Hey everyone! It is me! Epifanio Therion! Back with another chapter! But… this isn't an update for the story or the cast at all, but rather… this is an important index for the story, it can really help with the knowledge of understanding what contains the island, but after I am finished writing the entire index, I will give a small update regarding the apps, but it isn't a reveal at all, just saying.

Location Index:

[Current Version - Prologue 3]

Isla del Paraiso (Island of Paradise):

This Island has been brought about through the collaboration of Therion the Host and Leon, Cynthia and ? the Co-Hosts of the show with the permission of the production and the CEO of the company that is producing this season of Total Drama. Located in The Caribbean and somewhere near the Lesser Antilles. It has been told this island hasn't been explored in a long time ago, as thus... there isn't knowledge of what contain within it, through the first visitation of the island by the production and the host and one of the co-host, they discovered there is a certain legend within the island regarding a certain unknown pirate and a unknown European that joined with Christopher Columbus... so... the host and co-hosts soon decided to explore the legend while hosting the show, and used the chance to build the place in the meantime.

There are for some unknown reason four different types of biomes within the island, the beach of Isla del Paraiso on the south area is an expected one, nothing that is surprising, but the other biomes…? That changes things… the rainforest in the north.. El Yunque is known as the only year-round tropical rainforest in the Caribbean, but… this is also a year-round tropical rainforest as well! It is much smaller than the one in Puerto Rico, but it has been said to be quite beautiful. The Subtropical forests in the west have many beautiful animals roaming around, but what makes this area more special is the amount of waterfalls! Like a plunge waterfall, punchbowl waterfall, multi-step waterfall, and etc! It gives many a chance to swim in cold freshwater, but lacks many open spaces… unless someone who is smart can turn it to an advantage, and lastly east of Isla del Paraiso is… the desert beach! The reason why it is called that is due to the lack of fauna and flora within the area and presents more heat than in the other areas, and there is even flora that usually has a desert… It is quite weird for many as this type of island is rare, but the fact each area has a biome is just weird alone.

Within the island, there are five sections, the four sections use the biomes that were previously mentioned, but there is an additional focus in the center of the island, which is where most of the people hang out.

The Location found within the Island:

-The South Section (Beach Biome)-

The Host's Hub:
This place, which is located near the docks in the south area of the island and hidden within numerous palm trees and flora off the beach, and only could be found if purposefully searched for it, is where the host and the co-host stay. It is a triple floor tropical hut that was built through the effort of Leon and Ashton (A friend of Leon, who is a famous architect), Therion, and Therion's grandfather and the hiring of a couple of professional carpenters and architects. Outside of the hut, there is a small one floor hut that contains a grill, a bar, two showers, a pool table, several arcade machines, several professionally made sofas and tables, and lastly a large table and chairs that allows around 10 people to sit around. Lastly, there is an extremely large pool that has three different slides and a high jumping pad with many aquatic toys and aquatic sport equipment.

The Dock of Shame:
The first place where everyone enters the island for the first time ever, it has the same shapes as the one from the first season of Total Drama, but has additional items than wasn't in the first season. Due to the season theme being an island paradise, there are several jet skis parked, small speed boats, kayaks, and there are even tropical decorations like tiki torches. There are even roofs since the sun of Isla del Paraiso is quite strong, so it is used to give shade, and it even presents a diving board, which is pointed toward the beach area. Also this is where anyone who is eliminated in the competition would leave.

The Isla del Paraiso's Beach:
One of the most important spots within the island and special area of the South Section of Isla del Paraiso. The sands are smooth to the touch, and quite white, as if it is part of a beautiful painting one can find in a museum, and the waters… so crystal clear, refreshing to sense of everybody who swim in it and the waves are usually flats, which is good for diving, snorkeling or swimming, but sometimes the waves get a bigger and every time in Winters time, which is good for those who have an interest in surfing. The heat isn't extremely hot, but it isn't too cold either… It is a perfect temperature for the beach, and lastly, there is a 25 feet high-rock that sits on the shoreline that allows others to make a leap of faith into the water below, and because of the possible dangers… the production teams carefully lower the danger by fixing the dangerous edges and everything, but it is warned that others be careful about jumping or climbing the high rock. Occasionally, there are activities for everyone to have fun to do.

