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"Harry, you have a betrothal contract with Ginerva, just as Hermione has one with Ronald." He had thought his notice-me-not would keep them alone. The screech brought the entire hall into focusing on them. "That's line-theft, headmaster Dumbledore. There is a prior betrothal, mentioned in the Potter Will, you sealed. Did you think there is no more copies in other places. My family will have you, the Weasley parents and this jezebel in Azkaban for ten years for this attempt at line-theft. Harry is my intended, not that little shrew Ginny. When this is proven, all contracts you wrote will be suspended!" Yelled Nymphadora Dilectus Tonks.

Students fled from the great hall, heading for the owlery. Albus realised he was in for a shit storm. He might lose everything. Ronald ruined everything. "You promised me the mudblood and gold to be his friend. You better fix this Dumbledore!"

He had a sudden pain as he realised he had had his wand in hand and Harry expelliarmused it. The loss in power freed Fawkes. The bond shattering, caused an aneurysm to explode in his brain, which then caused a massive backlash from the magic, destroying his heart.

As he died, he realised that Harry had killed the Dark Lord in the prophecy, him.