Batman: Gotham's Dark Desires

Chapter 1: Rim on me this, Batman

Batman laid out on the floor of a dishevelled wooden room. He had been completely stripped of everything but his mask and his Bat jockstrap. The cold air began to make Batman shiver slightly, or was it the anticipation of what was to come?

'So, Batman' a lewd and monstrous voice whispers into batman's ear like a slow draft eventually cooling down the body, 'I have finally have you where I want you!' The green figure steps out of the shadows to reveal himself to be The Riddler! 'Riddle me this Bat-beast', he mocks 'What is full but always begs for more?'

Batman grunts disgustingly. Riddler then, without warning, shoved a 10-inch dildo into Batman's anus. Batman cried out in pain, which eventually transitioned to moans of illicit pleasure. 'The answer Is your asshole, Batman!'

The Riddler began to move the dildo in and out, making Batman's pork soldier stand to attention. The Riddler looked down at what he had forced of Batman's body. 'As predicted, your body is crying out for your ass to be used even more!'

The Riddler pulled out his green penis, which was decorated with question marks.

'Let's see if you can handle this, Bat-bitch!'

It was only two inches when erect. Batman burst into laughter at the site of the penis that was barely bigger than a double A battery.

'What are you fucking laughing at, Bat-whore!' Edward shouted with a voice that wavered with embarrassment. 'I'll have you know that even Killer croc couldn't handle this piece!'

Edward Nigma then slowly inserted his chipolata into Batman's semi-crowded hole. At this exact moment, the dark knight screamed 'I AM BATMAN!' and splattered the wall with his dark black and viscous jizzums. The Riddler was still trying to get his rocks off and continued to slide his penis in and out of the Bat-cave. Batman used this moment to catch Edward off guard and slapped The Riddler on the balls. This caused Edward to scream with at least a 144-decibel sound rating – the same as a humpback whale singing.

'Where are the fucking drugs, Nigma!' Batman boomed, in his intimidating but highly incoherent speech.

'Riddle me this, batman-' Edward attempted to say, but Batman cut him off by slicing off his 4 of his fingers on his right hand with a well timed batarang throw.


'That wasn't me…' Batman replied.

At that very same moment, Robin swoops in and kicks Edward clear across the room.

'No-one fucks Batman, except for me!' Robin cried.

Robin quickly unties batman whilst Edward appears unconscious on the other side of the room.

'Holy willy cum, Batman!' Robin replies, 'You have a big dildo up your ass!'

'Yes, thank you Robin. I already know that' Batman replies.

Robin scoops up batman under his arm, somehow, and uses his bat grapple to escape quickly out of the evil sex shed. All The Riddler can do is look on in anger, whilst vowing 'I'll get you next time Batman, and I will violate your fucking bat pussy!'

At Wayne Manor

Robin forces through the front doors of Wayne manor, with Batman under his arm.

'Alfred!' Robin cries out in urgency, 'Alfred, I need you now!'

Alfred very slowly walks from the pantry, where he had been hand churning butter for the upcoming bat bottomless brunch, and trudges over the Robin.

'What appears to be the issue, master Robin?' Alfred asks, but in a way where he doesn't really give a shit.

'Jumping Jizz holes, Alfred! Batman, has a dildo stuck in his asshole and I can't get it out!' Robin explains with a maternal worry.

Alfred sighs and rolls his eyes, 'This is the fifth one this week!' Alfred replies with annoyance, 'maybe if you stopped dressing like a fucking slut, master Wayne, then this wouldn't happen!'

'Wait!' Robin replied in shock, 'Bruce Wayne is Batman!?'

Alfred ignored Robins clear mentally retarded nature and laid Batman out on the Bat operating table. He injected Batman with anaesthetic that he was clearly not trained or qualified enough to administer. Batman went into a very quick and deep sleep, whilst still maintaining an impressive erection. Alfred pulled out a severe looking metallic extraction device and fixed it appropriately to Bruce's anus. Alfred pressed the and it began to suck furiously on Batman/Bruce's anal canal. Alfred tried to pull back on the device in order to extract it, but he was too old and weak.

'Quickly boy!' Alfred gestured to Robin 'Grab a hold onto this and give it a good pull!'

Robin rushed over and pulled furiously on Alfred's old man cock.

'AHHH' Alfred screamed. 'I meant the device!'

But Robin was far too turned on by Alfred's naked mole rat. Robin then lubed up his own armpit, and began to pump it in and out of the armpit.

'Oh NO!' Alfred screamed, 'Not intercrural sex with an armpit! That's my secret kink. How did you know boy!?'

Robin smirked and replied, 'You talk a lot in your sleep, and I've been secretly sleeping in your bat bed without your consent!'

The sexual pumping action went on for at least 2 hours, by which time Batman's anaesthetic had nearly worn off.

'Oh shit!' Alfred replied, 'we need to extract the dildo before Batman gains consciousness. Make me finish now boy!'

Robin shot Alfred a disgusted gaze, 'I've been trying to do that, you old fool!'

This made Alfred fiddle with his nipples, 'Oh yes boy!' Alfred stated, 'keep insulting me, I like being treated like pig shit!'

Robin obeyed and continued, stating 'You are a stinky old fuck, and your balls remind me of some fucked up mutant from Chernobyl'.

Alfred then orgasmed, but due to his age he only jizzed out dust that resembled powdered milk. Then the post-wank clarity kicked in and finally remembered how to use the dildo extractor properly. The resulting shock of quick anal evacuation caused Batman to bolt upright on the bat operating table.

'I'M BATMAN!' he screamed.

Everyone was suddenly distracted by the television displaying the local news. Vicki Vale was reporting live from a murder scene.

'Hi, I'm Vicki Vale.' The reporter stated, 'and I'm reporting live from the murder scene of Jim Gordon.'

Everyone gasped.

Vicki continued, saying 'Jim was reportedly waiting for Batman to report the location of some drugs being illegally smuggled into Gotham, but Jim grew tired and went to investigate it himself. When he did, he was shot dead by a shotgun rigged to blow off anyone's head who enters the drug den!'

Batman began to cry floods of tears; Jim had always been good to him, and he had a slight crush on him.

'I should have found the drugs for him! It should be me dead and not him!' Batman cried out in a gay angsty teen way.

Alfred slyly walked over to Bruce and slipped his tongue into his mouth.

'What the Bat fuck, Alfred!?' Batman bellowed in disgust.

'Oh, sorry Bruce,' Alfred replied 'It used to cheer your mother up whenever she was sad'

Suddenly there was a massive crash, and the doors were thrown off their hinges.


It was Killer croc!