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Chapter 1.

Storm clouds swirled in the atmosphere of an unnamed planet. The few inhabitants hurried to their shelters as lightning flashed across the sky. Deep underground , oblivious to the raging storm, was a hidden laboratory. Large upright tubes were placed along the walls; huge pieces of equipment were set up in the rooms; and crates and supplies were scattered around. Here a group of scientists and doctors crowded around a table that was filled with books, notes, and documents. One of them set up a holoprojector and turned on the COM device. A hologram of a cloaked figure appeared.

"My lord, Project Alpha finally has a success,"stated the lead scientist.

" Explain, "commanded the sinister figure.

" Number 10 is operational, healthy and ready to be programmed according to your command. "

"Good. Good. Were all other numbers a failure?"

" Yes. "

"Why did this one succeed and the others fail?"

" We believe it was because of its donors, and also we believe this one has some sort of a personality, "offered a scientist in the back of the room.

" Interesting. "

"The personality can be erased," commented the one with the goatee.


" But-. "

"I want the asset to have a bit of its own personality. I will send you the material for the programing. Be sure this potential asset stays an asset."

"Yes, my lord."

"Are there any additional things I should know?"

" The asset is a female. Do you have a name you wish for us to use?"

"Alpha 10 would be appropriate. What is her current age?"

" Five, today. Her aging was not enhanced like Number 3 and 9."

"Good. I will send an additional associate to help with her programming. His ways can be unconventional so be prepared."

Alpha 10 floated in the blue liquid in her tube. An oxygen mask covered her mouth and nose. She flinched at every loud noise. Slowly she opened her eyes to look at the things around her. Everything was like a blur slipping past her. The things she had managed to study were soon forgotten. Everything was so confusing. Nothing made sense.

Who am I?

Alpha reached out and pressed her hand against the barrier of her glass prison.

Will someone tell me? Please!

A young man woke up drenched in sweat. Who was that? Why did they ask him?

"Diego? What is it?" asked his wife sleepily.

"Just a weird dream, Danella."

" Okay. Tell me about it later, will you? "

"Sure," Diego said as he laid back down in bed.

His thoughts went back to the little girl, her pleading eyes, and her request. Her Please! echoed through his mind before he fell asleep.


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