Part Thirty-Nine

Attempt five continued 1.

Freya smiles at her daughter, "girls as a mother it is my job to embarrass you both. If I am bad now imagine what I will be like when the two of you start dating."

Laura blushes but Tori is no longer paying attention.

"Freya, as fun as it would be to listen to you lecture me, I'm busy." Tony resounds, grumbling under his breath that Morgan won't be dating till she's eighteen.

"Why do you think I would lecture you?"

"You've been giving me lectures since I can remember. Anyway, I believe that you would have more fun shopping with your daughters, Pepper and Morgan. In the evening you can read the letter without interruptions."

"Mum what letter?" Tori asks, taking her gaze away from the young boy with Logan.

"Is it a love letter?" Laura asks, curious but not in the same way as Tori.

"It's just a letter from my parents. The three of us can read it together as a family." Freya says, putting strong emphasis on the word family. She knows that it will annoy Tony and hopefully cause his friends to tell him off for being so bloody rude to her.

"Aren't they dead?" Tori asks, unaware of the bluntness to her voice.

"Victoria!" Laura shouts at her twin, "you can't just say things like that. Apologise to mum right now."

"What? I don't understand. What have I done wrong?" Tori says, looking between her twin and mother.

"It upsets mum to talk about her parents you know this. She has to hear things about Uncle Tony because he's famous and married to captain America." Laura grumbles.

"I'm not married to Steve." Tony says, sounding slightly horrified at the very thought of being married to Steve.

"Sorry mum. I just figured they've been dead forever and that you never really liked them." Tori says with a dramatic sigh.

"I loved both my parents very much Victoria and every day I miss them and wish that my daughters had met them. They would have loved you and spoiled you rotten." Freya says a sad smile on her face.

"So, they wouldn't have liked uncle Tony's daughter and son. Is that cause they are both bastards?" Tori asks, not noticing the devastated look that crosses Morgan's face before she runs out of the room.

"Victoria! We do not use such language. Your grandparents would have loved the four of you equally. Just as they loved me and Tony. Neither believed in having a favourite child." Freya says, doing her best to ignore the snort of laughter coming from Tony.

"Mum, I'm not trying to argue with you or upset you more than tori already has, but if your parents loved you and Uncle Tony how come he's rich and we are poor?" Laura asks, not actually knowing if her family really was poor.

"Laura we are not poor. When your grandparents died, they left me a lot of money but Tony was given the company. So, I have saved up the money and your uncle Tony has spent his but also earns a hell of a lot more than me. I don't though need lots of money and neither do either of you." Freya says, slipping into her lecture voice.

"I wouldn't say no to money."

"Tori, that's exactly why mum doesn't show off her money."

"Girls, please don't start fighting. We are only going to be here for two weeks. You both deserve to get to know your cousins and I need to have a real relationship with my brother." Freya scolds, giving them both stern looks.

"Sorry mother." They say together.

"So, you came to try and have a relationship. Freya, I think you should read the letter. Victoria also needs to apologise to Morgan. My daughter might be seven but she knows what bastard means." Tony says, his voice turning just as strict as Freya's.

"Victoria will of courses apologise to Morgan and will not be saying such things around Scott. Tony did you read the letter?"

"No Freya I did not read the letter and I never would or will. Howard and mother wrote it for your eyes only. This does not mean I don't look into family secrets when I'm board or forced to rest."

"How many secrets could our family possibly have?"

"We have a lot of secrets and I am sure that there are things you have not told your daughters."

"I do not keep things from my ten-year-old daughters unless it is not appropriate. Are you telling me that you tell Morgan everything?"

"I don't tell Morgan everything but she tends to find things out. As for Scott he's only been in my life for a few hours and he is three years old. I'm also not sure if he is able to speak."

"What do you mean Scott is unable to speak?"

"I said that I am not sure if he can speak. Since we saved him..." Tony starts, before cutting himself off.

"What Tony?" Freya says, causing her daughters to both jump because of the anger in her voice.

"Freya this is not something that your daughters should hear."

With a huge sigh and a roll of her eyes Freya turns to her daughters "Laura, Tori in a bit the three of us will be going shopping. Until then you can watch cartoons or read. Tori I also expect you to apologise and then girls why don't you find your aunt Pepper and see if you can spend a few minutes with your cousin Scott. It's about time he was woken up from his nap."

"No one but Pepper Morgan and myself have access to my private floor and Scott is not to be disturbed. Bruce has told me that he needs to rest and once he's feeling a little calmer, I'm going to have Dr Strange or Dr Grey check him over. Both are more than qualified to check him over."

"Tony I am your sister and family. Surely my daughters and I are staying on your floor."

"Actually, you and your daughters have your own floor. Pepper and I enjoy our privacy as do everyone in the tower. If you can excuse me, I need to check on my son and then do some work."

