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Chapter 0, Prologue 3; The Wren, Who Faith Is Her Pillar!

June 3, 2025, 9:31 AM
Michigan, Detroit (Little Caesar Arena, Private Parking Lot)

Leon stretches his body while he yawns as he was currently putting his stuff and Therion's in the RV, and re-supplying the gasoline and all the foods that weren't available since they would be taking a route toward Boston since the next host for the show is currently there at the moment doing a seminar in what they do great at… and that would take around… 12 hour at minimum and 18 hour at maximum? Well, that is going to be quite the trip…

Leon sighs in a really tired and worried manner, he was asleep like normal, but when he woke up, and didn't find Therion in his bedroom, he found him lying on the couch, but… the reason why he was worried in the first place is because of the injury in his face and the state his clothes was in… it was dirty and had blood on it.

Leon quickly patched his injury up with practical ease since in his time in university, he took several courses in medicine, but usually those ones are easy to do, and especially because he is someone who has a habit of getting hurt with ease. But he was nonetheless worried about what Therion was doing around 3 AM… it must not have been good at all! He should have accompanied Therion there… How foolish of him, he let his selfishness of sleep get to him and failed to be Therion's back-up.

But for now? He should let Therion rest for the moment, he looks really tired… Well, the same as per usual, and he did the best he could in at least taking off his jacket and shirt, which he has given him a fresh shirt replacement of his own since he didn't search in Therion's bag, and even gave him a blanket and moved him to his bed to rest properly. It is weird that his glasses were missing since that is something that Therion usually doesn't let go of his sight, and when he means usually, he meant hardly ever.

Leon looks toward the sky, and he is still remembering the moment he received the call from Therion, and the surprising part of the call was… the excitement Therion was in. After some years had passed, Therion lost his relaxed composure and got a dour and uncaring attitude, but hearing his voice in such excitement was quite nice to hear… No… not nice, but rather… refreshing and nostalgic as it is something he has missed a long time ago…

May 7, 2025
Indiana, Indianapolis (Leon's Bus RV)

Leon was currently putting the finishing touches for a blueprint of a gothic house he was working on for a company in Transylvania that his… mother… had requested him to do. He doesn't understand why his family is preparing to train him as the next CEO of the company despite the fact that they never thought of giving it to him in the first place… Ugh… He was always happy in having his independence and freedom to do whatever he wanted since they didn't care about him and whatever he was doing, but now that he has grown up… they decided to put a leash on him via several threats of disowning him and other cruel ways. His mother is an annoying hag… the only reason it wasn't extreme is because his father spoke her down and he appears to be regretful over his wife's behavior.

Leon sighs as he misses the past years he has experienced in Sunset Monarchy and STARS University… it was some of the greatest time he had ever had in his life despite… several disruptions that affected him personally. Oh sure, he might be going into his third year, but still…

But as Leon was finishing on his work, he suddenly received a call. Leon groans at the interruption, he would normally be happy in receiving a call from someone, but when he is working on a blueprint or schematic for his parents, his feelings tend to turn into a 180 as he is constantly annoyed or even frustrated.

Leon stood up and went to the kitchen, where he had accidentally left his phone there, it better be damn important… Leon reached to the counter and picked it up "Hello? Leon Salvatore speaking here?" He spoke in a tired manner… He isn't in the mood to tal- "Leon? It's Therion" the person behind the call spoke to Leon

Leon suddenly perked up as if he got a new battery "Therion! Oh! It has been so long! It is great to hear that you are calling me, my friend!" Welp, there goes the talk of being tired from him.

Leon stood there as he waited for Therion to finish speaking, but slowly, you could see Leon's face slowly turn into pure confusion at what he was hearing "Er… Therion? Can you repeat that? Are you telling me that someone came to you, and 'asked' you to host a show… Which requires SOCIAL Interaction?!" Leon accidentally insulted Therion's capability in socializing without realizing it.

"Eh? What do you mean by how could I have hurt you-" Leon stopped for a moment to remember what he said, and cringed at the realization of his words "Oh… uh… sorry, my friend…? Ehe…" Leon tried to apologize, but he sounded really nervous.

Leon clears his throat as a way to ignore that moment and focus on Therion "So… What did you say?" Leon waited for Therion's response, expecting it to be a no… but he didn't get that and received the opposite "EXCUSE ME WHAT, MY FRIEND?!" Leon shouted in shock at what he heard…

Leon flinched again "O-OH! Uh… Sorry Therion, didn't mean to… uh… judge you?" Leon tried his best to apologize, but it is hard for him to accept it since Therion throughout the years was quite the hermit.

Leon patiently waited for Therion to speak since he kept interrupting him… "Oh? You already have it planned out and everything? You are… unusually motivated…" Leon doesn't wish to be wary, but… it is weird for Therion to be really excited for a social event. Nothing against Therion, but… it really goes against his nature in general. "Ah…? You want me and the others to host the show alongside you…?"

At that, Leon wasn't surprised. It was actually pretty expected and it is nice to hear that Therion wanted him and the others to meet up and the show together as a way to spend time since these days they don't have the time to properly meet up. "Sure thing! Just give me the date and everything, and we can do it!" Leon cheerfully said.

Leon and Therion spoke a bit regarding the details of his job and said goodbye to each other. Leon returned to his work with a big excited grin on his face, excited to meet up with Therion and the others.

June 3, 2025, 9:41 AM
Michigan, Detroit (Little Caesar Arena, Private Parking Lot)

Leon stood there around 10 minutes, remembering how Therion had contacted him regarding the show he would be hosting and wanted to get their thoughts of joining him… It makes him really happy to see Therion and the others back~ They only had the opportunity to speak online since they are in different parts of the world… It quite nice to be together again~

But as he was busy in organizing everything, he began hearing footsteps, but it didn't came from the direction he expected, which was from the RV as he thought Therion woke up from his sleep, which is weird for him since he knew that Therion usually sleeps around 12 hours as he has a habit of constantly staying awake and his insomnia doesn't help as well.

Leon turns toward the arena he worked yesterday, believing that it must be one of the staff of the wrestling company he worked in came to speak with him regarding something important… but… no, it was someone he never expected to see, and didn't want to see at all!

Leon's confused expression turned into one of pure hatred, which is something extremely out of character to see… It was Rival Survival, the fucker who decided to mess up with his friends and had the fucking audacity to mess with him… Oh… Because of him, he almost relapsed into his old self… "Oi… Who the fuck gave you the right to appear in my face…" Leon didn't shout… oh no… He spoke in a low, but menacing tone, as if ready to beat up Rival to a bloody pulp.

Rival flinches at Leon's tone, he isn't used to hearing it, but he deserves it for everything he has done… "I… I'm sorry… I know what I did was horrible… I just felt guilty for what I did, and… I had to separate myself from everyone…" Rival tried to explain to Leon, but… the words that came out of Leon's words weren't what one would expect…

"Well tough shit, do you want me to feel pity or something?" Leon told Rival, who reacted with shock… This isn't something Leon would normally say… "You want to know a little something, Rival? I was recruited into an international University called STARS that only picks the best of the best, and I was picked because of my fighting skills and known as Captain of the Boxing Team within Sunset Monarch…" That was a lie, there was another reason that he picked, but that is what the public knows about him "I met several people I despise, but they spoke one thing about me that rang true… It is impossible for me to be a selfless Hero, who sacrifices everything for others since… I am human… Of course, I can kiss and make up, but I can still be a hero, and I am also allowed to be selfish once in a while and take care of myself. Many of the people who care for me… taught me that. While it might be horrible of me to do and this wouldn't be something that an Hero would do and something I would normally be horrified to do… but I am not a hero for now and I feel like being selfish, so I am going to beat your face in until it becomes nothing, but black and blue…" Leon threatened Rival in a rather calm tone and approached him.

Rival gulped and began to back away from Leon in fear in his eyes. Rival is normally happy to get into a fight, but… Leon is normally one he wouldn't mess with in general as he is… well, extremely strong. "W-wait! We can talk about this Leon! We shouldn't resort to fighting, let's just calm down and have a civil talk!" Rival would normally go in as fighting, but he doesn't wish to mess up his last opportunity to improve and gain several forgiveness of the people he has done wrong.

Leon finally stepped in front of Rival, while tightening his glove, and… oh boy… He gave a sinister grin at Rival "Well~ The thing is Rival… I don't want to talk!" Leon grabbed Rival's shirt collar, lifting him up in practical ease and gave a mocking smile to Rival "And I am going to enjoy this!" Leon proceeds to throw Rival against the RV, almost leaving a full body dent…


June 3, 2025, 9:39 AM [Two Minute Earlier]
Michigan, Detroit (Leon's Bus RV)

Therion was sleeping on Leon's bed… He was at peace as if taking the necessary rest he desperately needed for his body and mind…He appears to be wearing an white t-shirt that is too big for him, something only fitting for Leon. He also has bandages over his face and body, as if he was patched up…

Therion felt really comfortable, he hasn't had a proper rest after he founded his studio, even the days when he is with his parents and grandparents, he doesn't take a break as well… It's just constant work and work! Therion is passionate about video games, but… sometimes, it feels a bit overwhelming, thus he gulps his fear and just… work, even if it comes to the expense of his health… Leon and others tend to worry about that over him. But it is his responsibility in fulfilling the monthly update of his games and leading the others… but since he took this hiatus, he has passed it to Shiki Enmei, who is the main composer of the OSTs of all the games of the company and Amrita Kranti, the leader of the design department, but they were both taught in taking responsibility over the studio as he helped them in the sideline

This break… is necessary for him, it sort of a… vacation for him. When Ludger and Arabella came to him, he just thought it was more work… Something that he didn't want… but when they began speaking to him, and despite Gladiolus's intention, he saw it as a grand opportunity to giving himself a valid excuse to take a hiatus and spend time with his best friends and fulfill one of their dream… Appearing in Total Drama! He is grateful, and the excuse was why this is the theme of the season, vacation related.

But as Therion was relaxing with a smile on his face… He suddenly heard something.


Therion suddenly jumps out of the bed in complete surprise, that didn't sound like a normal thud! If it was from the door or the trunk of the RV, it would have been less strong. This sounded like Wile E. Coyote decided to be a moron and thought it was a good day to face smash against the wall without hesitation.

Therion ran toward his bag as he remembered that Rival broke his old glasses… It was expensive, but it was good that he had prepared himself and brought another one, just to be safe. Therion puts it on and a slipper that Leon has for guests, and runs outside.

Therion was breathing deeply in a panic, wondering if Leon was fine or something happened out of nowhere… but as Therion twisted his head to the right, he spotted Leon… But he couldn't see properly due to the angle he was in. Therion walked down the stairs of the RV and looked at Leon… and he felt a deep shiver within his body…

Therion saw Leon with a… sinister grin on his face, he knew that grin rather well, and it is one that Leon had when he had relapsed into his old violent behavior, but why was he grinning like that?!

Therion slowly tilts his head to the side, and notices him holding an… hand? Huh… Was Leon saying something? "Stop hitting yourself! Ha! Stop hitting yourself, man, you must be clumsy these days! I can smell it on ya! Hahaha! Stop hitting yourself!" Well… Ain't that cute… not…

Therion got closer and he managed to recognize a certain mop of white hair that isn't from an old man, but… oh god… that absolute moron! Therion power walked to Leon and did something one shouldn't do… He put his hand on Leon's shoulder, but surprisingly Leon stopped hitting Rival's face with Rival's hand.

"Leon… Why are you attacking Rival…?" Therion gently asked Leon… This… is a delicate matter, he knows that Leon can be emotionally strong, but… there are certain topics that he doesn't respond well as if breaking his entire restraint

Leon didn't move or say anything as if everything was suddenly crashing on him… He let Rival's hand go, and moved his hands into his face, groaning in realization of his behavior… He did it again without realizing it. He let his anger and emotion get to his head, and made him relapse… Ugh… He feels horrible, this is what he meant by this being something he normally gets horrified for doing "I'm sorry… I'm so sorry Therion…" But it appears he isn't saying sorry to Rival…

Therion just… sighs "I know Leon… I know… Why don't you go inside and warm something for yourself to eat or drink, and take a moment to relax…" Therion smiled at Leon, ignoring Rival's conscious beaten up body, he deserved it in his opinion for his stupidity.

Leon looks unsure, and just rubs his face in a tired manner… He really wishes he can train now since training is what helps him in relaxing properly… "Sure…" Leon stood up from Rival's body and walked into the RV.

Therion turns to Rival with a frown on his face "Are you stupid or what? I mentioned Leon to you, and you decided to show your face to him without me? I usually need to calm him down as you know he isn't someone who gives forgiveness out easily and can lash out violently" Well… He technically does give forgiveness easily, but… if that person did something horrible to either him or his friends or both, he wouldn't forgive them for life.

Rival groaned as he slowly stood up, he was lucky that Leon didn't punch him yet or he would have been worse off, but getting thrown like a pebble wasn't one that was expected at all… "Yeah… I… sort of… forgot about that specific part of Leon…" He didn't want to admit that he didn't realize the long-term consequences of messing with Leon in high school…

Therion sighed… He now has a headache from dealing with one emotional adult, and another who is usually drunk and doesn't think over the consequences of their actions as they rely more on their heart and emotion… Ugh… Is it so hard to be mature and rational?!

"Okay… Ignoring all this stupid bullshit, I guess you are going to join us if you came here… But I am going to talk with Leon first since I don't want him to accidentally go… angry again when he sees your face and decides to do worse than before" Like murder you or something, Therion thought "So stay here while I go inside…" Therion rubs his forehead as he walks inside the RV, ignoring Rival's response.

