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About 10 years later

In an crashed Old Republic research ship, the Havoc VII, on an nameless uninhabited planet in the Outer Rim.

Fifteen-year old Amy sighed as she scrolled through the data folders on the old holo computer in the bridge of the Havoc VII. She was looking for the data reports on Project FreezeOver, a plan for weaponizing a mysterious biochemical. Morally, Amy was wondering if it was a good idea to give anyone the client wanted the data for some random reason.

The data files were coming to an end. There was nothing she could find related to Freeze Over. Under strict orders to copy the data onto the chip and then erase the data on the computer afterward if she could not find the file, Amy unplugged the chip and set up the computer for a memory wipe. Clearly the client was paranoid. She froze when she heard something clang somewhere nearby in the ship. She wasn't alone.

Amy pressed the power button on the computer despite the fact that the memory wipe wasn't completed.

Amy stepped out of the tiptoed down the hallway, hiding behind the wreckage whenever she could. She could hear cautious footsteps and low voices in a nearby adjoining hallway. If she was fast she might be able to avoid whoever it was completely.

" Be careful! If you keep knocking over stuff the ship might collapse on us! " hissed a female voice.

"Be quiet, you two. I hear something," warned a male voice quietly.

Apparently the "other two",whatever they were , shut up. The footsteps were getting louder.

Amy pressed herself against the metal shrapnel protruding out of the wall. A large section of the ship was in good shape considering the crash it had taken. However, a few parts weren't so pretty, like this hallway for example.

/The data spike! I left it in the room!/ Amy thought in horror.

Amy made her decision. She wasn't about to see 100 credits go down the drain. She sped down the hallway and skidded into the bridge. Her brand-new data spike was still in the port. Amy pressed the release button. Unfortunately, it was stuck in the rusty port. She tugged on it, but it wouldn't release. The footsteps were getting louder by the second. Amy pulled as hard as she could. The spike did come out, but it took the outside part of the data port with it. The accompanying screech and clang from metal scratching on metal wasn't improving Amy's situation. With no time to hide in her previous spot, Amy slid behind some broken equipment. She cocked her pistol. She didn't have to wait for long. Footsteps echoed around the bridge. Their owners stayed silent. Amy was trying to breathe as quietly as she could.

"Something is in here," whispered one of them.

"All we need is to get the data and get out of here," said another.

Amy's eyes widened. The client had specifically told her to delete the data before anyone else got it. She had to make a distraction so she could finish the deletion process.

"Look! The data port was ripped out of the wall!"

" I don't want to run into whatever did that. "

"Can we still access the files that we need?"

"Yeah. But it will take me a while to get into the system with the portgone."

Judging by the different voices, Amy estimated that there were four of them. One of them was probably a professional data seeker or a splicer. Amy's COMLink beeped. She quickly turned off the volume, but it was too late.

"What's that?"

"Someone's here."

"Whoever you are, come out," ordered a voice.

Amy decided to step out of her hiding spot with her gun set to stun. She quickly sized up her foe. The one that demanded that she show herself was a young man with a nasty scar on his right hand and a gun in his left. The young boy in the back seemed rather jumpy. A young lady held a set of splicing tools. And lastly, a younger girl stood by the boy. Judging by the resemblance, Amy assumed that the team in front of her were brothers and sisters.

"Who are you?" demanded the young man.

"My name's Amy. There are polite ways to ask a lady her name, you know," said Amy calmly.

"Why are you here?"

"Here is where I'll always be, no matter the planet."

Amy was well aware she was making the young man angry. She also knew quite well that she was stalling.

" Put your gun on the ground- slowly. "


He raised his gun at Amy.

"Put your gun down. Now!"

" Why? My gun works. Yours doesn't. "

"How do you know?"

" I didn't help Pete clean his gun collection because I could. I knew there was knowledge that might come in handy. Hey, Marci, press the green button. Not the red. Never press the red button. "

The young man turned around to see a little girl at the holo computer attaching an override deletion device to it. His brother and sisters were unconscious on the floor.


Amy stunned him. He fell to the floor with a thump.

"Thanks Marci."

The little ten year old Kage girl winked. She brushed her blonde hair out of her face and studied the computer.

"Deletion is finished. Okay. So can we go to Coruscant now? "

" I'll race you back to the ship!" yelled Amy over shoulder as she took off running.

"Not fair! You got a head start!" said Marci as she ran after Amy.

If you don't know what a Kage looks like, they are basically a near-human species with like a grayish pale skin color and blonde hair. I'm just guessing on this next part. The women have bright pink eyes, and the men have yellow eyes. They are on Wookiepedia, and in a Clone Wars episode.

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