Batman's Darkest Desires

Chapter 4 – Planted Up His Arsehole

"Now that the caped crusader, his butler and that little twink bitch have been captured for over a month, all of Gotham is now under our control." Two Dicks and Two Face smirked from behind his big, black, cock-shaped desk. His fingers intertwined deliciously, riddled in spunk from a previous wank section. Before him sat his three most trusted fuckbuddies – Jim Gordan, Scare Willy Crow, and Fish Mooney - each sat on a red leather chair but not on the leather itself, but onto dildos modelled after Killer Croc's croc cock cock.

"I will now decide who will get the final slice of Gotham." He spoke like Lincoln Clay.

"If it wasn't for my intimate knowledge of Batman's tonguing techniques and bussy pleasure zones, you never would have been able to capture that Bat cock. I deserve this more than these other pussies." Detective Gordon pressed his case forward, then sat back smugly while glitching as Vito Scaletta would.

"Well, I terrified that little bitch boy Robin, and the butler nearly shit his little britches when he saw me! You owe me – big style!" Scare Willy Crow stood up, allowing his loose, scarecrow clothes to open slightly, which exposed his little cock. He had bigger bollocks than a tuberous bush cricket – relative to his size, of course. The bell-end was pink and reddened. It resembled a Calippo. Because he had urinary retention the other day, he had an indwelling catheter, which burrowed right down his japsye and japseye, and piss hole.

The room went silent as all eyes were now on Fish Moonie. Her legs were crossed dangerously; she took a long drag of her cigarette, like she had all the time in the world, then uncrossed her Twix. "It is obvious to me that you two have dicks smaller than the common shrew, and you would never be able to satisfy Two Dicks and Two Face, like this independent woman could. She took her high heels off and stepped her bare feet toward Two Dicks and Two Face.

"This one's going to Detective Gordon." Two Dicks and Two Face pointed at Jim.

Scare Willy Crow's cock shrunk even more inside himself, in disappointment, but he began fisting his bussy, so didn't really care that much.

Fish Moonie stared in shock, then put her high heels back on. "You have made a grave mistake. One I cannot simply forgive." Her pussy vibrated with her words, and was visible slightly below her short leather skirt, which was like Jill Valentine's. "You will all regret this." Her cunt spoke as she left the room.

Meanwhile, at Arkham Asylum's Maximum-Security Wing, within a particularly sexy, sexy cell…

Bat Chode limped downward, like its defeated master. For some reason, Batman's captors decided, like they always did, to leave his mask on and his identity hidden. To keep the consistency, he also had multiple massive, phallic objects shoved right up his greedy arsehole, which wanted to poop but couldn't.

"Looks like I can have you all to myself now." A feminine, sexy voice said sadistically.

Sensing the cunt, Batman looked up from his naked bonse. His cage was suspended by chains above a lava pit, accessible only by a single metal walkway. It was entirely glass, like that one David Blaine stayed in over London.

"Who's there?!" Batman demanded the shadowy figure who stood at the door of his cell.

Ginger Pussy lips.

"You know who I am, Batman." She said, revealing herself to him.

"Poison Ivy?!" Bruce looked at her fuck then to her nipples which poked though the vines that covered most of her flesh; apart from her bare feet, which stank.

She sat on some garden furniture, which she'd brought with her, and began to eat her tea – lamb savouries, mash, mushy peas and gravy. Batman's mouth watered, but it was unknown if this was brought on by the food or Ivy's poisonous, rusty cunt.

"This time, you will not be a little, frigid Bat-bitch." She warned, finishing her tea. She stood and wrapped her legs around him, burying her pussy against his muscular chest.

Poison Ivy grew horrible tendrils around the objects stuck up Batman's shitter, then electrocuted them and shoved them even deeper within, which tickled his pancreas. The surge of electricity fried Batman's prostate and destroyed the cancer residing there, ironically, then he squirted like a squirter, with a load of jizzum which decorated Ivy's green tits.

