and then argument.

"To stay safe." Freya answers, misunderstanding the question. To find out just how much more her daughter is willing to reveal. A trick she had learnt from her own mother who she can only guess learnt it from her own. One day maybe her own daughter will be able to use it on her own daughters as the trick only seemed to work with daughters.

"To have a nice family meal." Logan responds, fearing that it was dangerous to speak too openly. Before leaving for the meal, he had convinced Cain that while out in public he refers to him as dad and Lucas had been willing to call him uncle while Scott referred to him as sir. It was not exactly perfect, but Scott was only happy with calling him sir.

"I am aware that we needed to eat dad and that we've nothing in the house. Mum I am also aware of the other reason for being in this town. What I don't understand is that this morning you two argued about letting us out. Cain's must still be in trouble for sneaking off even if It is just to get fresh air and space. While Scott's not told you anything about his invisible friend." Laura asks, doing her best to keep her voice calm and just above a whisper. Her parents had warned her that they needed to be careful and as the oldest it was her responsibility to keep an eye on the boys. A task she really didn't feel ready for.

"Are you ready to order or would you like some more time?" The waitress asks, smiling at Logan as she ignores his family.

"I think everyone's ready. Scott if you just point at the food, I am sure Laura doesn't mind ordering for you." Logan responds, his attention on those at the booth.

Everyone orders and the waitress suggest an arcade that the children might want to check out.

Freya thanks the waitress but It is clear she's unhappy about the woman flirting with Logan in front of her.

While they wait for their food Logan, Freya and Laura discuss a few things their voices never louder than a whisper. Cain board with whatever they are discussing gets out his iPod and starts playing a game. Next to him Lucas pulls out a hardback copy of the latest children's best seller and Scott plays on his Nintendo switch. It takes a while for the food to arrive and when it does the waitress once again flirts with Logan slipping him her mobile number. Freya notices as the waitress is anything but subtle but chooses not to say a thing until they are home.

"Freya why don't you and Laura go on ahead to start on the clothes shopping I can handle the boys." Logan says, before going to pay for the meal.

"Where exactly will you be going darling?" Freya asks, trying not to sound sarcastic as most of the guests in the restaurant are watching them.

"I was thinking the boys and I can get the food. That way you and Laura can spend some mother daughter time together." Logan answers, also trying not to argue with Freya in public.

"The boys all need some new clothes as well darling as you forgot to pack enough for them. Why don't you shop for food with Cain and Lucas and I will get clothes with Laura and Scott? As you seem to want to separate."

"I thought everything would be accomplished faster if we each did something. Scott are you happy to go with Laura and your new mum?" Logan asks, moving back to his family.

Scott nods sensing that something else is going on.

Nine days later Freya delivers a healthy baby girl. It had been a shock to discover that she was pregnant, but the biggest surprise was going into labour after just nine days. She was sure that magic had to be involved but she had no proof. For almost three weeks the strange family settled into a new routine. Logan steps up and changes the baby whenever she needs to be changed.

During the third week a fight breaks out between Lucas and Scott. What they are arguing about is unclear but when Lucas shoves Scott its Loki who fights back. Freya comes running with the baby in her arms and somehow It is the baby who is hit by the spell.

Part Twenty-Five

Eight months pass by before the avengers finally manage to defeat Ultron. While most of the team head to the new base Tony, Sif and Thor go to collect Freya, Logan, and the children. Thor had discovered a secret that was going to change everything and earn him a lecture from Freya. A lecture that he was not looking forward to especially as he'd already had an argument with Sif.

The three of them arrive at the cabin just after midday. Tony is the first to climb out of the car and runs to the front door knocking on the door and calling out for Scott to open the door. He's very aware that he was meant to call ahead to warn them that he was on his way, but he just forgot. All that he could think about was getting back to his son.

Thor is the next to climb out of the car more slowly and waits for Sif.

"Thor, I am not angry with you." Sif says as she joins him next to the car.

"Sif, you've barely said a word to me for three weeks. You have the right to be angry with me. When I found out I should have told you straight away. Instead, I kept it to myself and you found out from her of all people." Thor said, desperate to explain himself and have Sif forgive him.

"I was more hurt than angry when I found out Thor. Let me speak to Cain while you speak with your sister. If you don't tell her straight away someone else will and she will be angry. We will figure it out Thor and you will not have to choose."

Thor smiles and puts an arm around her to give her a slight hug. He could tell that she went ready for a proper hug just yet and he was not to push it.

Tony continues to knock on the front door until a girl of thirteen opens the door.

"Yeah, what do you want and who are you? This is private property and my daddy owns a shotgun." The girl says, looking at Tony as though he's just not worth his time.

"I am Tony Stark and I am here for my son Scott. Are you a friend of Laura's?" Tony asks, trying to investigate the room wondering if he's at the wrong address.

"No, I am Laura's sister. If you know my sister and Scott, how do you not know about me because I am amazing."

"Maybe you should call your parents and the adults can chat while you kids pack to go home."

"Mum! Dad! There is some crazy guy at the door calling himself Tony Stark!" The girl shouts into the house before disappearing up the stairs complaining about old people being crazy.

Logan comes running claws out only to see Tony standing there looking very confused. "Tony I was not expecting you for a few days maybe even a few weeks."

"Hey Logan. Who is the teenage girl who answered the door and where is my son Scott?" Tony asks looking around expecting Scott to just appear.

"That would be my second daughter. It is complicated and no she was not created the same way as Laura. There was a magical malfunction and she was changed into a teenager."

"A magical malfunction?"

"Yes. Lucas, the son of Stephan Strange and Jean Grey was messing around and Scott became scared. Before you shout, I really don't think Lucas was trying to hurt Scott but we've had a conversation and he has apologised a lot. When Scott became scared well umm." Logan said, unsure how to finish the sentence.

"His invisible friend who turned out to be Loki fought back. They both threw spells at each other and somehow Lyra was hit. She was not injured, and Lucas kept apologising when we discovered the next day what had happened. I am still angry, but Logan has told me several times that Lucas is a child and cannot really be blamed." Freya said, appearing at Logan's side.

"Plus. Mum dad and I all have memories of Lyra growing up. It is weird but It is kind of nice having a sister who is just a bit younger than me. Mr Stark no one blames Scott for being scared." Laura said, sounding more mature than she had been eight months ago.

"Why would anyone blame Scott? Surely the one to blame is Loki. Is he back on Asgard and far away from Scott?" Tony asks, looking at each members of Logan's family. For the first time they generally seem like a real family. It is nice but mostly all he can think about is Scott.

"He was the one who called for Loki. If we could blame Loki, we would but even if we'd caught the little shit. He would not be able to undo the spell. Neither Lucas nor Loki is sure what spell they actually used. When Stephan picked Lucas up a few weeks ago he promised to work on what the spell might be, but he believes that it was two spells combined. I believe he's also grounded Lucas but neither I nor Freya want him to be properly punished. He knows he did the wrong thing, but it was an accident." Logan says smiling at Tony before adding. "Scott is upstairs in his room. You can go up and see him I know he's missed you, just don't shout about Loki. Nothing we say will convince him that Loki is dangerous." He steps aside, and as he had expected Tony rushes up the stairs.

"You forgot to mention that Loki is still somewhere nearby." Freya tells Logan before turning to Laura. "Please go and get your bags ready and help your sister. Also tell Cain that his mother is here."

"Sure, mum and dad will tell Tony later about Loki being somewhere. I think Uncle Thor needs to speak with you." Laura says as she begins to walk up the stairs.

"What makes you think that Laura?"

"I heard him and Aunt Sif talking." Laura says as she rushes to her room.

"Logan, what do you know that I don't know?" Freya asks, glaring at the father of her two daughters.

"I know lots of things that you don't know. This though is something that you must discuss with your brother. He's clearly come all this way to speak with you." Logan answers, with a shrug of his shoulders as he calls for Cain to come downstairs.

"Didn't he just come to collect Cain." Freya questions, not wanting to say more when Cain comes running down the stairs and out the front door before either adult can blink or stop him.

"No that is why Sif is here, but Thor is here to speak with you. Walk to the woods that way I can't hear the conversation, and neither can the girls. After all you have to explain our second daughter and the fact that we kept sleeping with each other." Logan replies, as he starts walking to the kitchen and starts clearing away lunch.

Freya rolls her eyes but heads outside to speak with her brother passing Sif on the way. To be polite she smiles at her and tries to make small talk. "Where you able to defeat the robot thing?"

"Ultron is gone thanks to Vision." Sif answers sounding both angry and tense.

"Who exactly is Vision?"

"Another creation of Starks but this time partially created by lightning from Thor's hammer. It is not something that I completely understand. Thor needs to speak with you.

"About what exactly?" Freya asks, wanting Sif to give her an answer.

"You need to speak with your brother, and I need to see my son."

"Cain is still inside and safe. Sif, as my friend is what my brother about to tell me something awfully bad. Tell me at least if It is about my parents. Are they alive?" Freya begs grabbing hold of her friend's hand.

"The king and queen as far as I'm aware are alive and well. Thor has not mentioned anything to me. The news that he must tell you is not bad news. How I learnt the news was not brilliant but I don't believe that It is bad news. Now please let me see my son because It is been eight months and I have missed him." Sif said, removing Freya's hand but trying to stay kind.

Freya sighed but went to speak with her brother as Sif raced into the cabin.

"Hello sister, it has been a while. How are you and Laura? Do you think that you will move to earth so Laura can spend more time with her father? You could learn how to be a doctor or if you'd prefer maybe you could run a flower shop." Thor says, hoping to avoid the conversation that he needed to have with his sister.

"I am doing very well, and Laura has enjoyed her time here. To be honest I have not really thought about staying on earth but with what happened during our time here it might be a good idea. Though I will have to return to Asgard for a bit. Mother and father do have the right to meet their second granddaughter." Freya admits wanting to get her part of the confession over with as soon as she was able.

"Second granddaughter? Freya have you had another child while staying in this cabin? Is Logan the father or did you sleep with Tony? Father will not be pleased about this. At least with Laura your honour had not been taken but now you cannot possibly claim that. This is not good not good at all. Your second daughter is a baby, that's good maybe someone can adopt the child before you get attached."

"Lyra is thirteen actually and I am overly attached to as is her father and sister. She will not be going into the system no matter what. If something happens to me then Logan will step up. It turns out that he isn't completely useless after all and our daughters adore him. Secretly I think he would like a son but with the girls he does get to spoil them. These last eight months have not been easy for any of us. Now Thor tell me your news."

"I don't understand how's your daughter Thirteen?" Thor asks, deciding that his news could wait.

"Thor stop avoiding the subject and tell me your news. Sif hinged that the news was important and that for her personally it was not good news."

"She told you that it was not good news for her?"

"No not in so many words. Please Thor just tell me what is going on."

"I have a son." Thor says looking down at the ground in shame.

Part Twenty-Six

"Thor It is genuinely nice that you consider Cain to be your son. However, I am already aware of how you feel about your soon to be stepson." Freya said, her patience starting to wear thin.

"I was not talking about Cain though I do think of him as my son." Thor admits doing his best not to look at his sister.

"Then what are you going on about Thor. Until Loki attacked earth you had never been here before. Unless you are telling me that you have a baby on Asgard. That is something I can believe with the way you used so many women."

"Freya I've been to earth before and I met an incredibly beautiful red head. We got to know each other, and it turns out I left her with a bit of a present. Fast forward ten years and I've got a ten-year-old boy named Adam. You've actually met him and his mother who lied about being his mother." Thor admits barely looking at his sister.

"So, you abandoned your son here on earth instead of bringing him home to Asgard. What of his mother are you going to marry her?"

"Adams mother is married to a man named Victor. They are happy with each other and I am happy with Sif."

"Are you telling me that you had sex with that whore Jean Grey?" Freya asked, her voice rising in volume with every word.

"I didn't have to pay her sister but yes I did have sex with her. Just as you had sex with Logan. At least I cared for Jean at the time. Now explain the magical mishap." Thor answers, sounding grumpy and childlike.

"So, you are lecturing me about having a second child. Which guess what little brother I have raised from a baby. It is complicated but I have memories of looking after her and seeing her first steps. Yet she aged in the blink of an eye. She's thirteen now and really wants to meet her uncle Thor. After all her meeting with Loki did not go very well at all."

"Father is going ground us both and probably marry us off to awful people. Your daughters will be looked after but Adam will need to stay hidden." Thor says in a rush of words as he begins to panic.

"Thor you need to calm down. Compared to Loki we are the perfect son and daughter. So, I have had two daughters out of wedlock and you've got a son with a bitch. Neither crime comes anywhere close to the crimes Loki has committed. If they ever catch him, he's going to be in jail for over seven thousand years." Freya said, going into big sister mode without even having to think about it for longer than a second.

"Father and mother will still need to meet their new granddaughter and you will be expected to live on Asgard."

"They have to meet your son as well Thor. He is the heir to the throne after all."

"Freya, we both know that father won't allow that to ever happen. Adam is not a full Asgardian and so can't take the throne. I do though plan to be a father to Adam if he will allow it." Thor says, before starting to walk towards the cabin. Apparently, he had decided that the conversation was over leaving Freya no choice but to follow him while lecturing.


Tony walks into the room Laura had pointed him to. He wanted to just burst into the room and pull his son into his arms. Instead, he knocked and listened. Upon hearing two voices he forgot his plan of staying calm and burst into the room and frowned when he saw Loki with his son. Without giving it a second though he raced into the room and picked up Scott moving him away from Loki and checking his son for injuries.

"Dad, what's wrong? Loki was going to teach me chess." Scott says, as Tony continues to check him over.

"Scott what did you just say?" Tony asks, the shock in his voice.

"Loki is going to teach me chess." Scott repeats.

"No Scott the other bit."

"What's wrong?"

"Scott, you call him dad." Loki says, from his corner of the room.

"I am sorry Mr. Stark it won't happen again. I promise." Scott says, as he struggles out of Tony's grip and runs to Loki.

Loki puts his arms around Scott doing his best to calm him down.

"Loki what are you doing here? Scott you are not in trouble. I am over the moon that you called me dad." Tony said, moving carefully towards Scott and Loki.

"But then why did you ask me to repeat myself?" Scott asks, clearly very confused by the situation.

"Scott was lonely and asked me to show myself. I don't use my magic on Scott, even if I tried it doesn't exactly work very well." Loki grumbles to himself, listening out for his older siblings. Both of whom he's sure are going to be incredibly angry with him and want him back on Asgard.

"Scott, I asked you to repeat yourself because I felt I must have imagined you calling me dad. It is been eight months and I was terrified that you'd prefer Logan or Freya to me. Before I had to send you away for your own safety, we barely got a chance to get to know each other. Maybe It is silly that I was worried but it is something that parents do. I am going to worry, and it will drive you nuts I am sure but as your father it is my right to worry and annoy my son." Tony says, before turning to look at Loki "for the moment I am going to try and trust you. There will though be rules and you will need to follow them. If you do not Freya and Thor will take you back to Asgard. I will allow you to stay at the new base of the Avengers, but I have to speak with Clint first. Do these seem fair to you Loki?"

"Depends on the rules I guess." Loki starts but hesitates when he sees Scott looking worried. "I do not wish to upset Scott or try and make him chose. You are Scott's father and while he's not particularly good at expressing himself, he does adore you. From the little he's told me about the other Avengers, they all seem to adore him and for that reason I will let you speak with the bird man. If you need me to, I will also apologise or disappear when he is nearby. Unless it will upset Scott."

"Does that mean you are willing to obey the rules? Thor told me that you were never particularly good at obeying the many rules of Asgard. Something you learnt from Freya."

"Thor and Freya were the ones who never obeyed any rules. When they were meant to be in what you would call a school, they were outside distracting the other students. It is true I played a few pranks like the time I cut off Sif's hair. For that I was very seriously punished but only because I was caught, and Thor was showing off."

Tony just nods and turns his attention to Scott. He could have easily spent hours arguing with Loki over childhood pranks and such.

Three hours later

Logan climbs into the driver's side of the car after placing the last bag in the back of the car. He waits patiently for Freya to argue with Tony about him not allowing Scott to travel with them. It was an argument he had predicted was going to happen and nothing he said was going to change either of their minds. He also knew that giving his opinion would only piss Freya off and cause far more arguments.

"Freya I am his father and more than capable of driving my son home." Tony said, refusing to allow Freya to put Scott in the car her daughters and Logan already occupied.

"Then why not travel with Logan and me. There is more than enough room and I can update you on Scott's progress. I can also keep Loki in check, and you can properly meet Lyra my thirteen-year-old daughter." Freya argues, holding out her hand and trying to convince Scott to take it.

"Because I need time alone with my son. If you want to update me about something, then I am sure it can wait until we are in the new base. Or and I am sure this must sound insane, but Scott can tell me what's happened over the last eight months. Your daughters I am sure want to spend time with their mother and father."

"They are teenagers Anthony Stark! What makes you think they want to spend time with their parents. At their age did you spend time with your parents?"

"Well, no but Howard was always away on business and Marie had her charities. They were terribly busy, and I normally only saw them for Christmas. Lyra and Laura though have particularly good parents who love them. They are also teenage girls and Logan has the credit card."

"You only saw your parents once a year? Why would your parents do that? This year I will be having an exceptionally long conversation with them. After all they have a grandson that they need to meet and spend time with." Freya said, ignoring that her teenage daughters knew exactly how to manipulate Logan. They seemed to get away with a lot over the past eight months especially when they went to Logan to confess.

"It won't be extremely easy for you to speak with my parents as they are both dead. They've been dead since I was eighteen and my relationship with Howard was never exceptionally good. Marie was a brilliant mother who would have loved to have met Scott. She'd have lectured me but adored Scott, it is almost completely impossible to not find Scott adorable." Tony says, with a grin sure that he's managed to win the argument.

"Don't you smirk at me Anthony Stark. How exactly are you planning on getting home? You don't have a car as you've given yours to Sif so she can drive herself Thor and Cain back to the base."

"You keep forgetting that I am Tony Stark."

"And I am Freya Princess of Asgard. I believe that I outrank you."

"Exactly you are the Princess of Asgard. Only on Asgard do you really hold any rank and I meant that because I am Tony Stark, I always have a plan. In fact, I actually own a home that's awfully close to this cabin. You didn't stay in my home because Logan believed that his cabin would be safer. Sif is going to drop me off with Scott at my other home and then we will drive home together. You don't have to agree, and this might surprise you but, on this occasion, you are not in charge. I am not Logan and my mind are, made up and you will not change my mind no matter you say."

Part Twenty-Seven

Logan pulls the car into a roadside cafe's carpark, parking the car. He barely turns to look at Freya before climbing out of the car and opening the back door for his daughters. "Come on both of you get out this side." He instructs.

"Logan, what the hell do you think you are doing? The journey back to the avenger's base is going to take over ten hours and that's even with you at the wheel. What exactly are we stopping for?" Freya half asks, and half shouts as she climbs out of the car.

"I'm stopping so that the four of us can have a meal together as a family. Is that not allowed Freya? If you prefer, we can get a takeaway but I thought the girls would like to stretch their legs. This way you can also vent about Tony Stark."

"I do not need to vent about Tony Stark and his ego. Maybe it would be a good idea to let the girls stretch their legs. We've all been stuck in that cabin for eight bloody months. Fresh air would probably do them both the world of good."

"Girls go on ahead and get us a table please. Yes, you can both order drinks but please both of you be sensible. Lyra no flirting with any boys and Laura if she does, I need you to tell me." Logan called out to his daughters who had started arguing before turning to Freya. "Start your rant about Tony but we've only got until we catch up with the girls."

"Lyra will agree with me that Scott should have stayed with us. He's gotten to know us Logan and..."

"Lyra always agrees with you Freya. She's our younger child and has a bond with you that I hope is unbreakable. Freya just explain what you mean by and. Scott isn't our son and never will be."

"He can never be our son Logan because we are neither a married couple nor even a couple. We are two people who occasionally end up in bed together. I'm sure though that I could adopt Scott on my own. He needs a mother and from what I can tell Stark does not have anyone in his life female or male." Freya says, starting her rant.

"Scott is the biological son of Tony Stark and he's not just going to give him up. Is this about Thor being a father?"

"How exactly do you know about Adam and Thor being his father?"

"I've had my suspicions for a while. Adam does smell like a Xavier but not enough to be his son. I did not tell you because it was not my place to tell you and I was unsure if he was your nephew or a half-brother."

"Why would you think for even a second that he could be my half-brother? My parents do not cheat on each other." Freya grumbles, wanting to say more but something stops her as she's sure it will cause more problems than it will solve.

"Odin is known for having had his fun with the woman of earth. Even your mother has enjoyed the company of human men. It turned out though that it was your brother enjoying the company of Jean Grey and true daughter of Charles Xavier. A secret that hardly anyone knows." Logan admits, barely looking at Freya as he speaks.

Ahead of them Lyra and Laura are chatting away every so often arguing, they are deliberately whispering to try and stop Logan overhearing.

"I really doubt my father would lower himself to sleep with a woman like Jean Grey."

"Why because she isn't a princess or the daughter of a lord? She is not all bad and won't stop Thor taking custody of Adam. If Thor even wants his son."

"Thor is going to take responsibility for his son. I will not give him any choice on the matter."

"He's not a child Freya."

"No, he's the father of a child who has never had a mother or a father. Do you not think that Adam deserves to have a family?"

"Of course, Adam deserves a family after being abandoned by his parents. But if Thor takes in Adam it could destroy things for him with Sif and Cain. Things cannot just be resolved by you lecturing your brother and telling him what to do. Life is bloody complicated." Logan responds, sounding far angrier than he meant to.

"Thor did not abandon his son! He did not even know he had a son. That bitch Jean Grey abandoned both her sons. Does Adam even know that he has family?" Freya shouts before whispering her question. It had only just crossed her mind that Adam might not know that he was no longer alone.

"Jean left Lucas with his father and we do not know the full story."

"You must really love her if you are still willing to protect her even after all of this. She has no love for her own flesh and blood. I am not even sure that she is capable of loving anything or anyone but herself. Her sons are better off without her. Do yourself a favour Logan and move on."

"You should be careful Freya you almost sound jealous. I am very aware that Jean has many faults it's what makes her human. I know you believe yourself to be perfect but no one not even Asgardians are perfect."

"An Asgardian is..." Freya tries to argue as she searches for the right words.

"Just as imperfect as humans and mutants." Logan finishes for her.

"Fine. No single creature on any of the nine realms is perfect."

"Freya, we should really catch up with the girls. They will be wondering why it is taking us so long to catch up with them. Lyra already thinks we are a proper couple something you will have to talk to her about."

"Why exactly is it my job to speak with Lyra? She happens to be your daughter as well as mine."

"You just answered your own question."

"Logan, tell me right now why it is up to me to break our daughters' heart."

"Freya you will not break her heart. All you are doing is telling her the truth. She is our daughter and so it is the mother's job to speak with her. You also have a remarkably close bond with her." Logan said, trying to calm the Princess down.

"I will speak with her once we are back at the Avengers base. She won't be incredibly happy about leaving earth to go to Asgard to meet her grandparents. Until they start giving her presents and start adoring her." Freya agrees, not sounding incredibly happy at all by the situation.

Laura and Lyra had stopped to talk just in front of the cafe. They could see that their parents were having a discussion, but neither could hear exactly what was being said.

"Can you believe that we are finally going home? Then once the house is ready the four of us will live together as a proper family. They can get married and maybe even give us a brother. Do you not think that would be brilliant?" Lyra asks her older sister a smile on her face.

"We are going to the Avengers base and then eventually home to Asgard. Father though will not be coming with us. Hopefully, we will not have to stay on Asgard for seven years again. I really don't want to be separated from father again for that long. Eventually he's going to forget us and have children with a woman who will love him just as much as he loves her." Laura responds, aware that she will be upsetting her younger sister but fed up with hiding the truth. She believed that her sister had the right to know that their parents were not together.

"What do you mean home to Asgard? Our home is here on Earth with mum and dad. Asgard is just some castle in the sky with the mean king and the lonely queen. I don't want to go there even if it means jewellery and balls and marrying a prince. My family is the most important thing to me, and nothing will change that."

"Asgard is where mother lives and where I have lived for most of my life. It's not a bad place and grandfather can be kind when he wants to be. Most of the time though he hides that part away only showing it to those he truly trusts. Dad as you call him lives on earth and works alongside the Avengers. He can't just abandon his team again. Yes, he loves us more than anything but he cannot allow others to die because of us. Wouldn't you feel guilty if Scott as hurt because of us?" Laura asks, watching her sister, certain that Lyra is not really listening.

"Mum and daddy can adopt him. We can teach him everything that we know. When he's old enough to date we can help him find the perfect girlfriend."

"Lyra why would our parents adopt Scott? They are not even a couple."

"Because Scott needs a mother and a father. And our parents are a couple. They love each other I can just tell, and they've shared a bed since I was born and became a teenager. Why would they do that unless they love each other? Mother said that you should only sleep with a man that you love with all your heart and plan to marry."

"Scott has his father and I don't think his father will just give him up. The way Cain told the story, Tony will never allow Scott to be taken from him."

"Laura you can't deny our parents have shared a bed."

"No, I can't it is how mother fell pregnant with you. However, she didn't share a bed with father because they were deeply in love." Laura says and then instantly regrets her choice of words.

"Are you saying that I was a mistake?"

"No Lyra you were not a mistake. Neither of us were a mistake, but I do not think that either of us were planned."

"Then mum and dad do love each other and once we get to the base, they will be together." Lyra said, now convinced more than ever that she was going to have a proper family.

Laura sighed but before she could say anything more Logan and Freya finally caught up with them.

"Lyra are you alright?" Freya asks, pulling her younger daughter into a hug.

"I'm alright mum but Laura says that you and daddy don't love each other." Lyra says, tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Lyra, I care about your father but no we are not in love. In order to fall in love, you have to know that person. There are still a lot of things that I do not know about your father. Let us go inside and have a nice meal before your father drives for three hours with barely any stops." Freya says, opening the door of the cafe and walking inside, soon followed by her family.

Tony's holiday home

Tony opens his mouth then hurriedly closes it again when he notices Scott watching him. They had been dropped off at his holiday home about half an hour ago. Sif has been very polite and told him that he did not need to find his own ride, but he could sense the tension and saw the worried look in Cain's eyes.

Having sensed the situation he knew that it would be better for Scott and himself to not interfere in what was clearly a family matter. A small part of him wanted to travel with the family so he could avoid a silent car ride with Scott. Thankfully, the sensible part of his mind won the argument and so he was alone with Scott.

"Dad, is something wrong?" Scott finally asks, after watching Tony pace back and forth for several minutes.

"No nothing is wrong Scott. I am just thinking about a lot of things. Do you think it could just be the two of us on the trip home?" Tony asks, moving to sit next to his son.

"Do you mean without Loki?"

"Just for the journey. I promise that Loki can live at the base if that will make you feel safer. You understand that there will have to be some rules."

"Is this because of what happened to Lyra? I didn't mean for Loki to use magic at the same time as Lucas."

"Scott you are not in any trouble. Logan and Freya explained that it was not your fault. Lucas scared you and I am sure he did not mean to. As your father I will need to make a few rules and speak with Stephan Strange about his son. No one though is going to get into any trouble I promise."

"I am the reason that they used magic." Scott mumbles, his voice only just above a whisper.

Tony picks up his son and pulls him close to his chest. "Both Loki and Lucas are older than you. Lucas should not have played a joke on you that ended up upsetting you. It was mean of him and Loki should not have attacked for no reason."

"He thought that I was being attacked. Dad he really was trying to protect me."

"I know Scott and again you are not in trouble and I am incredibly grateful that Loki stepped in to defend you. It is why I am going to allow him to live in the new Avengers Base." Tony says still holding his son. "Now should we eat here or stop on the journey to the base?"

"Could we eat here please? Are you going to fly us to the base? Can I have my own suit?" Scott asks, the excitement clear in his voice as he clings tighter to Tony.

"We can eat here if that is what you want. No, I am not going to fly us home as that would be very unsafe and I'm not risking your safety. I can build you a suit if that is what you would like. Let us just not tell Pepper or Freya because they will lecture me." Tony responds with a grin.

Thor and Sif

Since dropping Tony and Scott off at Tony's holiday home, silence had descended on the car.

Sif was driving and concentrating on getting them back to the base in one piece. She did not even want to think about the conversation that they needed to have with Cain.

Thor was sitting in the passenger seat fiddling with the radio. He still was not completely sure how the radio worked but finding music was much better than trying to start the conversation.

Cain was sitting in the back playing a game on his Stark phone. He could sense the tension between his mother and Thor but was too scared to ask what was going on. What really worried him was that they were going to tell him that they were breaking up and would not be getting back together.

"Cain are you alright?" Thor finally asks, after what feels like far too many hours of silence.

"Yes Thor. Thank you for my new Stark phone. It was exceedingly kind of you, and I promise to take incredibly good care of it." Cain answers, glancing up from the phone before going back to the game.

"Thor do you think we should tell Cain now?" Sif asks, glancing in the mirror at her son.

"Tell me what? Is its bad news?" Cain asks, the worry clear in his voice.

"Would you say that it is bad news Sif?"

"No Thor it is not bad news. I would be grateful Thor if you would tell Cain the news. That way I can concentrate on the road and we will not need to stop for too long at a roadside cafe. Yes, Cain we will be stopping for lunch."

"Maybe I should sit in the back then, it might be easier to have the conversation if I am sitting next to Cain."

Sif nods and finds a place to pull the car over. It only takes a few minutes for Thor to climb into the back silently thanking Sif for standing by him.

Only once the car is moving again does Thor start to speak. "Cain, about ten earth years ago I was on earth looking for my sister. Back then I must admit that I was easily distracted by pretty women. One of these women was Dr Jean Grey who I admit is no longer a genuinely nice person. Ten years ago, though she seemed like a nice person and she was beautiful. Anyway, the two of us became remarkably close in one way and yet we were not really close. If we had been, she might have told me about Adam." Thor says, in a bit of a rush.

"Adam? What's Adam got to do with Jean Grey? He's the son of Professor Charles Xavier." Cain says, starting to pay attention and putting away his phone.

"Actually, he is the grandson of Charles Xavier and umm. He's my son as well."

"Are you leaving me and mum for that bitch Jean Grey?"

"No Cain as long as you and your mother want me, I plan to stick around. However, I cannot just leave Adam all on his own. He doesn't have any family except for me as Jean doesn't seem to want him."

"What about his half-brother Lucas?"

"I will do everything in my power to make sure that the brothers can spend time together. Cain he can be your brother as well if you would like him to be. I cannot abandon him, but I don't want to just leave you and your mother." Thor says, having promised Sif that he would be honest.

"Mum? How do you feel about all of this?" Cain asks, turning to his mother to give him instructions. He is become used to following whatever his mother chooses to do. If his mother wants to end things with Thor, then he will be terribly upset but will not argue.

"At first Cain I was upset but not because I felt Thor had cheated. I was upset for Adam who has had neither a mother nor a father. He was created long before Thor and I got together. I do not blame him, and I will never stop Thor from being his father. It would be nice for the four of us to be a family but Cain if you do not like the situation then we walk away. Thor is still welcome to be part of your life and I will never be cruel to Adam, but you are my priority." Sif responds her eyes never leaving the road. Everything that she had said was the truth, but it did not stop her having mixed about what was happening. Focusing on the road helped her not think about the bad.

"It might be nice to have a brother. Laura seems to enjoy having a sister, so I'm willing to give it a try." Cain says, with a shrug of his shoulders. He had met Adam a couple of times during the three years that he had been on Earth. Adam had never been cruel, to him, though they had not shared many words with each other.

The family of three continued on their journey, this time speaking and discussing what to do next. Every so often the subject would move onto Freya and how she had ended up with another child. It was a subject that Sif was curious about and Thor wanted to find out more information. His sister had only told him a small amount of information just enough to explain Lyra but nothing about how she had actually slept with Logan several times and not out of some kind of affection for the man.

Part Twenty-Eight

Avengers Base

Bruce Banner stood at the front door of the Avengers Base waiting for Tony and the others to arrive. The fight with Ultron had been incredibly difficult and he had almost lost himself to the Hulk. Being in the fresh air helped and though he did not want to admit it, having Natasha at his side had also been a huge help.

"Bruce? Logan just phoned and said they are about an hour away though he was not sure about the others." Natasha says, joining Bruce outside.

"Are you trying to tell me that I should come inside?"

"No. Clint and Phil are arguing about something. It is safer for everyone to stay away. Even the young members have chosen to stay far away."

"Where are the children?" Bruce asks, knowing better than to ask about Phil and Clint. He's still not sure of their relationship and has never felt the need to ask. It has never affected the team and he know it really isn't any of his business.

"Adam and Lana are out back talking. The children from the school, are getting ready for the journey home. While it would be nice to have younger members, they really are too young. Plus, they all need to complete their education." Natasha says with a grin.

"Has anyone told Adam about who his father is? Do you think Adam will return to school, or stay here? I'm not sure that Lana will want to be separated from Adam. They are awfully close." Bruce asks with a smile on his face.

"Thor asked to be the one to speak with his son. I believe he is still trying to figure out what to say. Adam might stay here if that is what he wants, and Lana will follow Adam. As you said they are remarkably close."

"Do the two of them realise how close they are?"

"Bruce it is not really safe to tell them that. Adam might not have Thor's powers just yet but do not underestimate his power or temper. Especially when it comes to Lana and she is just as strong as him maybe even stronger." Natasha informs him with a knowing smirk.

"So, I'm guessing no one except maybe Clint has tried to tell them. Do you know where Steve disappeared to as soon as we arrived at the new base? I thought he might be willing to rest once we had a home again. Or even sketch. Did you know that Steve can draw and apparently he's actually particularly good?" Bruce responds, watching Natasha for any kind of reaction.

"Stark mentioned that Steve could draw and even showed me some of his drawings. I don't believe that he asked for permission to show off the drawing and Steve was not incredibly happy." Natasha answers.

"I'm guessing that you do not know where he's gone then?"

"No, he did not tell me where he was going. He simply asked that I trust him and not to follow. We have had a long six months and I've chosen to trust him."

"He is our leader and trusting him is important if we are to work as a team. Plus, I believe that he is a fully grown adult who can take care of himself. Even heard that he's nearly a hundred years old." Bruce says aware that Natasha will either agree or violently disagree.

"Very true Bruce."

As the two of them continue their conversation neither notice the cars pulling up into the driveway.

The first car stops, and Freya jumps out of the car rushing into the base. She completely ignored Bruce and Natasha clearly angry with Logan who is busy helping his daughters with the unpacking of the car. The second car to arrive stays parked for several minutes before first Thor then Sif and finally Cain climb out of the car. Mother and son walk into the base together though first Sif hugs Thor and seems to whisper something into his ear.

Finally after almost half an hour the third car pulls up and Tony climbs out moving to the back seat and carry's Scott inside. He though seems to notice Bruce and Natasha asking them to help him with the bags and that he needs to hold a meeting. Bruce and Natasha agree telling Tony to look after his son.

Freya storms into the base grumbling about Logan and men in general. She is so busy with her grumbling that she walks right into Clint who is no longer arguing with Phil.

"Freya I'm glad that Tony and the others were able to find you. What has Logan done for you to storm into a private room without knocking?" Clint asks, sounding both annoyed and confused.

"This isn't a private room. I saw on the door that it just read Agent. As far as I'm aware agent Coulson does not live in the Avengers Base. Clint why are you in agent Coulson's bedroom?" Freya finally asks, upon realising her mistake.

"It is my bedroom, but I share it." Phil starts only for Freya to interrupt him.

"So, will your wife be staying here at the Avengers Base? Do you really think that is a good idea? If your wife is a civilian, then staying here puts her in a lot of danger." Freya says.

"If he had a wife then don't you think it would be a good idea for them to stay together. As for her being a civilian that's very funny Freya." Clint says laughing at his private joke.

"Why would he not have a wife? Did he not just say that he shared this room? Who else would he share the room with? I can only see one bed." Freya responds clearly still truly angry and not thinking clearly.

"I share it with my husband." Phil explains as Clint continues.

"Did Logan never tell you which avenger was married? You can't have been that busy in his cabin? It's not even the most interesting of his other homes."

"Wait, Clint are you married to agent Coulson? How is that possible? When I first met you, you were so young. Is this why Sif teased you about not wanting to know how you learnt things that others didn't? Logan has more than one home? He never told me. As for being busy, we were in charge of a teenager a ten- and seven-year-old boy and then for a few weeks an extra boy not to mention the baby." Freya says in a rush looking between Clint and Phil as if they might just be insane.

Clint nods as he moves closer to Phil, "we've always been close, and it just developed into something more. We married while you were on Asgard and I never told you because you never asked. All those years ago you made that joke about all men wanting you and Sif said that I wouldn't well Phil is the reason."
"Umm Princess Freya did you say that you were looking after a baby?" Phil questions, looking at Freya as if expecting the baby to be in her arms.

"She was a baby and now thanks to magic she is thirteen. I'm sure there will be a meeting about it at some point. My younger daughter though will not be coming to this meeting to be stared at. If you have questions you can ask me, or I guess Logan. Though he does not really understand magic in the same way that I do." Freya says, ignoring for now that Agent has called her princess Freya rather than just Freya.

"I'm sure there will be a meeting. Clint why don't you show Freya to her room and make sure the room next to hers has two beds. I assume your daughters won't mind sharing?" Phil asks, going into agent mode as he begins to organise everything.

"Lyra and Laura have been sharing for months and haven't yet complained. I am sure that my parents will want to meet Lyra so we will not be staying awfully long. They will also want to meet their grandson and I think it would be a good idea for me to speak with my nephew. He cannot possibly stay here on Earth, once the enemies of Asgard learn about him they will come for him. It would not be right to expect the Avengers to protect him." Freya said, trailing off and saying more but so quietly that it was impossible for Phil and Clint to hear what she was saying.

"Come on Freya lets go and find your daughters and Logan, then I can show you to your rooms." Clint said, taking Freya by the arm and leading her back out of the base.

"Will you be showing Logan to his room?" Freya asks, still in a bit of a daze.

"Logan tends to pick his own room. Even if I tried, he's set in his ways and would rather pick for himself." Clint answers.

"Yes, Logan is very stubborn. Our daughters have both inherited his stubbornness. Though Logan enjoys blaming it on me which is just stupid because I am not stubborn."

"What did they inherit from you?"

"According to Lyra she inherited my looks and powers while Laura is more like Laura. When do you think I can see my nephew? It is important that I speak to him."

"Thor needs to speak to him before anyone else does. I'm sure once he has spoken to him then you will have your chance. Will he be going to Asgard with you and the girls?" Clint asks.

"Has Thor not spoken with his son? Should he not of done that before going to collect Cain with Sif?"

"Freya, we have only just defeated Ultron and Adam was asleep when Thor left to collect his stepson. How he responds to the situation is really for him and him alone to figure out." Clint said, refusing to take sides between the arguing siblings though he had no clue what they were arguing about.

Freya frowns but decides that there is not much she can say to respond. She does not completely agree but is too tired to really argue.

Thor takes a deep breath before going outside to speak with Adam. He is not really surprised to find Adam and Lana sitting together whispering to each other. During the battle with Ultron, he had noticed how close the two of them seemed to be. While they had fought Ultron the two had barely strayed too far from each other, when Adam had been hurt. It made him shudder just thinking about the destruction she had managed to cause. He felt lucky that the girl was on their side rather than the enemy.

"Thor is there something wrong?" Adam asks getting to his feet Lana joining him their hands entwined.

"Nothing is wrong Adam, but I would like to speak with you, if possible, in private. Though if you would rather have Lana stay with you then that is alright." Thor says, being careful to be kind and not sound in anyway bossy. Adam was his son, but it did not give him the right to tell the boy what to do. If the boy decided to accept him then they could work on having a father and son relationship.

"Lana, I think I need to speak with him alone." Adam says, turning to face Lana and pulling her into a tight hug.

"I understand Adam, plus I should probably check on Pietro he's still in the medical wing. Adam just remembers to listen to him before reacting." Lana instructs kissing his cheek before walking away.

Thor smiles but stops when he notices Adam glaring at him. "Sorry, she just reminds me of Sif when we were younger. Though Sif tended to hit me, she said it built up my character."