"Tony, it is important for Scott to spend time with his new cousins and sister. Also why does he need two doctors to check on him? I think we need to have a private conversation. Do you have a study or office that we can use?"

"Follow me Freya. Logan looks after the girls and if anything happens then have Natasha deal with it. Clint I'm guessing is off somewhere doing something." Tony says, as he stands up calling up to the ceiling for Jarvis to keep an eye on everything.

The siblings leave the room with Tony leading the way before sitting behind his desk and putting his feet up. "Before you start the lecture just read the dam letter. Howard wanted you to have it on your twenty first birthday."

"I really don't understand why you refuse to call him dad. He loved us both and hell you got the family business."

"Because I showed an interest and all you wanted was to be a doctor or a teacher. You would have been unable to run the family business and be either of those things. So, Howard gave you a way out."

Freya glares and mumbles something that sounds like bloody brothers before opening the letter and starting to read.

Dear Freya,

There are one of two reasons for why you are reading this letter. The first reason is that you've just celebrated your twenty first birthday. I hope that we are reading this letter as a family and that you will not be angry. There are many reasons why we waited until your twenty first birthday. The first reason is your mother, she wanted you to enjoy your childhood and for nothing to upset you. The other is your biological parents. Yes, my darling daughter, your mother and I adopted you but it was not a normal adoption. To start with you were found in the snow by an old friend named Logan. If not for him then you would not have survived.

It was only later that your mother and I learnt where you had come from. Your biological mother appeared to us when you were six and explained why you could not return home. She did not tell us everything but enough to know that you were loved and sending you away caused them pain but it was to keep you safe. Once you finish the letter your biological mother will come for you.

Please do not believe that you were unloved because both you and Tony were adopted though he discovered the truth when he was eight. You could not be told until you were old enough.

Family is your strength my daughter and I pray that I am with you as you read this. If I am not then my past has caught up with me, I just hope your mother has not been harmed.

Right now, you are thinking what? My letter makes little sense but Freya you are a Princess of a place known as Asgard. You are not a mutant but an Asgardian though until your mother reverses the spell you are a mortal human. Originally you would have been an alien and not a goddess.

I love you Freya and so does your mother.

Love your father, Howard.

"I'm adopted! This has to be some kind of joke and it is not funny. Tony tell me right now and I promise that I will forgive you. Neither of us are adopted. As for being a goddess that's just hilarious. And I am not an alien either, do I have blue skin like the creature who invaded New York?" Freya says as soon as she has finished reading the letter several times.

"Is that what the letter says? I knew I was adopted but wasn't certain about you. May I read the letter?"

Freya nods and passes it to Tony who reads it and smiles. "The letter clearly states that you are not a goddess but that you used to be an alien. Now though you are just human and Logan saw you naked as a baby."

"It also says that you are adopted. Are you not at all curious about your adoption?"

"Nope. Howard explained it to me when I was eight. No clue what happened to my true parents and don't actually care. They sold me to Howard and mother for a couple of million. At least your biological parents wanted you and gave you a way to keep you safe. Thor might even know them as he's the prince of Asgard. Will introduce you to him later but not badmouthing the blue guy because that is his little brother. He puts up with Clint's attitude for personal reasons." Tony answers, with a shrug of his shoulders and a smile.

"Tony your real parents were our parents. You might act like you hated father but I know that deep down you loved him as much as you loved mother. Do you really have an alien prince that stays in the tower? Father would have loved to have met him, of course he would have enjoyed seeing Steve again. So, tell me who this Dr Strange is and why Scott needs to be checked over."

"Dr Stephan Strange is one of the best doctors in the whole of New York and basically America. Scott needs a doctor because of what those bastards did to him. Believe it or not he has not been in a lovely home being looked after. He was in fact kept in a dam cage and experimented on. For all of those reasons my son needs to be checked over by a doctor."

"Why was he kept in a cage and experimented on? I thought your son was human just like you. Not that mutants are bad or anything. There just has to be a reason why someone would want to experiment on a child."


"Tony I'm sure that your son is not evil." Freya says, the shock and anger noticeably clear in her voice.

"Of course, my son is not evil. Freya he is five years old and has done nothing wrong. When I said evil, I was talking about the people who experimented on him. Anyone willing to harm a child no matter their heritage is nothing but evil. What exactly they did to him during the experiments is something that I have to find out."

"How are you planning to find out this information? Did the evil men who experimented on your son leave detailed notes."

"Actually, they did leave incredibly detailed notes about what they did to my boy. They are evil bastards but they are well organised bastards. There are through a number of different problems."

"What do you mean by problems? Anthony your priority is your son and nothing else. If my daughters had been taken the only thing, I would be thinking about is making sure they are happy. Revenge is not going to make Scott happy or safe." Freya says, slipping into her lecture voice and not ready to discuss the idea of her being adopted. The letter said that she would see her biological mother once she had finished the letter. So far that has not happened and she was grateful but also incredibly angry.

