Logan and the Princess

Part One

Logan parked the car that shield had given to him when he had agreed to be an agent. With the car parked at the edge of the forest he climbed out of the car. The information he had been given a few hours ago said the warehouse was on the other side of the forest. Part of him had assumed that it would not be an easy place to find and a larger part of him was not sure he wanted to go back to a place he knew would bring him more nightmares.

He had been personally asked by Nick Fury to check out the place and bring back all documents that he found. As always, he had not been told very much about his reasons for going to the warehouse or even the importance of the documents. Normally this would have bothered him but taking this mission gave him a reason to get away from shield and not have anyone worrying about him. It had been many years since anyone had really cared about him and most of those people who had cared were either dead or a memory he could not quite remember.

As he got closer to the warehouse, he felt like he could hear a tapping. It was faint and even with his advance hearing he could only just hear the tapping. Once inside the warehouse the tapping was like a pounding in his ears, so he moved towards the sound and came face to face with a girl who looked so incredible like a child trapped in a glass tube. He ran his hand along the side of the tube trying to find the catch but only found rusted metal.

Knowing that he needed to get the girl out he tried to tell her to back away. First, he tried shouting but no matter how much he raised his voice she just did not seem to hear him. It was at this point that he got out his claws and used them to break the lock and hinges removing the front of the tube. He placed the front of the tube in an empty corner before going back to help the girl only to find her already free.

"I am not going to hurt you. In my bag I have a jumper and some food. It is freezing outside, and I am sure you would like something to eat. I need to check the other tubes see if anyone else is alive and if they aren't then I am going to give them a burial." Wolverine said, keeping a distance between himself and the child.

"I am Freya of Asgard. Who exactly are you?" Freya asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Wolverine of Earth, I guess. Just stay there while I check on the others. We can figure out how to get you home in a few."

"I am the princess of Asgard. You do not get to tell me what to do creature of earth."

Wolverine shrugged and began to check the other tubes to see if there were any other survivors. He was distressed though he showed no actual sign of emotions when he found that no one else had survived. Slowly he took each body out of the tube they had been trapped in. After they were out, he covered each body in a blanket after he had first written down the name of each victim. Once he had the names of all the victims, he slowly began to bury them noticing that the princess was wearing an old jumper of his while glaring.

After burying all the bodies, he came back into the warehouse. "Princess, I just need to pick up a few things so get ready to leave. You might want to put this on." He said, handing his jacket to her before going in search of the office. The whole reason he had come to the warehouse was to find the files on several missing mutants and Inhumans.

Freya took the jacket and put it on despite complaining about the smell. She was aware that it was really her only choice, but it was not going to stop her complaining. As a princess she was not used to anyone giving her orders. Even being stuck in a glass tube for who knows how long had not really changed her attitude.

Logan walked back into the room carrying a large bag. "If you're ready we should really get going."

"What's the hurry? Don't you have more complaining to do?"

"I can complain in the car. In ten minutes, this place will burn to the ground."

"Did you get permission from your king or queen?"

"This country doesn't have a king or queen. There is a president, but he does not tell me what to do. Blowing up this building is part of my job; my boss won't be happy but then he is never happy." Logan said, leading the way out of the building and helping Freya into the car. When she struggled with the seatbelt, he also helped her with this without saying a word.

An entire hour passed in silence before Freya chose to speak. "Tell me where exactly are we going? My parents will want me to return home and I am sure they will pay you in gold. Once you have bathed that is. It will not work in your favour if you look and act like a wild man with no manners."

"I have a friend who can help you return to your home in Asgard." Logan replied, taking his eyes from the road to turn on the radio.

After some crackling and static the radio began to play music from the 50s. As the words became clear Logan could not help but smile though it was so fast that if she had blinked, she would have missed it.

"Do you not plan to take me to Asgard? How do you expect to claim your reward?"

"Asgard is not my home and I don't know how to get there. You will be safe with my friend and if she wants to claim a reward that is up to her. Though she won't ask for money or a husband."

"Can you not come with us? You are the one who saved me not your friend. I barely trust you, so why should I trust this friend of yours?"

"I don't think either of your parents would want me on Asgard. As you have pointed out several times, I am but a wild man. Not exactly someone who should be associated with a princess. Especially one as loved as you."

"How can you possible know if I am loved or not? You do not even know me. From what I can tell you didn't even give me your real name."