"Did it not take you years to figure out that you were in love with her? I know exactly how I feel about Lana. No clue how she feels about me as it is not something that she tends to discuss. So umm why are you here?" Adam asks, turning to look at Thor rather than watch as Lana walked away from him.

"What did Xavier tell you about your family?"

"He told me that he was my family but that it was complicated. Dr Grey enjoyed telling me what to do. I think the professor wanted to tell me something but well he disappeared and then Dr Grey took over. She hated that I was friends with Lana. Marie and Kitty though have never cared about Lana being the daughter of Magneto."

"Mothers can be very protective."

"Are you trying to say that Jean Grey is my mother?" Adam asks, anger slipping into his voice.

"Yes, sorry I'm really not good at this. I have no idea how to speak to you. Just give me a few minutes and let me try." Thor says, as he slips to the ground unsure how to keep going.

Adam joins him on the ground, "I can look into your mind if that helps. I am not as skilled as my mother, but Xavier said I had a natural gift. Just so you know I do not hate you for being part of my life. You are my father correct."

"Yes, I am your father. Did someone from the team tell you? I asked them to wait for me to tell you. Adam, I promise that I did not know about you, Jean never told me about you. I cannot promise that I would have been a great father, but I would have tried. To be fair to your mother I would not have been easy to find but I am sure she could have found a way."

"No one on the team told me about how we were linked. They do all though think very loudly and I overheard things. Don't be mad at them for thinking about it. They did not just think about you and Jean Grey but lots of other things as well."

"You are an intelligent young man. Would you be willing to try and get to know me?" Thor asks, turning to face his son. He had been certain that telling Adam about who he was could never be simple. The boy had a right to be angry with him and yet for the moment Adam did not seem to be angry with him.

"Thank you, Thor. If you want to try and be a family, we can but I know that you have Cain and Sif in your life already. How do they feel about me?"

"Sif would like to try and be part of our family as well. She will not try and be your mother if you do not want her to be. I think the two of you need to speak and figure it out. Cain told me he would like to have a brother. No one will force you to make Sif and Cain your family. All I ask is that you give them a chance."

"I am willing to give them a chance. Thor?"

"Yes Adam."

"Will I have to go to Asgard? Laura mentioned that it is a wonderful place." Adam asks, sounding very unsure.

"I believe that my parents will want to meet you. If you agree we could go to Asgard in a few weeks so you can meet them. You are free to change your mind at any point, but I know my mother especially would like to meet her grandson. I promise though that you are not under any pressure." Thor says, wanting to hug Adam but feeling that it was not the right time.

"Are your parents not the king and queen of Asgard? Why would they want to meet me? You and Jean were not even a real couple. Do you think Jean hates me?"

"Yes, my parents are the king and queen of Asgard. Odin my father is a man who believes that heritage is particularly important and wanted me to marry a lady. It was one of the reasons that I had an arranged marriage with Sif. Back then the two of us were just friends and were not in love. At least I do not believe that we were. My father wanted me to have a son or daughter that was a pure Asgardian. That is my father when he is being king of Asgard, when he is just being a father though I know that he will love you as a grandson. My mother is a queen, but she tends to think like a mother even when she is being a queen. I cannot promise that my father will be kind, but I can promise that if he's rude we will simply leave. We can go and speak with Jean if you would like to in a few days."

"You cannot answer if she hates me or not." Adam asks.

"No, I cannot answer that Adam. I do not know Jean well enough. I'm sorry but I do not hate you."

"I do not hate you either thot, but I am not ready to call you dad just yet. Can I stay here at the Avengers Base with you Sif and Cain?"

"Yes, you can stay here and if Lana wants to stay, I'm sure we can figure something out. What I will not argue about is the fact that you will need to go to school." Thor says, becoming stern and almost sounding like a father.

"That is something that I can agree with. To be honest I actually enjoy school and am excited to go back. First though I would like to know my new family."

Tony carries Scott into the base not stopping until he reaches his sons new bedroom. It is not a surprise when he finds Loki waiting. Trying not to shout he simply puts Scott on the bed removing the boy's shoes. Waking up his son is something that he would never risk even with Loki in the room.

"I am not here to argue with you Stark. You wanted time alone with Scott and I gave you that. As agreed, I will not appear until you can speak with the rest of the Avengers but I would like to stay with Scott." Loki asks, moving to sit on the bed.

"You can stay with Scott but if anyone enters the room, I need you to be invisible." Tony says, stroking his sons head.

"Is this because you need time to figure out a lie?"

"No, it is because if a member of the team sees you, they will start shouting. Scott only fell asleep half an hour before we arrived. He needs his rest and if anyone wakes up then I will be throwing them out of the base and not allowing them back. You care for Scott and will not be against him actually getting some rest."

"For Scott I will do as you ask."

"Thank you, Loki." Tony says, as he walks away from the room calling out to Friday to gather the team for a meeting.

The meeting

Freya walks into the meeting room not noticing that Steve slips in after her. She smiles at Tony, "thank you for calling the meeting Tony but I can take it from here. As you must all be aware by now, I am the proud mother of two beautiful teenage daughters. If you do not know then I guess you know now. Both girls are the daughters of Logan. Now I'm sure you have lots of questions about how they are both teenagers when only six months have passed since you saw me last."

"Actually, Freya we know about the magical mishap." Bruce says, his voice very calm.

"How do you know about the magical mishap? Why would Tony call a meeting about the situation if you are all already aware of the situation?" Freya asks, confused and annoyed.

"Well, you told Clint and Phil but Logan sent us all a group text." Natasha explains with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Also, Freya I didn't call this meeting about you having two teenage daughters or Thor being a father. While they are all remarkably interesting facts, the truth is that is not why I called a team meeting." Tony says, sounding as though he's trying extremely hard to keep his patience.

"Why would you not call a meeting about my daughters and Thor being a father?"

"Thor being a father does not actually affect the avengers. I assumed that you would be returning to Asgard with your girls even if it was only for a few months. Thor has already asked to take some leave. My reasons for calling this meeting are actually all to do with Scott and his friendship with Loki."

"What does Loki have to do with the avengers?" Freya asks, sounding incredibly angry.

"I was just about to explain Freya." Tony responds before quickly continuing. "As you are all aware Scott has what we all thought was an imaginary friend. Something I was told was perfectly normal. It turns out that his imaginary friend was actually an invisible Loki. Clint you can shout once I have finished speaking. Agent you will also get your say as Loki hurt you. As I was saying Loki is Scott's invisible friend. They are awfully close and in order to keep my son happy I have agreed to let Loki stay."

"You did what?! Do you not understand how dangerous he is?" Clint shouts, looking more furious than anyone has seen him for a long time.

"Scott asked me, and I said yes. Loki has agreed to follow any rules that we set for him. I am also more than willing to move out of the base for a while with Scott and Loki. My son has to come first for me but if you all agree that Loki cannot stay then I will move out. I have plenty of homes that I can use. What I do ask of all of you is that you do not show anger to Scott. He does not understand what Loki has done and I don't want to confuse him." Tony responds, keeping his voice calm and watching agent for some type of response.

"Tony, I should not have a say about Loki staying here as I am neither an avenger nor in charge of the avengers. While I do not trust him just yet, I don't think he's a threat to Scott. It's possible he will turn on us but not if we are adored by Scott. My vote is that he can stay and tony if you need to move out for a bit no one will stop you." Phil says, placing a hand on Clint's wrist and calming him.

"I would like to see more of my brother Tony and trust me if he steps out of line, I will deal with him. I do though believe that he should come to Asgard for a bit and spend time with our parents. He won't be happy, but you do need father and son time with Scott." Thor says his voice calm.

The avengers talk for several hours each giving an opinion. Even Freya gives her opinion though she knows that she's not exactly a member of the team. Eventually they come to an agreement that Loki can stay but he must return to Asgard in a few weeks with his brother and sister.

It is also decided that Tony will move into one of his other homes along with Scott and Loki. Thor, Sif, Cain, and Adam are also given a home so they can get to know each other in private and comfort of their own space.

A few weeks later everyone has gathered to say goodbye to the Asgardians. Freya has dressed her daughters in their finest clothes and is ignoring the way they cling to their father as they say goodbye. She does notice that Adam gives Cain a quick hug but hugs Lana for much longer than is normal for just friends. It is something she decides to mention to Thor and give him advice about when he should allow his son to date. She is shocked to see that Sif is returning to Asgard with them if only for a few days. Turning away from her brother she found herself once again watching Logan and the anger beginning to rise inside her.

While Sif was willing to come back to Asgard for a few days Logan had refused. He had pointed out that Sif was returning to Asgard as the girlfriend of the prince and he was not even her friend. The statement had angered and upset her causing her to make a vow to never sleep with him again, she had though broken the vow less than twenty minutes later. The vow had been broken three days ago and they had barely spoken since.

"Laura, Lyra both of you need to pull yourselves together. We will be returning in a few months I'm sure. Your father was invited to come with us, but he's chosen to stay here on Earth with your cousin Cain." Freya says, sounding far angrier than she had met to. She was not angry at Cain and knew he had nothing to do with why Logan was staying on earth. The truth was he had not actually given any kind of reason.

"I am staying on earth Freya because with both Thor and Sif on Asgard the Avengers will be down two extraordinarily strong members. If I were to leave as well, they would be down three members. It would be very irresponsible of me to just leave the team." Logan responds, hugging his daughters close to his chest.

"I understand dad, it would be nice for you to come though even if just for a few hours." Laura says, letting go of her father.

"You could always come to Asgard when Sif returns to earth and her son." Lyra suggests, glaring at her cousin.

"I suppose I could do that." Logan agrees, unable to disappoint his younger daughter. He hugs her tightly to his chest promising that he will come to Asgard as soon as he possibly can.

"You are the best dad in the whole wide world." Lyra declares grinning up at her father.

"Thank you, Lyra. I am incredibly lucky to have two wonderful daughters." Logan responds, managing to move away from his daughters as they move to stand with their mother. "Freya, maybe when I come to Asgard we can try and become friends for the sake of our daughters."

"I had thought Logan that we had become friends after spending six months with each other. In that short space of time, we are at least I thought we had become close and that was why we had a child together."

"Freya that is not exactly how it happened, but I do agree that we need to try and get to know each other. On Asgard we might finally get a chance to have some privacy. Both our daughters will be busy with their grandparents and I hope getting to know their new cousin Adam."

"I am sure that they will get to know Adam, but he's going to be terribly busy with my father. Adam will be learning how to be a prince and finding himself a suitable wife. However, it would be nice for the two of to actually get to know each other. There are still many things that I do not know about you Logan and yet you seem to know a lot about me." Freya answers, ignoring the glare that Thor and Adam give her.

"Sister, my son is ten and far too young to be looking for a wife. If he wants to learn how to be a prince then he can and if he does not, then he will not. Adam will also only be staying on Asgard for as long as he wishes to stay and no longer." Thor says, sounding highly annoyed with Freya and slightly like a prince.

"Brother your son will take over after you and so he will need to learn. Father made you the heir to the throne so only a child of yours can take the throne after you. Come on have your son say goodbye to his soon to be ex-girlfriend." Freya says taking control of the situation forgetting that Loki is meant to be coming with them.

"Lana is my friend and I'm coming back to earth to see her, Thor promised, and he seems to stick to his word. Also, he would never just abandon Cain and neither would Sif." Adam says, as Lana takes his hand and pulls him away from the group.

"Adam, I want you to enjoy Asgard, but you better not forget me. My father and your grandfather have a strange relationship that no one understands but them. The two of us though are actually friends and I do not want you to forget me."

"Nothing is going to make me forget you." Adam promises.

"It better not because I swear that I will find a way to come to Asgard and beat the crap out of any whores. I am a dam princess and will not be replaced by a whore. Lana responds, the threat noticeably clear in her voice. Especially as Adam knew that she meant what she said.

"Excuse me but my nephew is the son of the crowned prince of Asgard. I really believe that you should show him some respect. If he wants to upgrade, then that is up to him and not the daughter of a criminal."

"Freya! You have no right to speak to Lana that way. As for Adam he is my son not yours and if he wants to wait for Lana then he can. Now apologies right now or so help me we will have a problem! Status never used to be important to you and it is not important to me. Adam can be friends with whomever he wishes to." Thor says, stepping between his son and his older sister.

"Thor, on Asgard he is going to be expected to act like a prince. Father will not tolerate Adam playing with the children of criminals and servants." Freya says, ignoring the identical looks of horror on the faces of her daughters and Logan.

"I do not give a crap what father might think. He has no say when it comes to my son and neither Freya do you. If Odin has a problem, then Adam Sif and I will come back to Earth. Sif are you ready to go to Asgard because I no longer feel as though we should wait for Freya and her daughter. Loki I strongly suggest that you say your goodbye and appear on Asgard in no more than ten minutes or I'm coming back for you."

Sif nods and pulls Adam close to her side as a portal opens and takes the three of them to Asgard.

Freya frowns and turns to Logan expecting him to say that Thor has no right to be so rude to her. Instead, what she was faced with was an incredibly angry Logan. "What exactly is your problem Logan? My father needs to know that Thor's son can take over. Having a connection to earth as the son of the heir is not a good thing."

"You should really think about apologising to your brother and his son. Adam will always have a link to earth as he was born here, and it is where his mother lives." Logan says, before hurriedly continuing. "I'm going to suggest someone for the team while I'm away on Asgard spending time with my daughters. Though I'm sure that I am not good enough to be their father as my parents were not a lord and lady." He walks away and talks with the team before returning to stand in between his daughters. The girls hug him and keep looking at their mother.

Soon the four of them are pulled up into a portal.

Close by but not too close Loki is trying to say goodbye to Scott who is refusing to let him go. Tony watched but had not yet intervened understanding that his son needed to say goodbye to his one and only friend.

"Loki, please don't leave. I don't want you to leave. If you leave who's going to be my friend?" Scott asks, still clinging to his friend.

"I'm not going to be gone longer than a few weeks. You are always going to be my friend Scott no matter what. This does not mean you cannot have other friends." Loki says, removing Scott's hands from around his waist.

"Only want you as my friend."

"That is allowed I think."

"Just promise that I will always be your favourite." Scott mumbles, allowing Tony to pull him away.

"I promise Scott." Loki says as he vanished through the portal.

Part Twenty-Nine


The Avengers watched as the portals appeared and their friends left for Asgard. No one commented that Clint and Phil had not come to say goodbye to say goodbye, there was no need as they all knew the reason. They had all silently agreed that there was no need to bring it up as it would have confused and upset Scott. Something that none of them were willing to do even Clint knew better than to upset Scott.

"So, Steve you going to tell us about this guy who can join the team. I'm guessing Logan did not mean Sam as he's already due to join as soon as possible." Natasha asks, trying to break the ice.

"The only person I can think he might mean is Bucky." Steve says, staring down at the ground.

"If Logan trusts him then I guess he can have a test run." Tony says, hugging Scott and trying to calm his son.

"Natasha why don't you and I drive Lana and her siblings back to the school, Steve you can go and find your friend and Tony can do what Tony does." Bruce suggests, understanding that Tony wants to be alone with Scott for a bit.

"Mr Banner I will be returning to the school, as well until my mother returns. She trusts Marie and Kitty to keep me safe." Cain says his attention on Pietro rather than Bruce.

"Alright if that is what your mother has arranged. I'm sure you can join the junior Avengers when they have their training sessions." Bruce says, happy to have the situation easily sorted.

"Can I train?" Scott asks, causing everyone to turn to look at him.

"Right now, I think you are a little too young." Tony starts.

"But Cain is only ten and he's going to train so is Adam on Asgard. Please dad."

"You can do some of the training Scott but not all of it."

"Thank you, dad."

Tony nods and carry's him inside as the rest of the team sort out their own things.


Freya frowns when she realises Thor, Loki and Logan have not arrived on Asgard. Her frown deepens when she spots the first fire. Knowing that something is wrong she pulls her girls to her noticing Sif drawing her sword while keeping Adam close.

"Sif, what is going on?" Freya asks, half sure that Sif won't know.

"Hela has escaped." Sif answers moving to stand in front of the princes whispering to Adam to create a shield.

"Who is Hela? I feel I've heard the name before, but I just can't place who they are?"

"Your twin sister who was banished from Asgard. Stay behind me and if you get the change get back to Earth with the children. Whatever happens do not wait for me."

"Sif, I do not have a twin sister and if I did father would never banish her from Asgard. He loves all of his children."

"Freya, you need to trust me. Protecting the children is your priority. It is my job and my duty to keep you safe Freya. So please just trust me or at the very least trust that no matter our differences I would die protecting your children."

"Where are my brothers and Logan?" Freya asks, starting to realise that the situation they are all in is extremely dangerous.

"Hela will have sent them away. We are the ones that she wants to punish. That is why if you get the chance you must run and take the children."

"So, she did not kill them then?"

"No. Killing them would end any suffering that she has in mind for them. Keeping them alive is not her being kind."


Thor looks at Logan and frowns. "This is not Asgard. Let's search for Loki and then find a way to Asgard."

"What about the others?" Logan asks, searching for Freya and his daughters.

"I think they are on Asgard. When we were in the portal, I felt myself being dragged away from them. They could be here; Loki is our best way of locating them."

"Alright, I trust you wouldn't just ignore your sister even though she's just been rude to your son. I'm sure eventually she will apologise or do something to show she does actually care."

"I'm sure she will after all my sister is a good person, but Adam barely knows her. He will not understand when she is taking her stress out on other people. Come on Logan we don't have any time to waste."


Loki glares at the man who has dared to capture him. This man who believes himself to be so powerful and untouchable. It angered Loki that all he was able to do was glare but the man had made sure he was unable to use any of his tricks.

"So, what is your answer young one, do you agree to be my new pet? Or would you rather try your odds against the worst criminals in the galaxy?" The games master asks, a grin on his creepy face.

"Not like I have any choice." Loki snarls wondering where his family is and how long he's been separated from them.

The years pass by and before long three years have passed on Earth with no word from Thor and the other. For at least a year and a half the Avengers had managed to stick together. Things had changed when a secret about Bucky is revealed to Tony. It causes a rift among the Avengers and they split into two groups.

The first group is made up of Bruce, Rodney, Natasha, Vision and Tony. They all believe that Steve was in the wrong to keep such a thing a secret.

The second group is Steve, Bucky, Clint, Wanda, Pietro, Cain, and a new man named Scott Lang. An old friend of Clint's.

Most of the junior Avengers have not officially taken sides. They are willing to help either group or refuse to be involved in the argument. Marie states that have nothing to do with her school, but that no mutant in her school, is going to be forced to register or take the cure.

On Asgard almost six years have passed, and life has been difficult for Freya and her daughters. While they live in the palace they are forced to watch as the people of Asgard suffer. Freya is no longer even sure where Sif is as she was taken captive within just a few months of landing on Asgard. As Asgard has slowly been destroyed Freya has done her best to keep her daughters safe and keep an eye on Adam who is always being punished or forced to fight Frey the son of Hela.

A small spark of hope is ignited in the return of Thor, Logan, and Loki. With Thor back the true king of Asgard, the people believe that they might have a chance.

Part Thirty

Tony came to a stop in order to wait for Scott to catch up. For the last two or so years father and son would go for a long run in Central Park. Tony almost always ended up ahead of his son but never minded waiting for him to catch up. He could tell that his son was becoming faster and more importantly was determined to try and keep up.

Pepper had warned him that he needed to keep an eye on Scott's compulsion to be perfect. She said that it could potentially lead to trouble in the future. He'd promised to keep an eye but honestly did not see anything wrong in his son wanting to improve.

The one thing he had agreed to was to never be too far ahead from his son. It was a mistake he had made a few years ago just after the avengers had split. A mistake that he would never make again.

"Dad, are you ok?" Scott asks, as he catches up.

"I'm fine Scott just thinking. What do you think about tonight getting out the Lego and trying to build something amazing? Now I know you are ten and far more mature than almost every other ten-year-old. However, I think it is still important that sometimes you indulge your old man." Tony says, wrapping an arm around his still young son.

"If I manage to finish my essay then yeah, we can build something with Lego. Are we going to try building that Star Trek thing again?"

"We can do if..." Tony is cut off from finishing his sentence when a large portal appears in front of him and Dr Strange steps out with Thor and Freya on either side of him. Instead of finishing what he was going to say to Scott he instead responds to the sight in front of him. "What the bloody hell is going on Stephan? Freya Thor what are you doing back on Earth? When you didn't come back, we assumed you'd decided to stay."

"All can be explained at my house Stark." Stephan says as Freya and then Thor interrupt.

"Stark, why would you think that? Logan wanted to return to Earth, he barely wanted to come to Asgard. Where is Scott?"

"Friend Tony it is good to see you. There is much to tell you and no one is angry about you not knowing what was going on in Asgard. It is good to see you young Scott, my brother has missed you greatly. He will be incredibly pleased to see that you are well."

"Stephan are you sure it's safe for Scott to enter your house? Lucas is not his biggest fan though that might be due to spending too much time with Cain and Pietro. Freya I'm sorry I didn't realise you were not happy on Asgard. To be honest I figured that you were not going to return and I thought maybe you and Logan were finally together. Thor it is good to see you as well." Tony answers keeping Scott at his side who is trying to find Loki.

Stephan smiles, "let's just talk in my house. It is important that everyone talks in a more private and safer place. Tony, I swear that Scott will be safe. Lucas is in the house but on lookout duty."

"Alright I trust you Stephan but I have a feeling you want the Avengers to get back together."

"All will be explained in my house." Stephan says walking back through the portal.

After a few seconds Tony follows with Scott at his side.

Inside Stephane's house Laura, Lyra, Logan, Adam, and Loki are waiting. None of them look particularly well but it is Loki who is sitting on the floor mumbling to himself while Lyra and Laura stay close to their father. Everyone turns to look when Tony and Scott enter the house.

Logan smiles for the first time in what has to be years. "Tony you are looking well. How are the other avengers and Scott?" He asks, simply to break the silence.

"Those I keep in touch with are doing well and Scott is happy and thankfully not a teenager just yet." Tony answers, watching Adam and the girls closely. All of them had aged up and no longer looked like children though Adam at sixteen was still technically a child.

Scott moves to sit next to Loki without saying a word. He slips down next to him and carefully takes his hand.

"Tony what has happened while we have been gone? Did the avengers really break up?" Logan asks, while Freya goes from glaring at Tony to glaring at Scott who has managed to calm her brother.

"The Avengers have gone their separate ways. Bruce and Natasha have a lovely place and seem incredibly happy. Clint doesn't talk to me though I know he works for the new shield. Everyone from the school, is still a junior Avenger and we try to only send the older ones on missions. Lana, I believe spends a lot of time with her father while her siblings and Cain tend to go on missions. They didn't take my side but I was not going to have children locked up. Especially after Cain saved Scott's life. No clue where Rogers and Barnes are and I don't want to know." Tony answers not understanding why Freya is glaring.

"Why did the Avengers go their separate ways? Is it not their duty to protect the earth from all threats!" Freya asks, the venom in her voice barely hidden.

"The avengers do still protect the earth Freya but not as one big group. My small team deals with certain threats and Rogers and Barnes deal with larger threats. A lot has happened over three years and clearly shit went down with you as well." Tony says, his focus returning to his son.

"Everyone needs to calm down. Tony, I need you to call in Rogers and his team. Adam why don't you travel with your father to Genosha and speak with Princess Lana. We are going to need her army in the battle to come. Logan and Freya sort out your issues. Lyra, I need you to travel to the Avengers base and gather Natasha and the others. Laura you are going to try and find Clint Barton." Stephan shouts causing everyone but Scott and Loki to turn and look at him.

"What exactly will Scott be doing while I'm ringing the ex-captain and Barnes?" Tony asks, moving towards his son.

Stephan lays a hand on his shoulder "your son will be getting through to Loki. Freya and Thor have tried but neither can reach him. I believe that your son is the key to helping Loki."

"Alright, but Strange you had better keep my son safe or trust me whatever this enemy is will be nothing compared to me." Tony threatens ignoring that Freya is about to lecture him.

Logan drags Freya into another room so that they can talk.

"Logan what the hell are you doing? I need to find out what the hell Stark has done. Something awfully bad is coming to earth and it is up to me and Thor to fight that arse. Strange has no right to involve the Avengers." Freya growls, a habit she had picked up from Logan while they had been forced to work together against her sister.

"The avengers defend earth and have every right to fight. Thanos has an army and Thor barely bruised him. You are still recovering from having lost your twin. It won't just be the avengers fighting Freya it will be everyone who can fight. Which will include Scott even though he's just a child." Logan responds in a calm Tone that only seems to piss Freya off more. Which is partially why he chose to use it.

The two of them are now a lot more than just co parents of their now adult daughters.

"Why exactly will Scott be fighting? He's just a human child. What is the point of him fighting if Lana can bring an army? Does this Rogers have an army as well?"

"Scott is a mutant child and Jean told me that Scott was going to be one of the most powerful mutants. He's also our only hope of snapping Loki out of his trance. For that reason alone, he will have to walk onto the battlefield. Do you honestly believe even for a second that I want any child on the battlefield? I don't even want our own daughters there and neither can be called children any longer. Lyra like you is a healer and the two of you will be needed to get the injured and dying off the field. Laura is more of a fighter. Nine of that means I want my family in so much danger. Thanos is a threat to everyone, no one is safe from him." Logan replies saying far more than he usually does. Freya is normally the one who will go off on a rant.

"Scott's a mutant?"

"That's what your takeaway from my rant?"

"I heard you Logan and I agree with you. As a mother I hate that Laura and Lyra will be out there fighting and trying to stay safe. At the same time though if we don't give them permission they will still end up on the battlefield. This way we know where they are and I guess that is the best we can do."

"We trust that they know what they are doing. Laura is a very capable when it comes to fighting. She is naturally skilled when it comes to fighting. People respect her and respond to her orders without any fuss. Lyra can fight I've seen her fight but her gift comes from healing the wounded just like you."

"Logan do you really believe that Scott can help Loki? He's not family and it's been six years for Loki. How can Scott save my brother?" Freya asks, the desperation creeping into her voice.

"Actually, Freya I do. While we were in prison on Asgard?"

"Which time? You were thrown into jail a lot, mostly for not sleeping with my sister."

"When Thor Loki and I first arrived on Asgard. The people saw us as their hope for freedom. Hela had us imprisoned the moment we arrived. You were thrown into my cell a few days later. Either to kill me or screw me I was never certain. Among the other prisoners were several Seers. One of the younger ones seemed to study Loki and I know I heard the name Scott and savour."

"So, from that you assume that Scott is Loki's savour?"

"I am not a Seer but that is how I understood things. Are you a Seer Freya?"

"No that was a gift my mother had and none of her children were lucky enough to inherit it. Though mother always said that being a Seer was not always a good thing. To know the future could be extremely dangerous." Freya responds starting to feel herself calming down. Having some hope that Loki can be saved has given her some hope about the future of Earth.

"What do you think the Seer might have meant from their words?"

"To be honest they could have meant a lot of different things. I couldn't possibly begin to start explaining what they might mean. Loki doesn't have the gift but he did spend a lot of time with the Seers of Asgard. Ironically, he would be the one to ask. Do you think Strange is able to see the future?" Freya asks, thinking that maybe Strange could help to fix her brother. It infuriated her that she was unable to help her brother when helping people was her gift. She felt that not being able to help Loki made her a failure as a healer.

"I think that Strange is able to do many great things. If he can see the future then I am sure he will use it to help us. Speak with him and see if it is possible for him to give advice when it comes to Loki or the battle ahead." Logan suggests and is about to say more when Lucas enters the room.

"Lovebirds my father would like to speak with you both. Do not ask questions about the future because once you know, the future will change." Lucas says, walking back out of the room.

Freya and Logan share a look before following the boy out of the room.

Thor and Adam walk through the portal that Strange has created for them. It takes them straight to Genosha and as they step out through the portal, they find themselves in the middle of the royal palace. Within seconds they are surrounded by guards with Lana walking ahead of the guards.

"Thor?! What are you doing on Genosha? Did Stark forget how to ring?" Lana asks, speaking to Thor but glancing at Adam unsure if she recognises him.

"Lana? Is that you?" Adam asks, looking at his friend.

"Adam?" Lana says, moving towards her old friend only to be stopped by one of the older guards.

"Princess your father would not want you near a nonmutant. Sir can I ask you to state your name and your reason for being here.

"My name is Thor of Asgard and this is my son Adam. I believe my stepson Cain is on Genosha after I have spoken with Princess Lana, I would like to speak with him." Thor answers, pulling Adam to his side. He nods his head towards Lana as a mark of respect and indicates for Adam to do the same.

"If you need a meeting with me Thor, I will make sure that Cain is there. He never goes anywhere without Pietro."

Thor frowns, "I'm sorry I am a bit confused. Will Pietro also be at the meeting?"

"Yes. Sorry. My brother and sister always stay with me when I'm having a meeting. They are fifteen going on sixteen and well I am only thirteen. Cain is Pietro's personal guard and so will be there. You are more than welcome to speak with him." Lana says, removing her guards' hand and telling them all to leave her alone.

The guards stare at Adam and Thor but after a few seconds leave knowing their princess can handle herself. One goes to inform Raven about what is going on. If Magneto has not been missing for three years, he would have told his king but the queen is the next best thing.

Lana leads Adam and Thor into a private office calling for someone to find her sibling and someone else to bring drinks and food. She hates having servants and tries to treat them all as fairly as possible. Something that has not always been easy but she try's her best.

"Please both of you take a seat, my siblings and Cain will be here shortly. Normally we don't allow non mutants on Genosha but I can make an exception for you. My stepmother won't like it but she can't do very much about it." Lana says, sitting crossed legged on the desk.

Adam is watching her intensely his eyes hardly moving away from her. It's noticeably clear that she's no longer the ten-year-old tomboy he left behind though she is still wearing trousers. Instead sitting in front of him is an exceptionally beautiful thirteen-year-old girl with just a hint of makeup.

"Adam it is rude to stare. I get that I grew up and developed things but it is still rude to stare. I'm glad Cain is not interested in me at all even at fourteen. May I asked who sent you to Genosha?"

"Dr Strange sent us to ask for your help against a danger that threatens every life on Earth. I would have had him phone you if the threat was not so close." Thor answers, aware his son has become unable to answer any questions. He's unsure how he is meant to feel about the whole thing. Part of him is proud that his son is speechless when it comes to Lana. A much smaller part of him though wants to act protective towards Lana and even lecture his son on how he should respect everyone.

"Thor, you really need to stop thinking so loudly. Lana is someone I will never lose respect for. She's the only girl I know who can kick my arse." Adam says grinning at his father.

"Since when do you call me Thor. I thought you had decided that I had earned the right to be called dad. Is this a teenage boy thing that I don't understand because Laura and Lyra have never stopped calling Logan anything but dad." Thor asks, out loud watching his son. It confuses him a lot and slightly hurts him that his son after all this time is suddenly back to calling him Thor of all things.

"It is your name, right?" Adam says, sounding like a teenager.

"Adam don't be rude to your father or I will lock you in the dungeon. Or I might force you to hang out with Cain and Pietro and all they do is kiss or say mushy things. Wanda calls of the worst torture in the world. Though I believe that is her being dramatic." Lana says, jumping off the table and getting right into his face. She hates to watch anyone be disrespectful to their father or mother, especially when their parents are decent and give a crap. Her own father could never be bothered with her unless training her, there was also the odd occasion when he'd spend time with her while she was being advanced.

"Sorry Lana. Dad you are my dad. I don't know why I was being a prick to you. I think it might be stress, we were able to get off Asgard and we just survived meeting Thanos. Though I am not sure that you could say Loki survived." Adam says, looking Lana directly in the eye and not flinching once. He's sure that Lana could hurt him but it does not scare him in anyway. Just as he's about to do something like maybe hug his old friend or even kiss her, he's interrupted but Cain, Pietro and Wanda enter the room.

Cain looks at Thor and frowns, "is my mother here?"

"Not on Genosha no. As soon I am able to contact her, I will make sure you can speak with her. Cain, she has missed you more than anything. If she could have come back to you then she would have done so. You are the reason that she kept fighting." Thor says, shocked when his stepson moves towards him and hugs him. Without needing to think about it he hugs him back and pulls Adam into the hug.

Pietro watches frowning, he knows how much pain Cain has suffered since his mother left for Asgard. He wants to be angry and pull Cain away from the people that had hurt him so badly. The only thing that stopped him was Wanda gripping his arm and Lana being in his way. He was more than willing to hurt those who had betrayed Cain but he would never harm his twin or little sister.

Cain turns and moves away from the hug and walks back to Pietro taking hold of his hands. "Pie, you do not need to stress. Yes, it is bloody complicated and things won't be straight forward. They are here though because the world is in danger. I'm sure Thor can explain things when he has a chance. Promise you are not going to try and beat-up Adam. At least not for me."

"Who else would I beat Adam up for?" Pietro responds.

"Your sister Lana."

"Excuse me. What does Lana have to do with some random boy who is your stepbrother?"

"Pie, they are flirting with each other." Cain says, keeping hold of his friend's hands.

"Your brother is flirting with my little sister. Why?"

"I believe he finds her attractive. Same reason Vision makes eyes at Wanda. I might not have seen my stepbrother in three years but he's not going to do anything. Also, Lana has a boyfriend."

Adam looks at Lana and mumbles, "who are you dating?"

Lana hears and smiles, "the guy my father set me up with. He's alright for a non-mutant, father I think hoped that it would lead to an alliance. Father was or is. if he's still alive he's someone that thinks about forming an alliance first and not if his heir is happy. Adam for whatever reason I was picked to be his heir over Wanda and Pietro. I'm simply dating the person father set me up with when I turned eleven."

"Eleven seems very young to set a daughter up with a future husband." Thor mumbles.

"Husband!" Wanda, Pietro, and Adam shout at the same time.

"Thor, why don't you explain why you are here. You mentioned a threat and I believe my love life can wait."

Thor nods, "Adam we can figure out what has happened while we've been gone after we have defeated Thanos." He says and then begins to explain why they need Lana's help.

Tony walks into an empty room and takes a deep breath before dialling the number he has for Steve. It had been almost six months since he had last spoken to Steve and that had been to thank him for Scott's birthday present. The conversation had not been as strange as he had feared. He had assumed this was because despite everything Steve had remembered his son's birthday. It was something that had made Scott so incredibly happy that Tony had realised he had no choice but to ring. None of this though had stopped him from feeling anger towards Steve who had lied or towards Barnes who was a killer. Still, he dialled the number and waited for Steve to pick up as always on the third ring.

"Tony is everything alright. Scott's safe with you right?" Steve asks, as something or someone makes a noise in the background. A sound that Tony hears very clearly.

"Scott's safe. He's in another room with Loki. The Asgardians have returned and something big is coming to earth. Strange says it's important we all work together. Guy has a bloody huge ego if you ask me. So did the great Captain finally get some?" Tony asks, feeling it's a great way to break the ice and still be a dick to the man who he had once considered to be his friend.

"Are you asking for help Tony?" Steve asks, sounding as though he hasn't slept in weeks maybe months.

"Actually I am. Bring your team whoever that is and come to the Avengers Base. We can figure out a plan there. Yes, you can bring Barnes but I'm not going to be speaking with him and he stays away from Scott."

"I don't really have a team anymore Tony but I will call the few people that still like me. Whoever you send to get Clint tell them to be careful."

"Why do you think someone is going to get Clint or even that ant guy?"

"Tony you just said trouble was coming to earth. You also mentioned us all working together, that sounds to me as though the Avengers need to reform even if just for this fight. I will keep Bucky away from Scott but you have to try not to insult him. He's a good guy but I can't promise that Sam won't eventually punch you. Bucky won't because he gets why you hate him but Sam will eventually just punch you."

"Fine. So why do they need to be careful with Clint?"

"From what I've heard he's had an argument with agent Coulson. I don't know what the argument was about and if you want to ask you are welcome to do so. When should we meet you at the Avengers Base?"

"As soon as you can get your team together." Tony answers.

"Sam says he can meet us there and Buck is already with me."

"Barnes is with you. As in he's right next to you."

"Bucky is right next to me yes. You called during our usual run."

"Sure. Just hurry it up Captain. And remember no arguing in front of Scott. I won't have anything upset him." Tony says, before ending the conversation. If he hands phoned using the landline, he would have slammed the phone down. Having used a mobile phone, he had been forced to just hang up and put the phone back in his pocket.

Lyra enters the portal and finds herself in an office inside the new Shield Base. At first, she believes that she is alone then she notices Clint and Coulson. "Umm hi. Are you Mr. Barton and agent Coulson?"

"Lyra is that you?" Phil asks, stepping towards the young girl.

"Yup that's me. Before you ask, I've been away for six Asgardian years and now I'm nineteen. So, are you agent Coulson and Mr Barton? Dr Strange told me that I needed to find them. Agent Coulson you've got like an army right and Mr Barton you were an Avenger."

Clint nods, "yeah but kid the Avengers split up. Starks pissed that the Captains friend murdered his parents. It sucks that his parents were murdered but Barnes was being controlled and how the hell do you tell a friend oh by the way my other friend is the reason you are so messed up."

"Well, they probably don't use those exact words Clint." Phil mumbles.

Lyra looks between the two men unsure what it is she is meant to do. In the end she chooses to do what she thinks her mother might do. "Ok listen up old dudes. The world is in danger. New Shield needs to help which is your job Agent guy. Mr Barton you are coming with me to the Avengers Base." She says, using her bossiest voice.

Not giving Clint a chance to respond she drags him through a second portal.

Laura had a similar conversation with Natasha and Bruce. Though when she appeared, they had hugged her.

Back in the home of Dr Stephan Strange

Loki has barely moved even as Scott snuggled up to him. It does not take long until both are fast asleep the adults mostly ignoring them. They all seem to have decided that letting them sleep will not hurt anyone.

Slowly Scott opens his eyes and knows he's somewhere strange. He notices Loki and instinctually moves closer to him. "Are we in your head?" He asks, looking around for something that tells him if they are safe or in a lot of danger.

"In a way." Loki responds not looking at Scott but scanning the horizon.

"So where are we then?"

"In my private dream world. No one can reach us from the outside not even Thanos. Freya will try and fail which will make her angry but this keeps us safe."

"Your dream world is very dark."

"Were you expecting rainbows and happy things."

"No. Dad told me you are still in your usual colours of green and black. I just thought maybe your dream world would have something that is just very you in it."

"Your father had to tell you the colour of my clothes. Scott are you blind. You haven't taken off those shades."

"Not blind. My powers came in a few weeks after you left. They don't work correctly and so the shades."

"Scott, deep breath."

"My mutation is linked with my eyes. I blast these optic beams and they are really dangerous. When the mutation first appeared, I blasted a hole in the base. Almost killed Sam. Destroyed his wing and it was Steve and Mr Barnes who managed to catch him. Barnes was confused and I think scared. Sam though told me it wasn't my fault and I wasn't to blame myself. He was really kind to me. Despite being bruised he still hugged me and made sure someone stayed with me. Loki I can't control my powers. They are broken."

"Can someone help you learn control?" Loki asks, refusing to believe that Scott is broken beyond repair.

"No. I have brain damage. Something that happened when I was small. Its why I have horrible headaches. Are we no longer friends cause I'm broken?"

"Scott, I want you to listen to me very carefully. You are not broken. I don't care if your mutant ability does not work how it is meant to. All that matters is that you are you. Plus, those shades are very sexy." Loki says, pulling Scott closer to him and moving to remove the shades.

Scott stops him, "Loki I can't remove them. I also can only see the colour red."

"What about when you are sleeping?"

"Umm. I have special nightwear but dad told me to never take them off when standing in front of someone. I don't want to hurt you Loki."

Loki nods, "Alright I won't remove the shades."

"Thank you, Loki."

They fall into silence for a few minutes neither boy sure what to say. After the minutes of silence, it's Scott who breaks the silence.

"I've really missed you. Why did you stay away for so long?"

"I didn't want to stay away for years. If I could have made it back then I would have. That though is not important right now. Why don't you tell me what you've been up to? It will be far more interesting than me boring you with what I have been up to."