Rival just sighs… wondering if this is truly worth it in the end… Just seeing Therion and Leon's reaction to his presence alone is already telling of how much he has screwed up in high school, and he even knew that Therion tried to tell him not to follow the path that was in front of him, but because of his own arrogance, he failed to notice… He should have seen it in the first place since Therion went through something similar with his ex, but no… he thought he knew better than Therion, so he ignored everyone's advice…

Rival walks beside the RV and slides down to the ground, sitting down with his arms around his legs… waiting for the reaction of Leon regarding the news of him joining…

June 3, 2025, 10:47 AM
The Caribbean, Lesser Antilles.
Isla del Paraiso (South Section, The Dock of Shame)

A boat was slowly docking within The Dock of Shame, and it revealed two figures stepping off, and it was… oh! Ludger Isjbrand and Arabella Primrose, the manager and producer of the show! But they appear to be ready for the heat as they change their clothes into summer outfits, especially Ludger who is wearing a massive sun hat and sunglasses.

Ludger didn't feel comfortable since he prefers the small and ticking room of his workplace, but he can't complain, this is his important duty "So… Uh… Now what?" Ludger is usually the one with the goal in mind, but after everything that has happened so far, he is actually a bit lost… Arabella was the one who kept contact with Amaravati and her order.

Arabella already drank her ice coffee; thus she is completely awake at the moment and turns to Ludger with a big goofy grin "Ehehe! Boss lady just said that we should check how the progress is going, Ludgy!" Arabella does a spin around Ludger, who doesn't mind one bit "She just wants to make sure that we are up to date! But… er…" Arabella stops as she looks a bit nervous… "She told me that we have to meet up with Kouen, who is staying in the… uh…" Arabella went into her bag and pulled out a piece of paper, which was cold, but it was dry at least "Rainforest Hotel…"

Ludger blinks as he listens to Arabella's words… "Wait… Rainforest?!" Ludger isn't the smartest person, but he knows a lot of things, and he is sure that a Rainforest shouldn't be here since there is one in The Caribbean, which he is sure that he has visited in his time within Puerto Rico.

Ludger then heard the other thing… Kouen, ugh… He feels nervous about meeting with him again. Arabella and him went through several of his lessons, and… well, they were quite nervous since they felt they were going to get killed by him… Those glare of his was something alright! It was like those Yakuza movies! But he will admit that Kouen has been a rather good teacher. Kouen taught them the basic and useful techniques that would make their life easier, but… god… the paperwork that he gave them to do was pure nightmare…

Arabella pulls out a clip board out of her jacket, which contains everything regarding the location… "Okey dokey! So it appears that Amaravati wants us to check the South Section, the Center Section and the North Section! Hmm… It appears that one of the co-host that Therion picked has hired… oh wow! I know this person, they are well known for building some of the best buildings in the world! Like Dubai-worthy buildings! I never expected Therion's friend to have such a deep connection!" Arabella bounced on her feet in excitement! Normally she isn't interested in architecture, but she once went to Dubai for a show, and she was mesmerized with the place! It was like she was standing at the foot of the future!

Ludger didn't understand why Arabella was so excited about this certain architect, but didn't say anything since he doesn't have any knowledge regarding it and he doesn't want to put words into his mouth without thinking.

"So… We just need to check each building that is meant to be built for now and point out the progress?" Ludger asked Arabella, who nodded, confirming Ludger's question.

Ludger didn't understand why they are doing this, because from what he knows, this isn't their responsibility, but maybe Amaravati wanted them to understand the surroundings of the island since they are going to stay here…

"Okay! We are in the Dock! Check! Hmm… From here, I can see the Beach Shed and the Boathouse are all set! The Tiki Bar is good to go!" Arabella walks to the right side of the dock and leans a bit to get a proper view of the sports court "HMM! Check!~ What else… Hmm… Oh! The Lifeguard Tower! Check! Wow! I am surprised at how fast they have built despite the short time they had… They must have hired some really good people in what they do." Arabella was impressed in general, but checked the list once again to be sure. "Hmm… It appears that we just need to check with the place that the hosts would be staying and the bunker! Let's go Ludgy!"

Ludger just followed Arabella without saying anything, he just feels so out of his element since this isn't the sort of thing he does, he is more used to being inside an office or a business trip… He would prefer to be fixing a watch or clock than this, but it is his job, and he feels so… exhausted, the heat is getting to him despite the fact that he is wearing a sun hat that is giving him shade…

After some minutes of searching, they needed to ask several people to point them in the right direction since where they were going was covered by the flora of the island, thus making it quite difficult for them, but through some searching and guide, they found it, and… there was only a foundation… "Is… Is this it?" Ludger had to ask, but Arabella shrugs as she didn't know.

They walked toward someone who was nearby, and they saw a man, who looked to be taking a break. The man who was taking a break, looked in their direction and said "Can I help you with something?" Ludger and Arabella turned to each other, and Ludger stepped in front of them, and spoke "Apology for taking your time, but… we are the people in charge of the show, and the CEO of the studio who is producing this show wanted us to give a report… We were wondering about the current state of the bunker and the house, but… we can see that the house hasn't started yet…"

The man raised a brow, but shrugs, not caring about this and decided to get this over with… "So far, the first three floors of the bunker have been completed, all that is missing are the materials. But the fourth floor, we are beginning with that, and the last two floors? It appears that some other people who specialize in something are coming to help… We aren't exactly sure what or who since we weren't told at all… It appears that only a select few know about it." The man explained to Ludger, who nodded at him. Behind Ludger, Arabella was writing it down.

Ludger proceeded to thank the man for the information regarding the progress of the building. Ludger is kind of surprised at how fast the progress is, but hey, that must be the result of having a lot of money and looking in the right place. Ludger motioned Arabella to follow him… He feels sweating like a pig since he isn't used to this kind of heat…

While Ludger was thinking in his head. Arabella was taking over the sight of the Center Section with an excited glint in her eyes! Oh wow! She hasn't even entered the East, West and North Section, but she can already tell this place is so fricking unique! She never expected this kind of island would just exist, she especially thought this island should have been found, but it appears nobody ever realized how unique it is… How weird!

Ludger hums as he rubs the back of his hair. He really should have a haircut since his hair isn't helping in this heat. Ludger and Aria moved on from the South Section and went to the Center Section of the Island. From the look of it, it seems to be where everyone would usually meet up at, and Ludger can see several construction workers are doing the stone trails that would lead to each of the sectors.

Ludger wonders where these people had the enormous funds in paying all this, he doesn't have an issue, but the fact that the workers have done most of the South Sector in a short time, and from what he can see, the Center Section is the same as well. Either Amaravati is going all out in order to make sure her gamble of making this the best season of Total Drama would be a hit or the host is dropping many funds in order to fulfill their needs and everyone to make sure the theme of the season works properly.

Near the entrance of the East Section, there is the communal bathroom, and he must say, it looks really clean and well maintained. The communal bathroom gives a tropical aesthetic, it really gives such a soothing and relaxing feeling, which is fitting. And as he took a peek inside the male side of the communal bathroom, he had to whistle in an impressed manner, everything looked tropical, but in a modern take. There are six bathroom stalls, eight sinks, six shower stalls, and while walking inside the bathroom, he soon spotted a door, and when he opened it, he was surprised at what he saw… is that a large bathtub in the form of a jacuzzi? Ludger blinks in surprise, but then notices a sign next to it, which says 'Winners' only' Huh… and he can see that there were many amazing things, like different varieties of expensive premium shampoos, conditioners, 2 in 1 shampoos, soaps, etc. One would feel like a king when cleaning themselves up there…

He would guess the same could be said about the female side of the Communal Bathroom… But as Ludger was checking the Communal Bathroom, Arabella was checking another location of the section. And it is the classic aspect of Total Drama! The Confessional Outhouse! Oh wow! It is amazing! It has the same look as the original, but more cleaned up! She can't help herself, but be excited at the thought of producing the first season of Total Drama! The start of a new generation of Total Drama Fans! She can't stop shaking! Wait… That must be her special iced coffee making her do that… But whatever! That isn't important!

Ludger walks into the center while Arabella skips toward him. Ludger nudges his head at Arabella, telling her to report the location she and him have covered up, but they aren't finished yet since they are missing three more locations within the section. They noticed they were standing in one of the missing locations, where they spotted several tables filled with the brim of people having lunch, the tables surrounding the… mini indoor cafe? Yeah, it appears they saw right, there is a mini indoor cafe in the center of the cafeteria, they see a window for those who are outside can order and retrieve their order without going inside as the above the open window is a large menu with different sorts of foods. And when they peek inside of the cafe, it was… really relaxing, it has the vibe of one of those really good cafes, where they spotted some people with laptops in front of them and some people sitting next to an area filled with bookshelves. Huh… Impressive.

Arabella marks the location as completed, and there are two more. Ludger turns to Arabella "Hey Bella, why don't you take a look at the campground while I check the campfire pit to go faster… I have a feeling that Kouen is waiting for us, and I won't keep making him wait for us" He explained to Arabella as he wiped a towel on his forehead as he cleans up his sweat. He will admit… that he might be nice, but that glare… Ludger shivers at the reminder.

Arabella raises a brow at Ludger's sudden shiver, but shrugs it off, he must be in his own world at the moment, he has a habit of overthinking in his head. "Got it, Ludgy!" She told Ludger and began observing the campground of the island, and she might say that… There is a lot of space! In each direction, within the entrance of each section, there is a large plot of land, with good quality tents, wood furniture, an area for campfire, etc. Everything one would need when camping! But… Arabella noticed a sign that says 'Take into account the future rewards into setting the campgrounds of each team.' Arabella was curious over the words on the sign, but she hums and marks what she found down..

As Arabella was checking the state of the campground. Ludger was currently examining the state of the Campfire pit… He noticed several stumps placed in a proper order in total of 24, which he has a feeling it is related to the cast of the show, but there isn't much to say as he saw several people working on the ground and the fire pit. But from here, he can see the dock in the South Section. If he remembers right through his research of the show, this is very possible to be the spot of the elimination area, but he might be wrong…

Ludger and Arabella meet up at the center once again, to compare notes and to see how the island is looking so far, and in their eyes, it is looking good, most of it is completed, but in some it is still in development. After making sure they had everything finished with their report. They soon began walking toward the North Section, where they were told that some grand hotel was being built there or something, but they weren't exactly sure about it.

They passed everything from the Center Section and went straight toward the North Section, and they couldn't help, but in awe. They were standing within a Rainforest so suddenly. They experienced the beach and the plain, but now a rainforest? What's next? A Tundra or something? Who knows.

They walked at a slow pace as they found a hotel that is under development. They saw a greenhouse that was finished in being built, but it appears to be empty, as if waiting for someone important to come in and expand the greenhouse and beyond of the island.

Arabella was spinning around the place in pure amazement, but Ludger? Yeah no… He was still uncomfortable due to the heat… and the humid atmosphere doesn't help much. They soon spotted the entrance of the hotel, it still looks to be in progress as the entrance is completed, but the inside isn't close to being finished, and they noticed Kouen standing there with a glare on his face… many would think he is angry, but he isn't, that is his neutral expression… From what Kouen told them, he has a condition, which causes difficulty in being able to make expressions, like… just smiling is already too much effort for him, which he ends up getting in trouble because of his death glare, he makes people feel unsafe as a whole.

Kouen turned around and soon spotted Ludger and Arabella, but his expression never changed as he kept his glare on them. He put his hand in front of them, expecting them to give something to him. Ludger and Arabella glanced at each other in confusion, until Ludger realized what Kouen wanted, so he gently elbowed Arabella and with his eyes, pointed the clipboard and then toward Kouen. She realized it and gave it to Kouen "Here it is, Boss man!~" Arabella smiled at Kouen, who simply grunted and grabbed the clipboard out of her hand in a professional manner.

He just signaled them to follow him. Ludger and Arabella turn to each other and shrug, thus following Kouen inside into the hotel to continue their talk regarding the show in general. They both have a feeling thing are going to get more interesting than before… Especially from what they have heard from their host and the people he is currently recruiting. They even got a call from him that he was going to get another employee to work for the show, which they, alongside with Kouen, allowed him to do so.

June 3, 2025, 6:38 PM
Pennsylvania, Mansfield (Leon's Bus RV)

Within Leon's Bus RV, there were three figures within it that were doing their own stuff as the room was quite… tense in general. It appears that the previous confrontation between Leon and Rival made things quite… difficult for Therion to handle, and thus each of them decided to spend time on their own.

Therion tried to speak with Leon, and he did! But… Let's just say it didn't go well for him… Leon was baffled and even angry at Therion's words, telling him that Rival was going to join them, which Leon didn't take well… He was almost going to do something bad, like break a counter or something, but he calmed down… Leon told him that he shouldn't expect him to play nice with Rival. He knows that everyone deserves a second chance, but what Rival did is one that no matter how many chances he gets, he wouldn't give it to him… Harsh, but understandable.

Therion felt a bit… scared of Leon when he gets like this… Fear isn't something that is quite common for him, but there are things that scare him and whenever Leon gets like this, he is fearful that Leon will self-destruct as his psyche is quite… fragile. Oh sure, it is strong in many scenarios, but there are cracks within it, and if someone uses the right topic, it can easily shatter. Therion is lucky that it was Leon being violent… because that isn't the worst thing to happen as violence is a common thing for Leon.

Therion was currently on his laptop, he appears to be working with several of his staff in an online meeting with everyone mute at the moment… Yes, he knows he has said he is on a vacation, but this is a part of his life and he can't help it, he is a workaholic, and he knows it is weird for him to be capable of working despite everyone silent, but they have enough experience and synergy to do this with ease.

But as he was preparing to give his staff a document that contains all the information of the next update of his game, Borderphobia. He takes a glance toward one of the figures sleeping on the coach, which is Rival taking the spot.