"Why would you think that I lied about my name?"

She fell silent as she took in a deep breath and breathed in the scent of the jacket. It no longer made her felt sick or alone. Instead, it made her feel warm and smelt of stale beer and cigars. They were the smells that made her think about the taverns on Asgard and the tales that the men would tell. For a few seconds she felt safe and almost like she was back home on Asgard.

Logan watched the girl sitting next to him. She had fallen silent on him after accusing him of lying, which he knew in a way he had. Telling her too much was just too dangerous and soon enough she would be home among her equals. He was not too worried by the silence as she was smiling and did not smell as though she was worried or injured. After several minutes of just watching her, he slowly began to speak "my actual name is not Wolverine. It is the code name that almost everyone uses for me. Though I might suggest to the boss that the princess of Asgard wishes for me to go by the name wild man." He said, doing his best to make the girl smile at him rather than just the smell of his old bomber jacket.

"What is your actual name? I plan to tell my father about the man who rescued me. He will find it very odd that you are not looking for glory. The men of Asgard do not save people to be kind but for the glory it will gain them and sometimes even the bed of the one they have saved. Thor doesn't even have to save women to be invited into their bed."

"My name as far as I can remember is Logan though if I was born with that name, I might never know. Like you I have been to hell and back. We do not though need to talk about it. Are you hungry? In a few miles there is a cafe, we can stop and get something to eat."

"You aren't going to ask what happened to me or the others?" She asked, her voice only slightly above a whisper.

"No, it is private and none of my business. I did find your folder, but I swear I did nothing more than read your name. One of the others was also called Freya. I did not want to mix up the files. So, would you like some earth food? Have you ever eaten earth food?" He asked, hesitating just slightly over the last question. It was a question he felt needed to be ask but one that could anger the girl beside him, something he wished to avoid if it was at all possible.

She pulled the jacket tighter around herself as though trying to hide inside it. It felt strange that this man who had rescued her and then destroyed her prison was not demanding answers. He did not seem curious at all about what had happened to him and was only interested if she had eaten earth food. There had also been a hint that he had suffered and was not going to share his experience any more than she was. "I have eaten earth food before. It is not so different to the food we eat on Asgard, just prepared in a different way. I am not sure when those things put me in the glass tube, but I was not captured straight away."

"Should I take that to mean, that you would like some food?" Logan asked, almost laughing when he saw the look of annoyance cross her face before she turned her back to him. It was something that despite his memory loss felt incredible familiar as though he was always pissing off women.

"I have been in a bloody glass tube for thirty years! I am bloody starving! Is your human brain that tiny that you have only just thought about offering me food?" Freya shouted, her anger boiling over as she guessed about how long she had been captured for. While in the glass tube she had lost track of the days.

"Then we will stop for some food." Logan said, shrugging his shoulders refusing to become angry as well. Getting into an argument would not help anyone and he needed to concentrate on the road. There were still lots of people who hated him and that included his fellow agents. It was never nice to be hated, but it was a feeling that he had just become used to.

"Thank you." Freya mumbled, as she looked out the window. It was not easy for her to say this out loud.

"It is no problem Freya. I am also starting to feel hungry and I need to be filled up soon enough." Logan said, trying to ease the tension in the car.

The car came to a stop in front of a small roadside cafe. It was not very fancy and attached to the cafe was a petrol station. Before climbing out of the car Logan hovered his hand over Freya's not sure how she would respond to being touched. "Before we sit down to eat, you might want to think about changing your outfit. There is nothing wrong with it, but it does have a lot of holes. Keep the jacket if you would like to." He leans into the back of the car and pulls out a pair of trousers a top and jumper. "The trousers and top belong to my friend. You are both around the same size and the jumper used to be mine. I can buy you more clothes if need be. It might not be possible to take you to Asgard straight away."

"Won't your lover be annoyed with you for giving away her clothes?" Freya asked, even as she pulled the clothes close. She had not wanted to admit that her clothes were filthy and not much more than rags. It was strange to her that Logan had not offered the clothes earlier but back in the warehouse there had been little to no privacy if she had wished to change.

"She's just a friend. More like a very annoying sister that I never asked for. I know her very well and she would want to help. Don't worry she will take you to Asgard as soon as possible."