"Just saying my name is not going to make me spill. There are things that even Thor and Freya are not aware of. Telling you will only upset you and I am not going to upset you Scott. My duty is to keep you safe and as happy as possible. That's why we are staying in the dream world."

"What is so dangerous that we have to stay in another world?"


"Who or what is a Thanos."

"One of the most dangerous creatures in the whole universe. He's coming to earth with an army and plans to wipe out half the universe. This world is the only place that we will be safe."

"What about the others? Can we really just leave them behind? Won't this Thanos come after them and... Loki is he going to kill my dad?" Scott asks, standing up and starting to move away from his friend.

Loki gets to his feet as well hurrying after Scott. "Wait! Scott! I could bring your father into the Dream world."

"But the entire universe will still be in a lot of danger. How am I meant to live with myself if half the universe is destroyed? Just because all the children in my school, hate me and dads planning to replace me. It doesn't mean that I want them to be hurt or worse destroyed."

"Hold on just a second. When did you start going to normal school? How can anyone hate you? Why is your father replacing you? Do you need me to hurt this replacement or lecture your father?"

"I started normal school, days after you left for Asgard. Dad felt it was better for me to be around other humans. He was still sure I was just a human at that point. They've never explained why they hate me just tell me every single day that they hate me and I'm not wanted. It's probably because they don't believe that I am the blood son of Tony Stark. My therapist told me that I'm not really being replaced. Dad is just trying to be nice to this really intelligent boy who doesn't have parents. Don't hurt him or lecture my dad please."

"How do they tell you these feelings of hate?" Loki asks, as his skin starts to turn ice blue and his eyes become red.

"Loki what's happening to you? Please calm down." Scott says, moving closer to Loki as the landscape begins to ice over and mountains and caves appear.

Loki blinks several times and looks at Scott his eyes still blood red. He can feel himself starting to lose control of his anger but when he notices Scott flinching, he forces himself to calm down. It's not an easy task and deep down he's aware that neither his brother nor his sister would have been able to reach him. They had started growing close again but it wouldn't have been enough. It's possible even if they had a strong relationship that they would have been able to slightly calm him but not in the same way Scott could. His bond with Scott was complicated and yet almost unbreakable. Loki hoped that it was able to stay that way and he felt it could if he didn't scare Scott off.

"Loki, please. I know you are angry and you don't know how to express that anger. But I don't know how to control your world and I think your anger is creating a snow storm. Loki if I'm still your friend please stop the storm."

Part Thirty-One

All around the two boys the storm slowly grows in size. Around them the thunder began to rumble and flashes of lightning lit up the sky. After a few minutes, the rain began to fall, soaking both boys in just a few seconds. It takes Scott screaming to finally break Loki out of his trance.

Out of his trance Loki manages to calm himself down and the storm simply disappears. "Scott, we need to talk about the fact you are seeing a therapist and you think your father is replacing you."

"Do we need to discuss right it now? Scott asks, avoiding looking at Loki.

"I think that we should Scott. You are clearly unhappy and I don't like seeing you upset."

"Don't we need to get back to my family and yours."

No Scott I really think that we should stay here."

"But our families will suffer. You love your family Loki even if you will never admit it."

Loki looks at Scott and with a sigh he takes them out of the dreamworld.

Scott wakes in his father's arms, "dad, is something wrong?"

"What's wrong? Scott you've been asleep for two hours. I've been trying to wake you up for two hours and at one point you were screaming. What did Loki do to you?" Tony asks, pulling his son into a very tight hug.

"Loki didn't do anything to me. We were just in his dreamworld. It was perfectly safe."

"Are you sure about that Scott?"

Scott looks down at the floor as he notices that everyone in the room is looking at him.

"Stark, I know you are worried about your son but we have to save the world." Thor says, while ignoring Freya who is busy lecturing Loki and how decent people don't put children in danger.

"How much danger was my son actually in Freya?" Tony asks, afraid to learn the answer. He was always willing to walk headfirst into danger with or without his suit. When it came to his son though, the very idea of his boy being in danger terrified him.

"I'm not actually sure Tony. What I do know is that Scott should never have entered Loki's dreamworld on his own. If that's what he wanted to do he should have asked for someone to go with him." Freya answers, while still glaring at Loki but seeming to be angry with Scott as well.

"Freya, I'm sure Scott didn't enter the dreamworld to annoy you." Logan tries to say.

"My son is not the one in trouble. It's your brother that sucked him in." Tony says, standing up and glaring at Freya.

"Tony why is your son even here. Shouldn't he be at school?" Lara questions wondering how a ten-year-old got out of going to school.

"He's been suspended from school, for three weeks. That's not the point Freya."

"Okay, everyone calms down. You can all scream at each other later. New York and several other places are being attacked. We've got a plan so let's actually do what we all agreed to do. Buck you're with me." Steve says, speaking in the captain America tone that no one seems able to argue with.

Bucky nods, "one day Stevie we are going to retire from this." He bows to Freya and gives her a cheeky wink before following Steve.

"Did that guy just wink at me? Does he not understand I'm in a committed relationship with the father of my daughters? Logan, I need you to promise not to go after him until after the fight is over." Freya says, looking to her partner and one of the few people that she still trusts.

"Freya, I don't need to do anything. Barnes winked at you just to get a reaction. Trust me he's not interested in trying to bed you." Logan answers, grinning at a private joke.

"You can tell him that I am your future wife."

"I wasn't aware that we were planning to marry. It's only been six months since you told me you didn't completely hate me."

This it turned out was not the right thing to say and Logan learnt this very quickly. He noticed that the others in the room were soon occupied doing something else.

"Excuse me Logan?" Freya asks, a snarl in her voice as she shimmers in and out of focus. "I assumed that marriage was on the table."

"It could be in the future, but Freya we've been a couple for six months. For five and a half months you were stuck with your sister and I was stuck on that planet. There are things that we don't know about each other and probably should. There are also things that we might never be able to share. Personally, I don't want to talk about my time on that planet not with you, now with anyone. I have things in my past that I have no memory of and I would like to learn some of the secrets of my past. Not all of those secrets are things I'm going to feel able to share Freya and you will have to accept that." Logan says, saying far more than he had planned something that only seems to occur with Freya and every so often Laura and Lyra.

"A husband and wife are meant to share everything. When we get married are you planning to keep secrets from me? Logan, we have been through hell together. My twin sister is dead because of my brothers. Killing her was the only way to save Asgard. My nephew her son. A bloody child is also dead."

"Actually, Princess Freya, neither your twin nor her son is dead." Lucas says, looking directly at Freya.

Before anyone can respond to this news they are alerted to screams outside.

Within seconds everyone is rushing outside and doing what they can to fight off the invaders while protecting the civilians. The fight escalates and in the end Stephan Strange is taken by the enemy and Ironman and Spider-Man go after him. It takes Lyra and Laura holding Scott to stop him going after his father. What neither expect is for him to rip off his shades and blast at the spaceship with his eyes.

Just days later Thanos comes to Earth and an epic battle ensues. The battle rages for several days before Thanos snaps his fingers and half the universe turns to dust.

Part Thirty-Two

Freya frantically searches the battlefield for her daughters and then Logan. The last words Logan said to her spinning around in her mind. "When all of this is over, I'm going to take you out for ice cream." It had been such a strange thing to say but she clings to the memory as all around her people begin to scream names and then the crying starts. At first barely audible and then deafening as more and more people on the battlefield and throughout the universe join in. The princess of Asgard hears it all as her hidden ability empathy is awoken.

Slowly the voices and screaming start to fade. Once her head is clear of the pain she turns and finds Lucas standing in front of her. "What happened? Why did the voices disappear?" She asks once she's able to form a full sentence.

"We lost the fight against Thanos. I believe your brother missed his head. The voices disappeared because I helped to ease your pain."

"I don't understand Lucas."

"It seems you are an empath. When the snap happened, you felt everyone's pain at losing someone. Being new to your gift it almost destroyed you. You might not believe this but I know your pain because I felt it as well. With my heritage I developed the gift of empathy. It's not an easy gift to control and there will be times when you feel awful. The gift though can be especially useful. It helps you to discover when someone is lying or is keeping an injury from their team."

"How do I control this bloody gift and is there a way to get rid of it?"

"I can help with the control and I will look into if there is a way to rid you of the gift. Lyra, Laura, and Logan have been found. Lyra is in the medical bay attending to the wounded. Laura is helping Bruce, Clint and Natasha make a list of the injured. Logan is making a list with Thor and Steve of the dead and missing."

"I don't understand. Lucas why are there two lists those who are missing are dead." Freya says, no trace of emotion in her voice. It was as though she had been drained of all emotion.

"Those who are missing will have died in the snap. However, those who died in the battle can still be buried. Can I suggest Princess Freya of Asgard, mother of Laura and Lyra? Girlfriend of James Logan Howlett."

"Sure, suggest but he's just Logan. He doesn't have a fancy name. At least he's never told me his other names, maybe he felt I didn't need to know. That I just want important enough."

"James Logan Howlett is his full name. A name I don't believe he is aware of. The only reason I know the name is his brother Victor Creed and Hydra agents. They had files on your boyfriend and they were incredibly detailed. I only read his name and the files are safe. You won't be able to locate the files even if you ransack my house." Lucas says, sitting down in front of Freya.

"Hydra agents. Lucas I don't know who you are talking about."

"Princesses go and be with your family. You are one of the lucky ones."

Freya slowly nods and forces herself to get to her feet. She doesn't completely understand what Lucas means by her being lucky. Once on her feet she makes her way to the medical bay and within seconds Lyra is in her arms clinging to her.

"Mum, your alive. When I couldn't find you in the medical bay, I thought you'd died or were among the missing." Lyra says, continuing to cling to her mother. She didn't care that she was nineteen and an adult. All that mattered in that moment was the fact that her family was alive.

"Lyra you need to calm down. Your father and sister are alive. Our family is alive." Freya says, trying to keep her daughter as calm as possible.

Lyra nods and slowly let's go of her mother, "your right. We are among the lucky few who have not lost everything. For that we should be incredibly grateful. Go and check on Laura I think she needs to know that you are alive and not among the missing or injured. Laura is in one of the offices with Clint, Bruce, and Natasha. Whatever you do don't mention agent Coulson."

"Why? What's happened to agent Coulson?" Freya asks, the panic beginning to rise in her voice as she thought of everything bad that might have happened.

"He hasn't reported in just yet. Natasha and Bruce are doing their best to keep Clint busy. It's very possible that agent Coulson has been lost. So as not to upset Clint no one is to mention the man's name until we know more. Dads keeping the captain from well losing it."

"Lyra, I saw people turn to dust but I'm sure I saw the captain's young wife. She's not among the missing. It seems that's he is also one of the lucky ones."

"Do you mean Sharon Carter?"

"Yes, I heard Tony mention that Steve was now married. I have only ever seen him with Sharon Carter so by all logic his wife has to be Sharon."

Lyra smiles, despite everything there are still times when her mother misses the obvious. It is something she hopes will continue once she starts dating. Not that she understands how human teenager's date.

Freya smiles back at her younger daughter grateful that Lyra is still able to smile despite the circumstances. "Keep looking after the injured Lyra you are doing a particularly good job. I will come and help you after I've checked on your sister and father. Steven should also be with his wife rather than Logan and Thor. The two of them are perfectly capable of writing lists."

"Mum, agent Carter is not the wife of Steve Rogers and even if she was, Steve has just lost his three best friends. I don't think that even a wife would be able to make him feel better. Right now, keeping busy is the only thing that is keeping him going. At least according to dad."

"I'm still going to speak to the Captain. Once I've spoken to your sister and father. Someone should also get Scott out of the safe room." Freya starts, but stops when she notices the deepening frown on her daughter's face. "Lyra tell me that Scott is not among the missing."

"Scott is not among the missing."

"Then why are you frowning. No, I know why you are upset in general but Lyra why did your frown deepen when I mentioned Scott and the safe house. Please tell me Lyra that during the battle Scott was kept somewhere safe."

"I can't do that mother."

"Lyra Frigga Howlett explain right now young lady."

"Mother, as much as I would love to be lectured. I do have several patients that are waiting for me. Right now, they do come first and Laura knows far more about what Scott did during the fight than me. I strongly suggest that you speak to her." Lyra says, before running back to the medical bay before her mother can stop her.

Freya grumbles but goes in search of her first-born daughter. She has a feeling that Laura will also not want to tell her exactly what Scott was doing during the fighting. This she understands will lead her to Logan her boyfriend. At least she assumes that she can still call Logan her boyfriend even after she's lectured him.

It takes her twenty minutes before she finally finds Laura who seems to be writing down names and a description of the injury. Beside her is Natasha who is writing about their next of kin while Bruce and Clint seem to be giving them the information. Freya hates to interrupt when they are all clearly doing especially important work but she needs to speak with her daughter. Thankfully, it is Laura who speaks first and just like her sister rushes to hug her mother.

"Mum, where have you been? Did Lucas find you? All I could understand from him was that you were in pain. If you are injured then Lyra needs to check on you or one of the other medical staff. Frey changed sides did you see that. Maybe it's good after all that dad refused to kill him." Laura says in a rush standing in front of her mother. She wants to hug her but it's rare for the two of them to hug. Even with everything that had happened she still felt that hugging her mum would just be plain weird.

"Yes, Lucas did find me and I was on the floor screaming in pain. Laura I am unharmed and can no longer hear anyone's pain. I think that is because of Lucas though I really am not sure. Why do you believe that the bastard child of my twin who just like her is the spawn of all evil?" Freya says, anger slipping into her voice.

"Well, umm. Dad decided not to kill Frey because he's a child and was not in control of his decisions. Why were you in pain mum?"

"According to Lucas I am an empath. A gift I never asked and at the moment I really do not want. When I see your father, I will be reminding him that we don't show mercy to the enemy."

"Mum you need to focus. Why did you come to see me? You've checked on Lyra and she's as healthy as anyone else who isn't in the medical bay."

"I'm checking up on my first-born daughter. Lyra suggested that I should ask you the whereabouts of Scott."

"Scott's in the medical bay under a heavy sedation. Watching all those people turn to dust has as you can imagine upset him. The new queen of Wakanda has made sure he is being watched and a member of the Avengers will be informed when he wakes up. She's lost her mother and brother and is younger than me but still she thought of Scott. I've also been asked to inform you or dad that we are welcome to stay here until we all feel able to leave. Mum I don't believe that we should stay for too long, her people are suffering just like everyone else plus we will have to return to New Asgard."

"New Asgard?"

"Yes, mother New Asgard." Laura says, grateful that her mother was off the subject of asking about Scott. She was not going to be the one to tell her mother that Scott had fought in the battle against Thanos. Whoever had to tell Freya would be given an hour-long lecture and that would be if they were lucky. The unlucky person would be treated to a much longer lecture and then she'd try and go and lecture Scott.

"So Asgard is truly gone then." Freya whispers, wanting nothing more than to pull her first born into a tight hug. She knew though just like her daughter that if she hugged Laura it would wrong and weird. Still all she wants to do is hug her child and try and communicate that everything would be alright. That she would do whatever she needed to do in order to make everything alright.

"The Asgard you knew as a child is gone yes. I know it was your home for an exceptionally long time and I'm sorry that it's gone. However there truly was no choice but to destroy Asgard in order to try and kill that bitch Hela. We might not have defeated Hela but she is weakened and we were able to save as many people as possible. Mum it isn't perfect but it could have been so much worse." Laura says, doing her best to keep her mother calm. "Right now, there are no words that can make you feel better. Before Thanos you lost both your parents and under the rule of Hela I know you were tortured. You've healed and hidden your scars very well but they are still there. Lyra I'm sure can sense all of your wounds something I'm not able to do. There is though hope for us with New Asgard. We have a chance to be a family. Not everyone will have this chance. You can be with the man you love and Lyra can find love and I hope one day have children." Laura concludes the tears starting to roll down her face.

Freya unable to see her child in pain she finally breaks and pulls her daughter into a hug. "Laura, I need you to listen to me very carefully. Can you do that for me."

Laura can only nod against her mother's shoulder.

"Your father and sister are safe. So are Thor and Loki. As I keep being told we are one of the lucky families."

"Mum did no one tell you?" Laura asks, moving so she can look her mother in the eye.

"Tell me what?"

"That no one has seen Loki."

"How can that be? Laura did he turn to dust?" Freya asks, her voice beginning to break from the pain of even thinking that her baby brother was no more.

"We don't believe so. He was last seen with Scott but several fighters saw Loki leave. No one can understand why he just left Scott after vowing to stay with him. Dad knows more about what happened and maybe Scott has an idea. The only problem is that Scott is asleep and won't be awake for several hours and before you ask, he cannot be woken up. He needs his rest and there is nobody who is willing to wake him." Laura says her voice calm and void of emotion.

"Then I will speak with your father and get him to tell me. Loki is my brother and I deserve to know if he's alive or dead."

"I'm not going to stop you speaking with dad. You have every right to learn what has happened to Loki but so does Thor. You are both his family and you shouldn't forget that. Plus, there is the small matter that Thor is king of New Asgard."

"Why don't you call him Uncle Thor? Lyra is always referring to him as Uncle Thor and yet you never do. Why is that?"

"Mum now really isn't the time to discuss family dynamics."

"Your right. Laura can I ask where Adam and Cain happen to be."

"My guess would be helping to bring the injured to the medical bay or helping Lana with her list of the injured and missing."

"Lana is doing her own list."

"Yes. Father, Thor, and the captain are writing a list of the missing who are allies of the avengers. The new queen of Wakanda Shuri has some of her own people conducting their own list and so Lana is having a list drawn up of the missing, injured of dead mutants who fought."

Freya looks at her daughter and is reminded that her little girl is no longer a little girl. She's just about to say something when Laura interrupts her.

"Mum I think dad would like a word and I have to get back to my task. It's especially important."

Part Thirty-Three

Logan stands in the doorway watching Freya and Laura. He's heard their entire conversation but has only made his presence known now that Laura seems unwilling to say anything else. Having spent months learning all of Freya's tells, he's aware that she's incredibly angry with him. What the exact reason is he's not completely sure of but he knows that he's about to find out. The only question he is asking himself is how long the lecture will actually last.

"Logan you have a lot of explaining to do. Tell me where Loki is right now. Explain to me why a ten-year-old child was fighting in a bloody war." Freya says, somehow not screaming at Logan though every cell in her body is telling her to do just that.

"I'm sensing you want an explanation of everything. I can only tell you what I know Freya. My mutation is not reading minds or sensing the future. However, before you ask, no you cannot see Scott and no we cannot adopt him."

"If you can't read minds Logan, how the bloody hell did you know what I was going to ask?"

"Because Freya I know you. You will want to speak with Scott because you are concerned about him. It's exceedingly difficult not to care for Scott or feel concerned that he will be completely on his own. However, you want to ask Scott about the whereabouts of Loki. I do understand Freya because I would feel the same way about you and the girls. But Scott is ten years old and he had to be sedated after seeing all those people turn to dust. Freya I'm more than aware that everyone throughout the galaxy saw the same thing. Scott though is a child that I know and care about." Logan finishes as he leads Freya into an empty room. He's made the decision that they need privacy even if it's only a small amount. Anyone walking around he's sure is not actually interested in listening to him and Freya but he still feels it's better that they speak without too many ears listening.

"Do you really think that I am that selfish? Have we really not spent enough time with each other? Logan I really thought that you knew me!"

"I do know you Freya, I like to think that I know you incredibly well."

"Logan, I didn't mean in the biblical sense." Freya says her annoyance clear along with the hint of a threat in her voice.

"Neither did I Freya. We can though always discuss it later if you'd like to."

Freya crosses her arms over her chest.

"Right back to my point. You are not selfish Freya and wanting to learn about your brother is normal. All I am saying is that Scott needs his rest and at this exact moment you are not thinking about Scott but rather Loki."

"Logan! Tell me why you allowed a child as young as ten to take part in a battle. Even on Asgard children are not permitted to be part of war. So, Logan you will explain or so help me I will rain down hellfire on you."

Logan smirks which only earns him a snarl from Freya.

"First I did not allow a child to fight against Thanos. Scott is not my son and so I did not get a say in what he could do when it came to fighting. If you want to shout at someone then shout at Tony if he's even alive. Yes, a ten-year-old fought in the war but he was not the only child to fight."

"I didn't see any children on the battlefield." Freya argues.

"Freya, you only entered the part of the battlefield that no children were fighting in. Lyra was in the part of the battlefield that had children. Thor knew you'd try and put a stop to any child fighting. But the horrible truth is that we needed everyone who could fight to fight. That's why Jean Grey and her followers helped to try and defeat that monster."

"Clearly the great Jean Grey failed."

"Jean Grey never came face to face with Thanos. Thor was the one who had the opportunity to kill Thanos and missed. I know you hate Jean Grey though I'm not noticeably clear on your reasons aside from jealousy. She might be among the dead, missing or injured and yet still you feel this need to blame her. Jean isn't perfect because nobody is perfect. The mutants who fought alongside Jean did their best and maybe their motives were not pure but that doesn't make them the enemy."

"Tell me why I can't speak with Scott. If his father is dead then he will need parents or at the very least a parent."

"Did Stark make you Scott's guardian if anything happened to him?"

"No. But who else is going to take him on. Thor has two sons already to look after and the captain has lost his friend. There really is no one else but me to look after him."

"Clint could take him on or Natasha and Bruce."

"Natasha will want to look after Clint and Bruce will listen to the one, he loves."

"True. Natasha will want to help her friend and Bruce will do what he can to help. But Freya why you? Yes, you are a mother of two, but we have daughters. Do you have any idea how to even look after a ten-year-old boy?"

"I will learn on the job. In New Asgard he will be safe and treated like a prince. Thor can give me a few pointers and it will make Loki incredibly happy."

"From what I understand Happy will be looking after Scott. Rodes the best friend of Tony Stark and one of the only people he truly trusted will help. It might not be perfect but they will look after him and if Pepper survived then she will also look after him. I don't know all the details but at the moment Rodes is with Scott and doesn't want anyone to disturb the child. The queens of Wakanda and Genosha both agree with him and have declared any who wake him will be punished." Logan answers, though he knows he hasn't yet told Freya why Scott fought in the battle.

"Is Happy even alive?"

"We don't know just yet. At the moment it's not too important as Scott is fast asleep. If Happy and Pepper have both been lost then I believe Rodes will take overlooking after Scott. If he can't for whatever reason then well, I guess there will be a meeting of the Avengers."

"I thought the Avengers were no more?"

"Freya, in all honesty I have no idea what will happen. I've been a little busy keeping Thor from losing it and Steve from simply disappearing. My mind has not exactly been on what might happen to Scott once the boy finally wakes up. For now, can you please just let him get some rest."

"Alright, for now I will let him get some rest. Once he's awake though I will need to speak with him to find out where Loki might be."

"If the medical team believe that it won't cause him more distress. There is a chance that Loki is among the missing who are actually dead."

"I'm aware Logan, but I feel that if something had happened to him that I would have felt it. He's my family and when the snap happened, I felt something very wrong. It didn't though feel as though it was Loki but still... Logan where are Adam and Cain? Tell me that they are alive even if they aren't unharmed. Please Logan I'm begging you tell me that my brothers' children are alright." Freya asks, clinging to Logan the tears rolling down her face as she thinks of all the possible things that could have befallen her two nephews. It no longer seemed of any importance that technically Cain was only a potential step nephew, or even that for Cain to be her family that she'd have to marry Logan. The only thing that mattered to her was the whereabouts of Cain and Adam. She couldn't yet bring herself to even think about the child her twin sister had given birth to. Logically she knew that Frey was an innocent but she was not yet ready to even think of him as family.

"Freya..." Logan starts the hesitation in his voice very telling.

"How are you so calm when your nephew by blood could be dead?"

"I've seen Cain and while he's not alright in any sense of the word, he is alive. He won't talk to me and it will be a while until he's ready to even speak with Thor. Before you suggest it, I really think the best thing to do is give him some space"

"Who did he lose Logan?"

"The person he loves over all others. We both know his mother did not survive the battle on Asgard. It is just that no one has had the heart or strength to tell him. Thor has asked that he be the one to tell him and I hope you will respect the wishes of your brother. Even if you are unable to respect the wishes of your king."

"Excuse me. Are you really questioning my loyalty to the new king of Asgard?" Freya growls, the tears still flowing down her face but her anger starting to get the better of her upset about her nephew.

"I know you are loyal Freya, to your brother and entire extended family. Sometimes maybe too loyal. It's one of the reasons you struggled so much with the decision to kill Hela. Right now, you are trying to force yourself to stay in Princess of Asgard mode and you've been telling yourself since we left Asgard that Frey only deserves death. Problem is you are also a mother and that child is your family no matter how many times you try and deny it. I don't question your loyalty to Thor as a brother but you haven't been able to accept that your little brother is now king. Him becoming king of Asgard means that your parents truly are gone and that you won't always be able to protect him."

"How do you know me so well? How is it fair that you seem to understand me and yet whenever I think I've figured you out you go and change."

"Changing is what has kept me alive for too many years. I also find it exceedingly difficult to truly trust another person. In the past it has either caused them to die or countless others. Might even have caused me to die I'm not really sure as I can't remember how many times I've technically died."

"Answer the question Logan!"

"It's not really fair that I know you and you don't know me but it's kept you safe."

"Not that question. That wasn't even really a question and if it was the answer would be that life isn't fair not really."

"I know you Freya because you've told me things and I've learnt just by watching you. No not in a creepy way. Sif also told me a few things but never anything in great detail. The two of you might not have been the best of friends but she would not have betrayed you."

"I never thought she would. She was always too loyal and spilling secrets just wasn't who she was. Logan, you have mentioned Cain and said that he's alive and I've heard that Frey also seems to be alive. Something we will discuss seeing as I gave you a direct order to end his life. Where is Adam?"

Logan looks at Freya and then turns his head shaking it ever so slightly. If she'd not been Asgardian then she would not have been able to notice.

"Does Thor know?"

"Not yet and Lana has asked to speak with him."

"A child is going to tell my brother that he's lost his son. No, I think I should be the one to tell him. This child doesn't even know Adam."

"Lana knew Adam very well. She's also a queen and so outranks is all. Plus, I've already said yes, she's speaking to him now."

"You let a child speak with my brother to tell him something that could break him. How can she possibly help him when he breaks? She's just a child Logan."

"A child who led an army into battle. Freya there really is no point in this argument. Lana and Thor are already having the conversation and you need to respect that. If you can't well it's too bad."

Part Thirty-Four

Thor lifts his head and notices Lana standing in the doorway. At first, he smiles at the young girl half expecting her to be there just to say hello. He wants that to be the reason more than anything as it would be a normal reason. Upon seeing the tears in her eye and the heartbroken look on her face he knows that something terrible must of happened. Though to be accurate something terrible must of happened to someone they both cared about.

"I'm sorry to interrupt king Thor." Lana says, hesitating to come any further into the room. She avoids looking the new king of Asgard in the eye. What she has to tell him she's almost certain could break him. When she herself had been told she had very nearly broken and it had taken several of her friends to calm her down. When she had noticed the destruction, she had forced herself to find the new queen and apologise. Part of her had expected to be told off and instead all the queen had said was its alright. It had helped to know that her outburst had not cause her people to lose a friend.

"Queen Lana, you are not interrupting. Would you like to help with writing the list? I'm sure the Captain and Logan won't mind."

"Could you please just call me Lana. I'm not yet ready for everyone to call me queen Lana."

"Of course, Lana and please feel free to just call me Thor. The other Avengers have never used my title and I see no reason for you to use it either. Would you like to take a seat or is this a conversation that needs a walk?"

"I think that a walk would be better. Unless you would rather find a place to sit and talk." Lana says, still hesitating to actually enter the room.

Steve looks up, "Thor why don't you and Lana go for a walk. You can get some fresh air and clear your mind. I will be alright on my own for a few minutes. Logan I'm sure won't be much longer. If you are worried then I'm sure that someone can sit with me."

"You truly do put everyone before yourself. I will be no longer than half an hour and I need you to promise to only work for as long as you feel able to. No one is going to see you as anything less than a hero just because you take a break."

"It's important to make sure that everyone who is dead is listed. Their families need to know if there is a body." Steve says, going back to staring at his list.

"I know that Steve trusts me. Please just take your time with the list. I'm going to speak with Lana. Will you promise to not push yourself too much?"


"Please Steve. If not for your own sake then for the people who care about you." Thor says, cutting off Steve before his friend can convince him to back down.

Steve eventually nods, no longer having the strength to argue. He's also certain that there is no point in arguing when he has no chance of winning.

Thor and Lana leave the room to find a small amount of privacy. As they leave the room Thor watches Lana very carefully and notices how she continuously avoids looking at him. It tells him that whatever she's about to tell him will probably take longer than half an hour. All he can hope for is that Steve really will be alright on his own until Logan can return to their friend.

Together they walk outside and don't stop until they are in the royal gardens. Thor gestures to a bench and slowly they both sit. Lana sitting as close to the arms as possible so as not to be too close to Thor. He notices but chooses not to say anything, forcing himself to believe that she's still incredibly young and so feels nervous around him. With any other child he'd have been more than willing to believe this to be true but he'd seen the girl fight and not back down once. Still, he reminds himself that despite her skills in battle she is still a child and has every right to act like a child.

They sit in silence for nearly five minutes Thor doing his best to be patient. While Lana is trying to find the right words. For Thor in the past when a woman had been upset and come to him for comfort they almost always ended up in his bed. Sif had always been the exception to the rule. He feels he can deal with crying woman by offering hugs or just a shoulder to cry on. A teenage girl he is certain that he's got no chance of offering the right type of comfort. Still, he does his absolute best. "Lana, do you want somebody else to deliver this message? No one's going to think badly of you. I know you are in charge of an entire kingdom; you are though in every way still a child. Needing time does not make you a bald person and I know you've lost friends and potentially your father and stepmother." As he speaks, he has no way of knowing if he's said the wrong thing. She doesn't respond to anything that he's said, though he's sure that her eyes are damper and she's fighting the urge to just cry.

"Adam was right when he told me you were a wonderful father. I wish I had been able to spend more time with him before that monster came to Earth and destroyed so much. My father could be among the dead but it hasn't yet been confirmed. I believe that my stepmother is alive but is unable to look after Genosha. Her son is among the many who disappeared during the snap. It is not my family that has me speaking to you." Lana says in a rush of words. She's sure that on some level that Thor must know what she's about to tell him. Still, it doesn't mean that she gets out of having to tell him.

"Adam called me a brilliant father?" Thor asks, the emotion clear in his voice as he smiles.

"Well, he called you a brilliant dad, which to me makes you sound even better. My father, he's not a rubbish father but he's not particularly good with emotions or figuring out his children's emotions. If he is alive, he's going to say all the wrong things to Wanda about Pietro. Though maybe there are no correct words."

"I don't know your father but if he's lost his son then he will be very emotional. It's true that he might not say the right things to comfort your sister, but maybe he won't know the right words."

"You really are exceedingly kind Thor. I'm trying to tell you something about Adam and instead you are comforting me. My brothers gone and my sister is a complete wreak. Your stepson Cain has lost his best friend but also the person he loved. He's doing his absolute best to comfort Wanda and not think about his own emotions. If he was not looking after my sister, I do believe that he would be here, please don't be angsts with him."

"You've lost your brother Lana and no matter your reasons for coming to find me, you have still lost a family member." Thor says, pulling the now crying girl into a tight embrace. He keeps his hold on her allowing her to just keep crying, "Lana am I right in thinking that Adam is among the fallen because of the snap?" He asks the question as quickly as possible knowing he needs to know the answer but dreading it at the same time.

"Yes. I tried to get to him I promise. But there was so much going on. All around me people I had known for years were turning to dust. He shouldn't have been taken. Your son was one of the best mutants I have ever met. Jean Grey is not taking it very well and keeps repeating that he's a phoenix. I'm sorry Thor. Maybe it was selfish of me to ask to be the one to speak with you." Lana says starting to ramble as once again she begins to cry.

"Lana, there was nothing you could do. It is my fault that the snap happened. If anyone is to blame for all of the death then it is me. When I had the chance to kill the monster I failed. You shouldn't feel sorry for me Lana but anger and even hatred. My younger boy is lost to me and Cain lost his first love. I don't believe he will ever forgive me. I still have to tell him that his mother was lost before the monster invaded earth. He will never forgive me and to be honest I can't find it in myself to blame him."

"No one blames you Thor. We all tried our best, but sometimes our best just isn't good enough." Lana says hugging Thor back as he finally begins to cry.

They stay like this for over an hour and when Freya finds them all she can do is join them in their shared pain.

Just a day after the snap the Avengers and their families are staying in the Avengers base. The atmosphere is very sombre with family members clinging to each other. Each of the adults have silently agreed to continuously check in on Scott. Thor and the others had been forced to watch as Lana and the other mutants who lived on Genosha went home. Freya had tried to argue that they should stay among friends and more importantly adults. She was surprised when it was Lyra who told her that their family was on Genosha. Laura arguing with her would have been normal but Lyra arguing with her was just very strange. It caused her to feel both angry and upset all over again. Thankfully, Logan dragged her out of the base as soon as the mutants had left.

"Logan, where the bloody hell are you taking me? Our daughters need us both and someone needs to sit with Scott. No one knows where the hell Loki is and with each passing hour it is more and more likely that Tony Stark is dead!" Freya shouts ignoring the fact that the team can hear everything she's just said.

"Freya, our daughters are both adults and very capable of looking after themselves. We are leaving the base for no more than two hours and you have a phone. If you want to text them then do so. We have no idea what has happened to Tony Stark but we are not going to give up. Scott needs us to have hope and I believe Lucas is sitting with Scott at the moment. Before you start screaming that he needs an adult with him not a dam child. Lyra has agreed to sit with them. Laura is going to Genosha with Thor to figure out where Cain wishes to live. Now please get in the bloody car before I carry you." Logan threatens though a smile is on his face. This makes it clear he's not joking about carrying her and that he's doing his best to lighten the mood.

"Fine, I will allow you to drive me in your ridiculous car." She responds, removing his hand from her arm and climbing into the back seat of the car.

"My car is not ridiculous Freya, your just pissed that Stark has never allowed you near his fast cars." Logan grumbles as he climbs into the driver's seat.

The drive takes approximately ten minutes with Freya refusing to say anything. Her resolve to not speak is broken when she notices the shop Logan has parked in front of. It just seems ridiculous.

"Logan, I know it's been a while since we've been together, but how can you think of that when so many have died."

"What are you on about Freya?" Logan asks as he climbs out of the car.

"Logan, you've brought me to a bloody sex shop." Freya answers as she also gets out of the car.

"No Freya I'm taking you out for ice cream. It's the one thing I promised you before Thanos destroyed everything."

"You are taking me on a date to eat ice cream?"

"Sure. If you want it to be a date then it can be a date. I had just thought that you'd enjoy some ice cream and a chance to be away from all the stress. Pepper is on her way to see Scott and has already said that she wants to look after him."

"Why has it taken her so long to appear?"

"She's been finding out who on the Stark pay roll has died. Her own parents are among the dead. Trust me she's being as quick as bloody possible. Come on you can order whatever you want. I know the owners and they agreed to open for us."

"Is the owner another ex-lover of yours Logan because you do seem to have many of them."

The door of the ice cream parlour opens.

"Actually, miss he fought alongside my grandfather. He's actually the reason my grandfather survived the Second World War." A young man says a sad smile on his face.

"He also came to our wedding and danced with each of us. Logan is a good man miss. You are incredibly lucky to have found him and been able to keep him." Another young man says, holding hands with the first young man.

Logan smiles, "if you keep singing my praises, she really is going to think I dated both of you."

The two men blush and then grin at each other. "So, Logan are you going to introduce us to your beautiful girlfriend or have you finally gotten married." They ask together, looking between Freya and Logan.

Freya goes bright red with embarrassment. "He'd need to ask me to marry him for me to become his bride. So, who are you two exactly?"

"I'm Jacob Henderson and this is my husband Colin. My mother is the daughter of captain Harvey Johnson. As I said before he survived because of Logan though he refused to come to our wedding." Jacob says, walking into the ice cream shop while still holding Colin's hand.

Logan and Freya follow them inside Freya noticing that they close and lock the door once they are inside.

"Can I ask why your grandfather didn't come to your wedding?" Freya asks, and continues before either Jacob or Colin can give an answer, "is it because you were marrying a man? Logan has told me that although it is now legal there are still people who are against it. On Asgard it is not common among the noble born for those of the same sex to marry. While travelling from Asgard though I had the chance to speak with my people and was informed by both the noble and the commoners that there actually were many same sex marriages."

"Freya, that's not really something that you ask strangers." Logan says, looking between Jacob and Colin to gauge their responses. "Boys I really am sorry about Freya, as she's explained she's not exactly from around here. She would apologise but you two need to remember that she is actually a Princess. It has been several hundred years since she's had to actually apologise."

"Logan is always apologising for me; I really don't understand what I have said that is wrong."

"It's alright umm princess Freya of Asgard. You are welcome to ask questions. I don't believe Jacobs grandfather was against the marriage because he was marrying another male," Colin begins.

"More that I was about to marry Colin." Jacob adds.

"You see our families have had a rivalry for many generations. Though no clue what actually caused it." Colin finishes.

"A rivalry?" Freya asks, clearly not really understanding.

"Like Romeo and Juliet." Colin offers.

Freya just stares at him blankly.

"Stark and Hammer." Jacob tries.

"Sorry I don't really understand." Freya says blushing.

"Their families didn't want them to wed because they see the other family as the enemy. Thankfully, their mothers were the ones to see sense and told their respective fathers that they either excepted the marriage or they could sod off. It helped that the two of them had secretly been friends for years and couldn't care less about the family's having an all-out feud with each other." Logan explains, choosing a table near the back of the shop. A habit he was unable or simply unwilling to break. The back of the shop gave him the best view of the only entrance and exit. It wasn't even that important that the door was closed and firmly locked.

After a few seconds of internal debate Freya joins him picking up the menu. "Logan?"

"Yes Freya."

"Did you really dance with them both on their wedding day?"

"Actually, I did. They wanted to thank me for helping with the wedding. I didn't really do much and refused to take their money. Do you have a problem with me dancing with Jacob and Colin?" Logan asks, picking up his own menu even though he's had it memorised for years.

"So, when you told me that you couldn't dance that was a lie."

"Never said I couldn't just that I didn't."

"But you danced with Jacob and Colin." Freya argues.

"It was their wedding day and the one thing they actually asked for. They could have asked for anything and all they wanted was a simple dance. It would have been bloody rude to refuse. Believe it or not Freya I have manners."

"So, on our wedding day you will be dancing with me?"

"Its tradition is it not?"

"James Logan Howlett are you being serious right now?! The only reason you'd dance with me on our wedding day is because of some tradition!"

"My name is Logan; I don't know who you mean by James Logan Howlett."

"Don't you dare interrupt me your fat arse! Why am I not good enough to dance with?" Freya asks close to tears.

"I didn't say that you were not good enough." Logan starts and try's placing his hand on her only to be slapped.

Colin looks at Jacob and grin, he walks behind the counter and fiddles with his iPod until he finds the right song before pressing play. As the music starts, he pulls Jacob into the centre of the shop and slowly they start to dance.

Logan watches them and mumbles something in German before pulling Freya to her feet. "Don't say I can't do nice things for you."

Together they sway to the music Freya still crying but now tears of joy. As she leans her head on his shoulder, she thinks that this might be a good time for Logan to ask the most important question. Instead, he stays silent listening to the words of the song. She turns and notices Jacob and Colin lost in each other's eyes. It's a surprise to her that when the music changes to a waltz that Logan continues to dance with her and half annoyingly even seems to know the steps. The moment is almost perfect until a brick is thrown at the window. Thankfully, it doesn't break and Logan uses his body to shield Freya while Colin presses a button to get the shutter to close and Jacob takes a seat.

"What the hell just happened? Why is someone attacking an ice cream shop? Logan who exactly did you piss off? Bloody bet it was that bitch Jean Grey." Freya shouts as she forces herself to take a seat and blinks when Colin hands her a glass of water. "Thank you. How did you know I needed some water?"