"The people who harmed my son are dead and if anyone tries to take him away, they will meet the same fate. I will not show mercy to scum who pick on children and cause them harm. The Avengers have never gone after the family of Magneto and never would. His children are off limits and we all understand that. Magneto has never attacked Morgan or any of the children linked to the Avengers. Not that he's a bad guy."

"Who exactly is Magneto and why do you keep changing the subject?"

"You changed the subject first and I know why you changed it?"

"Tony I highly doubt you know my reasons for changing the subject."

"Freya you changed it because inside you are freaking out about being adopted. You are refusing to think about the alien bit and haven't acknowledged the Princess part. Huh I guess Thor really will know your parents."

"This is not a joke. I am not a bloody princess and Thor won't know my parents." Freya starts before turning to look at Tony, "wait how did you know how I'm feeling? We don't know anything about each other. Until last night I had no idea you were a father and I'm sure you didn't know anything about my twins."

"Actually, Freya I know a small amount about your twins. Not as much as you but you are their mother and have actually spent time with them. If you are planning to stay for at least a week then I hope you will let me get to know them. Xavier phoned me the day they were born and invited me to come and see them. I knew that you wouldn't want me there and so I declined the offer but I did set up bank accounts for them both and every month since they say they were born I have been adding a hundred dollars to their account. By now they should have rather a lot of money but they can't touch it until they are eighteen." Tony responds with a rather smug smirk.

"Charles should not have phoned you Anthony. I told him that I did not want anyone to be told about my daughters. He probably informed you to be kind in the hopes or repairing our relationship. Seeing as you did not come his plan clearly failed. I can't actually be angry with you as you did as instructed. But why didn't you come and see me later or come to the cafe just like we agreed. Tony how am I meant to trust you when you keep letting me down. And you bloody lied to me."

"I've let you down. That is a brilliant joke Freya because you didn't even turn up for my high school graduation. Instead, you went to some party and left me on my own. I also don't understand why you think I have lied to you."

"I admit I should have come to your graduation but things came up. You found out that we were both adopted and yet you never told me. Now please explain why you didn't turn up for our meeting in the cafe. Did Jean Grey tell you not to turn up? I assume at the time you were cheating on Miss Potts with her." Freya says, the accusation clears in her voice.

"I have never slept with Jean does not have I cheated on Pepper. With previous girls I have never been in an actual relationship. As for why I didn't tell you about being adopted, it wasn't my job. I'm younger than you Freya and even if I had told you I highly doubt you would have listened to me. Whenever I tried to tell you anything you told me to go and die. As for the cafe meeting, I was rather busy fighting aliens that were attacking New York City."

"Why exactly where you fighting aliens? Right, you are part of some team of superheroes. How do I keep forgetting? I know how because I have only just found out that my little brother built himself a suit and decided to fight bloody aliens. I'm your sister and you decided to risk your life without saying anything to me. Did you not think about your family? Especially now that you are a father, I really think that you should give up this dangerous life." Freya argues, the anger causing her voice to rise and fall.

"Freya I'm an adult and don't need your permission to do anything. When you left me on my own, I hired lawyers so that I wouldn't go into the system. It wasn't easy and I had no support and my so-called sister every time she was sent a letter sent it back."

"Surely Jarvis became your guardian after the death of our parents?"

"No Freya he didn't. He was not considered to be family and the authorities wanted to put me in a foster home. Thankfully, my lawyers stopped that from happening and I was able to continue with my education. Though I'm sure that does not interest you as it helps me run this company rather than a school run by Xavier."

"Tony, I earned my place at Xavier's school through a lot of hard work. You were just given the company by our father. I don't think you can claim to have worked hard in anyway when it comes to the company."

"I have worked extremely hard actually Freya. Even when I was kidnapped and tortured, I did what I needed to do in order to stay alive."

"Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt but master Scott has woken up and has started to panic. Miss Potts asks if you could please come and calm the boy."

"Tell Pepper that I will be with her in five minutes. Freya if you could excuse me for a while, I need to calm down my son. You and your daughters are free to explore your floor and the communal one but you need permission to enter the other floors. Logan will be busy training his nephew but Friday can show you around and organise anything that you might need." Tony says as he stands up and quickly leaves the room before Freya can ask any questions or lecture about the training of children.

Freya sits in the study on her own for almost five minutes thinking about the conversation. There is a part of her that feels Tony has deliberately left because the conversation was becoming too real. It was very much a Tony thing to run when he felt uncomfortable with a conversation. Just as she's about to go looking for Tony to lecture him and even speak with Scott a lady appears in front of her wearing a crown.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my brothers' study?" Freya asks, backing away from the lady who is smiling.

"My name is queen Frigga of Asgard and I'm here to see my daughter."

"You must be in the wrong place. This is earth and I don't know anyone named Frigga."

"That would be because you used to call me mother a long time ago."

