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Chapter 1: Prologue

Embracing the person sleeping soundlessly beside him, he let out a content sigh.

It was good that he was sleeping on his left side. With the lack of his left arm, he could only use his right arm, the only arm he had left, to embrace her waist, bringing her body closer to him until her back made contact with his naked chest. With no gap between them, he placed his chin on top of her head and once again, sighed in content as he felt the sense of peace and comfort enveloping his whole self.

Even with the cold temperature of the room, he could still feel the warmth and heat that radiated from her body.

'She's always this warm.' He thought with a serene smile.

A while after that, his hand left her waist before slowly making its way to her face and softly caressed her cheek. Even with his touches, the person in his embrace was still sound asleep, too comfortable in her sleep that she refused to leave her dreamland.

His smile turned wider when the person, after a few moments, suddenly turned her body around and faced him. Her eyes opened, revealing her beautiful blue eyes that managed to captivate him with no effort. Her eyes seemed to suck him in, trapping him under a bewitching spell that caused him to be unable to move his gaze away from her.

"Why are you still awake?" She asked as she stretched out her hand, attempting to place it on his chest, only for her hand to be grabbed by him. He then casually brought her hand over to his own face.

"I'm admiring the beauty." He gave her a playful smile.

In response to his cheeky words, she rolled her eyes. Pinching his face lightly, she said "Stop playing around and go to sleep!"

Shanks could only let out a chuckle as the woman snuggled closer to him. One of her legs went on top of him as she hugged him, bringing their bodies much closer than before. He too, let his arm to wrap itself around her waist.

Satisfied with this position, she closed her eyes and went back to sleep, much to his amusement and also a tiny bit of disappointment. As if sensing his little bit of disappointment, she opened her eyes once again before suddenly proceeded to kiss him on the lips. Then she closed her eyes once again, nuzzling her face into his neck.

It was a quick and brief kiss, but it still made him happy nonetheless.

The two stayed like that for a long time, and the room fell into a comfortable silence. With his keen hearing, he could hear the sound of the waves rocking the ship back and forth, accompanied by the soft murmurings of some of his crew who were still awake at this hour.

But that wasn't his main focus.

He focused entirely on her as he stared contently at her face, the slight fluttering of her long eyelashes, her soft breathing, and the steady beating of her heart.

He loved looking at her.

To him, she was his entire sun that brightened up his life. The light that had always managed to grab his attention. He recalled that even before their first official meeting, she had already managed to steal all of his attention to herself.

By appearing on the news.

On this particular night, he was suddenly hit by a sense of nostalgia. His eyes lingered on his wife for quite a long time as he recalled the memories of his childhood, his pirate apprenticeship years, his journey as a pirate captain and most importantly…

The day he met her, and the days spent together with her.

Shanks was truly grateful. He did a right decision back then.

The decision to leave his island, and follow after a certain pirate crew. If he hadn't made such decision, he would never be able to meet the love of his life and be together with her in this lifetime.

- End of Chapter 1 -

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