"Jacob always needs water after the shops been attacked. It's not the first time it's happened and it has nothing to do with Logan. There are people who just don't like us. As for Jean Grey isn't, she one of the dead, I was never a huge fan of her but it seems horrible to speak ill of the dead." Colin answers before going to check on his husband.

Freya turns to Logan, "was Jean Grey really among the dead?"

"No. She was badly hurt and losing Adam triggered something, it's one of the reasons she's gone to Genosha."

"As in the place our daughter is right now with Thor. Do you really think it's a good idea to let those two be alone together? Can't the bitches husband deal with her and allow my brother to grieve in peace? I know Thor and when he's upset, he is far more likely to make mistakes."

"Her husband is dead and Genosha is a place for mutants. All of her followers are dead and she's completely alone. Lucas refuses to even speak to her and Adam is gone. How would you feel if it was your daughters?"

"I would feel beyond shit but she has never given two shits about her sons. When one dies and the other ends up hating her, well she's got no right to suddenly be upset. Colin, Jacob could I please have an exceptionally large bowl of strawberry ice cream please with a strawberry milkshake. Thank you."

Jacob goes to stand up but Colin stops him, "stay seated love, I don't mind getting the milkshake and ice cream. Technically this is my shop, I know you help out most weekends and you've never complained. That's not why I'm telling you to sit down. Please just stay seated and don't look so worried. The glass held just as Mr Stark said it would. Rest, in a few days you might be asked back to the office."

Jacob nods squeezing his husband's hand. He doesn't need words to express his gratitude. They've always had a way of communicating without words.

Logan stands, "Colin I can help you if you'd like. Freya why don't you sit with Jacob, I'm sure he won't mind and you can complain about me all you want. He might even be able to give you an idea about what it's like to be married."

Jacob smiles and moves to sit at the same table as Freya, whispering to Colin that he's perfectly capable of moving tables.

Colin nods, "just please don't push yourself too much. Come on Logan you can pick out some ice cream for yourself and I assume you are picking up for the Avengers as well. Don't worry I remember that Scott has a favourite ice cream and will put in some extra for him."

"Thank you, Colin. I know when Scott is feeling better that he will come by and thank you both himself. Right now."

"It's alright Logan I do understand, it's all over the news that Mr. Stark is still missing. Please tell Scott... tell him that we are thinking of him."

"I will pass on the message Colin. Did... never mind."

"My father, three cousins and several friends." Colin answers understand the question that no one wants to ask.

"What about Jacob?"

"Both sets of grandparents, three of his uncles, along with his parents and I believe half the people in his office."

"The Avengers did their bloody best to defeat that bastard before he could..."

"It's alright Logan. We don't blame you. A lot of people do not blame any of the Avengers. Right now, the world is just angry and confused."

Logan nods and starts making four milkshakes.

Freya watches Jacob trying to figure out the right words to ask her questions. She has many questions that she wants to ask but she's still incredibly angry with Logan and deep down she knows that taking out her anger on Jacob is completely unfair.

"If you want to ask a question princess Freya then please do."

"There is no need to call me Princess."

"Alright, Freya ask whatever you'd like to ask?"

"What's it like being married? Do you and your husband have any children? Where do you work if not in this ice cream shop? How long have you been married? Why has Logan never thought to bring me here before?"

"I love being married but for me Colin is the love of my life. We are in the process of trying to adopt a child. Because of the snap it is very possible that we won't be able to adopt the child. Colin is the owner of the ice cream shop and he's got five employees. He looks after them very well. My job is very boring, I work for Tony Stark. It's a job in the office. I'm basically the person who writes up reports on Stark products. We have been married for almost thirteen years and I've no idea why Logan didn't bring you to the shop earlier. It's possible that he's just been terribly busy." Jacob answers, noticing how Freya is so like Colin and he knows that Colin would say he's a lot like Logan.

Freya and Logan spend almost three hours in the ice cream shop with Colin and Jacob. The four of them spend this time-sharing stories that make them both laugh and cry. As they are leaving the ice cream shop Logan pops next door while Freya is saying goodbye to Jacob and Colin while also putting both their numbers in her phone.


While Logan had taken Freya to the ice cream shop Thor and his niece Laura had travelled to Genosha. They had not left at the same time as the other mutants to give Lana a chance to learn all that had happened to the people of Genosha. Thor was aware that Jean Grey was recovering in Genosha and did not really wish to see her. She had lied to him for years about their son and now their boy was gone. It angered him that since Adams death, Jean had the nerve to act like a broken mother. What was worse at least to Thor was that the woman had all but given up on her second son.

"Thor please try to not look so angry. Lana has every right to allow Jean to move into the palace. I'm not asking you to like it because you really don't. Lana though has to look after her people and Jean is one of her people." Laura said, sounding very much like her mother when she was delivering one of her famous lectures. If she had been told this she would have been incredibly angry. It always annoyed her when she was told that she was a lot like her mother.

"I was unaware that Lana had invited Jean to live in her palace. Adam was not exactly a fan of his mother and Lana adored him and wouldn't disrespect him. As you said Jean does need to be looked after and I do agree that Genosha is probably the safest place for her. I do not like her and I'm not sure that I ever will but she doesn't deserve to suffer." Thor responds barely looking at his niece as they make their way towards the palace.

It was meant to be a quick journey but Thor was deliberately taking his time and didn't give Laura a chance to walk any faster. As he walked with his niece to the palace, he was very aware that people were watching them. For Thor it was not such a big deal as he was very used to people finding him remarkably interesting. It was different for Laura as her parents had done their best to keep her out of the spotlight as much as they possibly could.

"I think she's just staying in the palace for a few days until Lana can find her a home. Come on Thor we should try and hurry up Cain is waiting for us and it seems rude to make him wait."

Thor nods and they start walking just a bit faster. Once they arrive in front of the palace, they each take a deep breath before Thor knocks on the front door. He takes a step backwards as the door begins to open and is grateful but still surprised when he feels Laura squeezing his hand in support.

The door opens and Marie is standing there looking as though she had been crying for days. "It is good to see you both even if the circumstances are completely shit. Lana is expecting you both and normally she would be here to greet you. Unfortunately, somethings have come up that require Lana to focus on. Her sister Wanda and your stepson Cain are waiting for you in one of the private rooms. The throne room is currently being used by Lana and several of her advisors. I'm sure that she won't be long and it gives you a chance to speak with Cain and Wanda."

"Cain is technically my uncle's stepson but he does think of him as a son. We would appreciate if you could stop referring to him as a stepson. Either call him Cain or the first son of Thor." Laura says, once again using her voice of authenticity. Something that tended to make other listen to her, at least other Asgardian's who understood she was a member of the royal family.

"I understand that you are a princess of Asgard and Laura I respect you and your uncle greatly. In fact, Lana has used the term hot when describing him, though she refers to the captain as incredible sexy. Something I believe she said to try and make Adam jealous. This does not mean for even a second that she's a bad person. Please do not think badly of her."

"Marie, no one is going to think badly of Lana for teasing my son. She's young and I know how much she cared for my son. I think it's wonderful that you are so loyal to members of the royal family." Thor says, smiling at Marie.

"Actually, I am loyal to my friend, couldn't care less if Lana is part of royal family or not. She is simply my friend. Being loyal to one's friends is actually particularly important. Do you not believe that loyalty is important?" Marie asks, the annoyance clear in her voice and her face.

"Please forgive my uncle. He spent a long time as a prince and sometimes is still surprised that loyalty can come from friendship. It can also come from family and I know you see Lana as family. It never bothered you who her blood family was just that she was Lana." Laura says, trying to calm everyone down. They did not need a fight to break out especially when they were so close to seeing wands and Cain. If Thor annoyed Marie enough then they could easily be sent away. A risk that she could not afford to take and never would willingly take.

"I am sorry if I offended you Marie." Thor says, trying to sound apologetic.

"Honestly, it's fine and Wanda is waiting with Cain for you both. Do your absolute best not to upset either of them. Lana will not be pleased if they become upset and right now it is best for everyone if you do not test her patience. She's already lost so much and trust me when I say she is more than willing to close Genosha off if she must. This will mean that only mutants and potentially Stark if he's alive can live here."

"Why would Stark be the exception?" Laura asks, half suspecting the answer.

"He's got a ten-year-old son and Lana would never separate a child from their father. At least she wouldn't separate a child from a father who actually cares." Marie answers.

"What about Loki?" Thor asks, actually curious about what the answer might be.

"If he's alive and Scott would like him to live in Genosha then I can't see Lana turning him away. He would have to obey rules and just because he would be allowed it wouldn't mean the rest of you would have clearance. So, as I said, don't upset Cain or Wanda." Marie finishes as she knocks on the door with a sign that says private before walking away.

The door opens to reveal Cain and further into the room Wanda who seems to be staring out the window. She doesn't turn even as Thor and Laura enter the room. Whatever or whoever she was staring at seemed to have captured her full attention and people walking into the room just wasn't enough to make her turn away.

"Thor, Lana it's good to see you both. Did Marie explain why we are not meeting in the throne room?" Cain says, directing Thor and Laura to take a seat.

"She told us that something had come up. Is there a reason Wanda is not attending this meeting?" Thor asks, taking the comfier of the two seats offered while Laura takes the other.

"Wanda is still trying to accept that her twin is gone along with the man she was beginning to love." Cain starts only to be interrupted by Wanda.

"That is without any doubt one of the reasons my sister asked me to stay away. She's worried that I'm unstable and might lash out at Dr, Grey or the other mutants she's invited to Genosha. Father was crazy and questionable bad but there were still people he didn't want here. Lana believes though that we need to help whoever we can in whatever way is possible. Sinister and Grey do not belong here. Grey is used to getting her way and Sinister is only plain evil. Lana though is far too good to be part of this family."

"Jean has recently lost her older son and her younger son I believe he's ignoring her. You are right that it's not easy to trust her but for now maybe allow her to feel she's got a place to rest. She might not even stay for exceptionally long and your sister isn't foolish to try and help other." Thor says, keeping his voice as neural as possible.

"Sinister is far more dangerous than Grey. He's never taken an interest in me but I know he's obsessed with Scott Stark." Cain finishes watching Thor for some type of response. He's not sure why he's helping Thor expect for the memory of his mother. No one has told him that she has died but he doesn't feel they need to. If his mother was alive, she would have found him. She had always promised that nothing but death would keep her from finding him. Pietro had once told him the same thing but from him it had been a hell of a lot more romantic.

"Which is why Cousin Scott will be staying away from Genosha. Cousin your father would like a private word with you. If it is alright with Wanda, I'm sure she could show me around. The choice is yours because I do not want to over step." Laura says, trying to be as polite as possible and not sound as though she was telling anyone what to do because it would be wrong.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea Laura. Lana has instructed me to stay with Wanda and keep him safe."

"Cain, it really is alright. You need to spend time with your father and find out what he wants. Lana understands that family is bloody important and you are lucky enough to still have your father. Laura you come with me and you can tell me what your plans are." Wanda says taking charge and walking out of the room Laura having no choice but to follow.

Father and son stare at each other for several minutes in complete silence. Neither is sure how to even begin to start the conversation. Eventually it is Cain who breaks simply by crying and Thor pulling him into a hug. They discuss many things and come to an agreement that Cain will return to new Asgard in a week and at the most three weeks. If he is going to be longer than a week then he has to ring Thor and tell him how long he will be delayed.

While father and son were coming to an agreement, Wanda showed Laura around Genosha. The two girls discuss a number of different topics and avoid anything to do with Thanos and the snap. It's a topic that neither of them is ready to talk about. Neither of them has to say anything to decide not to discuss this particular topic of conversation.

Avengers Base

Tony Stark returns to Earth just hours after Thor and Laura leave for Genosha and Logan and Freya are eating ice cream. He's not in a particularly good way but the first thing he does is hug his son as tightly to his as he's able to.

Three days later a select group of the Avengers travel to Titan the current location of Thanos. After trying and failing to get Thanos to reverse the Snap, Thor cuts his head off. After this everyone goes their separate ways for a while. The people of the world slowly try to get on with their lives.

While Tony was recovering and the select group of Avengers has gone after Thanos, Scott had been forgotten. This he decided was a good thing because it made it easier to sneak away with Happy's help. The journey took less than an hour which for Scott was both a blessing and a curse. He didn't want to be in the car too long as he felt he might panic and chicken out. At the same time, he needed time to figure out exactly what he was going to say.

"Happy, please stay in the car. I shouldn't be too long." Scott says, as he climbs out of the car and rushes into the building before Happy has a chance to even try and stop him.

Scott decides to take the six flights of steps up to the apartment in order to give himself time to figure out what to say. It surprises him that when he reaches the door, she is already waiting for him.

"Did Happy ring you?" Scott asks as he is lead into the apartment.

"He was worried about you and asked if I would come and greet you. Scott are you here because of Peter. I received the letter from Stark industry. Not exactly how I wanted to learn that my nephew was dead and had been lying to me." Aunt May says, tears in her eyes.

"Dad finally told you who Peter happened to be. I umm I came here to tell you that I am sorry about Peter. We were not exactly friends because of me. I was jealous that my dad preferred him over me, but I promise I didn't, I..." Scott says, unable to continue as he begins to cry.

May pulls him into a hug explaining that he's got nothing to be sorry about. She spends three hours comforting him and learning new things about her nephew. May is also incredibly careful to tell Scott that she's not angry with him and Peter wouldn't be either.

Wanda, Freya, Lucas and after managing to hunt him down Loki as well. The four of them come up with an idea to change everything. It's a dangerous choice to make but they are all feel that they do not have any other choice.

Part Thirty-Five

With the combined effort of two of the most powerful magic users, Wanda's ability to manipulate time and Freya's stubbornness the four of them set out to save the world.

The first attempt took them to a world where the Avengers were still together. As they view this world, Freya decides that they should give it a go.

Attempt One

The sound of an alarm going off wakes Freya from a deep slumber. She sits bolt upright in bed and quickly pulls the covers up upon realising that she is neither dressed nor alone.

"Princess we don't have all day for you to kick your latest out of the tower. The team is waiting for you so hurry up." Logan calls from the doorway throwing a uniform in her direction before loudly slamming the door to wake up the man next to her.

"Shit! I over slept. This was fun but I really need to get back to the wife and kids." The man says, pulling on clothes and barely looking at Freya before running out of the room as he puts on his left shoe.

Freya shakes her head rationalising that there had to be a reason for sleeping with a married man. On Asgard she had been a flirt but there was still a line she was not willing to cross. It seemed on earth that sometimes it was a line she had to cross in order to gain information. In a hurry she changes into her uniform and makes her way to the briefing room frowning when she notices Laura and Lyra at the table.

"Morning mum, who was the cute guy who left in a hurry?" Lyra asks with a grin.

"Mother." Laura greets before turning back to Steve.

Freya frowns but decides to make the best of a bad situation. "The man was clearly Hydra and I gained some valuable information."

"Princess, he wasn't Hydra." Logan says, from his seat next to Jean Grey.

"How would you know?" Freya argues.

"Because Princess he didn't try and kill you. Hydra agents are trained to kill anyone that gets in the way. If he was Hydra, he would have slaughtered his family before bedding you. The guy was one of your random lovers and it really has to stop."

"Why are you jealous?"

"Why exactly would I be jealous princess, you are the one who ended out marriage ten years ago. If you want to screw random married men that's up to you. As I'm no longer your husband it has little to do with me."

"However, I would appreciate if your dates didn't stay over." Tony says his attention on his Stark pad.

"We were married?" Freya asks, trying to remember the wedding but nothing comes to her.

"Yes, Freya we were married. While it was good it was a good marriage. I believe you became board of sneaking around with your other lovers. Laura also refused to cover for you but Lyra thought it was funny."

"She also clapped when you tried to ruin my wedding with that lovely speech. Thankfully one of your daughters had the manners to apologise to me." Jean says, taking Logan's hand in hers and smiling at him.

"You married Jean Grey; you really must have been desperate." Freya says, glaring at her apparent ex and his new wife.

"That's what you said at the wedding, still trying to blame me for the end of our marriage. Freya, we split up a long time ago and I had every right to move on."

"Yet you do not want me to bring my dates home. Sounds like you are still into me. So why are Laura and Lyra at the team meeting? Did we not decide that they would have a proper life away from all the fighting?" Freya says grinning at Jean and then turning to frown at her daughters.

"Mum, I'm the leader of the young Avengers and so I have to be here. Laura was asked to come here to represent the X-Men. Don't worry mum Livia is with her father and they are perfectly safe." Lyra says, sounding very board with the entire conversation.

"Umm who is Livia? Why are you in charge of the young Avengers? Who exactly are the young Avengers and why is Laura one of the X-Men? Your parents are part of the Avengers not the bloody X-Men." Freya asks, looking at Lyra who can be no more than twenty-four.

"Livia is my daughter and your granddaughter. You look after her for me when I have dates. She adores you and is very grown up for a seven-year-old. The young Avengers are very much the younger versions of the Avengers. They help out when the world is really in trouble. At the moment the main two members are Scott and Loki. Laura is the leader of the X-Men to prove that she is actually grown up. Also, dad was a member of the X-Men for an exceptionally long time and still helps them with missions. Mum you know all of this."

"At least she should know all of this. I think she must have suffered a brain injury. Rogers I suggest that she stays behind rather than come on the mission. It is for her own safety and our safety as well. She might not worry about others in her team but Stark your son is on the mission and do you not want him to be safe." Jean says, keeping her focus on Logan who is watching his two daughters.

"I don't not have brain damage you stupid bitch." Freya growls.

"I might be a bitch Freya but I'm not stupid. Remember I actually became a doctor while you messed about. At least one of your daughters chose to become a doctor." Jean grumbles, as she smirks at Freya.

"Mother, maybe Jean is right. You can stay and rest. If you feel up to it later, I can have Caitlin bring over baby Max. He misses his grandmother and while he doesn't talk much even for a three-year-old, I know him. Tell me you remember your grandson and my wife." Laura says, finally getting her mother's attention away from Jean. Bad things always happened when her mother and Jean focussed on each other for too long.

"You are both mothers and married?"

"Only I'm married. Lyra doesn't believe in marriage, though thankfully she has learnt to trust birth control." Laura says the hurt creeping into her voice.

"Lyra why are you not married? Who are you dating? Wait why is Scott coming on this mission? Surely he is too young to be going on missions." Freya says, sounding like the strict mother she has not been for an exceptionally long time.

"Mum, you told me to never marry and that advice I listened to. You also told me to never have children but Livia is my world. Her father is not perfect but he's a good man who loves his little girl. The two of us would never have worked mostly because I'm really not his type." Lyra explains, though she doesn't mention Scott at all.

"Well, that and you can't commit to a man." Laura says, it wants seems to be a sisterly way.

"At least I have an actual man."

"You have about six Lyra and I'm not ashamed of my wife. Now why don't you explain to mother why Scott is coming on the mission. She seems to think it's his very first one."

"Why would it be his first one? I sent him out on a mission when he was ten. It didn't go exactly to plan but he recovered."

"Lyra, how old is Scott?" Freya asks, forcing her way into Lyra and Laura's argument.

"Scott will be fifteen next week. He's needed on the mission because no one else can get close to Sinister. Trust me we've tried and it didn't turn out great for those involved. I don't want my son on this mission, if there was any other choice then trust me, I would take. Though to be honest Freya I am surprised that you are against Scott going on the mission." Tony Stark says, trying to get the mission back on track. There was a reason to have a briefing before going out on a mission.

"Why the hell would I be happy with a child going on a mission? I think both my daughters should quit and actually be mothers to their children. Scott needs to be a normal fifteen-year-old." Freya argues, becoming angry that Tony would accuse her of wanting to send a child on a bloody mission and more importantly a bloody dangerous mission.

"Sorry I'm late, I was finishing off my last mission report." Scott says, as he enters the room handing a report to Lyra and ignoring Loki who follows him into the room.

Lyra smiles, "it's alright Scott and didn't you give me this report yesterday?"

"He did give you a report yesterday but he's rewritten it and explained what he did wrong." Loki grumbles, using his magic to make a bottle of water appear.

"Are you two still arguing?" Lyra asks with a sigh.

"Lyra, I keep telling you that Loki and Scott are no longer friends. Loki can always join the X-Men, which is a much better team. After all the other young Avengers all moved to my team." Laura says smirking when she notices her sister's annoyed look.

"Peter is still part of the team and when they get on Loki and Scott are almost unbeatable or did you forget how they took out your little X-Men." Lyra sharks back.

"You had Scott and Loki kill people? Lyra you know how I feel about killing." Freya shouts causing her daughters to jump.

"We didn't kill anyone Freya. It was a training exercise, that we won because Scott has a plan for everything." Loki grumbles.

Scott looks at Loki before turning away and moving to sit next to his father.

Tony puts a protective arm around his son, "let's get back to the meeting. Scott you will be working with Rogers and Barnes. Loki you can work with Lyra and Laura. Keep them from killing each other and none of your bloody pranks."

"Why doesn't Loki team up with me and Thor. The three of us used to work well together and it would be nice to work with my brothers." Freya says, deciding that the focus should be on her and not whatever is going on with Loki and Scott. She assumes it's just teenagers fighting and that they will soon be making up and annoying Tony in a quite different way.

"Freya, in case you haven't noticed Thor isn't here and you never team up with Loki. It never works out well for anyone." Logan says, the first time so far calling her anything but princess.

"Is Thor with his girlfriend Jane?"

"Jane died three months ago and never dated Thor. They were friends and although she flirted a lot, he remained faithful to his wife. You saw them three days ago when you visited Asgard." Laura says, looking at her mother as though she's grown an extra head or three.

"So, Thor is on Asgard with our parents." Freya asks, looking to Logan.

"Thor is king of Asgard and his son Adam will take over from him when the time is right with Lana at his side. The stepson of Thor, Cain rules over New Asgard on earth with Pietro. Princess you were at all of these meetings and if I remember correctly you threatened Cain and Adam. Though your mood was probably due to your latest lover discovering that you'd been using him." Logan explains with a shrug.

"Laura and Lyra, I would like you to stay here with your mother. She seems to have forgotten a lot and it's possible that she's been injured. Loki you can work with myself and Jean if that is alright with you." Logan says, ignoring the glares his ex and daughters turn on him.

"I would rather work with Scott. Sinister can get control of all of you except for me. He might be mad about something but that doesn't mean I will let my teammate down. Are you going to help Freya with her memories?" Loki asks, watching Logan while ignoring Jean.

"I am her ex-husband Loki. It's not really my job to look after her. She has her daughters who are both more than capable of keeping an eye on her. Tony you ok with Scott working with Loki."

Tony sighs, "as long as Scott does not have a problem then I will not stop it."

Scott shrugs, "Loki is someone that I trust and I'm used to partnering with him."

Soon enough the meeting gets back on track. Twenty minutes later the Avengers are ready to leave and Freya is forced to stay behind with Lyra as she's the only one with a medical background.

As they are getting ready to climb onto the jet Loki grabs Scott's hand dragging him into a corner. None of the adults say anything as they are used to Loki and Scott whispering to each other.

"Scott, why didn't you tell the team about my memory lapses? You could have made it so I was stuck with Freya, instead you are letting me on the mission." Loki asks in a rush.

"Because I trust you Loki, you don't seem to have any memory of why we aren't speaking but I still trust you. There is no one except maybe my dad that I trust more than you. Just because we are not friends doesn't mean we can't work together." Scott answers, barely looking at Loki.

"Then why are you mad at me? Was I late to one of our dates? Did I cheat? Please tell me that I didn't cheat on you?"

"You did not cheat on my Loki because we have never dated. As far as I know you do not believe in dating or any kind of love."

"We have never even come close to anything other than a very strange friendship."

"No Loki. You only do one-night stands. I might not have a lot of confidence but I don't really want to be used. We are also not exactly friends, especially after what you did. Don't worry I still won't tell anyone even my dad." Scott mumbles trying to walk away but only managing two steps.

"Tell me what I did that has made you hate me." Loki says, pulling Scott back and entwining their hands. A move he is starting to realise that this version of Loki would never do.

"I don't hate you Loki and yet I really should."

"Scott please just tell me."

"You sold me to Sinister. I was ten and trusted you to keep me safe but you wanted the money."

"You really think I would sell you to the one person you are terrified of. If I could stop you going on this mission I would. I know though that nothing will convince you." Loki says, pulling Scott into a hug.

"Freya convinced you to sell me. She told you that I could never be your equal and to umm get rid of me. I think she was expecting you to kill me. See she might have divorced Logan but they are still sleeping with each other. It's not even a secret Jean is actually aware that her husband is constantly cheating on her and with his ex."

Freya who has never been particularly good at giving people the privacy they would like begins to think that this is not the world she wanted to create. She tries to remember how to restart the whole world but is distracted by Loki pulling Scott into a kiss. It's the last thing she remembers before the world starts to reset.

Attempt Two

The second attempt takes the four of them to a world where the Avengers have split into two teams.

Tony Stark is the leader of the first Avengers team that work closely with the agency known as Shield.

The second team is headed jointly by Captain America and the Winter Soldier. The second team do their absolute best to avoid working with shield but will work with the first team if there is no other choice. When they do team up Freya a personal assistant to Tony Stark as well as an ex will organise these meet ups.

"Freya, it's time to get up and get the girls to school," Logan says, as he shakes his wife awake.

Freya opens her eyes with a grumble and then looks at Logan. "The girls? Logan what are you doing in my bed. This isn't Stark tower or the Avengers Base."

"Our daughters Laura and Lyra who are not yet old enough to get to school, by themselves. You like to drive them so you can catch up with them and find out what they have been up to. I am in our bed Freya because we are married and so we share the bed. This is our home; only full-time members of the Avengers live in Stark tower and the second team live in the Avengers Base."

"I'm not a member of the Avengers?" Freya asks confused but liking this new world more than the other.

"No Freya you are not a member of the Avengers. You work for Stark as his personal assistant and every so often we look after Scott if Tony is called away. The kids sweet and the girls completely adore him. Laura actually asked us for a brother after looking after him for a few hours with us. Lyra tried to put him in a dress and well it didn't go well and losing her hair was a suitable punishment. If you are not feeling well, I can drop the girls off at school," Logan says, looking at his wife with concern. It was very unusual for Freya to forget things but then it was early and his wife did not seem to be fully awake. For the moment he decided to leave it alone but if it happened again, he would speak with her and see if something was wrong.

"I work for Tony Stark, why would I take that job?"

"My guess would be the money and you enjoy trying to find him a wife. You told me it was due to having once dated him and knowing him incredibly well."

"And you are a member of the Avengers?" Freya questions, as she climbs out of bed and starts to get dressed for the day.

"A part time member as family is especially important to me. I go on missions when there is need of me. Most of the time though I work for shield and train new recruits. It's not always a safe job or even always an exciting job but it's kept us married."

"We nearly got divorced because I didn't want you to be a full time Avenger?"

"At first you were fine with me being one of the Avengers. We fought to keep the earth safe from Hydra and all the other dangerous agencies. Most fights I managed to come out almost unharmed but when Laura was six and Lyra five..."

"Logan tells me what happened. Please Logan right now I just don't seem able to remember but I'm sure it will all come back to me."

"I very nearly died permanently. You were furious and told me that I had a choice to make. It was either my family or being a full member of the Avengers. I chose my family because there is nothing more important to me than you and the girls."

"You gave up being who you are for your family... I cannot believe that you would do that. Being a soldier has been your life for so long."

"What are you talking about? I haven't been a soldier for an exceptionally long time. Victor and I never joined any army and so we never fought in any war. I lived with my parents until my wedding day and then I moved into my own house with my wife."

"You were married to someone else before me?! Why the hell did you never tell me?!" Freya shouts, and has to stop herself from punching him when her two daughters walk into the room.

Eleven-year-old Lyra looks between her parents and rolls her eyes. "Can you two please stop messing around. I have to be on time today, I'm not getting another detention because my parents needed sex."

"Lyra, do you have a school, project or something?" Freya asks, looking at her younger daughter.

"She wants to get into school, early to see her boyfriend. Lyra hardly ever does her own school, projects, you, or dad always end up being the ones who finish off her projects. Scott's still too young to type up any essays she might have to write and Frey." Laura starts, but is interrupted by her mother who is suddenly angry.

"Frey?! Why are the two of you hanging out with that little shit! Logan how could you let our daughters near someone so bloody dangerous." Freya shouts pulling her daughters close to her. She hates the idea that her daughters are hanging out with someone as dangerous as that brat Frey. There is no way that her nephew the child of her truly evil sister could possibly have changed his ways.

"Frey is not dangerous. We look after him at least once a month when your sister is away for work. You and Hela are incredible close and even have a secret twin language. Scott, I believe is the only one trying to crack the language. Thor finds it really rather dull and our girls are busy with school, Loki I think cracked it years ago. Frey is busy learning everything he can and doesn't want to learn a girl language and so he made up his own with the help of Lucas Strange." Logan explains.

"What about Adam? Is he still my nephew?" Freya asks, not letting go of either of her daughters while glaring at Logan. So far glaring at Logan seemed to be something that was actually normal.

"Adam is still your nephew Freya and lives with your brother Thor. They are close though recently they've argued especially now that Thor is getting remarried." Logan says, trying to keep calm and not start yet another argument with his wife.

"Thor is getting remarried. Who exactly is my little brother getting married to? Who did he used to be married to? Tell me that he is not marrying Jean bloody Grey."

"Mum why would Uncle Thor marry the wife of uncle Victor. Aunt Jean isn't all bad and we barely see her cause she's always at the school, Uncle victor only shows up on Christmas Day to hand over our presents and spend a few hours with Cain. Dad thinks they should spend more time together but as you keep explaining to him, it's just not that simple." Laura says, sitting down on her parents' bed while Lyra starts playing with her phone.

"So was Thor married to Sif?" Freya asks, terrified of discovering the answer.

"Aunt Sif died giving birth to Cain." Lyra whispers her voice just loud enough for her family to hear.

"She was married to your brother at the time and had been for nearly a hundred years. We still don't know exactly how she became pregnant with Cain because he is not Thor's son. Though Thor adores Cain just as much as he adores Adam. They are close and although recently he has become a teenager nightmare Thor refuses to give up on him. I believe this weekend they are going on a boy only camping trip. Thor even agreed to let Pietro come along." Logan explains, silently signalling to Laura to take Lyra out of the room. He's incredibly grateful when Laura seems to understand the silent instruction without making any fuss.

"Thor is going to the woods with his sons and Pietro on his own. That's just insane. He will never cope especially if Pietro is there with Cain. I might not remember a lot of things but I know those two."

"Thor is more than aware that Cain and Pietro are more than best friends."

"So, Cain told Thor then. That's good, I'm glad in this world Cain has finally decided that Thor will love him no matter what."

"This world? Freya what are you talking about?" Logan asks, sounding very confused.

"Logan, who were you married to before me?"

"Tell me what you meant Freya."

"Did Cain tell Thor about Pietro?" Freya demands, poking Logan in his chest.

"He did but it was not exactly his choice."


"Thor caught them together and Lyra took photos of the two of them at least three weeks before. Our little girl thought it was a good idea to blackmail her own cousin and the son of Magneto. She is lucky that you only grounded her for two months. I wanted to ground her for two years, but you thought that was a bit much. Cain has not yet forgiven Lyra and barely speaks to Laura unless he has no choice." Logan explains with a sigh. He cannot figure out why he is telling Freya this because his Freya already knew this.

When Thor had come to them after finding out about Cain, well Freya his Freya had be furious with their daughter. Her anger though had quickly ended up being directed at him when she learnt that Cain had come to speak to him months before. She had seemed to be angry that he had not told her about Cain, especially when she had predicted that her nephew would marry Wanda.

"Logan, did Cain come to you when he realised, he had feelings for Pietro and not Wanda?" Freya asks, holding her head as though memories were starting to come back to her. The first thing she thought of was to fight the memories but some instinct told her not to fight. It told her that fighting would only make the pain worse and for some very strange reason that voice sounded like Loki. Despite it being her baby brother giving her orders she chose for once to listen. If he had not been one of the people to help her try and fix the world then she definitely would not have listened

"Yes, Freya he came to me but he never once even hinted that he even liked Wanda. Lyra and Laura both seemed to have crushes on Pietro, especially Laura. You remember the time Pietro saved her?"

"Yes. Magneto was attacking a school, and Laura was there. Pietro went against his father's orders and saved her and a lot of other children including Cain. That's how they met."

Logan smiles, deciding that Freya was just half asleep and that's why she didn't seem to remember anything. "I will take the girls to school, and we can talk tonight over family dinner. Just so you know I was planning to go with Thor on the camping trip and offer to bring John and Bobby from the school, neither are exactly close with their fathers and it means extra boys and Adam likes Bobby. Plus, I can bring Frey. He's like you and actually enjoys nature though think Thor is going to rent a cabin."

"That's not really camping."

"True but teenage boys and no indoor plumbing would be a nightmare and if Stark comes then it will be a bloody posh cabin. You do remember trying to take the girls camping."

"Laura complained the entire way and even more after I put up the tent. Lyra started a fire and almost caused a forest fire. Plus, you were no help at all after that hunter shot you in the head."

"I did try and tell you that it was not a good idea to go camping with a five-year-old and a four-year-old."

"You said all of that because you really did not want to go camping."

"That is very true my darling wife but I had my reasons."

"Your reasons were that you did not want to be stuck with screaming children."

"That was one of my reasons but not actually my main one."

"What exactly was your main reason to not want to go camping? I have always enjoyed camping since I was a little girl. My father used to take me camping and my brothers and twin were not allowed to come. He used to tell me that it was a way for me to become one with nature. The girls are a lot like me and so I just assumed."

"You assumed that they would also like camping with their parents. The main difference is that your father took you once you were old enough to understand. Laura and Lyra were too young to really understand not to mess around with their powers."

"We found that out very quickly after Lyra started a fire. So please tell me why you hate camping?"

"You know that although I had a happy childhood and moved into a house with my wife. There were still times when I had to sleep on the floor."

"Logan you didn't. But a version of you did and somehow you have those memories. This is because of the Avengers. You were on a mission and things went wrong." Freya concludes sitting down on the bed.

"Dad! We really need to go before Lyra and I both end up with a detention! I am not getting a weekend detention; Mr Stark wants me to babysit Scott this weekend. Apparently, him and Mrs Stark are looking at schools for Morgan. She wants to go to a boarding school, with her friends and I guess so she's got freedom." Laura shouts up the stairs.

"Mum! Dad! Just so you both know; Loki is here and he look totally mad." Lyra adds, also shouting up the stairs.

"I better go and sort out our daughters. You should speak with Loki and then the two of us can have a proper conversation later." Logan says, kissing his wife before hurriedly leaving the room.

Not two minutes later Loki appears in Freya's bedroom not looking overly impressed. If Loki has been an adult then Freya might have actually taken a step back. She knew that she was skilled and could hold her own against most enemies but Loki was another matter. Thankfully for her, Loki was only about six years old and that put the odds in her favour. Still, she wasn't foolish enough to think that she was safe, just because of his age.

"Do you prefer this world sister? Here you are married to that idiot and have a chance to see your daughters have a normal childhood. Yet the world will is not completely perfect after all you once dated and bedded Tony Stark."

"I'm sure I was very young and drunk at the time."

"You were angry with Logan and it was during a time when the two of you were not together. So, you decided that Tony Stark would be fun." Loki says, hoping up on the bed to sit next to his sister.

"Alright, so this world is not exactly perfect. However, the people who were taken by that monster are alive in this world. Loki, tell me what is wrong with this world." Freya asks, turning to look at her baby brother.

"I'm not sure yet Freya but this isn't our world. Trying to change things, I told you it was a stupid thing to do. We cannot change the fact that we lost against Thanos."

"Except we have changed things. If we find something wrong with this world then we go somewhere else. Loki this will work. We just need to give it a chance. Is this all because you are six in this world and do not have Scott under your control."

"Scott is five years old and spends his time playing chess. He wants to become one of the Avengers as soon as he's old enough. So far Scott has no chance of having a normal life. It's not fair."

"My daughters are half mutant and half Asgardian... or at least they should be. Loki in this world I'm just a mutant, aren't I?"

"When you married Logan, you asked to become a mutant. It was a wedding gift from Odin. He was never able to deny you anything that you genuinely wanted." Loki says, knowing that the memories are already starting to come back to his sister.

"Then we need to try again. I won't live as a mutant to be hunted and hated. Send us to another world please Loki."

Loki sighs and then nods.

Part Thirty-Six

Attempt Three

An alarm clock went off and slowly he opened his eyes and allowed the memories to take shape. He didn't want anyone to think that he was crazy because he wasn't aware of the things he was meant to know. It was the mistake that Freya had kept making. As he lay in bed, he began to realise that today was the best day of his life. Just as he was climbing out of bed his bedroom door opened and Logan walked in.

"Come on Loki time to get up, you can't miss your own wedding." Logan says, as he opens the curtains. He barely looks at Loki as he moves to the wardrobe and pulls out the suit.

"I was not planning on missing my own wedding. Stark would hunt me down and Scott would never forgive me. Where is Freya? I was expecting her to wake me up and give me about fifteen lectures. Instead, you are the one waking me up?" Loki says, as he climbs out of his bed. He had wanted to stay at the Avengers Base rather than at Freya's house. Stark said that Loki couldn't stay in the same house as Scott, so he had not really had a choice. It didn't really seem to matter that Scott was not even staying at the base but rather with his father in one of the Starks many homes.

"Freya, is busy getting ready and trying to organise the girls."

"Your girls are in their thirties and neither live with you anymore. Even their children are old enough to dress themselves."

"Freya wanted all the girls to get ready together. We both know Laura will be early with her wife and children, but Lyra will be late with hers. Then they will argue and everyone will be delayed. Scott hates when people are late when there is a schedule to keep."

"Logan I am very aware of what Scott likes and does not like. However, I have to admit that your daughters would definitely get into an argument without Freya around." Loki admits as he picks up the suit. "Can I get dressed in private please or is there something else?"

"You might want to have some breakfast first. We have about three hours until we need to be at the hotel for the wedding. Tony told me that Scott's been up for at least five hours." Logan suggests, as he finally turns to look at Loki.

"Scott is probably worried about everything going smoothly. He tends to worry about well everything. What time is it exactly? You promise you woke me up in the right amount of time."

"It's just gone eight Loki and yes it's in plenty of time. You really don't need to worry and I'm sure Scott is just triple checking everything. He did the same thing when he helped organise Laura's wedding."

"No one is more organised than Scott and Laura do adore him."

"Everyone adores Scott." Logan says, patting Loki on the head before leaving the room. He had not wanted Loki to stay in their small house but Freya had insisted. Arguing with his wife never ended well and the awfully bad arguments normally ended with him staying at the Avengers base.

Laura and her wife Julia sat opposite each other touching up the others makeup. They noticed Lyra putting on more make up than was strictly necessary. Neither said a word but shared a secret smile. Their adopted twelve-year-old twin girls Claire and Sarah were sitting on the bed busy on their phones. They assumed texting friends or playing games.

Lyra noticed her sister and sister-in-law sharing a look. It annoyed her that Laura was as always showing off her perfect bloody family. Her own family was nowhere near as perfect as the father of her only child had died years ago. He had not been the love of her life or even someone she was actually fond of. Still his death had upset their daughter and she knew her daughter didn't like that she had moved on.

"Lyra, who are you bringing to the wedding again?" Freya asks, as she smiles at her three granddaughters in their matching dresses. Scott and Loki have agreed to let the three girls be bridesmaids. Freya felt that her granddaughters had every right to be part of the wedding, though she had also felt that her daughters should be part of the wedding. Loki though had said no and would not give any kind of reason.

"My new boyfriend Douglas Carter. We have been together for almost six months. He's a decent guy and the sex." Lyra starts, not bothered at all that her fifteen-year-old daughter was in the room.

"Lyra, I realise that you tell Olivia a lot more than most mothers but my girls are twelve. They do not need to know what their thirty-one-year-old aunt gets up to." Laura says, the anger clears in her voice.

"Olivia would you mind going downstairs with the twins. It's going to be a while until everyone is ready. I'm sure your grandfather can help you find something on the television." Julia says, doing her best to keep the peace. She did not need to hear about Lyra's sex life with her latest lover. This Douglas Carter she was sure would maybe last a few more weeks. It was rare for any of Lyra's lovers to last more than eight months and that was the longest they had lasted. The shortest had been a few weeks.

