A/N: This is just a little GoF Harmony one-shot I had to write when someone mentioned Rita Skeeter being a good reporter. Maybe she was… once.

A feeling of disgust came over her as she read the parchment again. A story, her story. Ten years ago she wouldn't have come up with such uninspiring drivel. Is that all she was good for now? Gossip and fake outrage? She knew exactly what would happen as the article hit the wizarding world tomorrow. A mildly interested chuckle as Mrs. Nobody showed Mr. Nobody the paper. And in less than a week it would be forgotten. She was better than this, she had been the one to capture the attention of the entire world with her bloodcurdling article of the St. Mungo's blood theft scandal of '86, SHE had been the one to make every wizard and witch cry with admiration at 'A War Untold: Forgotten Heroes of the Dark Rebellion'.

Where was her muse? In a fit of anger she slung the parchment through the air and burned it to ashes. There were only three hours left until her deadline. Hunched over she went over her notes again, her initial preparation as the news had come, the interviews she had collected over the years concerning the Boy-Who-Lived. Then it struck her. Right here between the lines was a story worth telling, and a picture worth showing. At first she had dismissed it as a hook, a cheap way to grab attention, but now… What better way to make her creative comeback than with a story so simple and yet so powerful? She flicked her wand at a quill and parchment. "Start Dictation. We all know the story of the Boy-Who-Lived..."

, the story of a young child orphaned by a Dark Wizard and the icon of the blissful peace we live. But really, beyond a lightning shaped scar and his heroic name, so very little is known about him. And even less is known about the people around him.

Our story starts not in Godric's Hollow, but in the broom cupboard of a modest muggle household. There, young Harry Potter first hears word of the Magical World. "(He) didn't know nothing about his parents. Didn't even know he was a wizard, or how his parents died. The look on his face when he found out. It's like he'd just gotten the best birthday present in his life. Well it was his birthday mind you, even got him a cake." - a source close to Harry Potter

Soon after, many among us including yours truly, watched in anticipation for signs of the Boy-Who-Lived distinguishing himself. Sorted into Gryffindor, like his late parents he started his magical education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many of us remember the first article noting how Harry Potter had been selected to play Seeker for the Gryffindor House team. Understandably so some overlooked this as fame following name, but another source says otherwise. "Oh we definitely wanted to win the cup. Six years in a row Slytherin got it, six bloody years. Every one of them torture. To see my efforts go down in flames… I almost had a nervous breakdown. But then last year, he bloody well did it. We all did great. Best team I've ever witnessed. If Harry hadn't been there, well let's just say I'm glad he was on our side."

Besides quidditch it seems our great hope holds another talent, and that is the talent to win other people's love and trust. Rumors of course have reached our ears before, how Harry Potter in his first year thwarted the theft of a priceless artifact, but not many know that he was not alone in that endeavor. "A full grown Mountain Troll! They were lucky to be alive, if it weren't for the consideration they showed for each other I might have had a mind to expel them… (They were) thick as thieves after that, wherever Potter went, so did… Mrs. Granger." - an anonymous source at Hogwarts

The bright muggle-born witch Hermione Granger had befriended Harry Potter and went with him to face dangers many grown witches and wizards would cower at.

"They told me afterwards. If I'd known what I know now, I don't know if I would have tried to stop them. A three-headed dog! And more trolls! Why would they want to see trolls again after almost dying to one… They're crazy, but brave, nothing like me. He told me Quirrel was scarier than professor Snape, and that's hard to believe." -N.L.

And things did not go much easier past his first year. We all remember the terror that struck two years ago at the prestigious institution, resulting in the short-lived suspension of the Headmaster and unrightful imprisonment of Groundskeeper Rubeus Hagrid by the Ministry.

