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they will be vampire royalty.

Stokely castle

the sun was rising, peaking through the blinds of Vladimir's bedroom. the young vampire (though not yet) was getting dressed for the day where he would hopefully get to play with robin. preparing to face the day he sighed and headed down to breakfast not knowing how his world would change.

" good morning master Vlad" came the voice of his loyal friend Zoltan. the werehound wheeling to a stop by the table. as he was going to speak the count came in, swooping the cape about, mumbling about breathers. Reinfield came in to serve breakfast and Ingrid took a seat in the middle of the table, surveying the food with disgust. "this is disgusting" the bite in her voice could be felt around the room.

A screech sounded as the family settled down for a questionable breakfast as an owl bearing a parchment in the form of a letter settled down in front of Vlad. shaking its leg indignantly at the child it flew of the second it could, leaving the family in peculiar silence. Vlad tentatively opened the letter. "Hogwarts school of witch crafty and wizardry what the hell magic is real!". "this is excellent my little Vladdy has been excepted by the witches. their has not been one in about a thousand years, well a properly magical one a few weak cored ones here and their, but my heir proving he is the best . why I was friends with the last one and he said that his seer friend told him to give me his stuff as his legacy and his husbands so it would go to corrupt family ". ( if you work it out i will be impressed).

the count started to squeal somehow like a little girl given the best birthday present possible, he would claim it was a bat sound, but those in the room could tell how excitable he was. Ingrid was rolling her eyes while trying to work out her advantage while Vlad looked too shocked to move.

"we need to get your school stuff and tell me when you leave. oh and a tutor as well. the grimoires left should help. languages that will help you, we are vampires so it will benefit you more than those breathers. yes to the market.".

strigoi market Transylvania

the market that Vlad had arrived in with his father was packed with what every good vampire would need. from boards filled with humans looking for masters to serve to shops filled with ball gowns and jewellery for the new season. list of wanted hunters and stools filled with various blood products for consumers. his father grabbed his hand and dragged him to what looked to be a shop filled with various items. an old man greeted them with an exuberant smile. "my son has been excepted by the wizards" the count started " we need a medium for him to harness this power". the man looked giddy staring at him with a look of longing? " don't worry vladdy it has been a long time for him since he could truly craft". " well you will need a vampire version of the wand. this is usually a piece of jewellery like a ring that will help control your powers. most need 2 or 3 different pieces by the time they graduate to help control all the power which builds. now all start of with a ring, some can even use others rings. it is a shame most are in private vaults now that can only be claimed under hard conditions, but i may be able to get them displayed as now one needs them. ah here we are my kit." the man to Vladimir seemed a little lost in himself.

though he was worried he found he had nothing to fear. he just needed to run his hand over various metals and stones to find the ones which responded the most. he ended up with a rose ring with some scandium runes carved in, the stones were clear quarts and blue goldstone in the triple moon raven eyes. it was beautiful in Vlad's opinion and when he slipped it on he felt a rush of power he'd only once experienced. the feeling was similar to when he had an accident and if like magic, well probably magic, he had been saved, but that was an old memory now. while in his little world the count had paid and was now dragging Vlad to a new shop.

"now Vladimir" the count started "you can use witch craft but also vampire magic. yes their was some developed and i will order you books but now we need cloths. lets see that list, ah yes robes. well here we are." the shop had seen better days. its was gloomy but was sophistically decorated, rows of cloths filling the room. "up up on a stool while I get a tailor" the count had gone on a hunt. he returned a minute later with a flustered server.

"right we need 5 sets of quality robes 3 for everyday wear 2 for wizards, the robes in the best material for work and the 2 in silk. shoes for school and everyday, new essential wardrobe, oh and dress robes for social functions." his father was clearly excited. the assistant looked scared of the request. about an hour later everything was done.

his father having wondered of had returned with an owl. they ventured into an ability shop according to his father, they specialised in common abilities but had good wizarding knowledge while they shop where he got his ring specialised in the rare. the women who ran the shop looked decently young but had an aura of knowing around her. "what may I do for you count?" "why my heir has been excepted by the witches and needs appropriate books." "of course, we also have specialist knowledge we are supposed to give in this event. apparently more come her to learn before realising we do not stock what they need so we like to help " she was talking to Vlad at this point. " now here are books about vampire abilities but also their wizarding counterparts, oh mage books, we tend to do well historically in this area. those with small cores who cannot be excepted actually tend to do well with an area or two, so you will be fine." she was in her own world, passing books on occlumency to water fundamentals down. he was scared at the sheer volume of the tomes and books being produced while his father was looking prouder then ever. " now here are basics I recommend you try these and find where you succeed and come back for more. their may be a grimoire you can claim that will help you more but the goblins will be needed for that. now that special knowledge those with magic come into their inheritance a little earlier, usually around 14 but if they see a blood mirror before that can trigger the inheritance if they are ready, if not 14 again. I hope that helps and i recommend some blood tablets just in case of emergency, lord knows the wizards have no idea of half the stuff they actually have from beings like us. well Gooday and I hope you scare them good"

at the end of this exhausting shopping trip they returned home with their haul. Vlad took it to his room and changed for dinner. at dinner one question came to his mind. "dad when will I get my school books the school set". Ingrid mimicked his voice. "tomorrow, and we will see the goblins as well. you will love the ally if I am not mistaken." Ingrid not liking that she was being ignored interrupted the counts thoughts "this means you will have time to train me now, and can I get his room." the counts response resonated around the room "no Ingrid I am still busy".

And as the day ended Vladimir Dracula fell asleep in his room looking forward to tomorrow shopping trip.

I hope you like the premise of the book. Vlad will come into his inheritance early. this will either be with the mirror of erised or one of lockhearts mirrors that he thought reflected his image.

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