Olivia smiles, "Claire, Sarah let's do as your mum suggests and go downstairs. I can find us something on Netflix and I promise Aunt Laura that it won't be too violent. Aunt Julia can I ride with you to the wedding please?"

Lyra friend, "I thought you wanted to come with me and your grandmother?"

"Grandmother will be busy making sure Loki doesn't do a runner. Granddad will need to stop any arguments and I umm assumed that you would be travelling with Aunt Laura to the wedding. If I travel with Aunt Julia then I'm not in the way and I can keep an eye on the twins."

"Liv we aren't babies that need a babysitter." Sarah says while Claire continued to play on her phone. It's normal for Sarah to be the one to argue and Claire to ignore everyone.

"No, you are not babies but we are going to be in a fancy hotel with lots of strangers. It is important that the three of us stick together. Our mums are going to be busy making sure the wrong people don't turn up." Olivia says, not bothered by Sarah being slightly aggressive towards her.

Sarah shrugs and stands up nudging Claire to follow. After a few seconds Claire stands up and follows her twin out of the room. Olivia hurries after them before her mother can start lecturing her. A habit Olivia knows that she picked up from her own mother. Though she knows her mother would deny such a thing despite how close the two of them are.

Lyra glares at Laura once before turning back to the mirror.

Stark Manor

Tony watched as his son sat at the kitchen table furiously writing something. He had tried to ask Scott what he was doing but so far, his son had barely said a word. Having been woken up at three this morning had not been wonderful in anyway. Part of him understood why Scott was awake and pacing but it didn't stop the slight anger. His little boy of just eighteen was marrying Loki of all people. It did not bother him that his boy was gay and deep down he knew that if Scott had dated other boys, not one of them would have been good enough. Still, he could never stop himself from thinking "why Loki? And why did they need to marry?"

"Dad?" Scott calls out, turning around to face him.

"Are you ok Scott?" Tony asks, getting to his feet and hurrying to his son's side. "Is this about the mission last week or second thoughts about the wedding?"

"Why would I be having second thoughts about the wedding? Dad you know I want to get married. I know you think we are incredibly young to marry but I explained the reason for marrying young. Both Loki and I go on missions and any of those missions could go very wrong. We agreed to live in the base and not have our own home just yet." Scott says, glaring at his father. He knew that his father was not exactly happy about the wedding, but he assumed that his father was starting to get used to things. It wasn't as though he had only dated Loki a month. They had been dating for five years and Scott knew that Loki was his one.

"I'm sorry Scott. I know you want to get married and I have to assume Loki does as well as he is the one who proposed. You know I didn't just marry Pepper so she could be my insurance money. We got married because we loved each other and you were even at the wedding. Not that I expect you to remember as you were noticeably young and wouldn't let anyone drag you onto the dance floor. Please tell me that you are not just marrying Loki so that you are not alone. I worry that once you are married to Loki that people will hate you because of him."

"People already hate me."

"Why? How could anyone hate you Scott? You've saved so many people even complete bastards."

"I'm a mutant. I'm gay and I'm your son. The people who hate me do not want to except that Tony stark the great iron man himself has a freak for a son. Those who hate me cause I'm gay will simply always hate me and let's face it mutants are not loved. Dating Loki has not lost me any friends or gained me more enemies and I wouldn't care if it had. Warren doesn't get why I would date Loki instead of him. Jean Grey and Emma Frost are always offering me a good time. Not one of them though is Loki. We might not say it out loud but we do love each other."

"Jean Grey and Emma Frost are banned from the wedding. I believe Warren is coming though." Tony says as he suddenly pulls Scott into a tight hug. "So, did you call me because of the mission a week ago?"

"Actually, I wanted you to read my vows and tell me what you think. Now though I'm starting to worry about last week's mission. Loki doesn't know everything that happened."

"You want me to read the vows?"

"Well, the vows I'm going to read out. I've got a second set that are just for Loki. You haven't told anyone about the mission last week, right?"

"No, I haven't told Logan or Freya though Thor is aware but understands you want to speak with Loki. Are you worried about what his reaction might be? If he starts shouting at you, I will cancel the wedding myself. I didn't like what you did on the mission but it gained us the information." Tony seems to grudgingly admit.

"Loki will be annoyed that I did not tell him everything about the mission or insist on him coming. It won't be our first argument and I have to pray that it won't be our last." Scott mumbles, glancing down at the floor. It was very unusual for him to lie to Loki unless there was an exceptionally good reason. Not that Loki always understood the reason.

"I think he will be more upset that you were injured and that the person who hurt you is still out there."

"Dad, he's not braves enough to seek me out and I promise that Loki won't kill him."

"Scott, do you really think that I care if Loki kills that bastard. What I would like to do is kill him myself. That man... he."

Scott hugs his father and tells him that everything will be alright. It is not something that he actually believes but it is the only thing he can think to say to make his father feel better. They stay in the embrace for almost fifteen minutes.

Unknown location

Sinister picks up the newspaper and frowns when he reads the wedding announcement. His boy had dared to engaged and now he was bloody getting married. He decided in that moment that he would not allow that to happen.

The Wedding

Loki somehow manages to sneak away from Logan who has been tasked with looking after him. He understands that everyone is actually trying to help but the only thing that he wants to do is speak with Scott. He exits the hotel and walks out into the garden.

"Loki? Where exactly are you going? The ceremony starts in less than half an hour. Please tell me that you are not running off." Thor asks, moving to take hold of his younger brother's hand.

"I'm looking for Scott, and I would never just run off on my wedding day." Loki answers, moving away from his older brother. He does not want anything to stop him from going to look from Scott.

"Did Freya not tell you that it's a tradition to not see each other until you meet at the altar?" Thor asks, looking confused that Freya would not have informed Loki of something so important.

"She told me Thor but we both know she saw Logan when she wasn't meant to. Look I just need to speak to Scott. I know that something went wrong on the mission last week."

"It did not go that wrong."

"What mission? How did it go wrong? Loki get back inside before Tony thinks you are dumping Scott." Freya asks, using a tone that was usually reserved for when her daughters were arguing. When she used it on her arguing daughters, they eventually listened to her. On the other hand, whenever she used it on her younger brothers, they would roll their eyes and ignore her. As expected, when neither of her brother bother to even look at her, she continues, "I'm waiting for an answer and I don't have all day. Do not make me count to ten! One." She threatens.

"Scott went on a mission without Loki and only me and Clint for backup. It wasn't meant to be a dangerous mission, not even strictly a mission." Thor starts, not meeting Loki's annoyed gaze.

"Are you seriously telling me that Tony allowed Scott on a mission on his own? He's only just eighteen and I thought you went on every mission with him. You've been paired together since you were thirteen. Far too young if you ask me, the girls did not go on any missions without a team until they were twenty-one. Even then they were not partnered with someone as young as them. I'm glad they saw sense and they both retired from that life. So, Thor what exactly was this mission and how long a lecture should I give to Tony?" Freya asks, completely ignoring Loki and focussing on Thor. She knew from experience that Loki would not crack even with a very stern look but Thor would give in.

"Why don't you go and annoy Tony with your questions Freya? Wait you are asking Thor because he tends to give in if you bug him enough. Tony on the other hand will tell you that it is a matter for the Avengers and as you are no longer a member you do not get to know." Loki snarls, his skin turning blue as he took on his frost giant form. Something that only tended to happen when he was angry or terrified. It had happened this time because he was terribly angry with his sister for not just dropping it.

Freya looks her baby brother right in the eyes as she answers, "I have every right to know if my patient has been put into harm's way. I might not be an official member of the team but I am a licence therapist."

"I'm bloody aware that you are a therapist. Lyra is a dam doctor and Laura runs a gym. However, you are not Scott's therapist although you did try to be when he was younger. Tony removed you from that job when you told me things before Scott was ready to tell me himself. Before you start none of them involved him doing any damage to himself or others. Scott can be a very private person and it's actually one of the reasons that I love him. Yes, he sometimes hides things from me and it can make me angry, but it's never to be horrid to me. Freya, I respect and love you but you don't need to know everyone's secrets." Loki says, not flinching as his sister's eyes momentarily flash black. It's a trick she had picked up years ago to keep her daughters in line.

"Actually, Laura just recently started a new job. I'm not sure why she gave up the gym but she did. Now she works as a secretary for a local business. She is incredibly talented and could have become anything that she wished to become. As for Scott he was keeping secrets and they were damaging your friendship. There are things that he doesn't get to keep secret."

"That's rich coming from you Freya, the girl who is constantly keeping secrets. You left the Avengers because you were asked to leave. Tony and Steve became tired of your lying that put the team in danger. They did not expect you to tell them everything Freya but lying to them about being a servant to the Asgardian royal family. I never understood that lie and I'm not sure that I ever will."

"I told them I was a servant so they did not bow to me." Freya hisses, aware that Thor has not said a word. "I wanted Shield to get to know me for myself. Instead, Thor casually mentions to Barton that I'm a bloody princess."

"Freya, not one of them bowed to you or treated you any different. Barton and his friends did not care that you were an alien princess. They cared that you could do your job." Thor says, speaking up for the first time.

"There were many agents who bowed to me actually. It is one of the reasons that I asked to be transferred to the Avengers. Coulson did not want to lose his greatest asset but agreed that Natasha would need help keeping the boys in line." Freya says, smiling at the memory.

"Coulson was never going to make you the leader of the Avengers. He liked you anyone could see that but you were not his favourite agent." Thor says, in a voice he hopes does not sound too condescending.

"As for the agents who bowed. They were doing that as a joke. On Asgard the people have to bow to you and obey your orders, on Earth they can simply ignore you." Loki says still trying to get away. He was fed up with his brother and sister trying to get him back into the hotel and away from Scott. Tradition was important to Scott but he knew with every fibre of his being that Scott needed him.

"No Loki they did not. They bowed to me because they saw me as a princess. All the agents who bowed started to avoid me after they learnt who I truly was."

"All of those agents turned out to be members of Hydra." Thor mumbles, only just loud enough for Freya to hear.

"They were what?!" Freya shouts, before storming into the hotel to find Steve and lecture him.

Thor spared a glance towards Loki before sighing and running after Freya. He refused to let Freya do anything that could spoil the wedding.

Loki takes the chance to finally get away and finds Scott sitting alone on a bench. Slowly he approaches and sits down next to Scott. Before he is able to say anything, Scott speaks.

"You are blue?"

"Excuse me?"

"I said you are blue. Umm normally when you are in your frost giant form, well you look purple." Scott mumbles, trying not to actually look at Loki.

"Why am I not purple? And why are you wearing a collar? Did you do something to your powers?"

"You are not purple mostly because of the collar and yeah I turned my powers off just for the wedding."

"Why would you turn them off? You know I love your powers and more than that I love you for you."

"I umm wanted to see the wedding in colour. My dad created the collar so it should be perfectly safe. Think it might be one of his wedding gifts to us. Are you angry about the collar, I can have my dad remove it if you don't like it?"

"Scott, I want you to be happy and I'm very aware that you want to see colour but you are not keeping it on for days on end. I trust that your father would never hurt you. He might allow some harm to come to me, but that would only be if he had to choose between us."

"It can come off tonight. That way I don't have to listen to Freya telling me about your weird kinks."

"When do you listen to Freya about anything to do with her sex life?"

"I stopped after half an hour and she kept talking for over six. Not even dad bothered to listen to the entire lecture."

Loki grins, "only your dad would bother to listen and that's only to tell her, his own stories. Logan has never once listened because from what I understand he is always part of the story."

"Yeah, that's what I have heard." Scott agrees, taking hold of Loki's hand before whispering, "do you think it's bad that we've spoken and seen each other before the actual wedding?"

"Didn't you want to speak with me?"

"I did and at the same time..."

"You are worried about how I'm going to react to whatever you have to tell me." Loki guesses squeezing Scott's hand.

"I'm actually terrified you will cancel the wedding. I did something that I know you will find to have been stupid and reckless. Before you ask, I did not cheat. You said the thing with Warren didn't count."

"Scott it did not count as cheating. You were drugged and hallucinating all kinds of things. It was upsetting that you kissed Warren but it was barely a kiss. Please Scott tells me what has happened."

"The mission last week, you asked to come with me because we always partner on missions. Unless dad partners you with Thor or something." Scott says, starting to ramble. His nerves starting to get the better of him.

"You told me there was no need for me to come because it was a simply mission. All you needed to do was gain some information from someone you felt would only speak to you. Though now that I think about it you never told me who this person was."

"If you had known his name..."

"Scott who did you go and see for the purpose of the mission." Loki asks, annoyance slipping into his voice. He had promised himself that he would not allow himself to become angry.

"Do you remember my foster father before I was found by the Avengers?" Scott asks, doing his best not to let his fear take over. Most things did not scare him but Loki being angry or upset with him was a completely different story. He hated the idea of Loki being annoyed with him even over the smallest of things.

"The man who beat you and gave you the most terrible nightmares. Please tell me you did not go and meet him."

"I would love to be able to say that, but Jack Winters he had valuable information. He knew who was behind the attack on the Avengers Base. Only problem was, he would only speak to me and I had to come alone. Before you say that you could have pretended to be me, he would have known Loki. Winters knows dangerous people and mutants. So anyway, I went to speak with him. Thor and Clint were my backup, though they had to stay hidden. Jack told me the information and then..."

"What did he do to you?!" Loki snarls, the bench starting to freeze.

"It's mostly healed now."

Loki looks at Scott and then lifts up his shirt and growls.

"He said it was payment for the information. Before you ask, he ran off with his gang." Scott explains, tucking his shirt back in.

"Why didn't you tell me when it happened?"

"I... I was afraid you would go after him and kill him. Loki, I hate him with every fibre of my being but I do not want him killed in my defence. I also thought you'd cancel the wedding."

"You thought I would cancel the wedding because you did something foolish? You have done many foolish things during the years we've been together. I'm annoyed that you have been hurt but I'm more upset that you did not tell me. Why keep the wound a secret? You didn't tell your dad or the others straight away. They would have been just as upset. So, you ready to get married?" Loki asks, standing up and pulling Scott with him.

"I am more than ready to get married." Scott grins before adding, "we better hurry if we don't want to be late."

Loki smirks and in a blink of an eye the two of them are standing in front of the altar. Neither of them seemed to notice that many of their guests were arguing with each other while the others were being lectured by Freya. Just as the grooms had not noticed the guests, the guests had not noticed the grooms.

Scott turns to the priest and does his best to smile, "do you think we could get married now please?"

"Umm no one is really paying attending Mr Stark." The priest answers, looking at Loki who was still in his frost giant form.

"Actually, it's just Scott. Mr Stark was my grandfather and my father just goes by Tony. I promise that my father can donate triple whatever he promised to six charities of your choice. First though can I please just get married to Loki."

"Of course." The priest says, a smile gracing his lips as his starts the ceremony.

When the guest continues to argue and be lectured, Loki casts a spell so that everyone will pay attention to the wedding.

Half an hour later the wedding guests and grooms are sitting down for an expensive meal. Tony Stark had wanted to spare no expensive and Scott had barely looked at the menu trusting his father.

"So, did you really wake everyone up at three this morning?" Freya asks, looking at Scott and interrupting his private conversation with Loki. She had moved from her table with her family to speak with the younger of the grooms.

"Well dad was already awake. I'm not sure he bothered to go to bed. As for everyone else they were all in their own homes. So, I'm not sure it's possible for me to have woken them up." Scott answers, barely turning to look at Freya.

"Tony told me that the two of you were staying at the Avengers Base. Why would he lie to me?"

"We stayed in one of our many homes. Oh, Loki I forgot to mention my dad says we can use one of the holiday homes for our honeymoon. Rogers and Barnes were at the Avengers Base and dads trying to be their friend again. Freya why does it matter where I stayed last night. Loki and I did not see each other."

Loki smiles, "That was genuinely nice of him. Have you mentioned that we can't use it straight away?"

"Not yet. No. I'm trying to find the right moment." Scott admits, almost forgetting that Freya is standing there glaring at them both.

"The Avengers Base is the safest place for you Scott. Whatever holiday plans you had; I want you to cancel them for your own safety."

"Freya, Scott and I our not cancelling our honeymoon because of Sinister. I'm very aware that Sinister broke out and is looking for Scott. You forget though sister that Scott is very capable of looking after himself and that I will be with him. If Sinister comes looking for Scott he will find me and then beg for mercy."

"Also, you don't get to give orders Freya. You left the Avengers and believe it or not you were never in charge. Please go and join your family so my son and your brother can enjoy their wedding." Tony says, glaring at Freya until Logan tries to get her to walk away.

"Tony, I need to talk with you about why you let Scott do a solo mission. Laura and Lyra waited until they were twenty-one." Freya says, the tone clear in her voice that she was lecturing him.

"You and Logan made that decision as their parents. Scott though is my son and he is more than capable of meeting an informant by himself. If you feel the need to lecture me Freya, could it wait until tomorrow or the following day. I would like to enjoy Scott's wedding." Tony responds, not willing to admit that Scott was hurt because he had been on his own.

"Logan, are you not going to say anything? Scott was hurt on that stupid pointless mission." Freya says, turning her attention to her husband.

"Freya, neither of us know anything about the mission. We both retired from the Avengers several years ago. Yes, Scott has been hurt but that is always the danger when going on a mission." Logan starts, only to be interrupted by Loki.

"How do you know that Scott had been injured?"

"Scott, I promise I did not tell anyone." Tony says, before Logan can answer.

"It's alright dad, I told Loki before the wedding what happened. Logan can probably smell the injury and Freya would have found out from Thor." Scott says, turning to face his father while still holding hand with Loki.

"Scott, why did you not come to Lyra when you were injured? And then to me afterwards to discuss how you must have felt." Freya asks, the pleading clear in her voice.

"Lyra is not my personal doctor and Bruce is more than capable of patching up a little cut. Freya you are also not my therapist. For the last three months I have been seeing Dr Jean Grey." Scott answers, turning to look at Freya.

Freya looks at Logan who looks just as shocked as her and then to Loki who doesn't exactly look happy but is not shocked. "Loki tell me that you plan to put a stop to this. Jean Grey cannot be trusted and I can see that you are not exactly happy. As his husband you now have the right to tell him that he can no longer see that bitch."

Loki starts laughing, "are you telling me that you actually listen to Logan when he suggests something to you? And let me answer for you, no you never listen to him. He is your husband and yet you never listen to his advice. Not even when it concerns either of your daughters. So, no I will not be telling Scott what to do. He knows I'm not a huge fan of the woman but she seems to be helping him. I'm not even sure why you hate her so much. She has never once flirted with Logan and let's be honest you are more her type than Logan."

Freya looks at Logan with a look that can only be described as incredibly confused. It made little to no sense that Jean could ever find her appealing. "Please tell me Loki is telling some kind of very stupid and inappropriate joke."

"It is not a joke. Jean found you incredibly attractive and even asked you out." Logan starts, only for Jean to interrupt.

"You were actually nice to me Freya. Because you turned me down though I met Emma and trust me I couldn't be happier. We are each other's worlds."

"But you are the mother of Adam and Lucas."

"Yes, Freya I am the mother of both Adam and Lucas. However, neither was created in the conventional sense. Freya you know this, we might not be friends but I thought you cared about my sons enough not to be so cruel." Jean says, having left her table to join the conversation. She felt it was unfair for Freya to be discussing her as if she was not even in the room.

"Wait, why were you invited to my brother's wedding?" Freya asks suddenly realising that Jean was actually at the wedding. If she had been given a say in who came to the wedding, she would definitely have been against inviting that women and she now realised her wife as well. Neither of them was people that she ever felt that she could trust.

"Scott invited me Freya. Believe it or not it is his wedding as well. That means he gets to invite who he wants to invite. You did not make this much fuss at your nephews wedding." Jean states, "of course you could not ban me from my sons own wedding and Hela had no problem with me being at her son's wedding. Though to be fair it is not as though you could make a huge fuss. Hela made it clear that if you caused any trouble you would be banned from the wedding."

"There was also the fact that both Steven and Thor took my wife's side. Plus, even Logan told you that it was not worth you causing more problems than normal." Emma finishes, wrapping an arm around the waist of her wife.

"Well, I would like you both to leave." Freya snarls, moving to punch the smug look off of Jeans face only to feel herself freeze. "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Protecting my wife and myself." Emma states, using her gift to make Freya step backwards.

"Emma, please let my wife go. She's not really herself today. I'm sorry for what she has said about you and Jean. It was uncalled for and I will make sure that she apologises." Logan says, catching Freya as she is shoved into his arms.

Freya snarls, "Logan I do not want them here!"

Laura and Lyra appear at their mothers' side, both looking very embarrassed.

"You have made that very clear mother." Laura says with a sigh.

"Only Scott or Loki can ask the two of them to leave." Lyra mumbles, trying to calm her mother down.

Freya shoves Logan and moves past her daughters and once again walks up to Scott and Loki. "Well, are you going to ask them to leave or not. I do not see Frey at this wedding or Adam. That is clearly because of that bitch Jean."

"Frey has a kingdom to run and Lucas is away with his father. Neither could come to the wedding and Adam is on Genosha. He declined the invitation to come to the wedding but it had nothing to do with his mother." Scott tries to explain.

"He would have come but something came up that was important. In case you might have missed it, Cain and Pietro are missing from the wedding." Loki says, his temper clearly starting to run out. He could not understand why Freya would not just drop the bloody subject.

"Explain to me what could be more important than you're wedding." Freya growls, her glare turning on Scott as though it was somehow his fault.

"Pietro is attending his father's funeral. I think that is a bit more important and Cain is supporting his best friend and husband. Could you please go back to your seat so that desert can be served?" Scott responds, being blunt and no longer caring if he is being polite or not.

Freya turns in disbelief to Lyra the daughter who has always supported her. Before she can even start to form the words her train of thought is interrupted by the sound of a chair moving backwards across the floor. It is loud enough that everyone in the room can hear it.

Pepper stands up from her seat on Loki's other side. So far, she had stayed silent during the argument. Now though she had finally had enough and decided that she needed to speak. Once she was standing in front of Freya she started speaking. "Freya, I understand completely why you are so protective of Scott. For three months when he was young, you and your family had the pleasure of fostering him. I know that you became overly attached to him and wanted to adopt him. Instead, though you gave him back to the orphanage and eventually Tony found his son. It is genuinely nice that you still have motherly affection for him Freya, but I'm his mother not you. Please just go back to sit with your family, we can have a proper conversation in a few days while the boys visit Asgard and then Jotenhiem."

"Excuse me but why are they going to Asgard and Jotenhiem?" Freya and Tony ask at the same time.

"Scott you were meant to tell your father." Pepper says, smiling at her son.

"I know mum and I'm sorry. Things just kept happening and I wasn't sure how to tell him. He tends to panic."

Loki does not look as ashamed as Scott, "if Freya would think logically just for a second, I think she would realise why Scott and I are going to Asgard and Jotenhiem."

"I can understand why you would be going to Asgard Loki. Our parents are on Asgard and clearly could not come to Earth as they have a kingdom to run. However, I cannot understand why you would go to Jotenhiem. It is the home of our enemy the frost giants." Freya says, not willing to admit that there could be a reason for her brother to go to that place.

"Loki is the king of the frost giants and his people want to hold a celebration." Scott mumbles instead of Loki.

Tony looks at his son, "so when exactly where you going to tell me? Scott I though in two days you were going to start your honeymoon."

"First we have to make some stops. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. King Odin and his wife queen Frigga want to meet me properly and they are holding a feast. If we speak to them maybe you and mum can come to Asgard and be part of the feast. Loki do you think that could happen?" Scott says, turning from his father who looked angry to Loki who was smiling at him in the blink of an eye.

"I'm sure that mother would be incredibly happy to have your parents there. Once we have eaten, I can figure out what to say to mother. She is planning to come to the party part of our wedding." Loki answers, smiling at Scott and whispering to him that everything would be alright.

Later that evening

Frigga arrives just as the dancing begins. In the middle of the dance floor and the centre of attention stood Logan and Freya. It was clear to everyone that they were just about to start dancing. What did not make sense to Frigga was the fact that her son Loki was not getting ready to dance with his new husband. From what she could see her son and his new husband were in a corner whispering to each other. Having only met Scott a handful of times when he was much younger, she finds it to be very odd that the new couple are not dancing. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Thor and decided to speak to him soon. First though she needed to speak to Loki and have a proper introduction with the young man who had become her son in law.

"Loki are you going to introduce me to the young man sitting next to you?" Frigga asks, standing in front of her son while watching the boy next to him.

"Of course, mother. I would like you to meet Scott Stark." Loki says, smiling while nudging Scott forward.

Scott blinks a couple of times before holding out his hand and welcoming Frigga to the wedding. He tells her about his parents and asks her if she would like to meet them. As he is talking his nerves start to get the better of him and it causes him to ramble and repeat himself several times.

"Mother, as I am sure you can understand Scott is feeling extremely nervous. He is also exhausted as he has been up since three this morning. Please do not hold anything against him." Loki says coming to Scott's rescue.

Frigga smiles and pulls Scott into a hug telling him that there is nothing to be worried about.

Freya who has been watching rather than dancing with her husband frowns. She's sure that something unbelievably bad is about to happen and when she notices Sinister out of the corner of her eye, she makes the decision to start yet again.

Part Thirty-Seven

Attempt Four

The fourth world that Freya finds herself on is vastly different to the other three. For on there are no Avengers as it was the X-Men who defeated the Chitari which were led by Hela the second born daughter of Odin and Frigga. When captured and questioned about her reason for the attack, her response had been that she had been board. She was sent home to Asgard for her father to discipline.

The twin of Hela had fought alongside her husband the wolverine, their daughters, and the rest of the X-Men. When not fighting with the X-Men she teaches the children of the school, it is her job to teach the children Biology and on the odd occasion gardening as well. She had wanted to be a therapist to the children but Jean got that position.

Those who were in other worlds members of the Avengers simply joined Shield with the exception of Tony Stark and Thor. Tony Stark continued to be himself and Thor became a member of the Avengers known as the Thunderer.

Xavier's school, for gifted children

The Howlett family sat around the kitchen eating the food that Freya had cooked for them.

At the head of the table sat Logan who unofficial thought of himself as the head of the family. Freya his wife would have laughed at the very idea of Logan actually being in charge. Sitting opposite him was Freya watching everyone at the table like a hawk. It was as though she felt they were not safe even on the private grounds of Xavier's school. Her other reason for watching everyone was to stop any arguments before they had a chance to begin. It was not exactly an easy thing to do with three teenage girls and every so often her thirteen-year-old nephew as well. This was one of those days when her nephew was staying with them. She could only hope that he would not end up staying three months when his father had promised that it would be a week top.

The oldest of Logan and Freya's daughters was Laura aged sixteen. Most of the time she was the sensible one and was often willing to help her parents out. There were even times when she would drive her younger cousin into town to help him. She was sitting on her father's left and seemed to be looking through her phone. This was a new development for her and had started when Mia had asked her out.

Next came Marie the adopted daughter of Logan and Freya. She was two months shy of her sixteenth birthday and five months older than Lyra. Currently she was sitting opposite Laura and next to Lyra and was trying to work up the courage to arrange a double date. It was not the thought of Laura saying no, more the idea of her parents finding out that she had a boyfriend.

Lyra the youngest of the three girls was ignoring both of her sisters and texting a boy she had met in town. She could sense that her mother was trying to catch her eye but refused to look at her. Every so often she could hear her younger cousin mumbling to himself about crap parents.

Frey at just twelve was not allowed his phone at the table. Instead, next to him was an e-reader. It was probably the latest model and meant to make up for his father going away again. All it really did was upset him further that he was always a second thought to his so-called father.

"Frey, I have spoken with Xavier and he says that if you would like to then you are very welcome to sit in on lessons. Do not worry about being up to date with the work. It is simply something to do so that you are not alone most of the day." Logan says, breaking the silence that seemed to have overtaken the table.

"Thank you, Uncle Logan, that's exceedingly kind of you. My tutor gave me some work for the week. Would I be allowed to do my work in a classroom environment?" Frey asks, barely looking up from his book.

"I'm sure that we can arrange something. Laura could even help you if you would like?" Logan says, smiling at his nephew.

"I don't want to cause any problems." Frey mumbles.

"Honestly, Frey I really don't mind. If you want, I can help you tomorrow morning but I'm out in the afternoon." Laura says, putting an arm around her cousin.

"What are you doing in the afternoon Laura?" Freya asks, before Frey has a chance to say something. As far as she can remember her daughter has not mentioned having plans over the weekend. She does understand that her daughter is growing up and starting to date. Still, she likes to know what her daughters happen to be up to when not in her sight.

"I have a date with Mia. If Frey needs a lift into town then I can drive him and pick him up. If he would like to then he can hang out with me and Mia. She likes him and doesn't mind when he asks questions." Laura answers, still keeping her arm around Frey. She's very aware of how sensitive her cousin can be and refuses to let him think even for a second that he is unwanted.

"Why would you want Frey to come on your stupid date with that Mia girl? We all know he can't control his powers and it's why his fake dad always dumps him with us." Lyra says, while typing away on her phone. She's aware that calling Fandral a fake dad to Frey will get her into trouble. At the same time though she's certain that her father will not allow her to be grounded. Everything that she has said is the truth and she's heard her mother complain enough times about Frey being dumped on them.

"As Laura just said Lyra, Mia likes Frey and isn't going to be a bitch about it. Just because you've got a new guy again this week. What exactly are you doing waiting until John notices you?" Marie says, doing her best to smile at Frey. She is not as close with her cousin as Laura but has never found him to be too annoying.

"John has noticed me Marie. Just yesterday we kissed and he wants to date me but you see Bobby also wants me. Right now, he doesn't want to hurt his friend." Lyra shoots back ignoring Laura who is rolling her eyes as if she's insane.

Freya watches her daughters and wishes that she had paid more attention to her second gift. Knowing secrets of the heart had board her as a child and eventually she had lost the gift. Now she realises that it would actually be extremely useful. If she knew what her daughters were thinking and who they fancied at any given moment, her life would be a lot easier. "Marie, Lyra please stop fighting. Lyra, I have told you several times that your father and I do not approve of John. He is a troublemaker and has a police record." Freya starts only for Lyra to interrupt the start of the lecture.

"Duh, that is one of the reasons that he's so hot. He's a rebel who doesn't obey rules and I'm a princess who does not need to obey rules."

"Lyra, you still have to obey rules. Being a princess of Asgard does not mean you can make your own rules. As for John if you really like him then it should be about him and not his police record. He is not all bad but I do not like the idea of you dating him." Logan says, trying to do the strict dad voice. A voice that he found difficult to use on any of his daughters. Somehow it was easier to do the strict teacher voice when he was actually being their teacher. Being the strict father just did not come as easy to him as it came to his wife. Though he was not in any way the fun parent.

"So how come Marie can date Remy at least John is my age. Remy is older than Marie and he flirts with everyone." Lyra asks, turning the subject to who Marie was trying to date. It was something she tended to do when her parents were starting to lecture her.

"Marie, since when did you start dating Remy without informing either of us. I understand that you are growing up and that dating is part of that. However, the three of you all know the rules about dating. Your father and I do not care if you want to date boys or girls. We had this conversation at least four years ago." Freya says, instantly going into her strict lecture mode. It always seemed to happen when two of her daughters mentioned dating especially when they dated older boys. Laura was particularly good at keeping secrets but she at least dated girls her own age. The entire family had also met Mia on several occasions.

"I have not gone on a single date with Remy. He only asked me out on Monday and well I umm." Marie starts and then looks at the floor.

"He asked you out for Saturday correct and you are feeling nervous." Laura says, seeming to always understand her younger sisters.

"Yes." Marie admits too embarrassed to say anything more.

"Would you like to make it a double date? Mia likes you and I can make sure Remy doesn't do anything inappropriate." Laura says, helping her sister out.

"If that's ok." Marie mumbles.

"Pathetic." Lyra says.

"Excuse me!" Marie and Laura shout at the same time.

"I said Marie that you are pathetic to need your sister on a bloody date. Come on Marie you are training to be part of the X-Men and yet you can't go on one date with Remy by yourself. I have asked lots of boys on dates and we all know that mum did not date." Lyra says, touching on a topic that will annoy her father and potentially start an argument between her parents. If they did start arguing then they would forget all about who she might be dating or having fun with.

"At least she isn't going after yet another guy who is not interested in her." Laura says, coming to Marie's defence.

"Laura what do you mean by going after yet another guy who isn't interested?" Freya questions.

"She means crap as always." Lyra snarls.

"Laura please explain and Lyra no snarling at the table." Logan snaps, annoyed that his daughters were fighting like children.

"A few years ago, Lyra tried to get with Pietro but he rejected her and kissed Cain. It's how they started going out. John is not into Lyra but Bobby and the two of them have been dating for a couple of months. Mum, dad please do not make a big deal out of it. Most of the other pupils and teachers know but neither want anything to be made of it. The only reason I am telling you this is because Lyra is lying about kissing John." Laura says explaining everything.

"She is lying! Pietro totally wanted me and so does John. Every guy in this school, wants me even Remy. Last week he asked me out and I turned him down." Lyra growls at her sister. She does not care that Marie is now looking down at the table and Frey looks ready to bolt. All she cares about is making sure she has the last word.

"Lyra I really hope that you are lying to upset your sister. I also expect you to apologise. Now we are going to enjoy this meal." Freya snaps, causing all three of her daughters to jump. "Logan have you seen the new boy? I was thinking as you are taking some of the boys out this weekend maybe the new boy and Frey could go with you."

"I've been down to the medical bay but Jean told me that so far the boys did not say a word. He's been through a lot Freya and Hank thinks it will be a while till he speaks. Frey though is more than welcome to join me and the boys." Logan answers, not wanting to go into too much detail about the poor boy. Especially when so far, they had not learnt the boy's name.

"Has Jean actually tried to speak with him. We both know she is not exactly brilliant at starting conversations. She cannot even have a conversation with her own sons." Freya says, only half noticing that the children are quickly leaving the table.

"Freya let's discuss this in private. The children do not need to hear how horrible that place was. They also do not need to know everything that child went through." Logan says, using his strict husband voice. Something that he is only allowed to do when it comes to protecting the children. Freya has also made it clear to only do it in the privacy of their own home.

"Lyra, I will be having a word with..." Freya starts and then stops when she realises her children have left the table with Frey. "Logan did you speak with Fandral when he dropped off Frey this afternoon?"

"Fandral did not drop Frey off this afternoon."

"Then who did?"


"Why would Jean drop off Frey at our house? Fandral is always the one to drop him off. Do you think something has happened?" Freya asks, blurting out the questions one after the other.

"I believe that an Asgardian guard dropped Frey at her house. They assumed that Thor is the one who looks after Frey when he is on earth. She knew that Frey stays with us but waited to speak with Thor first. Before you ask why, let me answer with the simple answer of they are married. You might still be very much against the marriage and in all honesty, I do not know how it works but it does. Yes, Lucas is the son of Stephan not Thor but we are aware of how that happened. Thor adores Lucas and he gets on with Stephan and he has kept his vow of looking after Cain. I believe the reason that Jean did not keep Frey this weekend is because it is her weekend to have Lucas." Logan answers.

"You need to speak with Frey again. He needs to understand that Fandral loves him and is his father. His blood father just like his mother was a monster."

"We need to be careful about using that word. Frey is nothing like his parents and hearing them called monsters only makes people think he's one as well. Now what are we going to do about Lyra and Marie?"

"We agreed that our daughters could start dating at fifteen. Remy is not terrible though I agree he's rather old for Marie. Of the three though she is the most sensible. He is also the first boy she has liked since Bobby and her weeklong crush on Pietro. I'm not blaming either of them for not feeling the same way."

"Even if they did not both have feelings for other people, there was never any guarantee that they would feel anything for her. After all they were barely twelve at the time of the crushes. So, are you thinking of allowing Marie to go on a date with Remy?"

"I think Logan that we strongly suggest that it is a double date. Laura will make sure that nothing bad happens. Even Mia would tell Remy off if he did something. What we need to do is trust our daughter, discuss boundaries with Lyra and then figure out if we are fostering the boy."

"Fostering which boy? Frey has a stepfather and he might not be perfect Frey but he loves Frey."

"Of course, Fandral loves Frey. I would never dream of taking Frey away from Fandral. We have discussed fostering before."

"Yes, we were going to foster John but that never happened."

"Because John was arrested and someone else became his guardian. A horrible bastard by all accounts but there is little we can do about it. The man is John's uncle and so has more claim to him than either of us."

"Then who exactly where you are talking about. Bobby has parents and Remy is seventeen years old and he has parents."

"Never Remy when two of our daughters fancy him and I'm aware of Bobby's parents. I saw them last term during parents evening. They were not interested in his mutation only his school, work."

"We are a school, Freya and not every parent wants to hear about their child's mutation. Especially his parents. Neither of them is mutants nor is his younger brother isn't one either. They are still adjusting to Bobby being different." Logan explains calmly as his moves to sit next to his wife. He had wanted to move to the sitting room or his office. Freya though it seemed just wanted to stay at the table.

"I have learnt all about our girl's mutations." Freya tries to argue, before adding "I was talking about the boy in the medical bay. He needs a family and we can provide that for him. Laura and Lyra are still upset that we have not given them a brother yet."

"The boy currently in the medical bay could have a family out there looking for him. We also do not even know his name or how old he might be. There is also the thing that you are refusing to even think about." Logan says not wanting to upset his wife but not seeing any point in lying to her. Taking in the boy even for a few weeks could be a lot of hard work. He loved all three of his girls equally and would not change them for anything. Deep down though he had always wanted a son and it was one of the reasons he tended to spend time with the boys of the school.

"I have a bond with that boy. If Jean or Hank would let me speak with the boy, I know that I could get him to answer some questions. Hank though does not want to stress the boy and Jean doesn't believe the boy has a bond with me. Logan you know I have a bond with him, you saw how he clung to me, when we entered his cell."

"Freya, you were the first to enter his cell. He clung to you because you were the first living person he had seen in weeks. I believe he was making sure that you were real."

"Excuse me?!"

"I am not saying that a bond could not form but you cannot force a bond. Jean tried to read his mind and hit a brick wall and Freya the boy also clung to Hank."

"I hate it when she invades the minds of others. It has never felt right for her to just invade somebody's mind. Charles never just invades someone's private thoughts. His daughter should have learnt by now that it is incredibly rude."

"You know why she skims the surface to make sure, they are not dangerous. Plus, she never reads Eric's mins."

"No one but Charles would dare to read that man's mind. But Logan please tell me how a child could be dangerous."

"Freya, you work in this school, and do not need me to answer that very silly question. He could be a spy for the enemy and the fact that he is a child makes him more dangerous. Once he has all clear, he will be going back into the system."

"No!" Freya shouts, standing up from the table. "We are not going to let the boy going into that system. He is clearly very traumatised and needs help something that the system is not going to provide. Logan we are not going to allow that boy to go into the system. We found him Logan and that means something to me, even if it means nothing to you. I know you want a son Logan and that boy could be the perfect son." She shouts as she storms out of the room and then out of the house.

Logan sighs wanting to go after her but understanding that someone must stay with the girls and Frey. His sigh turns into a growl of frustration when he realises that Freya has left him with the task of sorting out their children. A task that he is not all that happy about when he has no backup.

Medical Bay

The boy sat on the bed with his feet tucked under him. He had been in the medical bay for almost three days without saying a word. The grumpy lady with the red hair kept growling and demanding he answer her questions, while the man with blue fur was much calmer. They had told him their names when he had first entered the room but he had instantly forgotten them. He was sure that the man with blue fur and grumpy lady would abandon him.

"Hank, what are we going to do about the boy? He refuses to even try and have a conversation. I have tried everything and I cannot spend all day with him. Everyone might have forgotten since that boy arrived but I do have other patience. Thankfully known of them belong to Logan or his bitch." Jean says, as she joins Hank at the table with a cup of coffee.

"Logan and Freya have three lovely daughters. You might not like that they are your family, but Jean they are your family. That means you are stuck with them unless you divorce Thor. As for the boy, we need to be patient with him and not rush anything. Maybe we need someone his own age to try and speak with him." Hank says the last part he says mostly to himself. When it came to Jean you had to be careful with what you said.