"I'm sorry I don't know who you are. Is everything in the letter true then? The parents I knew were not really my biological parents. They did though love me and you and my biological father just gave me away. In the letter it says to keep me safe but I don't think I believe that crap. Who willingly gives up their child?" Freya says, trying not to allow any emotion to enter her voice. She did not want the lady in front of her to think for even a second that she was happy to see her. Mostly she was very confused about how she was feeling.

"You don't need to apologise I made sure that you would not remember. This was not to be cruel or heartless but to save you. May I take a seat so that we can have a proper conversation."

"You are a queen of some place called Asgard I hardly think that I can stop a queen."

"I'm the queen of Asgard I have no authority on earth. It's one of the reasons I asked permission. The other reason is because I respected the two people that you called mother and father. Howard was not so polite to me but Marie made a point to tell me stories about you. Not all of them were good stories but I enjoyed learning about you. She also gave me photos of you. They did as they promised and kept the secret though you were meant to learn the truth when you turned twenty-one. No one is to blame for why you found out later and I'm sorry Freya but you couldn't have learnt the truth at sixteen or younger. Twenty-one seemed like the best age and maybe it's good that you didn't find out earlier. Asgard has been in a bit of a mess and we've only just recently recovered. Is it true that you are a mother of twins and that they have different fathers but you don't know who the fathers are?" Frigga states, as she takes a seat next to Freya.

"I'm the mother of twins but they have the same father. No clue who he might be. My mother shared stories with you. So, what did you do to my little brother? He figured things out but he never told me anything. Did you threaten him or something? From what I understand he was eight years old. Why would you threaten a child?"

"They have different fathers on that you can trust me. If you allow me to meet them, I can discover who fathered them. That is if you wish to know. I would like to meet my granddaughters and I'm sure they want to know their fathers."

"Is that Why Victoria and Laura have different eyes?"

"Part of the reason I'm sure. Though I believe that children can have different coloured eyes and share both parents." Frigga says, avoiding making eye contact with Freya.

"What are you not telling me? I'm an adult and I deserve to know the truth."

Frigga takes a deep breath and the counts to twenty as slowly as she can. "What exactly did the letter tell you?"

"Considering it was written by my father there was extraordinarily little detail. I know that I used to be an alien princess and that maybe I have a blood brother. Tony seems happy that we are not actually related. I'm not sure how I feel."

"That's normal Freya. You actually have a twin sister named Hela a younger half-brother named Thor and an adopted baby brother named Loki. It's a complicated family but for the most part we love each other. Tony does love you and despite his age at the time I told him everything. He seemed to understand and agreed to keep the secret. No one threatened him of that I made sure of. Your father tends to terrify children but even if your brother had been rude, I would never have threatened him."

"You said that Thor is my half-brother. Do we not share the same father and why was I separated from my twin sister? Did you send her to another family?"

"You and Thor have the same father but different mothers." Frigga begins.

"So, you are not Thor's biological mother then."

"Actually, I am not your biological mother but I knew your mother very well. She was my best friend and a sister to me. Your birth mother died shortly after you and your sister were born. In all honesty I have no idea if she would have made the same decision but I have to hope she wouldn't hate me and that you will understand."

"My birth mother is dead and so is the mother that I knew. Did I even know you?"

"Actually, you grew up on Asgard but after Thor and Loki joined the family you changed. Hela managed to corrupt you and the only way to save you was to send you to earth as a child. If there had been any other way then trust me, I would have use it. Was your life on Earth that horrible?"

"My life was perfect until Tony joined us. Mother and father still loved me but I was no longer an only child. Though I guess I have never been an only child. Where are my siblings?"

"Hela is somewhere she cannot harm you or your daughters. Thor is here I believe in the training room with Logan and a young boy named Cain. Loki is on Asgard currently locked in a cell." Frigga confesses avoiding any eye contact with her daughter.

"Why is Loki locked up in a cell on Asgard?"

"He attacked earth and has been imprisoned as part of his punishment."

"Why is Thor on earth?"

"He came to earth to bring Loki home but ended up making friends and chose to stay. Thor still visits Asgard and all of his friends seem noble. Though some have hidden scars and secrets."

"I'm sure their scars are not permanent nor are their secrets that interesting. Maybe as I'm an outsider they will share their secrets with me." Freya says, almost to herself as a darker part of her mind thinks of ways to use the secrets against the avengers. Upon seeing the worry in the queen's eyes, she quickly adds "at the school I was the one that the students came to with their problems. Many of the other teachers even confided in me their worries and secrets. I'm sure the members of the Avengers will eventually come to trust me. Their leader my little brother Tony already trusts me and plans to have me help look after his son and daughter while he's working."

"Freya, I may not pick up lies as easily as Loki but I know a lie when I hear one. Tony is not the leader of the Avengers. I believe that he provides the money and captain America is in charge. I believe that Morgan the daughter of Tony has a mother and that Tony is capable of looking after his son. While you can still see Tony as a brother it is important for you to come to Asgard. Your father wishes to see you and I will help smooth the way when he meets his granddaughters."