"So, she is just your friend. I was not aware that men could just be friends with women. At least not men like you."

"Thank you for the insult if you are done, I would like something to eat." Logan says, as he climbs out of the car.

Freya followed without saying anything. She headed straight for the female toilets and changed into the clothes the grumpy man had given to her. The trousers seemed to fit her perfectly but the top and jumper were a just a tiny bit too big. It crossed her mind to complain but she realised that Logan had warned her about not everything fitting her correctly. Still, she was curious about who used to own the trousers and why Logan still had not said the person's name. Once she was dressed, she left the restroom and joined Logan at a table surprised when she found a large glass of water on her side of the table. "Logan, I didn't order this glass of water."

"No, I ordered it for you. I was not sure what you would want to drink so I decided on water. I also didn't pick out any food in case you are allergic to anything or don't eat meat."

"I eat meat. Is that not allowed or something?" Freya asked, looking around the cafe and noticing several people eating burgers.

"It is not against the law but there are lots of people who just don't believe in eating meat. It is something I don't understand as I have always eaten meat." He says, as he passes her the menu.

She nods and takes her time reading the menu and then orders five burgers several drinks and French-fries on the side, when the waiter comes to take their order.

Logan only orders two burgers and two large drinks along with a beer.

The waiter writes the order down looking between them mumbling under his breath about fathers and daughters before walking off.

"That child thinks I am your daughter. I am thousands of years older than you if anything you would be my child. I doubt you've been on this planet for longer than thirty-five years." Freya said, as she finished her glass of water in one gulp.

"I am a lot older than I look." Was Logan's only reply as he thanked the waiter when he carried over their drinks.

"Are you not from earth then? My parents always told me that humans have truly short lives. Though by your age should you be married with several children?"

"How do you know I am not a father with several wives?"

"No wedding rings."

"Not many men wear wedding rings."

"If I had a husband, I would expect him to wear a ring. It shows other women that he is indeed taken and to back the hell off."

"Would you also wear a ring?"

"It would depend how I felt about my husband. If I loved him then I would but if I didn't then well I would either run away from the wedding or refuse to wear it"

The two of them continued to speak about little things neither asking anything too personal. Every time the waiter brings food or more drink, they pause the conversation. Neither wanting anyone to overhear such a private conversation. After almost two hours Logan stands up and heads off to pay the bill telling Freya not to go too far. Once he had paid the bill, he came back to collect Freya from the table and the two of them left ignoring the looks the staff of the cafe were giving them.

It was just half an hour into the second part of the journey that Freya fell asleep. Her head rested against the window of the car and every so often she mumbled under her breath "daddy, where are you?"

Logan tried not to listen, but it was not easy. He could hear as her heart began to speed up and when she started to struggle, he pulled the car over and very carefully woke her up, dodging as she tried to punch him.

"I am sorry," Freya said as she began to wake "please don't leave me in the snow. The frost giants will come and eat me."

"Don't worry about its Freya, you didn't actually manage to hit me. Are you alright? You seemed to be having a nightmare."

"It is nothing to worry about. They can fix me on Asgard. Make me forget what I saw. Those people they did not once take me into that lab, kept saying I was not to be harmed. I... I don't understand." Freya said, as she began to cry.

Carefully he pulled her into a hug and let her cry. He knew that anything he said would not actually help so he stayed silent and simple held her close. She continued to cry for almost an hour until she was so exhausted that she fell asleep again. This time she was silent as she slept, and Logan carefully rested her head back against the window covering her with an old blanket. Only once he was sure she was fast asleep did he keep driving knowing that they still had eight hours if not more left of the journey.

After just over eight hours on the road with several stops to eat, the car finally came to a stop outside a small house. It was the house that Shield had given to him to keep him within the agency. Over the years he had gained several roommates and while some had stayed many had moved on. As far as he knew before he left for the mission a teenager had moved and there was of course still his friend who was the only roommate who had not moved on.

Logan parked the car and gently nudged Freya until she began to wake. "Freya, we have arrived. Do your best not to make too much noise as it is exceedingly early. My roommate will be asleep, and I am not sure how many are currently staying."

"You have roommates?" Freya asked, still very much half asleep.

"Yes, Sif who has been my roommate for almost thirteen years and potentially a teenager who has started his training. Don't worry I have more than enough room for you to stay for a few days."

