Holding Hands

The tiny hand clutched his little finger, blue sparkling eyes stared at him with such intensity and trust. He was an unexpected gift, and early to arrive. He was their first born. His baby boy. His Scotty!

He had sworn he'd do anything for him. Yet, for nearly 9 years he had failed. No, it wasn't his fault that this had happened, this was the result of another man's insatiable desires. Nevertheless, he still couldn't help but blame himself. Scott had already lost some of his childhood when his mother had passed, now he had been left to raise his four younger brothers he would have discarded the rest. However, despite not being there to witness it he knew his son would succeed. He would continue on and would become the man he was destined to be. Every day he would make him proud.

Yet despite the signal he had sent out he hadn't expected this. His son was here.

Deep down he knew he shouldn't be surprised, after all Scott was so much like himself. If there was the tiniest bit of hope, then no matter how long it took he would persevere, and he had. His Scotty had found him. His back was to him, he was within touching distance, yet he was falling…


He reached out grabbing hold… Those same eyes, no longer a childs. Blue. Sparkling. Trust filled with surprise shimmering through. His now adult hand clutched his and he held on… "I've got you son." and he knew he wouldn't let go again.