Leon begrudgingly patched him up under Therion's supervision… He didn't want Leon to strangle Rival with the bandage, and he knows he is capable to do that as he heard from him that he may have went crazy on a stalker in his University, who is for some reason wasn't expelled no matter how much they beat him up and complain to the staff.

Therion watches as Rival is covered in bandages, but he appears to be better… It was actually recently that Rival fell asleep as he already got too stressed with Leon's constant animosity and knocked himself out. Therion glanced toward Leon, who appears to be speaking with someone in speaker, and from what he can hear. It is his girlfriend, Hartlee. He once met her, a very nice girl really and she seems to be really… REALLY fitting for Leon in general. He has a feeling that someone he knows is going to be sad at that after their effort of getting Leon's attention on them.

Therion shakes his head and sighs…He should just focus on his work right now, and prepare what he should say to the next host and prepare all the measures for them. He knows they are going to accept the offer to join, but he wants them to be comfortable in the end.

But as Therion was working on his project, Leon was busy taking them to their next destination, if he remembers right… It is around Boston, Massachusetts, more specifically in the medical area of Boston. He is really excited to meet up with them.

But for now? He should focus on getting there first and setting up a special event with the person he is currently speaking with~ "Hartlee!~ How are you doing in the tournament so far? You must be doing amazing as per usual~" Leon told his girlfriend with a goofy smile that she couldn't see

Hartlee giggled at Leon's words and answered "Hehehe. We are doing amazing so far. The team is currently in the semi-final, so I say we are doing stupendous" Hartlee Craven, Leon's girlfriend… He has met her around STARS University as she was invited as The Roller Derby Star while he was invited as The Brawler. They met in their first year and decided to finally date in their second year, for now? They are on a small break from University as something happened and they had to postpone, but that isn't important… Meeting Hartlee was one of the biggest moments of his life… Sure, his memory of his best friends would remain at the top, but Hartlee? She will always be at the top of his heart.

She understands his struggle within his life, his frustration that he wouldn't normally be able to properly talk about, even with his best friends as their experiences are completely different from him. But Hartlee…? They felt connected in their first meeting even without realizing it. They talked and talked and talked, they went through many crazy scenarios within STARS, and… he enjoyed being in her presence. After giving her an orange cake for her birthday… They just kissed and went on dates without realizing it. Until a week later, he connected the dot of his feelings rather well.

Hartlee then said "Hey Leon! I have to go now, it is time for our match! Maybe when we are both finished doing our stuff, we can set up a small date~" Hartlee cheerfully giggles, and Leon can feel a grin behind the phone.

"Ehehe~ Sure thing, Hartlee… I would like that…'' Leon softly smiles at the idea… They haven't got a proper date after some time due to them being busy… so hearing that is great for him since he felt a bit bad in not giving her the proper attention she deserves.

Leon hung up the call and kept staring straight toward the street… Honestly, he is happy to be able to hang out with his best friends, but man… the inclusion of Rival soured a bit for him, but… he will just try his best in ignoring his presence as a whole, that does quite the miracle in his opinion.

Leon hums as he turns slightly to the corner of his sight, where there was several proteins bars and many sorts of snacks that was put there in case he was hungry, but in the corner, he noticed that the battery of the RV was running out… shoot, he forgot to change the battery into a new one, this has been running a bit too much for it to be safe.

Leon then frowned as he then noticed that the GPS was having a bit of difficulty, as if not connecting properly, hmm… it must be the battery being faulty then… Leon shakes his head and tries to see if there is a gas station with a mechanic shop.

As he drove for a bit, he managed to spot a gas station called Dust Bowl Gas Station… Hmm… It looks decent, he hopes there is a mechanic shop for the battery. Oh! The closer he gets, the more he notices stuff, like there is a warehouse and a garage, they must be really serious for the business as most gas stations just have a small garage.

Leon went to the parking lot of the gas station and he slowly got into position as he knew that the RV was quite big.

Leon stood up as he made sure to grab everything he needed and especially his wallet. Leon began walking toward the door, so he could go to the cashier to ask for help. "What are we doing here?" but got stopped by a voice.

Leon slightly jumps in surprise, and turns around, seeing it was Therion who spoke to him with a curious expression. "Huh?" He sounded confused at Therion's question.

Therion rolls his eyes, Leon must have been in his own world at this moment, but whatever "I was asking why are we stopping here? I thought we had everything we needed for this trip… Did you forget something… Again?" Therion dully stared at Leon, who was looking a bit sheepish

"Ehehe… It appears so, my friend" Leon tried to play it off as if it wasn't anything "It was just the battery that was running a bit… old in the moment, so I thought it was fine to change it" Leon tried to explain himself

Therion just stared at Leon and sighs while shaking his head… "Very well, just get it over with… I recommend you get a Lithium Battery as it lasts longer than other brands, and is quite easier to use than others…" Therion told Leon as he returned to doing whatever he is doing (very likely programming or continuing the meeting of his business.

Leon quickly nodded and left the RV and power walked toward the gas station.

June 3, 2025, 6:57 PM
Pennsylvania, Mansfield (Dust Bowl Gas Station)

Leon looks at the gas station's architect, and he can easily tell it gives off of a recently abandoned place that began recent renovation… Yes, he can tell, he has the qualification for it and he was briefly taught by one of the current best in the world.

Leon enters the gas station and quickly spots a woman in front of the cashier station who looks quite… unique, she stands at 5'8 ft. and has quite the fit and busty body, he can easily tell from afar. But for real… her love for green and turquoise really screams as it is her color scheme. It doesn't help that she has a tattoo on her face in the form of a butterfly on the right side of her face… Jeez… She is scowling quite badly…

Leon felt a bit awkward on what to do, like… It feels like she hates this job or something… Leon looked around, he saw the machines and shelves one would find in my gas station, but then he spotted four people sitting in a corner of the table that must be from the station. From what he can see, they appear to be travelers, like… the ones that go by foot and everything as he was sure that he hadn't seen any other vehicle.

Leon took a deep breath and went straight to the storm, which is the scowling woman. Leon was standing in front of the cashier station, and waited for the woman's sight to fall on him, but… she was busy reading a magazine…Leon just sighs and clears his throat to grab her attention.

The woman just let out a very heavy sigh… as if he had ruined her entire day with just his presence. The woman's scowl disappeared and she had a bored expression as she stared at Leon "Can I help you something?" The woman ask him

Leon frowned, but didn't say anything regarding her behavior… "Uh yes… I was wondering if you have any Lithium Batteries for RVs available? My old battery began to mess up and I really need a new one in order to reach Boston…" Leon asked the woman with a bit of explanation why

The woman stared at him for a few seconds with the room being pure silent, even the others were just eating, but they could feel the pressure… "Hmm… Okay then, yeah, I think I have some… Let me just check the warehouse for it" Leon tries to look around, to see where he can find a name for her… until he saw an name tag on her jacket, which says 'Alpha'

Alpha began walking away from the counter and went outside, but she quickly poked her head inside and glared at the four travelers "You better not steal my shit, or I would kick your ass… Again!" The four figures quickly nodded and gave confirmation they weren't going to do anything. She narrowed her eyes on them, but slowly went to the warehouse…

Leon just scratches his head in confusion in the scene he just saw, huh… it must have something before or something…but yeah, he can wait for a bit until then.

10 minutes later - 7:07

Leon was scrolling up on his phone with a default expression, trying to see what kind of activities his friends from S.T.A.R.S were getting into, they usually are… really chaotic in general. Like, Ashton and him once built a crazy and majestic building for everyone from the University to hang out at in their off time because… friendship. Yes, you heard him, Ashton and him were going through a 'Power of Friendship' moment, much to the annoyance of my classmate, though some can't blame us due to what we went through the first year…

As he found a post uploaded by Kagura the Software Programmer, who was lighting an abandoned house on fire along with her fiancé with a massive glee on their face. He soon heard the voice of the woman called Alpha grunting as she got closer.

He quickly pocket his phone and paid close attention as Alpha brought in several Lithium Batteries. She put it in front of Leon and spoke in an annoyed tone "Look, you are very lucky… Lithium Batteries are hard to get as they are hella expensive, but I found and got two for sell" Alpha bluntly told Leon with a straight face

Leon nods and sighs in relief "Okay, that is great to hear, how much does one cost then, my friend?" Leon has heard they are rather expensive, for a good reason in general as they are rather good in quality, much better than the one acid-based batteries, which is why Therion more or less told him to get one.

Alpha grabs a lollipop from the candy shelf behind her and she just pops it into her mouth and begins sucking it. She stared at Leon with a tired glance and said "Around 500 dollars, and that is for just one…" She looked as if she didn't believe that Leon would be able to pay such an amount of money.

Leon simply nodded "Oh, that isn't much then! I will take the two of them then" Leon pulls out his wallet and gives Alpha ten bills of $100 without hesitation as if he wasn't wasting anything in general.

Alpha almost let her lollipop drop out of her mouth in pure surprise and shock of the money she just got handed… Dude… $1000 dollars?! She bet her uncle is going to be shocked at the sudden amount of money she has gotten… Man, this is going to be great for the gas station as she really needed to upgrade some stuff.

Alpha gulps in surprise "Well shit, if you are that willing then, here is the battery and the receipt" Alpha puts the batteries in a plastic bag and gives the receipt to Leon, who looks happy at the obtention of the batteries.

But as he was walking toward, he realized he was going to have a bit of difficulty in getting to Boston without his GPS in proper condition. So he walks toward the travelers, to see if they had an idea of how to get to Boston.

Among one of the four travelers is a woman standing at 5'8 ft. and Leon could easily tell that she has light skin tone with a muscular and curvy body build, which shows she has trained her body properly. And her eyes are round shaped green eyes and there is her hair, which is in a messy hair style, and he could tell that her hair reaches to her upper back. But due to the beanie she was wearing, it was hard to tell the color, but looking down, he could see it was light brown with the ends of her hair dyed in a faded blue.

From what she was wearing, it was a plain blue shirt with a black jacket tied around her waist. She was wearing black ripped jeans, which has seen its uses of wears due to how the state of material is at, and those gray sneakers seems to be a bit worn down as well, and a black beanie on her head that covers the top of her hair.

She was being accompanied by a girl who appears to be happy-go-lucky, like she is speaking with the woman he just paid attention to, and there was two guys, one appears to be quiet and the other, from what he can tell… this guy has a aura that makes a lot of people like him.

Leon approaches the four, more specifically the guy who seems to be the easiest to speak with. One of them, the guy who was silent, noticed him approaching and elbowed the guy he was going to talk with.

The guy quickly turns to Leon with a smile "Hey there, is there I can help you with?" The guy asked him, he seems really friendly from what Leon can see so far. And it seems they are willing to help.

Leon returns the smile "I apologize for disturbing you, my friend! I was simply curious, but do you know what is the next direction I should take in order to reach Boston? I would have used my GPS, but it is a bit messed up at the moment" Leon explained to the guy, who appeared to be looking at him carefully, as if he was trying to recognize where he saw him.

The guy suddenly recognized who Leon was as his face was one he had seen before, and decided to kill two birds with one stone. "Well! Let me introduce myself~ Eli, and I am sure that I would be able to help you since we just came from there, but… I would do it if you could do a small favor for us~ Nothing bad or anything. We are travelers, and we want to see the world with our own feet, but… it is hard to gather the necessary money to buy everything~ So is it possible if you can buy us some foods and equipment that would last us for a long time, then I would help you~"

Leon slowly blinks in surprise of Eli's deal… it isn't that hard to just give some simple directions, and he could ask Therion to give it to him since he has his own internet and all that, but… Leon would feel guilty if he had rejected the deal, he has the necessary money to help and everything, but… ugh… Leon sighs "Fine… Fine…I accept that small deal. Just grab whatever you need…"

Leon didn't know if he should regret accepting this or not… You know what? In order to make him feel better, he is just going to use his parents' money instead, fuck them…

Eli's smile got even bigger than before and turned to the other three, who perked up as they realized that Eli managed to do something for them. "You heard it, you three! Grab anything you want or need! Julia!" The first girl he noticed upon seeing them perked up "Make sure that Amanda doesn't grab anything that would easily expire, I can understand a snack or two, but we know how she gets it!"

Julia nods while Amanda seems to pout at the order "O-oh!~ Come on Eli! There is nothing wrong with a few sweet snacks!" Amanda pouts even more while Julia shakes her head at her in disappointment, so she stands up and drags Amanda, as if she was a child.

Eli then turns to the last guy "Jeremy, you know what to do! Do your magic as always" Eli spoke to the last guy, whose name is Jeremy, who gave Eli a thumbs up and nods, then quickly went to gather what they would need.

Leon slowly blinks as their fast act of actions as if it was trained properly. He turns to Eli with a raised brow "Uh… Did you even think about the amount of money I have…?" Leon wonders if Eli even planned if he didn't have enough money as they could have seen him spending a lot already.

Eli kept his smile going strong "Yeah, I have more or less the idea~ But since this is a small deal~ I guess the limit is…" Eli closes his eyes while smiling, as if trying to think of the exact number "I bet it is 300 or 350 dollars, right?"

Leon isn't a pushover, but… ugh… Therion isn't going to like this, but either way, he isn't going to use the money he earned, his parents can pay it, they wouldn't complain about it. "I guess it is…" Leon isn't in the mood to complain at Eli's sudden actions, from what he can see, they might need it…

5 minutes later - 7:14 PM

Leon stood in front of a rather large pile of foods and drinks that would last long enough, some for a few weeks or even months, and beside the pile, there were duffel bags that contained equipment for camping, gathering materials, and there were even sleeping bags. Leon slowly blinks and turns to Eli "Is… is this it?" Leon wonders how everything went completely crazy with just asking directions, he means… he is fine with helping others, but… isn't this basically taking advantage of his kindness…?