"I do not need to put up with them because they are Thor's family not mine. He has to put up with his annoying sister and her spawn. The only brat I have to put up with is Cain. Thankfully, the brat is always busy with his boyfriend. Thor is still trying to get used to the fact that his first born is old enough to date."

Hank just nods not really sure how he is meant to argue. He could try and say that Thor put up with Lucas but that was not really fair to Lucas. Sometimes he knew it was simply easier to let Jean have her rant and nod in the right places.

While Jean and Hank start discussing the weather, which is a safe topic, neither notice a boy sneaking into the Medical Bay. He found it easy to get past the adults as they were busy paying attention to each other and not much else.

"So, you are the new boy then. I've heard the adults talking about you. Us kids are not meant to know anything about you. Bet you are wondering how I know when I shouldn't. My sister Freya is one of the teachers and an occasional member of the X-Men. The X-Men are the team that found you. They tend to argue with each other over silly things but they are the good guys. I'm Loki by the way what is your name?" Loki says, stepping into the room and walking towards the bed.

When the boy just stared at him blankly, Loki just shrugs and climbs onto the bed. "I promise that I won't tell anyone if you speak. Most of the adults in this place don't like me. My sister acts more like my mother than a sister. It is incredibly annoying but Thor gets this annoyed look. Right, you don't know who Thor is. He is my big brother but unless it is to lecture me, he mostly ignores me cause he's a dad now."

"No mum, no dad?" The little boy whispers, not even turning to look at Loki.

"I have parents but at the moment my home isn't safe and so I have to stay here. My brother and sister are meant to take it in turns looking after me, but as I said they have their own children. Mostly I think they find me annoying. What about you?"

The boy looks at him confused and mumbles "I umm..." he says, not knowing the right words.

Loki just smiles and puts an arm around him. "Don't worry about it. If you don't know that is fine. Do you at least know your name?"


"I like that name. It is getting late and I think you should try and get some sleep." Loki says, starting to move away from Scott.

"Stay." Scott asks, his voice barely loud enough for Loki to hear.

Loki nods and pulls them both so they are lying down on the bed. He's careful to do everything very gently and doesn't close his eyes until he's sure Scott is sleeping.

Xavier's Study

Freya knocks on Xavier's study door and then enters without waiting for an answer. She spots the time as she walks into his study and realised that it is almost nine. Before coming to speak with him she had wondered around the grounds trying to calm down. It was something that always worked when she was having an argument with her husband of nearly eighteen years. This time as she entered the office and discovers Wanda, Pietro and Lana sitting in there, her anger just seems to boil over.

"What are you three still doing up? The school has a strict policy of lights out by nine. That means the three of you should all be in your rooms at the very least getting ready for bed."

Wanda as the oldest of the three turns and mumbles something under her breath before saying aloud, "Xavier asked the three of us to come to his office. I assume it has something to do with one of us being asked to travel to New York. Agent Coulson was here three days ago saying something about us all working together."

"Charles, wants the school, to be represented by one of you three?" Freya asks, as she sits down in the only available chair as the siblings have the sofa.

"All three of us have mastered our mutation and it can't be a member of your family Mrs, Howlett." Pietro says, his hand moving to his phone when it beeps.

"Why the hell not? Laura is a master of her ability to heal and control nature, Marie is far more confident in her powers than she has been in years and Lyra has almost full control over fire." Freya argues, forgetting that the children in front of her are children and that their father is the joint headmaster of the school, with Charles.

"Two of your daughters are only part mutant and Marie are your adopted child. Father told Charles that one of us was the logical choice. He then told Charles to pick for him as it was simply impossible for him to pick." Lana says with a grin, at thirteen she's very aware of a lot of things.

"If father was going to pick little sister then he would have picked you. It's not exactly a secret that you are the favourite. After all you do have his gifts and don't mind the crazy tests." Pietro and Wanda the sixteen-year-old twin's grumble.

"He loves us all equally; I just cause the least number of problems." Lana says, standing up and moving to a different corner of the room.

Freya watches unable to think of something to say. At least nothing that she can possibly say out loud. The three children of magneto arguing about who their father loves the most is really none of her business and she doesn't want to get involved. She has promised that the only time she will get involved is when Pietro and Cain argue. Before she had always gotten involved and it had not gone well especially when Wanda had attacked her baby Lyra.

"Excuse me little perfect brat. Wanda and I barely cause him any problems, while you are trying to date his friend's grandson. It's just a bit weird and he really does not approve." Pietro states, from his seat next to Wanda.

"Dad, does not approve of you dating the nephew of wolverine or sleeping with him."

"How do you know that Cain and I are sleeping together?" Pietro questions, glaring at Lana.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were having sex with Cain? I'm your twin and you are meant to tell me the important stuff." Wanda says, as she punches her twin in the arm as hard as possible.

"Pietro! You are having sex with me nephew Cain! Is Thor aware of this development in your relationship. Does Logan know about this?" Freya shouts, glaring at Pietro and then at Wanda.

"Eww. I didn't know you and Cain were screwing. I just meant that you have shared a bed for like ever." Lana says, going to say more when Eric and Charles enter the room.

Eric turns to look at his only son and growls out, "Pietro we are going to discuss the fact that you are having sex. Wanda, Lana the two of you are banned from ever having sex." He says as he takes a seat on the desk while Charles wheels himself behind it.

Pietro shrugs, "I love Cain and we did nothing wrong. No Thor does not know and neither does Logan. Not that it has anything to do with either of them."

"Thor is the stepfather of Cain and needs to know that his boy is being safe." Freya says, starting to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Charles sighs, "Wanda, Pietro and Lana I think the three of you should go to bed. We can discuss who is going to spend time with some shield agents in the morning. Freya you can start your rant as soon as the children have left."

Freya nods deciding that it is a fair enough deal and that the children do not need to hear her rant. Later she tells herself that she is going to speak with Thor about exactly what his stepson has been up to. Logan would tell her that it was none of her business but she felt that Thor needed to know.


Laura is sitting at the kitchen table helping Lucas with some English homework when he phones rings. She glances at the phone and a smile spreads across her face but she doesn't move to pick it up.

"You can answer your phone Laura." Frey mumbles.

"I promised to help you Frey with the English homework."

"I'm almost finished with this homework and we both know I'm here for two months or longer. Fandral has been sent on some mission for the king and I think it's going to take a long time. Mother said he will not return and I will be an unloved nothing."

"Your mother told you that. Frey you can't believe everything that which says. Also why were you allowed to see her." Laura asks, becoming distressed for the sake of her little cousin. She hates when anyone is horrible to him even if there are times when he can be a pain. He deserved a mother who was not a witch and a stepfather who could be there for him.

"Mother has the sight just like queen Frigga and King Odin let me see her. Said it was a way of keeping me on the right path. She strayed and ended up locked up and if I did not start behaving, I would end up the same way. Fandral doesn't like it when I see her and she doesn't like me calling Fandral dad." Frey explains with a shrug.

"Uncle Fandral does love you and he try's his best. I believe that he loved your mother and was not forced into marrying her. She cannot be trusted especially when it comes to you." Laura says, ignoring the six texts that come through on her phone.

"Is that Mia texting you?"

"Don't change the subject Frey but umm yes, it is. She wants to know where to meet and is suggesting some movies."

"Does she know Marie and Remy are joining you?"

"I have told her that Marie needs is to support her on the date. Mia is more than fine about it being a double date. Do you need a lift into town Frey? I'm more than happy to drive you in. If you are meeting someone then I will need to know. Don't worry about my mum and dad, I know how to keep a secret. I'm asking because it is my job to keep you safe."

"Have a date." Frey mumbles, becoming deadly still when Freya enters the room.

"Laura if you want to make your date, I suggest you hurry up and get ready. Your father is busy in the danger room with Cain, John, Bobby, and Pietro. Apparently the four of them have been selling answers and who knows what else." Freya says, as she makes herself the strongest cup of coffee possible. She had been up most of the night first ranting at the professor and Eric before turning her anger on Logan. It was one of the reasons her husband was now avoiding her.

"Mums are you and dad fighting again. Is this all because Cain is having sex?" Laura asks, standing up from the table while smiling at Frey.

"Why would you think we were arguing about Cain?"

"I heard you lecturing dad and him telling you to leave it be. He said that Cain is sixteen and technically a lot older as he was born on Asgard. Then there was more lecturing and after that I just switched off. When you lecture dad, they can go on for hours."

"My lectures do not go on for hours Laura unless they need to. Now we are not going to discuss the subject of sex in front of your little cousin." Freya says, upon realising that Frey is in the room.

"I know about sex aunt Freya. Fandral explained it to me when I was seven. Then mother said that you and Fandral used to go at it like bunnies till you got board of him." Frey states, standing up and pouring himself a glass of water.

"Your father should not have told you about sex when you were so young and your mother lied." Freya grumbles.

"Fandral is just my mother's ex-husband not my father and mother only lie about some things." Frey argues, something that is extremely rare for him. Mostly he just allows himself to be lectured.

"Mum, please don't start a fight with Frey on his second day here. Frey why don't you go and get ready and then you can hang out with us. Lyra is grounded right mum and that means you have to stay here and keep an eye on her. I would suggest that Frey go and find dad but he's busy trying to teach teenage boys not to think about sex." Laura says, doing her best to break up the argument before it can really start. Stopping arguments has always been her job.

"I am not arguing with Frey I just believe that eight is too young to learn about sex."

"You might believe that mother but Fandral is his father and so it was his decision. If you want to complain or give a lecture then do so when he returns from his mission. For now, let me take Frey out of the house so that you can keep an eye on Lyra." Laura says, again trying to end the argument. She was also trying to get her mother onto her favourite subject which happened to be Lyra and how well she normally did.

"Remind me exactly why I need to keep an eye on Lyra. Marie is the one about to go on a date with Remy of all people and only three months ago I had to break up a fight between you and Wanda. Something you still haven't explained. Wanda was your best friend for years and then all of a sudden you hate each other. Do you think you can finally explain the reason?"

"Wanda and I are friends; we are just no longer best friends. Does it matter why we got into an argument? Kitty and Marie do not always get along and you stay out of their arguments."

"Kitty and Marie argue about clothes and on the odd occasion boys. They are the opposite of each other and that's one of the reasons they happen to be best friends. Has Kitty been rude to you or Lyra? I am your mother before I am your teacher." Freya says, going from her strict voice to her more friendly tone.

"Kitty and I do not spend a lot of time together. She is Marie's best friend and has helped me with my math homework before. It was exceedingly kind of her and didn't make a big deal out of the fact that I needed help. Kitty is a genuinely nice girl and even if I don't agree with her about everything, I don't dislike her. She is someone who is extremely hard to dislike and is actually the person who introduced me to Mia." Laura confesses not wanting to go into detail about her argument with Wanda.

"She's the one who introduced you to Mia. You've never mentioned this once and how would she even know Mia?"

"Kitty's mother is a cousin of Mia's father and so they are I guess cousins of some kind. Mia was visiting Kitty and they were going to go out but Marie needed some help with some Math. She didn't want to let down her family or Marie and so introduced us. It wasn't meant to be a set up and Mia at first was annoyed. At least until I explained exactly what was happening." Laura says, blushing ever so slightly at the memory.

"So, you and Mia ended up bonding while your younger family members were doing homework. That's a nice story to be able to tell other people. So, you and Kitty really haven't bonded at all. Now I'm not telling you what to do Laura but it might be a good idea to try and be Kitty's friend. I'm friends with Thor's friends and even your father has managed to bond with my friends such as Hank." Freya says, slightly slipping into a lecturing tone. She is unaware that she has slipped into this voice, still believing that she is using her friendly tone.

"Something like that yes. She did not ask me out for several weeks and Marie has let it slip that Mia had asked Kitty a lot of questions. Marie didn't tell me all the questions that were asked and I am not going to ask Kitty either. I don't believe that it is fair to put Kitty in the middle and Mia didn't do anything that I didn't do."

"What do you mean?"

"I asked Marie to question Kitty about Mia."

"Could you not have asked Mia these questions yourself?" Freya asks looking at her daughter.

"It was easier to learn things from Marie who learnt them from Kitty. So, am I free to go on my date with Mia or do you have more questions?"

"I would still like to know what happened between you and Wanda. For now, though I do not want you to be late and Laura please leave Frey here."

Double Date

The four of them sat down in the booth in the back of the restaurant. Mia sat down next to Marie while Laura took a seat next to Remy. No one said a word as they are handed menus by a girl from Mia's school, who is smirking at Remy.

"Excuse me but Remy is on a date and we need a few minutes to decide what we are ordering." Mia says, glaring at the girl while smiling Laura.

"Are you also on a date Mia?" Toni asks, battening her eyelids at Remy.

"Actually, Toni yes I am on a double date. This is my girlfriend Laura and this is her sister Marie who is on a date with Remy. By the way Remy if you make eyes at the skank, we will have problems." Mia says, taking hold of Laura's hand while giving Marie a one-armed hug.

"I'm not a shank Mia that's your cousin freak Katherine." Toni says, walking away mumbling about mutant freaks. She whispers to the other waiters that Mia is related to mutants.

"Kitty is a skank?" Remy asks, not reading the room correctly.

"No, she bloody isn't. Kitty is my best friend and if you plan on thinking of her as a skank then we are not even friends. That bitch doesn't like her because she lost some math competition to Kitty." Marie shouts, the anger causing her voice to rise and for people to turn to look at them.

"But that Toni girl is a skank?" Remy asks, needed clarification.

"Not really no. She's just a bitch who hates mutants but she won't sleep with a boy until she's married. Her parents are extremely strict about that." Mia answers, unsure if she's sticking up for the girl or not.

"Should we find a different place to eat?" Laura asks, aware that her sister's first date with Remy is really not going very well at all. Not that she could have predicted Remy being a complete idiot.

Marie nods, feeling her cheeks start to flush from embarrassment.

"There is no need for the four of you to leave. This is a restaurant that serves everyone and doesn't treat anyone differently. I'm David the owner and manager of the restaurant please except four free drinks and four free deserts as an apology. I have made it clear to my staff that if they have a problem that they should leave. A number of them did walk out but most stayed." David explains, smiling at the two couples.

"We really didn't mean to cause any problems." Mia says, believing in sticking up for her girlfriend and Marie but not wanting to put the man out of business.

"Not one of you has caused a problem. I am very ashamed that I allowed teenagers who are part of the anti-mutant protests to work in my restaurant. There is nothing wrong with mutants. Without the X-Men thousands of more people would have died when Asgard attacked."

"Asgard didn't actually attack." Laura says, feeling the need to defend her mother's place of birth. She has only visited Asgard a handful of times with her parents and sisters but knows that it was not Asgard that attacked the earth.

"The army that invaded earth was led by the Princess of Asgard." David says, a tiny amount of anger slipping into his voice.

"A princess of Asgard lead the attack on earth yes, but her army was not made up of Asgardian warriors. If it had been then the X-Men would have had a bloodier battle to fight. Even with the army just being members of the Chittari the X-Men were still forced to use younger members to fight." Remy says, looking David in the eye. "Both a prince and a princess are members of the X-Men and care a hell of a lot about the people of Earth." He concludes noticing that David has taken a step backwards.

"Thank you for saying that Remy. Marie don't you think it was nice of Remy to stick up for our family?" Laura says, nudging her sister to say something.

Marie frowns, "why are you sticking up for Asgard? I know that you are not exactly a fan of those who come from Asgard."

"I like your mother and your uncle Thor is absolutely amazing. Why would you think I don't like those who come from Asgard?"

"Loki." Marie says.

"Loki can be incredibly annoying and you know he spent last night in the medical bay." Remy responds.

"Loki was allowed into the medical bay. When I tried to get in there this morning that bitch Dr Grey told me to leave. She was a real bitch about it as well." Marie mumbles half looking at Remy.

"How do you know that Loki slept in the medical bay? Normally when he's being extra strange Grey or Hank call mum or Uncle Thor. As far as I know neither of them were called." Laura questions.

"I overheard the professor and Grey arguing about removing him from the med bay. The professor didn't see any reason to make him leave as it was the first time the new kid had slept without any help." Remy answers.

"What boy are the three of you talking about? I've met Loki and he just seemed like your average young boy, though kitty told me once he can be rather sweet." Mia asks, unsure who they could possibly be talking about.

"Mum, dad and the team rescued a boy from a facility a few days ago. He was the only one still alive and no one is sure what actually happened." Laura starts to explain, "since arriving at the school, he has had a lot of trouble sleeping and Dr McCoy has had to drug him. I'm not saying with like strong drugs just enough to keep the poor boy calm. I helped to carry him into the med bay and change his clothes. Mia it was horrible having to look at his scars."

"Does the boy have a name? Is he dangerous? Why was he in the facility? Was the facility some type of medical hospital?" Mia asks, tightening her grip on Laura's hand.

"Medical hospital?" Marie asks, clearly confused.

"Why would you think he was dangerous?" Remy asks, anger slipping into his voice.

"The boy hasn't spoken since he was found. Barely even nods or shakes his head. The adults assume that he was taken to the facility but as for why we really don't know. Mia I really don't think he's dangerous and that facility was a mutant testing place. There were bodies of women, men and children who had been experimented on. That little boy was not responsible for the deaths of all those scientists. Even if he was those bastards deserved to die." Laura defends, angry and hurt that Mia would ever suggest such a thing.

The conversation between the four stays on this topic only stopping during the film but resuming during the meal afterwards. It is as Laura is driving Marie and Remy back to the school, having dropped Mia back home that she spots Frey. He is sitting at a bus stop soaked to the skin despite the weather being warm and bring. He looks for all the world as though his world has just ended. Laura is quick to get him into the car and has Remy wrap the car blanket around the poor boy. She doesn't ask any questions as she drives them home just gets them home as fast as possible.

When they arrive home, Freya is waiting for them and starts shouting the moment she spots Frey. "Where the hell have you been young man? Why are you soaking wet? What reason could you possible of had to run away from Thor? Your uncle adores you and has been going crazy trying to find you. I realise that Lucas is not the nicest boy but Adam isn't too bad. Logan said you had asked him to spend time with other boys. Adam and Lucas are the only boys close enough to your age for you to spend time with." She shouts dragging, a struggling Frey from the car and trying to march him into the house.

"Mother, please leave him be. You can find out everything once he has showered and changed into some dry clothes. Marie could you please go and find Uncle Thor and Remy please go up to the house and get my father. The shits about to hit the fan. You will have to speak with Marie later." Laura says, going into big sister mode.

Marie nods and races off to find Thor while Remy makes his way to the school, And Frey runs into the house as soon as Freya lets go of him.

"Laura, we need to know what just happened. Anything could have happened to Frey when he ran away." Freya says, turning her attention on her fist born.

"I'm very aware of that mother but he needs to warm up and put on some dry clothes. If he becomes ill Fandral will never let him come back. Frey might have had an exceptionally good reason to get away from Uncle Thor. I have to ask though why you think Frey and Lucas don't get along?"

"Thor told me that Lucas and Frey had a falling out and that they are still not friends. Fandral needs us to look after Frey when he is away on missions and he doesn't trust anyone but me with his son."

"Grandma Frigga would be over the moon to have the chance to look after Frey. Unlike you and grandfather she doesn't believe that Frey will turn. Uncle Thor would take him in and if he can't then the professor would let Frey live in the school," Laura says, walking towards the house mumbling, "also Frey and Lucas are the best of friends. They have this strange bond that is basically unbreakable just like you and dad. You need to trust that Frey can make his own choices about things."

"When did you become so grownup?"

"Probably the day I turned thirteen." Laura answers with a shrug. She takes a seat in the living room knowing that until her dad and uncle Thor show up someone needs to be on Frey's side. Her parents will also send her out of the room so that they can discuss the situation without any children around, not that she's really a child.

Thor and Logan arrive at the house just ten minutes later, both looking angry and confused. They turn as one to look at Freya expecting an explanation of what exactly is going on.

"Laura please go to your room and tell Frey he is to come downstairs." Freya says, ignoring her husband and brother for the moment.

Laura grumbles something under her breath but does as she's instructed.

"Freya what the hell is going on. Remy came to me saying it was important for me to return home at once. What the hell has happened and why are you angry with Frey and forcing Laura to leave the room." Logan asks, turning from his daughter to his wife. He was not a fan of sending the children out of the room but just could not be bothered to argue. His priority in that moment was Frey and making sure that he was alright.

"Frey ran off when Thor was meant to be looking after him. I'm not sure what actually happened but Frey ran off and Thor came back here with his sons. Laura found Frey at a bus stop soaking wet and managed to bring him home. I've asked Laura to leave because the three of us need to question Frey about why he would run and how he ended up soaked? That Logan is what is going on." Freya says, crossing her arms over her chest and starting to pace around the room. It was starting to sink in that something awfully bad could have happened to Frey after he'd run away from Thor. She refused to even think that her sister might have escaped and spoken to him. As far as she was aware her parents did not allow Frey to spend any time with that witch Hela and Fandral wanted Frey as far away from her as possible.

Logan turns to Thor "so why did Frey run off? Did you say something about his mother that upset him? Frey actually cares about his mother and doesn't like it when people speak badly about her."

"I did not actually see what happened. Adam and I were having a conversation about how to ask someone out. Lucas and Frey went into the bookshop to pick out some books. Ten minutes later only Lucas came back out. I questioned him about what happened but he told me that he didn't see." Thor says, running a hand through his hair.

"I will need to question Lucas myself. Thor he clearly did or said something and you just refuse to see it as he is not actually your son. We all know that he is the product of an affair and you just refuse to leave that bitch Jean." Freya says, not noticing that Frey has entered the room.

"Freya, you are not questioning my son like he's a demon. You don't have to like my wife but I do expect you to treat her and my children with respect. Lucas might not be my biological son but Freya he is my son and Jean did not have a bloody affair. I will not have you speaking lies about my wife when you know what happened to her. Stephan is a good man and I consider him my friend; do you honestly believe I would feel that way if he had slept with my wife. Just because he turned you down during your marital difficulties does not make him a bad person or someone who goes after married women." Thor snarls, getting to his feet absolutely furious with his sister. He has always known that Freya was not a fan of Jean but to accuse his wife of cheating when she was basically raped was just beyond cruel.

"Lucas did something to Frey and Frey is my responsibility Thor!" Freya growls back.

"He isn't your son though and you complain when Fandral drops him with you." Thor counters.

"I complain because Fandral is his father and should spend time with his son. Instead, he is always away on some kind of secret mission for father. Logan doesn't go on missions when he is looking after the girls."

"Freya, your husband is basically the second in command of the X-Men. If Jean can't go on the mission then Logan has to as her right-hand man. It is you who have been on fewer missions since the birth of your daughters and that was your decision but not everyone can just give up the life of a soldier. Fandral was born a soldier and in all likelihood, he is going to die one as well. That doesn't mean he cares less about Frey than you do for your girls. Asgard is not always a safe place to be and that is why Frey comes to earth and you are a fool if you think you are the only one Fandral trusts with his son." Thor says, turning away from Freya and finally noticing Frey.

"Uncle Thor, Aunt Freya why are you both blaming Lucas he didn't do anything. I ran because I just wanted to get away. Lyra was right when she told me that I don't belong on earth or with this family. My mother is pure evil as was my biological father whoever he was. Instead of being free I should be locked up in a cage." Frey says, the moment Thor and Freya realise that he's in the room.

Logan pulls Frey into a tight hug when neither Freya nor Thor move. "You are not evil Frey. If anyone tries to put you in a cage, I want you to find me and I will personally make sure they suffer. It is true that your mother is not the kindest person and it would not upset me if something were to happen to her. Still, I know that you care about her and for that reason I would rather harm not come to her. As for your biological father you shouldn't worry about who he might be. Fandral is the one who loves you and goes out of his way to keep you safe."

"But it angers aunt Freya and Uncle Thor for me to be on earth." Frey mumbles into Logan's shoulder.

"Your aunt Freya and Uncle Thor are not angry about you being on earth. In fact, they are over the moon for you to be here so they can spend time with you." Logan snarls looking between his wife and Thor.

"Your uncle Logan is telling you the truth Frey. I love spending time with you Frey and I know Cain is incredibly happy to have an extra brother because he does see you as his little brother. Adam also loves spending time with you as does Lucas and I'm sure Marie, Laura and Lyra feel the same way." Thor says, smiling when Logan hands Frey over to him so he's able to hug his nephew. He's incredibly grateful when Frey actually hugs him back. It annoys him that Freya just keeps glaring.

"Frey, no one is angry with you but I need an explanation. You ran away from Thor and I cannot see any reason to do this even if Lucas was cruel to you. Frey you are thirteen years old and should know better. Not only did you run away but you somehow ended up soaking wet and it did not occur to you to ring an adult for help." Freya says, refusing to get down to her nephews' level and forget that he had not done something reckless.

"I told you Aunt Freya that Lucas had nothing to do with why I ran away from the bookshop. Why do you think that Lucas is to blame?" Frey asks, turning to look at his aunt with anger in his eyes.

"Lucas does not have any manners and neither of his parents know how to discipline him. He does whatever the hell he wants and I know for a fact that he is a bully." Freya says, ignoring the warning look in her husband's eyes.

"Lucas has more manners than your youngest daughter Freya." Thor shouts, "now I've had enough of you constantly insulting my son. Frey go and get your things because you are moving in with me."

"Thor he is staying here with my family. I will not let him stay in your house with that bitch. Fandral left him here with me." Freya argues taking a step towards her brother.

"Well, he's staying with me until you can calm down. Come on Frey I can help you pack." Thor states.

"I don't need any help packing Uncle Thor because I haven't unpacked yet." Frey says, leading the way to his bedroom.

Freya turns to Logan "are you actually going to let Frey leave our home. Thor and Jean do not know how to look after him."

"The parents who have three sons do not know how to look after one more boy. Freya you are making no sense at all. But yes, I'm going to let Frey move in with Thor and Jean for a while. It might do him some good to hang out with boys rather than three girls." Logan says, ignoring his wife's snarling.

For the next six months Frey lives with Thor, Jean, and their sons. There is nothing that Freya can do and although she keeps asking what happened Frey refuses to say and Thor in the end stops Freya from entering his house or speaking with Frey or Cain or even Adam. She doesn't get a chance to speak with Lucas as his father takes him home and then refuses to let Lucas return to the school,

While Freya was unable to find out what had happened with Frey, she chose to spend time figuring out the new boy. It was not an easy task and less than a week after Frey had returned to Asgard the new boy also left the school, though Freya tried to prevent it happening. She didn't believe that Tony Stark had more right over the child than her and her family.

For almost six years she is happy in this world but one day after hearing that Hela has escaped after destroying Asgard she hits the restart button.

Part Thirty-Eight

Attempt Five

King Odin of Asgard had been married twice, a secret that hardly anyone knew about. His first wife was born of both light and dark, which to those who knew explained why they had beautiful twin daughters.

One with pitch black hair and eyes to match while the other had bright red hair with the most beautiful green eyes. They were the exact opposite of each other and neither had the chance to meet their mother. She died while giving birth and her most loyal friend a young girl named Frigga became their mother and the second wife of the king.

Frigga loved her twin stepdaughters and agreed with Odin to be seen as their mother. She told him though that once the girls were old enough, they would need to be told the truth. It was something she felt extremely passionate about, not because she did not feel they were her but because they deserved to know the truth. It was one of the few things that she was unwilling to back down from.

After many years of marriage when the twins were closer to adulthood than childhood, queen Frigga gave birth to a living son. She adored him instantly and became increasingly protective of him as her daughter Hela became angry and jealous.

A few months after she gave birth to her son, Odin found a tiny baby boy and made sure his wife had another child.

Her daughters had followed two vastly different paths and Frigga had been unable to change their destiny's,

Hela had become her fathers' deadliest weapon. A soldier who showed no mercy to anyone, even a new-born child. Anyone or anything that was a threat to the king was cut down and then the rest of the family was hunted down until there was no one left. She loved hurting and killing and was known to take out members of her own army if they dared to question an order.

Freya was her opposite in every way. While Hela destroyed it was Freya who tended to the injured and helped many on their way to Valhalla. She was never aware that it was her father and sister who started the wars or that there were others who had been injured or killed.

Her father allowed her to tend only those who lived on Asgard and distracted her with flowers and Royal Balls and the most expensive dresses. Whatever she asked for he gave her with the exception of leaving Asgard, that was something that he would never risk.

Allowing Freya to leave Asgard risked her finding out secrets that had been kept hidden for hundreds of years. Whenever he refused this one wish of hers, she would scream and shout before storming off. Frigga would give him one of her disappointed looks before turning away and trying to deal with their sons.

While Freya was given her heart's desire, her twin sister Hela became the head of the army and with every kill lost just a little more of her soul. Frigga did what she could for her daughters but every night she was plagued by nightmares of possible futures.

Queen Frigga watched in horror as Asgard began to burn because of her daughters. She'd had high hopes that Freya would be able to change Odin from a terrifying king into somebody the people could actually love. In the end though it had been Hela who had corrupted her sister and now Asgard was burning.

She looked down at her small son Thor and knew she had to do something to save at least one of her daughters. It was dangerous and Odin would be furious, but she felt it was her only option. Handing Thor over to a guard that was still loyal to the king and queen she stepped into her secret room and began to chant a spell. It was a speel that she had sworn to never use and was sure she would never have to use it again.

Hela glared at Freya as the guards and soldiers turned against her lead by their father. She could not believe that her sister, her twin would betray her. With a snarl that echoed across Asgard she charged at Freya causing her twin to fall from the rainbow bridge and her home.

As she fell Freya felt herself becoming younger, forgetting her family remembering nothing. She crashed into a pile of and began to scream from the cold.

Her screams echoed through the forest waking a man who had recently lost everything. Climbing out of bed he hurriedly pulled on clothes aware that he could not just ignore the screaming.

It took him all of twenty minutes to find the screaming one year old. Without the slightest hesitation he picked her up and took her home. For a full month he looked after the one-year-old make sure she was well fed and clothed.

After just one month though he visited a couple whom he thought couldn't have children of their own. They spoke and when he left, he left alone leaving the couple with a beautiful daughter.

The couple were Maria and Howard Stark.

The Starks doted on their daughter for four years and never treated her as anything but their own flesh and blood. They made sure that any adoption records were forged and that nothing could be traced back to Logan the man who helped them. In fact, they never told Freya that she was adopted having decided to tell her one her twenty-first birthday.

Howard was especially close to his daughter and tried to teach her about engineering, but she was always more interested in how the human body worked. This did not seem to upset Howard even slightly and he became determined to help her accomplish her dream.

Maria adored her daughter, but they would often fight especially once she turned eleven and became interested in boys. Freya wanted to date like all her friends, but Maria was worried that some of the boys were just using Freya. There were even times when they would argue about the kind of friends that were correct for a Stark.

For almost four full years Freya Stark was an only child and everything to her parents. Things changed when Tony was born, at least this was how Freya saw it. She felt that her parents especially her mother spent all of her time looking after Tony. Freya did not hate her little brother, but she was incredible jealous of him.

There was no question that she was a genius and had skipped a couple of grades by the age of ten. Tony though seemed to outdo her in every single way and while she skipped two grades, he skipped four.

Howard enjoyed making his children compete for his attention and affection. While Tony normally won in the academic part of the competition it was always Freya who received the fatherly affection. Sometimes this was good enough, though it was normally not enough to stop Freya from acting up and getting a lot of trouble at school,

To begin with school, was not too bad for Freya and Tony as they were in separate grades. Things drastically changed though when Tony was moved into the same grade as Freya. This was when the troubles really began between brother and sister. Freya was used to having her own friends and being the top of her class.

Once Tony joined her year group though she was always second even in the subjects she had always excelled in. She assumed that Tony was trying to make her look a fool and instead of studying harder, she fell in with a group that was in every way bad news.

Almost every night she would sneak out to parties and drink the night away. On some of these nights she would also use drugs and share a bed with many different men, most of whom she never bothered to learn the names of. This behaviour terrified her mother and angered her father. No matter how many arguments they had, Freya never seemed willing to slow down or change her ways.

On the day Tony graduated early from high school, Howard was away searching for Captain America and for the first time in years Maria had gone with him. This meant Freya was meant to go and record the ceremony, instead she went out drinking and was arrested for dangerous driving and driving while over the limit. Tony who was just twelve at the time did not seem too bothered that no one from his family was about and simply just broke into his father's liquor cabinet and had a party for himself.

Jarvis the family butler and fixer of everything found Tony and was quick to tidy up the mess. He did not mention the incident to Howard or Maria. Telling them would not have helped Tony and it would only have caused more problems for the family.

Two years later Maria and Howard Stark had been killed in a car accident. At the time Tony was away at University studying and Freya had still been living at home having only just graduated from high school, On the day of her parent's funeral Freya discovered that she was three months pregnant with twins.

Being pregnant at nineteen was not how Freya had envisioned her future. To make things worse both her parents were dead, and she had only just managed to graduate from high school, a year after all of her friends. When she saw the positive pregnancy test, she tried to think who the father could possibly be but she could not think of any names or even how she ended up pregnant aside from the obvious as she always took the morning after pill.

The daughter and sister part of her mind wanted to go to her parent's funeral and say goodbye to them and then try and mend her relationship with Tony. Something though made her think that people would know, and she would just be known as a disappointment and so she ran.

The inheritance was large, and she knew that if she was careful it would last her years. Before she ran, she discovered from friends that Tony was to inherit the company and several holiday homes.

She also inherited the family home and several holiday homes as well, but it did hurt that she was not allowed to be part of the company. Deep down she understood why, as she had never wanted to be part of it, but it was one of her only links to the father she had loved and never seemed able to say one cross word to her. Even when she had caused him all kinds of trouble.

Freya was aware that being pregnant teenager was not the worst thing she could be. When her parents had been alive, she had been arrested several times and Maria and Howard had sorted it so no one would know. Still being pregnant meant she would not be able to go to college and then university if she went through with the pregnancy. She spent week going back and forth about what to do.

In the end she contacted a few friends who she was still close to despite their lives going in vastly different directions. No one told her what to do, as only she could make the decision, but they did say no matter what they would support her decision.

Freya having chosen to keep the babies moved away from New York not even writing a note for her brother. She went to a man she knew would help her, as he ran a school, and one of her lifelong dreams was to be a teacher. Her original dream to be a doctor had been put on hold.

Six months after her parent's funeral she gave birth to healthy twin girls that she named Laura and Victoria. She noticed almost a month after their birth that the girls had different coloured eyes. It was something she felt was strange but was often so busy that she barely had the time to think about it.

Three years went by both slowly and often far too quickly in Freya's opinion. Before she was even aware of it, she was getting ready for a weekend in New York with some friends. Her employer had arranged for someone to look after the girls and Freya trusted the man who had taken her in and helped her gain a degree in order to teach science to the children of the school,

Freya's friends Sophie and Megan pulled their friend out of the taxi telling her that this weekend was about having fun.

"I have to check on the girls." Freya said, trying to dial her home number to speak with the babysitter.

Sophie grabs the phone, "Freya just for tonight enjoy yourself. We got tickets to see The Wolverine. It was not easy, and the girls will be fine."

"Jean Grey is a bitch." Freya mumbles.

"True and probably a whore, but she has never threatened your children has she? Xavier will be there as well and if he was not so old, I would totally do him." Meg adds.

"Yuk he was an old friend of my fathers."

"What is your point Freya?" Sophie and Meg ask.

"That I do not sleep with friends of my father." Her friends give her a knowing look. "At least not anymore, not since the twins were born."

Sophie smiles, "we were only having fun. It is two nights away from the twins and Freya if you want to go home tomorrow, we will. Meg and I know that you avoid New York because of Tony. I do not think that he is even in New York."

"Where else would he be?" Freya asks, not for the first time thinking about her little brother, and that he was far too young to do half the things she had read about him doing. Her mother side of her personality starts to show and tells her that she should go and see him, and finally be the big sister and try. The teenager part of her though tells her that Tony was a little arse who had ruined her life by taking up all of their parent's time with his awards.

"No clue." Sophie answers.

"Maybe in a brothel with his latest string of lovers." Meg suggests, never one to sugar-coat anything.

"That is disgusting and no more talk about Tony. Let's go watch this Wolverine win this fight." Freya says, leading the way.

A number of hours later Freya is outside listening to her voicemails when she notices the fighter Wolverine also outside smoking. "Should you really be smoking when you are due to fight again in half an hour?" She asks, keeping away from the smoke of the cigar.

"It is my seventh and I doubt it will change the outcome of the fight. Should a girl like yourself really be at an underground fight club. Or are you trying to get a glimpse of Tony Stark?"

"A girl like myself? What exactly is that meant to mean? What kind of a girl am I exactly? As for Tony Stark I have no reason to want to see him." Freya grumbled, looking the man up and down refusing to acknowledge that she found him attractive and before the twins she would have gone home with him and had some fun. Many times, in the past she had not even had to go home with the guy to have her fun. A bathroom or alleyway had always worked for her in the past.

"I am guessing that you are normally a good girl who is not normally out till midnight. As for Stark he is not even New York, has not been seen for a few months."

"Trust me I did not used to be a good girl, but I am trying to mend my ways. Are you really on your seventh cigar? You know those things will kill you right."

"Something has to kill me eventually and I enjoy the cigars. I feel that if I am going to die cause of the cigars then at least I will die happy. Are you expecting, your boyfriend to ring you or something?" He asks, watching as Freya once again looks at her phone.

"No not my boyfriend."

"My mistake your girlfriend. Guessing not one of the two you have been sitting with."

"They are my friends." Freya says, before adding once again it had sunk in, "have you been watching me sir? I do not know your name and you definitely do not know mine. Do you not think that your first question should be asking my name? I am also not waiting for a phone call from a girlfriend."

"I watch the audience while I fight. You keep closing your eyes and mumbling things under your breath when someone is hurt. As for my name it is on every single poster."

"Are you telling me that your parents christened you Wolverine. I guess that is possible when some celebrity named their child Apple. You still though have not asked for my name." Freya says, unsure why it was taking this man so long to actually flirt with her. She had no plans to do anything with him, but a little bit of flirting would not hurt anyone.

"So, what exactly is your name then miss?" He asks, with a feral grin.

"My name is Freya Stark."

"Knew I recognised you miss. You are the Stark girl who ran away to be a teacher in some posh boarding school or was that one of the lies that the press printed when you ran away, and Tony refused to comment."

"I did not run-away Sir. After my parent's death I just wanted to step away from the spotlight. I was unaware that Tony refused to make a comment on my disappearance. Was not even aware that my little brother had noticed that I was gone. He is not really someone who cares about anyone but himself." Freya answers, anger slipping into her voice.

"Tony never discusses his family alive or dead. The press knows by now that it is better not to ask him anything personal as he will refuse to answer. It was nice chatting to you miss Stark, but I have to get back inside." He mocks bows to her before walking away and back inside.

Two months later Freya finds herself back in New York. After an exceptionally long conversation with her boss and friend Professor Charles Xavier, she had been persuaded to get in touch with Tony. She had read and seen on the news that he had been kidnapped and almost died. It hurt her feelings that he had not gotten in touch with her after being rescued. She had not expected it to happen straight away but from what she understood he had been safely in New York for almost a month. Yet still he had not thought to contact his only sister. So, she was making the effort and had arranged to meet him in a small café close to Stark tower.

Freya had arrived at the café almost two hours early, something that did not make sense even to her when Tony had a reputation for being late. Still, she found a table near the back of the café and ordered a large black coffee and a chocolate brownie. In her bag she had a book that she had spent the last few months trying to finish. A task she realised was almost impossible when the twins happened to be awake and full of energy which was most days.

After the waitress has delivered her coffee and brownie, she notices Wolverine. At first, she thinks that he is alone and then she notices Jean at the table with him. If it had just been the two of them Freya would have assumed that they were on a date but there was another red head with them and a younger man. More teenager than adult. As a teacher she felt that she was skilled in figuring out somebodies age especially teenagers and children.

Although Jean was not her friend, she still felt slightly upset that Jean had not bothered to tell her that she would also be in New York. For almost half an hour she manages to ignore them, though every so often she leans in to find out what they are discussing.