"Sif? You have a roommate named Sif? It doesn't sound like a very human name."

"You will meet her later this morning. If you want to ask her about the name your more than welcome to." Logan said, climbing out of the car and moving to the back of the car to pull out bags.

Freya climbed out of the car slowly her eyes still heavy with sleep. She had managed to get some sleep but sleeping in a car was not wonderfully comfortable. Falling into a bed and sleeping deeply sounded wonderful. She allowed Logan to lead her to an empty bedroom and climbed onto the bed falling asleep straight away.

Logan removed her shoes before covering her with the blanket. As he left the room, he made sure to leave the door just slightly ajar. He understood that after years trapped in a tiny space that most preferred to have doors left at least slightly open. Instead of going to his own room to rest he walked into the kitchen and made himself a large strong cup of coffee. It was important to write up the reports about the victims who had not survived. He had decided not to mention Freya the princess of Asgard.

Twenty minutes into starting on the reports Sif appeared in the doorway and poured herself some coffee. "Logan, what time did you get home?" She asked, as she sat down at the table grateful that she always dressed sensible.

"About twenty minutes ago and before you ask, I am aware that it is three in the morning. I found a survivor. She is from Asgard just like you." Logan said, as he sipped on his coffee.

"You have someone from Asgard? Where are they? Who is it?" Sif asked, fear slipping into her voice as she spoke.

"Asleep in one of the empty rooms. Princess Freya. Will you be able to get her back to Asgard?"

"Freya? Her parents allowed her to leave the palace. When I knew her, she was never a fan of the common people." Sif said, before adding "did they hurt her? I barely knew her, but no one deserves to go through hell."

"I am not sure if she had permission or just wanted to explore earth. It is possible that she is changed since you would have known her or at least heard stories about her. From what I can tell they hurt the others to get a response from her. I am though just guessing as I didn't ask her anything about her time in that place."

"So, princess Freya of Asgard is upstairs. I can get her to Asgard, but it can't happen for a few days."

"A few days?"

"Yes, and no It is not a mission."

"Then can it not wait a few days. She has been away from her home for an exceptionally long time. Her parents will want to see her."

"I get that Logan, honestly I do. It is not just her parents who will have missed her. I am sure Thor is desperate to see his big sister again and Loki will finally be old enough for Freya to find him interesting. However, I cannot just go back to Asgard straight away. Please just give me a few days."

"If you can tell me the reason you need to delay helping Freya."

"I might have a lead on where my son is."

"Alright, then I can give you a week. Just be careful Sif. I don't want you to get your hopes up too high." Logan said, squeezing her hand to offer comfort. He knew how important her son was to her and while helping Freya was important, it would not be fair to ask her to pick Freya over finding her son.

"Thank you, Logan. I will explain to Freya why she cannot go home straight away. Will you come with us? King Odin will reward you with gold or a glimpse into your future. Queen Frigga will also reward you with almost anything." Sif said, almost sounded jealous. She did not mind helping Freya and it had nothing to do with getting a reward. A small part of her though did wish to be rewarded with the chance of seeing her son again.

"I don't wish to get a reward Sif but if they will not take no, as an answer then I will ask them to reward you." Logan said, as he stood up to make them both more coffee.

Sif found that she could not say anything in response. She had been living with Logan for at least ten years and knew him reasonably well and yet he still surprised her. It was not a surprise that he was willing to give up the reward as he did things for the right reason and not because he could get a reward. What surprised her was that he was willing to give the reward to her. It was true that he knew how important it was to her to find her son but that did not mean he had to offer her the reward.

Logan came back to the kitchen table, "It is alright Sif I know what finding your son means to you. When Freya wakes up, I will let the two of you speak. How many are in the house now?"

"Clint is away for training for at least two weeks. Fury does not trust him, but Coulson is sure that he will make a brilliant agent. No one has told me about more arriving so Freya will be safe. I will talk to Freya in the garden, Thor always said his sister had a strong convection to nature. It will also give you a chance to hide in the study to read the files."

"You know me very well Sif."

"Not as well as your lovers but as with every other agent I have seen you naked. I keep buying you towels, and you never use them."

Logan grins, "I've spent too many years on my own and you are the only one who complains."