Eli nods "You are correct~ You know I am very grateful!~ This would help us in our travels, it is hard to gather necessary things for us~" Leon sighs… god, they are really stretching him thin…

Leon turns to Alpha in order to pay it up. She was still sucking the lollipop, and she gave him an unimpressed expression at the way he was pulled along by Eli "Are you sure about this? I mean, I don't give a shit or two of what you do with your money, this would help with my business, but are you really sure?" Alpha uncaringly asked him…

Leon shakes his head "I am really not sure, but hey… I'm a man of my words, and I'm not someone that likes breaking promises… How much is it…?" Leon asked Alpha, he was driving for 9 hours in front of the RV, and this isn't helping one bit…

Alpha shrugs, accepting Leon's answer… even if she didn't give a shit, she was making sure that he was paying. "Hmm… It comes at the total of… $350… Cash or Card?" Alpha told Leon, who looked a bit surprised at the number.

Well… That is very specific, like… with the tax and everything, he was surprised that Eli and his friends were able to reach such an exact number without surpassing it by one cent… "Card…" Leon passed the family card to Alpha in order to pay it, and after she swipes it and Leon inputs the numbers, she returns it.

Leon turns to the group "Well, there it goes, everything has been paid. Now can you give me the direction that I need to take?" Leon said in a slightly impatient tone… He already wasted 15 or 20 minutes, and he still has around 3 to 9 hours left to reach Boston.

Eli claps his hand in approval "Well of course! A deal is a deal~ Give me a moment" Eli turns to his friends "Julia, Amanda, Jeremy! Go prepare everything in order to get a move on while I give this fine gentleman his directions~" Eli pulls out a small notebook and a pen, and begins writing down the directions.

After a bit, he rips the page out and passes it over to Leon "Well~ Our deal is done. Thanks for everything. It would really help us in our travels… I have a feeling you might meet one of us quite soon~ Farewell~" Eli bows in a dramatic manner and left

Leon just blinks at how fast things… Yeah, he isn't exactly used to this at all. Life sure does enjoy throwing curve shots at him.

While Leon was inside the gas station, wondering. The view focuses on Eli and his friends, Amanda and Jeremy were in their own world, carrying some of the stuff that was brought while Julia was beside Eli, which she was giving him a suspicious stare.

"Eli… I know that you know that I fully trust you, but… what was that? Normally you don't do this, but I can tell you had an ulterior motive with that… deal. I could tell that you recognized him" Julia spoke with Eli in a serious, but respectful manner

Eli hums as he thought over how to answer Julia's question and shrugs "Well, I could tell that he was someone that honored his deal and the way he was at, he appears tired, so I just thought of the advantage from what I know, and bam! We are benefiting, don't you think so?" Eli grins at Julia, she slowly nods but… she wasn't completely convinced. Seeing that, Eli leans toward Julia and whispers…

"While you weren't paying attention to the TV at the place we were staying since you know how Amanda can get" Insinuating that Julia was paying attention to Amanda due to her happy go lucky and oblivious nature, and how that Julia has pay attention to her in order for her not get in trouble

"Well… I recognized that guy, you remember that show that you have applied for? Total Drama?" Julia slowly nods "So…? I'm not going to get picked… and if I was, I wouldn't be that confident about reaching far" Of course, when she says that, she is at least sure she wouldn't get out early…

"Hmm~ I think you are wrong on that~ I actually increase your chance to get in!~ That guy that you saw? Leon Salvatore, Retired Ex-Wrestler. Basically a legend in his circuit, like the face of Spain itself. They finally got a show in here, and he appeared with some guy named Deon Blade… And you wouldn't believe the surprise, he was announced to be the co-host of the season alongside the main host and two other co-hosts!" Eli explained to Julia regarding the person he was speaking it

Julia narrows her eyes at Eli and then turns to the sight of the RV, where she watches as a man has stepped off of the RV and recognized as the main host. He was approaching Leon, who was exiting out of the gas station with some drinks and what he brought…

"H… how does this increase my chances?" Julia more or less understood what Eli was doing, but… how does this even work properly? How does this truthfully increase her chance when they just took advantage of him?

Eli smirked at the question "That right there is the hidden answer, the way he acts is out of goodness, you saw how he was acting when I made the deal, he could have easily rejected the offer since he could have waited for his GPS to function again, but nope? Sure, it was a bit of a pity, but he doesn't like seeing people suffer… He answered in an interview recently~ So when he sees your app and audition tape…" Eli spoke slowly at the end, to let Julia get the idea

"He would remember me and my circumstance, and then would have a hard time rejecting my app!" Julia turns to Eli with a surprise expression, she didn't think that Eli would go that far in making sure that she gets in the show…

"Why…?" Julia trusts Eli with all her heart since it was him who has helped her throughout her time as a runaway, but… why did he go so far in making sure she gets in…?

"Why do you ask? Well… I just want you to succeed, Julia. I know you entered in order to prove yourself, and I want you to succeed in getting in. This is in some manner, my way to support you after all… is that so wrong?" Eli softly scratches his cheek, wondering if he went too far…

Julia stared at Eli with a default expression, which was making him a bit nervous until she gently bumped into him and gave him a small smile "No, that isn't wrong at all… Thanks… I guess…" Julia turns away, she isn't that used to socializing…

Eli hums with a smile on his face "Well then, let's keep moving then, we wouldn't want to leave Amanda and Jeremy together, you know how they are~" Julia nods at Eli with a small smile on her face and then walks toward Amanda and Jeremy, who were a bit further ahead of them.

June 4, 2025, 8:50 AM
Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Medical School)

After Leon has changed the batteries with the ones he has brought and got some snacks and drinks for Therion as Leon realized how long the ride is going to take and due to them requiring the necessary rest before they can attempt the meeting with the next host.

(Within the background in the middle of the ride "Where is my drink or snack…? Rival asked, and how Leon responded to the question? "Screw you" He… he is still very bitter about having Rival join them…)

After Leon has parked the RV near the school within a parking lot that has excellent security, rested for a bit (mostly Leon as Therion and Rival had the opportunity to rest. Therion hasn't felt comfortable driving an RV as he doesn't have experience in that and Leon doesn't trust Rival to drive… for anything to be honest.)

Therion, Leon and Rival stepped off from the RV and began walking, with Therion in front while Leon was in the back, away from Rival as he was beside Therion. Rival for some reason has a… uncomfortable feeling regarding this.

Rival turns to Therion, walking beside him, but he wonders who is the next host of the show… He… He is really scared as he has a good idea of who it is… "So… Where are we going…?" Despite having an idea, it doesn't mean he knows where they are going…

Therion didn't turn to Rival, but rather kept walking toward the destination "We are going to Harvard Medical School, from what I heard, one of the best medical schools in the state… no… one of the best in the world." Therion explained where they are going, Leon already knows, but he is doing this for the benefit of Rival.

"The person we are meeting has already fulfilled their requirement, and has even graduated with top honor… and that is extremely difficult to maintain. They even went and won several awards due to their research when it comes to Herbalism and Naturopathy" Therion explained the person they are going to meet, which causes Rival to sweat in fear of who it is as it has been confirmed within his mind.

Therion ignored Rival's sudden behavior "From what I believe so far, she is currently giving a seminar for Beginners' Herbalism lesson for some who are interested in learning the basics. The seminar is going end around 5 or 6 minutes, and tomorrow she would be focusing on giving an seminar for those who are experts at it, to see how she has created some efficient medicine with just herbs and others natural ingredients"

Rival slowly nods and he is internally panicking, it was already bad with Therion as he had forced Therion to fight him because he was really drunk out of his mind, and Leon…? Yeah, he got absolutely destroyed at the end, but… her?! Oh god, he can feel his body shivering in fear of her reaction to his presence

Rival stopped as he was thinking very carefully on what was going on, he was so distracted that he didn't notice Leon passing him without hesitation and not calling his attention while Therion kept walking, believing that Rival was behind him, listening to his explanation.

Therion sighs in a annoyed manner "-espite what happened, she for some reason forgives you at what you did back in high school, for ghosting her and everything since as soon as she heard what happened to you, she was feeling sa-..." Therion turns glances and only sees Leon walking beside him "Uh… Leon, where is Rival…?"

Leon, still in a bad mood. He simply shrugs "Honestly, my friend, he just stopped walking and stood still, I bet the realization of who we are meeting got him bad. Such a pity, now he is lost, oh well" Leon really didn't care for Rival… Therion is getting a bit… worried at how bitter Leon is at Rival, he knew it was bad, like really bad, but he is surprised at Leon's behavior as it isn't exactly common for him to act like that.

Therion is slowly sweating as he realizes they have lost Rival… Oh boy… Therion hopes that Rival doesn't find any alcohol and fight some doctor or just make some woman fall dead-dropped in love with him with his bullshit Harem Protagonist power… He really has to call bullshit to this day, how the heck did Rival manage to make 5 girls and including the three ones that didn't go to the same school be in love with him! He really had the urge to drop kick him at the time since it was getting annoying… wait… HE IS GETTING DISTRACTED!

Therion puts his hand between the bridge of his nose in stress and turns to Leon with a worried look "Leon, can you search for him…?" And he was hit with the 'Are you hearing yourself' look from Leon. Yeah, his mistake on that "Right… I mean, It's just five minutes, what is the worst that can happen?" Therion said the dreaded words and realized that he fucked up "Oh shoot… I did it again…"

Away from Leon and Therion, there was some sound coming from the courtyard… There was a hint of explosions coming from there, that… that isn't good at all…

June 4, 2025, 8:57 AM
Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Medical School) - Seminar Hall

Therion still had his worried expression, but it has tone down after calming down… Yeah, Rival isn't going to cause any unreasonable stupid fights or accidentally cause an woman to tell him that he is her soulmate or whatever Rival does… HE IS CALM OKAY!

Leon warily glanced at Therion, he thought that Therion was going to scold him for his hostile behavior against Rival… again… But he can't help it… It's just that… whenever someone has wronged him, he just has this intense feeling of anger and pettiness, like… he knows it is him being irrational, he doesn't like it… It is like… a moment of weakness for him, but it is just that Rival's presence alone is enough to trigger him like crazy, even the slap fest he made on Rival, he wasn't even sorry for it! The reminder pisses him off! Ugh… He really should tone down the time he hangs with A-

Therion interrupted Leon with an elbow as he pointed toward the seminar hall, where they decided to enter and stand by the entrance, where they watched the next host of the show was teaching and explaining to some of the students that were attending the seminar.

The figure is revealed to be a woman who stands at 6'1 ft. and she has quite… the unique appearance. The woman was wearing a custom made lab coat with dark green leaf patterns on it with a unique symbol of a mortar and pestle on the right side of the lab coat and if one pays close attention to the pocket, there are a couple of herbs hanging loose. Underneath the lab coat, she is wearing a pink and blue business suit with black buttons and a blue belt around her waist. And she is wearing brown fur lined hiking boots. This isn't all, she is wearing an blue thick cloth choker with a snowflake symbol hanging loose

She has pale skin tone, pale like delicate fresh snow, with a well-endowed figure that is seen in a lot of beautiful models with a bust of DD. She has almond shaped baby blue eyes, but if one pays close attention to it, they would notice a small hint of silver within it, making her eyes sparkle with a relaxing feeling to it. But the most striking thing about her… is her brightful and pure smile as she happily explained to the students in front of her…

The second co-host of Island Paradise is none other than Cynthia Snowpoint, an professional Naturopathic Doctor, responsible for the release of new herbs that she had personally cross bred, and using them, created several effective natural medicines that helped in dealing with several illnesses and viruses, and even found a temporary remedy for a rare illness. And one of the best friends of Therion and Leon ever since they met…

"Okay students, this is the end of the seminar, I hope my seminar was enough in providing basic explanations regarding herbalism. If you have any questions, you can find me within the second floor at the hours that are on the board. I hope you have a nice day and I hope you are keeping up your studies." Cynthia's soft voice sounded like silk, and it had a tone that would make many think of a motherly figure as it had a very caring tone to it.

Cynthia happily stood there, as she watched all of the students who attended the seminar were slowly picking everything up and leaving the room, but they appeared to be glancing at something when they left… so she quickly moved her sight toward what was capturing their attention and she was surprised at who it was!

Cynthia kept her composure and waited for the students to leave the room, and when it was empty except for the three. She quickly bounced in excitement as Therion and Leon went down the small stairs of the seminar hall toward Cynthia.

She ran toward them and jumped, giving them a big hug at the same time… A lot of people who had known her before would be completely baffled at how she is behaving as she would have done the opposite, but it appears that time was really kind for her in general.

"Oh! I missed you guys a lot! I know we have spoken through phone calls and video calls, but it isn't the same as talking personally!" Cynthia let go of them as she smiled at them in happiness and had a very strong smile on her face.

Leon cheerfully chuckles while Therion returned the smile in a manner that didn't look like a big deal. "Yeah, I would admit it is nice to meet once again… It has been sometimes that we have met up" Therion says that as he still remembered the last time they met up… He believed they were visiting Cynthia in Boston, where he and Cynthia lived… separately of course, he just thought it was a good idea to be close and all that as… things happened, and usually needs someone to be close to him.

Cynthia looks happy at seeing them, she really missed them and honestly? Despite having some acquaintances and friends within the School and Boston, she still felt… something was lacking, and it was her best friends, they were the first people who she could consider very close, as they understood who she was completely, they understood her dilemma… Unlike those in Sunset Monarch, who just saw some shy girl who was easily scared of people and loved nature… At least Therion, Leon, her other best friend, and… Rival, they understood her fully.

