Izuku PoV

His mom was right nothing changed- well some minor things changed. But they aren't that big a deal

Kacchan started joking around more at izukus expense more, and he did... but that was only the one- well 13 times he hurt Izuku but that didn't make his potential to become a hero any less prevalent! He just made mistakes any other person would.

His mom seemed more sad and he saw slightly less of her but that's ok! He noticed that she had bought a bit of whiskey. She just said something along the lines of things have just been stressful and oh I've just been feeling sad lately. He didn't remember her acting like that when dad was here

In fact he hasn't seen him since before he was quirkless.

Also when he was here mom was more happy.

Izuku couldn't remember a time when his mother's face was filled with life and color. But he knew a way to fix that! He would make her so proud that he found a way to be the 1 hero! She couldn't be sad when he was standing right next to all might!

He was glad that his mother at least tried to be there for him.

Well the one time he told her about.

Kacchan had gotten mad at izuku after he mumbled a bit to loud one time in class. So he and his lackeys told him about how creepy they thought his mumbling habit-which it was, but when he told Kacchan that he would grow out of it and still become a good hero. Kacchan dragged him outside while their classmates laughed.

You can guess what happened next-

But he told his mother about it and regret filled him as her face twisted to a sadness he couldn't quite describe.

All he knew was that he would rather have his eyes ripped out before having to see her in that much misery again.

But his 12th birthday was coming up and everyone he knew was invited. Because hero's include everyone and share! If he wanted to be like All Might he had to have friends help him there!

Who knows maybe All Might himself would be there! He always imagined what All Might would tell him if they met. Or maybe what he would ask him. But he always thought he would say something like he does in

He always thought All Might would say something around-

"this is your story and all story's have to have a conflict and bad characters and you have to deal with them and get through your conflict so that at the end of the story you get to do everything you ever wanted!

(and your my number 1 fan and I will give you all of my merchandise for free!)"

Yeah this was going to be a great birthday!

Shinsou POV

Shinsou was walking past a school when he heard laughing and what sounded like boys talking. He almost immediately crossed the street but then he heard somthing that peeked his interest

"Yeah that quirkless deku is so fucking stupid!"

"Oooooo" a female voice responded "you said a swear word!"

Quirkless Deku? Hmm.. he didn't know why but that stuck with him.. it was probably nothing.

Inko POV

She had been working an extra shift at the hospital when she finally checked out to see what her son was up to. He had been acting strangely happy all week like he had just finished another one of this notebooks he spent so much time on.

Or like Kacchan was coming over or even when she told him she would make katsudun.

Whatever it was she was happy he had finally seemed to get over not having a quirk. She still wished she could've given him one but alas she got losing numbers on this game of life.

Everything was fine before people new about her son but right when she told them every time she would make eye contact their eyes were full of pity. She couldn't stand it!

But it didn't matter she was home now.

She got her keys from her purse and opened the door, with a turn of the knob. But when she got inside what she saw was heartbreaking.

What was in front of her was her son with his face in his hands and what seemed to be a plastic hat placed on his head. It looked as though it was made from colored paper and stray pompoms and old glitter. It seemed that 20 of these hats were line on the counter and an empty plate where a cake would normally be seen. Old streamers where hung on the ceiling and the words happy birthday izuku ! were wrote on paper and then taped to a streamer. a pack of candles still in the package where lying next to a pack of inflatable balloons and what seemed to be all might posters covering several things.

Tears leaked through the crevasses of her sons hands as he cried mumbling an incoherent speech to himself as he wept.

Inko couldn't say anything she just listened to his cries as she felt tears in her eyes fall down her face.

-3 days later-

Izuku pov

Izuku had been scrolling through some old sites. It may have been 2 in the morning but he didn't care.

The disappointment from what happened was still slightly there. But he didn't deserve to be disappointed. It was a bad idea and it was stupid he even cared about it at all. Hero don't have time to worry about stupid birthdays. But maybe that's what everyone was trying to tell him. He should thank them when he sees them.

He told his mother he wasn't feeling well and she called him in sick. She also made another call to her work talking about a family emergency.

But after that she promised to make him katsudon. And she said the could watch old documentaries on heros and all the knew All Might interviews.

It was a fun day.

After scrolling for about 10 more minutes he put down his phone and went to bed.