It is Jean who notices Freya trying to listen in on the conversation. "Freya what are you doing in New York of all places?" She asks, with a fake friendly smile.

"To see my brother Tony. Charles thought we should put aside our differences." Freya responds, before quickly adding, "I was not aware that you would be visiting New York. Are you visiting family or friends?"

"Is that your way of asking, if I am sleeping with anyone at this table.?"

"No, I would never ask such a thing and I definitely would not expect you to answer."

"Well, I am not sleeping with Clint he is far too young for me as he is not even sixteen. I am also not sleeping with Natasha. She is not really my type and Logan would need to work on his manners before I agreed to date him." Jean says, not actually answering the question regarding her reasons for being in New York.

"Who are, Logan, Clint and Natasha?" Freya asks even though it is rather clear who is who.

"Logan is the old guy. Clint is the teenager and Natasha is the girl." Jean answers with a roll of her eyes at the idiotic question.

"I thought his name was Wolverine?" Freya questions, wondering why he would tell her that his name was Wolverine if it was actually Logan.

"Wolverine is my stage name. most of my friends including Charles Xavier call me Logan. So, you finally decided to visit your baby brother. Guess I ow Charles a week teaching the little buggers." Logan says barely bothering to look at Freya as he speaks.

"I doubt Charles would ever call the pupils of his school, a bunch of little buggers. I also do not think you are the type of person to teach children."

"Why is that Miss Stark?" Logan asks, forcing Freya to actually look him in the eye.

"It is because you are a fighter Logan and not a posh little rich girl like Freya. According to her and let's face it she has years of experience as a teacher only those who flirt with Charles or have some other kind of in can teach at his fabulous school, in her eyes you are just not good enough to be a teacher let alone an actual friend to Charles. Come on guys we need to leave if we want to be on time for the meeting." Jean says, getting up and hurriedly leaving the café.

"Guess she is in a mood from being dumped again. Pity she cheated when the guy she was with was actually a halfway decent bloke." Natasha says, also getting to her feet. "Come on Clint we have to introduce you to your team and the big boss. Logan do not take too long because you are expected to be at this meeting."

Clint looks at Logan who nods his head and the teenager gets to his feet before following Jean and Natasha in a hurry. He does not even glance over at Freya not knowing what to say to her.

"Chuck and I are old friends Miss Stark. You might not think I am good enough to be a teacher. However, I have taught at the school, several times even used to teach Jeanie when she was a young girl. Though that was a long time ago as it was back when she was sweet."

"Come off it you are not that old." Freya argues.

"Enjoy your meeting with your baby brother and please tell Marie that Logan says hi and that I will see her soon." He gets to his feet and leaves the café.

Freya watches him leave unsure what she is meant to say. She goes back to reading her book and waits for Tony to appear, when he does not arrive at the time, they have arranged her anger gets the better of her and she walks out of the café. She is aware that Tony is always late, but she just does not feel like waiting. As she leaves New York she somehow does not notice the alien spaceships flying overhead. The reason she misses everything is mostly because she is listening to one of her adult audiobooks.

The drive back to Xavier's school, takes Freya several hours and during the journey she just becomes angrier and angrier. When she stops along the way she constantly checks her phone to see if Tony has sent a text or left a voicemail. No matter how many times she checks her phone there are no new messages or even a voicemail from Tony explaining why he had missed their meeting. This did not help Freya's mood in anyway and so she blocked his number. She decided in a fit of anger that it is now up to Tony to fix their relationship as everything that has ever gone wrong is because of him.

Seven years pass by and before Freya is ready for it her twin daughters are suddenly ten years old. She thinks of herself as lucky when it comes to her daughters, neither of whom are too badly behaved. Sometimes she even finds it to be strange that her daughters who share her DNA could be so well behaved.

The day after the twin's birthday party is a Saturday and so Freya is in the garden planting. Her twins are sitting at a table near by Laura reading the fourth Harry Potter book. A present she had been given for her birthday from Marie, one of the older girls in the school, Next to her is her twin Victoria known to almost everyone as Torie. Torie is not reading a book but instead working on filling in a colouring book. Also, a present from Marie.

Freya is so busy with her gardening that she does not hear the car until Torie speaks.

"Laura looks at that expensive car. Do you think it is Marie's guardian the Wolverine?" She asks, her sister expecting Laura to know the answer to her question. It was something that she had been doing for years.

"Marie does not have a guardian unless you mean the professor." Laura says barely looking up from her book.

"Marie does though have an adult who takes her out on trips. Do you not remember last year when mum was out on a day date? The grumpy man took her out to the cinema with Kitty." Torie insists annoyed with Laura for basically ignoring her.

"Girls, what is going on? It is not like the two of you to get into a fight over something silly." Freya says, turning around to tell her daughters off. She cannot bear to think that her daughters will not keep having a close relationship. Her relationship with Tony she is sure is completely ruined and wants her daughters to keep their close relationship. She is just about to start lecturing the twins when she notices Logan standing at the front door of the school, Anger takes hold of her that a man like Logan had dared to come to the school,

"Sit it is the weekend and only parents and teachers are allowed on school, grounds. As far as I am aware you are neither." Freya starts, moving to stand in front of her daughters. She is sure that Logan is a threat to everyone in the school, not that she has any chance of getting rid of any kind of threat.

"Charles is expecting me actually." Logan responds, without looking at Freya or her daughters.

"Why would Charles be expecting you?"

"I thought you were the science teacher and not an assistant to the professor."

"How do you know what I teach?"

"Jean has told me several times and Marie is always talking about the beautiful read headed science teacher." Logan answers with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Why would Marie tell you anything?" Freya asks, still incredibly angry.

"Every couple of months I spend some time with her and every so often Kitty will join us as well. As you must be aware, they are best friends and enjoy spending time together."

"Charles does not allow strangers to take pupils out of the school,"

"I am not a stranger Freya Stark." Logan says, as he walks through the front door.

"Mum do you know the Wolverine?" Laura asks, sounding far too excited about the idea that her mother knows someone like the Wolverine.

"No Laura I do not know the Wolverine. I think the two of you need to go back to our home. Yes, Torie you can continue to work on your colouring and Laura you can keep reading your book. At some point though the two of you will need to start on some of your holiday homework." Freya tells her daughters, using her strict mother voice.

"Can we not meet the Wolverine first? He is a member of the Avengers just like Tony Stark." Laura says the excitement still noticeably clear in her voice.

"The Avengers are amazing. They defeated those aliens seven years ago; did you see them mum when you were in New York?" Torie asks, not worried about mentioning New York. Even if mentioning New York tended to annoy her mother.

"Girls neither of you are meeting a man like the Wolverine. He is dangerous and I will not allow anything dangerous to come near either of you. As for Tony Stark he is not in any way a hero and he definitely is not a member of the Avengers." Freya says, becoming angry that her daughters had dared to mention their uncle and the Avengers. They were two topics that she had tried to ban from the house but Torie especially tended to bring up the topic. Though Laura was the one who seemed to be obsessed with the Avengers.

"What is wrong with him?" They both ask together.

"Any words that I use to describe him are far too rude to say in front of my ten-year-old twin daughters." Freya says, effectively ending the conversation as she walks into the school,

Logan stands in front of Charles Xavier a very unamused expression on his face. He could not understand why Charles was smiling at him. "Chuck you want to let me in on the private joke. From where I am standing it really isn't very polite to laugh at someone." Logan finally asks after losing his patience with his old friend.

"Twenty-seven years does not seem long enough for you to have forgotten how you once helped the Stark family." Charles says, still grinning at his friend. As a mind reader Charles knew a lot more than most.

"I remember that twenty odd years ago I gave a small baby to the Starks. Are you telling me that the woman who keeps insulting me is the baby I rescued? Did her parents never explain that she was adopted? Howard really does know how to mess up sweet children. So, I'm guessing that she doesn't know anything about how her parents found her."

"Howard and Maria were never able to tell Freya the truth. They had it all planned out, but fate had other plans. Though neither of them knew who she actually is." Charles responds with a rather sad smile.

"What exactly do you mean? Is she dangerous? No if she was dangerous you would never allow her to be around the children of this school, you might have your own way of doing things and let's face it Jean is not exactly the safest person to be around. I do however trust your judgement and you have your own reasons for trusting Jean and I am not going to ask you to explain your reasons."

"Logan are you aware that she is not human?"

"So, she is a mutant. How is that a bad thing? You run a school, for mutant children, and I know for a fact that you also help mutant adults." Logan growls again starting to lose his temper. Something that tends to happen a lot around Charles.

Charles simply smiles and changes the subject, "Logan why don't you tell me why you are here? On the phone all you told me was that it was particularly important that you come and see me. I agreed straight away for you to come over and cancelled all of my meetings."

"Tony's son I need some help finding the boy." Logan starts only to be interrupted by Freya storming into the private study of Charles Xavier.

"Charles I really do not think that this man should be allowed in the school, seven years ago, I saw him in a fight, and it was not pretty. As for this lie about Tony having a son it could not be clearer that it is a lie. My brother is twenty-three years old. If he had a son then as his big sister I would know. Tony would have sent me a letter or phoned me." Freya says glaring only at Logan while ignoring Charles. She refused to believe that her brother would not have told her about becoming a father. It was true that they had a very strained relationship, but she still felt that Tony would have told her. They were after all family and once family had been important to Tony.

"Actually, Miss Stark your brother is bother the father of a seven-year-old girl named Morgan and a three-year-old son named Scott." Logan responds ignoring the fact that Freya is almost growling at her before turning to Charles. "Are you able to locate the boy? The Avengers are already looking but could really use the help. Tony asked me specially to come and get you because of your skills."

"I will help you look for the boy. Wait here until I return and inform Tony Stark that if he needs help that the X-Men are more than willing. We promise to even take orders from Captain America or whoever is in charge of the search." Charles Xavier says, before wheeling himself out of the room.

Freya looks at Logan with pure hatred in her eyes, "why are a fictional group of heroes looking for my nephew? Does Tony not have security who can find his missing son? How exactly did my brother lose his son? I have never lost either of my twin daughters for longer than twenty minutes. Laura and Victoria do actually listen to me and for that I am grateful. They are still children and so one must always keep an eye on them. If you do not, then they will walk off. It is even more important when the child is three years old. Though I guess that daughters are easier than sons."

"The Avengers are not a fictional group." Logan begins, only to be interrupted again by Freya.

"Trust me Mr Logan, the Avengers are a fake group that the media made up. Laura has all of the comic books that detail their adventures. If they were real, then they would not be in comic books. I do not like it when people lie to me especially when the lie involves my brother."

"Tony Stark had the comic books written to raise money for various charities. One of the main charities is to help orphans. I believe it was Steve who suggested that the Avengers help orphans. They are especially important to Steve and Tony does like to help those he believes are worthy of the cause."

"My brother spends his time doing nothing and yet he earns far too much money."

"Tony works bloody hard as the sole leader of Stark Industries and as Iron Man. His son is missing and all you seem to care about is arguing about the Avengers, yet you did not say anything about the X-Men. Why is that?" Logan asks, looking at Freya as though she was crazy.

"He is only the sole leader because he inherited the entire company from our father. I did not get anything from our parents. All of it went to Tony the perfect son. Mother always preferred him to me and no matter what I did he always out did me. Do you know what it is like to have a younger brother or sister who everyone thinks is bloody perfect?" Freya says becoming angry at just the mention of her younger brother. Something she did not seem able to control.

"Did you even want your fathers' company? From what I understand you told Howard that you wanted nothing to do with Stark Industries. Tony even told me that you tried to get him to sell the company. You can be angry that your father chose not to give you the company. Howard did not leave you penniless. He might not have been a perfect husband or father but trust me when I say that he loved you and your mother and your brother." Logan says, his voice staying very calm and somehow still polite. As he spoke, he noticed that while he was staying calm Freya just seemed to become angrier. To him it did not seem very logical, but he reasoned with himself that this girl was anything but logical.

"My father loved me and did everything that he could to prove it. When my parents died, I was young and still trying to find myself. He could have given me a percentage of the company. Instead, he gave it all to Tony the child..."

"The child who challenged him about everything and yet he was never good enough. This was mostly because Tony was perfect like Howards darling daughter Freya or the great Captain America. To prove that he was loved your father left him the company something that you did not want. You wanted more that to be just a business woman who only had the company because of daddy. Freya you are a teacher someone who helps children who have been forgotten. Chuck even mentioned that if you could then you would have become a doctor. A dream that did not happen but you are still a teacher, something that I believe was also one of your dreams."

"How and why would the professor tell you about my old dream to become a doctor? I told him not to tell anyone and he promised that he would not tell a soul. Yet you are telling me that he broke that promise. To me you are a stranger and yet you seem to know far too much about me. Tell me why Charles would betray me."

"Chuck did not betray you. He was not even the first person to ever mention any of your dreams."

"Nobody else knew about my dreams."

"Howard knee about your dreams and would have done anything to help you. It was one of his better qualities."

"Could you please stop acting as though you knew my father and that you were one of his friends. I knew all of his friends and you are a stranger. There is simply no way that you are one of his old friends. This means that you are once again lying to me despite me asking you not to lie. If you were a friend of my father then I would have met you as a child and you would have gone to his funeral. Professor Xavier told me that even those who did not like my father actually came to the funeral. He gave me a list of all the people who came to the funeral and there was no Mr. Logan on the list." Freya says, forcing herself to take a seat and not hit the man who seemed to do nothing but lie to her.

"I knew Howard though I would never dare to claim that we were the best of friends. I cannot even really claim that we were even proper friends but I did respect him. He was a good man who helped to create Captain America and a great man who kept looking for his friend. Steve has also told me that Howard was one of the very few who actually knew him as Steve rather than Captain America. Also, I was at the funeral just not as Mr. Logan as you keep calling me."

"Just explain to me why my brother believes that these Avengers can find his son."

"Because we are particularly good at our jobs. Tony trusts everyone on the team and Chuck is also able to help. I came to speak with Chuck because I'm the only one on the team who actually knows him. Do you want to come and see your brother and maybe just maybe mend your relationship? If you want a lift then I am more than willing to help you and your girls. Tony I am sure would be incredibly grateful for the support. Maybe you can also teach Tony how to look after his son, you seem to have done a reasonable job of looking after your twin daughters."

"I have done a bloody good job of looking after my daughters mostly by myself. Unlike Tony I do not have employees to raise my children. By the way you never answered my question."

"Which question would that be? You have asked a lot of questions. Though saying that you asked is very much the polite way of saying that you demanded answers." Logan says the smirk on his face growing.

"I do not demand answers, I am not my brother and Jarvis actually taught me manners."

"Then please just repeat the question then Miss. Stark."

"I asked if Tony has security to look for his son? How did Tony lose his three-year-old son? Is my brother married? Does my nephew have a name or any friends? Are you the grumpy man who took Marie and Kitty to the cinema on a day pass? If so, why were you given permission to take two pupils out of this school, neither girl is your daughter and I really hope that you are not sleeping with either of them or both. If you are then I will make sure that you are thrown in jail and that the key is lost." Freya says, her anger once again getting the better of her. There was nothing to suggest that Logan was someone who hurt teenage girls. If he really was a member of the Avengers then surely that made him a hero and not a villain.

"That is many more questions than you originally asked."

"Does that mean you will not answer them because I asked more."

"Did I say that Miss Stark?"

"No, I guess that you did not."

"Then I guess if you would let me speak, I can actually answer all of your questions."

Freya glared but nodded her agreement not to say anything more.

"The only security that Tony trusts to find his son are the Avengers. Shield did offer to help but Tony does not completely trust them especially when it comes to the safety of his son. Your brother is not married but he is dating the mother of his daughter. For more details on that you will need to speak with your brother. Until a few weeks ago Tony did not even know about his son. From what I understand Tony knew of the pregnancy but believed that the baby had been lost. It seems that the girl lied and when your nephew was six months old there was a car crash and your nephew was severely injured. We are still trying to figure out what happened to his mother and her family. They did not die but they did just leave a six-month-old boy in the hospital. For just over two and a half years your nephew was in a coma until he woke up. Just hours after he had woken up, someone walked into the hospital and just took him. Your nephew is called Scott and we only know this because he was wrapped in a blanket with his name sown onto it."

"Tony is really the father of two children."

"Yes. His seven-year-old daughter is called Morgan. She is overly excited at the idea of having a baby brother. Her mother Pepper wants Tony to be happy and that means having Scott as part of their rather strange family."

"What makes their family strange?"

Logan just looks at her as if to say do I really need to answer that stupid question.

Freya grumbles but cannot think of an argument to what he has said. To her brother it will not seem like a strange family but to others it would be just a bit strange. Though she knows from her daughters that families have changed a lot since her school, days. "So, do you have a reason for taking pupils out of this school, and thank you for not being a grump about repeating yourself. I asked for the names of my niece and nephew and you told me about Scott and Morgan. I think if I am honest, I am just upset and hurt that Tony would not tell me about two major events in his life. I admit freely that we do not have the best relationship but I still told him about my daughters. I apologise if I am repeating myself, but as you are a good friend of my brother and an old friend of my father, I just want everything to be clear."

Logan very nearly smiles at Freya's confession. Tony had warned him that Freya was the type of girl who did not easily admit to any kind of mistake. He did not really enjoy agreeing with Tony but the girl was his sister and so if anyone knew her then it should be Tony. "Please do not worry about it, you have just learnt that your daughters are not the only grandchildren of Howard Stark. As for your question about Marie and Kitty. Every so often I visit the school, and if Chuck needs me to then I also teach though I don't get any enjoyment from it. Before I even knew about the school, I found Marie and knew that she needed help. It was help that I was not really able to give and so through some contacts I learnt about the school, and decided it was the safest place for her. Here at the school, she is with boys and girls her own age and more importantly are like her."

"What the hell do you mean by like her?!" Freya shouts not seeming to care that she is interrupting.

"You know exactly what I mean if Chuck trust you enough to discuss the X-Men in front of you. Now can I please get on with my explanation."

"Fine. But just so you know this is a school, for everyone. The professor wants to help everyone."

"As I was saying before you interrupted. Marie needed to be with girls and boys her own age. I stayed at the school, for a few days while she settled in to her new surroundings and made some friends. However long ago it was, I took her and Kitty to see a film because Marie asked me to. Kitty is far too shy at least when it comes to me. I treat both girls as though they could be my daughters and would hurt any boy dumb enough to cause them harm. Marie has had a crush on me in the past but that I'm sure is down to the fact that I saved her."

"I would also hope that their ages would put you off trying to bed them. Marie has only just turned sixteen and Kitty has not yet had her fifteenth birthday. They are both still incredibly young even if they are members of the X-Men, something that I am very against. Not that I am allowed a say in the matter even though I'm a teacher and I know what I'm talking about. Marie and Kitty need to enjoy their childhood and not spend it fighting people."

"Were they forced to join the X-Men?"

"Not that I am aware of. Neither of them will tell me anything about the group and as an adult I think I have the right to know. Every single pupil in this school, is especially important to me and I want them all to be safe."

"So, can I ask why you think that I am a good friend to your late father. I have already said that Howard barely saw me as a friend."

"Only the particularly good friends of my father never tried to get me into their bed. So far you have not tried to bed me which to me means you must have respected and liked my father."

"That could be the reason sure. Or maybe just maybe you are just not my type."

"What exactly is wrong with me? Is it because I am a mother of twin ten-year-old girls?"

"There is nothing wrong with you Miss Stark. You tell me that you only want a bit of fun but I know that is not true. What you want more than anything is to find the right person who can be a father to your daughters. That is something that I can never do."

"Mr Logan you are hilarious." Freya says, starting to laugh at what she could only assume was a very stupid joke.

"Logan, I am glad to see that you are entertaining Miss Stark." Charles Xavier says, as he wheels himself into the room. "Freya, I really think that you should travel with the girls to go and see your brother. Logan it would be extremely helpful to everyone if you could drive them. This will also give you a chance to get to actually get to know Freya and her a chance to know you."

"So, you were able to find Scott then?" Logan asks just as Freya leaves the room and then the house.

"Not an exact location no. Someone powerful is trying to block me. Logan I really believe that you should tell the Avengers to hurry and to be incredibly careful."

Logan nods and makes a phone call to the Avengers telling them not to wait for him. After the phone call he walks out to his car and begins to tidy it. He is not sure if Freya will even be willing to let him drive her and the girls to Avengers tower. What he does know is that he won't be letting Freya drive his car.

Freya does not say a word to him as she places three suitcases in the boot of the car. With this done she climbs into the passenger's seat as the girls climb into the back.

Logan climbs into the driver's side and is just about to start the drive when he notices Tori and Laura watching him. "Is there something that I can help either of you with?"

Tori giggles and looks to Laura to answer the question. "We were just wondering where we are going. Mum didn't really tell us very much while she was packing our suitcases. I think I heard the words Tony, New York and whore."

"Laura you are not to use that word." Freya says, turning in her seat to make sure both girls have put on their seatbelts. Once she has checked this, she starts trying to sort out the blanket that they are sharing.

"Mum, you really do not need to fuss. Neither of us are tired enough to fall asleep." Tori says, again looking to Laura to agree with her.

"Tori does have a point mum. Plus, it's barely five in the afternoon. Do you think I can read my book during the journey?" Laura asks, smiling up at her mother.

"I am not fussing girls but it is a long journey. Mr Logan I'm sure is not used to travelling with children. Keep the blanket for when you will need it. Laura it is not a good idea for you to read while in a moving vehicle. How about you both listen to some audiobooks?" Freya says doing her best to stay calm. The name Lyra appears in her mind for a split second before it is gone and she soon forgets all about it.

"Can we listen to fifty shades mum?" Tori asks, a large smile on her face.

"No, you cannot listen to fifty shades. The audiobook is not even on either of your iPods." Freya says, sounding very annoyed and worried.

"No neither of us have it on our iPods but you have it on yours." Tori responds with a smirk.

Laura frowns not liking her sisters' smirk as it always leads to trouble. "Tori, please stop teasing mum. I'm sure that she does not own such a bad audiobook. Marie told us that it was not suitable for either of us to listen to and that Kitty bought the books for her as a joke. I'm sure if you still want to read it in six years' time that mum won't stop you. Of course, if you want to listen it tonight then we will have to listen to mum trying to explain how our bodies are going to go through changes. Do you really want to go through that? Personally, I do not and if I get the talk because of you trust me when I say that I will not be happy."

"Laura please tell me you are joking about Marie owning such an adult book trilogy." Freya asks, the worry and annoyance clear in her voice.

"Freya, what's the big deal about Marie having this book trilogy. I agree they are aimed more at adults but Marie is incredibly mature for her age. From the letters she sends me I believe she has started dating an eighteen-year-old named Remy and that Kitty is currently crushing on the troublemaker John." Logan says, as he turns yet another corner. While Freya had been speaking, he had started the car and driven them away from the school. He had seen no point in waiting while Freya lectured her twin daughters.

"Marie is barely sixteen and Kitty should definitely not have bought those books. Once we are back home, I plan on speak with both of them and then confiscating the books."

Logan laughs, "Kitty has parents and I don't think they will appreciate you trying to ban their daughter from reading or buying presents for her friend. As for Marie unless you can prove that you are her guardian then you don't get a say."

"I've been trying to get permission to look after her but Charles doesn't seem to agree with me. He keeps telling me that a different family is her destiny. But he won't explain to me what that means."

"Maybe that is because you do not need to know." Logan answers, as he joins an exceptionally long queue.

Almost an hour later the twins are starting to complain about being hungry. "Mum! When are we going to stop? It's been hours and hours since we last ate." The twins say, together both trying to sound as desperate as they possibly can. Neither can really claim to be starved as their mother has provided them with snacks and Logan stopped just over half an hour ago to top up the car and allow everyone a toilet break. Admittedly it had not been a long break but everyone seemed to understand that they were in a hurry.

"Mr. Logan, do you think it would be possible to stop for longer than ten minutes. Trust me, I understand that it is important to get to Stark Towers so I can finally see my brother. He will be going out of his mind with worry. However, my daughters do actually need a proper meal and so do I. I highly doubt that you've eaten anything aside from a bag of crisps." Freya says, trying to sound authoritative and that Logan really did need to obey her.

Logan smirks, "sweetheart we are going to Avengers Tower and your brother won't be there to greet us. We can stop in half an hour and you and the little ones can eat. I will check in on the Avengers progress in finding the boy."

"What do you mean that Tony won't be there when we arrive? Surely, he is at home waiting for news. What else could be more important than waiting for his son to be returned to him. Also, we are going to Stark tower that is the home of Tony Stark correct?"

"Tony is with the Avengers looking for his son. There is no power on earth that could stop Tony going to look for his boy. Plus, Stark Tower no longer exists."

"Excuse me. Tony would not be so cruel as to destroy our fathers, tower. Stark Tower was everything to him and getting rid of it." Freya cuts herself off.

"Did I ever say that the tower had been pulled down. Tony simply changed the name of the tower and it is now called Avengers tower. It is called this because the Avengers happen to live there. Before you start a lecture, which would be pointless on me as I am not one of your daughters, each member of the Avengers has their own floor. Tony will probably put you and your daughters on one of the empty floors. He doesn't want anyone on his floor as Morgan tends to become distracted, especially if Steve is around. Don't think Tony is ready yet to deal with his daughter having a crush on anyone, especially Steve."

"So, you all live together in a tower instead of in your own homes with your wives or husbands?"

"I don't have a wife or a husband so the tower makes the most sense for me. Think Steve has a flat somewhere so he can escape Tony's questions about his love life. Your brother does not really understand the word privacy. Far as I'm aware no member of the Avengers is married or even dating someone except Tony and they might have argued and broken up by now. They are always arguing over the tiniest thing but Pepper is a good woman who knows that Tony loves Morgan and wants a chance to be a father to Scott."

"What about this Pepper woman is she planning to be a mother to Scott? If she's constantly dumping my brother it won't be good for Scott to be always losing her." Freya says, her voice turning into an almost growl when she says the name Pepper. She hates the idea that anyone would have the nerve to hurt her little brother in anyway. Her friends had told her over the years that relationships are not always simple. Having never had a true romantic relationship she is not able to have an actual opinion. At least logically she should not and yet her logical brain has gone on hold because they are discussing Tony.

"I'm not sure what Pepper is planning because it's got nothing to do with me or even you. Tony and Pepper need to discuss it privately and come to a decision. I suggest you don't try and get involved. Even if Pepper moves on, I have complete faith that she will not abandon Scott. Pepper is a wonderful woman and Tony would be the first to come to her defence."

"My brother would defend the woman who keeps breaking his heart. Why exactly would he do that? Surely when someone is dumped, they don't keep defending the person?"

"Depends on why they broke up."

"Do not all relationships end when the man cheats on the girl." Freya turns to make sure that neither girl is listening. "In my youth I have broken up a lot of relationships and even a few marriages. They all ended because the man could not stay faithful." Freya says.

"So, by your logic Pepper should hate Tony and he should just be grateful that she allows him to spend time with their daughter. I get that you want to protect your brother but relationships are complicated." Logan says, as he turns into a small roadside cafe were, they can stop for supper.

"No. I. Honestly I'm really not sure. My father never cheated on my mother so I would hope that Tony would not cheat on someone he cares about but I realise now that I know extraordinarily little about him. Charles was right when he said that I need to get to know my brother again." Freya says, as she climbs out of the car and opens the passenger door and helps Tori out of the car. She moves to help Laura only to discover that Logan has already helped her out of the car.

"Mum, where are we?" Tori asks, stretching her arms over her head.

"Mr Logan are we getting something to eat?" Laura asks looking around and grudgingly putting on the coat that Freya hands to her.

"Tori, Laura I'm not sure of our exact location but yes the four of us will be getting a meal." Freya says, holding out her hands for her daughters to take.

"Actually, the three of you will be getting a meal. I need to check in on something." Logan answers pulling out his phone and leaning against the car.

"Mr Logan, you need to eat something. After we eat it's still going to be several hours till we reach the tower. You need to eat in order to keep up your energy or at the very least let me drive some of the way. I'm not exactly a new driver and I'm sure I'm a better driver than you."

"No one but me drives the car Miss Stark and if I want to eat, I will do so. Now please go on ahead to the cafe and order some food. I'm not planning on staying in this place for longer than half an hour. That should be plenty of time for you and your girls to eat and freshen up. Just don't spend the whole half hour freshening up." Logan says, doing his best not to burst into laughter.

The twins start to giggle Tori going so far as to say, "mum you hardly ever drive a car and the professor banned you from driving him anywhere. Dr McCoy has to drive him to all of his appointments now that Dr Grey has left the school,"

Laura quickly adds, "don't think she left the school, Marie thinks she's dead."

"That was a onetime thing Victoria and neither of you were ever meant to mention it. Laura I'm sure that Jean is alive but she left the school because she was fired." Freya says, trying to pull her daughters away. Part of her knew that they would have more questions but wanted to avoid having to answer them. Even she wasn't certain why Jean has left and when she'd asked the other teachers, they never gave her a straight answer. If they bothered to tell her anything it was normally that Jean had left for a private reason. It was something that completely confused and annoyed her greatly.

"Jean is not dead and Charles would never fire his own daughter." Logan says, only just loud enough for Freya to heat.

"You will explain what you mean while we eat and you will eat. Can't risk you passing out with my daughters in the car." Freya instructs, as she walks into the small cafe. Once inside she finds a table near the back and makes sure her daughter are close to her.

Fifteen minutes pass before Logan walks into the cafe and sits down next to Freya. He doesn't order any food just a large coffee extra caffeine. Freya frowns at him but no matter her disappointed looks he refuses to order any food.

"Mr Logan are you going to tell us where Dr Grey is?" Laura asks, finding the silence very strange.

"Is she in prison?" Tori asks, the happiness in her voice not appropriate in the slightest. "John said that she was arrested for working in the red-light district. I don't though know what the red-light district is."

"Jean is not in prison for any reason. She is living with her husband and will probably visit the tower at son point with her sons." Logan says, sipping on his coffee.

"Jean Grey does not have a husband or sons. She is also not the child of the professor." Freya argues, knowing that Logan must be lying to her.

"Jean does have a husband. I went to the wedding and I've met her sons."

"Come off its Mr Logan if she was married and Charles was her father he would have gone to the wedding."

"He did go to the wedding. Jeans' stepson was the head page boy along with his two stepbrothers. It was a genuinely nice wedding and the bride looked beautiful and the groom did not mess things up by being a complete idiot."

"I thought you just said that Jean had sons. Mr Logan how many sons does Jean actually have?"

"Please stop calling me Mr Logan it is not my name. My name as I keep reminding you is Logan."

"Yes, you call me Miss Stark and allow my girls to call you Mr Logan."

"Your daughters are ten and I call you Miss Stark because you haven't asked me to call you anything else." Logan says, standing up and walking to the counter to pay the bill.

Once they are back in the car it doesn't take long for the twins to plug into their iPods and Freya to glare at Logan.

"How can I help you Miss Stark?" Logan asks, as he drives away from the cafe and speeds away.

"Tell me about Jean and this made-up family of hers." Freya demands.

"It is not a made-up family. Cain her stepson is about a month or two youngers than your girls and Adam is three years younger than him. Lucas her younger son is about five I believe and she shares custody of him with his father. Just because you don't like her does not mean she can't be a mother."

"That is not why I do not believe you. Jean always mentioned her male friends. Can't count how many times I heard the name Adam in the last ten year and the more recently she mentioned. Are you trying to tell me that somehow, she has kept her sons a secret from the rest of the teachers? How is that even possible?" Freya asks, clearly confused and curious. She felt hurt that Jean would not want to bond with her about being single mothers. As soon as she could she vowed to get in touch with Jean and maybe arrange something so the girls could hang out with Jean's boys. At least she would if Logan was telling the truth and she honestly couldn't tell anymore.

"Adam is her son and so is Lucas. Tell me Freya where does Jean live?"

"I'm not sure. Jean and I are not exactly friends and so don't share our lives with each other. Tori and her sometimes get along but I don't believe that Jean shares any of her secrets with her. Jean is many things but I don't think she would burden a child. Why were you invited to the wedding? If she invited other teachers why did she not invite me. I'm a teacher and I still don't know your connection to Jean." Freya says, turning to look out the window rather than look at Logan. She finds it strange that he bothered to call her Freya.

"My connection is not with Jean though I do consider her to be a friend and since the wedding family."

"Family? How's that possible? You are clearly not her brother."

"No, I'm not and it would be very... look she married my older brother Victor. He is not always the nicest person but that is who she fell in love with."

"Jean Grey is your sister-in-law and also the daughter of Charles Xavier and yet she is called Jean Grey. Would you like to explain that to me?"

"To be perfectly honest no I wouldn't but I doubt you plan on getting any sleep."

"These are things that I need to know. If Jean appears with her sons then I will look like a fool if you don't tell me names. It is going to be weird enough seeing a brother that I barely know. Do you know how much stress I am under? So please just tell me Logan."

"Charles is the biological father of Jean but she was raised by the Grey family. I do not know all of the details and unlike you I respect privacy. Anyway, Jean was actually pregnant when you saw her in the cafe. Still, she kicked some serious butt and then after the aliens had been defeated, she went into labour and things became complicated. I believe Adams father was there but Jean has never named him. The father of Lucas however is a very decent guy and not someone that you want to get on the wrong side of. He has been looking after Lucas since the boy was born and Jean visits when she is able to. Before you start shouting your daughters have fallen asleep and not everything can be simple."

Freya just nods wanting to know more but feeling too exhausted to keep asking questions. Soon enough she has fallen into a deep sleep and starts to dream.

Freya hugs her three girls and the starts to laugh at a joke her husband has told. In the blink of an eye, she's sitting at the table with her family. It's not though the family that she knows because Tony is not her brother at the table but two strange boys and a girl. It feels wrong and yet so right at the same time.

"Wake up Freya we have arrived at the tower." Logan says, shaking her very gently awake.

"What time is it?" Freya asks, still half asleep as she moves her head away from the car window.

"It's almost ten and before you say anything we got stuck in traffic. Why don't you wake up the girls and I will carry the suitcases? You can speak to Tony and the other in the morning. They should be back sometime in the morning. Pepper is awake but she's in a meeting right now."

"Her husband."

"Not her husband."

"Fine, then her boyfriend."

"Not even sure they are dating."

"Logan would you bloody let me finish."

"Right. Sure, keep going then."

"Tony is somewhere finding his son and she is in some kind of meeting. What kind of office or company holds meetings at this hour?"

"Stark Industries actually. She's extremely high up in the company and is probably in the meeting now because Tony is not available. Pepper is the reason the business is still very much a success. Now should I get your luggage while you sort out your daughters.?" Logan asks, as he climbs out of the car.

It's late in the afternoon the following day when Freya first spots her brother. She has only been up for a few hours having only fallen asleep in the early hours of the morning. Her girls were sitting in the playroom Tony had arranged for the watching she assumed cartoons. The computer had set it all up and she was still not awake enough to understand how the computer was working the television and everything else in the tower.

"Anthony Howard Stark please tell me that is coffee you are drinking and not something else?" Freya asks, as she enters the communal kitchen and spots her brother drinking coffee. It takes her a few minutes to notice the woman and young girl sitting at the table.

"Dad, who's the weird lady?" The little girl asks.

"Morgan, we do not call people weird it is very rude." The lady says.

"To answer your question though Morgan the weird lady would be my big sister. Seems she got in late last night. Pepper could you please check on Scott for me? I have a feeling Freya plans to give me a long lecture. Morgan why don't you go and find your cousins but remember." Tony starts only to be cut off by his daughter.

"I know daddy not to disturb Scott because he is little and needs his sleep. Mum could we go shopping later?"

"Of course, I can check on Scott. Will take my work up to his room that way someone is with him when he wakes. Morgan we can go shopping as long as I finish my work. Right now, I think you should find your cousins Laura and Victoria. They should be in their playroom and I'm sure Jarvis can help you locate them. When Cain drops by please try not to..." Pepper starts, trying to find the right word.

"Don't be so loud with him Morgan, he's not really used to noise even though he's got two brothers." Tony finishes, handing a cup of coffee to Pepper and hot chocolate to his daughter.

Freya watches the family as they interact and finds herself growing annoyed that aside from her girls, she is alone. Her brother has someone in his life who can help look after his children and she doesn't even know who the father of her girls might be. "Does Cain drop by a lot then?" She asks, taking a coffee from Tony and sitting down at the small table.

"Cain mostly drops in to see his uncle. His father and stepmother both leads remarkably busy lives and Cain doesn't like being on his own for too long." Tony answers, as Pepper and Morgan leave the room.

"Cain is left on his own despite being just seven years old. What kind of parents would do such a thing? Children should never be left on their own when parents go out. I can't believe that Jean would agree to such a thing and I'm sure she's not that busy now that she's a mother of three, she must have stopped working."

"There is normally a babysitter but he prefers to be with his uncle Logan. Plus, Cain is nearly ten years old and takes the bus to school and has done for a while now. Jean works in a local hospital and also sees private patients. She's not the type of woman to give up a career just because she happens to be a mother. There is also the fact that Lucas lives with his father and Adam and Cain both go to school, during the week. Pepper did not give up work after she had Morgan and you actually got a job because of your twins." Tony says, as he sips on his coffee.

"Your Pepper has maids and nannies to help her look after Morgan and now I assume your son as well. Can Jean not hire someone to take the children to school, it doesn't seem very safe for children to get on a bus by themselves. As for me getting a job I did that because I had no other choice. If I didn't get a job then my daughters would have starved." Freya argues.

"Pepper looks after Morgan herself and would never have a maid look after our daughter. She does have a maid but one who is very well paid and who Pepper thinks of as family. I'm sure Jean could hire a nanny but it's not something I'm going to ask her. How she looks after her sons is a private matter between her and Victor. The boys are not starved or beaten and Logan spends at least a week with them every three months when Jean and Victor are away. So, I see you are still being dramatic about things."

"Excuse me. Little brother. Did you just call me dramatic?"

"Actually, I did and I've always been less dramatic than you. Ask anyone on my team and I'm sure that they would agree with me." Tony answers, with a smile.

"Right your team. Anthony."

"My name is Tony so please stop calling me Anthony. Only Howard ever used my full name and that was always before the lectures."

"Alright. Fine. Tony, we need to discuss you and this team. I really don't think it's a good idea for you to be part of some group called the Avengers. They do extremely dangerous things and last night Logan mentioned aliens and mum and dad would want you to be safe. You have two children to think about and that means staying alive for them."

"I'm not quitting the Avengers because my big sister who hasn't spoken to me in ten years gives me an order. I'm not a little boy anymore who obeys his big sister and our parents have been ten years, if Howard was alive, he would only be concerned with your safety Freya and seeing Steve again. So why don't you tell me about your daughters and their father. That is who you ran off with correct some guy you thought could make you happy and be a father to your girls."

"Do you care so little about your wife and children?"

"I have two children but no wife and Pepper and I are not together but we are still friends. She understands my focus needs to be Scott for a while until he feels safe. Morgan is simply happy to have a brother who she can teach things to. Don't think she's planning to sell him just yet." Tony answers, trying to change the subject and keep a cool head.

"I never tried to sell you Tony, I gave you away to one of my friends. It was only for the weekend and anyway things are different for Morgan and Scott they have different mother. So where is your son I would like to meet him and then I think the two of us should go shopping to make sure you buy the correct products. Children are not easy to look after and you can't just throw money at the poor boy. Come on then I'm going to cook us a meal and call down my girls once it's ready. You have sent your team home right. Logan told me that they live here in the tower but please tell me that he was lying or telling a stupid male joke." Freya grumbles, then growls when a blonde man walks into the room and starts cooking. "Excuse me but who the hell are you?"

"Sorry. I'm Steve Rogers and it's my turn to cook breakfast for the team. You must be Freya Stark, Howard's daughter, and Tony's sister it is genuinely nice to meet you, even if the reason for your visit is not the happiest." Steve says, as he starts getting food out of the fridge and begins to cook.

"Tony, why is your friend cooking so much food and how and why does he think that he knew dad?" Freya hisses, in what she believes to be a whisper.