"Why do you need to smooth the way?"

"Your twin daughters have been born out of wedlock and your father Odin is a very traditional man. Since the day, his daughters were born, he has been dreaming of the day he walks the down the aisle and hands them over to their husband."

"I've never really wanted to get married even as a young girl." Freya confesses slightly angry that her new mother had figured out that she was lying. Neither of her Earth parents ever seemed to know she was lying until she was caught in her lie.

"When you had your life on Asgard all you could talk about was your wedding. Of course, on Asgard you had the ability to dream about your soulmate."

"I used to dream about my soulmate. Queen Frigga I find that extremely hard to believe that I have a soulmate."

"You do have a soulmate though I am unclear who they might be. The only thing you would tell me about him was that he was a wild man who needed you."

"Is your husband your soulmate?" Freya questions, glancing at her watch to check the time. It surprises her that more than twenty minutes has gone by since Tony left her and that she has been gone from her daughters for nearly forty minutes. She can't think of a time when she has allowed herself to be away from her daughters for so long.

"Your daughters are perfectly safe Freya but if you need to check on them then please do so. I believe that Tony will be away for at least three hours, his boy is not well."

"Maybe I should go and find them. Tony will need some support and I have experience with difficult children. I am curious though." Freya says, cutting herself off.

"What are you curious about?"

"I am curious to why Logan is in a training room with a child."

"The child is his nephew and needs help controlling both his mutation which he has inherited from his father and his Asgardian gift which comes from his mother."

"The boy is part Asgardian and yet he lives on earth. Should he not be with his mother and father on Asgard."

"His father and mother never married and so neither the boy nor his father has permission to step onto Asgard. Your children will be an exception to this rule. They are after all the daughter of a princess. Due to laws of Asgard they will not take the throne but they will always have a title."

"So, the boy's mother gave him up?"

"Freya the boy's mother has a duty to Asgard above everything even her children. From what I understand she does see him when she's able to. It's a complicated situation and as I am not her family, I am not aware of the whole story. The boy has a stepmother named Jean Grey and two younger stepbrothers. Though I believe neither stepbrother lives with him and his father and stepmother. Logan knows the details and has taken a great interest in his nephew."

Freya nods and the hurriedly excuses herself to find her daughters and then she tells herself she's going to try to meet Jean's stepson.

Meanwhile back in the kitchen

Logan looks around the room and notices the way the twins are watching Cain. "Is there something that amuses you girls? Surely having lived in a school you have seen boys before. Cain is only a year younger than you both." He says, as he pulls his nephew close.

"Uncle Jimmy can we please start my training? I ate with father and his wife." Cain begs his uncle.

"What have I told you about calling me Jimmy?"

"That only my idiot father calls you that and unless I am an idiot, I should only call you Logan."

"Are you an idiot Cain?"

"My mother says that I am not. Father changes his mind about me daily. Jean mostly ignores me." Cain mumbles, glancing down at the floor.

"Cain, I don't think of you as an idiot. Come on we can do some training for a while. Afterwards you will tell me about your studies and explain why you refuse to speak with Thor." Logan grins, before leading Cain out of the room.

The twins burst into giggles. Both find it hilarious that Cain is terrified of them. Laura is smiling at her twin when Victoria's eyes suddenly change.

"Tori what is wrong?" Laura asks, trying to get twin to focus.

"The boy. I... He smells like family." Tori says, before racing out of the room after Cain and Logan.

She finds them just as they are about to enter the training room and instead of calling out to them, she charges at Cain knocking him to the floor. "Why does it smell like you are my family?" She snarls as she claws at the boy.

Logan pulls her off and tells her to return to the kitchen. She snarls and growls but eventually does as she's told when Laura drags her away.

Cain and Logan are in the middle of their training when Freya walks in looking furious and barely turns to glance at Thor who quickly leaves the room.

"What the hell did you say to my daughters? I was having a conversation with my brother and I discovered that not only am I adopted but you are the reason that I'm a Stark. After discovering all of that I then meant my mother but not my birth mother. I go looking for my daughters and find them both incredibly upset and all Laura can say is Logan was mean. So, tell me Logan what did you or the boy did?" Freya demands stomping her foot and ignoring a sudden vision of a different her demanding the same thing of Steve.

"Cain didn't do anything to your daughters. It was Victoria who attacked him all because she felt he was family. The only thing that I did was pull your daughter off my nephew and tell her to go back to the kitchen. Maybe you don't mind your daughter being a bully but I'm not going to let my nephew be bullied." Logan responds, crossing his arms over his chest after first pulling Cain behind him.

"Victoria is not a bully, neither of my daughters have ever gotten into a fight. Your nephew and son of whoever must have said something to upset them."