Cynthia plays with one of the strands of her hair in order to calm herself, she shouldn't try to remind herself of her time in school… It had a lot of good moments, and if she remembers right, the stuff her friends made over there has been officially known as a property of the school… She should visit there next time, even if there are some bad reminders.

Therion clears his throat, catching Cynthia's attention as she realizes she got distracted and was too absorbed in her thoughts. She could only release a sheepish chuckle "S-sorry… Just got lost in thoughts"

Cynthia quickly got her composure back as she didn't realize she was daydreaming and spoke regarding why they are here "So! Okay… Co-Host of Total Drama, huh…?" Cynthia's voice sounded a bit nervous, no matter how much time changes, she would always be that nervous person.

"Didn't think we would go achieving one of our bucket lists rather quickly" Cynthia rubs her right arm out of habit… Therion and Leon nod in understanding, this has been something they wanted to do, but thought it was simply a fleeting dream, something that wasn't meant to be.

"Pretty much, my friend! I was even surprised at the event that happened, and the person we have to thank for all this is Allen!" Cynthia blinks in confusion, she doesn't remember that name and she had to think… until the person of the name popped into her head "Wait… Allen?! I'm confused… Didn't Allen… hate Therion for some reason? Why would he give this opportunity to us?" Cynthia was understandably confused, even in their time in Sunset Monarch, Gladiolus Alastair was… an unique person… like, he was popular with everyone and would gladly help everyone in fashion and posing, but his… god complex was a bit on the extreme side, and he for some reason hated Therion, and Therion never mentioned why, but it seems that it was something really deep.

Therion sighs at Cynthia's question, he can't blame her for the confusion… "To be truthful, it was meant to be a little petty revenge on him as he knew that I didn't take… social interaction very well…" Therion cringes as he remembers the event that caused Allen to develop an extreme hatred of him… HE DIDN'T MEANT TO DO IT! IT JUST HAPPENED!

"Ahhhh…" Cynthia and Leon made the same sound at the same time as they both knew that was an Allen thing to do, he does love watching others squirm under his feet… "Okay then… That sounds a bit worrying, but okay… What should we do now?" Cynthia asked out of curiosity as she wasn't sure what she was meant to do… All she knew was that she would be one of the co-hosts, the greenhouse's maintainer and the nurse of the island whenever someone gets really hurt between or in the middle of challenges, but not much info was given...

Therion nods at the question, that is more or less what Leon asked him before, so it would be right in explaining it to Cynthia, but first… "Well, I would gladly give you the whole deal regarding the job, but… first? I believe we need to pick the contestants"

Cynthia looks confused at what Therion said, he hasn't picked the contestants? That isn't like Therion, he would have everything done at this point "I… see, but why haven't you picked them yet?" She had to ask, it was weird of him to do.

Therion hums in thoughts "To be honest, since they were going to be four of us and 24 contestants, I thought it was right for us to go six per six, like how Leon and I picked the first six contestants, but now with you, we would go pick the second batch of contestants, with you having the most option who going in, thought it would be fair to do so" Therion shrugs as he re-positioned his glasses.

Cynthia understandably nods "Okay, that actually sounds fair and reasonable of you, Therion. I thought you would just go and grab all 24 contestants~ We know how you can get impatient when it comes to your job after all~" Cynthia teases Therion regarding an certain bad habit of his

Therion huffed and crossed his arms, looking away in embarrassment "Hey… You can't blame me, I wasn't sleeping well those days and all that, you know how I get without my sleep. And please don't remind me about it… I am still getting memed to death at this point in the internet"

Cynthia shakes her head in good nature and softly chuckles at Therion's reaction "Very well~ Well then, we can continue within my office that I am temporarily using, follow me and don't get lost. The school is rather big than one might think" Cynthia began walking toward the exit/entrance of the seminar hall and motioned Leon and Therion to follow her.

They begin following Cynthia, but Therion goes a bit ahead of Cynthia to speak something important with her… He began whispering, so Leon wouldn't hear them speak "Hey Cynthia…? Something bad is happening with Leon…" Therion said in a very cautious, but worried tone.

Cynthia stared at him in worry as the tone Therion used isn't exactly common and it means that something is truly amiss "Oh…? Is Leon hiding another injury? I know he is confident in healing himself, but I told him, he needs professional help…" Cynthia sighs, but she sounds like she is used to it… She wasn't happy with Leon developing a stubborn tendency because of a certain someone influencing them…

Therion didn't say anything, but she could hear him gulping in nerves "The sad thing is… I wish it was that, but no, it is worse… Friendly reminder of two words, High School… You remember the… 'Incident'?" Therion ended the sentence in a serious tone, and she was confused at the meaning of the usage of those words…

Cynthia nearly froze still as she suddenly realized the reason for Therion's wary behavior, the whispering and keeping away from Leon… It is happening again, isn't it? "Oh no… Is… Is he relapsing in his violent tendency…?" Cynthia slowly asked him, she needed to know… and the response wasn't good as Therion nodded at her question… "Oh no… What caused the relapse of Leon's violent tendency…?"

Therion looks… surprisingly hesitant of answering her question, he would take a bit of time to answer, yes, but… he appears to be unable to think of an answer "I… Well… Er… You will find out after we are done with this…" Therion was grateful that Cynthia didn't know the cause before, but now…? He needs to tell her, but doesn't feel ready for it… but he has no choice as the reason why Leon is relapsing is here in the first place…

Cynthia stared at Therion with a blank expression, as if she was staring at him carefully into his soul, where Therion began to slightly sweat out of dread… She is doing it again, when things are off, she would stare until she gets her answer, like… he doesn't know if it is because of her motherly nature, or her cold nature… but she glanced away as she walked toward the office as she kept a neutral face on.

They reached her office and entered while Therion followed inside. Leon was standing behind Therion, but he had a weirded out look, what did Therion say to Cynthia…?

June 4, 2025, 9:12 AM
Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Medical School) - Cynthia's Temporary Office

Cynthia opened the door of the office and motioned toward Therion and Leon to sit on the seats that had a desk and several herbs that showed care and dedication, and there appears to be a big TV with a DVD player. Leon turns to Therion, wondering what Therion said to Cynthia that has put her in a bad mood…

Even from a bit of distance, he could easily feel the temperature of the surroundings dropping. Cynthia always had this weird feeling around her, everyone around her would feel cold, as if she was creating it… but when she gets in a bad mood? It tends to get worse than usual…

They both sat down as they watched pace around the room, as if she was waiting for something… like, something bad to happen, but she released a breath of relief and the temperature returned slightly back to normal. "Okay, apologies for my… current showing. It was… stress, you know how the medical profession can be quite stressful for many" Cynthia smiled at Leon, not looking at Therion…

Leon released a sigh of relief and returned the smile "Oh! That is great, my friend! I was worried!" But Therion? Naw, he had to call bullshit on that… and he knew quite well he was responsible for putting her in a bad mood… But he couldn't just straight up say that Rival is wandering around… He is scared of how she would react, and his own fear that she would get hopeful of Rival…

Therion decided to quickly get this over with by pulling the duffel bag he was carrying and putting it on top of the desk "Okay… Here are the files for all of the contestants that applied that I have gotten from the time Leon and I picked, more recents apps that we haven't verified yet and would be checking it out, with the obvious exception of those that were rejected previously…" Therion re-positioned as he was a bit… nervous, he would admit that the previous showing of the audition tapes made him really pissed off

Leon brighly smiled as he stared at the duffel bag "Oh oh! Can I start my friend?" Leon was really excited to see new faces for the show. Therion turns to Cynthia, who simply nods with a calm smile and turns to Leon, shrugging "Eh, go for it I guess…"

Leon jumps (not literally, duh) into a duffel bag to see if any has caught his attention and he has spotted two apps with the same surname "Oh! I think I might have found two potential contestants who are related to each other! Fraternal Twins I might say! Rocco and Gemini Forcyth!" Leon pulls out the app and… it was smaller than it should have…

As Leon read it… His face slowly frowned as he read the app and realized… oh… "Oh… Sorry my friend, this is a complete bust…" Leon sounded sad and Cynthia was confused at what that meant, so she turned to Therion, forgetting about the discussion they were previously having as she knew she would get her answer later on.

"Umm… Therion? What does Leon mean by that? The app being a complete bust?" Therion sighs… Here we go again… Therion turns to Cynthia with a tired look, but at this point, it is a default expression. "Okay, as you know, the studio and I had prepared an official app for everyone to use and apply, but occasionally, there would be people who would ignore it and not send the app that was meant to be used, and thus, they are disqualified… This is one of those cases…"

Therion shakes his head in disappointment "Man, I thought having twins might make things interesting, but hey, I guess it was better than accepting them… We wouldn't want another Amy and Sammy case… Keep looking Leon" He ordered Leon in a casual manner

Leon nods and throws the apps into the empty trash can that Cynthia had, he would need to take it to the RV and get the shredder. At least the DVDs are stored inside the duffel bag. He began searching for another app… someone that could give the drama that Therion needs so much for the show, but at the same time, prove themselves on a physical level, it is expected that his focus is on physical capability.

Leon glanced at an app that caught his attention! OOooooohhhhh! He sees potential in this app! "Oh! Here is another interesting app my friend! Here, this is Nova Stanislava Romanov!" Leon passed the app to Therion and Cynthia.

Cynthia wanted to say something, but… she felt that her words had no weight toward the decision, but Therion spoke "Oh? Belarussian, huh? Hmm… And she is quite strong if her app is right to go with… and… oh…? Ah, I see now…"

Leon just started to think, at first he didn't see anything suspicious, but from what he looked… Hmm… I usually try my best to pay attention in the fighting scene, so… I think I heard of an incident in Arizona regarding a combat trainer, but I didn't take it seriously…" Leon frowns as he realizes it, but… didn't say anything as there wasn't anything he could have done.

Therion listened to what Leon was saying, but he stood up while grabbing Nova's Audition video for the season, where he inserted it in the DVD Player, and sat back down as it began playing.

Audition Tape: Nova Stanislava Romanov

The camera begins recording as it moves forward inside a gym where multiple people are working out until it focuses on a girl with her brown hair tied back and in workout wear beating the world out of a punching bag with an instructor behind it.

"Camera is on," the instructor said as he moved away from the punching bag. "Take ten."

"Thanks," she called out before turning her full attention to the camera. "Well... there's a first for everything, so let's get this interview going. Nova Romanov, before you think of it - I hold no blood relation to the royal family that got killed in 1918 during the Russian Revolution. I had a DNA test done, just to prove it. Anyways, this is my first time trying out for Total Drama. I've seen the previous seasons with my boyfriend, and we both agree that there is something exciting about the show that draws us in so... why not join?"

"WATCH OUT!" A voice from off camera shouted out and the camera fell to the ground as a guy screamed out at him, before static set in. After a few moments, the static was gone and there was a guy wearing black pants, a dark blue sleeveless shirt with an intricate constellation star tattoo running up and down his left arm; with black hair that was short with long bangs that covered the right side of his face. The two of them both had ice packs covering an eye; his on his left eye while hers was on the right eye.

"Sorry about that," Nova said, "My trainer is holding the camera now. But due to the camera being out, you kind of missed seeing me knock a guy out."

"And knocked out two teeth that made him spit out blood" the guy said.

"That didn't need to be said!" Nova said, shoving him off camera. "That's my boyfriend Brad... don't worry he'll be fine. He's had worse. Anyways, I don't really care about winning the money from the show, taking first place is the best win for me. Course, second and third place do fine as well. And being on camera, I'm fine with it; I've been on camera before. Live tournament fights and shows... legal ones, so don't worry-"

"Nova," Brad spoke out with some caution in his voice.

"Sorry, but yeah, good with being on camera. I'm adventurous, I like the challenges and the risks. So, I'm not one to "chicken out" as some people put it. And if something goes wrong because of me, I'll take the blame. It was my fault, why should it be pushed on someone else? I'm also competitive and trust me, I throw a really good... left or right hook, Brad?" She spoke, before looking at him.

"Try both cause you used both to break my nose in two different places," Brad called from off camera.

"…right." She said, looking away with a "oh god he brought up that again" look on her face. "Anyways… I'm a fighter. But I'm not heartless. But I'm good at competitions, I have the competitive spirit and can be a good influence."

She heard her boyfriend snickering and raised an eyebrow at him.

"But I think that will be it for this interview, everything about me is on the application that I sent in to Total Drama Island Paradise. Hope you guys liked it and I hope to be on the show."

At that moment, the camera died out as the last image said 'battery dead – turning off'

Cynthia was frowning in disappointment… She isn't someone that likes violence, and the way that Nova acted wasn't one that she approved… And the audition video didn't help as they only saw someone saying watch out and suddenly it is mentioned that they knocked someone out and lost two teeth… "Can't say I approve of this person… I believe she would suit best with her"

Leon scratches the back of his head in a bit of shame, he should have at least warned Cynthia regarding this contestant's history of fighting in general and history… Maybe it is best he didn't reveal the ones he has accepted. 'Sorry…' He quietly told Cynthia with a guilty expression

Therion nods at Cynthia's words and takes it into consideration "Hmm… What you say is true, Cynthia. But it is precisely because of this I would accept her. This is Total Drama, and I believe this would be the best for the show" Therion calmly stated as he kept reading Nova's app

"Cynthia, why not search for an app that catches your attention? I'm currently checking over the app. If you need help, Leon can assist you as per usual" Leon nods at Therion's words and turns to Cynthia with a wide smile on his face

Cynthia slowly turns to the duffel bag that is filled with apps "Um… V-very well…" Cynthia then began her search, and she made sure to ignore the apps that were incompleted or weren't the same as the one she saw.

