~~Includes Random OC~~

"One last announcement before I release you for the weekend. As you've probably heard, the school has updated the curriculum for most classes, including PE. What this means is that we have to add some assignments before the semester break to make up for lost time. So over this weekend, you need to make a video series and post it on YouTube. Each video needs to be 3-5 minutes, and include at least one family member."

The class sniggered as Reiley openly groaned, the teacher smirking at her response. "You must film it yourselves, and there should only be one or two exercises per video. And Reiley, superpowers don't count as an exercise."

The teenage superhero slammed her head on her desk in defeat as the bell rang and the rest of her class filed out. She smirked as a thought came to her. This was gonna be fun.

Two hours later.

"How's it going everybody my name is Reiley Reagan and welcome to my workout vlog. Now this assignment was given to me by my wonderful multimedia teacher, and I figured since Twitter has been asking the Avengers about our workout routines, we should just knock out two birds with one stone, and hopefully have some fun while doing it! So, I'd like you all to meet my family!" The camera shifts to the Avengers, wearing vests with guns in hand.

"Now, you may be wondering, 'Do they have vest and guns? I thought they were exercising? Am I losing brain cells?' The answer to all three of those is YES. These-" She holds up the gun in her hand "Are paintball guns. Once a month the tech, auxiliary, and primary teams get together, mix up the teams and shoot each other with paint. The winning team gets to choose dinner for the night, and the losing team has to hand wash the dishes after. Now, here's the Patriotic Man with A Plan for the rules!"

The camera swung around to show the Avengers in a loose circle, Steve in the center. "No powers, no killing, no traps, and no vows for revenge outside of the rounds. What happens in the arena stays in the arena. Everyone ready?" At the groups nods, Steve looked up. "F.R.I.D.A.Y.? Give us the teams and count us down."

"Team Yellow is Wilson, Barnes, Banner, Barton, T'Challa, Parker, Vision, and Lang. Team Orange is Rogers, Stark, Romanoff, Reagan, Udaku, Rhodes, Maximoff, and Van Dyne. You have one minute to get into your positions. Starting now. 59...58..57..." The teams looked at each other for a short moment as the camera view switched from an immediate view to the overhead security camera view before sprinting in different directions throughout the course.

Let's just say Reiley got a viral video and an 'A' out of this assignment.