They fall into a comfortable silence. Logan reading the files and writing key information down to go into the report. Sif keeps herself busy by cleaning the kitchen and then every room in the house except for Logan's room and the one Freya is currently using. Hours pass and eventually Sif notices that is It is passed six in the evening. While she starts on supper Logan heads into the office to complete the reports.

When Freya walks into the kitchen she is wearing the clothes that Sif left outside her room. Along with the borrowed clothes she is still wearing Logan's jacket.

Sif notices the jacket and smiles, "Freya please take a seat I've almost finished preparing the meal."

"Does that mean you went hunting and slaughtered the meat?" Freya asked sitting down at the table.

"No, I went out and bought a meal. Logan is in his study working. Would you like a coffee or something else to drink?"

"Would it be possible to have a cup of tea?" Freya asked, looking around the kitchen as if Logan would just appear. She recognised the women in the kitchen, but it was not a strong memory.

"Sure, a cup of tea and Logan will join us in a while." Sif says making a cup of tea and handing it to Freya along with a jug of milk and some sugar. She sits down at the table, "before you ask yes, we do know each other, and I am the lady Sif who was banished from Asgard for cheating on prince Thor her fiancé. I can though help you get home to Asgard."

"How exactly you've been kicked out for being a whore? You cheated on my brother and my parents punished you?" Freya asked, annoyance skipping into her voice. She could not believe her rescuer was friends with someone like the lady Sif. It was not possible she told herself and tried to convince herself that Logan was using the lady Sif as a servant.

Sif watched Freya noticing that the other girl had not touched her tea. "I haven't poisoned your tea but if you'd rather speak with Logan, I can go and get him. In a week I will help you get back to Asgard. There is no need to give me a reward or even tell anyone that I helped you. Logan is the one who saved you after all."

Freya slowly sipped on the tea. "Thank you for the tea Sif. May I ask you questions, or do you need permission from your master?"

"I have no master or husband. I live my own life and obey no one. Ask any question you wish to ask?"

"You were thrown to earth at least a hundred earth years ago."

"Yes, it was my punishment."

"How long have I been gone for."

"In earth years no more than seven years. By Asgardian years seven hundred."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I read the files of those who were not lucky enough to live. You are only mentioned in the last seven years of the file. The people who took you are pure bastards, but they do have incredible record keeping skills."

"You sound like you admire them?" Freya asked, the anger and hatred clear in her voice.

"No, I hate them. They took me as well for well I am not actually sure how long. I hope that they are soon wiped from the earth and that I never have to see any of them again. Logan why do not you keep princess Freya company. The food will be ready in an hour and I will be back in a week. Try to keep on her good side those who do not... we'll let us just say they suffer a lot." Sif said, standing up from the table and leaving the room as Logan walked in.

Freya instantly sat up just a bit straighter and pushed a stand of hair back behind her ear. She smiled as Logan joined her at the table "may I ask how Sif became your wife and why she is alright with me being alone with you? On Asgard no one would dare leave me alone with their husband. As the princess I have every right to bed their husband if I wish."

"First Sif is not my wife and has no plans to become my wife. We see each other as family but she is like a sister to me. Have you never had a male friend who was just your friend no bedding involved?" Logan said, as he joined Freya at the table. He was grinning as he spoke as though the thought of Sif being his wife was hilarious. Many had seen him with Sif and not one of them assumed that she was his wife, if anything they guessed that she was his younger sister especially after they saw her hit him in the arm.

Freya frowned, "I am not really sure what is so funny? You live with her and the only reason for that is if the two of you are married. So is Sif married?"

"It is funny that you think that Sif and I could ever be a couple. We live together because we also work together." Logan said, with a shrug of his shoulders not bothering to even acknowledge that he had heard the question about if Sif was married. He liked Freya and she did not seem like a bad person, but he was not about to betray Sif.

"How is it funny? On Asgard she was considered to be incredibly beautiful and an amazing fighter. Some even said she was better than my dope of a brother. My parents said I was not allowed to learn to fight that it was not proper for a princess and yet..."

Logan looks at the princess slightly shocked at her willingness to speak of her life on Asgard. They had spoken in the cafes on the drive to his home but mentioning a brother somehow seemed very personal. With her frowning at him for he guessed daring to laugh he had to force himself to put the mask back on to hide away his emotions. "I am sorry for laughing Freya and offending you. Sif is beautiful and without a doubt an incredible fighter. She is though and will always be my sister. I also do not believe she is looking for a husband at least not now. Maybe one day she will learn to trust another but not for a while. So, you have a dope of a brother, is that his actual name of just something you like to call him?"