Her eyes spotted one that caught her attention… Isaac Lindon… Cynthia gently grabbed the app and began reading it. It was surprisingly simple, like a child wrote it, but she couldn't help, but smile… She knows that that the season would be filled with drama as how Therion wants it, but… this is a season that is lighthearted, so having someone innocent and pure around the island could be a nice counter for the issue, even if… she is a bit worried regarding the contestants that Leon and Therion has picked as their idea of fun can be a bit… intense for most…

"I believe I found our next contestant, I hope you don't mind my choice, right Therion?" Cynthia didn't ask… She was telling how it was gonna be, and he wouldn't say any words against her. Therion rapidly nods… "Uh… Sure thing, Cynthia…" He loves Cynthia, he really does, but… damn, can she be scary when she wants to. She rarely did that when in High School...

Cynthia passed the app to Therion, where he began to read it carefully… Hmm… Therion doesn't see why Cynthia likes this app, but… he does need someone who is a child at heart… at least it isn't some manchild or something, but he wonders how they will tough it out? The season might look lighthearted at first sight, but the people within it would make things… feisty in general.

Therion grabs the DVD that contains the audition of Isaac, and pulls out Nova, and replaces it with Isaac. He returns to his seat, putting away Nova's DVD with Leon. Soon the video began playing.

Audition Tape: Isaac Lindon

The tape starts with Issac in his room, sitting in a chair in front of the camera. "Hello there! I'm Isaac and I would be happy if you would consider me to be part of the new Total Drama competition. It looks like a lot of fun! Being in a new place and doing lots of different things with new friends just sounds so exciting!" He said excitedly as his hands flapped a bit before he caught himself and stopped. "Ah, yeah, well, I really hope you like my tape and- oh!" He said as he bent down and picked up his rabbit, holding it as he sat back down properly. "Bella wanted to say hi too! Anyways, thanks for watching!" He says before the tape ends.

Cynthia and Leon chuckles in a comfortable manner at the audition tape, they both thought that the kid was very nice and easily excited. "Heh, I don't see why we can't accept the kid, I think he would do amazing in the show, my friend!" Cynthia nods in approval of Leon's words.

Therion, on the other hand, wasn't so positive about it… While he occasionally does necessary evil moves for his business and everything, but… yeah, this kid would be basically eaten alive by the other contestants… They wouldn't take well to Isaac's innocent behavior and not take it seriously as they see it as him lacking in determination or whatever… oh well, he is in.

Therion spoke up "Okay, so we have found around two contestants out of six… I believe we should accelerate a bit of this process" Therion spoke in his usual tone, but if one were to pay attention to it, they would hear a bit of worry in it… Cynthia doesn't know why, but Leon does and it is because Rival is out there in the world, and Leon knows that Therion is worried that Rival might have done something stupid.

Cynthia pinched between the bridge of her nose as she sighs at Therion's behavior "Therion, you are doing it again… Calm down, please? I get it, this season is very big and you are nervous, but this is a delicate process, my dear…"

Therion didn't say anything regarding it, taking it as an excuse of that being his reason for being worried… "I'm gonna go and see if there is one that catches my attention…" Therion didn't look ready to argue with Cynthia… He knows that she is worried, but… it can get a bit… overbearing for him.

Therion was looking through the apps within the duffel bag with a bored expression until he spotted one that caught his attention. Therion pulls out the app and looks through it. Mitchell Fragman, also known as Frag.

Therion smirked as he saw the name, he is actually able to recognize it as he has been watching the Gaming/E-Sport scene with close eyes and he has heard of Frag and his team, the Hammerheads, who are in an Semi-Professional CS:GO League… Hmm~ They are planning to go professional then? Interesting… Maybe he could some amazing stuff with some of the challenges he has planned out

"Well well~ I think I found another contestant for the show, he seems to have an excellent teamwork ethic~ He might be able rival some of the contestants you picked out, Leon" Therion non-seriously taunted Leon over his choice, which Leon laughed out loud "Well! He better be serious then! We didn't pick no slouches for the show" Leon gave an small air pump out of excitement

Therion chuckles over Leon's response "Okay, Look like you are getting into it, that is nice to hear" Therion stood up and did the same process as he did before, he replaced Isaac's DVD with Mitchell's DVD, and sat down, passing Isaac's DVD to Leon, who stored it into his coat.

Audition Tape: Mitchell 'Frag' Fragman

The camera turns on to show a big stage in the middle of Staples Center in L.A. where ten males are seated at their own computers and they're divided up with five on one side of the stage and the other five on the other side. The left side which had five men in orange t-shirts seemed to be sweating and worrying as they were staring at their screens in worry as the other side which was dressed in red jerseys with a black hammerhead shark in the center were smiling as they stared down their screens in happiness. The arena was packed as the crowd was chanting "HAMMERHEADS! HAMMERHEADS! HAMMERHEADS!" in rapid succession as the speakers containing the commentators' voices boomed out over the arena.

"Hammerheads are one round away from winning a berth at ESL ONE: Columbus next month as we're here on Dust II as the Demons have taken over the A bombsite and gotten the bomb planted after surprising defenders Ghost, Ice, and Hiko with rapid fire headshots only leaving No Mercy and Frag alive to win this. Looks like Frag is sneaking up Catwalk as No Mercy picks off two defenders from long before being taken down by the AWP behind barrels. Looks like Devil is unaware as Frag stabs him in the back with his Butterfly Knife! He then drops down into CT to avoid the AWP before opening up with his M4A4 Desolate Space as he gets the Headshot on Neo! Now it's a 1 vs. 1 as Sixer has him pinned behind the elevator, wait a minute what's this!? Frag just threw his gun across the gap of A ramp and Sixer followed it as Frag hit him with the One Deag! Does he have time to defuse though that bomb has been ticking down and it's going to be close! And he's...GOT IT! HAMMERHEADS WIN!"

The crowd goes wild as the red team celebrates on stage before going over to shake hands with the Demons and accept the trophy for winning. As the noise dies down and his team is signing autographs behind him. a 6' 6'' 190 lbs. slightly tan skinned male with yellow-tinted glasses turns around to face the cameraman at the rear of the stage.

"Hi there, I'm Mitchell "Frag" Fragman and I'm the Co-Captain of Hammerheads Gaming! We're an up and coming semi-professional CS:GO gaming team and as you just watched we won a spot in ESL ONE: Columbus in a few months. However, we don't have the funds or sponsorship to enter yet! That's where you guys at Total Drama come in! No Mercy here," He pauses to bring over a 6' 4'' African American male with dreadlocks and a toothpick in his mouth. "told me about the show and I thought hey that's a good way to get the word out and maybe win the money necessary."

"Homie you can win that game in your sleep! The whole crew has your back, right brothers!?" asked No Mercy as the others came over.

"Definitely, He's got a good head on his shoulders that not many players possess and I've been on this circuit a long time." was the reply from the 6' 1'' slightly overweight, pale skinned male sporting a blood red ball cap, a brown goatee, and an American flag draped over his shoulders, this was Spencer "Hiko" Martin, the team's old veteran and support fragger.

"My man's a tough hombre, he's going to whip this show's butt!" said a 6' 4' tanned male with reddish brown hair tucked under a blue digital ball cap in a Texan accent, this was Eric "Ghost" Roberts, the team's rifler, and secondary sniper.

"Bloody right he does. This boy is the toughest wanker this side of the USA!" said the 6' 1'' fair skinned male with black horn-rimmed glasses and brown hair down with a part down the left side of his head, this was Benjamin "Ice'' Watson the team's Entry Fragger and also the only non-American member of the Hammerheads as he was from Leeds, England.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence fellas! Now y'all better watch out cause Frag is going to be kicking ass and taking names all over Total Drama. Hammerheads victory pose!" he shouted as the five of them posed in the same manner that was on the back of the team jerseys.

Hiko was standing back left with his arms extended above his head displaying the American flag proudly for the world to see as he popped a smug grin onto his face. Ghost was in the back right doing the Rock's eyebrow raise with his left eyebrow as he gave them the thumbs up. Ice was standing front left doing Hulk Hogan's Let Me Hear Ya pose as he had his hand out listening for the crowd to go wild. No Mercy was standing front right with his arms extended upwards as he tilted his head up and leaned back to his right (Think of Randy Orton's pose when he's on the top rope.) Finally Frag was standing dead center of the group with his arms flexed into a strongman pose as he leaned to his right with his entire left leg straight as at a 45 degree angle from the ground (Think of Shawn Michaels pose as he's on the entrance ramp to the ring with the fireworks going off behind him.). This is the scene that the camera faded out on.

Leon and Cynthia look intrigued at Mitchell's Audition video and turn to each other in silent communication. Leon spoke first "Well! I can easily say that they are really excited! I believe they will fit quite well within the show" Cynthia nods and spoke as well "I have to agree with Leon, he is really passionate for what he does, I am equally excited to see what he can bring to the show" Cynthia smiled

Therion subtly smirked, knowing that his choice was correct… Well, he knew it was correct, but he isn't going on an ego trip because of getting something right. "Well, Cynthia, why don't you go and pick the last three? We already did our thing, but I am quite curious what you will find"

Cynthia puts her hand on the surface of her mouth in surprise "Oh? Are you sure…? Isn't this a big responsibility…? It is set in stone the moment I pick the contestants…" Cynthia sounded a bit worried as she doesn't want to ruin because of her personality and focus as she focuses more on personality than potential of drama…

Therion nods at her with a relaxed smile "Yeah, you don't need to worry about it. I trust you completely in your judgment after all, and beside… I think we have enough of our brand of drama for today, so go wild~" Therion grins as he gives her a thumbs up, with Leon doing the same as well in support of the decision.

Cynthia lets out a giggle at these two being the same as per usual… They fundamentally haven't changed at all. "Very well~" Cynthia searched through the duffel bag in order to see if she could spot an app that could catch her eyes, and rather quickly found one!

Cynthia needed to shuffle a bit of the app as it got stuck between some apps, but she managed to pull it out. She looked at the name of the app, and it was Oberon DuQuois-Ortiz.

Cynthia read through it and she had to smile… Oh, they are a really caring sibling, it makes her heart feel warm at seeing such beautiful treatment of family. Cynthia nods in approval of her decision and she grabs the DVD and goes to the DVD Player, replacing Mitchell's DVD with Oberon's DVD that contains his audition video.

Cynthia passed Mitchell's DVD to Leon, who returned it with a nod and stored it in his jacket. They begin watching the audition video of Oberon.

Audition Tape: Oberon DuQuois-Ortiz

The camera cuts open to Oberon in his glasses, apron over his clothes sans his plaid overshirt, his hair clipped back, black apron on. He squints at the camera, mumbling in soft French with English bits jumbled in. He sighs softly, standing up. The background is a well lit, rather lavishly furnished kitchen with marble countertops and shiny wooden floors. Oberon walls behind the marble island, still talking to himself.

"The light is on, so it should work. Dad wouldn't give me something so faulty.."

All of a sudden, two preteens run on screen, a boy holding on to a pink notebook as a slightly older girl runs after him with a shoe. The boy slides on the wooden floors in the frame, and slides into the camera, knocking it over.

"JAVI! ISA! Calm down!," Oberon shouts, his footsteps falling away, there are a couple thuds distantly heard, before static cuts away to Oberon once again setting up his camera. He makes his way to the kitchen, where it's more clear he's working on something, what looks to be tightens his apron out of habit, and fixes his glasses.

"Hello! My name is Oberon DuQuois-Ortiz. I'm a 21 year old from Montana. I have no idea how audition tapes work, but my dad says to treat it like an interview of sorts, so with me I have my sister Isabelle," As if I'm cue, the older preteen pops up from behind the counter, grinning with her pink notebook and fuzzy pink pen. She is absolutely dwarfed by Oberon, but still tall for her age, with long, wavy dark brown hair, skin slightly darker than Oberon's, and large, deep brown eyes.

"She is going to sit off camera and ask me questions that she has prepared, while I bake because I figure this is my best environment," Oberon states as Isabelle walks off camera.

The camera jumps to Oberon pulling a flaky dough from a bowl and rolling it out, then sticking some cold butter in the middle. He carefully folds the dough over it, and begins rolling it out.

"What is the best way you would describe yourself?," Isabelle starts

"I guess the way mom describes me- a househusband in training. I don't really get out much and spend a lot of time helping around with my siblings and the kitchen. My mom can't do much anymore, so I do what I can to help. I dropped out and got my GED to really make sure things didn't go haywire. Now that the goblins can feed themselves after midnight (at this, Isabelle giggles loud enough for the camera to pick up), they're all but pushing me out of the nest," He answers, folding the dough again and rolling it.

"What inspired you to audition?"

"My family. Mainly Dad, but it's because my mom said that I have a face for TV because, well, she's my mom and is supposed to say that. Dad overheard and was whipped by my mom, so he wanted to make that come true for her. I figured if it doesn't happen, that's perfectly fine by me, but I need to put in some effort for them." As Oberon talks, he folds and rolls out the dough, a vacant expression on his face. As he finishes his explanation, he wraps the dough in plastic wrap and turns around to set the dough in the fridge, and pick out other ingredients.

"Why are you cooking?"

"I have been cooking and baking as soon as I can push a stool to the counter. My mom owns a small café and bakery in town, and has since I was born. It's a comfort zone that is helping me not shut down for this, especially since this is Isabelle's payment for having to help her nervous wreck of a brother," He responds, unraveling some cream cheese and putting it in a bowl after closing the fridge.

"What else are you good at?"

"I feel that these questions are suspiciously professional," Oberon comments, glancing over at Isabelle, "And your grin does not help."

"Just answer."

"I took up swimming in high school and did well at it, I guess," He said, cracking some eggs into the bowl.

