(Character Introduction)

Name: Artemis Martel

Birthday: April 2nd

Sex/Gender: Male

Race: Human(Magician)


Nickname(s): Archer


Hair Color: Jet Black

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Eye Color: Grey

Likes: Thievery, Money, Reading, Treasure Hunting, Espionage

Dislikes: Assassinations, Bigotry, Nobels, Laws

Personality: Dishonest, Charming, Suave, Smart


Blade Blacksmith(Sacred Gear)

Expert Hand to Hand

Expert Magician

Expert Swordsman, Marksman, and Archer

Master Assassin and Tactician

Photographic Memory/Reflexes

Yew Bow(A wristmounted crossbow made from robin hood's original crossbow able to instantaneously amplify and surge out any impurities stockpiled in the target's stomach such as poison or disease.)

Pouch(Contains crossbow bolts, poisoned bolts, poisons)

Appearance: Artemis has the appearance of a tall and lean young man with short messy spiky jet black hair that partially covers his left eye. His eye color is a very modest grey and both ears are pierced and has a ouroboros tattoo going around his neck. For casual clothing he wore a forest turtleneck sweater, a pair of black pants, forest green suspenders with both straps hanging loosely, and a pair of green boots. His combat attire would be a sleeveless turquoise plate vest, for the pants he wears black/green tights with a pouch on the back of his hip, a pair of brown boots and to complete the outfit is a dark green hooded cloak. For his accessories he wears slim glasses(glasses worn in both casual attire as well as combat attire).