The Beach Shed and Boathouse:
The official spot where everything beach related is stored in, like beach chairs, volleyball sets, mini grills, swimming tubes, floatable water hammocks, pool noodles, and many of the beach and aquatic items are stored inside, but only a selective people can manage the storage as usually an intern is in charge of the shed in the daytime. If one of the contestants wants access to the shed, they need to ask permission from one of the hosts within the show or someone the hosts give a lot of trust to. Next to the Beach Shed, is the Boathouse… As many previous fans know, it was previously used to store fishing and boat equipment, but unlike that season, this season all the sharp stuff are stored in lock and keys and they only open it if the cast get permission for a challenge or they are planning doing something else with it.

The Tiki Bar:
Located next to the Beach Shed, It is a medium sized tiki bar filled with wooden chairs and tables, so many can relax under the shade with a delicious drink of juice of all kinds and if you are above the required age, a beer or two, but only that amount. Usually two interns are stationed there, one who is certified as a bartender and in charge of the drinks and the other who is in charge of the grill and foods. The Tiki Bar also contains a TV to watch the news, sports, or anything that is important. The Tiki Bar is one of the spots that is open at night with two different interns until a certain hour passes, and closes for the day.

The Beach's Sport Courts:
After walking away from the Tiki Bar and going toward the east, one stumble upon an open sport court, which allows one to play beach volleyball, soccer (or football), aerobics practice, running, long jump, kickball, which all of them are covered in sands as a way to fit with the theme of the location, but if one walk a bit toward the north, between the line one enters the beach, they can find an basketball court with the ground made of cement if anyone ever decide to play basketball in the beach.

The Lifeguard Tower:
A common sight in many beaches, and this beach isn't an exception as well. This lifeguard tower has an intern who has the skill necessary to pay attention to the beach and the people within it. They make sure that there is no danger for the campers, employees, and even the ones that are in charge of the island. They also make sure that no one is breaking the rules within the beach, or if someone ends up in danger of drowning, they would be the one to help and rescue the person who is drowning or other form of danger.

The Bunker:
Located within the same place of The Host's Hub, but underground. It is a location that is used in case of an emergency of natural disasters or when the production team needs to relax or an area where they can work and do their job in peace. … It contains six floors with different usage/purposes.

-The first floor contains all the equipment the production teams use to edit the episodes and security cameras that are put all over the island as a way to get footage and keep an eye on everyone, just in case something happens. There is also a room that is for important meetings with the hosts, interns, producers, and the other workers as a way to organize the planning of Total Drama as a whole, like what challenge should be used, planning out on how to build it, etc.

-The second floor contains the dormitory where the interns and the production team stay to sleep properly, the right side is where the female stays and the left side is where the males stay. In the front and center of the second floor, there is a common room where everybody can hang out, chat, eat their lunch in the small kitchenette and dining tables.

-The third floor is used as a storage room for everything that would be used for the challenges, maintenance of the buildings within the island, and so many more, and it also presents an easier way to travel around the island as it uses tunnels that has been carefully planned out many, with the way of getting there is… a tram car! But other than that… it is a full mystery with how it is used for the participants.

-The fourth floor is the training room for interns and employees. It has many training equipment that are top quality, as if someone who knows their stuff has brought it (Cough LeonCough). Anyone within the team, staff and those given permissions can personally use the gym with full usage and many hours they want.

-The fifth floor is a special room that almost nobody except Therion and someone important, who is rumored to be a partner of Therion's research. All the information the interns and others could only find that the partner of Therions's name is Dr. K, and that is all… There has been a rumor that Therion is preparing something that would take gaming into a new level, no… beyond it! The only time that Therion would reveal what this floor contains is when it is ready and a certain number of participants in Island Paradise has reached.

-The sixth floor is where all the electricity within the island is produced, and almost no one except those given permissions can enter. Therion and Leon, and a couple of the staff who are electricians or works with electricity are the only ones to enter… There are two different sides, one that produces electricity alone with the generators and everything. And then on the other side, in case of an emergency, there are numerous sets of stationary bikes that can be used to produce electricity/energy to a set of generators that if it gets filled, it can last around 10 hours in total if used all over the island.