This is where investigation of the matter ran into a brick wall so to speak, as the subsequent cover-up by the Ministry and certain authorities at Hogwarts left little to speak about, but as usual rumors do live where truth is scarce. "I swear [person] told me he fought a great big snake! That's what was attacking the students. And I don't mean big like a few yards, like – as long as a train! They told me he used a sword to do it, can you believe that? It's like some story out of a book." - an anonymous student

One must also not forget that while things ended without permanent harm to any of the students, none other than Harry Potter's own friend (at the time), Hermione Granger, was a victim of petrification. Is it strange to speculate that the plight of a dear friend would have inspired Harry Potter to take action where no one would? "Dark times, dark times. Oh, I remember, (he) came to visit her every day. Breaks your heart to see things like this. What is this? Mr. [person], you're not leaving this bed until I say so!" - anonymous Hogwarts staff

By now, dear readers, you can see where this article is going. It is my strongest belief that while his lack of years of experience at 14 years old is a great handicap, he is not alone in his competition. Indeed, while unknown to the public, Hermione Granger has ranked top of her year for every year since her enrollment at Hogwarts. One is reminded of the late Lily Potter, whose grades were just as impressive, as school records will show, and who besides her husband James Potter defied He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named on many occasions before their untimely demise.

As the saying goes 'Behind every great Wizard is an equally great Witch'. In the case of Harry Potter, I believe that witch to be Hermione Granger. Of course there are detractors to the notion. One such rumor reached me that during their third year a rift formed in the couple due to the delivery of a competition broomstick in suspicious circumstances. As such I asked a comment from the boy himself. "The Firebolt? How do you even – never mind. I was angry about it, but not angry at her. I just really like flying… but I really like (Hermione). Wait, what are you writing? Is this going to make the article?" - Harry J. Potter

The truth should of course be evident. Which brings us to the latest scoop. I seems the young couple managed to escape from the clutches of the vicious murderer Sirius Black last year and might have contributed to his temporary capture. "Yes... had him, right under... wand… Potter and (Hermione Granger)… captured… fought bravely… unconscious together… deserve an Order of Merlin." - a terrified bystander of the incident

In conclusion, one might say that when looking at the fourth contestant of the legendary Triwizard Tournament, one must look to his side to see his full potential. Now with the first task approaching quickly – which this witch has no doubt Harry Potter's faithful friend (and likely lover) is helping him prepare for – we can only watch with anticipation how he, or they, might surprise us further. I leave you not with words, but a picture, taken by amateur photographer and Daily Prophet fan, Colin Creevey (who says he also owes his life to the inseparable couple).

Turning pink as a strawberry, Hermione was staring at the picture in the paper that had been doing the rounds that morning. There she was, right beside Harry, with a stack of toast he was happily munching on. The picture was a lot more intimate than she thought it would. "What about me?" Ron said. This was the least of her worries as of now.

"There he is." Neville whispered, and heads turned to the entrance of the Great Hall. She didn't dare turn towards Harry for fear of saying something stupid and startled as he sat down beside her.

"What's going on?" he said, and she nudged the paper towards him. "The Girl-And-Boy-Who-Conquered?"

As he read on she could see him growing steadily redder by the second. Seamus was mock swashbuckling at Dean who made hissing noises, finally slaying the beast saying 'Take that Salazar!'. Shooting a glance at the teacher's table showed professor Snape glowering over at them in a fury only rivaled when he had found out about Neville's boggart.

"They completely cut me out of it." Ron reaffirmed, looking dreadfully pale. This was definitely not going to help his confidence issues. Lavender and Parvati to her left were furiously whispering and giggling.

Confident he had finished reading, she bent closer and tapped his arm. She had to know, the question was burning a hole in her head. "I – Is it true?"

"Uh. Which part?"

"What you said…" she asked.

He was nervously ruffling the hair on the back of his head and had turned a vivid shade of scarlet. "True enough... I guess."

She tugged at his robes, and when he turned enveloped him in a big bone crushing hug. "I'm sorry about your broom." Cheers and whistles had erupted around the Gryffindor table.

"Sorry about not talking to you for weeks, dumbest thing I ever did."

They both laughed ignoring the commotion that had started. Nobody paid much attention when Ron said "I defeated that troll!"