"Freya, I understand that you are angry about your daughters being upset but there is no need to say such things in front of Cain. His mother is the lady Sif of Asgard and the best friend of Prince Thor. She loves her son and does everything in her power to spend time with him. Thor tells him stories of their childhood and has escorted him to Asgard a couple of times. When you are willing to be a grownup then we can talk about how you are the princes of Asgard. Until then I have to help Cain with his homework."

Freya can only watch as Logan walks away from her. She has a nagging feeling that she should be running after him and asking for forgiveness. Instead, she goes in search of her brother, she had decided with Frigga that it would be easier to explain the situation just the once when everyone was present.

She had not expected the stepson of Jean Grey to be there but as the tower was not her home, she was unable to tell him to go back to his father. As everyone started to gather for the meeting, she noticed the way Tori was snarling at Cain and how Morgan refused to even look at the twins. What worried her the most was the way Tony slipped into the room and didn't allow his gaze to lift from the tablet. Freya found this to be incredibly rude and tried to get his attention without making a scene. When he still refused to look at her, she coughed several times but he still ignored her, his focus on the tablet.

"Mum, why did you call this meeting?" Laura asks, moving closer to her mother.

"Who's the lady who keeps smiling at us? I saw Thor hug her but he refused to introduce us which I think is very rude." Tori adds, sticking her tongue out at Thor before sitting next to her mother.

"I've called the meeting to explain something to everyone and I do not really want to keep having to repeat myself. The lady is queen Frigga and she is the mother of Thor and his younger brother. I cannot answer why Thor did not introduce you to his mother but it might be an Asgardian thing." Freya says, glancing over at Thor and Frigga.

"Why is Uncle Tony igniting you?" The twins suddenly ask at the same time.

"I'm not sure girls. Whatever is on his tablet is more important than listening to his only sister."

Tony glances over at his sister, "I'm keeping an eye on Scott. You asked me to come to this meeting and I am here. While I understand why you want me here, I still need to keep an eye on my son. Pepper is unable to stay with him and Morgan is with her mother. Do not worry Freya I can explain everything to Pepper so you do not have to repeat yourself."

"Jarvis can tell you if Scott wakes up Tony. Please just pay attention for a few minutes." Frigga suggests, smiling at Tony. "I promise if your son wakes up that you can run to him and help him."

"Thank you, queen Frigga. I apologise if I have been rude to you today. My son is recovering and if you are staying for a few days then I hope that we can spend some time together." Tony responds, smiling at Frigga.

Thor frowns clearly confused how his mother could possibly know Tony his new friend from earth.

"That would be very nice Anthony and I would love to meet your soulmate, daughter and son." Frigga says, smiling at her old friend before looking at Freya to begin the meeting.

Freya looked around the room unsure how to start the meeting. She wanted to tell everyone the truth but was unsure how much exactly they needed to know. "As you probably all know my name is Freya Stark and I am the older sister of Tony. This morning I learnt through a letter and a conversation first with Tony and then with queen Frigga that I am actually adopted. How legal the adoption actually was I have no idea but I do not blame my parents. Before my adoption I was discovered in the snow by Logan who actually took me to my parents and I am incredibly grateful that he found me. Without him I would not of had a loving family and a particularly good education. Being adopted does not seem like a reason to call a meeting but it turns out I am a lost princess of Asgard."

"There is no lost princess of Asgard." Thor says, both angry and confused.

"Thor please just allow Freya to finish the story. Once she has, I will do what I need to do so that you will understand." Frigga says, taking hold of her son's hand.

"I was born to king Odin and his first wife but the only mother I knew on Asgard was Frigga. She has told me that I will get these memories back if I wish to have them back. So, umm I grew up on Asgard with my twin sister who I also don't remember but from what I can understand is not a genuinely nice person. She corrupted me and while I should have been happy to become a sister of first Thor and then Loki all I felt was jealousy. Exactly what I felt when Tony became my brother though I never harmed him. Anyway, I grew up on Asgard but after my sister and I decided to attack Frigga chose to give me a second chance but that second chance had to be on earth. Frigga hinted that this was to keep my younger brothers safe and weaken my twin sister." Freya says, in a rush not looking at anyone as she speaks.

"Mum does that mean we are royalty?" Tori asks grinning up at her mother.

"I don't want to leave earth and move to some alien planet. My home is next to the school and that is where all my friends are. Please say you are not going to just abandon Uncle Tony." Laura begs, close to tears.

"I suppose it does mean we are royalty Tori but it does not mean we can boss people about. Laura, I have no plans to relocate the three of us to Asgard. Our home has been that little cottage next to the school for ten years. We might visit Asgard so that the two of you can meet your grandfather and your other uncle." Freya answers, pulling her daughters close to her. Doing whatever she could to calm Laura down.

