Taken from my own fluff prompt list: No 10 Breakfast in Bed. (available on Tumblr: CG29)

World: TAG - Little Tracy's

Breakfast in Bed.

A tiny knock on the door woke her from her sleep, mother instincts immediately kicking in she rolled over and looked at the door where her eldest was peeking through a small crack. "Sweetheart, it's only just turned four, is everything okay?"

A nod "can we come in?"

"Of course."

The door swung open revealing her three boys, immediately she tried to hide her laughter at the sight before her: Scott was holding a small tray which currently was overflowing with one of their treat day cereals. Next to him stood John who was carefully cradling a beaker with water inside. Virgil, her youngest who'd only just turned two, clutched some paper flowers and sported a massive grin with goodness knows what smeared over his face, top and pyjama bottoms. Pushing her concerns for the state her kitchen must be in aside, she pulled herself up into a sitting position. "What all this for?"

"It's mamas' day," John happily informed her, "we surprise you."

Realisation dawned; Scott must have started learning about Mother's Day in his school class and roped his two younger brothers into this 'treat' for her. The actual date was the following Sunday. Two days after Jeff returned from his latest trip but she wasn't about to upset them by letting them know they were a little early. Thank you, sweethearts, so what have you got for me?"

Scott proudly carried the bowl over. "I climbed chair and got you our lucky charms, couldn't get fridge open for milk so just charms. Johnny was going to make coffee, but Virg started eating it."

"Coo-fee goo mamma," Virgil chirped over his elder brother.

She held in her snort of laughter.

"I get you water and we all made flowers," John added.

"That's really kind of you all," she held out her arms to them, "why don't you all put it down and come here for a cuddle first."

Virgil clambered onto the bed, dropped the flowers onto his mother's lap, then curled up straight into her welcoming arms. Scott and John placed the bowl and cup on the side and then scurried over to join their littlest brother. She pulled the blanket over them and held them tightly stroking her fingers one at a time through their hair.

Silently she thanked the universe for the gift of three precious boys with an added promise to herself that she'd clean up the kitchen once they fell asleep.