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Ciel sat in his chair by the fire place, the fire crackling in the patch, "Thank you Sebastian for giving me my revenge" said Ciel, he took of his eye patch closing his eyes Sebastian came closer, looking down at Ciel and gentle kissed his lips sucking his soul, the last thing Ciel heard was " Thank you Master" then Ciel heard no more and darkness engulfed.

Chapter 1

On a dark October night a women screamed into the night, lights inside homes made an eerier glow that surrounded the outside, a little girl sat inside with her aunt waiting for her mother to finish labouring with her new sibling her father having come home to take her mother to hospital but was unable due to the baby coming to quickly, it was nearly nine a clock and the girl was on the sofa watching a film, and slipping into slumber on the sofa, when the aunt and niece heard a baby cry, it jointed them up and a sleepy girl run upstairs, she was introduce to her new-born sister Sky Gilbert.

Inside the room she watched her new little sister being held by her mother as she was held by her daddy, that day the little girl vowed to always keep her safe. After a while she held the baby next to her mother on the bed, the universe changed that day and was rewritten, a possible few paths were blocked that day and a few new ones opened up, the little girl was Elena Gilbert and just by holding her sister, lots of people would not die, and the future would be more pleasant for all.

Elena loved her new sister Sky and throughout the years her sister safety was her main concern she left school one day to punch another kid in the face, because Sky had called in tears regarding her bully, they fought as sister do, but nothing came between her sister and her. We both went to dance class as well as fighting classes my dad wanted us to be able to protect ourselves. Until teenager years came.

Sky grew up, she suffered from night terrors, and slip into her sisters bed, she went where it was safe and was close to her family she thrive on there love and was spolit rotten by everyone, Elena was beautiful and popular, her sister her pride and joy, she felt like the riches person in the world, time tick on and teenager hormones, her best friends bonnie and Caroline, growing up noticing boys and cheerleading practice started to drive a wedge between the family and Elena, she loved them she just wanted to be hanging out with her friends, it cause lots of disagreements, but that was teenager life.

The start of high school was when the sisters drifted away, from each other they still cared about each other the relationship changing form childish to adultish but it would take a long time to iron out the creases, it was when Sky was 13 when she started to remember her pervious live, it was the start of puberty, that her live as a boy was reviled in her dreams that made her freak out until she thought logically of it by release this was another live and settled down again. She wanted to tell her family having never kept anything away from them, but something stopped her a thought a feeling, but she kept quiet. Trusted her gut as she remembers, she did as Ciel.

Sky did enjoy looking nice she was close to her mother and sister and would go to the mall to buy clothes and other things, she enjoyed spending time with the family. There was a secret that she kept from her self and only in the dead of night would she ever think about it was as Ciel and now Sky she missed Sebastian he took care of her and she missed his presents in her life, but she never wanted to make another contract she was happy now even being a girl that was okay.

Sky grew older she researched the occult to see if the Faust contract was here, she also looked into supernatural creatures, she knew that being a founding member of mystic falls, there skeletons in the closet, she had tripped over once in the attic and came across diaries from relations long dead, and read their accounts, of the supernatural in the town. She now knew of vamps, weres, and witches but angels, reapers and demons were not around or not notice. When she realised that she would never see Sebastian again she felt her heart die a little, maybe it was Stockholm syndrome he had saved Ciel from everything in exchange for his soul, but she wanted to see him again, she was very fond of her demon. Maybe this was a type of hell from selling her soul for revenge. She felt odd and lonely that day and she never felt quite the same again.

In the summer of 2008 Sky decided she needed to changed her room style and after weeks of sleeping on the sofa and the family moaning about tripping over her stuff she was done, it was Victorian chic with punk themes, and a little modern day as well it suited her well enough. She enjoyed her paperback fiction and nonfiction, with pictures of old London, she started to dive into the Victorian and steampunk style of clothes which oddly enough suited her. Her family just thought it was a faze, she was going though but it was definitely not, she wore and brought lots of hats and she looked sexy.

(see website ladies steampunk clothes) ( sky owe them all and hats etc)

A part of her if she thought about it would be thinking she would get closer to her demon, her memories of him got more and more sexual as the years passed and now, she basically masabated to her memories, shocking I know. That year was the beginning of my new look and taste in music my sister though I was hot and sexy and my dad wanted to cover me up it was funny, I grew comfortable in my skin and now enjoyed my life, which came to an erupt halt when mom and dad died.

I went of the rails and listened to darker music rarely interacted with the family going through what I was. I listened to music that was not popular, but dark and gothic, I was getting into the rocky horror show. As I grief I wanted Sebastian more and more to bring home my first set of parent's murders and fire burning the mansion. To my second dying in water and going over a bridge, both set of parents were killed with fire and water.!

Aunt Jenna was amazon and kept us all going, but today I started my first day of high school I was 15 nearly 16 and Elena was nearly 17 now, and school day so I got up and dressed listening to my music starting with type o negative. I showed and dried, sorting out my clothes I did my makeup, smoky eyes, light blush and dull blood red lips with black outline. Spraying myself with perfume angel (lovely smell) and then went to get my clothes on, black lace underwear long black socks I always get blisters, a burleska passion corset black dress, it hugged my curvy body I was busty finally I was a c cup, I did my hair in a messy updo and set my hat slightly to the right pinning it in place, getting my studded backpack, I grabbed phone and ipod and attached to my clothes. I looked in the mirror and nodded not bad, I was a hot vixen, kissing the mirror I went downstairs,

Saying good morning to Jenna who was stressing over our first day of school and then noticing me, "wow" she said, as Elena stood in the doorway month opened, " what about the rest of it sis" this is it I want to be dramatic with a little sadness in my eyes I looked away "mom brought it for me," both looked then and they said it was cool and I looked good.

