Chap 5-

POV Draco Malfoy

The new Romanian student is getting on my nerves. He must be a mudblood (or at least a half-blood) trying to pose as a pureblood. And he had the audacity to deny me sweets and then shows me up in class.

I already sent a letter to my mother. She will prove that they are not pureblood or noble. He has also shown me up in the dorm room and I'm losing respect.

POV Vladimir

That was a waste of my time. Now sitting in potions, I am staring at the board with no teacher in sight. A bang behind me and this greasy man enters. He looks like he is trying to imitate a bat.

"You are here to learn the subtle art of potion making, hopefully you are not the usual group of dunderheads I have to eat."

"Mr potter are new celebrity, what do you get with a powdered root of asphodel and infusion of wormwood."

"I don't know"

"where would I find a bezoar"

"Let's try again what is the difference between aconite and monkshood"

"I don't know"

He put his hand up while Hermione was waving her hand.

"Mr. Dracula what are the answers."

"The first one is draught of the living dead, the second a stone that has passed through a goats stomach, the third ones are the same also known as wolf's-bane"

"Well done Mr. Dracula, class today split into pairs and make the potion cure for boils."

This continued on for the rest of the hour. He was partnered with a boy named Blaise zambini. They made small talk over the potion. Blaise seemed pretty cool. He also did not seem to be too fond of Draco either.

They brewed the potion and bottled up. They decided that they would sit next to each other in charms. A few cauldrons had gone of in the class, mainly Gryffindor's. they had both gotten a perfect potion, Hermione was looking jealous.

Sitting in charms the two started to share their lives. While Blaise talked about his mother and 7 fathers, he talked about robin mainly. When the teacher, professor Flitwick started to take the register the fell of the stack of books he was on. it turned out it was potter's name.

Today they would be doing the levitation charm leviosa. He got it first try.

"Well done Mr Dracula. First time. That Is very rare, take 10 points to Slytherin." Granger was looking huffy again.

The professor said he could read one of his own books, so he took out a book on specific element spells that magical vampire could do. It was interesting, he started to learn some fire spells. If you could get high enough you could learn light and save yourself from the sun. that would be very handy, especially if cannot find a cure, he could still live with the humans. Mainly going over the theory he decided it would be worth while learning much more. The class was soon over, a guy in Gryffindor called Seamus Finnigan managed to explode his feather. Unfortunately, that was the last class of the day so he decided to find Gryffindors mausoleum. Though the naming was ominous it kind of made sense in the fact he was a vampire. apparently, the painting would have better capabilities of teaching him there.

Making his way passed the Gryffindor common rooms and just behind an alcove of where the fat lady was, he founds the painting. 'Vampires macabre'. Any vampire could access it as long as they were magical, so just him.

Entering the room his sneezed. There was a lot of dust in the room, so he decided to cast a few simple vampire cleaning spells. In doing so the room drastically improved. Now you could see the highlights of gold and red, specifically scarlet. There was the fountain in the centre with libraries, workshops and bedrooms leading off of this comfortable lounge. A cough from the fireplace alerted him to Godric and two other vampires in paintings above the fireplace. A plaque under their names told him they were Elizabeth Crow and Dramion Dracula his grandfather.

'what is your name boy' Elizabeth asked. 'My name is Vladimir Dracula mam'. This piqued the interest of his grandfather. 'AH so you are one of my descendants, magic came to the line again.' 'Yes sir'. he had never met the man and was feeling quite scared.

'Now then we will need to train you up, do you know why vampires can have magi like wizards. No sir was the only response he could give. He had never been too attentive with vampire lore.

'Well, that is to be expected. Now about 6000 years ago moon elves were dying out due to hate from other creatures, you see they had three names moon elves, dark elves the last one later. They dealt with the night and darkness of the world. Now all other elves pretty much hated them, so they attacked with help from a few other groups, some pretty ironic. A few moon elves met a few vampires. Now vampires to this point could not have true magic – only the small abilities. The two groups procreated and the offspring was born with magic, but only a few descendants got it as part of their primal DNA, yes, we keep up on that, those who got that gift had been blessed with magic from the same root twice which made them be able to do all core magic, what witches and wizards can do, as well as have advantages of the magic of the other groups. But you cannot tell anyone, the elves which remain hate dark elves and think them demons to be slaughtered, though we never risked revealing us to them. Now the third name is blood elf, they had a bit of attraction to blood which got them the name, and after combining with vampires that became the official name, we gave ourselves. Now that history lesson is done lets properly start.'

That was a lot to take in, the fact that he was not even a vampire kind of raised his hopes, but also started to drown out hope of becoming normal. There would be so little work on his species and what he is so he would not be able to create something to turn him human. But he understood now why he was attracted to blood in general, though he never wanted to have it, he loved playing with it when he was younger. But what surprised him more was the fact that this was his grandfather who supposably could kill thousands in seconds and had one of the coldest exteriors known to vampires.

'Now young one, you are unique, you may think a monster, but you are not. We are known to hate blood at first, to not want to drink, find a cure. You have probably had those thought yourself so I tell you they will not come true. But we will make sure you can live the best life possible with your abilities, while making you a perfect apprentice. We shall start with some vampire sun spells' Elizabeth spoke with pride and hint of sorrow in her eyes. He felt sad knowing he would never be human, but if they would help him, it may be worth it.