"I know your father or knew him because he helped turn me into Captain America. I'm cooking so much food because Logan, Thor, Bruce, and Natasha will be joining us. Clint had plans and would not explain them. Miss Potts informed me that she and Morgan have already eaten but Miss Stark there is plenty of food if your daughters are joining us." Steve explains with his back to the Stark siblings.

"My daughters normally just have cereal and Tony and I will be going shopping in a bit with Scott and my girls." Freya says, trying to take charge of the situation.

"Freya, you and your girls are more than welcome to go shopping with Pepper and Morgan. Take the credit cards and buy the girls whatever they want. I will be spending today with Scott and getting to know my son. Before you scream, I already have clothes, toys, and anything else he might need. For now, I'm not taking him out of the tower because it is the safest place for him. Also, I found an envelope addressed to you in Howard's handwriting."

"Why can't you just call him dad? And what envelope?"

"It was among their things when I packed everything away. I did try to send it to you several times but you always sent it back unopened. Probably should have forged Howard's writing. It really wasn't that difficult and if Jarvis had been well, I would have had him write the address." Tony says, gazing out into the distance as though thinking about something long forgotten except by him. Something he would have not dared to do if Howard had been alive and in the room.

"Jarvis has passed away?" Freya whispers the tears forming in her eyes.

"Yes, he died nine years ago. I did inform Xavier but when you didn't come to the funeral. It was easy to assume you just didn't want to come. The funeral was huge and Peggy Carter came and gave a lovely speech. You really should have come Freya; Jarvis was family and despite your hatred of me I thought you loved him enough to put your hatred aside for one day."

"I do not hate you Tony but throughout our childhood you did everything you could to outdo me. Nothing I did ever seemed good enough."

"Yet Howard loved his daughter more than anything in this world. I passed exams and built things but you Freya were perfect."

"Mum, why are you arguing with Iron man?" Laura asks, as she sits down next to her.

"Also, you shouldn't fight in front of Captain America. Morgan and I agree that he's far too sexy to watch an argument between siblings." Tori adds, offering to help Steve hand out the plates.

"Well at least you know they are definitely your children. I don't want to argue Freya and Jarvis would have understood. So, Morgan would you like to introduce me to your cousins and please stop looking at the captain's butt, it's not that perfect." Tony says, pulling Morgan into the seat next to him.

"It's beyond perfect." Tori says, nudging Laura to agree with her.

Morgan smiles, "Laura is sitting next to Aunt Freya and Tori is the one scheming to marry Steve."

"I would like to say that my daughters don't scheme but that would be a lie. Tony I really think you should take Scott to the shops and let him pick out a toy. Laura and Tori both have a favourite toy."

"Mum, you're embarrassing us in front of Uncle Tony." The twins state as Logan walks in with a nine-year-old boy.

Part Thirty-Nine

Attempt five continued 1.

Freya smiles at her daughter, "girls as a mother it is my job to embarrass you both. If I am bad now imagine what I will be like when the two of you start dating."

Laura blushes but Tori is no longer paying attention.

"Freya, as fun as it would be to listen to you lecture me, I'm busy." Tony resounds, grumbling under his breath that Morgan won't be dating till she's eighteen.

"Why do you think I would lecture you?"

"You've been giving me lectures since I can remember. Anyway, I believe that you would have more fun shopping with your daughters, Pepper and Morgan. In the evening you can read the letter without interruptions."

"Mum what letter?" Tori asks, taking her gaze away from the young boy with Logan.

"Is it a love letter?" Laura asks, curious but not in the same way as Tori.

"It's just a letter from my parents. The three of us can read it together as a family." Freya says, putting strong emphasis on the word family. She knows that it will annoy Tony and hopefully cause his friends to tell him off for being so bloody rude to her.

"Aren't they dead?" Tori asks, unaware of the bluntness to her voice.

"Victoria!" Laura shouts at her twin, "you can't just say things like that. Apologise to mum right now."

"What? I don't understand. What have I done wrong?" Tori says, looking between her twin and mother.

"It upsets mum to talk about her parents you know this. She has to hear things about Uncle Tony because he's famous and married to captain America." Laura grumbles.

"I'm not married to Steve." Tony says, sounding slightly horrified at the very thought of being married to Steve.

"Sorry mum. I just figured they've been dead forever and that you never really liked them." Tori says with a dramatic sigh.

"I loved both my parents very much Victoria and every day I miss them and wish that my daughters had met them. They would have loved you and spoiled you rotten." Freya says a sad smile on her face.

"So, they wouldn't have liked uncle Tony's daughter and son. Is that cause they are both bastards?" Tori asks, not noticing the devastated look that crosses Morgan's face before she runs out of the room.

"Victoria! We do not use such language. Your grandparents would have loved the four of you equally. Just as they loved me and Tony. Neither believed in having a favourite child." Freya says, doing her best to ignore the snort of laughter coming from Tony.

"Mum, I'm not trying to argue with you or upset you more than tori already has, but if your parents loved you and Uncle Tony how come he's rich and we are poor?" Laura asks, not actually knowing if her family really was poor.

"Laura we are not poor. When your grandparents died, they left me a lot of money but Tony was given the company. So, I have saved up the money and your uncle Tony has spent his but also earns a hell of a lot more than me. I don't though need lots of money and neither do either of you." Freya says, slipping into her lecture voice.

"I wouldn't say no to money."

"Tori, that's exactly why mum doesn't show off her money."

"Girls, please don't start fighting. We are only going to be here for two weeks. You both deserve to get to know your cousins and I need to have a real relationship with my brother." Freya scolds, giving them both stern looks.

"Sorry mother." They say together.

"So, you came to try and have a relationship. Freya, I think you should read the letter. Victoria also needs to apologise to Morgan. My daughter might be seven but she knows what bastard means." Tony says, his voice turning just as strict as Freya's.

"Victoria will of courses apologise to Morgan and will not be saying such things around Scott. Tony did you read the letter?"

"No Freya I did not read the letter and I never would or will. Howard and mother wrote it for your eyes only. This does not mean I don't look into family secrets when I'm board or forced to rest."

"How many secrets could our family possibly have?"

"We have a lot of secrets and I am sure that there are things you have not told your daughters."

"I do not keep things from my ten-year-old daughters unless it is not appropriate. Are you telling me that you tell Morgan everything?"

"I don't tell Morgan everything but she tends to find things out. As for Scott he's only been in my life for a few hours and he is three years old. I'm also not sure if he is able to speak."

"What do you mean Scott is unable to speak?"

"I said that I am not sure if he can speak. Since we saved him..." Tony starts, before cutting himself off.

"What Tony?" Freya says, causing her daughters to both jump because of the anger in her voice.

"Freya this is not something that your daughters should hear."

With a huge sigh and a roll of her eyes Freya turns to her daughters "Laura, Tori in a bit the three of us will be going shopping. Until then you can watch cartoons or read. Tori I also expect you to apologise and then girls why don't you find your aunt Pepper and see if you can spend a few minutes with your cousin Scott. It's about time he was woken up from his nap."

"No one but Pepper Morgan and myself have access to my private floor and Scott is not to be disturbed. Bruce has told me that he needs to rest and once he's feeling a little calmer, I'm going to have Dr Strange or Dr Grey check him over. Both are more than qualified to check him over."

"Tony I am your sister and family. Surely my daughters and I are staying on your floor."

"Actually, you and your daughters have your own floor. Pepper and I enjoy our privacy as do everyone in the tower. If you can excuse me, I need to check on my son and then do some work."

"Tony, it is important for Scott to spend time with his new cousins and sister. Also why does he need two doctors to check on him? I think we need to have a private conversation. Do you have a study or office that we can use?"

"Follow me Freya. Logan looks after the girls and if anything happens then have Natasha deal with it. Clint I'm guessing is off somewhere doing something." Tony says, as he stands up calling up to the ceiling for Jarvis to keep an eye on everything.

The siblings leave the room with Tony leading the way before sitting behind his desk and putting his feet up. "Before you start the lecture just read the dam letter. Howard wanted you to have it on your twenty first birthday."

"I really don't understand why you refuse to call him dad. He loved us both and hell you got the family business."

"Because I showed an interest and all you wanted was to be a doctor or a teacher. You would have been unable to run the family business and be either of those things. So, Howard gave you a way out."

Freya glares and mumbles something that sounds like bloody brothers before opening the letter and starting to read.

Dear Freya,

There are one of two reasons for why you are reading this letter. The first reason is that you've just celebrated your twenty first birthday. I hope that we are reading this letter as a family and that you will not be angry. There are many reasons why we waited until your twenty first birthday. The first reason is your mother, she wanted you to enjoy your childhood and for nothing to upset you. The other is your biological parents. Yes, my darling daughter, your mother and I adopted you but it was not a normal adoption. To start with you were found in the snow by an old friend named Logan. If not for him then you would not have survived.

It was only later that your mother and I learnt where you had come from. Your biological mother appeared to us when you were six and explained why you could not return home. She did not tell us everything but enough to know that you were loved and sending you away caused them pain but it was to keep you safe. Once you finish the letter your biological mother will come for you.

Please do not believe that you were unloved because both you and Tony were adopted though he discovered the truth when he was eight. You could not be told until you were old enough.

Family is your strength my daughter and I pray that I am with you as you read this. If I am not then my past has caught up with me, I just hope your mother has not been harmed.

Right now, you are thinking what? My letter makes little sense but Freya you are a Princess of a place known as Asgard. You are not a mutant but an Asgardian though until your mother reverses the spell you are a mortal human. Originally you would have been an alien and not a goddess.

I love you Freya and so does your mother.

Love your father, Howard.

"I'm adopted! This has to be some kind of joke and it is not funny. Tony tell me right now and I promise that I will forgive you. Neither of us are adopted. As for being a goddess that's just hilarious. And I am not an alien either, do I have blue skin like the creature who invaded New York?" Freya says as soon as she has finished reading the letter several times.

"Is that what the letter says? I knew I was adopted but wasn't certain about you. May I read the letter?"

Freya nods and passes it to Tony who reads it and smiles. "The letter clearly states that you are not a goddess but that you used to be an alien. Now though you are just human and Logan saw you naked as a baby."

"It also says that you are adopted. Are you not at all curious about your adoption?"

"Nope. Howard explained it to me when I was eight. No clue what happened to my true parents and don't actually care. They sold me to Howard and mother for a couple of million. At least your biological parents wanted you and gave you a way to keep you safe. Thor might even know them as he's the prince of Asgard. Will introduce you to him later but not badmouthing the blue guy because that is his little brother. He puts up with Clint's attitude for personal reasons." Tony answers, with a shrug of his shoulders and a smile.

"Tony your real parents were our parents. You might act like you hated father but I know that deep down you loved him as much as you loved mother. Do you really have an alien prince that stays in the tower? Father would have loved to have met him, of course he would have enjoyed seeing Steve again. So, tell me who this Dr Strange is and why Scott needs to be checked over."

"Dr Stephan Strange is one of the best doctors in the whole of New York and basically America. Scott needs a doctor because of what those bastards did to him. Believe it or not he has not been in a lovely home being looked after. He was in fact kept in a dam cage and experimented on. For all of those reasons my son needs to be checked over by a doctor."

"Why was he kept in a cage and experimented on? I thought your son was human just like you. Not that mutants are bad or anything. There just has to be a reason why someone would want to experiment on a child."


"Tony I'm sure that your son is not evil." Freya says, the shock and anger noticeably clear in her voice.

"Of course, my son is not evil. Freya he is five years old and has done nothing wrong. When I said evil, I was talking about the people who experimented on him. Anyone willing to harm a child no matter their heritage is nothing but evil. What exactly they did to him during the experiments is something that I have to find out."

"How are you planning to find out this information? Did the evil men who experimented on your son leave detailed notes."

"Actually, they did leave incredibly detailed notes about what they did to my boy. They are evil bastards but they are well organised bastards. There are through a number of different problems."

"What do you mean by problems? Anthony your priority is your son and nothing else. If my daughters had been taken the only thing, I would be thinking about is making sure they are happy. Revenge is not going to make Scott happy or safe." Freya says, slipping into her lecture voice and not ready to discuss the idea of her being adopted. The letter said that she would see her biological mother once she had finished the letter. So far that has not happened and she was grateful but also incredibly angry.

"The people who harmed my son are dead and if anyone tries to take him away, they will meet the same fate. I will not show mercy to scum who pick on children and cause them harm. The Avengers have never gone after the family of Magneto and never would. His children are off limits and we all understand that. Magneto has never attacked Morgan or any of the children linked to the Avengers. Not that he's a bad guy."

"Who exactly is Magneto and why do you keep changing the subject?"

"You changed the subject first and I know why you changed it?"

"Tony I highly doubt you know my reasons for changing the subject."

"Freya you changed it because inside you are freaking out about being adopted. You are refusing to think about the alien bit and haven't acknowledged the Princess part. Huh I guess Thor really will know your parents."

"This is not a joke. I am not a bloody princess and Thor won't know my parents." Freya starts before turning to look at Tony, "wait how did you know how I'm feeling? We don't know anything about each other. Until last night I had no idea you were a father and I'm sure you didn't know anything about my twins."

"Actually, Freya I know a small amount about your twins. Not as much as you but you are their mother and have actually spent time with them. If you are planning to stay for at least a week then I hope you will let me get to know them. Xavier phoned me the day they were born and invited me to come and see them. I knew that you wouldn't want me there and so I declined the offer but I did set up bank accounts for them both and every month since they say they were born I have been adding a hundred dollars to their account. By now they should have rather a lot of money but they can't touch it until they are eighteen." Tony responds with a rather smug smirk.

"Charles should not have phoned you Anthony. I told him that I did not want anyone to be told about my daughters. He probably informed you to be kind in the hopes or repairing our relationship. Seeing as you did not come his plan clearly failed. I can't actually be angry with you as you did as instructed. But why didn't you come and see me later or come to the cafe just like we agreed. Tony how am I meant to trust you when you keep letting me down. And you bloody lied to me."

"I've let you down. That is a brilliant joke Freya because you didn't even turn up for my high school graduation. Instead, you went to some party and left me on my own. I also don't understand why you think I have lied to you."

"I admit I should have come to your graduation but things came up. You found out that we were both adopted and yet you never told me. Now please explain why you didn't turn up for our meeting in the cafe. Did Jean Grey tell you not to turn up? I assume at the time you were cheating on Miss Potts with her." Freya says, the accusation clears in her voice.

"I have never slept with Jean does not have I cheated on Pepper. With previous girls I have never been in an actual relationship. As for why I didn't tell you about being adopted, it wasn't my job. I'm younger than you Freya and even if I had told you I highly doubt you would have listened to me. Whenever I tried to tell you anything you told me to go and die. As for the cafe meeting, I was rather busy fighting aliens that were attacking New York City."

"Why exactly where you fighting aliens? Right, you are part of some team of superheroes. How do I keep forgetting? I know how because I have only just found out that my little brother built himself a suit and decided to fight bloody aliens. I'm your sister and you decided to risk your life without saying anything to me. Did you not think about your family? Especially now that you are a father, I really think that you should give up this dangerous life." Freya argues, the anger causing her voice to rise and fall.

"Freya I'm an adult and don't need your permission to do anything. When you left me on my own, I hired lawyers so that I wouldn't go into the system. It wasn't easy and I had no support and my so-called sister every time she was sent a letter sent it back."

"Surely Jarvis became your guardian after the death of our parents?"

"No Freya he didn't. He was not considered to be family and the authorities wanted to put me in a foster home. Thankfully, my lawyers stopped that from happening and I was able to continue with my education. Though I'm sure that does not interest you as it helps me run this company rather than a school run by Xavier."

"Tony, I earned my place at Xavier's school through a lot of hard work. You were just given the company by our father. I don't think you can claim to have worked hard in anyway when it comes to the company."

"I have worked extremely hard actually Freya. Even when I was kidnapped and tortured, I did what I needed to do in order to stay alive."

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt but master Scott has woken up and has started to panic. Miss Potts asks if you could please come and calm the boy."

"Tell Pepper that I will be with her in five minutes. Freya if you could excuse me for a while, I need to calm down my son. You and your daughters are free to explore your floor and the communal one but you need permission to enter the other floors. Logan will be busy training his nephew but Friday can show you around and organise anything that you might need." Tony says as he stands up and quickly leaves the room before Freya can ask any questions or lecture about the training of children.

Freya sits in the study on her own for almost five minutes thinking about the conversation. There is a part of her that feels Tony has deliberately left because the conversation was becoming too real. It was very much a Tony thing to run when he felt uncomfortable with a conversation. Just as she's about to go looking for Tony to lecture him and even speak with Scott a lady appears in front of her wearing a crown.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my brothers' study?" Freya asks, backing away from the lady who is smiling.

"My name is queen Frigga of Asgard and I'm here to see my daughter."

"You must be in the wrong place. This is earth and I don't know anyone named Frigga."

"That would be because you used to call me mother a long time ago."

"I'm sorry I don't know who you are. Is everything in the letter true then? The parents I knew were not really my biological parents. They did though love me and you and my biological father just gave me away. In the letter it says to keep me safe but I don't think I believe that crap. Who willingly gives up their child?" Freya says, trying not to allow any emotion to enter her voice. She did not want the lady in front of her to think for even a second that she was happy to see her. Mostly she was very confused about how she was feeling.

"You don't need to apologise I made sure that you would not remember. This was not to be cruel or heartless but to save you. May I take a seat so that we can have a proper conversation."

"You are a queen of some place called Asgard I hardly think that I can stop a queen."

"I'm the queen of Asgard I have no authority on earth. It's one of the reasons I asked permission. The other reason is because I respected the two people that you called mother and father. Howard was not so polite to me but Marie made a point to tell me stories about you. Not all of them were good stories but I enjoyed learning about you. She also gave me photos of you. They did as they promised and kept the secret though you were meant to learn the truth when you turned twenty-one. No one is to blame for why you found out later and I'm sorry Freya but you couldn't have learnt the truth at sixteen or younger. Twenty-one seemed like the best age and maybe it's good that you didn't find out earlier. Asgard has been in a bit of a mess and we've only just recently recovered. Is it true that you are a mother of twins and that they have different fathers but you don't know who the fathers are?" Frigga states, as she takes a seat next to Freya.

"I'm the mother of twins but they have the same father. No clue who he might be. My mother shared stories with you. So, what did you do to my little brother? He figured things out but he never told me anything. Did you threaten him or something? From what I understand he was eight years old. Why would you threaten a child?"

"They have different fathers on that you can trust me. If you allow me to meet them, I can discover who fathered them. That is if you wish to know. I would like to meet my granddaughters and I'm sure they want to know their fathers."

"Is that Why Victoria and Laura have different eyes?"

"Part of the reason I'm sure. Though I believe that children can have different coloured eyes and share both parents." Frigga says, avoiding making eye contact with Freya.

"What are you not telling me? I'm an adult and I deserve to know the truth."

Frigga takes a deep breath and the counts to twenty as slowly as she can. "What exactly did the letter tell you?"

"Considering it was written by my father there was extraordinarily little detail. I know that I used to be an alien princess and that maybe I have a blood brother. Tony seems happy that we are not actually related. I'm not sure how I feel."

"That's normal Freya. You actually have a twin sister named Hela a younger half-brother named Thor and an adopted baby brother named Loki. It's a complicated family but for the most part we love each other. Tony does love you and despite his age at the time I told him everything. He seemed to understand and agreed to keep the secret. No one threatened him of that I made sure of. Your father tends to terrify children but even if your brother had been rude, I would never have threatened him."

"You said that Thor is my half-brother. Do we not share the same father and why was I separated from my twin sister? Did you send her to another family?"

"You and Thor have the same father but different mothers." Frigga begins.

"So, you are not Thor's biological mother then."

"Actually, I am not your biological mother but I knew your mother very well. She was my best friend and a sister to me. Your birth mother died shortly after you and your sister were born. In all honesty I have no idea if she would have made the same decision but I have to hope she wouldn't hate me and that you will understand."

"My birth mother is dead and so is the mother that I knew. Did I even know you?"

"Actually, you grew up on Asgard but after Thor and Loki joined the family you changed. Hela managed to corrupt you and the only way to save you was to send you to earth as a child. If there had been any other way then trust me, I would have use it. Was your life on Earth that horrible?"

"My life was perfect until Tony joined us. Mother and father still loved me but I was no longer an only child. Though I guess I have never been an only child. Where are my siblings?"

"Hela is somewhere she cannot harm you or your daughters. Thor is here I believe in the training room with Logan and a young boy named Cain. Loki is on Asgard currently locked in a cell." Frigga confesses avoiding any eye contact with her daughter.

"Why is Loki locked up in a cell on Asgard?"

"He attacked earth and has been imprisoned as part of his punishment."

"Why is Thor on earth?"

"He came to earth to bring Loki home but ended up making friends and chose to stay. Thor still visits Asgard and all of his friends seem noble. Though some have hidden scars and secrets."

"I'm sure their scars are not permanent nor are their secrets that interesting. Maybe as I'm an outsider they will share their secrets with me." Freya says, almost to herself as a darker part of her mind thinks of ways to use the secrets against the avengers. Upon seeing the worry in the queen's eyes, she quickly adds "at the school I was the one that the students came to with their problems. Many of the other teachers even confided in me their worries and secrets. I'm sure the members of the Avengers will eventually come to trust me. Their leader my little brother Tony already trusts me and plans to have me help look after his son and daughter while he's working."

"Freya, I may not pick up lies as easily as Loki but I know a lie when I hear one. Tony is not the leader of the Avengers. I believe that he provides the money and captain America is in charge. I believe that Morgan the daughter of Tony has a mother and that Tony is capable of looking after his son. While you can still see Tony as a brother it is important for you to come to Asgard. Your father wishes to see you and I will help smooth the way when he meets his granddaughters."

"Why do you need to smooth the way?"

"Your twin daughters have been born out of wedlock and your father Odin is a very traditional man. Since the day, his daughters were born, he has been dreaming of the day he walks the down the aisle and hands them over to their husband."

"I've never really wanted to get married even as a young girl." Freya confesses slightly angry that her new mother had figured out that she was lying. Neither of her Earth parents ever seemed to know she was lying until she was caught in her lie.

"When you had your life on Asgard all you could talk about was your wedding. Of course, on Asgard you had the ability to dream about your soulmate."

"I used to dream about my soulmate. Queen Frigga I find that extremely hard to believe that I have a soulmate."

"You do have a soulmate though I am unclear who they might be. The only thing you would tell me about him was that he was a wild man who needed you."

"Is your husband your soulmate?" Freya questions, glancing at her watch to check the time. It surprises her that more than twenty minutes has gone by since Tony left her and that she has been gone from her daughters for nearly forty minutes. She can't think of a time when she has allowed herself to be away from her daughters for so long.

"Your daughters are perfectly safe Freya but if you need to check on them then please do so. I believe that Tony will be away for at least three hours, his boy is not well."

"Maybe I should go and find them. Tony will need some support and I have experience with difficult children. I am curious though." Freya says, cutting herself off.

"What are you curious about?"

"I am curious to why Logan is in a training room with a child."

"The child is his nephew and needs help controlling both his mutation which he has inherited from his father and his Asgardian gift which comes from his mother."

"The boy is part Asgardian and yet he lives on earth. Should he not be with his mother and father on Asgard."

"His father and mother never married and so neither the boy nor his father has permission to step onto Asgard. Your children will be an exception to this rule. They are after all the daughter of a princess. Due to laws of Asgard they will not take the throne but they will always have a title."

"So, the boy's mother gave him up?"

"Freya the boy's mother has a duty to Asgard above everything even her children. From what I understand she does see him when she's able to. It's a complicated situation and as I am not her family, I am not aware of the whole story. The boy has a stepmother named Jean Grey and two younger stepbrothers. Though I believe neither stepbrother lives with him and his father and stepmother. Logan knows the details and has taken a great interest in his nephew."

Freya nods and the hurriedly excuses herself to find her daughters and then she tells herself she's going to try to meet Jean's stepson.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen

Logan looks around the room and notices the way the twins are watching Cain. "Is there something that amuses you girls? Surely having lived in a school you have seen boys before. Cain is only a year younger than you both." He says, as he pulls his nephew close.

"Uncle Jimmy can we please start my training? I ate with father and his wife." Cain begs his uncle.

"What have I told you about calling me Jimmy?"

"That only my idiot father calls you that and unless I am an idiot, I should only call you Logan."

"Are you an idiot Cain?"

"My mother says that I am not. Father changes his mind about me daily. Jean mostly ignores me." Cain mumbles, glancing down at the floor.

"Cain, I don't think of you as an idiot. Come on we can do some training for a while. Afterwards you will tell me about your studies and explain why you refuse to speak with Thor." Logan grins, before leading Cain out of the room.

The twins burst into giggles. Both find it hilarious that Cain is terrified of them. Laura is smiling at her twin when Victoria's eyes suddenly change.

"Tori what is wrong?" Laura asks, trying to get twin to focus.

"The boy. I... He smells like family." Tori says, before racing out of the room after Cain and Logan.

She finds them just as they are about to enter the training room and instead of calling out to them, she charges at Cain knocking him to the floor. "Why does it smell like you are my family?" She snarls as she claws at the boy.

Logan pulls her off and tells her to return to the kitchen. She snarls and growls but eventually does as she's told when Laura drags her away.

Cain and Logan are in the middle of their training when Freya walks in looking furious and barely turns to glance at Thor who quickly leaves the room.

"What the hell did you say to my daughters? I was having a conversation with my brother and I discovered that not only am I adopted but you are the reason that I'm a Stark. After discovering all of that I then meant my mother but not my birth mother. I go looking for my daughters and find them both incredibly upset and all Laura can say is Logan was mean. So, tell me Logan what did you or the boy did?" Freya demands stomping her foot and ignoring a sudden vision of a different her demanding the same thing of Steve.

"Cain didn't do anything to your daughters. It was Victoria who attacked him all because she felt he was family. The only thing that I did was pull your daughter off my nephew and tell her to go back to the kitchen. Maybe you don't mind your daughter being a bully but I'm not going to let my nephew be bullied." Logan responds, crossing his arms over his chest after first pulling Cain behind him.

"Victoria is not a bully, neither of my daughters have ever gotten into a fight. Your nephew and son of whoever must have said something to upset them."

"Freya, I understand that you are angry about your daughters being upset but there is no need to say such things in front of Cain. His mother is the lady Sif of Asgard and the best friend of Prince Thor. She loves her son and does everything in her power to spend time with him. Thor tells him stories of their childhood and has escorted him to Asgard a couple of times. When you are willing to be a grownup then we can talk about how you are the princes of Asgard. Until then I have to help Cain with his homework."

Freya can only watch as Logan walks away from her. She has a nagging feeling that she should be running after him and asking for forgiveness. Instead, she goes in search of her brother, she had decided with Frigga that it would be easier to explain the situation just the once when everyone was present.

She had not expected the stepson of Jean Grey to be there but as the tower was not her home, she was unable to tell him to go back to his father. As everyone started to gather for the meeting, she noticed the way Tori was snarling at Cain and how Morgan refused to even look at the twins. What worried her the most was the way Tony slipped into the room and didn't allow his gaze to lift from the tablet. Freya found this to be incredibly rude and tried to get his attention without making a scene. When he still refused to look at her, she coughed several times but he still ignored her, his focus on the tablet.

"Mum, why did you call this meeting?" Laura asks, moving closer to her mother.

"Who's the lady who keeps smiling at us? I saw Thor hug her but he refused to introduce us which I think is very rude." Tori adds, sticking her tongue out at Thor before sitting next to her mother.

"I've called the meeting to explain something to everyone and I do not really want to keep having to repeat myself. The lady is queen Frigga and she is the mother of Thor and his younger brother. I cannot answer why Thor did not introduce you to his mother but it might be an Asgardian thing." Freya says, glancing over at Thor and Frigga.

"Why is Uncle Tony igniting you?" The twins suddenly ask at the same time.

"I'm not sure girls. Whatever is on his tablet is more important than listening to his only sister."

Tony glances over at his sister, "I'm keeping an eye on Scott. You asked me to come to this meeting and I am here. While I understand why you want me here, I still need to keep an eye on my son. Pepper is unable to stay with him and Morgan is with her mother. Do not worry Freya I can explain everything to Pepper so you do not have to repeat yourself."

"Jarvis can tell you if Scott wakes up Tony. Please just pay attention for a few minutes." Frigga suggests, smiling at Tony. "I promise if your son wakes up that you can run to him and help him."

"Thank you, queen Frigga. I apologise if I have been rude to you today. My son is recovering and if you are staying for a few days then I hope that we can spend some time together." Tony responds, smiling at Frigga.

Thor frowns clearly confused how his mother could possibly know Tony his new friend from earth.

"That would be very nice Anthony and I would love to meet your soulmate, daughter and son." Frigga says, smiling at her old friend before looking at Freya to begin the meeting.

Freya looked around the room unsure how to start the meeting. She wanted to tell everyone the truth but was unsure how much exactly they needed to know. "As you probably all know my name is Freya Stark and I am the older sister of Tony. This morning I learnt through a letter and a conversation first with Tony and then with queen Frigga that I am actually adopted. How legal the adoption actually was I have no idea but I do not blame my parents. Before my adoption I was discovered in the snow by Logan who actually took me to my parents and I am incredibly grateful that he found me. Without him I would not of had a loving family and a particularly good education. Being adopted does not seem like a reason to call a meeting but it turns out I am a lost princess of Asgard."

"There is no lost princess of Asgard." Thor says, both angry and confused.

"Thor please just allow Freya to finish the story. Once she has, I will do what I need to do so that you will understand." Frigga says, taking hold of her son's hand.

"I was born to king Odin and his first wife but the only mother I knew on Asgard was Frigga. She has told me that I will get these memories back if I wish to have them back. So, umm I grew up on Asgard with my twin sister who I also don't remember but from what I can understand is not a genuinely nice person. She corrupted me and while I should have been happy to become a sister of first Thor and then Loki all I felt was jealousy. Exactly what I felt when Tony became my brother though I never harmed him. Anyway, I grew up on Asgard but after my sister and I decided to attack Frigga chose to give me a second chance but that second chance had to be on earth. Frigga hinted that this was to keep my younger brothers safe and weaken my twin sister." Freya says, in a rush not looking at anyone as she speaks.

"Mum does that mean we are royalty?" Tori asks grinning up at her mother.

"I don't want to leave earth and move to some alien planet. My home is next to the school and that is where all my friends are. Please say you are not going to just abandon Uncle Tony." Laura begs, close to tears.

"I suppose it does mean we are royalty Tori but it does not mean we can boss people about. Laura, I have no plans to relocate the three of us to Asgard. Our home has been that little cottage next to the school for ten years. We might visit Asgard so that the two of you can meet your grandfather and your other uncle." Freya answers, pulling her daughters close to her. Doing whatever she could to calm Laura down.

"Do you not mean our half uncles? If you do not share a mother with them then they are not your true brothers. Do you think we can meet your sister? Is that why you had me and Laura because you are a twin. Why didn't logan look after you? Does he not like children? How much of this do you think the professor knew?" Tori asks, not caring about the other people in the room.

"Technically speaking yes Thor and his brother would be my half-brothers, though my understanding is that my other brother is adopted. For me this does not matter if they want me as their sister then I have two extra brothers and I can't think that it can be a bad thing. The decision is up to them and no one else. I do not know if we can meet my sister but I am under the impression that she is not a genuinely nice person. Therefore, I do not think it is a good idea to meet her just yet. It is very possible that I had twins because I am actually a twin. That is a question that I cannot really answer without more medical knowledge. Only Logan knows why he did not look after me for longer than a few hours. He seems to like his nephew but when he found me, he would have been a lot younger. The professor I am sure knew none of this or he would have told me."

Logan cannot stop the grin that starts to spread across his face but does his best not to be too obvious about how he feels. He can tell that Freya is feeling stressed and not completely happy that she is having to tell strangers something that she clearly has not had a chance to process properly.

"What the hell is so dam funny Logan? I have known Charles Xavier for an exceptionally long time and I consider him to be a particularly good friend. I can think of no reason why he would not have told me that my parents had actually adopted both myself and Tony. He is a good man and would have been able to get me to understand that my parents were good people who were simply unable to have children. But please Logan tell me how I am wrong because a man who barely knows Charles could know him better than myself or even Tony who barely saw the man when we were growing up and as far as I am aware has not seen him in the past ten years." Freya says the moment she notices the smirk on Logan's face. It annoys her to no end that he would be so rude and that no one but her seemed able to notice.

"I am sure you have known Charles for a long time Freya and consider him to be a good friend. You have though only known him for twenty odd year, where I have known him for double if not triple that. He is a good man but he is also a man who always knows far more than he is ever willing to let on. If he felt that you needed to know then yes Charles would have told you but at the same time, he has always enjoyed his games. It is a habit that Jean and Adam have both picked up, but then I guess having knowledge about the future makes you incredibly cautious about what you tell people. There is also a chance that he was keeping a promise to Howard and Charles does not break a promise easily." Logan answers with a shrug his gaze moving from Freya to Cain who is busy watching Frigga who is trying to smile at the boy.

"Uncle Logan does the queen know my mother?" Cain asks in a voice that is barely above a whisper as he turns to look at his uncle. He had listened politely to Freya as she had told everyone that she was adopted something that he felt had no effect what so ever on him personally. The lady might become a friend of his Uncle but he was sure that the relationship would not last for longer than a few weeks and at the most three months. This was the longest his uncle had ever been in a relationship with anyone at least those that Cain had actually met.

"Excuse me boy but my mother the princess of Asgard was having a conversation with the Wolverine and you were not given permission to speak. Even if you smell like family that will not stop me throwing you in the dungeon where I expect you to rot." Tori snarls surprising everyone with her anger.

"I have a name girl and it is not boy!" Cain shouts back his nails turning into claws as he glares back at the girl equally as angry.

"What is your name? Tori, please try and calm down. Mum what is wrong with Tori." Laura says clearly trying to keep the peace and have her mother say something. She could not understand why her mother did not seem angry with the way Tori was speaking to a boy who they did not know and was actually younger than them. Earlier the boy had been strange with them but he had never been cruel to them even if that is what Tori had said to their mother and at the time Laura had been unable to say anything to suggest that Tori was lying and so their mother had believed the lie.

"My name is Cain Creed the only son of Lady Sif of Asgard and Victor Creed of Earth."

Tori snarls at her twin sister her nails also starting to grow and turn into claws something that she has not yet noticed but Laura does.

Freya turns from glaring at Logan to look first at Laura and then at Tori. She is horrified to notice the nails growing and turning into claws just like Cain's. "Frigga what is happening with my daughter? Is this a normal thing to happen to the children of Asgard. I thought you told me that until you reverse the spell or whatever that my children would stay human. Their father is human of that I am sure of. Will someone get the boy under control and tell him that it is not polite to threaten girls. I doubt his father would approve and his uncle should not either. I would also like to know why the boy's mutation has appeared when he is only nine and the Professor told me that for most the mutation does not show itself until the child is going through puberty or is it actually an Asgardian thing."

"Your daughter's mutation has appeared due to what I can only guess is stress with everything that is going on. Claws are not a normal thing for the children of Asgard unless one or both of their parents happen to have claws though any on Asgard who have claws are not true Asgardian. By this I mean that their parents were probably not born on Asgard but had come to Asgard to get away from a war on their own planet. As agreed with you just a few hours ago I have not reversed the spell just yet but I will do in a few days. This should give you and your daughters enough time to process everything that you have learnt and I hope will give us a chance to get to know each other. Even when the spell is gone, I do not expect you to call me mother or anything like that but I do ask that you try not to hate me or either of your brothers. When I sent you to earth to keep you safe, I had to make your brothers and everyone but your father and myself forget about you. Hela your sister I am sure still remembers you but she believes that you died. Cain is in complete control of his anger because if he was not, he would have attacked your daughter for daring to challenge him. He is in the presence of a queen her son and daughter and two of her grandchildren but that dose not mean he must gain permission before speaking to his uncle. As promised, I have been able to figure out who the fathers of your daughters happen to be and I do not believe either will make you all that happy." Frigga says her voice incredible calm as she smiles at Cain and watches as the boy sits back down and moves closer to his uncle who is quick to put an arm around him.

"Cain you are not in trouble and I promise that no one will repeat this to your father. Freya might want to but we both know that Jean will never allow Freya to know the location of her home or leave her alone with Victor. If you want Cain you can sleep here tonight and will speak with Jean about when I should drop you back off thought you said they would be away for a while. I still need to speak with Jean and if need be take you home to at the very least pickup clothes and anything you will need for school. Before you ask Cain, no you can not skip school just because your father and stepmother have gone away yet again. How many times must I tell you that looking after you is not a problem and that I really don't mind. You are family and it is my job to look after you, even if your father was not my brother, I would still see you as family because I've told you many times that your mother is like a sister to me. Its true that when she turned up on my doorstep and asked for help, I was not expecting a four-year-old boy. However, I didn't turn you away and it never crossed my mind to do so even when we had our problems." Logan explains to his nephew not at first understanding why he is being so truthful with Cain when there are so many witnesses present. In his confusion he looks over at Frigga and sees a smile on her face and this tells him that she has performed one of her spells for everyone in the room to tell the truth. He knows that he should be angry but instead he is grateful that he's finally been able to say something that has actually calmed his nephew.

Freya turns again to look at Logan and then at Frigga "please tell me that my daughters are not related to Logan. He considers Tony to be his friend and for that reason I would never have broken my vow of never going to bed with a friend of my brothers. The only person I believe that I would break this rule for is Steve Rodgers but only because he has been my childhood crush for as long as I can remember. He is probably the only older man that my father would have approved of me dating, but I know that the only person that he will ever love is Peggy Carter. So, Logan why did you only look after me for a few hours when you clearly looked after your nephew for a few weeks."

"Actually, Freya I looked after you for a week but I knew that I could not give you a proper home. I had a job and made a reasonable amount of money but my job was not something I could do while looking after a one-year-old child. Howard and Marie Stark, I knew were rich and would dote on any child who came into their care. Even if they had not adopted you Freya, I knew that they would find you a good home and family. The moment I walked into their home with you in my arms your mother fell in love with you and it was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that she did not want you to go to any other family. I looked after Cain for three years because I was asked to do so. Would you have preferred to have been dumped in an orphanage and gone to a family who did not give you everything that you asked for?" Logan explains, watching Steve who has not spoken a word. It should worry him that his friend is being so silent but he knows better than to ask him a question when a spell has been cast on the room. There are many things that Steve would rather keep secret until he is ready to share these secrets.

Steve smiles at Logan understanding that his friends silence is his way of protecting him and he's incredibly grateful. An instinct tells him that if he was to try and speak that all of his secrets would come tumbling out.

"You looked after our mother for a full week?" Tori asks, the confusion in her voice making it difficult to figure out if she was happy or angry.

"Grandmother Frigga is Logan the father of one of us?" Laura asks, needing to know but at the same time dreading the answer. All her life she has wanted a father but if it is indeed Logan then she's not sure that, that is a good thing. All her mother and Logan seem to do is argue but she guesses that maybe Logan broke her heart and it's one of the reasons she's never managed to move on with her love life.

Frigga turns to Freya "would you like me to tell everyone or would you rather we have this conversation in private. As I told you earlier, they need to be informed about their fathers."

"So, the rumours are true that my big sister went to a crazy party and slept with every guy there." Tony says, ignoring the looks that everyone gives him. He knows that they are all annoyed with him for being so blunt when it comes to his sister. That is if he is still able to call her his big sister.

"I'm glad my brother hates me and doesn't comment on my sex life." Clint mumbles leaning back in his chair.

"Isn't your brother in jail?" Natasha asks, glancing over at Clint.

"Nope he escaped three hours ago. Coulson has sent a team but I doubt they will catch him, so I said I would help after the meeting." Clint answers with a grin.

"Birdbrain you have a brother who is a criminal?" Tony asks, glad that the subject has somehow been changed.

"Yup a criminal mastermind who every so often is caught and then manages to always escape. It's nothing that the Avengers need to worry about."

"Excuse me but this meeting is about me and not if members of the Avengers are secretly criminals." Freya says interrupting the conversation. "I think it would be better if you named their father now rather than having it so I have to keep repeating myself. As long as the girls agree."

Laura and Tori look at each other and seem to have a private conversation before they both slowly nod their heads.