I took the coffee and the money and walked to school on entering all eyes turned to me as I went in to my first day of high school. Nick cave in my ears singing red right hand.

Chapter 2

School was long and as a loner liking the history of the occult and my dress I stood out and I started to enjoy being me, I ate in the library and done homework, and ate a sandwich brough in the hall, I then walked home, I never went to the party, I had my owe at home listening to music and painting dark scenes, I also went to the community college and took classes in art, after school I met the Salvatore's when I came back form art class, that day I was wearing the hat thigh high boots and a phase aggy streampunk skirt and corset top, I open my door setting the key in my bag and went to the kitchen and got a drink of orange, and walked in the living room where Elena friends and boys were.

Elena looked at me as did everyone else up and down, sitting down on Elena's lap she smiled at me as she introduce me to Damon and her new boyfriend Stefan, nice to meet you all, and looking at bonnie and Caroline, getting of Elena," long time no see what you think of my new style girls ?" both girls liked it and the boys agreed , although both were good looking really not my type. Turning around putting mu foot up I took my boots of one at a time, my height went down a lot. I kissed my sister on the cheek and said night went upstairs, had a shower and read a little and went to sleep.

Weeks went by and the ebb and flow to me was the same I was always a wallflower, I gave up on looking for mysteries since being reborn, I was having fun Tanner died as did a few it never really computerted with me as no one really near me died, I knew vampires were around and then were not humans? and Elena seemed stress I tried to help but she blocked me a little from her life. But as I was a loner, I kept to myself I rarely listened to gossip. Caroline invited me to the grill for Stefan surprise party. I wore light make-up punk rave queen of spades back dress with a top hat faux leather and chain with black arm warmers, with demonia crypto 106 boots looking good, sometimes I think I felt like grell, the red-haired reaper.

I made it to the grill and met Lexi, Stefan friend whose mouth was to the floor "nice outfit" she finally got out. We talked style and lace, she was oddly very interested in my style, and how I developed it I told her of my fondest for London Victorian era and punk so combine then I did and this it. We talked all evening I dragged her to my home to my room, well Stefan did leave her for my sister so tough I nicked his friend, we had a blast, until she left, she gave me her mobile number, I got ready for bed , I fell asleep.

A few weeks later I found the rocky horror picture show was showing in the next town, I was so happy I got ready for it and got something for my sister a tight little black dress with long boots,

I wore stocking and long boots short mini skirt and red corset, my hair in a bun with a small hat with veil to the side. Red lips I grab my purse and ran to the car I got my licence and drove to the grill, got out and ran into the grill where I was getting starred at, looking around I notice Jenna,

"Jenna you seen Elena?" still continue to look around while Jenna was looking at what I was wearing the man I think was ric my new history teacher, who looked shocked at my attire, Jenna was asking why I was out in the house looking like that, I finally saw Elena and ran to her grabbing her hand she looked at me and smiled "there here then yeah," yeah as I step back and sang the song,

" I'm just a sweet transvestite from transsexual from Transylvania" I sang I grab her looking at Jenna "you coming got something for you to Jenna

"yeah ok"

"Okay " there in the car" she grabbed then to go and they flew out the grill.

They arrived all three of us were wearing nice black sexy clothes seeing all the costumes, it was a great night out just want this little family needed, and it was just us having fun by the time we got home I was exhausted, and we had tea and a laugh before bed, Elena thanked me and went into her room.

Getting into bed I never realised how much I needed a night with my family.

Chapter 3

The months had taken there toll on Elena she was closed of and depressed, she knew I rarely went anywhere after school unless it was art college and I was a little homebody, she also knew I was not in to boys, the founding days had came and went and the stress my sister seemed under was extreme to say the least. I was becoming worried it seemed that her Stefan and his brother were putting pressure on her, she was like their doormat and they played a tune and she dance to it, she did make a couple of choices, but the relationship I deemed after she came back scared was abusive.

She needed an out and I started to try different occult rituals to get her demon each one a fail attempt,

Sky never knew that one of them had worked she had got his notice, if she had waited a little longer she would have seen him, he stay in the background finding out what was happening, he was amused by the vampires, and smiled when he saw the attire that sky wore, he heard her say his name in sleep, and he secretly longed for her as well, Ciel was always a secret love of his and her reborn body was perfect, he wanted to show himself, he had ate well before he came here.

The night Mystic falls would forever change, was the night Elena would be Killed in a ritual sky found out about this when she was kidnapped walking home from school, she fought well and bravely and then was knocked out she came to on some grass, where she was in a circle and Jenna and Elena and other person were tied up, Jenna looked worst for ware and Elena scared not for herself her last remaining family. I wondered what was happening when a women said about turning Jenna, Elena screamed no and was unhappy with the whole set up twilight was upon us and soon, I would be part of a ritual again, I was really having flashbacks, i think I became a little out of it because a man came over and slapped me, before he could do it again I screamed for Sebastian, before the second slapped my demon came, and stopped his hand, he threw him away and untied me, picking me up in his arms he took me over to Elena who grabbed me and then went and untied Jenna the three sat together, not speaking just watching the show, as my demon tore apart the man who was going to harm my last remaining family.

( in this story the original are not tied to there lines)

After the bloody deed was done he came over grabbed me and kissed me, I kissed back I really missed him and he noticed that I said it outloud. He was my demon.