-The Center Section (The Hub)-

The Outhouse Confessional:
To keep the tradition of Total Drama going strong, the very well known outhouse confessional is back! This is the location where many can enter to speak their mind and thoughts regarding their personal thoughts on the game and fellow contestants, get something off their chests and mind, explain their plans and strategy, and cast votes for their fellow contestants who they wish to eliminate. Almost all the footage is kept behind in the tape, but there are occasional confessionals that the interns and hosts would use for the official show.

The Camp Ground:
The Official Location where the cast will be staying at... unlike the previous seasons of Total Drama, the cast won't be given a cabin or forced to make their own shelters and make their own necessary items to survive. Instead, each team will be given a specific area, several tents to stay in, sleeping rolls to sleep in, lanterns as way to see in the night time, items to make bonfire, several old furniture, snacks to eat just in case, and basic hygienic items, but that doesn't mean they would stay like that, the teams are given the choice of improving their time in the island by building (like a gazebo, bench, etc. just things they think they would need) or adding stuff that they think is useful with the help of one of the hosts of the show, and in the center of the area, there is…

The Outdoor Cafeteria, Mini Indoor Café, and Shop:
A large modern outdoor cafeteria is found in the center of the camp area, where campers can go to eat and talk with each other, and those who are themselves chefs and confirmed by one of the co-host, can cook for the others. There is also a mini indoor café that has AC, but it is only open in certain hours in the day and night, but usually isn't used by the hosts, in fact, there is usually an intern in charge of it and they are professionals making delicious treats and drinks. The hosts are the ones in charge of cooking for the cast as a way to bond with them, and personally see how their relationship is going. In the cafeteria, there is a certain system which isn't told to the cast unless they asked about it to the hosts, each campers must fulfilled certain actions and request as a way to gain points, and these points are can be used to gain more expensive and less disgusting meals, or... they can go to the shop, a shop that contains snacks, drinks, basic hygienic items, clothes, and... even expensive and rare items, like a guitar, a art kit, and... a small TV and a DVD Set? They can use the points as a way to buy items that could help them in their daily life, one just simply needs to pick an item or two, go to the cafeteria and ask the hosts in buying it, which simply finishes the transaction.

The Communal Bathroom:
Another throwback from Total Drama Island! And it wouldn't be a camping experience if the communal bathroom came back once again~ The communal bathroom is separated into male and female bathrooms, and it has its toilets and showers, and it has its own share of soaps, shampoo, conditioners, etc.

The Campfire Pit:
One of the most important spots for Total Drama series, the place where everyone meets up when there is a challenge or an important announcement that the hosts wish to share. This spot can be used for campfire parties, secret meetings and more. But its most important usage is… this is the spot where the elimination happens. After the end of each challenge, everyone meets up in these locations and votes, to decide who will be eliminated from Total Drama: Island Paradise.

-The West Section (Forest/Waterfall Biome)-

The 1,000 Foot Waterfall:
Intriguing enough, among the numerous waterfalls… There is one that stands out among the other waterfalls… and it is the 1,000 foot waterfall. It usually takes a long time to reach the top of the waterfall as it requires hiking, but if one wishes to reach there, they need to take a shortcut to reach the top. This is a perfect spot to see almost the entire island and even beyond! This is also a perfect spot for those who seek a form of thrill and decide to jump from this spot into the water, but it is usually recommended that one do it once per day, and this spot is not recommended for those who have a fear of height or other fear related to it.

The Isla del Paraiso Observatory:
Due to being one of the locations with the highest height within the island. A small observatory has been made for those who have a special interest in anything regarding astronomy, meteorology/climatology, geophysical, oceanography, and there is even a spot where one can learn about the volcanology and the tectonic plate surrounding the islands and the Caribbean. The person who is in charge of this spot ?, who is always paying close attention and they are quite willing to help others to learn more about the universe itself.

The Isla del Paraiso Laboratory:
Laboratory, which is connected to the Observatory, is usually used by ?, one of the main staff members, and the laboratory usually contains chemicals and only a specific few have special permission to enter the place. The person in charge occasionally gives lessons in chemistry, physics, and other forms of science, but for some reason… There is the occasional explosion coming out of the lab despite no sight of the damage.

