Previously on the Batman

Roy: you don't have to this if you don't want to

Dick: but I have to Roy, if I'm going to be on this team I have to get everyone to like me

Roy: (sigh) now it's just well kid flash can be a bit well, impulsive

He looks outside to see Wally running

Walls: (laughing) I'm Wally

He hands his hand out in front of him,

Dick: it was nice meeting you Wally

He shakes his hand

Wally: you too

They let go

Dick: pals forever

Wally: (gasp)

He smiles at him

Next stop Coast City

The car stopped by Hal Jordan's apartment, The two step out of the car, dick goes to the window by Roy's window

Dick: so is there anything I need to know about this sidekick

Roy: yeah(he pops his head out) it's nothing much but don't judge

Dick just stares at him in confusion

Dick: ok

As the drives off, they head to Hal's apartment room 385

Knock, knock

As Bruce knocks on the door, they were greeted by Hal

Hal: oh you're here already, come in

They came in to see the place a mess

Bruce: nice place you got here

Hal: thanks

He looks down at dick

Hal: hey kiddo, if you're here to see John he's in the other room

Dick: John, but i though I was going to meet your sidekick the green lantern kid

Hal: well that's his name

When he went the other room, he saw a tall boy, in a green shirt, black pants and tan shoes

He looked up and saw dick, the two boys just stared at each other as his foster father pushed him closer to John Hal: John this is dick the Bruce's son, kid this is John my sidekick

John: hey

Dick: hi

It became awkward between the two as he went down to sit down

Hal: okay (claps) while the boys chat, why don't I show you around

They went to kitchen leaving the boys alone

Bruce: why do I get the feeling that this isn't a social visit

Back with boys, they just avoided eye contact

It was so quiet that they could hear the clock going

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Until one of them broke the silence

John: so you're the boy wonder huh

Dick: yes but most people call me robin

John: okay okay that's cool robin

It became between them again

John: so! Can you fly like a robin

Dick: no

John: oh I'm sorry it's just that-

Dick: it's okay I get that all the time

John: (nervous chuckles) hehehehe

Dick: (nervous chuckles) hehehehe

John/dick: hehehehe um

Dick: do your a green lantern too huh?

John: yep been one all my life

Dick: oh really

John: yep

Dick: do how did you became a green lantern

John: well, when I was 5 or 6 I saved Hal from siniestro, it was then that the green lantern Corps saw how sting my will was and made me-

He shows him his green lantern ring

John: a member of the green lantern corps as long as Hal trains me

Dick: wow

John: you know Superboy or Conner told me how much of a great listener you are

Dick smiles

John: thanks for giving him a name it's way better then the last one Superman (he rolls his eyes) gave him

Dick: well it's what I do, I help people out

John: yeah well Artemis talks about you a lot

Just the thought of hearing Artemis name made him smile more

Dick: well I felt like she needed someone to talk to, a friend in need

John gives him a warm smile

John: why don't I give you a tour around coast city

Dick: uh yeah sure

Bruce: are you sure Sinestro has escaped

Hal: positive

Bruce: well do you have any idea where he might be

Hal: possibly at the airport cause thats where he crash landed at

The both walked out of the kitchen and headed to the room where the boys were

Hal: we'll leave right now

Bruce: but what about the boys

Hal: oh, I'm sure they'll be okay by themselves here, they'll bond

But when they entered the room they saw that John used his ring to create a robin and dick started making bird whistles to it

Hal: well what do you know,

John/Hal: (gasp)

They looked at him

Hal: we leave them alone for two minutes and they already bonded

The two got up

John: hey hal, I'm going to show dick around the city, it that ok

He takes his arm

Hal: well if it's okay with his dad

They both looked at Bruce

Bruce: alright, but be sure to be back at 7

John/Hal: ok

They both ran outside

Hal: come on, let's go find him

The two heroes changed into their costumes and went off as for the boys

They were having the time of their lives, they painted the town red

John took him to a little arcade, the museum about amazing pilots and showed him where he lived at their last stop, he took him to a dinner they ordered apple pies

John: so if you can't want can you do

Dick: well-

Crash, (people screaming)

Dick/John: huh?

They both went outside and saw siniestro causing havoc in the streets

They both looked at each other

John: well looks like I get to see what you can do in action

He runs to change

John: I'll meet you outside

As soon as everyone leaves the diner, he goes to the bathroom

John:In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight, Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power...Green Lantern's light!

He transforms form into his green lantern uniform, he's uniform is different from Hal's cause he was black gloves, and boots inside of whites

He flies outside and create projection of a giant fist and punches Sinestro in the face


John: ugh

Sinestro: ah!

He falls down and gets back up to face John

Sinestro: stay out of my way boy-o

As he gets ready to attack him, robin throw his robin-rang at him and ups on his arm

Sinestro: ah!

He turns to see robin hitting his face with his foot

Sinestro: GAH

He jumps and lands on top of a street pole, John looks at him and smiles, but the the two boys look back at Sinestro as he gets up and glares at the boys

Sinestro: i will not be defeated by children

John: children

Robin: we're teenagers man

Sinestro: we're fried is what you are

He projects a fireball and throws it at them, the two jumped out of the way

Robin throws more robin-range at him, and John fires at him projections of green light

He then used the power of yellow lantern ring and creates a giant force field and pushes them both away

John/robin: ah!

John fell on the ground and robin was sent flying in the air

John: (gasp) wonder boy

He flies off to him and catches him

Robin: whoa, thanks

John: don't thank me yet

They saw Sinestro was getting away, so robin thought on an idea

Robin: I got an idea, throw me

John: what?

Robin: trust me

John gives him a sincere look and trust him, he then picks him up by his foot and throws him to sinestro, he turns around robin grabs his arm

He pushes him off


Robin: ah

He gets up and looks at him and glares as sinestro turns to John as he gets ready to attack him

Sinestro: time to put you out

Robin: good luck without your ring

He shows him he's yellow lantern ring he took off from his finger

Sinestro: (gasp)

He looked at his finger that back at John as he gets in his face

John: looks like your powerless now Sinestro (grunts)


He raises his fist and puches him, knocking him Out on the street

Sinestro: ah! Ugh

Robin walks over to him and John joins him, they looked up at each other and smile

They shake hands as their mentors finally returned back from their goose chase Sinestro has sent them

It became time for them to go home, dick and John had said their final goodbyes

John: thanks again for the help

Dick: no problem John, it was nice meeting you again

He gets in the car

John: so I guess I'll see you around

Dick: yeah see ya around

John: ok

Dick: tell Conner I said hi

John: ok

He watches him drove off and tells him one last thing

John: oh and good luck tomorrow

Dick: (chuckles) wait what does he means by that

What he didn't know was that he was going to meet hawkgirl