"Do you not mean our half uncles? If you do not share a mother with them then they are not your true brothers. Do you think we can meet your sister? Is that why you had me and Laura because you are a twin. Why didn't logan look after you? Does he not like children? How much of this do you think the professor knew?" Tori asks, not caring about the other people in the room.

"Technically speaking yes Thor and his brother would be my half-brothers, though my understanding is that my other brother is adopted. For me this does not matter if they want me as their sister then I have two extra brothers and I can't think that it can be a bad thing. The decision is up to them and no one else. I do not know if we can meet my sister but I am under the impression that she is not a genuinely nice person. Therefore, I do not think it is a good idea to meet her just yet. It is very possible that I had twins because I am actually a twin. That is a question that I cannot really answer without more medical knowledge. Only Logan knows why he did not look after me for longer than a few hours. He seems to like his nephew but when he found me, he would have been a lot younger. The professor I am sure knew none of this or he would have told me."

Logan cannot stop the grin that starts to spread across his face but does his best not to be too obvious about how he feels. He can tell that Freya is feeling stressed and not completely happy that she is having to tell strangers something that she clearly has not had a chance to process properly.

"What the hell is so dam funny Logan? I have known Charles Xavier for an exceptionally long time and I consider him to be a particularly good friend. I can think of no reason why he would not have told me that my parents had actually adopted both myself and Tony. He is a good man and would have been able to get me to understand that my parents were good people who were simply unable to have children. But please Logan tell me how I am wrong because a man who barely knows Charles could know him better than myself or even Tony who barely saw the man when we were growing up and as far as I am aware has not seen him in the past ten years." Freya says the moment she notices the smirk on Logan's face. It annoys her to no end that he would be so rude and that no one but her seemed able to notice.

"I am sure you have known Charles for a long time Freya and consider him to be a good friend. You have though only known him for twenty odd year, where I have known him for double if not triple that. He is a good man but he is also a man who always knows far more than he is ever willing to let on. If he felt that you needed to know then yes Charles would have told you but at the same time, he has always enjoyed his games. It is a habit that Jean and Adam have both picked up, but then I guess having knowledge about the future makes you incredibly cautious about what you tell people. There is also a chance that he was keeping a promise to Howard and Charles does not break a promise easily." Logan answers with a shrug his gaze moving from Freya to Cain who is busy watching Frigga who is trying to smile at the boy.

"Uncle Logan does the queen know my mother?" Cain asks in a voice that is barely above a whisper as he turns to look at his uncle. He had listened politely to Freya as she had told everyone that she was adopted something that he felt had no effect what so ever on him personally. The lady might become a friend of his Uncle but he was sure that the relationship would not last for longer than a few weeks and at the most three months. This was the longest his uncle had ever been in a relationship with anyone at least those that Cain had actually met.

"Excuse me boy but my mother the princess of Asgard was having a conversation with the Wolverine and you were not given permission to speak. Even if you smell like family that will not stop me throwing you in the dungeon where I expect you to rot." Tori snarls surprising everyone with her anger.

"I have a name girl and it is not boy!" Cain shouts back his nails turning into claws as he glares back at the girl equally as angry.

"What is your name? Tori, please try and calm down. Mum what is wrong with Tori." Laura says clearly trying to keep the peace and have her mother say something. She could not understand why her mother did not seem angry with the way Tori was speaking to a boy who they did not know and was actually younger than them. Earlier the boy had been strange with them but he had never been cruel to them even if that is what Tori had said to their mother and at the time Laura had been unable to say anything to suggest that Tori was lying and so their mother had believed the lie.

"My name is Cain Creed the only son of Lady Sif of Asgard and Victor Creed of Earth."

Tori snarls at her twin sister her nails also starting to grow and turn into claws something that she has not yet noticed but Laura does.

Freya turns from glaring at Logan to look first at Laura and then at Tori. She is horrified to notice the nails growing and turning into claws just like Cain's. "Frigga what is happening with my daughter? Is this a normal thing to happen to the children of Asgard. I thought you told me that until you reverse the spell or whatever that my children would stay human. Their father is human of that I am sure of. Will someone get the boy under control and tell him that it is not polite to threaten girls. I doubt his father would approve and his uncle should not either. I would also like to know why the boy's mutation has appeared when he is only nine and the Professor told me that for most the mutation does not show itself until the child is going through puberty or is it actually an Asgardian thing."

"Your daughter's mutation has appeared due to what I can only guess is stress with everything that is going on. Claws are not a normal thing for the children of Asgard unless one or both of their parents happen to have claws though any on Asgard who have claws are not true Asgardian. By this I mean that their parents were probably not born on Asgard but had come to Asgard to get away from a war on their own planet. As agreed with you just a few hours ago I have not reversed the spell just yet but I will do in a few days. This should give you and your daughters enough time to process everything that you have learnt and I hope will give us a chance to get to know each other. Even when the spell is gone, I do not expect you to call me mother or anything like that but I do ask that you try not to hate me or either of your brothers. When I sent you to earth to keep you safe, I had to make your brothers and everyone but your father and myself forget about you. Hela your sister I am sure still remembers you but she believes that you died. Cain is in complete control of his anger because if he was not, he would have attacked your daughter for daring to challenge him. He is in the presence of a queen her son and daughter and two of her grandchildren but that dose not mean he must gain permission before speaking to his uncle. As promised, I have been able to figure out who the fathers of your daughters happen to be and I do not believe either will make you all that happy." Frigga says her voice incredible calm as she smiles at Cain and watches as the boy sits back down and moves closer to his uncle who is quick to put an arm around him.