She grew a plant cock, then placed it inside her pussy, bell-end facing outward then fucked Bruce's mouth with it – face-fucking him perfectly. Her toes were webbed, like a freak.

Poison Ivy then went in for the kill; she gobbled his entire head with her pussy; she had discarded the plant cock inside a nearby bin, but it was tempted by her cheesy feet and sucked on them like they were a puppercino. Batman's face flushed in suffocation, then turned blue like the balls belonging to the boner of Alfred when watching Robin change into his tight latex boy suit.

Like a foreskin, his breaths were retracted then he began to feel his life slip away. Poison Ivy moaned in pleasure, like Xenia Onatopp as she choked the life out of Batman. She became closer and closer toward orgasm and the climax which would kill Bruce. Cum squirted from his cock like a stepped on Frube, going up her arsehole, and she shitted compost and a little plant baby grew from it. She then sat on it accidentally, killing it, and felt herself begin to cum.

Green goo leaked from her pussy, then she went to scream but her face was blown apart by a 9mm round. Her corpse sat still for a second then flopped to the side. Behind her was a smoking pistol, behind the smoking pistol was a bad bitch. The figure lit a cigarette and burned Poison Ivy's dead body like Sebastian Castellanos does.

Batman and his Bat cock were freed. His back bollocks cried as they wanted to keep being sucked by Poison Ivy's tendrils forever.

Fish Moonie came into the light, keeping her pistol pointed forward, aimed directly at Batman's jap.

"Two Dicks and Two Face has your little boyfriends hidden somewhere. I can tell you where, if you do as I say." She offered, looking at the Bat's delicious booty. He was chained to a sexual torture device.

"How Do I know I can trust this one. Haha." He said but another shot pinged his chains off and he was totally free now, and totally naked again.

"False Face pretended to be the dead body of Jim Gordon. He is like Mother Miranda – he can pretend to be dead now as well as disguise himself as any fucker or motherfucker. Cunt." Fish Moonie informed Batman, for no reason.

"You've been gone for over a month. Two Dicks and Two Face controls all of Gotham now, along with his - sluts Scare Willy Crow and Jim Gordon." The detective's name brought a teardrop to Batman's japsye.

"You're going to help me defeat Two Dicks and Two Face." Fish Moonie took her red high heels off, then played with Batman's dick with her toes.

"He will be attacking my club soon; I can sense it in my slitty clitty cunt." She fingered it.

"Why should I help you?" Batman asked, not defending against her toes' sexual advances on his cock and balls.

"You owe me. Repay your debt. Defend my club from that pussy. It's the only way to save those two cunts you call friends." She, in a small way, crushed Batman's scrotum and testes, then his testicles until a little spunk came out.

Fish Moonie tucked her pistol back into her cunt. Bending down like she falling or slut-dropping, Fish fucked the spaces between Batman's toes with her vile tongue, which made them glisten like Mr. Freeze cum-guzzling the Riddler's load. She then ordered some chippy tea from her iPhone.

Just as she clicked order, she realised she got the order wrong, just like when Kim orders takeaway for Paul, when he's too dumb to do it for himself. Then the alarm began to whine around the cell; in an instant, all of Arkham Asylum's defences were activated – including the sex-change gas, and orgasm lasers, and slitty clitty sickly tickly cunt traps.

Fish Moonie threw Batman her pistol, then got dual Uzis from inside her womb. Her placenta laughed as she tickled it.

"I know you've killed before, Batman, so stop being a pussy and kill now." She said, giving his cock a quick suck.

"Okay." He said, then felt the most intense orgasm he'd ever received, when all the objects up his arsehole came shooting out. Fish threw him his bat-armour, complete with Bat nipples, then wore her own armour – complete with fishy fanny protectors.

A sinister voice echoed around the Arkham Asylum sound system, with a Celine Dion song in the background – maybe Because You Loved Me.

"Batman has escaped. Rook – he must be shot on shite!" It was Detective Gordon!

Batman did a wet fart.

Fish Moonie inhaled the air around it.

"I declare war on Bat man!"




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