"You think that Sif is beautiful?" Freya asked, annoyed with herself for letting her emotions show. She was not used to anyone calling Sif beautiful except for her childhood best friend. With this man that she barely knew and kept referring to as wild man in her head it was different. When he had saved her, she had felt something. It was a feeling that she could not understand or even give a name.

"You also called her beautiful. Freya, I must assume that you are alright with me calling you Freya rather than princess. There is no need for you to be jealous as you are also beautiful. So is your brother called dope?" Logan asked, deliberately repeating his question about Freya's brother. He was hopeful that she would be too embarrassed to even ask about him calling her beautiful. For the next seven days he simply planned to make her feel safe and he was not he told himself going to become this lost girl's friend or saviour. Either option would only end in disaster because he was not a hero and she was leaving in seven days and never coming back.

"Sif is beautiful compared to any mortal. Does my beauty outshine her?" Freya asked, looking up at Logan while fluttering her eyelids.

"You are both incredibly beautiful and I will not say who I think is more beautiful. I am exhausted from work, but I am no fool. So, do you feel like telling me about your family. Don't feel you have to or anything." Logan said as he got up to put the food onto plates.

"Didn't Sif tell you all about the royal family?" Freya asked, moving to help him with the food.

"Sif told me extraordinarily little about her life on Asgard. The only thing she did tell me was that on Asgard she had someone she loved a lot and then was betrayed. Do your parents not like your brother if they called him Dope?"

"Who was Sif in love with? She never told me she had some epic love. No, my parents adore both of my brothers It is incredibly annoying. I was born before Thor and yet he will gain the crown because he is male. As for Loki I guess he will be a royal advisor. So, go on tell me all about the guy desperate enough to be with Sif."

"I am not spilling any of my sister's secrets. Your brother might be a huge dope but trust me I am no dope. So, which of your brothers is Dope?"

"Thor is the one that I call dope. Loki was still very much a tiny child when I left Asgard. He must be a slightly older child by now and will not even remember me. Thor would have enjoyed me being away. He's a lot closer in age to Loki but well I was always stuck with Thor." Freya said, a smile on her face despite her eye glinting in the light from the tears that had yet to fall.

"Would you like to change the subject? Talking about your family seems to be upsetting you and that is not my intention. I want you to feel safe while you are stuck here." Logan said, pausing in eating his meal.

"No, I am alright really. I have not been able to speak with anyone for years and I am not complaining at least not in the way you are thinking. Before they put me in that tube I was living in a cell. I could hear that there were others, but I could not see them, and they could not see me." Freya paused as she finished eating. "If I tell you about my family, would you tell me about yours. This house is rather large for a brother and sister."

Logan smiles picking up the plates and putting them into the dishwasher. He turned to face Freya, "my family history won't be remarkably interesting, but we can still talk. Would you like to sit in the living room as it will be more comfortable?"

Freya smiles, "yes thank you that would be nice actually. I haven't really been able to explore your home only the room you have been kind enough to lend me." She said while pulling the coat tighter around herself as though not wanting to take the risk that he would ask for it back.

Logan noticed but did not mention anything about the coat. "Tomorrow I can give you a tour of the house and show you around the neighbourhood. If you would like to that is. While you are here feeling free to read any of the books in the library." He said, as he led the way into the living room and took a seat in one of the armchairs.

She frowned when she noticed how he sat in an armchair rather than on the sofa so that they could sit together. She had hoped that if the two of them were going to discuss family that he would at least sit next to her. Instead, he had chosen to keep a distance between the two of them. It was something that she found offensive but saying anything out loud could give him the wrong impression about how she was feeling. She had misjudged feelings before, and the outcome had not been very pleasant.

"So, Freya why don't you go first. Tell me about your parents and brothers." Logan said, doing his best to start the conversation on a neutral note. He had noticed her frowning but refused to move from the armchair. In seven days, she'd be gone and the chances of seeing her again were incredibly slim. He did not want to seem rude, but he could not see a reason to get too close to her especially as she was royalty and he had no idea about his heritage.