"Don't listen to him, he has several medals."

Isabelle!" He said sternly, before mixing his filling a bit, then grabbing a lemon and shredding some zest in the bowl, "I know how to take care of people, given all my siblings and my mom. I like to think I'm a nice person."

"Too nice."

"You know what, Isabelle, I might just burn these!," He called out, scooping some powdered sugar through a strainer into the bowl.

"Obe!," A small child's voice called out excitedly as a tiny brown haired toddler with pigtails waddled into the scene. Oberon smiled, dusting off his hands and scooping up the small child. She squealed and giggled in delight as he set her on the counter.

"Hi, Marci. Did you have a good nap?," Oberon said, fixing her shirt. There was a bit of babble, before Oberon smiled and booped her nose, "That's good. I'm making a snack right now so you have to wait, okay?"

"Otay! I wan' help!"

"Do you wanna help mix this?," Oberon says, already pulling up a stool.


The camera cuts to another angle, where you can see Oberon cutting the dough into squares and filling the center with the cream cheese mix, before folding two of the corners over.

"This has gone on for a while. I'll probably get my dad to edit this down. The last question was going to be what my plan is for the money, but Javi picked on Marci and got hit with the whisk," Oberon said, chuckling under his breath. He gently brushed the pastries with an egg wash, then turned around to place them in the oven.

After he turns back around, he picks up the camera and sets it in front of himself, leaning on the camera to more or less be eye to eye with it. He takes out his hair clip, letting his hair fall into his face. He runs his hand through it with a sigh, "I know my family wants this for me, even if it started as a weird off hand joke. If I do make it, I want to be my own person- maybe go to college and get a house. I don't fancy myself unique, but I appreciate the opportunity nonetheless. Thank you for your time."

With that, he reaches over and turns off the recording, a soft smile on his face.

Cynthia smiled as they watched Oberon's audition… One might not know about her, but… she is an only child within her family, and… well… She is a bit jealous of those that have siblings as she always wanted to have a sibling within the family… But yes, she feels that she would get along rather well with Oberon. "Well Therion? What do you think?" She asked Therion

Therion had his eyes closed, but had a thoughtful look on his face, as if trying to think about the pros and cons of this contestant… Therion hums and nods "I approve, I believe we would need a figure that many can go to, it is true that we need people to cause drama, but we also need those who can tone down the situation, mashing two contradictory types of people against each other might make things quite… wild" Therion explained to Cynthia

Cynthia tilts her head as she puts her hands under her chin in thought, slowly nodding as she follows Therion's words "That is… reasonable I guess, but thanks for accepting Oberon, Therion. And now I believe I should search for another app?" She turns to Leon, who nods in confirmation as he didn't have anything to say, he approves of Oberon's participation.

Cynthia turns back into the duffel bag and begins searching for another app that would catch her attention in general. But then another app caught her attention and she went and grabbed it. Cynthia leans back on her seat as she slowly skimmed through the app of Julia Hughes.

Her expression went from relaxed to frowning the more she read… This poor girl… She went through a lot that she shouldn't have experienced. Cynthia tightened her fist in anger as she read her info, and she was… gobsmacked, like… she understood bad things happen in life, but… she hates whenever she finds stories like this, people's tragic stories that could easily be avoided if one just… tried.

Cynthia stood up, passed Julia's app to Therion and Leon as she went to replace Oberon's DVD with Julia's and passed it over to Leon. Therion didn't recognize her, but he was intrigued by her app, but Leon scratched his head in confusion, he felt… like he knew that name, but wasn't sure, like he didn't forget, but he used to confuse people's names with other people.

Audition Tape: Julia Hughes

The camera turns on. The screen is cracked and there's a small static in the background, indicating the poor conditions of the camera. A girl appears in the viewpoint. "This thing is on right?" She mumbles to herself before speaking louder. "Anyway, I'm Julia. I'm auditioning for your...show," she continues. "I see myself as a good contestant and making it far. I'm hoping my abilities will help me make it far." It's clear she doesn't know what she's saying, maybe due to having not practiced saying it beforehand. "I guess that's all? Either way, I hope you select me...I guess," she finishes, turning the camera off.

Cynthia's expression was… still frowning, she really dislikes how Julia is currently living… Oh, that poor girl… Her heart aches when she sees someone in that position, she knows that life can be quite cruel to those who weren't lucky or never had a chance to do right…

Therion simply hums as he finds her acceptable enough. Not enough in his opinion, but acceptable if he compares the cast he has with her, and realizes that she might be somewhat necessary.

But the one who had the most reaction out of the three was Leon as he recognized her as the girl that Eli was speaking to in the gas station he had previously stopped at! He… What is his crazy luck in meeting the future contestants for the season? First Deon Blade, then Nathan Verity and now Julia Hughes? Next time, the question would be who he hadn't met so far.

Leon subtly glanced around, and it appears that they didn't notice reaction at the recognition of Julia, so he calmed down, and thought… maybe he should help out and increase her chance of getting in, but nothing more… He doesn't want to give favoritism like how Therion told him he could have done with Deon. "So! I will say that she should get in my opinion!" Leon said it, but the tone in his voice sounded off.

Therion, being the perceptive person he is, was quick to spot it, but didn't say anything, despite him staring at Leon, who glanced away, looking at a very intriguing pot of plant.

But Cynthia didn't notice it as she focused more on Leon's approval "Oh! That is great! I really mean it! Oh, I dislike seeing such people in these positions, so it is great to believe they can experience a bit of luxury"

Therion sighs at Cynthia's bleeding heart, she would get worried for anyone who is in a bad spot or hurt… and due to her nature, she would try to help, even if it makes her hesitant or scared. It reminded him of why he was really aggressive of Rival back in High School, fearful of him getting close to her due to his BULLSHIT harem protagonist energy… and it turns out he was right, but now…? He can't do anything about it as she is an independent adult, but that doesn't mean he would stop keeping her safe, like how she protected him before.

"Cynthia? Keep going, we are only left with one more app and I don't believe we have enough time as we need to go quickly and prepare everything to visit you know who as they might get… impatient the more we wait" Therion warned Cynthia, but she simply nods at him since she knew who he was talking about.

Cynthia went into the duffel bag in search of another interesting app… she kept searching and searching. Some of the apps were either too short, were the wrong type of app and more. Until she spotted one that grabbed her attention. Amber Sombrekin… Cynthia began reading her app as she pulled the app out of the bag.

Cynthia slowly smiles as Amber reminds Cynthia of a certain friend of hers, who is quite intense as well in their positivity… Oh yes, this intensity in their personality really reminds her of her friend, and her curiosity got piqued as the app mentions that she has knowledge regarding anatomy, herbs and essences. To be truthful, it is hard to find people who are into this without being professional. Ehehe, they might get along with Leon as well~

"I believe I found the last contestant, she just reminds me so much of someone we know" Cynthia smirked as she said that, oh she is excited to see them again, they haven't had time to meet up properly due to their busy schedule. But back to Amber, she has a lot going for, and her motivation for entering the show is something she approves of.

They turn toward the TV in order to watch Amber's audition tape. Therion was a bit curious on who is going to take the last spot of the second batch of contestants, he hopes that Amber has something that could provide a specific role for the show.

Audition Tape: Amber Sombrekin

The camera opens to Amber setting up the camera, then running out to what looks like a high school track next to a girl with long dark brown hair in a ponytail dressed in an omg sky blue t-shirt, black leggings, and blue beaded brown moccasin boots. The two two stand in position for a moment, before the background music starts(Patrice Rushen-Forget Me Nots), and they begin a two person cheer routine that leans more on dancing as the voiceover kicks in.

"Hi! My name is Amber Sombrekin! Here I am with my editor, Violeta, who's wearing the cute boots. I am 18 years old and I live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. I am a former varsity cheerleader, and overall sports fanatic. I recently graduated from the local high school, with a graduating class of 124 students."

There is a moment where you hear Amber mumble in the voice over 'Is this really relevant, Vivi?'

The two girls on camera stop, giving each other a hug, before Violeta twirls out of frame and Amber hops in place. The cut shifts mid hop to Amber in a fully furnished, decent sized living room, where she flops back on an old deep green couch between two people in their mid 60s, a man and a woman. Both are dressed casually and comfortably, the woman with gray in her black hair and the man with gray in his dark brown.

"These are my grandparents, but they're more like my mom and dad. They're the reason I want to join. They've given me a lot in life, and I want to give them even more back," The voiceover continues, slightly cracking.

The Amber on screen squeezes her grandparents hands, before it cuts to a picture of Amber in her work out gear, but with added black paint under her eyes, holding a paintball gun in one hand and an orange flag in the other on a high mountain peak, mid hell.

"I think I'm good for this show because I'm driven. I won my athletic division's King of the Mountain tournament for all four years of high school. We would race up a mountain and take each other out with paintball guns. Honestly, it was so fun," Amber says as it turns to an Instagram clip of her waving her gun, going "COME ON, I'M WAITING!"

"I guess I get a little too hype, but that can make for good TV, right?," The voiceover says with a nervous chuckle, before the screen goes black, the music stops and she sighs.

"Listen, I'm not good at presentations. I didn't know about my graduation class or even kept track of my achievements. I'm not smart, nor do I really have a good time with a good chunk of people. But I would be grateful for the opportunity… I just really want to do something big for grandma and grandpa."

There's a pause, before Amber muttering rings back in, "This is stupid, let's just cut this-"

The video then ends with a shot of Violeta with a mischievous grin holding out peace signs, and a note that says "You're welcome, Bebe."

Cynthia and Leon looked at each other in approval, no words were needed as they understood that each of them liked her enough to pick her as a contestant, but they warily turned to Therion as in the end, he is the main decision maker for the show. But they aren't exactly worried, if Therion has accepted the previous two she chose, then this one would be picked.

"Hmm… It is true that we already have a lot of very active contestants, but…" Therion looks to be in thought, noticing several differences of the other contestants with her, and he can tell why Cynthia picked her in the end, it makes logical sense. "No matter, she is accepted, let's just go with that" Therion gave his decision

Cynthia let out a breath of relief that she didn't know she was holding… She didn't know why, but Therion felt more… distant, and it was even more difficult to tell what was going on his mind… At least he has his moment of vulnerability when caught off guard and everything. "Oh, that is great to hear then! So we just got our six contestants for the show! Isn't that amazing, Leon?"

Leon nods "Oh yes, my friend! I'm really happy we got our second batch, I'm really excited to meet them when the show begins!" Leon is also excited to see how the Isla del Paraiso is looking, since he was sort of responsible for the architect of the buildings alongside a good friend of his.

Cynthia chuckles at Leon's enthusiasm, but then she looks back at Therion with a serious expression on her face "Okay Therion, tell me… Who came alongside you and Leon? I respect your privacy and the well-being of Leon, but… I need to know the info before I can help" Therion was rigid as… Dammit, he didn't want to talk about this in front of Leon, he thought they were going to a private room and talk, but no, here he is…

"Huh? My friend? What are you talking about? Didn't you know that Rival was here?" Leon almost sounded like he was spitting the name out as if it was venom itself' "Therion picked him up as if he was a stray or something…" Leon huffed as he had an annoyed expression…

Cynthia's eyes went really wide and she turned to Therion in shock of what he was trying to stop her from knowing "Therion…? Did… did you try to block my knowledge of him being here for a long time until we go on Leon's RV…?" Cynthia sounded a bit of hurt from Therion hiding the truth of Rival being here, oh, she understood quite well that it was because he wanted to protect her, but… she is an adult, she needs to face her issues like one, so seeing her best friend hide this as long as possible was a bit hurtful, like he didn't trust her in handling this…

Therion's face was blank, getting caught was inevitable, but no matter what, he didn't like it. "Yes… I'm not acting like Leon who is hostile to the point of going violent" Leon flinches at Therion's words and looks at the ground in shame as he remembers what he did in the parking lot.

"But it doesn't matter if I am holding his leash or whatever, I wouldn't allow him to get close to you no matter! Look at what he did in high school! It is one thing to pay close attention and make sure he doesn't do something moronic as per usual, but no way I am not letting him get close to you and hurt you! He didn't listen to my words, so he needs to face the consequences without running away" Therion glared in anger, what doesn't she see the point he is making?!

Cynthia took a deep breath and gave a sad look at Therion… She now realized the issue… He really did what to protect her, but… "You are mad at his betrayal, aren't you…" Cynthia understands now… Therion has always had trust issues ever since he was young as the topic of… betrayal is especially hurting to him, so… Rival's actions have hurted him, no matter how much he has warned him, saved him and even covered his back, all he got in return was betrayal…

"Therion, I am really happy that you want to protect me from possible pain… I'm sorry you had to see me in one of my most vulnerable moments in my life and even the others… but… I believe this would be a necessary moment for me in order to move on, so please… tell me where he is…" Cynthia stared directly at Therion in determination… She truly has gotten… more confident…

Leon felt uncomfortable, he didn't realize that this was very important for Cynthia… and from the look of it, Therion was caught off guard at her words. She has truly grown into a beautiful and strong woman… so Leon decided to answer her in Therion's place "He is lost somewhere in the school, my friend"

Cynthia's face went…. pale, well, even more pale than the usual, almost looking pure white. She stared at Leon in a way that spells trouble, not for them, but for others. "O-oh no… Oh no… Oh no nonono…" Cynthia suddenly stood up out of her chair "This is bad! This is really bad!"

Leon gulped in fear as it is isn't never good when Cynthia gets like this… because she usually has very good reasons for panicking… "My friend…? Why is this bad…?" Leon felt like he had somehow screwed everything up without even realizing it.

