Disclaimer: I do not owe black butler or vampire diaries others do if I did Elena would have a backbone would of ended up with Koi.


"I hate you Miranda! your husband, and I bet you to, is into shite you know of but do not care?"

" go Darla! your sixteen you need to go back to school be normal get over your teenage rebellion, stop this attitude and be a role model for Jenna? you're not even listen to mom and dad, your just getting in with the wrong crowds and you need to drop it and if your pregnant I will take the child!"

"what you what to take from me, me you bitch I have no words for what you are Miranda, so read my lips very clearly I am still a virgin, I am not a whore like you, I will only give myself to one!" she turned away, Miranda from this day on, I only care for Jenna and any blood children of yours, your dead to me!" Darla walked away getting into a cab it drove away.

Miranda would never see Darla again, but she knew she was in touch with Jenna and a series of unfortunate events happen to people that hurt Jenna.

,…time will pass….,

Chapter 1

Darla walked away from her so called family and their money they never respected her artist ideas and dreams, she was the middle sister and was very much ignored and misunderstood, her parents wanting her to be stay at home mum and maybe part time teacher for the school, they all seemed to want me to do what they wanted it was my life, I felt I was in a prison I was never able to leave, I wanted to be a bird and fly away, I was being control in a way that I never wanted or allowed and it was getting hurtful, they even wanted me to marry in the town. I was clever enough not to sleep with anyone, for no nasty surprises. I left without a look back I can protect Jenna from outside.

My life was one of anticipation and I went to New Orleans at first and stayed in the Cajun parts, it was nice, I rented a place, and got a job and ingrate myself in their culture, it was in the first month I came across what I was looking for you see I used to be Ciel Phantomhive (a female version,) I wanted my demon back, I was a reincarnated soul and I had fallen head over heels for him and the last time I had gave him myself and he still took my soul, this time, I feel so lost and depressed, I wanted him back I tried to live in this world but I could not, normal was well out of my reach. I wore Victoria steampunk clothes and my colours were black, tan, red, purple and green. I did the ritual in my living room on the dark of the moon, I wore white my hair down, the ritual took hours to do and I just wanted my Demon, I blacked out at the end.