"Umm sure. As you know my full title is princess Freya of Asgard second daughter of king Odin and queen Frigga. What you do not know is that I hate being a princess my life is just so boring. Nothing of interest has ever happened to me at least not while I was on Asgard. Every day was the same learning about the history of Asgard and then going to royal balls. Even when Thor and then Loki came along extraordinarily little changed. With the exception that Thor learnt to fight, and Loki enjoyed studying. Neither really wanted to be stuck with me. I was the daughter and they were the darling princes. Though Loki was no darling in any sense of the word, he was born a troublemaker and I hope he hasn't changed too much." She paused to catch her breath and wipe a tear that had started to fall.

"Brothers can be wonderful, or they can be terrible. So, do you have another sibling? It is just you mentioned you were the second daughter of the king and queen. If you do not want to tell me, please don't feel that you have to." Logan said, giving her a chance to pull herself together.

"So, you have a brother then?"

"A half-brother who I have not seen for many years. We do not get along and so find it best to stay away from each other. Families can be incredible messed up and so I decided a long time ago to pick my own family. It helps that most of my family is dead." Logan answered with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Does your half-brother have a name?" Freya asked, clearly incredibly happy that the subject had moved to Logan a man who was such a mystery.

"Yes, he has a name."

"Well, are you going to tell me?"

"Maybe later in the week."

"That's not fair.

He began to laugh.

"What the hell is so bloody funny?"

"Nothing. I am sorry you just reminded me that you are incredibly young."

"I am not young! In fact, I am an old woman, and you are basically a new born baby. I may not have spent a lot of time on earth, but I have seen the wars that have raged and watched the generations come and go. You have been around for what fifty years." Freya said, her anger starting to get the better of her as her eyes turned jet black.

Logan showed no outward sign of being afraid. He continued to smile at her, "I was not trying to offend you Freya. For most women being called young is not an insult but if you wish me to, I will think of you as incredible old. As for me being fifty well It is a good guess, but I am probably at least triple that. My age like most of my life is a mystery. Thank you though for the compliment."

"I was not giving you a compliment wild man I was insulting you." Freya snapped, even as her eyes returned to their more natural colour of earthy green. Without thinking she began to fiddle with her long dark red hair.

"So, I am wild man now? That is a new name. Normally when I insult women and I have this feeling that I do that a lot, my new name is not wild man." Logan responded with a chuckle. Even as he was chuckling out loud in his head, he was calling himself an idiot. It was fine to get along with the princess of Asgard and even find her attractive, but he refused to let it become anything.

"Why wouldn't they call you wild man? You are clearly a man and very wild. You also still smell does this home does not have a bath. If you do not know how to bathe, I could perhaps bathe you." Freya said, as she pulled her hair behind her ears. He was not in any way the ugliest man she had ever invited to her bed and she had a feeling that he was going to become something more than just a bed warmer. All she needed to do was convince him to come to Asgard and be her personal guard. She was even willing to lie and tell him that she would pardon Sif and allow her to return as well.

"Mostly because they are calling me a bastard and have no idea about my name or personality. There are two baths in the house one in the room next to yours along with a shower sink and toilet. The second bath is next to Sifs room and I stay out of her room and bathroom. I am also a human not a dog so I can bathe myself and I showered this morning. Maybe what you are smelling is yourself because you are still wearing my old smelling jacket." Logan said, pretending as though he had not understood the hidden meaning behind her words.

"You are correct about your jacket being old and smelly. I suggest you tell one of the servants to clean it or clean it yourself. No women will marry you if you smell so foul. Thank you for the meal I think I will have a bath before retiring for the night." Freya said, removing the jacket and dropping it to the floor before leaving the room and heading straight to her own bedroom.

Logan picked it up gave it a sniff and walked to the storeroom that held the washing machine. He shoved the jacket inside setting the machine to the right settings before also heading off to bed himself. The following morning, he sprayed the jacket with a more floral scent like Freya and left the jacket outside her room with a note telling her she was welcomed to keep the jacket as it looked better on her.

The rest of the week past by in a blur. Logan showed Freya around the house only avoiding his own bedroom and Sif's. To save them both from embarrassment he did not mention that she had offered to bathe him. Before either of them realised the seven days had come and gone and they were still strangers. She had never explained about being a second daughter and he had never mentioned his half-brother again. She hugged him tightly thanking him again for saving her and gifting his jacket to her. With one final hug she followed Sif into a cave.