The Isla del Paraiso Music Studio:
Near the observatory and laboratory, there lies a music studio that on the outside has a forest theme, fitting properly with the surrounding of the forest biome. When one makes a trip to the music studio, people can find many interesting music equipment like all type of instruments, even the rare ones that are hard to find, but that isn't it all, there is some music equipment that allows one to produce music, edit, record, and so many more like a digital audio workstation (DAW), MIDI Controller, some good quality headphones, audio interface, recording mic, and so many more! The person in charge of the studio is ?, who one needs to be a bit careful as their anger can be quite… bad… but their dedication to music is deep and flawless, you just need to get used to their vocabulary.

-The North Section (Rainforest Biome)-

The Rainforest Hotel:
Due to the delicate nature of the rainforest, not many big things were built within the biome except for an important building or two. This is one of them, this location is for those who are brought in as guests or cameos for the show and can stay here to rest with a personal view of the south, central, east, and west of the island. For what is the purpose of the hotel exactly? Not many are sure except the hosts and the managers/producers of the show. Just expect that this hotel will radiate the feeling of regality in it.

The Rainforest Grand Hall:
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, and enjoy the show! The Grand Hall of Isla del Paraiso, which is connected to the Rainforest Hotel. The Grand Hall is a perfect spot for performance and many forms of shows. It also uses a lot of top quality and proof material just in case something happens on the stage, like a mishap with something fire-related and everything! This is also a excellent spot if there is ever a important event that happens like a birthday, anniversary, etc.

The Rainforest Arcade:
Welcome Gamers to the Land of Everlasting Gaming! Another location that is connected to the Rainforest Hotel. The Arcade of Isla del Paraiso contains top of the line arcade machines and games one can simply play! Therion, the host of the show did his best in procuring some of the best retro and modern games one can find, with games like Fighting, Racing, Strategy, Luck based, and so many forms of games! There is even a special area that allows one to play VR Games as well. In another section of the area, there is a ticket reward booth, which has numerous prizes that could win, but… if one manages to get the grand prize of the Arcade? Well… I don't want to spoil the surprise~ Just that one needs to do their best to win it, are you ready to game on?

The Isla del Paraiso Greenhouse:
A professionally made greenhouse. This location contains many forms of plants, flowers, and even herbs that can be grown and cultivated for numerous reasons. There are plants like Shamrock, Aloe Vera, Lucky Bamboo, and more, and for flowers, there are Sunflowers, Coneflowers, Zinnias, Dianthus, and more! If one requires help in learning how to grow plants, flowers, and herbs, or something else. Cynthia is in charge of the greenhouse, and they would be glad to share knowledge in what they do, but it is recommended that people who are allergic to any form of plants/flowers/herbs don't get close or even those who are allergic to pollen.

-The East Section (Desert Beach Biome)-

The Isla del Paraiso Gym:
The Garden of Eden for those who are used to physically training themselves to the limit or keeping themselves on a proper health. The Gym has everything one would need to train themselves like stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, weight machines, cable pulley machines, and so many more types of gym equipment are available. There are even classes of many types like Yoga, Martial Arts, Cardio, and so many more, which everything is led by Leon, who is in charge of the gym.

The Isla del Paraiso Arts and Craft Center:
Another important location within the island. This is a spot that is perfect if someone is required to build something, but don't have the necessary materials, so this is the spot they are looking for that could help them! This location contains many materials, like paint, brushes, building tools, and many more, it also gives others a chance to take numerous classes for many things like pottery, painting, drawing, weaving, stained glass, metalwork and even mechanics! The possibility is endless, but be careful with the person in charge of the location, as ? is someone who is quite… easily annoyed.

Here is the end of the locations index! I hope you enjoy it, but I am going to warn you that it will occasionally update when there is a new introduction to a certain place, something happened with one of the locations, etc. This is just a small guide to help you learn more about the island!

But like I mentioned before, I will be giving a small update regarding the apps I have gotten. I won't share the names of the characters who I have gotten, but I will be sharing the numbers of how much I have gotten, just so you will have an idea on who to submit!

Male - 24 apps

Female - 34 apps

Total - 58 apps

That is all! I hope you have a nice day and I hope you enjoy reading this index!