Denki looked through the crack of his door. Who was that? Why is there a man in a trench coat, sitting, on a chair, in his house, talking to his mom, right now, on this day?

Is his mom having an affair?! What? No! Come on your mom isn't like that plus he's like a 4 at best! His mom would never go that low. Unless she just likes boring. No stop thinking about your intrusive thoughts!

Denki groaned. Causing izuku to snap out of his weird starstruck face. "Oh uh who was that?"

Denki looked back toward izuku who was sitting on his bed. "I don't know who that guy is but I do know that my mom was talking to him, I don't even know why she's home this early! She wasn't supposed to be home for another hour!"

They both basically screamed when the door opened behind Denki.

"Huh?" Mrs. Kaminari looked from her son to the strange boy she had never seen before. She shrugged,"I'm sorry for scaring you, a man from UA is here to talk to us. I think your friend should head home for awhile, unless you want him to wait."

Denki looked down at his feet, "awh man," he looked over to Izuku.

Izuku tried to speak clearly," it's fine I can just meet at uh... do you know that cafe down the street from here?

Denki nodded.

"Then how about we meet tomorrow? Does 12:00 work?"

Denki looked towards his mother, she nodded, then he nodded towards izuku." So see you tomorrow then?"

"Yup!" Denki smiled at izuku.

"How about i escort you to the door?" Denki gestured to the door.

"Actually, me and Denki need to talk, it should be just to the left." His mother pointed towards the direction of the door.

" ok, thank you Mrs. Kaminari." He walked into the dining room.

He hoped Denki didn't get in trouble, he didn't want Denki to hate him because he got him in trouble with his mom. But Denki wouldn't hate him? Would he?

"Hello there." The man with black hair who was sitting at the table spoke, interrupting his thoughts.

Izuku surprised tried to match the man's energy," hello." And very much failed. If people couldn't see when someone was nervous they could definitely hear it.

"How safe have you felt with the current police?" The man said confidently.

What? Was this suddenly one of those reviews about service? How do you even answer that? "Uh it's been pretty good. Pretty safe feeling- ya know?"

The man raised an eyebrow then sighed," wish everyone agreed with you."

Izuku chuckled, thinking it was the appropriate way to end the conversation and walked out the door. Who was that?

Soon after leaving the home he realized he never asked where the exit was. He could always take the way that would involve him going on the roof, then going down the way he came. Or he could try and find the exit which could take awhile...

Ok it was settled he would go back the way he came!

With a smile on his face he ran back towards the roof. Although he didn't get to stay with Denki for long he still go to spend a bit of time with him.

Detective Tsukauchi walked into the UA principal's office. Although very time consuming he did see benefit to background checking the new students, especially with the rising sudden attacks because of those notebooks.

Who knew if one of the students were actually making plans to take down a teacher with that info. Anyone who had any clear personality issues or seemed like the type to hold grudges could attack one of their teachers if provoked, and if they had that kind of information to do so it could be fatal for the prized staff of UA.

On top of that rising protests of police were becoming a serious problem very quickly, the main issue being people didn't feel safe with the sudden, and speedy down fall of heros, the people who see them as their saviors when their in need.

And most of the people protesting seem to be trying to push police to stop whatever killing heros, or at least tell them what the problem is.

Although if they do tell them anything, false information could spread about what they don't know. It could cause more damage than good.

They had sourced one more notebook in the time that they have had. Stats on the recently hospitalized pussy cats. The police is no longer concerned about catching whoever is behind this and is instead focusing on controls the ones that are already out in the world.

Information like this takes decades to gather.

He dropped the reports off on the desk of the currently absent rodent principal. Catching a glimpse of his computer. It seemed to be an art account with a lot of popularity,

He wouldn't know anything about that kind of stuff but what he did wonder was why Nedzu was looking at it.

"Shoto." Endeavor looked towards his son in his mediocrity.

"Yes, father?" Shoto raised his chin just slightly so that he wouldn't be ridiculed for not listening.

"Did I raise a you to bring trash into our house?" Endeavor looked down at his son.

Shoto nearly shook to his core. Did Fuyumi tell him? "No, Father."

"Then why are you carrying trash into our home on the security cameras? I'm a hero and soon you will be too. You can't afford to bring in any villian trash."

Shoto interjected," he isn't a villian." He immediately regretted saying that when his father stared at him.

"I'm sorry for speaking out of turn father."

Endeavor sighed,"Good, I know I didn't raise a problem child. Now let's continue with your training."