"Cain you are not in trouble and I promise that no one will repeat this to your father. Freya might want to but we both know that Jean will never allow Freya to know the location of her home or leave her alone with Victor. If you want Cain you can sleep here tonight and will speak with Jean about when I should drop you back off thought you said they would be away for a while. I still need to speak with Jean and if need be take you home to at the very least pickup clothes and anything you will need for school. Before you ask Cain, no you can not skip school just because your father and stepmother have gone away yet again. How many times must I tell you that looking after you is not a problem and that I really don't mind. You are family and it is my job to look after you, even if your father was not my brother, I would still see you as family because I've told you many times that your mother is like a sister to me. Its true that when she turned up on my doorstep and asked for help, I was not expecting a four-year-old boy. However, I didn't turn you away and it never crossed my mind to do so even when we had our problems." Logan explains to his nephew not at first understanding why he is being so truthful with Cain when there are so many witnesses present. In his confusion he looks over at Frigga and sees a smile on her face and this tells him that she has performed one of her spells for everyone in the room to tell the truth. He knows that he should be angry but instead he is grateful that he's finally been able to say something that has actually calmed his nephew.

Freya turns again to look at Logan and then at Frigga "please tell me that my daughters are not related to Logan. He considers Tony to be his friend and for that reason I would never have broken my vow of never going to bed with a friend of my brothers. The only person I believe that I would break this rule for is Steve Rodgers but only because he has been my childhood crush for as long as I can remember. He is probably the only older man that my father would have approved of me dating, but I know that the only person that he will ever love is Peggy Carter. So, Logan why did you only look after me for a few hours when you clearly looked after your nephew for a few weeks."

"Actually, Freya I looked after you for a week but I knew that I could not give you a proper home. I had a job and made a reasonable amount of money but my job was not something I could do while looking after a one-year-old child. Howard and Marie Stark, I knew were rich and would dote on any child who came into their care. Even if they had not adopted you Freya, I knew that they would find you a good home and family. The moment I walked into their home with you in my arms your mother fell in love with you and it was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that she did not want you to go to any other family. I looked after Cain for three years because I was asked to do so. Would you have preferred to have been dumped in an orphanage and gone to a family who did not give you everything that you asked for?" Logan explains, watching Steve who has not spoken a word. It should worry him that his friend is being so silent but he knows better than to ask him a question when a spell has been cast on the room. There are many things that Steve would rather keep secret until he is ready to share these secrets.

Steve smiles at Logan understanding that his friends silence is his way of protecting him and he's incredibly grateful. An instinct tells him that if he was to try and speak that all of his secrets would come tumbling out.

"You looked after our mother for a full week?" Tori asks, the confusion in her voice making it difficult to figure out if she was happy or angry.

"Grandmother Frigga is Logan the father of one of us?" Laura asks, needing to know but at the same time dreading the answer. All her life she has wanted a father but if it is indeed Logan then she's not sure that, that is a good thing. All her mother and Logan seem to do is argue but she guesses that maybe Logan broke her heart and it's one of the reasons she's never managed to move on with her love life.

Frigga turns to Freya "would you like me to tell everyone or would you rather we have this conversation in private. As I told you earlier, they need to be informed about their fathers."

"So, the rumours are true that my big sister went to a crazy party and slept with every guy there." Tony says, ignoring the looks that everyone gives him. He knows that they are all annoyed with him for being so blunt when it comes to his sister. That is if he is still able to call her his big sister.

"I'm glad my brother hates me and doesn't comment on my sex life." Clint mumbles leaning back in his chair.

"Isn't your brother in jail?" Natasha asks, glancing over at Clint.

"Nope he escaped three hours ago. Coulson has sent a team but I doubt they will catch him, so I said I would help after the meeting." Clint answers with a grin.

"Birdbrain you have a brother who is a criminal?" Tony asks, glad that the subject has somehow been changed.

"Yup a criminal mastermind who every so often is caught and then manages to always escape. It's nothing that the Avengers need to worry about."

"Excuse me but this meeting is about me and not if members of the Avengers are secretly criminals." Freya says interrupting the conversation. "I think it would be better if you named their father now rather than having it so I have to keep repeating myself. As long as the girls agree."

Laura and Tori look at each other and seem to have a private conversation before they both slowly nod their heads.