Cynthia ignored Leon's question as she dashed out of the room in panic, where it even caught Therion's attention and made him worried. Leon and Therion turn to each other, quickly forgetting what just happened as they had to search Cynthia to calm her down and ask what is making her panic. They stood up and ran after her.

June 4, 2025, 9:59 AM
Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Medical School) - Courtyard

Because he was panicking so badly about meeting her. Rival got really distracted to a point that he has forgotten where he was at, and mixes in with Leon's 'accidentally' not reminding him or catching his attention… He was just… lost, like fully lost for almost an hour or something… He was walking around, but he only saw the dull hallways while many classes were currently in progress and even taking a small peak from the window, he couldn't understand any of what the board was explaining.

As he was walking around the School, he began hearing some form of noise coming from the courtyard, which confuses Rival immensely… Isn't this a medical school? Why are there explosions coming from here?

Rival dash toward the explosion, he doesn't have much to do as he lost Therion and Leon, and it would give him an excuse in not meeting up with… Cynthia… He is curious about how much she has grown, but he knows that he doesn't deserve such a thing.

As he was reaching the courtyard, he noticed several students casually standing around, staring at the explosion as if it was normal, and from there he could hear what they were saying "So that crazy person that Professor Snowpoint brought is still going strong with their experiment, huh?" One of the students spoke to their friend "Yep… I don't know why she brought her to a medical school… but whatever, it seems that Professor Snowpoint needed someone to distract that chick… Ugh… good thing, I am not close to their crazy explosive…"

Rival frowned in confusion, Professor… Snowpoint…? Is… Is Cynthia here? A medical professor in one of the best medical schools in the world? Wow… He knew that Cynthia was smart and special, but he never thought she would reach this far… but this proves even further to him that he shouldn't get inside her world as he might just ruin it like he has done before.

Rival shakes his head as if it was a pointless thought and focuses on going after the source of the explosion, and he saw a crowd of students looking at the person making the explosion in confusion as if they couldn't understand something.

As he reached his destination, he felt complete dread at who he was seeing… No… Why is she here?! This wouldn't be a place she would normally be at!

The person that stood in front of him, she was standing at 5'10 ft. She has a skinny body built with pale skins. She also has round hazel eyes. Her blonde long hair reaches to her bottom, by which her hair is styled in twintails, which are hold by kitty hair ties.

She is wearing a white lab coat that has tears and burn marks on it, showing a bit of being worn out. Underneath her lab coat is a pink tank top with a cute cat face on the front of the tank top, and she is also wearing white pants. She is wearing LED flashing pink running shoes. Finally, she is wearing a pink sparkly backpack that has flowers and butterflies on it.

The person in front of Rival is no other than… Erin Summers… His first ex-girlfriend, and also his childhood friend… Despite many years having passed, she is still the same as always… He can easily tell, those explosions must have been the result of her inventions malfunctioning as per usual… but… there is something off with her childishness than he had previously remembered, but he isn't confident to say as it has been so long.

As Rival stood there in shock at Erin's presence, she turned around as she scratched the back of her head as she watched her invention suddenly going through another explosion. She still doesn't understand to this day why it keeps exploding on her, but she won't let that put her down! She would be successful! She had done it before and she would do it again!

But as she thought that, and finished turning around in order to find more materials for her invention, but then she spotted someone in front of her that she didn't expect and suddenly she felt her gut suddenly twisting at the sight of… Rival.

They each stood still, staring at each other with an unsure expression… Those who were watching the explosive experiments left out of boredom as Erin had stopped and thus they went their way.

Erin tried to smile like she always did, but… it is very clear that she is basically forcing herself as Rival can tell the strain she is having… "H-hey! Rival! It's… been so long!" Even though her tone has gotten off, she is now speaking in a very… hesitant manner, as if extremely unsure on how to react to Rival's presence…

The aura of the surrounding just yet so… awkward in general… They don't know how to behave or react to their sudden meeting.

June 4, 2025, 10:10 AM
Boston, Massachusetts (Harvard Medical School) - Courtyard

Therion and Leon were chasing after a panicking Cynthia toward the courtyard, it is like Cynthia didn't want Rival to see a certain something… or someone, but Therion and Leon couldn't tell why she was reacting to Leon's answer like that.

And despite her appearance, Cynthia was always quite fast, in fact… she always was faster than Leon, Therion and another friend of theirs. After all, living near the woods, gathering herbs within dangerous areas made her quite dexterous in general.

Therion motioned to Leon to go ahead as he was getting tired of running… Therion… didn't exactly keep up with the training regimen that Leon gave him since he has more of a habit of working on his games than doing physical activities…

Leon dashed forward, chasing after Cynthia, who began to slow down as she got closer to the courtyard until he was at hand reach of her. Leon stopped Cynthia and turned her around in order to ask her what is making her panic "Cynthia! My friend! Stop! Explain to me what is making you so worried?" Leon had a very worried expression at Cynthia's sudden erratic behavior.

Cynthia took a deep breath as she remembered that she was speaking with Leon and Therion before she suddenly left without excusing herself "I… I'm sorry Leon… but… w-well… let's just say that a familiar face is here, and it wouldn't be good if they met with Rival…" Cynthia tried her best to explain, but… she was too vague of who and why, but it gave Leon the idea that it is someone that Rival knows

"Okay my friend, but that doesn't explain much! Who is it and why is it so bad?" Leon asked Cynthia with a frown on his face

Cynthia took a deep breath and said "It is… Erin, and you know what more or less happened with her and Rival. These days, I usually need Erin to accompany me because… she is still hurt" Cynthia told Leon, who was still a bit confused on why she needed to take Erin with her.

Therion soon arrived after taking a small breather and approached them, but he managed to hear all that Cynthia said regarding who she was scared of having Rival meet "I see that Aaron has asked you to take care of Erin then? Not surprised after the way Rival broke up with her…"

Leon glanced in confusion at Therion's words. The way that Rival broke up with Erin…? Leon would admit that throughout his anger and incident with Rival, he couldn't fully pay attention toward the others as he was blinded in anger for a moment. "W-what did he do…?"

Therion and Cynthia glanced at each other, where Cynthia nodded… Therion took a breath and spoke calmly "Well… You know how Rival broke up with everyone he was dating/interested in? and basically destroyed almost all of the relationships he had, like friends, love interests, and even family? Well… In order to prove that he was breaking up with Erin, since you know how childish she can get and wouldn't easily understand the topic? Well… to make sure that she understood, Rival went and broke all of her inventions without hesitation, all of her hard work because he was feeling shitty about himself at the time. Aaron went berserk and beat his ass up" Therion explained to Leon with a frown… He hates being reminded of what Rival has done.

Leon clenched at the info he just got, it made him… well, hate Rival even more, which is basically almost impossible because Rival was already high on his shit list, but he went and did it again, and proved to him the impossible that he was capable of being even more shitty…

Leon took a shaky deep breath as he closed his eyes to calm down. He soon opened it again and said "I see, my friend… I guess we should see him and prevent their meeting…" Leon's voice had a weird tone to it, as it sounded like he was forcing himself, but at the same time, really wanting to do this.

Leon marched forward, leaving Cynthia and Therion behind, where they glanced at each other in a worried manner, and Therion softly whispered "See what I mean?" Cynthia frowned, and sadly nodded "I would start to prepare then…" Cynthia whispered back and then they turned to follow after Leon.

They finally reached the courtyard, and they found the sight of… Rival and Erin being really awkward as heck…

Leon hums in surprise "Hmm… I honestly thought they would be shouting at each other or at least Erin… But certainly not this…" Leon was quite confused at the sight in front of him, this is more weird than the meeting of him and Rival.

Cynthia sighs… "This… is part of the issue that I meant, whenever the topic of Rival comes in, she tends to be quite hesitant and Erin even ends up staying quiet the whole day and focus on her invention, where to my surprise, it doesn't end up exploding or anything, which is already bizarre on its on.. This is why I fear her meeting with Rival, I fear that she can't handle his presence in general…" Cynthia looks at the ground in sadness as she remembers the day that Erin came to her home and was crying, on that day… She realized what was going on with Rival

Unlike the other three of Rival's love interests, Erin has gotten worse out of it while she was the luckier one as Rival only ghosted her… Because, she was more of an emotional support for Rival than someone he loved… She was someone that understood his dilemma, she knew that she wasn't truly ready for a romantic relationship…

Cynthia watched as Erin and Rival didn't speak to each other, like Erin looks to be forcing herself to smile and she can tell as she has Erin as her roommate and thus had the opportunity to see how she acts. As a doctor, it is her duty to see if someone is going through something, whether it is physical, emotional or mentally.

She glanced at Rival, ignoring the pain in her heart and watched his behavior… There are several hints on him that trouble her, like the pale skin that she remembered he didn't have before, his uncontrollable shaking on his hand, and his skin, which was dehydrated from even here with small red flushes over his body… She can tell that he must have turned to alcoholism…

Cynthia turned to Therion and spoke in a commanding tone. "Therion, I'm going to bring Erin in… and there is if or what, I'm going to bring her" Therion blinks in surprise and he wanted to say something, not trusting Erin to do… safe stuff as her invention has a habit of messing up and causing high damage in general.

Therion groans at her words and huffs "Fine… I would hire her, but don't expect me to pay her…" Therion slightly glanced away and whispered to himself 'Because I have a feeling she might cause more damage than good…' Therion doesn't dislike Erin, but… her accident-prone habit and her experiement's insane consequences, like huge explosions or causing fire and many sorts of things.

Therion shakes his head and walks toward the two, not in the mood to speak in a polite "Okay, I don't care whatever issue your having, we are have business to do, Rival" Rival jumps at Therion's sudden appearance, and he would punched him in surprised, but Rival hold it down… He just nodded at Therion, and as he was about to go back, he saw Cynthia, which caused him to stop without hesitation.

But as he did that, Therion turned to Erin, whose hesitant and forced smile disappeared and was replaced with a genuine one "Oh! Hey Therion! It has been so long! I didn't know you were gonna be here!" Therion tiredly sigh… He is going to regret this…

"Hey Erin, why don't you join us? We are doing something that… you might enjoy" Therion is feeling urge to not say it "We are hosting an season of Total Drama, and thought you might be interested to join in"

Erin was quiet for a moment as if she was slowly registering what Therion said, but the moment it was registered. She jumped in pure excitement and hugged Therion, who flinched quite badly… He doesn't like being touched out of nowhere. "Oh my! Oh yes yes yes! I am really excited to hang out with you and everyone! It has been so long that I haven't had a sleepover, party! So much stuff! Maybe I should invite the others to join in!" Erin has completely forgotten about Rival and was more focused on the invitation.

Therion shakes his head in a rapid manner "Nope! No no… and no! We already have too much with you and he who should not be mentioned" It is obvious who, (It was Rival, who was standing there in pure shock at what Therion told Erin).

Erin let go of Therion and began running toward her stuff, picking everything that she had brought, but while she did that. Cynthia walked toward Therion and put her hand on his shoulder with a smile of gratitude "Thank you Therion, I know you may not like it, but… I feel it was necessary, and I am grateful for you in not rejecting my request…" Cynthia softly giggles

Therion huffed and just… nods his head "Yeah yeah… just meet up with Leon, Rival and I tomorrow in front of your house. I have your address, so you don't need to worry about going straight to us…" Cynthia didn't say anything, but she nods with a smile

As Therion watched Erin and Cynthia go their way, he turned to Leon "Okay, you might need to buy a new mattress for Erin and several other things, sorry Leon… I didn't expect this and all that" Therion rubs his forehead and walks away, he is getting a headache. After he get back on the RV, he should pop one of the pills for his headaches.

Leon nods and follows after Therion, in order to start the list of what they would need for the next trip toward New York, where they would meet up with their next co-host.

But without Therion or Leon paying attention, they have completely forgotten about Rival, who was even paler than usual, and his shaking has increased… The idea of Erin and Cynthia being on the same island as him, and without any way to run away… Rival feels that he is biting more than he should…

Hey everyone! Here is the end of the prologue! I don't have much to say to be truthful, but I can say that I hope that you fully enjoyed the new chapter and I hope that those who had their character accepted could be happy! In the next prologue, there is gonna be the introduction of another co-host, which many of you might know quite well!

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Cast List:

1. Deon Blade - The Wrestling Heel (Mr. Ruff)
2. Nathan Verity - The Insolent (TempoKeep)
3. Arnold Devlar - The Embodiment of Success (NumberOneKatieFan)
4. Mitchell 'Frag' Fragman - The Professional Gamer (PRAKNASTY)
5. Isaac Lindon - The Child At Heart (Chaotic Mercy)
6. Oberon DuQuois-Ortiz - The Brother Hen (rosiethornes)

1. Anna-Jane 'AJ' Rosenberg - The Socially Awkward Writer (Kuro-Cat Nanami)
2. Zerine Vivachka Pavlova - The Golden Mastermind (Mr. Ruff)
3. Katherine 'Kathy' Wheeler - The Lonely Daredevil (Lumi84)
4. Nova Stanislava Romanov - The Belarussian Fighter (Sephiria Arks)
5. Julia Hughes - The Stoic Runaway (GirlPower54)
6. Amber Somberkin - The Enthusiastic Fireball (rosiethornes)

I would like to congratulate rosiethornes for being the two person to have both of their characters accepted at the same time for the story of Island Paradise! Congratulations! I really couldn't help myself, but pick Oberon and Amber, they were fitting with the theme that I am going for Island Paradise.

I would also like to say thanks to everyone who has sent their app to me! I know I am taking quite a long time in picking everyone within the cast, but I like to be extremely sure that they would be a perfect and fitting character for the story and the theme behind it. But I should mention that if you feel insecure about your character at the moment and they have been updated, you can go and re-send me their newest app, but it has been in the same PM message thread they were originally in.